Transcript of RuneScape Reveals (From RuneFest 2016)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] hello how y'all doing all right so
[00:09] hasn't it been a great year so far
[00:12] something really worthy of our 15 year
[00:14] anniversary we so far have had whoa
[00:20] there we go that's a really strong star
[00:23] there isn't it well done mark we've had
[00:25] the glory of Talos the solo boss born
[00:28] from the anima we've had the arc a
[00:30] massive addition to the eastern lands
[00:32] and player owned ports seeing us conquer
[00:34] our own islands we've seen Gow a quest
[00:37] our tribute to the fathers of this
[00:39] wondrous world and of course God Wars
[00:41] dungeon 2 the sequel to our most dearly
[00:44] loved dungeon of all time and I'm sure
[00:46] that many of you have got your own
[00:48] favorites that we've launched this year
[00:49] any any comments huh skilling pets good
[00:55] call anybody else favorite content gala
[00:58] quest what I already mentioned that when
[01:00] you're not listening anyway and of
[01:04] course there's plenty more to come in
[01:06] 2016 for more info on that you really
[01:10] needed to check out mod Osbourne's
[01:11] talked earlier on in the day but the
[01:13] things I'm most looking forward to see
[01:15] are these so those fate of the Gods to
[01:20] where you'll join the measurer and their
[01:23] pilgrimage back to France k the planet
[01:25] that they were born on finally we get to
[01:28] witness the long-awaited showdown
[01:30] between xerath and zamorak
[01:32] and you'll get to go back in time and
[01:34] see the original betrayal firsthand
[01:37] being able to shape the action and
[01:39] define history and you'll get to explode
[01:42] explore the throne room at sinister in
[01:44] all its glory I personally hope zamorak
[01:48] gets what's coming coming to him but
[01:50] perhaps you want the story to go in a
[01:52] different route and he's a mark fans out
[01:54] there at all war strong strong and of
[02:01] course is part three of Cisco's
[02:03] countdown leading up to the dramatic
[02:06] conclusion in sliska end game where we
[02:09] wait with bated breath to find out the
[02:11] future of the world and
[02:13] course the stone of Jess and we've got a
[02:16] boatload more content coming for the Ark
[02:19] to with chapter 2 taking on board all of
[02:22] your feedback from the first launch
[02:24] releasing more content for you to find
[02:26] we want to change the feel of that
[02:28] content rewarding you more for exploring
[02:31] and adventuring and removing the feeling
[02:34] that you need to exhaust all your
[02:35] islands before you move on and there's
[02:38] new rewards as well for you to find for
[02:40] you to take outside of the islands
[02:42] giving you cool stuff to use in the
[02:44] wider world giving real reasons to get
[02:47] involved with this beautiful content and
[02:50] thanks honestly for so much for getting
[02:53] so heavily involved in helping us to
[02:55] shape the content that we work on it
[02:57] really is genuinely a collaborative
[02:59] effort between developer and player and
[03:02] we know that the content is getting
[03:05] better when we work together on it so
[03:08] let's talk about some shiny stuff onto
[03:11] the survey taken back in May and the
[03:15] glorious future that it's laid out for
[03:16] us now the rest of this presentation is
[03:19] just a vision a collection of ideas that
[03:22] might just pan out the way we want them
[03:24] to like sacred clay is what we've molded
[03:28] now but it can change when that glorious
[03:30] collaboration between players and
[03:32] developers kicks in now just like before
[03:35] we've asked you what you wanted us to
[03:37] work on in the future the survey was
[03:40] answered by thousands of you from all
[03:42] corners of the world
[03:44] low-level veteran elapsed all sorts of
[03:47] players and we know they're the people
[03:49] who care deeply about this game and the
[03:52] results were very interesting so let's
[03:55] just take a look at the twelve most
[03:57] wanted updates now it really helped me
[03:59] if I could get a new let's practice that
[04:04] after each one that I go through just so
[04:07] I can get an idea how excited you are
[04:09] for each one that we look at so this is
[04:12] the top 12 updates that you voted for in
[04:15] the survey so the first thing to notice
[04:20] is that reworks feature four times on
[04:23] this list and it's the top two things
[04:25] that you want to see and number one is
[04:27] the bank rework closely followed by an
[04:33] agility rework at number two and now
[04:38] that is a personal bugbear of mine and
[04:40] the developers that are listening now
[04:41] will know that we've talked about an
[04:43] agility we work for ages we just didn't
[04:46] know if it's what you guys wanted as
[04:47] well so it's nice to know and there's a
[04:51] clue scroll over Hall at number 9 and a
[04:56] construction and player own house rework
[04:58] at number 11
[05:02] so next is combat so combat was the next
[05:06] most popular area taking up three more
[05:08] slots thanks to our passionate PVM
[05:10] community and number four we've got
[05:12] Slayer skill to 120 number five is a new
[05:17] solo boss ah someone very excited about
[05:23] it over there and number six is a brand
[05:26] new Slayer dungeon now I should just
[05:29] explain the colors that are on the
[05:31] screen there if it's not too obvious the
[05:33] green box that you can see shows how
[05:35] many people voted for that update in
[05:37] their top three and the yellow is four
[05:39] to six and the raid is seven to twelve
[05:41] so you can see actually that more people
[05:43] voted for Slayer and solo boss in their
[05:45] top three than any other piece of
[05:47] content now for me the biggest surprise
[05:51] here is the score for a new weather
[05:53] system weather system it's there at
[05:59] number three and it seems that you guys
[06:01] really want to see some of that
[06:02] legendary British weather see through
[06:05] the cracks at jagex HQ and make its way
[06:08] into Gillen or who knew well and that
[06:12] really was a massive surprise to us and
[06:14] that number eight is a mysterious new
[06:16] continent actually I feel like we've
[06:20] done quite a lot of that with the arc
[06:22] but it's interesting to know that it's
[06:24] something you still want to see now
[06:26] there's probably a lot of you very
[06:28] surprised not too that there isn't more
[06:30] quests up there and actually I think
[06:32] that's our fault in the way that we did
[06:34] the survey because we split up the law
[06:38] vote by putting too many quests in there
[06:40] in the list so you have too many things
[06:42] to choose from but don't worry because
[06:44] I'll tell you about some pretty epic
[06:45] story stuff in a bit now general
[06:50] skilling did very well as well with the
[06:51] player owned farm idea at number seven
[06:56] Skilling pets at number 10 and skill
[07:01] specializations at number 12 now
[07:05] interestingly things that like mounts
[07:07] prestige systems pvp even things like
[07:11] player owned shops which is a real blast
[07:13] from the past didn't really feature well
[07:15] at all and didn't come anywhere near
[07:17] this top 12 now what does this all mean
[07:19] so this list has heavily influenced
[07:23] almost dictated how we invest our time
[07:25] next year but as you know we like to
[07:28] keep a few surprises up our sleeves you
[07:31] see the survey has done more than just
[07:33] point us in the right direction it's
[07:35] made us rethink how we release content
[07:39] and I'll bring some special guests onto
[07:41] the stage to talk about that later
[07:44] but first I'm going to indulge myself
[07:47] and talk to you about a few of my
[07:49] favorite standout updates for 2017 so
[07:54] when we managed to lift our jaws off the
[07:57] floor after seeing how well the weather
[07:58] we rework had done in the survey we
[08:00] started to talk and when a bunch of
[08:02] j-mods start talking weird things happen
[08:05] now weather for us wasn't just about
[08:08] sprinkling some snow on some roofs and
[08:11] showing off our new graphics engine know
[08:13] if it was going to be awesome
[08:15] it had to do something spectacular so
[08:19] how about a dynamic weather system that
[08:22] changes as the world moves around yeah
[08:24] we could do seasonal weather that mimics
[08:27] the way that outside of your window when
[08:28] you're playing the game if we wanted to
[08:30] but it's really going to affect your
[08:32] gameplay sorry it would be raining all
[08:36] the time but wouldn't it be cool if you
[08:38] could use that rain to do something cool
[08:40] in the game what about seeing like a big
[08:43] storm brewing watching lightning strikes
[08:46] appearing in the distance in the game so
[08:49] you want to climb up to a high point
[08:50] like the Wizards tower or something like
[08:52] that and climb up there with a lightning
[08:54] rod and gather that energy to use as a
[08:56] component for spells unleashing it and
[08:59] in spells or abilities just think of the
[09:02] power that the Wizards could gain at the
[09:04] top of the tower or how about watching
[09:06] Flags bend in the winds and
[09:08] heading down to our career to watch
[09:10] sandstorm spinning across the desert
[09:12] picking up dunes of sand and revealing
[09:15] forgotten tombs to explore or unearth
[09:17] cursed mass graves of plague victims
[09:20] suddenly dealing with a rush of the
[09:22] undead
[09:23] how about flash floods that bring rare
[09:25] fish to a previously barren environment
[09:28] cranking away seas of farming locations
[09:30] or cooling lava flows to create pathways
[09:33] to unreachable locations or typhoons
[09:36] that bring creatures from faraway lands
[09:39] to you or how about doing shamanistic
[09:42] rain dances that allow you to create
[09:44] your own local versions of that weather
[09:46] in your part of the world
[09:48] freezing your opponents with temperature
[09:50] control spells or just briefing some
[09:53] people by filling up your bank with rain
[09:56] yeah it will allow us to show off our
[09:58] new graphics engine but it will allow
[10:00] you to show off your crazy creativity as
[10:02] you shape the world with godlike powers
[10:05] now talking of gods let's talk about the
[10:08] Elder Gods now for those of you paying
[10:11] attention to the law you know that the
[10:13] Elder Gods are beginning to stir and
[10:16] when they wake up they won't be happy
[10:19] we've learned over the past years but
[10:21] these guys have been sleeping under our
[10:23] very noses in the game in the perfect
[10:26] world that they created and the current
[10:29] inhabitants are just noisy dirty tenants
[10:32] their fights and their late-night
[10:34] parties have earned them are far more
[10:35] than just an ASBO they want us gone
[10:39] imagine if you will what would happen if
[10:43] big the elder god sleeping under in
[10:46] tirana decided to get up
[10:54] so let's just take a moment to think
[10:57] about this
[10:58] there's no battling this there's no
[11:00] clever way of getting Virago to stab it
[11:03] in the face no weapon to make it turn
[11:05] and run is pissed off and I imagine it's
[11:09] like coming home to find that your
[11:11] kitchen has been invaded by ants needing
[11:15] to be dealt with and we are those ants
[11:18] even mighty gods like Zaros that you can
[11:21] just see hovering in the corner there
[11:23] desperately still trying to look cool
[11:25] we'll just get squished and he can
[11:30] probably just get put in a display case
[11:32] like a pretty little butterfly so how do
[11:35] you stop an elder God anybody got any
[11:37] ideas
[11:40] formaldehydes I had done I'm pretty sure
[11:44] that's not what you said but it's a nice
[11:45] idea any ideas a gooseberry a blue
[11:51] screen how would that work I'm I'm
[11:55] confused a blue screen of death
[11:57] I see like a loading bar of crippling
[12:01] any ideas from you guys even bigger
[12:06] Elder Gods oh well that's just going to
[12:08] create some kind of scale wall of
[12:10] disasters huh translation anyone servers
[12:18] see you guys have just smashed through
[12:21] that fourth wall haven't you LA no
[12:23] respect so I wonder can we reason with
[12:27] them can we convince them that somehow
[12:29] we've improved the world with our
[12:32] continents of destruction
[12:34] oceans littered with the corpses of our
[12:36] fallen victims now this is just one of
[12:40] the older gods and it's a small one deep
[12:44] underground there are eggs - I wonder if
[12:47] we can revert the damage that we've done
[12:49] perhaps even find these guys a new home
[12:52] because if their destiny works out they
[12:55] are here to consume all living things to
[12:59] feed from the anima and make the new
[13:01] world make a new world more glorious
[13:03] than the last now we think that Zaros
[13:06] the key the man with the plan but will
[13:09] he survive the troubles that we all face
[13:11] with Swiss gaze endgame and that my
[13:14] friends is truly up to you now the next
[13:20] thing I want to talk about is the
[13:22] skilling pet now it was in the top 10
[13:24] and the ones ones we've launched so far
[13:26] have been very well received but we've
[13:29] got a few more to do yet like combat
[13:31] pets a pet for attack for defense for
[13:34] magic for summoning for prayer all those
[13:36] skills perhaps we could give you a clue
[13:39] scroll pet or a minigame pet or even one
[13:42] of you who was suggesting you
[13:43] desperately wanted that little rock
[13:45] thing that is in the living rock caverns
[13:47] who was shouting about that someone was
[13:49] he called it like a rock hamster or
[13:52] something which sounded pretty cool to
[13:54] me so we want to bring you all of those
[13:58] skilling pets and we want to bring it to
[14:00] you with a brand new pet spark
[14:06] I was really hoping for an R that's
[14:09] awesome
[14:10] now it's odd isn't it that this image
[14:13] looks so different from the last
[14:16] how can a world where islands get up and
[14:18] start kicking your ass still find time
[14:21] for pets but that is the beauty of
[14:24] runescape isn't it a world where these
[14:27] things can stand side by side in the
[14:31] world it's the world that you've told us
[14:33] that you want one that can be weird and
[14:35] wacky and a world that doesn't have to
[14:38] be all doom and gloom with joy hidden in
[14:40] the strangest of places now this pet
[14:42] park is a great play - great place to
[14:45] see all your achievements in a
[14:46] four-legged format collecting different
[14:49] groups of pets for hidden rewards being
[14:51] able to customize your park like a
[14:54] strange sue or a safari enclosure even
[14:57] training your pet army to work for you
[15:00] like a miscellaneous style workforce who
[15:02] could perform tasks for you while you're
[15:04] away I'm Ally imagine this is a bit like
[15:07] me when I get home and I come home from
[15:09] a hard day's work and I find that my
[15:10] cats have left an array of dead pigeons
[15:13] for me on the doorstep or a dog that
[15:15] brings me a stick to throw except that
[15:18] in runescape it would be a forest load
[15:19] of wood
[15:20] or several inventories full of chin
[15:22] chompers now the most requested update
[15:26] this year has been the bank rework and
[15:31] we're finally going to do a back rework
[15:39] now whilst it doesn't have the
[15:42] photogenic power of an Elder Gods we
[15:45] know that it's the thing you want more
[15:46] than anything else and it was the number
[15:48] one requested update so we're finally
[15:50] going to do it it's a huge change that
[15:53] affects everybody but we want to make
[15:55] sure that the rework feels familiar and
[15:57] second nature to you all of course it
[16:02] needs additional depth offering
[16:03] placeholders so you can amazingly store
[16:06] single items in your bank but don't move
[16:09] around when you've pulled them out eka
[16:17] da it could have things like unlimited
[16:19] bank tabs it could offer you more
[16:21] presets it could offer you sorting tools
[16:23] to help you order your bank by item type
[16:26] or skill my goodness it could offer you
[16:32] deeper customization options as well
[16:34] offering you the ability to color tabs
[16:37] or even attach words to your different
[16:39] tabs even manipulate your management
[16:42] tools your inventory management tools
[16:44] like coal bags or visa burdens in a much
[16:47] simpler way we know that is a big deal
[16:50] and we know that it's a huge job but
[16:52] we're committed to making it everything
[16:54] it could and should be
[16:55] now another rework that you told us you
[16:58] really wanted to see in the top 10 so
[17:00] massive rework two clue Scrolls and we
[17:02] never ever would have predicted that
[17:04] either I'm glad that some of you are
[17:07] excited about it really excited we want
[17:10] to rework those existing Scrolls to make
[17:12] the rewards really worth the effort and
[17:14] we want you to have more than one on the
[17:16] go at the same time there's plenty to
[17:20] rework on them but we also want to give
[17:22] you new challenges and rewards too it's
[17:25] tough to do some concept art for a clue
[17:27] rope clue scroll rework but you know
[17:29] we've got talented artists so we had to
[17:31] go so you can see there we've got new
[17:34] god birds we've got new third age gear
[17:36] we've got some unique clue scroll gear
[17:38] but one reward really stands out which
[17:41] is the idea of unique footprints that
[17:44] you leave behind you as you're walking
[17:46] around the world with a rarity to match
[17:49] their awesomeness now I like the idea of
[17:51] being
[17:52] able to leave a trail of blood behind me
[17:54] as I weighed between kills and castle
[17:56] walls looking for my next kill or flames
[17:58] in the shape of skulls or perhaps even
[18:01] something like flowers sprouting up
[18:03] behind me as I'm walking around if I'm
[18:05] feeling a little bit less brutal and we
[18:08] also like to offer you a new tier of
[18:10] clue Scrolls called the champions tier
[18:12] with more skill and clues and a high
[18:15] score table to support it we want to add
[18:18] unique clue Scrolls to giving everyone a
[18:21] chance to have one clue scroll the same
[18:24] clue scroll each and it'd be like a race
[18:27] across the world for the first person to
[18:29] solve it with a unique reward at the end
[18:31] that only one person can get so
[18:34] ultimately really cool streamable
[18:37] content now the solo boss also came up
[18:42] pretty high on the survey - and we learn
[18:45] a lot from Tallis this year we know that
[18:47] in rage works really well we know that
[18:49] you guys enjoy the solo challenges more
[18:52] than the group ones we know that
[18:54] different rewards work well for
[18:56] different levels of player at different
[18:58] levels of in range so we want to do more
[19:00] of the same and of course give you an
[19:02] even greater challenge than Tallis at
[19:05] its most angry and we think it should
[19:08] look something like this
[19:16] so what is that we want to go down a
[19:22] horror-movie route with this guy almost
[19:25] Slenderman like this is the Ambassador
[19:28] one of our tax crew it's inspired by the
[19:31] likes of HP Lovecraft and the Cthulhu
[19:33] Mythos and this guy is designed to scare
[19:36] the hell out of you now I'd forgive you
[19:38] for not knowing too much about Zeltiq
[19:40] but the clues are spread throughout
[19:42] runescape with some stories of
[19:44] underwater cities and now I'm not going
[19:48] to tell you too much more than that
[19:50] all the descriptives for this uh turgut
[19:54] and the horrors that live inside its
[19:56] mouth are far too offensive for your
[19:59] dainty shell like years so all I can
[20:02] really say is FML gg WTF just a couple
[20:09] more things for me to cover before I
[20:11] hand over to the big guns and I just
[20:13] like to have a brief word on mining and
[20:16] smithing now it's still something that
[20:18] we want to work on you told us that plan
[20:21] a wasn't quite right so we went back to
[20:24] the drawing board and we want to take
[20:25] you through every step of the process
[20:27] for Plan B in October we started a
[20:29] series of dev blogs where what sorry not
[20:32] in October because we're in September in
[20:35] October which is in the future where we
[20:39] will be starting a series of dev blogs
[20:41] where we can cover every single aspect
[20:44] of the project and we'll build a design
[20:46] together the important aspects are very
[20:48] clear to us what like the bank rework
[20:51] it's got to be simple and familiar not
[20:54] overburdened with stuff we want to raise
[20:56] the profile of mining and smithing
[20:59] making an a viable means of income and
[21:01] we still intend to bring the rune and
[21:04] Dragon gear to a smithing level that
[21:06] actually makes sense
[21:07] and we want to release new materials
[21:09] armor and weapons just like the cool
[21:12] gear that you see on the screen now and
[21:15] finally I sort of
[21:22] it's just about enough time for me to
[21:25] talk about one of my favorite characters
[21:27] of all time now he's a lovable loser
[21:30] that lives in his mom's basement he
[21:32] thinks he one thing to be evil but he's
[21:34] just too nice he likes to say
[21:37] controversial things but it's really
[21:39] just to get attention and despite all
[21:41] the tough talk he wouldn't hurt a fly no
[21:44] I'm not talking about nightmare rh i'm
[21:46] talking about evil day so there's evil
[21:53] Dave he's cool right in many ways this
[22:04] reminds me of some of the photos that
[22:05] we've been taking today with zamorak
[22:09] home and kicking back on Gillen or his
[22:11] chance for Dave to meet his idol and get
[22:14] the makeover mage to help him take a
[22:16] selfie you told us you wanted quests
[22:19] with strong characters and something
[22:21] with that weird British humor
[22:23] well the evil Dave Quest will have just
[22:26] that no doubt it will involve some crazy
[22:28] Stu and plenty of shouting but it's got
[22:32] a weird body swap theme which I hope
[22:34] won't be something disturbing like
[22:36] Freaky Friday and instead be something
[22:39] cool like big personally I've got no
[22:42] idea why evil Dave wasn't in Tamarac
[22:44] lineup for the dishonor amongst these
[22:46] quest
[22:47] perhaps he's just simply too cool for
[22:49] that anyway that is enough from me for
[22:54] now CT I kept my promise I didn't talk
[22:57] about blurring forests at all now it's
[23:01] time for the really interesting stuff so
[23:05] it's time to welcome to the stage the
[23:07] real powerhouse of runescape my favorite
[23:10] thing to dual wield apart from my
[23:12] newborn twins mod Connor and mod Osborne
[23:16] thank you
[23:32] hey everybody
[23:33] well hello oh my goodness gracious we've
[23:36] been doing hopefully react to this uh
[23:38] yeah we love this is one of these secret
[23:41] things where you are you get a concept
[23:42] art by from the concept artist then
[23:44] they've just gone to town you've gone I
[23:45] love this even more than I have a good
[23:46] book that's quite beautiful it's the cat
[23:49] face on zamorak a grumpy cat anyway so
[23:56] we're here for something new the big
[23:59] change in 2017 Bamber nah not an ounce a
[24:06] sailor
[24:06] we are not announcing sailing but we are
[24:08] changing something massive yeah we we've
[24:12] been working on 2017 for some time now
[24:14] we've kind of sat down looking at the
[24:17] results of the survey looking at what
[24:19] you wanted what we wanted to do and we
[24:22] really wanted it we knew we're going to
[24:23] be on stage at rien fest we were knew we
[24:24] were going to be talking to you about
[24:25] this are we wanted to be securing the
[24:27] knowledge we had announced the biggest
[24:29] and most impressive most impactful year
[24:31] we could possibly have done and we could
[24:33] have just rolled out the usual updates
[24:35] you've seen a lot of them already there
[24:37] are a lot of updates up there they're
[24:38] really exciting it's been great to hear
[24:40] from backstage the laughs the screams is
[24:42] it's always wonderful to see the
[24:43] reactions but we wanted to go bigger and
[24:45] we wanted something really impactful and
[24:47] make sure it was very exciting and while
[24:49] we got those reactions we still want to
[24:51] go more yeah we really want to go bigger
[24:53] we want to make the game for another 15
[24:55] years I think it deserves to be another
[24:58] 15 years this is the game that we love
[25:00] we love making this but the biggest
[25:02] change the biggest reason for this
[25:04] change is you it's what you've been
[25:06] telling us through the survey through a
[25:08] lot of your feedback that you have been
[25:10] giving over this year it's your reaction
[25:12] to latest updates
[25:13] so where to start let's not here so
[25:17] there was one slightly innocuous
[25:18] question I guess within the survey and
[25:20] that question was every two months
[25:24] how many updates would you like to see
[25:26] now might one thing small that you just
[25:29] went through and just clicked one thing
[25:30] or another and that's kind of how we
[25:31] wanted to see it if it's something that
[25:34] you can just react as you're answering
[25:35] all the other questions we'll get a
[25:36] truly honest answer from everybody to
[25:38] see what they're really looking for and
[25:40] I think this says a lot about it
[25:42] yeah just the start-stop we've
[25:44] highlighted the two rightmost bars you
[25:47] told us that two large updates every two
[25:49] months and let's be honest that's what
[25:50] we're giving you now we are giving you
[25:52] one update every month it was
[25:55] appreciated but it wasn't it's nowhere
[25:57] near these two bars to the left and
[25:58] several smaller updates something like
[26:00] what we were giving you ten twelve years
[26:01] ago the idea of constantly releasing
[26:03] something every week just didn't really
[26:05] have that impact what you're telling us
[26:07] is skew towards the large and that
[26:10] really fits with a lot of feedback we've
[26:11] been getting I mean we're not ignoring
[26:13] your reddit posts your Twitter post
[26:15] we're not you know we're not just trying
[26:17] to hole put our head in the sand like an
[26:19] ostrich by any means you put those
[26:21] dreaded words dead content they're
[26:24] coming out more and more is almost like
[26:25] I don't know talked about dead content
[26:27] anymore after what we've got revealed
[26:29] for you today and that makes a lot of
[26:31] sense because we were releasing it you
[26:32] felt like we were releasing just for the
[26:34] sake of filling a release week and also
[26:36] batched updates things like oh city
[26:40] things like the ark it's almost like you
[26:42] felt like you wanted it all to come in
[26:44] one go rather than splitting it up
[26:46] trying to get more updates out of it
[26:48] perhaps and you can see under to higher
[26:51] bars on our next part that it's it's
[26:54] that's what you're looking for like give
[26:55] me one extra large update every two
[26:57] weeks or give me one large update
[26:59] another smaller ones and so means it
[27:01] feels like Oh internally we're looking
[27:04] for the space and externally you're
[27:05] looking for the space between the major
[27:06] things are looking for your attention so
[27:08] you don't feel swamped but also you
[27:10] don't feel like you don't want to engage
[27:11] with the content and that everything is
[27:12] really really exciting yeah and you've
[27:14] also told us he wants things finished I
[27:16] think that a lot of you have told us
[27:17] about invention that things have come
[27:19] out dribs and drabs after it like you
[27:21] wanted everything in one go rather than
[27:23] flux something creeping out okay um
[27:25] ultimately I think from that point you
[27:27] didn't want to be treated as beta
[27:28] testers which makes perfect sense of
[27:30] course we want to be proud of what we
[27:31] put out there now as developers we want
[27:33] to be giving you something fully formed
[27:35] that we know and now confident in that
[27:37] it's gonna have real impact with you I
[27:38] want to really celebrate the release day
[27:40] something that we can join everyone with
[27:42] and when a release day comes every
[27:43] single week it starts to lose some of
[27:45] that actually that special yes I you
[27:48] could probably sell us what we're doing
[27:49] here so Babar runescape expansions okay
[27:53] what does that mean that's obviously
[27:55] some big word
[27:56] there but what does it mean for us okay
[27:59] this is an area or region in the game
[28:03] released on a single day full of
[28:06] towering updates those updates do you
[28:09] know you get over a period of months or
[28:10] a period of weeks they're all in there
[28:12] on that same launch day that's the key
[28:15] thing it happens in one day you see
[28:17] everything coming together as a large
[28:18] update you're not looking at having
[28:20] something come out now and another thing
[28:22] in two to three months that finishes off
[28:23] that content for you you get it in one
[28:25] piece one major piece of content and one
[28:28] major area in the game is expanded for
[28:30] everyone we've increased the number of
[28:32] people working on this working on the
[28:35] give an update and we've changed how we
[28:37] work to accommodate this that was
[28:40] another part that was incredibly
[28:42] important and actually one of the
[28:43] questions that I've asked people to tell
[28:45] me is how many people do you think are
[28:46] involved in a quest what I've been
[28:48] saying is that we have teams of about 10
[28:49] to 15 people and they're working
[28:50] together I'm have about three of them
[28:52] what we want to do is make sure that
[28:53] we're bringing larger groups together to
[28:55] give more impact in a longer period of
[28:57] time but Yam pieces the emphasis is on
[28:59] getting it right first time getting
[29:01] something big out there without any
[29:03] batches and without it being dead
[29:05] content on launch that is all right okay
[29:08] so what size are we talking about are
[29:10] kind of giving you an inkling okay
[29:13] the closest we have to the size of
[29:15] expansion is elf City now elf City has a
[29:18] large series of content and systems that
[29:20] are around it and the other thing that
[29:22] has us really excited is that people are
[29:24] still there and it's still a major goal
[29:25] for everyone in the game so a lot of you
[29:28] will already be there there are other
[29:29] players who are just starting and that's
[29:31] the point that they're going for because
[29:32] it's so good for everybody and there's
[29:34] so much available and it's going to be
[29:36] greater than the size of the Ark in its
[29:38] collective two batches I know you
[29:40] haven't had the Select second batch but
[29:42] once you get it you will know that what
[29:43] we're giving you or offering you is
[29:45] bigger than the Ark oh yes all right
[29:48] um so we're only going to be revealing a
[29:51] few things about each given expansion
[29:53] why are we doing that well first of all
[29:57] we want to concentrate on getting it
[29:59] right we're talking about a few things
[30:00] we know that we can definitely deliver
[30:02] on those few things we're gonna be
[30:04] talking about a few of them today but
[30:05] mainly we want to bring surprise and
[30:08] discovery back to
[30:10] scape I don't many of you will start out
[30:14] on a release day and you'll know
[30:15] everything that's coming you'd have
[30:16] followed everything on our streams
[30:17] you'll be watching everything in the
[30:18] bts's
[30:19] and we'll give you as much information
[30:20] as we can so you know everything that
[30:22] we're trying to release and that's great
[30:24] because we're getting your feedback and
[30:25] we understand what you're looking for
[30:26] and we can tweak it as we build but what
[30:28] it does take away is that mystery and
[30:30] that discovery and that feeling of
[30:32] something fresh and new that you have to
[30:34] go out and find now how many of you
[30:36] remember how he announced construction
[30:38] yeah go on do you remember how that said
[30:46] so I did be able to sit down yeah yeah
[30:47] we told you that effectively in the BTS
[30:49] that came before it that you just be
[30:51] able to sit down and then we were in
[30:53] that we release construction in the next
[30:54] game update I don't think we go to that
[30:56] I don't know to go to that skate but um
[30:59] what we want to allow our developers to
[31:01] do is add detail to the expansion add
[31:04] examines add small pieces of quest
[31:07] content beast to discover locations to
[31:12] find skill training methods to find
[31:14] pushing further than just finding and
[31:16] examine on items and well that's a nice
[31:17] flavor why you're going to do is find
[31:18] action things you can start interacting
[31:20] with and discover and it's new things
[31:22] all of the time yeah what the reason
[31:24] we've got gates up here is I really love
[31:26] the idea of launch day we could just say
[31:28] right it's out there you know a few
[31:30] things you know a few of you be lying to
[31:31] some of the the areas within an
[31:33] expansion to play them but others are
[31:35] searching out and sharing with each
[31:36] other I found this cool trading method I
[31:38] found this little this a little bit
[31:40] quest the leads to other things at least
[31:42] the fantastic rewards you're sharing it
[31:44] you'll effectively sticking a flag in it
[31:45] that sends a message to all of your
[31:47] friends that this thing is here okay so
[31:51] obviously got a lot of questions how
[31:53] often is probably one of them okay there
[31:57] are reasons we're calling them runescape
[31:58] expansions we're going to try I say try
[32:01] we will be releasing fairly frequently
[32:05] with these yeah I think it's really
[32:06] important to us that when we talk about
[32:09] runescape expansions it's not like other
[32:10] how other games treat expansions are the
[32:12] check game Street expansions by
[32:13] releasing them once every year perhaps
[32:14] more infrequently than that I feel like
[32:17] I'd love to have this experience the
[32:18] idea of exploring something like elf
[32:20] City all of its nooks and crannies more
[32:22] frequent
[32:22] bling so we are talking about something
[32:25] else city-sized every three months I
[32:28] believe the way you described it of
[32:30] christmas is coming three times a year
[32:32] in runescape next year okay so we're
[32:34] going to be bold we've actually given
[32:35] dates to this we'll see how much we
[32:37] regret it
[32:39] but we're going to try to have an
[32:41] expansion every three months and that
[32:42] starts in June then as you say Christmas
[32:45] comes again September and then in
[32:48] December in December there we go okay
[32:52] and when the app so that's when the
[32:53] first one is okay so and before June is
[32:57] everything really that Marco has been
[32:59] like mocking mod mark mug we always get
[33:02] that wrong Mon mark has been talking
[33:04] about in the previous part this
[33:05] presentation with a few exceptions so
[33:07] there's a lot of that content is there
[33:09] leading into the expansion and then
[33:10] we're going to hit hard in June with
[33:12] something epic okay we're going to be
[33:13] cruel we're only going to talk about the
[33:16] first expansion today so this is
[33:18] continuing the concept of discovery and
[33:20] excitement we're going to focus on one
[33:22] and we're going to make sure that
[33:24] everybody can pay attention to that one
[33:25] and we can get excited and we can look
[33:27] forward to its release without looking
[33:29] beyond it and it's big enough to be
[33:31] honest we're gonna be revealing three
[33:32] three updates that would like it we're
[33:33] going to tell a story as we go through
[33:35] that expansion tell us and yeah I will
[33:38] tell you a story it's story time with
[33:39] Dave I finally get to do it it's great
[33:40] okay
[33:42] um and you can be sure that there'll be
[33:43] kind of video blogs things like row
[33:44] twelve city that will lead you into that
[33:46] first expansion so enough talking we've
[33:48] done a lot of talking I think we have
[33:49] someone else we can talk for us I think
[33:50] somebody else can't with us
[33:52] so I would like to I've always wanted to
[33:54] say this roll the VT or video or
[33:57] something drink sit down
[33:58] my work has taken me to one
[34:02] I have picked the pockets of the elves
[34:06] I have planed an island in the eastern
[34:09] lands and in the heart of Gielinor I
[34:13] have stolen the legendary God's sword
[34:17] but one mark has eluded me if you ask me
[34:22] it is one of life's great tragedies
[34:41] Hey
[34:43] so I feel really cruel I was in a law
[34:45] talk just before this and one question
[34:47] was I love when are you going to bring
[34:50] it and I had to go never be there am i
[34:54] coming in ever so I do apologize to that
[34:58] one person hopefully this is made up for
[34:59] it okay so yeah almost 10 years to the
[35:03] day when we first put metaphors in that
[35:07] black square into the map men of FOSS is
[35:09] going to come into the game you will now
[35:11] you will be able to explore and this is
[35:13] coming June 2017 remain and this this is
[35:15] definitely the part where Dave tells us
[35:17] a lovely yes sorry I'm gonna take center
[35:18] stage a little bit here so I'd like to
[35:20] take you on a guided tour I want to take
[35:22] you through metaphors okay so you've
[35:25] been waiting at the gates for update to
[35:27] update day to hit it's finally happened
[35:29] you wandering through this is a
[35:31] beautiful area it's very distinct than
[35:33] rest the Caribbean desert desert you've
[35:35] got Hanging Gardens beautiful lush
[35:37] verdant owaisi's trickling streams
[35:41] running through it it's like all of the
[35:44] wealth has kind of felt fallen to the
[35:47] base of karidian desert and falling into
[35:49] man affairs it's beautiful a huge
[35:50] pyramid and the star bar
[35:52] looms over you and people pass you by
[35:55] they're uniformly rich but they're
[35:56] suspicious that arrogant but they're
[35:59] also fearful their ruler the Pharaoh is
[36:01] a puppet for a musket the Devourer God
[36:04] and the Pharaoh is a harsh harsh ruler
[36:07] but as you travel through the throng
[36:09] intensifies as you reach the market and
[36:11] in this market you have a loads them you
[36:14] have a bank you have a GE you have
[36:16] various skill training methods this is a
[36:19] hub city this is very much an
[36:21] alternative to elf city is an
[36:23] alternative to burthorpe as you're
[36:26] enjoying your training there bang the
[36:30] whole place rattles yet none of the
[36:32] people seem to be particularly perturbed
[36:34] by this seems like it's just a common
[36:36] thing this is this far-off explosion is
[36:40] a musket and a musket is tearing
[36:43] metaphors apart to find her father the
[36:46] God to Macon she believes that is holed
[36:49] up somewhere in Menifee
[36:51] and this allows me to talk about the
[36:53] first thing we going to willing to talk
[36:55] about in metaphors and this is the tombs
[37:00] of manifest she's caught she's causing
[37:04] carnage she's ripping holes in metaphors
[37:06] and revealing long-forgotten areas long
[37:08] forgotten tombs she's are creating a
[37:11] citywide pyramid plunder you look up and
[37:16] maybe you see that there's agility and
[37:18] herb-lore tomb that's been opened up
[37:20] near buying you rush over there
[37:22] few other people have rushed there as
[37:23] well perhaps and this poom is full of
[37:27] resources those resources might be out
[37:29] in the open but they might also be
[37:30] locked behind puzzles obstacles of some
[37:33] kind and you were given an objective and
[37:35] that objective might be to get twenty of
[37:37] these resources before time runs out
[37:39] we're looking for you to test we're
[37:41] going to try to test your non-combat
[37:43] skills test your knowledge of the game
[37:45] test your gathering and testing your
[37:47] strategizing and we want to bring a bit
[37:51] risk and challenge to non-combat skills
[37:53] just like PVM has been able to have
[37:55] boxing we want to bring that kind of
[37:58] feel to non-combat skilling give you
[38:00] something they can really test your
[38:02] ability
[38:02] I will elf City gives you guaranteed XP
[38:06] guaranteed resources this is something a
[38:09] bit riskier but if you succeed we are
[38:11] talking about rates far beyond that of
[38:13] the Alpha City we're looking for ways
[38:15] that we can reward you for your skill in
[38:17] skilling
[38:17] so if you understand what you're doing
[38:19] and you understand the game and you know
[38:21] your efficiency you know what you're
[38:22] playing you can get massive rewards from
[38:25] this you can get some of the best
[38:26] rewards that we can possibly offer if
[38:28] you're looking for guaranteed rates and
[38:30] you're looking for something that you're
[38:31] going to go over a long period of time l
[38:33] city is the place where you can grind
[38:34] out because you know you can hit those
[38:36] rates consistently this is the chance to
[38:38] risk it and to get the rewards back and
[38:41] to do that in skilling not just in
[38:42] combat okay so as you progress maybe
[38:46] you've got you can get more of these
[38:49] teams over to you at one time maybe you
[38:50] could have more control over what
[38:52] appears as you become a bit of a master
[38:55] of this area so you've mastered this you
[38:56] want to move on to something else you
[38:58] hear of a pyramid on the outskirts of
[39:00] marathon you enter and you are
[39:04] confronted
[39:05] I crumb Dez there's godness grandes is a
[39:11] desert guard a corrupted desert god if
[39:14] you know at McCain from do no evil
[39:15] scabrous from contact you know the forms
[39:18] they take before Kron disposed a God of
[39:21] earthly pleasures to bring food to bring
[39:24] water to her people but now because of
[39:28] her corruption
[39:28] she's eating all of their food she's
[39:31] redirecting all of their rivers to her
[39:33] mastaba her pyramid and she's delighting
[39:36] in their misery and you get to remove
[39:39] her corruption have someone on your side
[39:41] to potentially go up against a musket
[39:44] what's important for me with expansions
[39:46] is this is just one story that we can
[39:49] tell in the area we can have a diversity
[39:51] of stories throughout through many
[39:54] different topics many different
[39:56] characters you grow this is an organic
[39:58] living city you can find out about it in
[40:00] many different multifaceted stories okay
[40:04] so now you have Kron dastaan your side
[40:06] now it's time to take the fight to a
[40:08] musket and that is in the pyramid the
[40:11] looms above you but the pyramid was once
[40:13] a Palin pyramid was once a palace and it
[40:15] is Palace no longer it has been twisted
[40:21] to become a mask it's personal Slayer
[40:23] dungeon
[40:24] there are prowling cats here owned by a
[40:27] musket and they will look to eat you
[40:29] there'll be devourer monsters basically
[40:31] floating mouths looking to eat you there
[40:34] will be avatars of a musket looking
[40:36] generally to eat you and what we want to
[40:41] do is we want to so we've learned from
[40:43] things like the Ripper demon the astral
[40:44] mammoths but really what you're looking
[40:46] for is things that test your weaponry
[40:48] test your items run necessarily testing
[40:50] the top-end the boss end of your skill
[40:53] but this also won't be your vanilla from
[40:55] annex Slayer dungeon we're talking
[40:58] different mechanics if you're here for
[40:59] the combat talk you'll know a lot about
[41:01] that some of the things that we are
[41:02] talking about the idea of Slayer bosses
[41:05] that locks behind doors that need keys
[41:07] from the Slayer mobs the idea of a
[41:09] central loot chest so maybe you do not
[41:12] get any drops from the monsters and it
[41:13] all clicks into this chest and you can
[41:15] upgrade and tune this chest so they only
[41:17] gives you certain drop
[41:19] maybe it applies effects mutaters on the
[41:21] entirety of the dungeon perhaps certain
[41:23] points the barrel waves a survival mode
[41:25] effectively ranged through the dungeon
[41:28] so you wander back out into the city
[41:32] suddenly people are recognizing your
[41:35] achievements where they're lofty and
[41:36] aloof before they now treat you as a
[41:39] friend you have gained reputation with
[41:42] them and this unlocks even more you're
[41:45] slowly working your way through the city
[41:47] you're working your way up to becoming a
[41:48] master of metaphors perhaps okay so
[41:52] that's a few things that we'd like to we
[41:53] were talking about and just to quickly I
[41:56] think it's worth a rig-up yeah I think
[41:57] sweater recap so this is just one
[41:59] expansion this is the this is what we'll
[42:02] be releasing in June and it's not just a
[42:05] new area with some training methods it's
[42:06] huge story being told and pushing that
[42:09] desert story forwards it's a new city
[42:11] for you to explore and for you to go and
[42:13] find new things that we haven't spoken
[42:14] about here you're going to have a chance
[42:16] to fight delve into tombs and you get
[42:19] rewarded for the skilling expertise that
[42:21] you've been developing over years you're
[42:23] also going to see new the new Slayer
[42:26] dungeon is going to be there with new
[42:28] mechanics and new interesting ways to
[42:30] train Slayer and also new creatures to
[42:32] challenge your abilities okay
[42:34] undoubtedly you've got so many questions
[42:36] and I really expect a lot of you to come
[42:37] talk to us certainly the biggest
[42:39] question the we had is what happens
[42:41] between expansions they come out every
[42:43] three months what are you doing in the
[42:44] periods before between them well
[42:46] undoubtedly are we first of all like
[42:49] you're not going to complete on day one
[42:50] I'm gonna regret saying that as well I'm
[42:52] sure some of you will aim to rinse it
[42:54] and get it all done on day one but where
[42:56] the content is so huge so big there's so
[42:59] much that we're talking about here that
[43:01] I'm kind of hoping and betting that
[43:03] nobody will compete on day one
[43:04] regardless there will be regular content
[43:07] between expansions runescape has been a
[43:09] living game for years all of its life is
[43:12] a continuous update and it's that kind
[43:14] of breadth and that growth that continue
[43:17] to keep us going continue to keep here
[43:18] everyone excited about what's there I
[43:20] want to make sure is that we're
[43:22] continuing to make it feel alive and
[43:23] feel like it's living so you won't get
[43:25] another arc or another God Wars dungeon
[43:27] to in between expansions but you might
[43:30] get something like this now this is just
[43:32] an exam
[43:32] Paul to give you an idea of what it will
[43:34] feel like so June June is when you get
[43:38] your expansion day one all of this
[43:40] content for you to go through that we've
[43:41] talked about and much more as I say we
[43:44] really want that feeling of discovery
[43:46] through July and August we're starting
[43:48] to rely on things like events within the
[43:51] city and promoting the Skilling events
[43:53] that exist in the tomb in the tombs but
[43:55] also maybe a smaller bottle quest that
[43:57] we have brought together something a
[43:59] little bit new and interesting and also
[44:00] with the new clues growing releases we
[44:03] can expand on clue Scrolls and offer new
[44:05] rewards there and then you'd see in
[44:07] August things like the beach so those
[44:08] longer events they're time limited
[44:11] events will be available and they would
[44:13] continue to have those being released
[44:14] and also new training methods turn to
[44:17] come in new combat encounters so smaller
[44:19] updates and things that flesh out the
[44:21] content and are expanding the content
[44:23] but overall there's so much happening in
[44:25] June and there's so much going to happen
[44:27] in September straight after August that
[44:29] these are things to keep it alive and
[44:30] keep the heart beating and there will
[44:33] really be a focus on improving the game
[44:34] you told us with reworks that you really
[44:36] want to see the current game improves
[44:38] that will really be a running theme so
[44:40] over the month we want to give you
[44:41] plenty of reasons to log in but there
[44:43] are also a couple of updates that will
[44:44] repeat over and over in the year give
[44:46] you multiple reasons to play so first of
[44:49] all I mean this is maybe familiar to a
[44:51] few of you we have shuttered wells who
[44:53] here is familiar with shattered world so
[44:55] far yeah a fair few of you ok we've
[44:58] spoken about it a bit yes and I didn't
[45:00] see everybody's hands there and so some
[45:02] may know but a human me with a kind of
[45:04] quick description I guess this is a
[45:06] distraction i diversion I think it's the
[45:08] closest approximation that we have what
[45:10] they are is that a dimension a portal
[45:13] will open up to another dimension you
[45:15] will hop in one and your completed
[45:19] number of tasks before a portal opens to
[45:21] hop into another so for example this one
[45:24] is tardy add we've hopped into one
[45:26] portal and appeared in a realm there are
[45:28] multiple rune dragons here I defeat
[45:30] those rune dragons but I soon find out
[45:32] the mutaters are in plain those mutaters
[45:34] are that the rune dragons will explode
[45:36] on death I immediately have to start
[45:38] thinking about what I do about that so
[45:41] you fight all those monsters you clear
[45:43] mount a portal appears you jump through
[45:45] it might be you that you are in
[45:46] Mazz cap with different mutaters
[45:48] different mobs maybe a boss that turns
[45:51] up a mini boss kill that you hop through
[45:53] another portal all this time you are
[45:56] against the clock you see the time taken
[45:58] up there you're checking your time you
[46:00] trying to beat personal bests you're
[46:02] trying to beat your friends time you
[46:04] maybe you even end up on their global
[46:06] dedicated shattered world high scores
[46:08] and every week I'll be a new combat
[46:11] challenge and with rewards for the main
[46:17] game I've have shattered worlds itself
[46:18] and with each expansion we get to add
[46:20] more to it and this is one of the key
[46:22] things right now there's a lot of
[46:24] there's a lot of D&D s vying for your
[46:26] attention and a lot of them are fun but
[46:28] what we don't want to do is continuously
[46:30] add more because each one competes with
[46:32] itself to try and get your attention to
[46:33] get it to play hence we end up with a
[46:35] lot of things that end up being ride as
[46:37] dead content we have to bump rewards for
[46:39] you to get engaged with shattered worlds
[46:41] we can start expanding that core
[46:43] experience over and over again you can
[46:45] come back each month because it'd be
[46:46] something new to experience and
[46:47] something new to see this is how we want
[46:50] to try and look at the content how can
[46:51] we continue to expand on what we've got
[46:53] and make sure that there's always
[46:54] something interesting for everybody yeah
[46:56] so it's gonna be complete on launch but
[46:58] we just want to let it grow organically
[47:00] based on whether or not you like it if
[47:01] you like it then there's so much
[47:02] potential we could do non-combat
[47:04] skilling shattered worlds we can do a
[47:05] level playing field stuff which gives
[47:07] you the same levels and the same
[47:08] equipment as everybody else just to see
[47:10] what your skill levels out we could do
[47:12] event competitions things that we stream
[47:14] if so it's so so be it if people like it
[47:16] okay and so talk about another way by
[47:21] the way this is coming in out in the
[47:22] first half of the year but many of you
[47:24] all sorry go for other ways of showing
[47:26] your abilities in game so I'd like to
[47:28] introduce achievements achievements we
[47:32] have a lot of achievements and we have a
[47:34] lot of Diaries and we have a lot of
[47:37] tasks and all of these systems exist in
[47:40] the game and each one is independent and
[47:42] each one is something for you to try and
[47:43] complete and what we want to do is bring
[47:45] everything together and continue to
[47:47] recognize your achievements in all of
[47:49] those systems so we can bring them into
[47:51] one place and you have one unifying
[47:53] total quantity of what you've completed
[47:55] right now it's kind of a binary you have
[47:57] your comp K but you don't have your comm
[47:58] kit well we've got your comm
[48:00] come but if you don't have it you just
[48:02] don't have it if you don't know your
[48:04] progress towards the end of it's not
[48:05] something that you can easily display to
[48:06] people we're trying to give a system
[48:08] that will make that available to
[48:09] everybody you can build up and max out a
[48:12] total achievement score you can show us
[48:15] you're the best you can show each other
[48:16] that you're the best it's something you
[48:18] can pair can compare with others on an
[48:20] achievement global high score you can
[48:22] see it on others play and inspect and
[48:24] get that simple joy of popping and
[48:26] achievement it's you're out doing
[48:27] something and seeing that score slowly
[48:29] creeping up it reward I'll even reward
[48:31] you if you complete subsections of the
[48:33] game as you can see here we're talking
[48:36] new areas of achievement so like
[48:40] achievements within gear achievements
[48:41] with dealing DS with achievements within
[48:43] minigames or wealth things as simple as
[48:46] have you used every item in the game
[48:47] things you can start ticking off but
[48:49] also rather than it just being something
[48:51] that's removed from you when we release
[48:53] new content what we've done is increase
[48:54] the cap every time something new comes
[48:56] to be playable so you could always chase
[48:59] after that newer newer score and theirs
[49:00] but you always retain that achievement
[49:02] that you've had already absolutely or
[49:05] even talking about things like a feats
[49:06] category for the things that we expect
[49:07] very few to compete where to get you
[49:10] kind of going to the top end I really
[49:12] like the idea of getting give you new
[49:13] ways to play the game or teasing out new
[49:15] ways to play the game or seeing what you
[49:17] do and then building achievements based
[49:18] on it I really want achievements of
[49:20] these important is your total level it's
[49:21] going to be right next to it will be on
[49:23] everyone's player inspectors I say but
[49:26] it also allows us to improve the
[49:27] experience of the game particularly for
[49:29] new players underneath everything the
[49:32] achievement system has to recognize
[49:33] everything that exists in the game and
[49:35] what we're going to be building with
[49:36] that is a way that we can lay out a road
[49:38] map for people to engage with new
[49:40] content if there's something that you're
[49:41] looking to try and achieve we can set a
[49:43] marker on that and kind of lay out a
[49:45] roadmap of what you should do next
[49:46] where should I skill what am I missing
[49:48] what's the gear that I need to have for
[49:49] this those kinds of recommendations on
[49:51] what you should do today I mean tell me
[49:54] how many people here have logged into
[49:55] runescape and gone I don't want to do
[49:57] there's too much I can't pick Co Gear V
[50:02] so let's say there's a system you press
[50:04] the button you say give me something
[50:06] send me in a direction and it drives you
[50:08] that way okay
[50:11] so let's quickly recap more recaps more
[50:14] recaps runescape expansions are coming
[50:17] area with the number of updates launched
[50:19] on the same day and June again the
[50:21] golden city of metaphors that are
[50:23] expanding the desert quest line and
[50:26] we're expanding that story that's there
[50:28] with the kind of skill amenities tombs
[50:30] for you to explore I'm asked is slayer
[50:33] dungeon and you're all there they're all
[50:35] there they're all there let's look boom
[50:37] boom look at that boom and you get the
[50:39] same again every three months with
[50:41] plenty to do in between and we're going
[50:44] to give you regular updates those
[50:45] updates that repeat over the course of
[50:47] the year with shattered worlds and
[50:48] achievements we want to be able to
[50:50] recognize that you were you are
[50:52] excellent at the game and you are doing
[50:54] well expansions are part of this by
[50:56] expanding the story shattered worlds and
[50:58] achievements or systems that allow us to
[51:00] recognize your other abilities okay so
[51:03] that's it thank you very much listening
[51:05] to as hopefully mana force is really
[51:07] exciting you and there's a prospect
[51:08] something metaphors like three months
[51:10] after that and then three months after
[51:12] that the big thing we have with this is
[51:13] just a general thank you to all of our
[51:15] players because the choice to go for
[51:17] expansions and choice to go to these
[51:18] bigger impacts s come from speaking to
[51:20] everybody and listening to what you're
[51:22] looking for making sure that we can
[51:23] deliver impactful updates that really
[51:25] excite you and genuinely thank you or
[51:28] give yourselves a round of applause yeah
[51:34] okay thank you very much
[51:40] um actually wait a minute ones oh we
[51:43] couldn't possibly let you go so while we
[51:47] said we're only going to keep through a
[51:48] few updates actually you know what we
[51:50] can't help but treat you and reveal
[51:51] something else so with men of us
[51:55] obviously with metaphorce you're getting
[51:57] a new Slayer dungeon gaining some new
[51:59] mobs well we've decided to kind of add a
[52:02] little something else into manifesting
[52:04] it was a funny fight all when you came
[52:05] in and said I'd like to do a thing I
[52:06] mean like I didn't know if you're really
[52:07] I was actually good to it I don't know
[52:09] about this the yeah here we go with
[52:11] manifest we can erase the Slayer level
[52:13] cap to 120 okay now I love you gonna
[52:22] wonder what that what what the hell that
[52:23] means
[52:24] so I want to come to you just a few
[52:25] details I'm going to reveal everything
[52:26] but you've probably got a few questions
[52:29] there will be monsters that take you to
[52:32] on a satisfying trip to 120 don't worry
[52:34] that's coming with manifold a dungeon
[52:35] combat skills are going to stay out 99
[52:39] compass will have until the next
[52:41] expansion if you want to keep your cape
[52:43] got until the next expansion to reach
[52:45] that level we're giving you three months
[52:46] guys we are harsh masters and my
[52:53] favorite part of this is that we're
[52:55] going to give you so so those of you are
[52:58] already at 120 so or virtual level 120
[53:01] we're going to convert you straight over
[53:02] there's no need to retrain we're not
[53:04] resetting people down to 99 if you have
[53:05] achieved 120 in the current state you're
[53:08] out 120 but that's okay we have
[53:10] something else for you to do that said
[53:11] we still have something for you to
[53:12] progress towards as you work towards 120
[53:15] and people who are already at 120
[53:17] virtual levels we're still going to give
[53:20] you something to work towards you're
[53:21] going to work towards becoming your own
[53:22] Slayer master own ability give yourself
[53:24] tasks the own ability to create monsters
[53:27] in the dungeon all right thank you very
[53:29] much guys there we go we actually
[53:34] you