Transcript of RuneScape Weekly Podcast #26 - Heart of Stone

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] hi and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:09] I'm mod Matt hey the podcast monkey and
[00:12] with me this week to talk about our
[00:14] newest quest heart of stone we have
[00:16] moderated and in ann arbor sorry where
[00:19] he and mud malta who is senior designer
[00:24] still these days right okay so heart of
[00:27] stone our nearest crest how did the
[00:30] quest come about so there was a poll
[00:33] that we did regarding what stroy line
[00:35] players want us to follow an Elder Gods
[00:37] one and then we asked further on that
[00:40] and people didn't want to kind of dive
[00:42] into the deep end they want to see an
[00:44] Elder God they wanted to have research
[00:46] and learn kind of a little bit about the
[00:48] other ones come to cement the Elder God
[00:50] destroy line to move on to the next bit
[00:51] and so that's where heart of stone kind
[00:53] of came about to be the first of the
[00:55] Elder God pillar right ok foundation
[00:58] quest yeah how would you how we describe
[01:01] the quest what type of quest is it it's
[01:02] a bit of an exploration quest and your
[01:05] kind of tracking someone down and by
[01:07] kind of you are tracking someone down
[01:09] and this leads you to various different
[01:11] occasions across killin or as you piece
[01:13] together where they are on what they're
[01:15] up to before you finally do catch up so
[01:17] a traveling quest which lots of players
[01:19] keep asking us for more of ya travelling
[01:21] exploration quest is what we wanted to
[01:23] go for we wanted to let players explore
[01:25] the world again cool and what's the
[01:29] quest about you start of the wizard's
[01:31] tower and there you encounter to cigna
[01:34] heroes the players will recognize
[01:36] because they have encountered the role
[01:37] or losing them in the banner or
[01:39] receiving the banner yes this is true
[01:41] and they're having a bit of a scuffle
[01:44] with each other it looks more like an
[01:47] argument when they first get there kind
[01:49] of waving hands each other and then you
[01:51] learn that one of them is Enya has done
[01:54] bad things and yeah spoiler spoiler a
[01:58] fake TM finger and well it it's not much
[02:02] for spoiler you see her at the start and
[02:04] arianne wants to track her down find out
[02:08] why she's done the bad things you're
[02:10] done and put a stop to it and bring her
[02:12] to justice okay and along the way you
[02:14] learn a little bit about the Elder Gods
[02:18] cementing
[02:19] kind of the storyline are cementing some
[02:20] elements that players might not already
[02:22] know that will be important in the Elder
[02:26] God pillar element right I see what you
[02:28] did there yeah so it's been described as
[02:30] an introduction to the old ago yes why
[02:33] why are we putting any introduction to
[02:35] the old gods question what's that for
[02:37] because we're going to so um we have
[02:40] that the idea I knew how to my scissors
[02:42] yeah we have pillow fights which I'm
[02:44] going to do now closed learn and so we
[02:47] have the idea of three kind of groups of
[02:49] quests we have the gods we have the
[02:52] dragon kin and then we have the Elder
[02:53] Gods and not of these are kind of
[02:54] separate things they're all linked
[02:56] together into one big quest someone on
[02:58] the line in each of these what we call
[03:01] pillow quest the idea is you supposed to
[03:02] be able to do them separately right and
[03:05] then come together in any order so the
[03:07] district request is the first of the
[03:09] Elder God pillars so you need it to give
[03:13] you enough knowledge to be able to do
[03:14] the rest of them right without having to
[03:16] link to other so the idea is our I say
[03:19] as my tube will be able to progress
[03:21] through a series of Elder God quests
[03:22] down this pillar yet to get to the big
[03:24] final quest but without having to have
[03:26] done the other tubulars yes wrong is the
[03:29] idea also without needing ridiculous
[03:32] requirements in terms of levels and
[03:33] previous quests done yes this is a as an
[03:36] introductory request it's important that
[03:39] as many people as possible yet do it so
[03:41] what are the requirements for this quest
[03:42] when t5 runecrafting 35 magic have I got
[03:47] it the wrong way around no that sounds
[03:49] good to me and rune memories and
[03:51] carnelian rising right okay so low level
[03:54] right introductory so have the feedback
[03:58] gone so far um it's been mixed most
[04:03] people as far as I can tell from the
[04:04] different sources have enjoyed it
[04:05] they've enjoyed the play through yeah I
[04:07] was watching a couple of people live
[04:09] streaming it as they went through so
[04:10] below I'll musket and I'm sorry I forgot
[04:12] the other one's name I do apologize to
[04:15] those not aware when releases come out
[04:17] quite often we watch live stream ya
[04:18] doing brand new content in the office
[04:20] yeah to have an idea of how it's because
[04:22] being responded to and to see it from
[04:24] before you view of a plague going
[04:25] straight yeah and and they were enjoying
[04:28] it from below getting frustrated at one
[04:30] puzzle which I was laughing at I can
[04:33] so they enjoyed it but we've had some
[04:36] feedback on the forums that has not been
[04:37] quite as positive okay there there are
[04:40] some issues that some of the stuff I'm
[04:43] looking at addressing well today some of
[04:46] the jobs I'm trying to do but certainly
[04:49] going forward and try and look at you we
[04:50] can tweak some of these came proven so
[04:53] so from feedback I've got a few keywords
[04:54] to throat you to this kit for discussion
[04:57] we'll start with Kipple oh yeah kibble
[05:00] um so this would be people want to see
[05:03] him develop more than he lives so the
[05:05] idea originally was to have Kipple very
[05:07] much develop and have a wide range of
[05:09] stuff and to have completely different
[05:12] personalities based nor management if
[05:14] you done and I believe plus the original
[05:16] brief was teacher go learn how to love
[05:18] teacher gonna know how to love
[05:19] unfortunately as well things you have to
[05:22] kind of be realistic again with dialogue
[05:24] it's surprisingly expensive because
[05:26] you've got not just to write it which
[05:28] takes a lot longer than you would think
[05:29] because it's it's quite difficult to
[05:31] write dialogue but it also has to be
[05:33] edited and then translated yeah when you
[05:35] start thinking or we have that having so
[05:37] the same dialogue but split three four
[05:40] five six several different ways
[05:41] different responses based on his
[05:43] personality yeah of course starts to
[05:45] exponentially increase till it becomes
[05:47] unreasonable yeah and we still have to
[05:50] you know meet a deadline so we had to
[05:53] cut some of our grandiose plans so his
[05:56] personality does change there are now
[05:58] kind of three personality types that you
[06:00] can get out of it it's not as much as we
[06:01] would wanted to do yeah it does it does
[06:04] adapter how you play I've seen certainly
[06:06] different players of different
[06:08] responders quite a few people have the
[06:10] goody goody two-shoes careful okay which
[06:12] disappoint me but this points you you
[06:15] are sort of evil but then I've seen a
[06:18] couple of the people who had the study
[06:21] sarcastic version of kibble so which
[06:23] shows that you've chosen a kind of of
[06:24] the one I like there's sort of slightly
[06:26] silly slightly options of be a bitter
[06:28] Bert a bit of a troll as a player and
[06:32] the Kip will respond to that and so that
[06:34] if people going on to slap Kipple it's
[06:35] like well he's only learning out based
[06:37] on what you've gone through so we don't
[06:39] mind to do more but I think he's done
[06:40] all right and the pat is it should be it
[06:42] is cool for Estonia and
[06:44] there's there's something for everyone I
[06:46] think we might be able to add more on
[06:48] later okay maybe any plans for couples
[06:52] in the future I would like to use Kipple
[06:54] I would like to to reuse him certainly
[06:57] along the Elder Gods storyline though
[07:00] because of course he has that one for
[07:02] useful birdie able to track down energy
[07:04] signatures he's already keyed into the
[07:07] Elder Gods based on what happened in the
[07:09] quest so it would be nice to reuse him
[07:12] it would be nice to tie him further and
[07:14] destroy it would be nice to use a pet
[07:15] something might encounter kill all the
[07:17] story again yes well you're probably
[07:19] using your cable nano okay um so obvious
[07:22] reasons yes although it may be you
[07:24] depends we can preserve it perhaps but
[07:28] yeah I've done realize i was gonna say
[07:29] stuff and so if people haven't played it
[07:31] this would be like a huge spoiler
[07:32] something yeah yeah yeah yeah okay next
[07:35] key word puzzles oh right yeah puzzles
[07:40] are always a difficult thing to gauge
[07:41] because some players adore puzzles yeah
[07:44] and they adore at the idea of having
[07:46] been presented with something and then
[07:48] working out what you need to do and then
[07:50] doing it which is what the aim was for
[07:52] this particular I mean the poles I think
[07:53] most people are raising is the room
[07:55] tracker puzzle which is your key one
[07:57] year out so those who have done it every
[08:03] enjoy it they've they've loved the idea
[08:05] of solving it they've been really
[08:06] pleased with them but there are some a
[08:08] good number of players that can't get
[08:11] past the information revealed on screen
[08:14] yeah this is partially down to if you
[08:18] click really quickly through it you're
[08:19] going to have a problem yeah which I
[08:21] know there's a lot of mindset people is
[08:22] to spout is to like really click through
[08:24] stuff I am looking at the puzzle to try
[08:26] and tweak tweak the information they
[08:29] give you to make it a little bit more
[08:31] immediately obvious what you need to do
[08:33] well puzzle is very difficult only plds
[08:36] there's a wide variety of puzzle solving
[08:39] capability wingstop is I and some
[08:42] players really want puzzles to be a
[08:44] hardly out to be something they have to
[08:45] work on whereas other people just want
[08:47] to be to go to a guide and just all
[08:48] worked 73 solve is designed to work with
[08:52] a guide yeah so whilst
[08:55] not randomized yes we there was a period
[08:58] of time where we developed quests with
[09:01] puzzles that randomized the solutions at
[09:03] least between several different sets
[09:05] they make it harder to use a guide to go
[09:07] through them but we've abandoned that
[09:09] approach in recent years yeah because
[09:12] Epping Forest I don't care i still list
[09:14] 24 different solutions on the wiki and
[09:17] it just means that people that really
[09:18] don't like the puzzles have first go
[09:21] through 24 they exactly so yeah so it's
[09:24] they're all all of them can be done with
[09:26] a guide if people really have difficulty
[09:28] with puzzles doing it then they can go
[09:30] through the guide but I think it's worth
[09:33] it it's worth we looking at them see we
[09:36] can tweak it a bit to give them slightly
[09:39] more information maybe just reuse
[09:42] ability perspective than the
[09:43] fundamentals of the puzzle itself yeah
[09:45] we're not gonna change that it'll still
[09:47] be the same possible we're just gonna
[09:48] tweak the display of it I thought the
[09:50] puzzle looked very pretty to be fair i
[09:51] will i'm a big fan of the puzzle i I was
[09:54] quite pleased how it worked I can see
[09:56] why if you could be getting frustrated I
[09:58] mean I said the problem is if you click
[10:00] through it is the main problem yeah if
[10:02] you sit and take your time you can solve
[10:04] it quite quickly but you have to say and
[10:06] take it on part the trouble with that is
[10:09] the most of our developers and designers
[10:12] are people who fundamentally do like
[10:14] pops yeah well I I know for instance it
[10:17] among starting role in the community
[10:19] development team and a logic puzzle got
[10:23] brought out in the office the other day
[10:24] and we all spent 20 minutes of parents
[10:26] report oh yes yes yes it was testing it
[10:29] for players clearly but yeah ya microcon
[10:32] yeah and we're okay yes it is but it's
[10:37] sort of important to remember and we do
[10:39] try to remember but it still skews the
[10:41] output that not every player likes
[10:44] puzzles as much as we do yeah and so
[10:46] that there is personal bias we do try
[10:48] and work against it it's not always a
[10:50] hundred percent effective I liked the
[10:53] puzzle I think rewards rewards so yes
[10:58] okay so some people were displeased at
[11:01] the amount of experience yeah that they
[11:03] got yeah i'm going to be open and honest
[11:05] i may not make very many friends for
[11:08] saying it isn't
[11:09] mediate quest it is yep Grandmaster we
[11:12] cannot give out the amounts of rewards
[11:13] that we would give out for a grandmaster
[11:15] that for something with such low entry
[11:18] requirements the experience isn't the
[11:20] only thing you get from the questi right
[11:22] there is obviously the pet there is Sir
[11:25] yeah I mean I i would i would suggest
[11:28] the main reward me the quest is that is
[11:31] the first the Elder God pillars yeah so
[11:33] you need it more is yeah the lure of
[11:35] yeah of what's in the quest you have
[11:37] done is part of it the there is post
[11:41] quest content then we are discussing
[11:43] that that will have further modest
[11:46] rewards so again they won't be grand
[11:48] master level knows it can't be grandma's
[11:50] love nothing nothing amazing but it
[11:52] should it's a little something extra
[11:53] well another number the quest we've had
[11:56] in and releases we've had a focused on
[11:59] the top end of the game yep billions
[12:01] question obviously AG says it's the
[12:02] foundation question yes yes the rewards
[12:05] aren't going to be an equivalent to
[12:07] those levels that people have kind of
[12:09] got a bit used to perhaps yeah yeah and
[12:12] so our balancer does have all of the
[12:15] curves all of the spreadsheets all all
[12:18] of the data that would place the rewards
[12:21] for request like this yend and they are
[12:23] appropriate to wear it finds itself on
[12:25] the difficulty scale yeah so you said
[12:28] about a part of reward being law now add
[12:31] another piece of the feedback is being
[12:33] that obviously some of the law has been
[12:35] like well we didn't feel there was much
[12:37] new law in there well so one thing you
[12:41] wanted to do with this quest was because
[12:42] it is the first the Elder God pillars is
[12:44] to cemented yeah and so we want to
[12:47] cement kind of what the Elder Gods are
[12:49] we wanted says meant kind of where they
[12:51] are and a little bit more about them we
[12:55] have added in some additional new law so
[12:57] we've got things like the mouthpieces
[12:59] they're completely brand-new yeah and
[13:01] they should be something that were
[13:03] thinking about and we also expanded and
[13:07] what anima Mundi is yeah some people are
[13:10] suggesting all this is this is a law
[13:12] file but it isn't this is intentional
[13:15] looking at how animal windy works
[13:17] thinking how what it means to the game
[13:18] in general because it's going to be
[13:20] important further down
[13:22] yeah and it's worth pointing out that
[13:24] some of the hounds yeah we're very aware
[13:27] of what some of their personal theories
[13:28] are yeah but they are theories yeah we
[13:31] are aware of the law of the game and we
[13:35] have a big Bible of the law and those
[13:40] those theories aren't always actually
[13:41] accurate they're based on ideas or
[13:44] assumptions that come out of little bits
[13:45] of dialogue yeah where the person
[13:47] talking may not be telling you quite
[13:49] what you think they're doing you yeah
[13:51] certainly have to remember the people
[13:52] talking on not exactly infallible either
[13:56] yeah I have their own characters of
[13:59] their own theories that aren't always
[14:00] entirely correct yeah twistys worth
[14:02] remembering yeah so so the law reward
[14:05] here is really a foundation yes of the
[14:08] older got ball here yeah great or there
[14:11] are a few people or stroganoff we'll
[14:13] discuss it now of fate the gods in right
[14:15] hooks of course you learn similar
[14:16] information yeah and what we were trying
[14:20] to with this quest is because again this
[14:22] questioned immediate you need this to
[14:23] start the other one is we didn't want to
[14:25] lock everything with other gods behind
[14:27] fate of the gods yeah white you know
[14:29] high level it's quite a meaty requiring
[14:32] exactly exactly and so not everyone can
[14:33] do it and the Elder Gods is something
[14:35] that people should be able to to get out
[14:37] and do yeah so we have similar
[14:40] information in both I would suggest that
[14:43] the key information from Fayette the
[14:44] gods you get is that you know Daris is
[14:46] back yeah and he has a plan to deal with
[14:50] all of this which in heart of stone
[14:54] there isn't that kind of safety net yes
[14:56] I kind of oh oops a deer which is much
[15:00] more want to do to aim for okay what's
[15:03] your favorite part of the quest I can't
[15:07] expose out stay lying cuz its a spoiler
[15:09] I don't mean bad happiness to a certain
[15:12] someone but for a particular unpleasant
[15:15] mr. the people i have spent so long
[15:19] trying to orchestrate that in it for
[15:21] every single design brief ever i've
[15:23] tried to orchestrate that you have a
[15:25] personal vendetta
[15:26] I'm I might have a slight I don't know
[15:29] why but I do and I'm pleased that I
[15:32] succeeded in my goal okay and mod wheel
[15:37] chair I'm going to be very immodest and
[15:39] say they like the the circuit puzzle the
[15:41] with the branches and turning the things
[15:44] on and off and then it expands and was
[15:46] that yours yes I did I built the
[15:49] original diagram from it and then my
[15:52] degg took that and and built it and made
[15:56] it real row the credit is certainly not
[15:59] entirely mine but the puzzle idea was
[16:02] was for me yes own I was pleased to see
[16:04] it in action we should say ma dad would
[16:06] join us but 140 couldn't make it onto
[16:09] the sofas today sadly missed from this
[16:12] podcast okay and what didn't make the
[16:17] cut last question what didn't make the
[16:18] cut what did you plan to include as part
[16:21] of the design or drink or during the
[16:24] development process didn't get in uh
[16:26] well said outcomes weren't as brutal as
[16:28] I originally wanted they wouldn't let me
[16:31] torture a person but never mind never
[16:34] good we certainly want to do more with
[16:36] cable we wanted people to evolve and
[16:39] change yeah more than he does same guys
[16:43] who wanted to have like dialogue and
[16:46] special things that do take into account
[16:49] of what the players already done but as
[16:50] pretty suggested doing all that it's
[16:52] quite expensive and you have to think
[16:54] well what do I need to do this question
[16:56] posed on that yeah the localization just
[16:59] exponentially yes is the webmail
[17:02] resource required doesn't it yeah and
[17:04] they I mean you know the localization
[17:05] team oh good guys and they do things
[17:07] really quickly but I think they would
[17:09] have murdered us if we did everybody we
[17:11] have 48 different paths we hadn't been
[17:14] followed we need our low for each and
[17:16] every one of them in six languages yep
[17:18] yep definitely yep I think what else I
[17:20] was waking up with their world we did
[17:22] take out some of the harder rune
[17:24] tracking oh yes puzzles yeah we might we
[17:27] use those maybe I have a plan uh-huh I
[17:32] do like plans mmhmm yeah there yeah so
[17:36] some of the harder things were removed I
[17:38] think most of the content the
[17:40] we plan to put in made it in it was the
[17:42] the dialogue an additional staff the
[17:44] dialog piece that yes great okay well
[17:48] thank you for coming in talking about
[17:50] hearthstone today and feedback on the
[17:52] forms obviously for those who want to
[17:54] feedback to us about it and we do do
[17:57] read through and that will continue
[17:59] looking but thanks for coming in and
[18:01] bye-bye
[18:18] you