Transcript of RuneScape Well of Goodwill - 500 Billion Donated!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] well good well is a feature we added to
[00:08] runescape cello players to use their
[00:10] endgame wealth to donate to charity so
[00:12] the well is located in a central place
[00:14] of in the game world and it is literally
[00:16] a big wishing well where players can
[00:18] throw in their in-game currency of any
[00:20] value and basically contribute supposed
[00:22] to cherries so we then convert all of
[00:24] that into a gold value and for every 10
[00:27] million gold that's donated we're giving
[00:29] $1 to charity so since launched at the
[00:31] end of October the world has raised over
[00:34] $50,000 for charities we selected 5
[00:37] charities that are really close to our
[00:39] hearts that all have links to the games
[00:41] industry
[00:41] these were willow special effect action
[00:44] for kids games Aid and the internet
[00:46] watch foundation each of the five chose
[00:48] do wonderful work for ill disadvantaged
[00:50] and disabled children in the UK and
[00:52] around the world
[00:53] these range from organizing game pads
[00:55] for children so that they can play
[00:57] computer games when they never have been
[00:58] able to in the past
[00:59] so organising special once-in-a-lifetime
[01:01] days for very sick people
[01:03] players were really asking us to get
[01:04] involved with some other charities and
[01:06] the popular ones were heart and the
[01:08] Philippines typhoon appeal so we brought
[01:10] them in as well so far we've raised over
[01:12] $50,000 and we're really excited about
[01:14] that but we think we can do better and
[01:16] for the rest of the month we're actually
[01:17] going to be giving $2 for every 10
[01:20] million gold pieces so the appeal runs
[01:22] to the end of November if people want to
[01:24] take part they can head over to
[01:25] runescape comm and find out more
[01:26] information there