Transcript of RuneScape Recap - Everything you've missed!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] Archaeology is a brand-new skill which lets you delve deep into RuneScape's history
[00:12] by excavating the ruins of ancient civilisations.
[00:15] Discover hundreds of time-worn artefacts, unearth forgotten secrets,
[00:19] and wield powerful relics to gain game-wide buffs and bonuses.
[00:22] There are no requirements, so you can simply log in and excavate to your heart's content.
[00:27] And the first 20 levels are free-to-play, so grab you whip and hat, and get digging.
[00:33] Speaking of skills, you might have heard about the Mining and Smithing rework.
[00:37] With new high-level metals to gather, some gorgeous new equipment to forge
[00:41] and some completely revamped core mechanics, these skills now feel much better to train.
[00:46] Two more skills, Farming and Herblore, have also been given some TLC
[00:51] with their max levels raised from 99 to 120.
[00:54] New herbs, ingredients, potions, crops,
[00:56] farm animals, and bonuses await anyone aiming for mastery.
[01:00] The Ranch Out of Time is the place to train Farming and Herblore at a high level.
[01:05] This is a new area where you'll find some top-tier secondary Herblore ingredients
[01:09] for your new post-99 potions.
[01:11] But more importantly, it's also where you'll be able to breed dinosaurs.
[01:15] Wait, dinosaurs?
[01:17] Yes! You can find these hulking beasts on Anachronia,
[01:21] a huge new island to the north of Daemonheim.
[01:23] Here you can fight loads of new Slayer creatures and take part in Big Game Hunter,
[01:28] a brand new boss-like Hunter training method.
[01:31] And by exploring the island you'll unlock totems
[01:34] that, when active, offer some awesome game-wide benefits.
[01:38] The goddess Seren has gathered a council of Gielinor's leaders
[01:42] in a plea to confront the rising threat of the Elder Gods.
[01:45] Team up with the most unlikely of partners in this easy-to-access quest.
[01:50] For the more combat-savvy among you, we have War's Retreat,
[01:54] a new hub for all things bossing, run by none other than War himself.
[01:59] Use this place as a platform to access your favourite bosses,
[02:02] earning benefits and rewards as you go.
[02:04] Use the portals in War's retreat to access the Shadow Reef, for example,
[02:09] the third installment in the Elite Dungeon series.
[02:12] Skilled groups can take a deep dive into the heart of the ocean
[02:15] for a challenging group combat experience
[02:17] culminating with a face-off against the fearsome Ambassador.
[02:20] There have been lots of improvements to the game engine too.
[02:24] Bank placeholders will help you organise your loot,
[02:26] while smooth movement, canopy cutouts,
[02:29] and object outlining will help you navigate RuneScape's ever-growing, ever-evolving world.
[02:34] Jump in today to check out everything you've missed!
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