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Transcript of RuneScape in 2019 - an introduction

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Automatic transcriptionEdit

[00:00] 2019 is upon us and, rather than stuff the year ahead into a nutshell,
[00:03] we're going to try something a little different.
[00:06] Over the next few minutes we're going to be showcasing the game updates
[00:08] that are planned for release over the next four months or thereabouts.
[00:12] Welcome to "An Introduction to 2019"!
[00:26] Among them, you can expect the final updates that were promised from RuneFest,
[00:30] some of the nuggets from Game Jam 2018
[00:32] and dynamite surprises that should start your year off with a bang.
[00:35] Before we start, note that this is only one third of the joy that you can expect from 2019.
[00:40] Expect a bulky update in the summer, more announcements in the spring
[00:43] and even more at RuneFest in the autumn.
[00:46] But enough of that. Let's go to Mod Jack, who is the January of this four-month calendar.
[00:51] We're going to kick off the year with RuneScape's birthday on January 4th.
[00:54] We'll be 18 but despite that we still won't be a dating site.
[00:58] We're going to be celebrating with cake and posting inappropriate videos online.
[01:02] That's right. The anniversary cake will be coming back on January 4th.
[01:05] You can eat it once every 3 minutes
[01:07] to replenish as much as 2200 lifepoints depending on your Constitution.
[01:10] You can also expect to see us put up some really cringy videos around that time, so get excited for those.
[01:15] Once you're all fat and full of cake, you'll be ready to join us for the main event on January 7th.
[01:20] By incredible coincidence, it's also the 18th anniversary of the Mining and Smithing skills.
[01:24] So we're bringing them into adulthood with the full rework.
[01:27] If you've been living under a rock, bad news,
[01:29] because thousands of players are about to start simultaneously mining your rock.
[01:32] It's also good news though because rocks don't deplete anymore.
[01:35] So, you can stay down there for as long as you like.
[01:37] Everyone's going to be hanging around on mining sites and asking the big question.
[01:41] Has the rework changed RuneScape for the better?
[01:43] We're feeling pretty confident
[01:44] because we've had input from so many of you over the course of the project.
[01:47] From dev diaries and design documents to open betas and a major poll.
[01:52] And even completely restarting the project when you told us that it was going in the wrong direction.
[01:55] Thank you for all your help.
[01:57] Just as importantly, we think that the skills just feel right now.
[02:00] With rocks not depleting, you don't have to hop worlds and you can mine socially with friends.
[02:05] The tiers of ore and metal make sense now,
[02:07] requiring the same level to mine and smith as they do to wear,
[02:10] which to be honest is how they always should have worked.
[02:12] It's not just the new and low level players though.
[02:14] There are four new basic tiers of equipment to smith,
[02:17] as well as tier-90 armour made entirely through Mining and Smithing
[02:20] and tier-92 armour made by combining that with specific PvM drops.
[02:24] Both skills will also be moneymakers now, if you choose to play in that way,
[02:27] which brings profit back to non-combat skills.
[02:30] There's a lot more to talk about,
[02:31] so keep an eye out for the upcoming Mining and Smithing rework video for more details.
[02:35] We're not done with January though.
[02:36] The Valkyries Return is a lightning-charged version of the yearly Hati wolf event.
[02:40] Hati, Sköll and Fenrir are back, along with new activities, rewards and improvements.
[02:44] You can earn new melee weapons, the blades Huginn and Muninn,
[02:47] and earn all of the wolf items yourself rather than needing someone else to have complete your set.
[02:51] We're also bringing you additions to one of the best updates of 2018 and my personal favourite,
[02:55] the Player-Owned Farm.
[02:56] Our developer game jam produced two POF improvements. Farmhands and animal stables.
[03:01] Farmhands are purchasable with beans and look after your pens while you're away.
[03:05] So you can take some time off to make sweet bank with the Mining rework.
[03:08] The stable will bring you some much needed space to store your animals.
[03:11] These two together will be a huge improvement to the convenience and playability of your farm,
[03:15] if you can afford Granny Potterington's outrageous prices.
[03:18] So, that's January.
[03:19] Now it's over to Mod Orion to talk about February.
[03:22] Hey, Orion, what have you got for us in February?
[03:25] Plenty.
[03:26] February wouldn't be February without a Double XP Weekend, so book off the 22nd to the 25th,
[03:32] as you've got a date with the summoning obelisks and portables of Gielinor.
[03:35] We could stop there, but then you wouldn't be getting the third
[03:38] and final installment in our Elite Dungeons trilogy, The Shadow Reef.
[03:41] As well as delivering on the final promise from RuneFest,
[03:44] the Reef will be bringing the long-awaited arrival of the Ambassador.
[03:48] He won't only be waiting as the final boss of the dungeon.
[03:50] He will be haranguing you every step of the way,
[03:53] as you dive down from the reef into a sunken temple and finally into the abyss.
[03:57] There will be the expected, like three bosses to overcome, ranks of minibosses to encounter,
[04:02] and a huge environment to explore, but there will also be the unexpected.
[04:06] We're going to be removing the requirements for the elite dungeons,
[04:09] making them immediately open to everyone,
[04:11] and we have a bumper surprise planned for those who have been following the story.
[04:15] Now you can stick it to the Ambassador and there will be plenty of glory.
[04:19] We will be introducing a new tier-92 two-handed crossbow
[04:23] as well as a bunch of new arrows for the bows already in game,
[04:26] some new sigils among a cavalcade of other rewards.
[04:29] You heard me. I said cavalcade.
[04:31] You're after more?
[04:32] How about a sequel to one of the oldest quests in the game, in the form of Chef's Assistant?
[04:37] This is a tasty little bottle quest that came from the Game Jam,
[04:40] and, while it won't quite be the next While Guthix Sleeps,
[04:42] it will bring some jolly adventuring, tasty new foods
[04:45] and a use for the flavoured milk from Player-Owned Farms.
[04:48] We'll also be taking the opportunity to improve the quest list
[04:50] and make under-the-hood changes that should make quests easier to produce in the future.
[04:55] We will also be heralding the arrival of the Fairy Drake and Wyvern Cape,
[04:58] the two winners of the player-submitted Solomon General Store competition.
[05:03] So, Mod Raven, can you beat that?
[05:06] Well, yes, because I'm going to cheat and do multiple months in one.
[05:11] Mwaha, and indeed, ha!
[05:15] Let's begin with the Comp Cape Rework.
[05:17] We're going to brave the minefield of opinions that is completionism
[05:21] and attempt to solve it with one chunky and satisfying rework.
[05:25] It all starts this week,
[05:26] when you can expect Discord rooms, Reddit and forum threads and more opening up
[05:30] in an attempt to gather your thoughts.
[05:32] Similar to the Mining and Smithing rework,
[05:34] we are going to be getting you involved every step of the way,
[05:37] and we've even got the experienced Mining and Smithing team, Four Direction, to handle it.
[05:42] What's on the checklist of things we would like to solve?
[05:44] No real promises yet, but we want to feel comfortable in adding achievements to the game again
[05:48] and we want to stop comp cape being the de facto combat cape.
[05:52] We want to give you more ways to achieve in the game,
[05:54] but we also want to celebrate the truly exceptional players.
[05:57] This will be a large-scale overhaul,
[05:59] but we will be sensitive to those who have already achieved their comp cape.
[06:03] Then it's time to bring the power tools to another part of the game that could do with improvement.
[06:07] Firemaking.
[06:08] While Firemaking has never truly felt broken, it's rarely given players a reason to train it.
[06:13] We plan to change that with a suite of Firemaking updates that includes Incense Burners.
[06:18] Think of these burners as dozens of potions that can be made at almost all Firemaking levels,
[06:23] using wood and herbs.
[06:25] When activated, they will provide passive buffs to your skilling about the game world,
[06:29] including the ability to auto-manufacture items, reduce prayer drain and replace resources.
[06:34] Rounding out the Firemaking updates will be buffs to fire spirits
[06:36] and improvements that should make the balloon network worth using.
[06:39] The Firemaking updates are the first of a slew of Game Jam updates that are planned in this period.
[06:45] Next up is the end of Bounty Hunter and a redistribution of all its rewards.
[06:49] For those of you who have played Bounty Hunter,
[06:51] you will know that there are some awesome rewards, including large rune pouches,
[06:55] adrenaline crystals and powerful tier-87 weapons.
[06:58] These will be scattered across the world, from the Wilderness to the wider realm, so get hunting.
[07:03] The Game Jam goods keep coming with PvM week, which looks to improve Nex Angel of Death,
[07:08] introduce some new Slayer resource dungeons for abyssal demons and dark beasts,
[07:12] add practice modes to Raids, and combine them all with combat-focused ninja fixes.
[07:16] Finally, Easter will be celebrated more heartily this year.
[07:20] We haven't started development for this one quite yet,
[07:23] but we're eager to ensure that something remains in-game once Easter has been and gone,
[07:26] similar to Violet is Blue.
[07:28] And you can be sure that Guthix's butterflies will be returning too.
[07:32] As we come into the New Year, Mobile will remain in beta for you to play and enjoy.
[07:36] A quick thank you to everyone who's been enjoying it since we opened the beta.
[07:40] Your feedback and gameplay has been invaluable
[07:43] in improving the experience that we want RuneScape on mobile to be.
[07:46] The key focus at the moment is a mobile-friendly user interface
[07:49] and, as we work on different approaches for this, we will open up the beta to more players
[07:53] to get your input on what works best.
[07:55] Check out the latest Mobile blog for an update on our progress.
[07:57] You can check our description for a link for that.
[07:59] And watch out for news on Twitter, Facebook and the forums.
[08:03] Finally, a note to two teams who haven't been represented in any of the above updates.
[08:07] Our Black Ops team are working on something special to be released in the summer,
[08:10] while our Fate team have been working on something for early 2020.
[08:13] More info will come, particularly in the spring and at RuneFest,
[08:16] and we're salivating at the prospect of them.
[08:19] In the meantime, keep following our weekly livestreams on a Tuesday at 5pm game time,
[08:23] as we are going to be ensuring that they are regular and chock-full of your questions and answers.
[08:28] Plus, if you like what you've seen in our Introduction to 2019,
[08:31] make sure that you catch the final few days of Premier Club,
[08:33] which will be available until the start of February.
[08:35] Thank you for watching and have a truly awesome 18th birthday!
[08:39] We sure will.
[08:42] I should turn up and be like... Rap out all the s*** to him.
[08:45] Yeah. Come on, b****.
[08:48] Let's dance.
[08:50] Ready?
[08:51] Yeah.