Transcript of RuneScape RuneFest 3 Ticket Announcement

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] Hello, remember this...
[00:16] If you don't remember it's probably because you had too many Wizard Mind Bombs or because you simply weren't there,
[00:21] but don't worry because RuneFest 3 is on!
[00:26] It's at the tobacco docks in London on the 2nd November and that's only eight weeks away.
[00:32] Of course you won't get into RuneFest without a ticket so first things first.
[00:37] Tickets are £99 and they'll be on sale through the power of the internet.
[00:44] Tickets will give you access to everything, all areas, all content. Yeah that's right, this year everybody's a VIP.
[00:55] This includes the big reveals that we've got planed for our upcoming content and you'll have special insider sessions
[01:01] where you'll get to meet and ask questions to your favourite developers.
[01:04] There will be an Old School area.
[01:06] There'll be real life RuneScape activities like Godwars, distractions and diversions
[01:11] and you'll get to meet your favourite real life RuneScape characters.
[01:15] There will be a cool in game item.
[01:16] There will be a gaming area which gives you the first opportunity to play completely new unreleased content.
[01:23] There will be live entertainment and music.
[01:26] we are also planning a fantastic after show party which is shaping up to be a pretty crazy affair,
[01:32] with food and cocktails laid on, on the house and a stage full of surprises.
[01:37] Now I've got even more information to tell you about RuneFest but you will just have to keep your eyes peeled.
[01:43] In the meantime you can check out the RuneFest website, you can go onto Facebook,
[01:47] you can go onto twitter, you can go on the forums you can read the FAQ's,
[01:51] we are even going to be high jacking one of the CM live streams pretty soon to bring you even more information.
[01:56] Everyone at Jagex is really excited about getting involved in another RuneFest,
[02:00] we love meeting up with you and its going to be an absolutely cracking event.
[02:05] See you there.