Transcript of RuneScape WWF Special - Supporting Big Cats!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:16] WWF has been working with businesses for over 15 years
[00:20] but recently we've started to try and engage more with the games industry as a new sector that we haven't worked with before.
[00:26] So we see working with Jagex as an exciting way to get across WWF's messaging in a bit more of a fun
[00:33] and entertaining way, and hopefully get some of WWF's message across
[00:37] so that we can gain new supporters from the RuneScape world.
[00:42] A study showed that between 2000 and 2014
[00:47] the parts of at least 1,590 tigers were seized
[00:53] by the 13 range countries for tigers, that's where tigers are found in the wild.
[00:58] And this is just a fraction
[01:01] of the amount of tiger products that will be in circulation
[01:05] because these are only those that were seized.
[01:07] So that represents an average of 2 tigers per week being killed.
[01:13] So that's clearly a serious issue.
[01:15] And for tigers, where there are as few as 3,200 tigers left in the wild,
[01:19] this is one of the biggest threats that they are facing.
[01:23] And so that's why WWF is prioritizing tackling poaching and the illegal wildlife trade.
[01:29] WWF supports a number of conservation projects around the world
[01:33] that focus on helping endangered big cats like tigers, snow leopards and jaguars.
[01:37] One that I find particularly inspiring is our Tx2 project,
[01:41] which is about doubling the number of wild tigers by the year 2022,
[01:45] which is the next Chinese year of the tiger.
[01:48] We were on the sidelines watching some of the great projects that Jagex has done with charity before
[01:53] and always looking for a way that we could work together.
[01:55] And with International Tiger Day on the 29th of July,
[01:58] it seemed that big cats was a great project to work on together.
[02:03] The event started last week on Monday the 20th of July.
[02:06] The event will run for a month in total.
[02:09] And this week we'll be asking you questions about tigers.
[02:13] To participate in this event, talk to the conservationist near Burthorpe lodestone.
[02:16] On the hour and the half hour he'll provide access to a version of The Drop,
[02:20] which will ask you various trivia questions about big cats.
[02:24] You can also donate bonds to the conservationist
[02:26] and we'll donate that money to the World Wildlife Fund on your behalf.
[02:30] In the Old School big cat events you have to go and protect the habitats of the four cats that are in there.
[02:36] Players have four different areas which they have to conserve.
[02:39] Once they conserve these areas, the cats will start appearing.
[02:42] For each area the player's conserved, they will get a little toy cat.
[02:46] Now, most players will know the toy horses, which you pick up and they dance across the screen like this.
[02:50] This time they'll get a cat version of it.
[02:52] The event started last Thursday and, like the RuneScape event, it will be running for the next month.
[02:56] Working with RuneScape has been really fun.
[02:58] Everyone has been super helpful, super excited, super enthusiastic.
[03:03] I think the response already from the RuneScape players towards WWF and the big cats has been unbelievable, better than we ever expected.
[03:11] And I think there's plenty more projects that we can work on together in the future.
[03:14] This problem isn't insurmountable.
[03:17] We can see success happening.
[03:19] And so we have to keep working in order to tackle the illegal tiger trade.
[03:24] So, on behalf of myself and WWF, I want to thank all of the RuneScape players for their amazing response.
[03:30] I've heard that in the first 24 hours we've already managed to raise £36,000,
[03:34] which is an unbelievable amount, more than we ever imagined.
[03:37] It's great work. Keep it up. I'm glad that you enjoy the big cats.