Transcript of Runefest Ticket Announcement - Bonds, Hotel Accommodation, Crystal Coins!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] It's official, RuneFest 2014 is on!
[00:13] We had such an amazing time at RuneFest last year,
[00:16] so we're heading straight back to Tobacco Dock in London
[00:18] and the date for your diary is Saturday 11th October.
[00:23] Tickets for RuneFest go on sale Monday 28th July,
[00:26] so you can head straight to our website and buy them there for £99
[00:29] or you can go in-game and you can buy them with Bonds.
[00:33] And the best news is, this year, your Bonds can also buy you hotel accommodation.
[00:39] So you can come to RuneFest, for free!
[00:43] But what about when you get there? Is that still going to cost money?
[00:46] Actually, no. For the first time at RuneFest we are introducing a new way to pay for things at the event.
[00:51] It's a new currency called Crystal Coins.
[00:54] Redeem a Bond to get your Crystal Coins, and your in-game wealth is allowing you to purchase absolutely anything whilst at the event.
[01:00] Alongside real world cash, you'll be able to use Crystal Coins to pay for things like food, drinks,
[01:05] and the wide range of RuneScape merchandise available.
[01:08] You really can enjoy all of RuneFest for free!
[01:12] Okay, let's plan your trip. A ticket for you and your friend: 70 Bonds. Done!
[01:16] You arrive in London on the Friday ready to hit Namco
[01:19] for the RuneFest pre-party hosted by our awesome CM team. Cracking!
[01:24] You stay in a twin room at a local hotel: 55 Bonds per night. Comfy!
[01:30] You wake up fresh as a button ready for a full day at the event of the year, RuneFest,
[01:35] spending Crystal Coins on anything and everything inside the event. Tidy!
[01:40] Partying and playing hard with all your RuneScape mates,
[01:42] you retreat back to the hotel to your comfy beds,
[01:45] filled with all the awesome memories of a fantastic day. Beat that!
[01:49] To recap, you and a friend, 2 tickets plus 2 nights in a hotel: 180 Bonds.
[01:55] That's just 90 Bonds each!
[01:57] So this year, you really can come to RuneFest, for free!
[02:01] Play the game and earn yourself your own weekend away with RuneScape.
[02:05] For more information on all the different tickets and hotel packages that we have available
[02:09] and to find out more about Crystal Coins, head to
[02:13] And to make things a bit easier we are also updating the game,
[02:15] so saving up lots of Bonds won't take up all of your bank space.
[02:19] Very soon Bonds will have their own separate inventory,
[02:22] so you can store away all of the Bonds you'll need to grab your tickets, your hotel rooms, your Crystal Coins,
[02:27] or any of the other benefits the Bonds already bring.
[02:30] So, save the date: 11th October is RuneFest!
[02:34] From the 28th July, get your hands on your very own RuneFest 2014 ticket.
[02:39] Bonds or otherwise, we can't wait to see you there!