Transcript of RuneScape RuneFest 3 LIVE Announcement

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] RuneFest is coming back to London
on November 2nd 2013.
[00:07] The 3rd RuneFest promises to be
the most adventurous RuneScape event yet.
[00:12] And with RuneFest LIVE, you don’t have
to actually be there, to be there.
[00:17] Streamed directly to you throughout the entire event,
RuneFest LIVE will take all the atmosphere and energy
[00:22] of the live experience and push it
through the internet straight to your computer.
[00:27] Join our hosts to get deeper into RuneScape
than ever before thanks to:
[00:31] Insider Session developer panels and presentations,
[00:34] comment and opinion with 1-2-1 interviews
from the makers of RuneScape,
[00:38] exclusive first looks at brand new
RuneScape content and gameplay,
[00:42] online viewer competitions,
cosplay, videos,
[00:45] music, dwarves, pirates, and more,
[00:48] and all from the comfort of your sofa.
[00:51] Watching RuneFest LIVE could not be easier,
[00:54] just go to
to view the event live and for free.
[00:59] Yes!
The whole event streamed live, for free!
[01:02] You really can’t beat being at RuneFest.
[01:05] But if you can’t be there,
at least you can still be there.
[01:09] Streaming starts at 11am GMT.
[01:11] Check for more details.