Transcript of RuneScape Weekly Podcast #28 - Dominion Tower

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] hi and welcome to our latest podcast
[00:08] where we're talking about Rumble mode in
[00:11] the Dominion tower I modmyi the podcast
[00:13] monkey and with me i have mod wilson
[00:16] marred wilson so tell me about rumble
[00:18] mode well rumble modes a new wave you
[00:22] can play with Dominion towel that we've
[00:23] launched recently right it's a
[00:25] multiplayer mode although you can still
[00:27] sell it if you want you go up to the top
[00:29] of the tower you and up to five your
[00:31] friends can fight a continuous wave of
[00:33] your bosses that you've unlocked for the
[00:36] Dominion tower in general and they'll
[00:38] just as you keep coming until you dead
[00:40] wave after wave of where you believe
[00:42] after wave if you've got four to five
[00:43] players in there they'll be up to ten at
[00:45] a time so like you know they spawn when
[00:47] you walk in and then every 30 seconds or
[00:50] so after that you get another one until
[00:52] you've hit the cap and the second one
[00:53] dies a new one appears so you know you
[00:56] could you put one of them down and then
[00:57] instantly a new boss is just attacking
[01:00] it runs off the bat right okay so so
[01:03] it's a really rough t tufte fight mm-hmm
[01:06] meant to be really challenging or hey
[01:08] well it's not meant to be like immensely
[01:11] challenge it well obviously it's a
[01:12] challenge yes not meant to be like
[01:14] immensely you've got to have the top
[01:16] level equipment Oh obviously if you're
[01:17] beaten any of these bosses you need to
[01:20] have beaten them in order for them to
[01:21] appear in the tower right okay so you've
[01:23] being them at least one so you've at
[01:25] least got the skills and the equipment
[01:27] to do it again so you know if take your
[01:29] top level gear up there then you should
[01:30] be able to keep fighting ok so what
[01:32] bosses are in there then ah there's no
[01:38] mention it see you know we've got
[01:40] someone the region of 60 bosses right
[01:42] with the updates at 60 bosses and it's
[01:44] from all over the place all levels of
[01:46] skill you've got to you know Mel's are
[01:48] the mad down at the very lowest level
[01:50] and then he got like the kale stores up
[01:51] near the top nomads of course right
[01:55] again what new ones did we have new 112
[01:58] is the cows Dwarfs there's the echo of
[02:01] jazz the
[02:03] Oh yelps and Lowell yeah I Pepin heru
[02:09] van strim as well right in Buffy's like
[02:11] human and vampire form he doesn't do the
[02:14] mist form at the end because that would
[02:15] obviously be just crazy in like even in
[02:18] the big multiplayer thing trying to keep
[02:19] track of the mist so they're adapted
[02:21] slightly for the for the rumble where
[02:24] need to be there yes yeah well there's a
[02:25] mechanic that we can't really replicate
[02:27] in either a multiplayer area or a multi
[02:30] NPC area we removed it or turned it down
[02:33] but we did increase their stats or just
[02:35] general survivability so it would it
[02:37] would work off tom ahead for instance
[02:40] the echo of jazz summoned in the force
[02:44] users but we couldn't do that because
[02:47] even though they're not you can turn
[02:49] around and hit them and they've only got
[02:50] one hit point they die very easily yeah
[02:51] they might not be able to see them under
[02:53] the the press of other bosses another
[02:55] place right ok because all the other
[02:57] thing other things in the area right ok
[02:59] exactly and even if we if we so for
[03:01] instance put them on top Yelp's in the
[03:05] main boss fight something his bodyguards
[03:08] so is he are they on top so you can see
[03:10] there yeah he'll them is it's basically
[03:11] it's like it's a lot easier to put them
[03:14] in there in ways you can just be just
[03:16] like coronas on as well del r if you
[03:19] know these guys who you normally need
[03:20] specialist equipment to kill yeah we
[03:23] just remove that just because there's no
[03:25] guarantee you'll have it and there's no
[03:27] guarantee you'll have any left over yet
[03:29] like 20 30 rounds of death note very
[03:33] true so I also hear tell of orbs yes the
[03:38] power of orbs will pop up occasionally
[03:39] there's the vigorous or but which will
[03:42] give you a adrenaline or if you're in
[03:45] wrong if you're in legacy mode that will
[03:47] give you a special attack energy so it's
[03:51] there was apparently some confusion on
[03:52] the floor was about that it was always
[03:54] giving you one hundred percent
[03:55] adrenaline and if you're in legacy mode
[03:57] it was giving one percent special attack
[03:59] energy right but the check to see
[04:03] whether or not you were in legacy for
[04:05] giving you the message saying there is
[04:06] you've gained special attack and he
[04:08] wasn't going off so it was just saying
[04:10] you've gained adrenaline whichever mode
[04:12] you written so yes you are gaming
[04:13] special attack energy if you're in a bit
[04:15] legacy mode
[04:16] so our lakes players will love that yep
[04:18] wrong hopefully and what whatever the
[04:21] wolves are there there's the volatile
[04:24] orb which can give you either boss or
[04:26] debuffs it's generally ones from the
[04:28] list of bottom debuffs you can get from
[04:31] the tower that would work in the area so
[04:33] anyway you can't use ultimate but it's
[04:35] not a permanent you can't use ultimate
[04:37] sony 46 seconds accounting right okay
[04:40] cool and what rewards have we lined up
[04:45] as part of the rework that the changes
[04:48] we've made well it the rumble specific
[04:51] rewards there's the new tier of the
[04:54] amulet when you kill 1800 bosses that's
[04:59] that it's got more teleport to the tower
[05:01] it gives you higher stats when you're in
[05:02] the tower it's going to a universal
[05:04] accuracy buff for all combat styles in
[05:06] and out of the tower and the rest of it
[05:09] is all sort of like the reworks of the
[05:11] night or what so we've got the markers
[05:13] yet they have had their boss and boosts
[05:16] brought up in line with what we came to
[05:20] the standard for the gang now write the
[05:22] books have also been given a rework on
[05:24] the amount of XP they'd give and
[05:25] obviously for rumble modes you go in
[05:27] there you're killing bosses over and
[05:29] over and over again you're getting quite
[05:31] a lot of Dominion factor as a result
[05:34] okay and dread nips I believe there's a
[05:37] bit like this because you want to do
[05:39] that now or should we yeah let's do that
[05:41] now yep okay so so dou dou or the
[05:46] question specific about genesis do the
[05:48] remote kills contribute to unlocking the
[05:52] gloves or dread nips no they don't
[05:54] because basically you can rack up like a
[05:57] really impressive kill score in that
[06:00] area in significantly less time than it
[06:02] would take to kill the bottles even if
[06:04] you turned taunts and victory cutscenes
[06:06] off right so it's basically you would be
[06:09] able to storm through those the
[06:12] achievements for kill count ridiculously
[06:14] quickly right especially with a good it
[06:16] would like a good competent group of
[06:17] players you just be able to let's strike
[06:19] this it's a balancing issue yes if we
[06:22] didn't do that yeah if we didn't make
[06:24] make it stop it counting it would just
[06:26] allow somebody to storm straight through
[06:28] I yes I mean there was discussion about
[06:30] this you know people have asked about
[06:32] this upstairs you know though various
[06:33] things that we thought we might do which
[06:35] we may do either as a as like a
[06:37] follow-up update to this or your future
[06:39] update so maybe things like the top
[06:41] level like anything in class a might
[06:44] count towards your kills because they're
[06:46] generally big tough strong bosses those
[06:48] are you know that that's like nomads
[06:50] that's yet all those kind of things but
[06:52] then again you know if if they pop up
[06:54] everyone within the rumble could just
[06:57] immediately concentrate on them wipin
[06:59] your way easier than if you're fighting
[07:02] the one-on-one in with all of their
[07:04] mechanics okay okay can you so low
[07:08] Rumble for the Dominion tower title no
[07:11] you can't write because we wanted it to
[07:14] be four or five man rumbles we've got to
[07:18] have it before you before it'll appear
[07:20] in because that's you know that way you
[07:22] are fighting at the 45 minute mark
[07:25] you'll have been fighting ten bosses for
[07:27] a pretty much the vast majority at that
[07:29] time yeah in solo mode at 45 minutes
[07:32] you'll have been facing at most four
[07:33] bosses right at any time so it's just
[07:35] not it's not equivalent yeah exactly
[07:38] that you know we just and even then at
[07:40] two or three players it's not as great
[07:42] as going ok ice 5 45 minutes against 10
[07:45] bosses yeah yeah yeah so the title is it
[07:48] is that kind of maxed out level the the
[07:51] maximum chaos you keep you can keep
[07:53] going exactly and even with like a good
[07:55] even with a good team 45 minutes is
[07:57] going to be start to push it okay is it
[07:59] possible to keep sake the Dominion
[08:01] medallion not at the moment I believe
[08:04] but it could be added but obviously it
[08:06] then wouldn't count for Dominion tower
[08:08] things yet would be able to access it
[08:11] for teleport it wouldn't count as being
[08:13] on you for the purposes of I just did
[08:15] air quotes there everyone will be on you
[08:17] for the purposes of leg and confirm mod
[08:20] Wilson did in fact do air quotes on us
[08:22] yes for those watching at home so yeah
[08:25] it wouldn't be it wouldn't be on you for
[08:27] the purposes of you know giving you the
[08:30] buffs or the accuracy or all these kinds
[08:33] of things so you we might do it but you
[08:36] know bear in mind you'll lose those
[08:38] things okay have the new bosses change
[08:41] the achievements in any way for the
[08:43] Dominion
[08:44] no no they're all as were the new boxes
[08:48] as it is extra three of them so
[08:50] basically if you is so killing it X
[08:53] number of bosses if you do we haven't
[08:55] increased the number of bosses you need
[08:57] to kill through climber or endurance or
[09:00] any of these kind of things and killing
[09:03] long or yelps all the casseroles will
[09:05] count towards that right okay that's
[09:08] still so yeah it's basically it's the
[09:10] same you've just got more bosses that
[09:11] will turn up for you to be able fight
[09:13] and how does Iron Man work with rumble
[09:16] mode well currently it doesn't at all
[09:19] right we are putting in a fix I'm not
[09:21] sure when that's going out it is
[09:23] basically being put in it's under
[09:24] testing right now right which means that
[09:27] you will be able to start a one-man
[09:29] rumble because when you go in it says
[09:31] how many players do you want to put in
[09:32] yeah and obviously iron man could go
[09:34] well I want five people and then
[09:35] technically they would be getting that
[09:37] help so now it just goes if you're an
[09:38] Iron Man the maximum number of people
[09:40] can put in here is one right so we're
[09:42] going to add we are adding in a solo
[09:44] rumble feature for iron man yes so they
[09:46] can get their their boss fight on yes so
[09:50] they'll don't be able to do the the
[09:51] kills one but obviously them as the
[09:53] previous question they were able to do
[09:55] the title brilliant okay and why was it
[09:57] we decided to make these changes to
[10:00] demeaned her what like behind man
[10:02] changes or just the changes overall
[10:04] wider week well it it's I mean I
[10:07] actually thought has been around for a
[10:08] lot longer it's sort of like it's one of
[10:10] those things that is kind of iconic
[10:11] these days yeah yeah I mean it's but I
[10:14] did think it's been around for longer
[10:15] than it has us 2011 right but yeah it's
[10:19] it's been around for a while and we've
[10:21] we've released although the quests with
[10:23] a lot of bosses that people either
[10:25] thought were I'm not gonna use the word
[10:28] iconic again biggie i put but you know
[10:31] we've released a lot of quests which
[10:32] have had bosses which are interesting
[10:34] have interesting mechanics the players
[10:36] wanted to fight again back and this is a
[10:38] place that they can go and do it for
[10:40] effectively XP and reward so it felt
[10:42] like an appropriate place in time to
[10:44] refresh it exactly yes ray okay were
[10:47] there any were there any things when you
[10:49] were working on it that you couldn't
[10:51] include that you would have liked to
[10:52] have well obviously there was a lot of
[10:55] people going here
[10:57] from all over the place right here and
[11:00] with the limited time that we had at
[11:03] that point we initially did the six
[11:05] we're done windows partner ninja project
[11:07] oh yeah expansion one okay we did we ask
[11:10] you picked only five and we're kind of
[11:12] aiming for a six hopefully yeah from the
[11:15] second expansion but obviously there are
[11:17] a lot of other bosses I mean though
[11:18] people were asking for like some of the
[11:20] other flights from the bosses from
[11:23] Purple Rose that the four things that
[11:25] right yet yeah they're asking for those
[11:28] they're asking for basically players
[11:30] have like a lot of opinion for what they
[11:32] would like seeing them yes we did sit
[11:33] down the argues lot and we were like
[11:35] okay who should we put in who has the
[11:37] mechanics yeah it can be put in not just
[11:40] for Rumble mode but also for the
[11:43] Dominion Tower yeah because obviously
[11:45] not everyone can fight it not everyone
[11:47] will fit in in either a big open arena
[11:50] with just pillars or even like small
[11:53] pillows yeah they won't they might not
[11:54] work it might take a lot of reworking in
[11:58] order to get them to work even within
[11:59] their own year because specialized
[12:01] mechanics some bosses are quite
[12:02] environment based online yes yeah yeah I
[12:05] am and obviously in the Dominion tower
[12:07] you're limited in the environment you
[12:08] can present yes exactly okay okay and
[12:12] watch what was your favorite inclusion
[12:15] for sheer insanity Yelp's was actually
[12:20] the most fun right I mean basically the
[12:25] first version of rumble mode didn't
[12:26] actually have checks to prevent it from
[12:28] having more than one boss spawn to time
[12:30] because it you know it been started but
[12:32] it hadn't been completely finished by
[12:34] the time we had to tell them yet he
[12:35] helps came in and we'd return him so
[12:38] that as place to find out that he'll
[12:41] track you around the arena because
[12:42] obviously is other teleport was based on
[12:44] having like a very small area yet so it
[12:46] could just teleport within a very small
[12:48] thing but and you can you could avoid
[12:50] him so now we tracks you and we were
[12:52] doing the first versions of rumble mode
[12:54] play testing to see what state it was in
[12:56] and like two or three yelps would appear
[12:59] and just be being around and tell
[13:02] following one or two people just up and
[13:04] down the arena everyone was running as
[13:06] fast they could you people were
[13:08] basically targeting yelps over like no
[13:10] man
[13:10] and even up until release Rousseff like
[13:14] oh god there's yelps and just piling out
[13:16] it and but just because this is he can
[13:18] trade I mean he's ghost like big AOE and
[13:20] the rest of it and del riff actually
[13:22] didn't have his AoE right initially and
[13:25] we put it in for one the last couple of
[13:26] rounds and I I knew it was in because
[13:29] I'd obviously done the update but a
[13:30] couple of the QA people who had joined
[13:32] us on that one didn't know so he ran
[13:34] over and we're hitting him and suddenly
[13:35] boom this huge health points tripping
[13:38] riot act went off obviously there were
[13:40] other bosses attacking up so they died
[13:41] pretty quickly well the feedback has
[13:45] been really good on the forum thanks for
[13:47] coming in mod Wilson no prob and I hope
[13:50] so with you can see no worries thanks
[13:52] very much bye bye bye