Transcript of Runescape 3 Community Catchup

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the scenes
Community Management
[00:08] This week Behind the Scenes meets up with Community Management as they set their Runescape 3 plans in motion
[00:14] and if you like what you see there's a chance to join them.
[00:19] In Runescape 3 more than ever it's the players who'll decide the direction that the game takes.
[00:23] So for us in Community Management that represents a really exciting opportunity.
[00:30] The new interface system and the HTML 5 betas are in full flow
[00:34] so we've been combing every avenue and opportunity for us to get all the feedback that we're able to get.
[00:39] We've passed some great ideas to the development team
[00:42] and we've seen firsthand the excitement around what promises to be a summer to remember.
[00:46] The podcasts that we've been doing have been going really well
[00:49] and as we get closer to launch we're going to be putting more and more out.
[00:52] One that we've just recorded with Mod Osborne, Ollie and Raven.
[00:55] The secrets of Sliske is really good.
[00:59] Community Management is all about listening to the players
[01:02] and when we saw the popularity of the BTS Q&A we just knew we had to do a Campfire.
[01:06] Tonight we've got Mods Pips, Conor and Mark in to talk to players during a Runescape campfire event
[01:13] so we can get as many questions answered as possible.
[01:15] The Campfires are incredibly useful for us, just looking through the questions you can see the kind of topics
[01:20] the players want answered that allows us to go away and get those questions and provided them to the community.
[01:26] The players asked so many questions during the Campfire
[01:29] we were only going to be doing it for around an hour and we were just under 3 hours answering questions.
[01:34] We couldn't get Mod Mark to leave.
[01:36] It's going really well, yep we're happy to stay a bit later in the day to engage with the players.
[01:44] It's always fun talking to people that are as passionate about Runescape as we are.
[01:48] The feelings I'm getting from the forums right now is that people are really excited about Runescape 3,
[01:53] they can't wait for it to come out.
[01:55] Obviously we've been talking about it for a while now so they're just itching to go.
[01:59] Lot's of people have tried out the beta, if you haven't tried out the beta
[02:02] I highly recommend that you do and giving us lots of feedback wondering what awesomeness we've got in store.
[02:09] We're going to continue to run AMAA sessions with the players favorite developers.
[02:13] If there's someone that the players want to see in particular in those AMAAs
[02:18] then just let us know in the BTS comments this week.
[02:23] Runescape 3 is going to be huge and that means that Community Management needs to get a bit bigger too.
[02:28] We're looking for dedicated hardworking gamers those that have a real passion for working with the community.
[02:34] They're going to need to know Runescape and everything about Social Media inside and out
[02:39] and I think our YouTube community here could be a great asset.
[02:43] We've seen some great people in our community, they have that passion that we're looking for
[02:47] and it would be really great to hear from them.
[02:50] So if that's you just click on the link and get in touch with us.
[02:53] It's such an exciting time for Runescape.
[02:55] Whether it's us recording a podcast, hosting a camp fire or organizing an in game event
[03:02] you just know hat Community Management are going to be right in the middle of it.
[03:07] Next week on Behind the Scenes we dig around a very secretive developer team
[03:11] in an attempt to get more information on the sixth age.
[03:14] Hmm wish us luck.