Transcript of RuneScape Story so Far - An introduction to Desperate Times

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Good people of Gielinor, thank you for coming.
[00:03] For those of you who do not know me, my name is Seren.
[00:07] Some call me the Goddess of the Elves.
[00:12] I have called you here because you represent every race of people
[00:17] and every god on Gielinor.
[00:20] There is a threat.
[00:21] A threat which faces every one of us.
[00:24] One you may be unaware of.
[00:27] The Elder Gods.
[00:29] They are beings older than our world.
[00:32] Indeed they created this world and indirectly everything on it.
[00:38] For the entire lifetime of this planet they have slept.
[00:42] But now they are waking up.
[00:45] They laid their eggs in the heart of the planet
[00:48] and when they hatch they will consume Gielinor and all life on it.
[00:54] Then they will move on to the rest of the universe, destroying world after world,
[00:59] until their work is finished and there is nothing but darkness.
[01:04] We have only one chance to avoid this fate.
[01:08] You must meet with the Elder Gods.
[01:10] Prove to them that you are more than merely food to be consumed.
[01:15] I am sure that they will come to see your value as I have.
[01:19] That is why I have brought you here.
[01:22] To warn you, to plead with you to make this case.
[01:26] It is only by working together that you can do this.
[01:30] Only united can you show the Elder Gods that you are worthy.