Transcript of Runescape Rewind - Part 1 - General Changes!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] Welcome back to RuneScape! You're probably wondering what you've missed, or where to start.
[00:11] Well we have a trio of videos to get you right back into the game.
[00:15] Mod Dean is sharing his wisdom on combat and Mod Mark is our champion of skills and minigames.
[00:19] I'm here to talk more generally about RuneScape, but, before I do, it's worth noting one thing that has not changed.
[00:25] We're still producing updates virtually every week.
[00:28] But that does come with a change. RuneScape updates are now being determined by you, the players.
[00:33] Power to the Players polls can be found in-game and on the website, giving you huge control over the game releases.
[00:39] These votes have given us game-changing updates like the Elf City, as well as Legacy Mode,
[00:43] a combat alternative that returns special attacks and the 138 combat level to the game.
[00:48] You can find the Power to the Players polls on your game bar, and it will flash whenever a new poll is available.
[00:54] For players to really feel in control of the game, they must also be able to customise it.
[00:58] This is the principle behind something you've probably noticed already -- our new interface system.
[01:02] It's modernised and easier to use, but -- importantly -- it can be dragged around and resized.
[01:08] Create a personalised layout that suits you, whether that's for boss killing or chatting.
[01:13] And, if you want a more familiar interface, reminiscent of the RuneScape you remember, that's fine too.
[01:18] Simply access Legacy Mode by navigating to your combat settings.
[01:22] It's not only your game screen that can be customised.
[01:25] You can now choose to pay for your membership using the in-game gold you have worked hard to accumulate.
[01:30] Travel to the Grand Exchange and search for something called a 'Bond'.
[01:34] Buy one and you'll be able to trade it for in-game membership, or sell one to give yourself a headstart.
[01:39] Bonds have other uses. They can be gifted to players, or they can be used to buy exclusive items and customisations, not available in the rest of the game.
[01:46] These are sold in Solomon's General Store, accessed from your side interface.
[01:51] You can browse now to find new pets, home teleports, skill animations and fantastic-looking gear.
[01:56] Some of these items are also purchasable with the loyalty points gained from long-term membership.
[02:02] You can also get exclusive treasures from something we call Treasure Hunter.
[02:06] This is a game that can be played once a day if you're a free player, and twice a day if you're a member.
[02:11] Open random treasure chests to find sought-after gear or items that are valuable for skill training.
[02:16] And, should you run out of treasure chest keys, they can be randomly found when fighting, skilling or generally playing in the game world.
[02:23] Look out for the Treasure Hunter popup whenever you log into the game, or accessed from your sidebar.
[02:28] While you're out and about you'll notice something else that has changed. Bots are all but extinct.
[02:33] Our tech has caught up with them, and we're showing absolutely no tolerance to those who are caught.
[02:38] That same lack of tolerance has been shown to the games of chance that were often run by players in and about the Grand Exchange.
[02:44] This has returned the Grand Exchange to how it should be:
[02:46] a place where players can trade freely with each other without any restrictions.
[02:50] But, if you don't want to stand around in the Grand Exchange, we introduced the Community App.
[02:54] This allows to access the grand exchange when away from your computer,
[02:58] along with other helpful things like the D&D Tracker and Chat.
[03:03] Back to the game, there is plenty that is new for you to get to grips with.
[03:06] First, the gods are back. They were banished after the God Wars, but now they're here and stomping all over the world.
[03:12] You'll meet them in-game, and we recommend you play the World Wakes quest to understand how this all happened.
[03:17] You'll also meet the gods in the World Events.
[03:20] These are global events that task you with helping or hindering a god, and your choice will make a permanent change to the game world.
[03:27] For example, travel to Lumbridge and see the results of a war between Saradomin and Zamorak.
[03:32] Half of Lumbridge has been destroyed in battle.
[03:37] So there you have it. Regardless of what you prefer in RuneScape, there should be something that takes your fancy.
[03:41] And you can decide what is being produced in the future with Power to the Players.
[03:45] We have two other videos that take you through the changes to combat and skilling.
[03:49] Give them a watch and you'll have everything you need to restart your adventure.
[03:53] Be sure that you are returning to a RuneScape that you know, but with something new around every corner.