Transcript of RuneScape Top Tips for Double XP Weekend (2019)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] Double XP is just around the corner and while you stack your banks,
[00:10] buy your supplies, plan your goals and mentally prepare for the weekend,
[00:14] we've compiled a few tips to help you make the most of your bonus XP and maximise your gains!
[00:19] If you aren't already part of a clan, you should join one!
[00:22] You'll be able to summon the Clan Avatar,
[00:23] which will give you an additional portion of bonus XP to maximise your efforts even more.
[00:30] To get the most XP out of the weekend,
[00:31] try working on a skill which lets you train several skills at once.
[00:36] Head over to the oddments store in Treasure Hunter and buy yourselves some pulse cores.
[00:39] When consumed, these beauties give you and everyone around you
[00:42] an extra burst of temporary bonus XP.
[00:45] If you have proteans, or combat and skilling dummies in your bank,
[00:48] double XP is a great time to use them!
[00:50] And, talking about banks, don't forget to set up your bank presets before the weekend!
[00:57] If you have access to Invention, augment your equipment before the weekend
[01:00] so your weapons and tools will also benefit as much as possible from double XP.
[01:04] You may have heard that recently we released a massive update
[01:07] to Mining and Smithing which has substantially changed the way these skills are trained!
[01:10] If you plan to train either or both these skills during the bonus XP weekend,
[01:14] here are a couple of specific tips to help get you swinging!
[01:18] While mining Animica is still a good bet,
[01:21] the relative value of XP is higher than the value of the materials you gain from skilling,
[01:25] making options like Alaea crablets and Seren stones comparatively more appealing.
[01:30] The best Smithing XP you can get is from making complete sets of burial Elder Rune Armour.
[01:34] A word of warning, though: this does destroy the armour in the process,
[01:37] so you have to choose between burial XP or gaining GP from selling your armour.
[01:41] While Mining is much more AFK-friendly since the rework,
[01:43] you'll want to be paying close attention to rockatunities
[01:46] and at least mine semi-actively to keep up a strong and steady XP-per-hour rate.
[01:50] One last note about Mining, don't forget to use the ore box
[01:52] to save you having to bank your inventory each time you fill it up.
[01:55] That just about sums up this set of Double XP tips!
[01:58] Stay hydrated, get at least a little bit of rest
[02:00] and, in the words of the mighty Mod Shauny, take care and have a good one!
[02:04] Like, Alaela... what?
[02:06] How do I pronounce Alaea...?
[02:07] Alaeaya crablets and Seren stones comparatively more appealing.