Transcript of RuneScape Trailer - Adventure Calls

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:13] Adventurers aren't born.
[00:15] They are forged.
[00:17] And I was forged,
[00:19] face first in the fire of the King Black Dragon!
[00:24] I'd have been toast if it wasn't for a passing adventurer.
[00:28] She saved my life.
[00:30] She gave me a shield.
[00:32] And I had my purpose.
[00:34] I was gonna slay that dragon!
[00:37] Now, there are three rules of dragon slaying.
[00:41] First rule.
[00:42] Get yourself a sword.
[00:43] And make the blade yourself.
[00:46] Second rule.
[00:47] Don't start by fighting dragons.
[00:50] Try fighting something that can't swallow you whole!
[00:54] The third rule's the most important.
[00:56] Find friends who've got your back.
[00:59] You'll have to share your loot, sure,
[01:02] but friendship is probably worth it.
[01:06] Having mastered the three rules,
[01:08] I faced the three-headed beast.
[01:16] And treated myself to a trophy.
[01:20] And that, my friends,
[01:21] is how you become a hero!
[01:28] Rule number four!
[01:29] If a dragon has more than one head,
[01:30] make sure you cut them all off!
[01:33] Adventure calls!
[01:34] You coming?
[01:52] I think that went rather well, don't you?