Transcript of Runescape 3: The Future sound of Runescape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
The Future Sound of RuneScape
[00:09] The audio in RS3 marks a very exciting time for RuneScape's music.
[00:13] The orchestral featured in Behind the Scenes is hugely exciting, but it's just the tip of the iceberg, as Mod Lord explains:
[00:25] We're making huge leaps forward in all aspects of sound for RS3
[00:29] from writing and reimagining more than 6 hours of music right up to the leading edge tech we're using to deliver that music
[00:37] The orchestral score with James Hannigan is huge of course and it's perfect for those enormous set pieces in and out of the game.
[00:42] But there's a lot of variation in RuneScape and the game's sound and music has to reflect that.
[00:49] It has to convey the right emotions at the right time and create an immersive atmosphere.
[00:54] No matter what you're doing or where you're doing it within RuneScape.
[00:59] The musical soundtrack is a big part of the overall sound scape and with RuneScape 3 we've reached a lot further than before.
[01:05] We've discovered and worked with a real variety of musicians who play a mixture of modern and traditional instruments.
[01:12] The music we're recording will be used for everything from in game menus to incidental music to some pieces that should pull at a few heartstrings.
[01:36] Mo's Gold Teeth were a good find. They're a local band who just seemed to nail the vibe that I was looking for.
[01:47] Steve contacted me after a gig we played in a local pub called the Portland Arms.
[01:52] He said he was looking for people to put together the music for the new game.
[01:57] I'd heard of RuneScape when Steve approached me
[02:01] so when we found out the scale of this thing how there's millions of people playing it online,
[02:07] it was very very exciting to think that even if it's only five minutes of our music,
[02:12] if that gets exposed to that many people, that's fantastic.
[02:20] The music we play has been described by others as sort of "prog folk" in a way
[02:26] and it draws on quite a lot of traditional folk influences,
[02:31] Irish traditional folk, English, Welsh, just British Isles folk music really but
[02:36] initially we played a few things that we put together ourselves
[02:40] just some riffs that were in keeping with some of the stuff that Steve had sent us
[02:45] the old midi tracks for the games.
[02:48] We ran through a couple of versions of the RuneScape theme tune as well
[02:51] which is obviously something that fans will be familiar with.
[02:54] Over the last year or so we've been adding a lot more voice acting to RuneScape's content.
[03:01] With the 6th age comes a whole raft of new story driven content
[03:04] and so we're putting a lot of focus on getting believable performances that add to the stories being told.
[03:10] "Are you with us or against us? Don't waste my time, decide!"
[03:14] It's important to get the right voice for each character
[03:17] because the voice brings that character to life, it engages the player.
[03:20] There are so many different characters in the world and you want to have a complete orchestra of voices and contrast.
[03:28] "Look at them, zealots! idiots!"
[03:33] "The crater is unstable, beware!"
[03:36] "Fire!"
[03:38] The writers at Jagex have a very clear vision of what they want from the characters
[03:43] and we work very closely with them to bring that vision to life.
[03:47] "Doric runs his blacksmith shop north of Falador"
[04:00] Ambient sound FX is another area of the game that we're busy reworking.
[04:05] Again, it's something that players have seen a lot of in recent months ....
[04:08] I think Al kharid is a good example of that....
[04:12] and with the way that RS3 is shaping up it's never been more important to make the everyday sounds of runescape more convincing than ever.
[04:22] getting all of those atmospheric sounds, full character VO, full musical score,
[04:28] it's a lot to get into a game that works in a browser.
[04:31] And that's where the final huge leap forward comes in... the technology behind the sound.
[04:35] For the first time, we're installing servers dedicated to RuneScape's sound.
[04:40] That means full CD quality music and sound streamed directly to you through your browser.
[04:45] With no performance impact on your game and as we're no longer using MIDI,
[04:49] it means that RuneScape's audio really has no boundries and with the 6th age coming, we can't wait to bring it to you.
[05:08] If you'd like to know more about RuneScape's sound then you can talk to Mod Lord directly
[05:12] in an Ask Me Almost Anything on Reddit on Thursday the 16th May at 6pm BST.
[05:18] There's more RuneScape 3 news next week and on Friday is back with agricultural news for pro farmers.
[05:26] Ooh, and indeed Argggh!