Transcript of RuneScape Spotlight – Introduction to Player Owned Farms

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Ready, boys?
[00:02] One, two, three, four!
[00:17] Hello, my little cherry tomatoes.
[00:20] My name's granny Potterington. Welcome to my farm.
[00:23] Are you here to take on looking after the animals on my farm?
[00:27] Yes?
[00:29] Your fingers are at least a little bit green. You'll do!
[00:32] This little old farm of mine just north of Ardougne has been with my family for generations.
[00:38] There's lifetimes of blood, sweat and Potterington tears in this here soil.
[00:43] But regardless, these old bones can't manage the farm quite as well as they used to.
[00:48] I can't care for the animals or tend to the crops.
[00:52] It's not as fun as it used to be.
[00:54] And I can't go gallivanting through wheat fields following scores of young men.
[01:01] Those were the days!
[01:03] When you first get here, make sure you come and speak to me on the farm.
[01:06] I'll have a nice little helpful tutorial with me
[01:08] and my good friend Prezleek to get you up to speed.
[01:11] Once you've finished the tutorial,
[01:13] you'll be able to start building pens to keep your animals in them.
[01:16] You can start this by purchasing pen deeds from the shop, which is me.
[01:21] You can build two of each kind, small, medium, and large,
[01:25] and you'll just need a few construction materials to get them built.
[01:28] There's a whole barn full of animals you can keep on the farm,
[01:30] including rabbits, chickens, cows, sheep, yaks.
[01:34] And it wouldn't be RuneScape without other animals
[01:36] like spiders, zygomites, chinchompas and even dragons.
[01:40] To raise a sweet little animal, you'll first need to check it over.
[01:43] Just to make sure it hasn't got any diseases, parasites, curses and the like.
[01:47] But be warned. Once you check your animal it will no longer stack in your bank,
[01:51] so be sure you check only the animals you care about.
[01:54] Once checked, you just need to store the animal in a pen of its appropriate size,
[01:58] small, medium, and large.
[02:00] Your animals have a wide variety of stats, including health,
[02:03] happiness, weight, attractiveness and speed.
[02:06] And as they grow up they will age through various stages from egg all the way up to an elder.
[02:10] You'll also need to keep them well fed, but you need to make sure they eat the food that they like.
[02:15] After all, dragons are not fans of strawberries.
[02:21] What are you doing?
[02:23] I'm harvesting a cow!
[02:25] No, no, no, no!
[02:26] There'll be no killing or harvesting of any animals on my farm, thank you very much.
[02:31] If at some point you no longer want your fluffy or even scaly little friend,
[02:34] you can sell them on to a new owner.
[02:37] Sometimes we need to talk about the birds and the bees.
[02:39] One of the most efficient ways of getting new healthy animals is by breeding them.
[02:44] Some animals go at it like rabbits and multiply very quickly.
[02:48] Other animals like dragons take a little longer.
[02:51] Breeding animals also gives the chance of acquiring rare or special breeds,
[02:55] including a chance of finding a rare form.
[02:58] Different breeds provide different resources
[03:00] and the rare forms give an increased amount of XP when you harvest them.
[03:04] If you're not into breeding animals, you can find them across all of Gielinor.
[03:08] Some of them are dropped by certain monsters,
[03:10] some you can find hiding away in skilling plots,
[03:12] and others you can just buy directly from the farmers market.
[03:16] All of the animals on the farm have different traits,
[03:19] including at least one trait and sometimes up to three traits.
[03:22] Traits affect animals in different ways.
[03:24] For example, the jovial trait means your animal is happier and easier to look after.
[03:29] But not all traits are positive.
[03:30] For example, the sullen trait makes your animal much less happy.
[03:33] And stressed means your animal suffers from performance anxiety.
[03:38] You got any happy chickens?
[03:40] No, my little pumpkin. We only have evil chickens.
[03:46] Some animals have traits unique to that species
[03:48] and some traits are needed to unlock the special rare form.
[03:51] Traits can be passed on genetically and special bonuses are given to animals that are bred.
[03:55] Animals can unfortunately suffer some nasty diseases if they get unhealthy and unhappy.
[04:00] But diseases can be easily cured just by giving them a thorough inspection
[04:04] and finding the right cure.
[04:06] Your animal will be back to munching strawberries in no time.
[04:09] When you're not running around forcing your animals to start their own family tree,
[04:13] you can spend your time shoveling #&%$ for small amounts of XP.
[04:16] You can then use this poop to create new compost,
[04:19] including the brand-new ultra compost, if you have a supply of dragon #&%$.
[04:24] You can also place flowers in beehives
[04:27] to get those beautiful bees to make you some delightful new honeys,
[04:30] which you can use on your animals to improve their various stats.
[04:33] There are plenty of rewards to be earned around the farm.
[04:36] By getting your hands dirty you will get a lot of farming XP,
[04:39] various new ingredients for special new skilling potions,
[04:42] and, if you really work your socks off,
[04:44] you'll be able to kit yourself out with a brand new spanking farmer's outfit.
[04:47] My, my! I'd take any man wearing those slacks round the back of the barn!
[05:00] As a farmer, I hear lots of jokes about sheep.
[05:03] I'd tell them to my dog but, he'd herd them all!
[05:09] Why did the scarecrow win an award?
[05:12] He was outstanding in his field!
[05:16] What did the farmer say when he accidentally set his cow on fire?
[05:20] That was a bit of a mis-steak!
[05:24] What do you call a cow with a sense of humor?
[05:27] Amoosing!