Transcript of Runescape - Book of 1000 songs

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Journey, with me to Gielinor
[00:16] From Ashdale, a world to explore
[00:24] In search of the book of a thousand songs
[00:31] As we set off from the shore...
[00:39] Venture, into the wilderness
[00:48] Battle, to be the best
[00:56] Slaying, foes beyond reckoning
[01:03] We were born to do this quest
[01:12] Searching, o'er the driven snow
[01:20] Oceans, deserts and caves
[01:27] Fighting, Dragons and sorcerers,
[01:35] Sending monsters to their graves
[02:16] Autumn voyage in harmony
[02:23] Draynor, to Catherby's sands
[02:32] Crossing, meadow and waterfall
[02:38] 'Til we reach the Elven Lands
[02:48] So now, book of a thousand songs
[02:55] How so - I find you pretend...!
[03:03] For you, are more than a thousand songs
[03:11] And there'll never be an end...!
[03:19] No there'll never be an end !