Transcript of Rune Mysteries (historical)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Duke Horacio, Sedridor, Aubury, and the player.

Starting the Quest[edit | edit source]

  • Duke Horacio: Greetings. Welcome to my castle.
  • Player: Have you any quests for me?
  • Duke Horacio: Well, it's not really a quest, but I recently discovered this strange talisman. It's not like anything I have seen before. Would you take it to the head wizard in the basement of the Wizards' Tower for me? It should not take you very long at all and I would be awfully grateful.

After accepting quest

  • Duke Horacio: Thank you very much, stranger. I am sure the head wizard will reward you for such an interesting find.
  • The Duke hands you a talisman.

Meeting the Head Wizard[edit | edit source]

  • Sedridor: Welcome, adventurer, to the world-renowned Wizard's Tower. How may I help you?
    • Player: Nothing, thanks. I'm just looking around.
      • (Dialogue ends)
    • Player: What are you doing down here?
      • Sedridor: That is, indeed, a good question. Here in the cellar of the Wizard's Tower you find the remains of the old Wizards' Tower, destroyed by fire many years past by the treachery of the Zamorakians. Many mysteries were lost, which we are trying to rediscover. By building this tower on the remains of the old, we seek to show the world our dedication to the mysteries of magic. I am here sifting through fragments for knowledge of artefacts of our past.
      • Player: Have you found anything useful?
      • Sedridor: Ah, that would be telling, adventurer. Anything I have found I cannot speak freely of, for fear of the treachery we have already seen once in the past.
        • Player: Okay, well, I'll leave you to it
          • (Dialogue ends)
        • Player: What do you mean, 'treachery'?
          • Sedridor: It is a long story. Many years ago, this Wizards' Tower was a focus of great learning, where mages studied together to learn the secrets behind the runes that allow us to use magic. Who makes them? Where do they come from? How many types are there? What spells can they produce? All of these questions and more are unknown to us, but were once known by our ancestors. Legends tell us that, in the past, the mages could fashion runes almost at will.
          • Player: But they cannot anymore?
          • Sedridor: No, unfortunately not. Many years past, the wizards of Zamorak, the god of chaos, burned this tower to the ground, and all who were inside. To this day, we do not know why they did this terrible thing, but all of our research and our greatest magical minds were destroyed in one fell swoop. This is why I spend my time searching through the few remains of the glorious old tower. I hope to find something that will tell us more of the mysteries of the runes that we use daily, dwindling in supply with each use. I hope we may once again create out own runes, and the the Wizards' Tower will return to its former position of glory!
          • Player: Right, I'll leave you to it.
          • Sedridor: Goodbye, Player
          • Player: How did you know my name?
          • Sedridor: Well, I AM the head wizard.
    • Player: I'm looking for the head wizard.
      • Sedridor: That's me, but why would you be doing that?
      • Player: The Duke of Lumbridge sent me to find, you. I have a weird talisman that the Duke found. He said the head wizard would be interested in it.
      • Sedridor: Did he now? Well, that IS interesting, Hand it over, then, adventurer – let me see what all the hubbub is about. Just some crude amulet, I'll wager.
      • Player: Okay, here you go.
      • You give the talisman to the wizard.
      • Sedridor: Wow! This is incredible! Th-this talisman you brought is the last piece of the puzzle. Finally! The legacy of our ancestors will return to us once more! I need time to study this, Player, can you please perform one task while I study this talisman? In the mighty city of Varrock, located north-east of here, there is a certain shop that sells magical runes. I have, in this package, all of the research I have done relating to runes, but I require somebody to take them to a shopkeeper who can offer me his insights. Do this thing for me, bring back what he gives you, and, if my suspicions are correct, I will let you in on one of the greatest secrets this world has ever known. It is a secret so powerful that it destroyed the original Wizards' Tower many centuries ago! Do this thing for me, Player, and you will be rewarded.
        • Player: Yes, certainly.
          • Sedridor: Take this package to Varrock, the large city north of Lumbridge. Aubury's rune shop is in the south-east quarter. He will give you a special item – bring it back to me and I will show you the mystery of runes.
          • The head wizard gives you a research package.
          • Sedridor: Best of luck with your quest, Player.
        • Player: No, I'm busy.
          • (Dialogue ends)

Aubury's Rune Shop[edit | edit source]

  • Aubury: Do you want to buy some runes?
    • Player: Yes, please.
      • (Opens shop interface)
    • Player: No, thank you.
      • (Dialogue ends)
    • Player: I've been sent here with a package for you. It's from Sedridor, the head wizard at the Wizards' Tower.
      • Aubury: Really? Surely he can't have...? Please, let me have it.
      • You hand Aubury the research package
      • Aubury: My gratitude, adventurer, for bringing me this research package. Combined with the information I have already collated regarding rune essence, I think we have finally unlocked the power to... No, I'm getting ahead of myself. Take this summary of my research back to Sedridor in the basement of the Wizards' Tower. He will know whether or not to let you in on our little secret.
      • Aubury gives you his research notes.
      • Aubury: Now, I'm sure I can spare a couple of runes for such a worthy cause as these notes. Do you want me to teleport you back?
        • Player: Yes, please.
          • Dialogue ends, Aubury teleports you to Wizards' Tower bridge
        • Player: No, thank you.
          • (Dialogue ends)

Returning Package to Sedridor[edit | edit source]

  • Sedridor: Welcome, adventurer, to the world-renowned Wizards' Tower. How may I help you? Ah, Player. How goes your quest? Have you delivered the research notes to my friend yet?
  • Player: Yes, I have. He gave me some research notes to pass on to you.
  • Sedridor: May I have them?
  • Player: Sure. I have them here.
  • Sedridor: You have been nothing but helpful, adventurer. In return, I can let you in on the secret of our research. Many centuries ago, the wizards of the Wizards' Tower learnt the secret of creating runes, which allowed them to cast magic very easily. But, when the tower was burnt down, the secret of creating runes was lost with it...or so I thought. Some months ago, while searching these ruins for information, I came upon a scroll that made reference to a magical rock, deep in the ice fields of the north. This rock was called the 'rune essence' by those magicians who studied its powers. Apparently, by simply breaking a chunk from it, a rune could be fashioned and taken to certain magical altars that were scattered across the land. Now, this is an interesting little piece of history, but not much use to us since we do not have access to this rune essence or these altars. This is where you and Aubury come in. A little while ago, Aubury discovered a parchment detailing a teleportation spell that he had never come across before. When cast, it took him to a strange rock, yet it felt strangely familiar. As I'm sure you have guessed, he had discovered a spell to the mythical rune essence. As soon as he told me of this, I saw the importance of the find. For, if we could find the altars spoken of in the ancient texts, we would once more be able to create runes as our ancestors had done.
  • Player: I'm still not sure how I fit into this little story of yours.
  • Sedridor: You haven't guessed? This talisman you brought me is a key to the elemental altar of air! When you hold it, it directs you to the entrance of the long-forgotten Air Altar. By bringing pieces of the rune essence to the Air Altar, you will be able to fashion your own air runes. That's not all! By finding other talismans similar to this one, you will eventually be able to craft every rune that is available in this world, just as our ancestors did. I cannot stress enough what a find this is! Now, due to the risks involved in letting this mighty power fall into the wrong hands, I will try to keep the teleport spell to the rune essence a closely guarded secret. This means that, if any evil power should discover the talismans required to enter the elemental temples, we should be able to prevent their access to the runes essence. I know not where the altars are located, nor do I know where the talismans have been scattered, but I now return your air talisman. Find the Air Altar and you will be able to craft your blank runes into air runes at will. Any time you wish to visit the rune essence, speak to me or Aubury and we will open a portal to that mystical place.
  • Player: So, only you and Aubury know the teleport spell to the rune essence?
  • Sedridor: No, there are others. When you speak to them, they will know you and grant you access to that place when asked. Use the air talisman to locate the Air Altar and use any further talismans you find to locate the other altars. Now, my research notes, please?
  • You give the research notes to Sedridor. He gives you an air talisman.