Transcript of RuneScape podcast #89 - Sliske, More Music & Behind the Scenes of Player Support

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] and welcome to this week's podcast I'm
[00:09] mod map he the podcast monkey and we're
[00:11] straight across the law corner with
[00:12] models born so hello everybody welcome
[00:15] to the law corner we're gonna go for
[00:17] panto now because it's lyss gay buh buh
[00:19] and we've got moderating watch G and
[00:23] what Roley hello hello ready for a bit
[00:25] selects gay I let's start with
[00:26] pronunciation which ads they always head
[00:28] top of me you just said it about ten
[00:30] times i know i know but that's because i
[00:32] have to keep on saying it otherwise I'm
[00:33] gonna lose it because originally it was
[00:35] everybody called him differently it was
[00:37] Liske slice in house it had to take Paul
[00:41] when we're doing the pronunciation guide
[00:42] to actually say wait soliciting we all
[00:44] went it's like what oh right oh man well
[00:47] we've been doing that wrong for a while
[00:48] we'll see your topic for our door into
[00:50] dewdney yeah yeah he kind of really was
[00:54] I'm gonna challenge you straight away
[00:56] your use of the web pantomime when
[00:59] described into this I think that it's
[01:01] unfair I'm doing all the other one
[01:02] element of his character it is not the
[01:05] whole and hey maybe even kindred spirits
[01:07] will go into detail which i think is out
[01:10] now if but if this phantom I can't find
[01:13] this pissed cost this isn't a man to buy
[01:15] my life unless I've gotten something I
[01:17] know trying to work my timeline six age
[01:20] I think it's probably worth going back
[01:21] to when you first came about and he was
[01:24] kind of a mysterious character he was
[01:26] one of these we don't know much about
[01:28] him create the bearish brothers he was
[01:31] never overtly named he ain't he was the
[01:36] mysterious stranger who was on the
[01:37] Barrows booking game yeah and his
[01:40] characters died to form with the laws
[01:42] and histories yea which was a
[01:44] reinterpretation of that book as a short
[01:46] story yeah and that's where the kind of
[01:49] sinister nature the the bargainer Lancia
[01:53] beta i remember from that people then
[01:54] start to extractor and wonder whether or
[01:55] not devious minds to folk the first
[01:57] character in DB would I think I always
[01:59] tell at that yeah the normally something
[02:02] up some players were wondering if
[02:03] devious Minds character this kind of
[02:05] Miss hooded stranger yep was soliciting
[02:07] which we backed away from yes yes
[02:09] there's no not retreat but is that that
[02:12] that edge of misrule of our mysterious
[02:13] character
[02:13] alice's our Raptors Leslie was one of
[02:16] them and then then Richard of magic yeah
[02:19] he's probably the next step into the
[02:21] skates career yeah that would have been
[02:22] Paul's extension of it and i think chris
[02:26] is a little bit do Chris long yeah who
[02:28] was always a fan that bears brothers you
[02:30] know always do his berries runs so had a
[02:33] lot of interest into this game and
[02:34] that's when it's like seeding that 6k
[02:37] was interested in the player there was
[02:38] this kind of weird connection a
[02:41] fascination from Cisco to the player and
[02:43] that yeah that connection always kind of
[02:45] interested us plus it was also that you
[02:48] know you had these two very regimented
[02:50] groups Eva's our oceans you have this a
[02:51] miraculous of the mad ran and says hey
[02:54] always SAT slightly oddly in that group
[02:56] the in her of the zero since he was
[02:58] always kind of pulling yet status quo
[03:00] and it almost look at it kind of
[03:01] slightly I was comic relief but he could
[03:04] see the pasuk ality of it is strangeness
[03:07] of it which led to the world wakes and
[03:09] kind of the world waits we needed we
[03:12] knew that we wanted to make the player
[03:13] special with world guardianship and
[03:16] making them at the forefront the sick
[03:17] they age and really winning to the
[03:19] counterpoint an antagonist throughout it
[03:21] and that antagonist couldn't be a god
[03:22] because the gods weren't here yet so we
[03:24] need antagonist to kill gothics and I
[03:26] think we were all just kind of racking
[03:28] our brains for characters and we rested
[03:29] on Celeste gay do you recall where that
[03:32] came from was it group thing with it
[03:35] from Anna it was it was it was very much
[03:36] Anna yeah so I'm Anna just kind of
[03:40] picked up on /a from which will matter
[03:42] out really found him quite an
[03:43] interesting coached right for I think
[03:45] this is part of it you know leads the
[03:46] who do you pick we want to pick somebody
[03:48] you want to write for and so this K
[03:51] because wasn't partner status quo was
[03:53] doing some very interesting things was
[03:55] fascinated the player as well and there
[03:56] was that connection and I was loosely
[03:58] the shadow Romar element but meant that
[03:59] we could have him popping in and out of
[04:01] areas that logically he could have been
[04:04] in gothics his tomb I started to in his
[04:06] scientific quite early and the way there
[04:09] early to that was very useful to be able
[04:11] to continue the shadow Rome and perform
[04:14] surveillance in other areas that started
[04:15] World Lakes to see what God accounts
[04:17] were doing and obviously there was also
[04:19] the stone of Tears element that if he
[04:21] was constantly watching the player which
[04:23] is what we did this kind of creepy
[04:24] stalker and kind of theme and that was
[04:26] why I fascinated with
[04:27] then he could have watched what we were
[04:29] doing with the stone of jazz and could
[04:30] have followed it I mean some players saw
[04:32] that as relatively cheap which is fair
[04:34] enough but yeah isn't kind of mastery of
[04:37] the Shadow Realm that really helped I
[04:38] mean he's also pled just part of his
[04:41] character make him just write the role
[04:43] as well which is that you don't know why
[04:45] his motivations huh yeah like
[04:47] particularly then it before he's because
[04:49] you're as you were saying he's 0 seein
[04:50] but is he really kind of what um and he
[04:53] just he's not the obvious villain it's
[04:55] like if we used like as a miraculous I
[04:57] could is obviously evil but with Swiss
[04:59] case like is he doing something because
[05:02] it may be in some ways good well these
[05:04] motivations oh that's what I like about
[05:05] what we're doing this epic is genuinely
[05:07] I mean you can keep doing that ad
[05:10] nauseam oh my god you don't know what
[05:11] he's going to do and then he's going to
[05:12] pivot and do something else we're
[05:14] actually going to be peeling away those
[05:16] marks yeah we're starting to reveal some
[05:18] of his setting kindred spirit we reveal
[05:21] some of his motivations yes which is
[05:23] only fair to actually with the water
[05:24] planned this time you can kind of see
[05:26] the arc of him he started out being
[05:28] quite mysterious and sinister and as
[05:30] he's become more familiar you've seen
[05:32] more of that element of his father
[05:34] galaxy yep I'm not sure that's a word
[05:36] it's more farcical name that's what he
[05:38] wants to put your hand to mine yeah yeah
[05:40] that's the ultimate mom that yeah
[05:41] exactly that I mean a lot of players
[05:43] have issue with that not being solistes
[05:45] character and there is a truth to that
[05:48] yeah not his character and he's kind of
[05:50] hiding in a mosque ii where's that yeah
[05:52] it's kind of the point yeah yeah we gave
[05:55] me a big prep performance which mean
[05:57] again that means that is Liske that's
[05:59] his visa a lot of people have actually
[06:01] um kind of boiled so let's go down look
[06:03] to him in ateres to shallow he's just
[06:05] Joker it's actually not necessarily what
[06:08] my first reference was when i was
[06:09] talking to anna we were we were talking
[06:11] about um actually a guy Marvel character
[06:13] called arcade arcade is a a character
[06:17] who kind of projects games or create
[06:19] games because he doesn't have the power
[06:23] to go up against any of the superheroes
[06:24] himself so he creates these kind of
[06:26] buckled situations and scenarios to kind
[06:29] of distract from himself and therefore
[06:31] we can get our attention and that was
[06:33] where we were going for um there's a
[06:35] little bit still in there there is some
[06:36] Joker element I won't lie still in
[06:39] when we write down you've written this
[06:40] Leslie I James right yeah he's fun to
[06:43] write for and there is cuz you write him
[06:46] wear your white you care to kind of fall
[06:48] into the character depth image in their
[06:49] dialogue and he you have the mass you
[06:52] have this list a mask on but cuz it's
[06:54] visca you have an assessee a mask but
[06:55] also the actual mass it's this gaze
[06:56] showing on when you're writing certain
[06:58] you have that point in the car I mean
[07:00] yeah yes am I change yeah absolutely the
[07:04] mosque thing actually came from nowhere
[07:06] ready because a lot of people when they
[07:08] were looking at celeste's model because
[07:10] he had he was reworked from world waits
[07:12] and not all of the management were at
[07:13] the same time I think or maybe for
[07:15] missing presumed death and some of the
[07:17] concept artists thought that he had a
[07:18] mask on yeah so that then kind of
[07:22] filtered into and we kind of took that
[07:24] on and more dolly and more Draven knife
[07:27] worked a lot on missing presumed F
[07:29] particular model e it came about
[07:31] obviously because of the theatrical more
[07:34] theatrical yeah aspect such a character
[07:35] that were coming Powerman apparent yeah
[07:38] yeah the sock and busking masks but yeah
[07:41] absolutely right that misunderstanding
[07:43] led into an obvious kind of this is
[07:45] mosque is wearing and then we love doing
[07:47] light and shadow you know those
[07:49] fantastic characters resume death i'm
[07:51] hoping we get to do something more with
[07:52] them in the future but now has taken on
[07:55] a kind of full-blown role in the sixth
[07:57] age a lot of people have commented like
[08:00] you know they're feeling a bit kind of
[08:01] fatigue with the amount as this game at
[08:03] the moment we probably going to dial it
[08:04] down after kindred spirits but then
[08:06] dying he comes back into this day's end
[08:08] game mmm kind of Filth roughly we're
[08:10] gonna change we're changing a little bit
[08:12] with 6 k's anything you can talk about
[08:13] all I come for kindred spirits and this
[08:18] is your team mates yeah I my teams
[08:20] working when the problems that we've had
[08:22] with less gay before and this is
[08:23] probably not ruining too much of your
[08:25] not played it is that a lot of people
[08:28] feel that they can side with whiskey
[08:30] because he's a fun-loving you know
[08:32] enjoyable guy and he's just playing a
[08:34] nice little joke on the gods yeah and
[08:36] we're trying to there should be at least
[08:37] one point where it's quite clearly
[08:39] revealed that liska is not missed a nice
[08:42] guy yeah he's not that I mean he's not
[08:45] he's still that kind of jovial thing
[08:46] axle joke with the player but he really
[08:50] he has his own sort of goal in mind and
[08:52] he'll take you know anyone it gets his
[08:56] way he'll make sure they sell and so
[08:59] it's important to his character leather
[09:00] mouths drop but there's also as a
[09:01] narrative designers as we all along that
[09:04] while it's great that our players can
[09:07] side with everybody make their own
[09:08] choices ultimately when you've got an
[09:10] arc like this at some point you're going
[09:11] to have to say no everybody has to you
[09:15] know yeah it's always cited wanting any
[09:17] friends with somebody but sometimes they
[09:19] didn't want to be friends for you yeah
[09:20] yeah absolutely uh possibly also worth
[09:24] pointing out that he's end goal is kind
[09:27] of the reason for behind everything is
[09:29] something we've had relatively well
[09:31] established since I world wakes or yeah
[09:34] all that sort of a hero maybe not
[09:36] specifics but kind of this realization
[09:38] yeah so it has been running throughout
[09:40] everything it's not obvious yeah there
[09:43] are some breadcrumbs to try to figure
[09:45] out as many much version there's gonna
[09:46] be a bigger breadcrumb in kindred spirit
[09:48] quite a large breadcrumb oh it's almost
[09:51] a slice of bread were excellent
[09:54] excellent so we know that the sistas end
[09:58] games could be the end of the storm of
[09:59] jazz and since day storyline but really
[10:01] that kind of game he's corrected there's
[10:03] gonna be the end of that game and we're
[10:05] so this guy is going to be I know that a
[10:06] lot of people come up to me and said
[10:08] like you know or don't don't kill him I
[10:10] know what we're like you know don't kill
[10:12] him please we know where we're going
[10:14] with him don't we no yep yep relatively
[10:18] happy with what we've done there it's
[10:20] all very suitable don't wear hang happy
[10:22] to a relative term sure is i thing else
[10:27] that we can kind of cover with sillas
[10:28] gay i know that we were coming up with
[10:30] the 20 to figure out what his colors
[10:32] were relatively recent scoreboard this
[10:34] is always a nightmare for us the pallets
[10:36] of the gods why should we settle though
[10:39] we went through he's the only one he's
[10:40] got a black oh yeah because we black and
[10:43] white we went through like an assortment
[10:45] of weird colors for a bit I and that
[10:47] there was like some sort of salmon pink
[10:48] thing that was just why and I think it's
[10:51] just I don't know why would they were
[10:53] it's I think it's purely than that color
[10:55] had would use I think it's very good
[10:56] night exactly haze yeah and then we had
[10:59] neon paint but we couldn't use neon pink
[11:01] because that's the magic color that we
[11:03] had so when it just got over written but
[11:05] then we just kind of fell on the fact
[11:07] that it doesn't have to be one color
[11:08] yeah and that because slifka is about
[11:10] kind of like my own shadow nightshadow
[11:13] yeah I'm deliberately kind of
[11:15] contradicting himself in the space of
[11:16] one sentence you know he's black and
[11:19] white seemed quite get quite appropriate
[11:21] and people was mostly taken there's no
[11:26] there's no room for any more gods
[11:27] because the move run out go round yeah
[11:28] yeah until they invent more college
[11:31] after plant cotton their flock I this is
[11:37] all good I like it so there we go yeah
[11:39] as this guy and his end game has been
[11:42] covered next time around we going to be
[11:44] talking about the godless so we talked
[11:47] about an absence of God's the next time
[11:49] around absence of godless mmm yeah and
[11:51] true the absence of godless and I like
[11:53] I've got a storyline and why that might
[11:54] be so do tune in for that and thank you
[11:57] for listening to the north corner and
[11:58] thank their two models born and the law
[12:01] team and now on to runescape music today
[12:04] with me I have moderately mod Rowley
[12:07] what is your favorite runescape music
[12:09] well like stew before me I'm afraid I'm
[12:13] going to be somewhat selfish and I'm
[12:14] going to pick something from a piece of
[12:16] content that I've worked on yeah and
[12:18] that would be from fate of the gods yes
[12:21] I could quite happily pick any of the
[12:23] tracks from that quest as a favorite I
[12:25] mean they all kind of evoke that quest
[12:28] really nicely and the themes that we
[12:29] were going for the track that stands out
[12:32] for me the most is the elder halls the
[12:34] older halls why particularly for that
[12:37] one it was because we wanted to capture
[12:40] a different style of music it was
[12:42] something we hadn't done before I
[12:44] remember talking with mod blonde about
[12:46] it back when we're making the quest yet
[12:49] and I think we were using references
[12:53] like industrial music and ambient yellow
[12:58] stuff like that and I particularly at
[13:00] the time I was playing a game called the
[13:02] rapture is here and you will be forcibly
[13:05] removed from your home okay or for short
[13:07] TR ahay wbfr f YH ok so go check some
[13:13] YouTube videos on that
[13:14] and it just captured that kind of
[13:17] unknown that feeling did like the elder
[13:20] ones returning okay it's got a really
[13:22] nice like a conversation between the
[13:25] older gods and it feels like them
[13:26] building the universe and when you play
[13:29] that track in set you up the actual
[13:31] elder halls it yet has this otherworldly
[13:33] feel it just feels so different from
[13:35] anything else it evokes it perfectly
[13:37] exactly yeah Oh brilliant more we'll
[13:39] listen to that now then
[14:17] you
[14:22] is it
[14:36] Oh
[18:52] ok
[19:19] and what an incredible piece of music
[19:23] and now across the mod infinity and I
[19:25] customer support team hello and welcome
[19:27] to the latest customer support segment
[19:29] of this week's podcast today when we
[19:32] talking about leads and curators bit
[19:34] behind the scenes in customer support
[19:36] I'm joined here by mon steve w odd
[19:40] kelvin and what swing and i'm mod
[19:42] infinity so before we go into the
[19:43] details about can a lead roles and
[19:45] career roles which we're going to talk
[19:47] about in a bit more detail very very
[19:48] soon Steve you've got an update for us
[19:50] on scamming is that right yeah just a
[19:52] bit of an update really scamming we know
[19:54] is something is really frustration and
[19:55] always people you know when this happens
[19:57] in game we've actually been doing a bit
[19:59] work behind the scenes now and a couple
[20:00] of things to tell people about really so
[20:03] the first is prepared an initiative
[20:05] running where we're targeting the really
[20:07] high value item scamming us so we know
[20:09] we're talking about the Halloween
[20:11] centers and party hats and that really
[20:13] high value stuff that gets scammed away
[20:15] and is obviously devastating for people
[20:17] when they lose those things so we're
[20:18] doing a lot of work to identify the
[20:21] lures and the scammers they're involved
[20:23] in obtaining these high-value items
[20:24] we've been working closely with our
[20:27] player moderators in that community
[20:28] there's some some guys in that community
[20:31] that really so passionate about about
[20:32] tackling scamming and they've been
[20:34] really useful and the health and working
[20:35] with us sir or on that initiative and of
[20:37] course it's not just the scamming
[20:39] although that's devastating for the
[20:41] people it happens to this obviously a
[20:43] lot of real world trading going on
[20:44] behind this as well these these items
[20:46] are worth so much that that when they're
[20:48] converted into gold it almost always
[20:50] ends up in sort of a legal were gold
[20:52] gold market so you know that's another
[20:55] reason why we want to tackle it and
[20:57] really just just a couple of things to
[20:58] say which was to give her people some
[21:00] sort of common sense reminders really
[21:01] about scamming okay but also just to let
[21:04] people know that we've kind of put a new
[21:05] scamming prevention guide on our
[21:07] knowledge base as well so if your head
[21:09] to runescape calm and hit support in the
[21:11] top right hand corner go straight to our
[21:13] new Sports Center there and in day
[21:15] you'll find if it just as the search box
[21:17] typing scamming prevention guide and
[21:19] you'll find out I'll guide therefore
[21:20] sort of top tips of how to avoid
[21:22] scamming but I just thought you know
[21:24] given you audience this podcast it might
[21:25] just be useful just to run through some
[21:27] of the very the scams we've noticed
[21:28] particularly this initiative
[21:29] just so people can have some awareness
[21:31] about how they work and it's really
[21:33] common sense you know the first thing is
[21:34] don't drop your stuff if you drop stuff
[21:36] on the floor you know you're almost
[21:37] certainly going to lose it there's no
[21:39] reason for anybody to tell you to drop
[21:41] things on the floor so if that's
[21:42] happening just just avoid it don't do it
[21:44] it's going to end up badly another one
[21:47] we've noticed is people offering
[21:49] teleport tab saying that they want to
[21:51] trade you in another part of the game
[21:53] and they're actually trying to force you
[21:54] into a trade and swap at Le tab for the
[21:56] valuable item that you're trading so
[21:58] we've noticed a bit of that coming up
[21:59] recently so just check the trade windows
[22:01] and be careful that and obviously if
[22:03] anyone's offering to tell you into the
[22:04] wilderness or dangerous portal or
[22:06] anything like that you know regardless
[22:07] of what they're saying they might be
[22:09] talking to you as if their friend but
[22:10] they might be trying to actually get you
[22:13] involved in an NT lure thing saying you
[22:14] know we're going to scan the scammer
[22:15] here you know those things don't work
[22:17] you know if you go into a dangerous area
[22:19] or ask to do something like that it's
[22:20] probably you know you're going to end up
[22:21] getting scammed but yeah check out
[22:23] scamming prevention guide it's all in
[22:25] there okay thank you for update Steve so
[22:27] I guess it in a sentence if you could
[22:28] summarize what you just talked about
[22:30] that what would that sentence be like it
[22:32] means the phrase people have probably
[22:33] heard but if it sounds too good to be
[22:35] true it probably is all right thanks
[22:37] Steve so go back to the topic of the
[22:39] podcast or talking about team leaders
[22:40] and curators so for the listeners who
[22:42] maybe aren't too sure about what that
[22:43] that role and function is within
[22:45] customer support Kelvin can you touch
[22:46] upon what what they do and how they can
[22:48] have have an impact on the department
[22:50] yeah so um if you only got two things
[22:53] there so you got curators and you got
[22:55] team leads what we try and do in
[22:57] customer support is investing in our
[22:59] Customer Support Specialists we try and
[23:01] build up people skills help me build a
[23:03] career here jagat singh customer support
[23:05] and beyond let me run a variety of
[23:08] training programs but quarter that
[23:10] really is is kind of the main job that
[23:12] people do on a day-to-day basis so for a
[23:15] curator role we will give an individual
[23:17] an area of responsibility and they will
[23:19] own it so and then one swing kind of
[23:21] works on on the scam buster initiative
[23:23] so he's the curator for that he owns it
[23:25] from beginning to end and works in it
[23:27] and will give him a lot of kind of
[23:29] vestment in training and help and
[23:30] support in doing that equally for our
[23:33] team leaders rather than going and
[23:35] advertising and bringing in a car to me
[23:37] different from outside what we actually
[23:39] do is look for individuals within the
[23:41] department who've got kind of leadership
[23:43] aspirations and show good strong
[23:44] leadership skills and again put them on
[23:46] a training program and get them to
[23:48] experience managing a team for a period
[23:50] of six months so they get a really kind
[23:52] of good experience that it we're
[23:54] investing in people people have grown
[23:55] and building their skills and
[23:57] fundamentally for both those roles at
[23:58] the end of the day we're looking at
[24:00] providing the best possible customer
[24:01] support that we can for our players
[24:03] alright sounds good so you mentioned it
[24:04] can rotate to be six months so how many
[24:06] leads have we had in the department okay
[24:09] so this is kind of the third time we've
[24:11] kind of run this so we'll have three or
[24:14] four guys's leads managing a kind of
[24:17] small team of sort of three or four
[24:19] people and they can do that in a very
[24:20] kind of safe environment with lots of
[24:22] support from you guys's operations
[24:24] managers for myself head of department
[24:27] mod makes as senior operations manager
[24:29] as well okay cool i guess that freezing
[24:31] quite nicely because started podcast we
[24:34] had modest wean introduced himself and
[24:36] he's one of our team leaders so much
[24:39] sweeney yes day-to-day canna what's your
[24:42] your job entail what's your role yeah
[24:44] what's your morning like the first thing
[24:46] i do when i sign up in the morning is
[24:48] take stock of how qi overnight well so
[24:50] we've got mods on overnight continue
[24:52] giving service to the players and then
[24:53] it's my responsibility to juggle the
[24:55] resources we've got and to make sure we
[24:56] can cleanly providing support during the
[24:58] day when we've got more mods in i'm
[25:00] talking two more players so i look what
[25:02] we've got i forecast who's working which
[25:04] ques who's doing which projects who's
[25:07] handling which jobs so that way we
[25:08] continue giving the best service of
[25:09] players we possibly can alright okay
[25:11] cool so I guess I you know people might
[25:13] not know that every kind of specialist
[25:15] in the department he's trained up to
[25:17] deal with all types of inquiries so back
[25:19] in the day is to have modest who just
[25:20] out where they can't help inquiries or
[25:22] just help with technical support
[25:23] inquires so that's all been changed now
[25:25] and has been some time so I guess you're
[25:27] looking at you know what kind of
[25:28] specialist should go we're all kind of
[25:30] what cues we've got the most kind of
[25:31] contacts in them in terms of response
[25:33] times yet somewhat we're really proud
[25:34] about and we're going to shout about in
[25:36] our in our monthly forum status so that
[25:38] something you look at it as well to make
[25:39] sure responding within a certain amount
[25:41] of time or absolutely i mean we will get
[25:43] back to a play over in 48 hours most
[25:45] answers will get back to them within 24
[25:47] hours hopefully sooner we'll do the best
[25:49] we can to do that there are no promises
[25:50] in terms of quicker response time but we
[25:52] will do absolute best and it could be
[25:55] easy if we just put the best mo
[25:57] on the best cues but thing is it's
[25:58] important to train all mods on all keys
[26:00] because people need to understand that
[26:02] Jane woods are humans as well people
[26:04] have days off people have time off their
[26:05] sick I've holidays we need to ensure
[26:07] there's coverage all year round to give
[26:09] best service possible absolutely okay
[26:11] cool and I guess that you know we're
[26:13] sending out thousands of response to
[26:15] every single month the customers and
[26:17] whether that's through tickets or
[26:18] processing their their account recovery
[26:20] appeals and you know we pride ourselves
[26:22] and having a really high standard of of
[26:25] work and our customer satisfaction also
[26:27] kind of you know supports that so how do
[26:30] we make sure that the work that our guys
[26:31] are doing is reaches that really high
[26:33] standard okay so the most important
[26:35] thing is a training it's really
[26:36] intensive I joined late last year and
[26:39] before has even put into the shop floor
[26:41] if you were I had three months of really
[26:43] intensive high quality training to go
[26:45] through so on top of that we offer a
[26:47] refresher training so even though
[26:48] there's a really intensive period at
[26:50] start you'll be trained all year round
[26:51] just to ensure you continue giving the
[26:53] best quality service to the players and
[26:54] additionally there will be ongoing
[26:56] sampling so we check the sponsors from
[26:58] the mods and we check out and what's are
[26:59] doing just to ensure that that service
[27:01] is still a high standard alright cool
[27:04] sounds good 13 you know combined with
[27:05] that foundation trading the ongoing
[27:07] frustrating in them and there's
[27:08] something you do so you're looking at
[27:09] the tickets are sending out reviewing
[27:11] their quality and giving feedback so
[27:12] soon Curtis asked if you come across
[27:14] when you're sampling someone's tickets
[27:17] you come across something that you don't
[27:18] think is very good what do you actually
[27:20] do with that so we'll offer coaching to
[27:22] the mod just to try and pinpoint what is
[27:25] actually went wrong and how it can be
[27:27] improved upon you're doing is we're not
[27:29] out to punish the mod we ought to
[27:30] improve the mod because as you said we
[27:31] can want to continue to invest in the
[27:32] staff additionally there's also a
[27:35] process called outreach essentially it's
[27:36] kind of a complaint department if you
[27:38] were so each time we send out a ticket
[27:39] we have a little feedback link we white
[27:41] players to give their feedback to us and
[27:42] if it seems to be negative then someone
[27:46] like myself I work on the complaints QC
[27:47] we will take it upon ourselves to
[27:49] contact the player ceiving helping out
[27:51] further okay good so whenever we find a
[27:53] situation where we've not done the best
[27:55] thing that you possibly kid foot for
[27:56] someone well actually go ahead and make
[27:58] good on that player and
[27:59] and take the time to fix it properly
[28:01] sure the important fingers once the
[28:03] tickets been sent out last night in a
[28:04] bit we're to continue helping the player
[28:06] good okay sounds good so much sweet
[28:08] you're talking about that you provide
[28:09] support to other mods and things but I
[28:11] guess what's in a few what kind of
[28:12] support do you get I've got exposure to
[28:14] the operations team management team as
[28:16] Kelvin explained I get a lot of support
[28:19] I'm in a program called dld p which is a
[28:21] leadership development program okay so
[28:22] I've accessed a lot of different
[28:23] training materials and just to improve
[28:26] my leadership ability to prepare me for
[28:27] any positions in the future that might
[28:29] come about addition to that there are
[28:31] stps so soft development programs
[28:33] different skills that come up so for
[28:35] example recently I took fired in Steve
[28:37] w's presentational skills one so now I'm
[28:39] much more confident when delivering
[28:40] presentations something that'll help my
[28:42] career jagex hopefully absolutely
[28:43] alright sounds good and you know the
[28:45] skills developing programs that locked
[28:47] for leaves only or could everyone go on
[28:48] them it's for everybody I think so it's
[28:51] part of my role as lead I deliver one to
[28:52] ones I've I talk to my mods in my team
[28:55] every single week so it's up to them
[28:57] they can tell me what they'd like to do
[28:59] and when I can offer suggestions and
[29:01] what sdb to take part in so it's a kind
[29:03] of two-way street I get support from the
[29:05] people who of me and then I take
[29:07] feedback from my mods and then I give
[29:09] them feedback two sons of what would
[29:10] prepare them for their career jagex
[29:11] alright my tween thanks for that so you
[29:13] can have given an overview of what of
[29:14] what the team lead roles here at jennis
[29:16] rebutting a threat you know a very small
[29:17] snapshot you know you do loads and those
[29:19] are cool stuff right and but hopefully
[29:21] give some insight to the listeners as to
[29:22] what that's all about so you mentioned
[29:24] crater rolls at Kelvin and Steve so you
[29:28] know further things quite a lot of
[29:29] listeners they won't really know what
[29:30] what a correct roll is or what they do
[29:32] or what the responsibilities are so you
[29:34] know can you talk to me about that yeah
[29:37] so we've probably got a no good third of
[29:41] the team have kind of curator roles and
[29:43] kind of as I said before that is an
[29:46] individual who owns a particular area
[29:49] and is responsible for it from end to
[29:52] end and fundamentally really that's
[29:53] about kind of two things one it's about
[29:56] providing the best possible customer
[29:57] experience that we can and second it's
[29:59] about us being as efficient as we can as
[30:01] a customer support team so they give you
[30:04] an example we get probably a thousand
[30:07] odd payment queries every single week so
[30:10] what the the payment curator will do is
[30:12] kind of look at all the contact reasons
[30:14] that come in for payments so how many
[30:15] people are asking for a refund how many
[30:17] people are asking about a payment issue
[30:20] how many people are having a problem
[30:21] with a particular MTX item or something
[30:24] along those lines well then look at that
[30:26] and go okay actually there's a problem
[30:27] if there's something that needs to be
[30:29] fixed in game we need to feed that back
[30:30] to the MTX manager organ is go speak to
[30:33] kind of QA about it etc we've always got
[30:36] extra eyes and kind of ears on the
[30:38] lookout for particular problems that are
[30:40] causing grief and problems for players
[30:42] and then we would liaison with other
[30:44] departments throughout jagex and
[30:46] throughout the runescape teams to get
[30:48] those fixed that goes at the other day
[30:49] we don't want people to have problems we
[30:51] won't be able to enjoy the game and for
[30:53] there not to be barriers or problems in
[30:55] the way of that okay Steve keV imagine
[30:57] ERV around a third of the team are crazy
[30:59] so how do they can it keep in the loop
[31:00] inning and keep in touch with each other
[31:02] and the ops team yeah so every week all
[31:05] the curators get together with the
[31:08] Department management team and each
[31:10] Creator will speak for a short time
[31:11] about their specialist area so the
[31:13] monthly payment take moderation whatever
[31:15] it is and then we have like a sort of
[31:18] report that Kelvin was talking about
[31:19] some of the sort of analysis of incoming
[31:21] volume so they'll be able to sort of
[31:22] discussed that and share it with the
[31:24] wider group and then they really talk
[31:26] about the kind of special projects
[31:27] particular things that they want to work
[31:29] on that they think will improve their
[31:30] process they can get direct feedback
[31:32] there and then from the management team
[31:33] about you know the practicality of
[31:35] perhaps delivering some of those
[31:36] projects and what they want to do and of
[31:38] course it's really useful because all
[31:39] the curators are in the same room at the
[31:41] same time often there's sort of links
[31:43] between what people are talking about so
[31:46] for example the technical curator might
[31:48] be talking about some contacts we've had
[31:50] this week about technical issue and that
[31:51] might actually linked to problems with
[31:53] making the payment by particular payment
[31:55] type and because the payment creators in
[31:57] the room as well they can kind of talk
[31:58] to each other and find that commonality
[32:00] and there and then kind of work together
[32:01] to improve those things going forward
[32:03] yeah they had they happen every week
[32:05] normally we have all the managers in
[32:07] there and it's a good opportunity as
[32:08] well for them to share about the
[32:10] successes as well so they happen say
[32:11] that we've done this thing we've
[32:12] actually seen the customer journey
[32:13] improved because that thing we changed
[32:15] you know two three weeks ago this is
[32:17] effect its had yet an improvement
[32:19] found on it maybe you can reference some
[32:21] customer feedback as well where
[32:22] customers are particularly noticed
[32:23] something's improved because of
[32:25] something to create essentially put in
[32:27] place ok cool so these kind of expert
[32:29] individuals who are owning specific
[32:31] areas in the department you know that
[32:34] point of contact you know the crating
[32:36] processes are reviewing and analyzing
[32:37] data trending over a period of time and
[32:39] making recommendations towards and the
[32:41] areas in the business to improve
[32:43] customer journey and ultimately that you
[32:45] know the customer service experience
[32:46] that we're delivering to to our players
[32:48] so he said about a third of the
[32:50] department Calvin of craters so what
[32:52] kind of things that are they covering
[32:53] what area so you talk about tech helping
[32:55] and payment so what else is there ok so
[32:57] you take out payment and account help
[33:00] you also have people looking at the
[33:03] account recovery system so you know
[33:04] there are kind of thresholds in there in
[33:06] terms of a certain amount of cancer or
[33:08] auto granted with really strong
[33:09] information also denied with poor
[33:11] information making sure that we're kind
[33:13] of something the robot on that to ensure
[33:16] that it's not making mistakes we also
[33:18] have our anti hijacking initiatives so
[33:21] you know we've developed a report that
[33:23] detects accounts that are hijacked in
[33:24] game so the hijack Creator will look to
[33:27] improve that report and work with our
[33:28] data science team to improve that report
[33:30] but also will be looking after the
[33:32] accounts that have been hijacked locking
[33:34] them cleaning them and making sure
[33:35] people can kind of get back in into game
[33:37] mots we mentioned outreach so whenever
[33:40] we get a poor customer satisfaction
[33:42] survey response back from a player will
[33:45] reach out to them understand where we
[33:47] went wrong feedback to the modern and
[33:49] really importantly ensure we fix that
[33:51] customers issue we've got social support
[33:54] that we do on Twitter but we also look
[33:56] at things like Reddit facebook and our
[34:00] own forums so we've got one guy who is
[34:02] in charge of all that and making sure
[34:03] again we're kind of providing the best
[34:05] service possible try to understand the
[34:06] differences why people contact us on
[34:08] Twitter versus the support center etc
[34:10] and then one other kind of big role I
[34:13] suppose that we've gotten really
[34:14] important role is updates and promotions
[34:17] so we've got one kind of main point of
[34:19] contact who liaises with the department
[34:21] with the marketing department with the
[34:23] content teams or whatever there's a kind
[34:26] of a big update that's kind of happening
[34:28] or a big promotion that needs really
[34:30] clear play
[34:31] excommunication he will liaise with them
[34:33] help build out the faq help right the
[34:35] kind of news posts make sure all the
[34:37] guys in customer support are briefed on
[34:39] what's kind of coming up and all the
[34:42] restaurants are able to fill questions
[34:43] and importantly what we try and do I
[34:45] suppose in customer support is put
[34:47] across the customer point of view so
[34:49] he's very much kind of in the customers
[34:51] shoes asking questions okay this is
[34:52] computing right we need to clarify that
[34:54] okay can we change this can we make
[34:57] information clearer whether it's at the
[34:59] point of sale or a certain kind of
[35:01] contact point in game which again is all
[35:04] about providing that look on the best
[35:06] possible customer experience so it's
[35:08] quite a kind of breath and range of
[35:10] different curator roles but hopefully it
[35:13] kind of gives the listing is a really
[35:15] good idea the custom saw isn't just
[35:17] about answering tickets though it's a
[35:18] really important part of what we do and
[35:20] it is the majority of what we do but
[35:21] equally we're looking for those things
[35:23] that cause and players problems all the
[35:24] time and trying to get them fixed
[35:26] probably without anyone knowing about it
[35:28] yeah we're starting without any players
[35:30] knowing about it and that's that's kind
[35:31] of that's kind of anything running like
[35:33] a dream for me you know if we've kind of
[35:34] spotted an anticipated issues and headed
[35:36] them off before they become a problem
[35:37] then that's great oh great thanks Calvin
[35:40] so Steve I guess is kind of a two more
[35:43] correct roles which are quite behind the
[35:44] scenes and one of them is community
[35:45] safety and moderation so what kind of
[35:47] work does it create do for that that
[35:49] particular area so yeah the moderation
[35:52] curators understanding really from from
[35:55] the product owners and senior managers
[35:56] in the business you know how we want to
[35:58] moderate our products and and the action
[36:00] we should take against things the things
[36:01] we should be looking out for
[36:02] entertaining and dealing with and we'll
[36:04] make sure we've got consistency across
[36:07] both games and making sure that we're
[36:08] applying things fairly and doing the
[36:10] right thing and making common sense or
[36:11] judgment and approach to things and
[36:13] obviously our moderation people are also
[36:15] sort of keeping up to date with
[36:16] legislation just making sure that we're
[36:18] compliant legally with everything that
[36:20] we do and so that's kind of quite big
[36:21] part of what they do as well and then
[36:23] the course they're involved in in
[36:25] training of the guys here as well making
[36:26] sure that you know they're taking the
[36:28] right action with things and spotting
[36:29] things when they should and doing the
[36:31] right thing for the for the common good
[36:32] of the community and so that kind of
[36:34] needs showing out and
[36:35] with the rest of the department and make
[36:37] sure that that's happening 24-7 and an
[36:39] equally and fairly to everyone in the
[36:40] right way okay cool and the other
[36:42] correct Roger quite behind the scenes
[36:43] who kinda like after is our book reports
[36:46] and system checks so I was mentioning it
[36:48] in a previous podcast you know Christmas
[36:50] sport and there was quite a lot of book
[36:52] reports over night during the day and we
[36:54] work with QA quite a lot and so the
[36:55] Creator is looking at the number of bug
[36:57] reports we're closing how we
[36:58] categorizing them you know in
[36:59] categorizing it's not a bug or is a book
[37:01] and they can have always talking to our
[37:03] creatives making sure that we're
[37:05] identifying bugs we're helping them
[37:06] categorize them work with them to close
[37:08] bugs as fast as we can and finally
[37:10] system checks as well so mentioned in
[37:11] the other podcast as well that every
[37:13] hour of every day we've got people
[37:15] checking our systems making sure the web
[37:17] sites work in the game's up and running
[37:18] every world's online all the servers are
[37:20] doing it as expected and behaving as he
[37:22] should and so they're liaised with our
[37:23] tech teams or IT teams or engine teams
[37:25] you know reporting on any kind of out of
[37:27] your down time making sure players are
[37:29] aware of any expected downtime or
[37:30] outages yeah I think I'm that kind of a
[37:32] crucial part of that customer support
[37:35] create a circle if you were yeah and
[37:37] yeah it's a really important service I
[37:39] suppose that cost of support provides to
[37:41] the rest of the business and for players
[37:43] you know we're there when everyone's
[37:45] kind of gone home and everyone's asleep
[37:46] where they're kind of looking for
[37:48] potentially a game-breaking problem or
[37:50] something it's in effect a significant
[37:52] amount of players and when we do that we
[37:55] then identify the issue and we make a
[37:56] call out and we call the guys that can
[37:58] can fix in and unfortunately getting
[38:00] people out their beds at kind of three
[38:01] in the morning but you know that's all
[38:04] about ensuring that we can get something
[38:05] fixed nice and quickly and as few
[38:07] players as possible or affected by any
[38:09] problems yeah absolutely all right well
[38:11] I think that's pretty much it i think
[38:12] we've given kind of an insight into the
[38:14] behind the scenes of customer support
[38:15] yet again but looking at canada team
[38:17] leader role which much sweetness it has
[38:19] talked about but also the correct ones
[38:21] we have in a department to and obviously
[38:22] a huge kind of thumbs up from us to the
[38:24] old support team of other what they do
[38:25] you know craters are not leaves or not
[38:27] yet they all do a fantastic job all
[38:29] right well that's it from us if you need
[38:30] any help of support you can check out
[38:32] the support side there to go to
[38:33] runescape calm and hit support in the
[38:35] top right if you wanna give us any
[38:36] feedback on this particular podcast and
[38:38] you can tweet us at Tiger support on
[38:39] twitter and but for now that's goodbye
[38:41] from me but infinity ass good-bye for
[38:43] swing 10 hour from calvin and goodbye
[38:45] from mod stooped over you thanks for
[38:47] listening and be sure
[38:48] to join us again next time for a bumper
[38:50] crop of runescape fun bye
[38:59] you