Transcript of RuneScape Recap - 2018 so far (January to May)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] Welcome to the RuneScape Recap, where you'll find a rundown of the most recent RuneScape updates.
[00:15] Here's what's new from January to May.
[00:20] Our most popular update has been a complete overhaul of clue scrolls.
[00:23] These treasure hunts across RuneScape are now some of the best moneymakers in the game,
[00:27] bringing you extremely rare rewards to collect and new master level clues to complete.
[00:31] Speak to Zaida, south of the Grand Exchange, to claim your free clue scroll and get started.
[00:39] Fishing can be a relaxing, laidback hobby,
[00:42] and the Deep Sea Fishing Platform must be the most beautiful place to do it.
[00:45] It comes with five brand new ways to fish, including sailfish, the best-healing fish in the game.
[00:50] You might even find leviathans turning up,
[00:52] bringing the whole community together,
[00:54] giving equally big rewards and moneymaking options for those who prefer skilling.
[01:01] Pieces of Hate is the pirate finale we've all been waiting for.
[01:04] Witness the return of Rabid Jack, defend against pirate sieges,
[01:07] explore an underwater city, and complete a quest
[01:09] that players are calling "the funniest and most adventurous quest you'll ever encounter".
[01:13] As far as requirements go, 81 Construction, 82 Firemaking,
[01:17] 83 Agility and 85 Thieving get you access to the quest,
[01:20] and 110 Combat helps you with all your swashbuckling needs.
[01:27] If burglary is more your bag, then the Safe Cracking update should have something for you.
[01:30] It brings a little fun and diversity to players with level 62 Thieving or above.
[01:34] How does it work? Simple.
[01:36] Step 1. Find a safe.
[01:38] Step 2. Crack it open.
[01:39] Step 3. Get loot.
[01:40] Step 4. Sell loot.
[01:41] Step 5. All the gains.
[01:43] YOU ARE IT
[01:45] Sometimes, RuneScape developers have the quirkiest of ideas,
[01:49] and You Are It is a brilliant example of this abstract creativity of theirs.
[01:53] This standalone bottle quest has no requirements
[01:56] and we can guarantee you've never played anything like this in RuneScape before.
[02:00] SOLAK
[02:02] If you are into merciless and hardcore boss fights, then Solak is just up your tree.
[02:07] The grove guardian is one of, if not the most difficult enemy to defeat in RuneScape.
[02:11] And you'll need some expert teamwork for even a splinter of a chance to survive the fight.
[02:15] But the rewards are definitely worth the effort,
[02:17] as those who are victorious will bag the highest level dual-wield crossbows in the game.
[02:22] So grab the sharpest of your sharpest blades, cause you are in for one hell of a challenge.
[02:26] There you go. A quick rundown of just a few updates that came to RuneScape
[02:30] in the first five months of the year.
[02:32] You can also expect two brand new Elite Dungeons, one in June and another in July,
[02:36] and a player owned farm later in the summer.
[02:39] It's looking good in Gielinor.
[02:40] Since this is the first video in this series, we want your feedback.
[02:43] Let us know what you think, what we can add to improve it,
[02:45] and look out for more RuneScape Recaps in the future!