Transcript of RuneScape Twitch Integration - Livestreaming Made Easy!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] If you want to start your own Twitch broadcast but aren't sure where to begin
[00:03] then you'll be happy to hear that Runescapes new twitch integration makes it easier than ever before, so lets take a look.
[00:10] Once you're in game click on the community button, you'll see the brand new Twitch tab,
[00:15] head over there and enter your twitch login details.
[00:19] If you don't have an account already then you can sign up for one here.
[00:25] Once you're logged in a new stream and chat window will open.
[00:28] This will allow you to communicate directly with your viewers without needing a second window.
[00:33] Before you start broadcasting there are a few important options you should check
[00:38] to make sure you're getting optimal performance for you and your viewers.
[00:41] First of all you'll want to give your broadcast a title to make sure you stand out from the crowd.
[00:48] Adjusting your bandwidth usage will allow you to limit how much is allocated to running the broadcast.
[00:53] This will let you to find a balance between quality and performance that's right for your connection speed.
[00:58] Resolution Scale is where you adjust the resolution of the game for your viewers.
[01:02] Much like Bandwidth usage this will let you find the right balance
[01:06] between visual quality and system performance.
[01:09] If tweaking settings isn't for you then don't worry simply leave them set to auto
[01:14] and we'll do our best to find you the right settings.
[01:17] Next up it's time to allow access for your microphone and webcam.
[01:21] If you want to use these then put a tick in the box and they'll be automatically detected.
[01:25] When you're happy with your settings click the 'start broadcast' button
[01:29] and a countdown will appear in the corner of the stream window.
[01:32] Once the word live appears you're ready to start entertaining your soon to be adoring fans.