Transcript of RuneScape Winter Reveals (RuneFest 2018) - RS Mobile, Til Death Do Us Part, Elite dungeons & More

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] runefest please welcome to the stage
[00:04] what timber and my jack
[00:07] [Music]
[00:09] hello everyone and welcome to the
[00:13] runescape reveal session ready to tell
[00:16] you all about the exciting updates we've
[00:18] got planned all set for launch between
[00:21] now and February next year
[00:24] I've got mods Timbo and Jack sadly mod
[00:29] Osbourne
[00:30] is with us only in spirit today ah
[00:34] because uh he's busy telling people to
[00:37] push and helping out in whatever small
[00:42] way he can with the birth of his second
[00:45] child
[00:45] so so good luck mrs. Dave and let's hope
[00:55] for her sake that his giant head isn't
[00:57] hereditary so what have we got planned
[01:01] for you well as I mentioned this session
[01:04] is all about the game updates that we've
[01:07] got planned this winter we are of course
[01:09] working on more than just the things
[01:11] that we're going to show you today but
[01:13] we wanted a focus on the content that we
[01:16] know is coming out rather than talking
[01:19] about pie-in-the-sky dreaming we know
[01:22] you get frustrated with dreams and
[01:24] broken promises so you can take
[01:26] everything that we say as sacrosanct
[01:29] unchangeable 100% yes indeedy updates
[01:33] the other things that we're working on
[01:36] are just too early to reveal but we will
[01:38] have plenty of information on that real
[01:41] soon until then let's get stuck in and
[01:45] introduce till death do us part
[02:22] [Music]
[02:37] now this is our fantastic month-long
[02:41] event for both the free and members
[02:44] worlds encapsulating all the drama and
[02:47] emotions from Halloween and delivering a
[02:50] hefty boot up the ass as the intensity
[02:53] escalates to a glorious conclusion so
[02:57] what's the story then well initially and
[03:00] a innocent-looking sinkhole appears
[03:03] outside of draenor village and Moya the
[03:07] zamorak e'en general and daughter of
[03:09] lucien has turned up to investigate now
[03:12] you know that weird tainted shard item
[03:15] that you found in your inventory a few
[03:16] days ago well that's used to help out
[03:19] and gather charges - yeah get involved
[03:23] with the event but while you're off
[03:24] fiddling around with that the sinkhole
[03:26] explodes and traps Moya releasing
[03:30] powerful enemies and Wasco alien Slayer
[03:34] XP killing those enemies as they plow
[03:36] out of the rift pillars throb around the
[03:39] void changing function regularly
[03:42] requiring you to use different skills on
[03:45] each pillar to keep the threat contained
[03:47] you'll learn experience you do so but
[03:50] the threat levels of the enemies rays
[03:52] ultimately requiring some significant
[03:55] outside help to help deal with things so
[03:59] let's introduce the four riders of the
[04:02] apocalypse so that's not them that's
[04:06] them these guys will be on hand to her
[04:10] these guys will be on hand to lend a
[04:13] helping claw or bone to avoid
[04:16] catastrophe now death is looking
[04:18] particularly serious there which is a
[04:20] bit uncharacteristic of him and of
[04:22] course you know all about him and next
[04:25] up to him is war dragged out of his
[04:29] comfy retirement to bring his
[04:31] considerable power to the battle and
[04:34] pestilence follows a human cursed with
[04:38] lycanthropy and forced to stay in his
[04:41] wolf form otherwise
[04:42] we overwhelmed by disease and died
[04:45] instantly avoid his fleas and his crazy
[04:49] bog Bob crazy frog bothing and finally
[04:55] we can see familyin at the back this is
[04:58] famine believe it or not that isn't a
[05:01] VNC thrown out to die by her peers she
[05:05] exacting her revenge by poisoning the
[05:07] food stores of our home village killing
[05:09] everyone who knew her and barely batting
[05:12] an eyelid now each of these guys and
[05:15] girls can be triggered like a power up
[05:17] causing powerful effects like spawning
[05:20] Wars weapons rack and using his javelins
[05:23] to rain down sweet justice on your
[05:26] enemies or pestilences cauldron of bile
[05:29] nice thang guts that they are on your
[05:33] side this time and with Moya still
[05:37] trapped inside and the threat levels
[05:39] escalating one final fight remains at
[05:42] the end but I won't spoil that for you
[05:44] but trust me it's well worth checking
[05:46] out so what do you earn for this
[05:48] glorious month-long Halloween
[05:50] extravaganza which launches next week
[05:54] well there's access to a special Lu cave
[05:57] filled with goodies including cosmetic
[05:59] overrides for your weapons mimicking
[06:02] those of the riders and there's a
[06:05] plethora of transformation animations
[06:08] and plenty of xp now the law hounds
[06:12] amongst you should know that this event
[06:13] is another part of this year's hidden
[06:16] narrative but more on that story later
[06:19] talking of story next up is the exciting
[06:23] needle skips quest
[06:30] can we have the video no not yet
[06:34] scrub that now this was first spoken
[06:37] about at last year's Game Jam a special
[06:40] event at Jagex where developers worked
[06:43] in tandem with you over one special
[06:45] weekend sharing designs and ultimately
[06:49] making classy content ready to be ready
[06:53] to be launched for the game it proved to
[06:55] be very popular with everyone we've
[06:57] already done another one this year and
[06:59] will see others but more on that later
[07:01] now this quest was designed by mods
[07:04] Osborne and Krista and it's a novice
[07:07] quest set in the Pisgah Taurus Peninsula
[07:10] so let's take a look at it you can
[07:16] ignore death blood murder
[07:20] they all happen to faraway people with
[07:23] far away lives we lived in a house where
[07:27] those things didn't exist but it was
[07:29] like we were pulling back the curtains
[07:30] and hoping for the best hoping that
[07:32] those flimsy pieces of fabric would keep
[07:34] the violence out
[07:38] we were wrong it's a story told from
[07:50] multiple perspectives focusing around a
[07:53] local family and the needle a powerful
[07:56] artifact created by the Elder Gods to
[07:59] aid them with their planetary
[08:00] constructions now as you can see here
[08:03] something horrific has happened but due
[08:06] to the powers of the needle the whole
[08:08] site is trapped in some kind of magical
[08:10] time bubble leaving an untouched crime
[08:13] scene for you to investigate you'll be
[08:16] using a search engine of sorts entering
[08:20] clue words that you've discovered to
[08:22] unlock glimpses of history stored inside
[08:25] the bubble and as you discover more
[08:28] clues and clue words further plot is
[08:31] revealed finally giving you the chance
[08:33] to save the unfortunate individuals
[08:35] trapped inside this is the latest in a
[08:43] long history of detective quests with
[08:46] previous examples like murder mystery or
[08:48] one piercing note and just like one
[08:50] piercing note is a fully voiced quest
[08:53] and it's also an all-female cast and
[08:56] it's also the quest that brings us up to
[08:59] 400 quest points
[09:03] [Music]
[09:07] which obviously means one more flyer
[09:10] block slot is available which is great
[09:13] news and gives you access to spot the
[09:16] baby black dragon wolf and have another
[09:18] go on the crazy magical dice and of
[09:21] course you'll have access to another
[09:23] elder artifact the needle itself no
[09:27] doubt that will come in handy in the
[09:28] future or past too so let's go on to the
[09:33] next slide now this year we've released
[09:40] two elite dungeons the temple of amun
[09:43] Ishii and the dragon kin laboratory
[09:46] you've helped free sera you from a dark
[09:49] corruption you've met a sterlin the
[09:52] first celestial dragon and you've
[09:54] battled the ferocious black stone dragon
[09:56] but that was just the warmup concluding
[09:59] the storyline and the final part of our
[10:02] trilogy comes elite dungeon 3 the shadow
[10:06] reef now set deep in the ocean elite
[10:12] dungeon 3 will feature a particular
[10:14] character from runefest talks past here
[10:18] he is in his original concept are his
[10:23] original image even and his concept art
[10:26] and here is the progress on his in-game
[10:29] model actually that's not really showing
[10:34] up as much as I would like is that ok if
[10:36] you dim the lights a bit
[10:43] yeah that's better
[10:46] now this guy wants a noble dragonkin has
[10:49] been twisted and warped by a despicable
[10:52] malevolent force and is now its
[10:56] self-proclaimed ambassador preparing the
[10:59] way along with his other boss friends to
[11:05] bring that this pure evil too dark to
[11:08] Gillan or but who or what is it well
[11:14] it's the centerpiece of this hidden
[11:17] storyline and it's been going on
[11:21] recently you might remember bits and
[11:23] pieces of bits you might remember bits
[11:27] and pieces from pieces of height or no
[11:29] Mantella G or kindred spirits even
[11:33] seeded in the pirate storyline and
[11:35] skeletal horror from years and years ago
[11:38] and in death to his part
[11:42] it was researched by the dragonkin who
[11:45] lived in Ulsan Korea the glorious
[11:47] stronghold that stood where the shadow
[11:50] reef now resides they attempted and
[11:54] failed to draw from its power in a
[11:57] dangerous ritual a ritual led by cran on
[12:00] the Dragon King who has now become the
[12:03] fearful creature you can see on the
[12:05] screen before you over the years the
[12:09] site has been like a beacon for all the
[12:11] evil in the area attracting undead to
[12:14] stalk its forgive for but forgotten
[12:17] passageways like an ocean of corpses now
[12:21] it'll be up to you to disrupt the
[12:24] ambassador's plans coming during early
[12:30] 2019 this is a huge update to cap off
[12:33] the brilliant trilogy of elite dungeons
[12:36] blending pvm challenges and a what Jesus
[12:40] Christ
[12:45] blending PVM challenges and a wonderful
[12:49] storyline there's lots of new rewards
[12:52] planned and while I can't say what they
[12:54] will be I can say that they will be as
[12:57] impactful as the other rewards from the
[13:00] dungeons like the tier 92 gear and
[13:02] mutated melee abilities released and
[13:06] just like those is a repeatable
[13:09] experience suitable for 1 to 3 players
[13:12] and the sub bosses you can face will
[13:15] change on each playthrough meaning
[13:17] you're never quite sure what you'll face
[13:19] and there's a bunch of new achievements
[13:22] for your elite title and just like the
[13:25] first dungeon the reef is littered with
[13:27] narrative set pieces creating an
[13:30] unmissable update now we know many of
[13:35] you have already worked out what this
[13:36] force is and it's been fascinating
[13:38] seeing almost all the pieces fall
[13:41] together clever you but there's plenty
[13:44] more to be discovered well I'm sure glad
[13:49] this isn't a Ferrero Rocher advert I
[13:51] have absolutely no wish to see the
[13:54] ambassador's balls talking of all's I'd
[13:58] like to hand over to mod Timbo Timbo you
[14:02] okay tell me what have you been working
[14:05] on thanks I think mark big balls my
[14:12] friend big balls
[14:13] you are stood on a stage in front of
[14:16] thousands of people after all thank you
[14:17] very much hello everyone let's talk
[14:21] about something a little bit more shiny
[14:22] shall we let's talk about alchemical
[14:25] onyx
[14:29] now this might not be the very first
[14:32] time you've heard about me to talk about
[14:33] like um colonics back in the game jam in
[14:36] April as mentioned earlier on we
[14:38] designed a bunch of chemical onyx myself
[14:40] mod era tour we designed a whole bunch
[14:43] of new alchemical onyx jewelry that
[14:44] would use the new gem and try and sink
[14:47] out all this fortunate components you
[14:49] know all this fortune of components
[14:50] you've got from lucky dice a couple of
[14:51] weeks ago so what do we come up with
[14:55] well we came up with three brand-new
[14:58] jewelry items that I want to reveal to
[15:00] you today and confirm exactly what they
[15:02] do and they should be on their way to
[15:03] you in a in very soon yeah in an in an
[15:09] amount of time in an amount of time here
[15:13] are the three items we have ingenuity of
[15:16] humans grace of the elves and passage of
[15:19] the abyss we wanted to keep the very
[15:21] similar theming to look at the dwarves
[15:23] which uses the other outcome clerics
[15:24] jewelry that we all currently already
[15:25] have and named it after different races
[15:28] first of all I want to talk to you about
[15:30] ingenuity of humans you may already know
[15:33] what this is we called it the Lucky
[15:35] Strike Sidibe in Game Jam earlier this
[15:37] year is a brand new degradable sigil
[15:40] that will guarantee you that your next
[15:41] hit is a guarantee that your next hit
[15:45] has 100 percent accuracy this means that
[15:48] you can use status warhammer while on
[15:50] ranged vulnerability while melee or if
[15:53] you like more shortly and can't
[15:54] debilitated tell us do that as well as I
[15:59] said it's degradable but you won't be
[16:01] using our chem clients to recharge it
[16:03] you'll instead be using fortune of
[16:04] components directly this is the first
[16:06] item they'll be doing that and we're
[16:07] really excited and hope this raises the
[16:09] price of fortunates and keeps them
[16:11] valuable second is grace of the elves
[16:15] this is a brand new non-degradable
[16:18] necklace or we're aiming at skillers it
[16:21] has four fantastic features and the
[16:24] first one is that you can use signs of
[16:26] the porter on it and it will charge up
[16:28] to 500 charges once it is charged you
[16:31] can wear the necklace and while your one
[16:33] stick is worn and charged it will act
[16:36] like a sign of the porter the second
[16:39] cool feature is that you can
[16:42] use the necklace to teleport using your
[16:44] mat skilled garden skilling portal
[16:46] locations so if you have them both
[16:47] attuned the necklace will pick that up
[16:49] and you'll be able to teleport from
[16:51] anywhere in the game where your current
[16:53] portals are attuned if you don't if you
[16:55] know have access to the mask garden at
[16:57] all you'll get one free achievement when
[17:00] you when you equip the necklace for the
[17:01] first time and you can keep teleporting
[17:03] to location as many times as you want if
[17:06] you don't if that's that a third feature
[17:10] it will have the drain rate of all sarin
[17:13] prayers as well sand prayers including
[17:14] things like light performance super heat
[17:16] form so if you want to use those you
[17:19] don't have to keep chugging prayer
[17:20] potions anymore wearing the necklace
[17:21] will make sure that they deplete a lot
[17:23] slower my final and favorite feature is
[17:26] that while skilling you'll have access
[17:29] to the rare drop table this means that
[17:32] no matter what you're doing no matter
[17:33] where you are as long as your skilling
[17:35] wearing the necklace you'll have a
[17:36] chance to rare on roll on the rare top
[17:38] table
[17:41] [Applause]
[17:47] and some of you some of you might have
[17:49] co-opted the reading but if you we're
[17:51] lucky the dwarfs and you were grace of
[17:54] the elves you have a chance to get Hayes
[17:56] on his signet ring while skilling hello
[18:05] my chair
[18:05] the final item on torture to it today
[18:08] about its passage of the abyss otherwise
[18:11] known as the ultimate teleporter this is
[18:13] a brand-new pocket slot item where you
[18:15] can use compacted jewelry onto it and it
[18:17] will store where that compact the
[18:19] jewelry teleports to you can store up to
[18:21] six different teleports on the same item
[18:23] and you can also recolor the item so you
[18:25] can have more than one in your image at
[18:27] a single time now instead of using
[18:30] compacted jewelry or jewelry items on
[18:32] the passage of the abyss instead uses
[18:35] charges and they can be recharged using
[18:37] fortunate components that is the suite
[18:42] of items that's coming to you in the
[18:43] next couple of months
[18:43] what I'm really happy happy and excited
[18:47] to be confirming that all these is
[18:48] coming to you guys I really can't wait
[18:50] to see what we do with a camel ok
[18:52] chemical onyx in the future
[18:55] [Music]
[19:03] the next update I had to talk to you
[19:05] today about is what we are calling the
[19:08] achievement bonanza in November we're
[19:11] going to be adding at least over a
[19:12] hundred achievements to the game now
[19:15] these are not just a normal achievements
[19:17] they are achievements aimed at both
[19:19] above it's killers to Train to make sure
[19:22] you have something to aim for much like
[19:24] a PBM does currently but also we're
[19:26] gonna add some of them more fun and more
[19:28] aloof they're more funny and runescape
[19:30] achievements as well I want to share we
[19:33] didn't achieve achievements with you
[19:34] today that's coming in November the
[19:37] first one being dragon stone dragon
[19:39] stone dragon stone so you have to kill a
[19:42] dragon stone dragon whilst wearing
[19:44] dragon stone armor and jewelry using
[19:46] dragon stone balls while having an
[19:48] energy full of dragon stones I don't
[19:54] know about you but I'm not sure the word
[19:55] dragon still means anything to me
[19:57] anymore after reading that this is one
[20:00] of the sylia treatments there is a lot
[20:02] of skill involved as well
[20:03] whilst of killing a dragon without
[20:04] having any food any prayer potions or
[20:06] anything like that where it's very
[20:08] specific karma set as well but of course
[20:11] it's if it's silly isn't it really
[20:13] the next achievement when talk to you
[20:17] about is an achievement called livid
[20:19] throw wrong tomorrow at Pauline Polaris
[20:22] in Nouveau Rock after having locked all
[20:24] livid farm spells
[20:32] poor old Colleen she gets a hard rack of
[20:35] it really what did he was make a farm at
[20:37] the livid area I never know but this is
[20:40] again this is one of the achievements
[20:41] want to reward skiller's for get
[20:43] unlocking a lifted farm achievement look
[20:45] unlocking Liberty farm spells is a huge
[20:47] task I know how much of a grinder can be
[20:50] and how much money they can cost we want
[20:52] to get these achievements out to you
[20:53] guys and short of show that you've done
[20:55] it this is the achievement you can
[20:56] answer a marine score and yeah it's cool
[21:01] next up smartest harvest harvest 60
[21:06] items from fruit trees and under four
[21:07] minutes
[21:10] so this is one of the achievements we
[21:13] got for skilling we wanted to try and
[21:15] you want to make sure that you guys can
[21:17] demonstrate your efficiency your
[21:19] knowledge of the game and also how much
[21:21] you've achieved in the game as well
[21:22] using through teleports outfits and I
[21:24] saw stuff again these are just some of
[21:27] the achievements we want to release
[21:28] there are over a hundred coming in
[21:30] November and we're super excited to have
[21:31] it but of course I couldn't leave which
[21:34] one last achievement just probably my
[21:36] favorite even in the whole bunch I meant
[21:40] to do that surge a distance of one tile
[21:52] and the last thing I want to talk to you
[21:54] get taught to you guys about today is
[21:56] the runescape game jam now as many thank
[21:59] you now some of you know the Rinne skate
[22:02] game jam is a time where designers and
[22:05] developers and players we come together
[22:08] over discord social media reddit the
[22:10] forums and we hash out different designs
[22:12] will be half-up different updates and we
[22:15] you only get opportunity to work
[22:17] together and you get you guys get to see
[22:19] the transparency of design development
[22:22] or way through the process in the
[22:25] previous years in the game jams we've
[22:27] released some fantastic updates such as
[22:28] the lock rework the buff bar the login
[22:31] screens and even the needle skips quest
[22:33] today presented came from a game jam out
[22:34] there this year off the back of runefest
[22:38] and being infused and energized by you
[22:40] guys hearing all your fantastic
[22:41] suggestions and just seeing your
[22:43] wonderful faces we are going to have a
[22:45] rented game jam on the 18th of October
[22:47] like previous years you can get involved
[22:50] with discord forums reddit my personal
[22:53] Twitter come on hit me up and we'll talk
[22:55] about what we want to see in coming next
[22:58] year the themes for this year what we
[23:00] are focusing on particularly is reducing
[23:02] data scape increasing comic diversity
[23:04] and typed hiding up areas of the game if
[23:08] you have any suggestion for that
[23:09] please come hit me up first of all about
[23:13] tidying up the game I want to make a
[23:15] point announcement the ninja are
[23:16] currently working on right now we are
[23:18] removing mobilizing others
[23:25] it's not a pie in the sky oh dear
[23:28] anymore it is happening it's being done
[23:30] all the rewards for mobilizing armies
[23:32] right now are being redistributed across
[23:33] the game and the from trim completion
[23:35] requirement is being removed for the
[23:40] game jam we have a bunch of gap we have
[23:42] a bunch of guaranteed slots to release
[23:43] in January and February
[23:45] so like previous years they will no
[23:46] longer line languish on our infamous
[23:48] backlog right that's it for me I'm gonna
[23:53] hand you over to my jet to talk about
[23:54] more when it reveals thanks Timbo thank
[24:03] you for not talking about my balls today
[24:09] first look they I'm here to talk about
[24:10] is mining and smithing oh this isn't my
[24:17] first time at runefest talking about
[24:19] this update in fact the first time I was
[24:21] here a runefest talking about some day I
[24:22] still had hair hopefully this is my last
[24:26] time talking about ever infest though
[24:27] because we are this close to being
[24:29] finished hopefully by now you've all had
[24:31] a chance to play the demo which is just
[24:33] through there if you haven't then pop by
[24:36] and see us after the talk and we'll give
[24:38] you the tour we're just just through
[24:39] that if you don't get a chance or if
[24:42] you're watching from home then there
[24:44] will be a full feature complete mining
[24:46] it's within meets test in November I've
[24:49] been open beta available to all members
[24:51] make sure you log on and try it out
[24:53] because your feedback is really
[24:54] important to this project this is by far
[24:56] the most player influenced update we've
[24:58] ever made just this week we've been
[24:59] improving drop tables based on feedback
[25:01] that they weren't good enough even more
[25:03] importantly I can also tell you the full
[25:05] release of the project is coming in
[25:07] January 2019 the first update of next
[25:10] year
[25:15] that gives us enough time to run the
[25:17] beta test make sure everything's working
[25:19] make any changes we need to based on the
[25:21] feedback that you give us we want to
[25:22] make sure that we get it right for those
[25:25] of you have no idea what I'm talking
[25:26] about I'll give you a quick overview of
[25:28] what this massive project involves at
[25:30] the heart of the rework is this problem
[25:31] rune Armour takes level 85 smithing to
[25:35] make but only level 50 defense to where
[25:37] we're fixing that and we're lowering the
[25:39] mining and smithing requirements to
[25:41] match the combat requirements so rune or
[25:43] acquire level 52 mine level 52 Smith and
[25:45] level 52 where of course that leaves the
[25:48] top half of the skill empty so we've
[25:50] added in four new tiers of metal and
[25:52] armor to mine and Smith and use you can
[25:58] see the level 70 arm in a chronium on
[25:59] the right and the level 90 armor Elda
[26:02] rune on the left some of you may also
[26:04] remember in an earlier version of this
[26:05] rework because we've been doing this for
[26:06] a while now that we made three other
[26:08] suits of armor called neck right in
[26:10] victim and aetherium those will also be
[26:12] available as cosmetic overrides in the
[26:14] rework so if you prefer them you can
[26:15] wear those too that's not all though the
[26:19] mining skill will still feel like mining
[26:21] but we've made some substantial
[26:22] improvements to it to start with rocks
[26:24] don't deplete now that means competition
[26:27] for rocks is gone
[26:28] so rather than fearing and hating the
[26:30] sight of other players maybe you could
[26:32] just all get together in mine and talk
[26:33] to each other and enjoy each other's
[26:34] company
[26:35] it also means we love each other
[26:40] it also means we can afk mine now but
[26:43] there are other mechanics to reward you
[26:44] for clicking more frequently and paying
[26:46] attention you'll also be able to get the
[26:49] new all box item either by smithing it
[26:51] or trading for it as long as it's been
[26:53] upgraded to the right ear this box
[26:55] allows you to carry a hundred of each
[26:56] type of or meaning you can make much
[26:58] longer mining runs before you need to
[27:00] bank you may not even need to bank
[27:02] though because we're adding a special
[27:03] new metal bank which can be accessed
[27:05] from any anvil or furnace this Bank
[27:07] stores up to two billion of each or bar
[27:09] so that should save you some of your
[27:11] bank space the smithing skill has also
[27:15] been improved the metal bank isn't just
[27:17] for mining you can smelt and Smith using
[27:20] bars straight out of it
[27:21] you'll also be able to upgrade your
[27:23] smith equipment this uses additional
[27:25] bars and create
[27:26] slightly better items within the same
[27:27] tear upgrading gives faster XP than
[27:30] basically creating items so you can
[27:32] choose a smithing strategy which
[27:34] optimizes XP or optimizes making money
[27:36] or some balance of the two that suits
[27:37] you
[27:38] we've also rebuilt the artisans workshop
[27:40] so it'll be the main hub for smithing
[27:43] smithing won't just be making tiered
[27:45] armor for leveling though at 99 smithing
[27:47] you'll unlock the ability to make master
[27:49] work armor this is TN 90 power armor as
[27:52] good as malevolent made entirely through
[27:54] the mining and smithing skills for DIY
[27:57] as an Ironman that means you get
[27:58] skilling access to top-quality armor but
[28:00] it's maybe not so useful if you're
[28:02] already geared up well we've got you
[28:04] covered too because you'll be able to
[28:05] take your tr90 master work armor combine
[28:07] it with pvm drops and make a set of TN
[28:10] 92 trimmed master work armor this power
[28:14] armor will be the best best melee armor
[28:16] in the game and as it requires input
[28:17] from skilling and PVM it should share
[28:20] the wealth around a little bit unlike
[28:24] malevolent armor it degrades too broken
[28:26] so it's a more of a long-term investment
[28:29] there's loads more I don't have time to
[28:31] mention so please try the demo today try
[28:34] the beta test in November and join us
[28:35] for the full launch in January it's
[28:37] going to be awesome
[28:47] and it was worth being in in the mean
[28:50] time if you want to look at the full
[28:51] documentation the whole thing is
[28:52] documented the design is completely open
[28:54] follow that URL if you want to give
[28:57] feedback the best places either on
[28:58] discord in the mining and smithing
[28:59] channels or just tweet me directly or
[29:01] you can come talk to me while I'm in
[29:02] there the last update we're going to
[29:10] talk about is the last game update of
[29:12] the year and of course that's the
[29:13] Christmas update you heard earlier about
[29:15] the month-long extravaganza we're
[29:17] planning for Halloween and we didn't
[29:18] think we needed something quite that
[29:19] intense over Christmas well we did think
[29:21] we needed this year was another quest so
[29:23] as with broken home a few years ago
[29:25] instead of making a new temporary event
[29:27] or making a new permanent quest instead
[29:29] because it's a permanent quest you could
[29:31] be playing in the middle of summer so it
[29:33] won't be strictly Christmas themed but
[29:34] it will be seasonal there'll be snow and
[29:36] family in celebration but there won't be
[29:37] Santa hats or reindeer it's been ten
[29:40] years since the quest myths of the white
[29:42] lands launched so to celebrate that
[29:44] incredible milestone were going back to
[29:46] the land of snow for our new quest
[29:47] violet is blue this is violet violet is
[29:53] a Yeti or at least she thinks she's a
[29:54] Yeti her parents who actually are yetis
[29:57] found a tiny human baby lost in the snow
[29:59] adopted her and have been raising her
[30:01] ever since the problem is violet is six
[30:03] now and she's insistent it's time to
[30:06] visit Yeti town and meet all the other
[30:07] yetis this is where you come in her mom
[30:10] and dad don't know what humans like so
[30:12] they need your help in making her trip
[30:13] the most magical adventure it can be
[30:15] it's a puzzle quest but with a twist you
[30:18] need to get violet from A to B but you
[30:20] can't just remove the obstacles in her
[30:21] path you need to resolve every situation
[30:23] in a way that ensures her journey is one
[30:25] to remember for example if you come
[30:27] across a dangerous icy lake your job
[30:29] isn't just to get violet safely across
[30:31] it you need to get her in a cross in a
[30:32] way which is super awesome and fun like
[30:34] hiding her in a barrel covered in lights
[30:36] and rolling it across the ice this is a
[30:39] seasonal quest so it will be a novice
[30:41] quest with no requirements but there
[30:42] will be additional post quest xp
[30:44] available for high level players to make
[30:45] sure it's well worth your time in
[30:48] addition to the permanent quest we do
[30:49] want to make sure there's plenty of
[30:50] official Christmas stuff to do as well
[30:52] so we bring you back and tidying up some
[30:54] past content and giving a new home at
[30:55] the grand exchange the giant cracker is
[30:57] back
[30:59] everyone loves a giant cracker and
[31:00] there'll be a few other skilling
[31:01] activities to play over the Christmas
[31:03] period those activities will give better
[31:05] XP if you've completed the quest so make
[31:06] sure you get on it as soon as it's
[31:07] released the festive aura will be
[31:10] available as always giving you extra XP
[31:11] daily and the advent calendar we
[31:13] returning so make sure you claim your
[31:15] free prize every day in December
[31:16] finally when two weekends will be back
[31:18] minigames gathering a combat will be
[31:20] returning with the addition of new
[31:22] content like safecracking and solo we
[31:24] also have three brand new weekends
[31:26] featuring deep-sea fishing elite
[31:28] dungeons and the player and farm as you
[31:30] can see Christmas is going to be / up a
[31:33] pump pumping now I had you back to mod
[31:37] mark thanks chaps ah
[31:44] so my Jack just to confirm they're in
[31:48] the mining and smithing stuff he talked
[31:50] about if I had some master work armor I
[31:52] could give it to you and you could trim
[31:53] it I'll turn on sir in it yeah meet me
[31:55] behind there and I'll trim I'll trim
[31:57] your rim my arm yeah just just over the
[31:58] lines y'all saying that you could trim
[32:00] my armor five mil sounds like a scam to
[32:03] me well let's just have a quick recap of
[32:08] everything that we've talked about now
[32:10] these are the updates that we've spoken
[32:11] about all due for launch between now and
[32:13] February 2019
[32:16] this session only talks about the things
[32:19] that we're 100% certain about now of
[32:22] course there is plenty more plans
[32:24] including a massive update in
[32:27] development happening right now but that
[32:30] is far too early to talk about but when
[32:33] we have more concrete information you
[32:36] will know about it now for the
[32:38] eagle-eyed amongst you you've probably
[32:40] noticed our final announcement today the
[32:45] official runescape mobile beta starts
[32:49] next week on the 8th of October
[33:00] it's limited access so you'll need to
[33:04] get in there quick and we will announce
[33:06] it on the runescape homepage the second
[33:09] then it launches on the Google Play
[33:11] Store now there's no sign up for this
[33:13] it's first-come first-served so get your
[33:16] Android devices already on that day to
[33:19] log in and play but for all of those of
[33:23] you in the building all of those of you
[33:26] that have bought Rufus tickets you are
[33:29] guaranteed entry those boys are very
[33:42] surprised about that because literally
[33:44] we have managed to sort that out today
[33:46] because we know how special you guys are
[33:49] as you know the feedback from the
[33:52] players is the lifeblood of everything
[33:55] that we do so we really want to know
[33:58] what you think so for those of you that
[34:01] I hear those of you that are bought
[34:03] runefest tickets do keep your eyes out
[34:06] in your inbox for an invite so this of
[34:11] course is your chance to play the game
[34:13] you know and love wherever you want
[34:16] we've seen Telus defeated several times
[34:19] on the mobile devices so really anything
[34:23] is possible anywhere and that's it
[34:28] thanks very much for listening I hope
[34:30] there's something in there for everyone
[34:32] look out for more information on the
[34:34] juicy updates in the future that didn't
[34:37] make the presentation but for now enjoy
[34:41] the rest of your day and we'll see you
[34:43] later at the party