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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] So it's been an interesting couple of months.
[00:06] It certainly has, Power to the Players really kind of opened our eyes to all sorts of different things.
[00:12] It's been really interesting giving up that power but working with the people who really know the game the best
[00:17] has really given us some amazing outcomes really and working with them to tailor all of the individual updates.
[00:24] The response to the polls when we announced the initiative at Christmas was amazing
[00:27] but there was that fly in the ointment, there was questions about EoC, questions about combat.
[00:32] Can the whole thing be changed? Can all these little things be changed?
[00:35] We tried quite hard last year to improve the system, to add in content that really showcased it
[00:40] but after a year there are still a lot of players for who it's not working out for them
[00:44] and we're really serious about Power to the Players then we have to find a way to give them an option to get the old gameplay back.
[00:54] Y'know, with Power to the Players we've got that opportunity to ask those questions as well.
[00:58] And ask questions that previously it's been difficult for us to get a gauge of what everyone's really thought.
[01:04] We want people to play EoC because they want to, rather than because they have to and that means improving EoC but it also means offering an alternative as well.
[01:13] And that's what lead us to Legacy Mode.
[01:17] Legacy mode is a way for us to bring back the old combat gameplay inside of the modern game.
[01:21] What I'm imagining is that there's a simple button you can press when you log in and it changes the screen to look how it used and play how it used to.
[01:30] So, you'll have Special Attacks in combat, you won't have an Action Bar, you won't need to use Abilities, your stats for combat and buttons will be on your minimap,
[01:38] you can just type to chat, the layout will be how you recognise it from before. I think we can probably do the old fixed window layout as well.
[01:47] Yeah, it's so important that Legacy Mode is inclusive. You can play in the same servers as everyone else. You can play in the same areas.
[01:54] The community can still play together but if you prefer one combat system over the other, you can just get on with gameplay.
[02:03] So, you reckon we can get almost exactly the same? How close do you think it can be?
[02:08] I think we can get damn close. I mean, there are going to be some areas of difference because
[02:12] Legacy Mode will still need to be in the modern game and it will need to be competitive as well so it'll need to use dual wielding,
[02:18] the combat triangle rebalanced so magic and ranged are better, it will have that as well because it's in the same game world.
[02:25] It might be the case that we'll need different servers for people in PvP to fight each other with the old system or with the new system.
[02:33] We might even have servers where both systems work and can be used to fights against each other.....just to see what happens.
[02:39] I think, however we do it, we need to make sure that if you like EoC you get to continue playing it
[02:44] but you also have a way for the old system to come back in a way that doesn't split the community,
[02:50] doesn't mess up all the updates, or the update rate that we're doing. That's important I think.
[02:58] This is the poll to find out the overall feeling; whether something like a legacy mode is what the players of new and old want.
[03:06] It's odd for me, we just don't have all the answers, we don't know how all these things are going to work with each other,
[03:13] because both systems have got their own unique ways of looking at the game and working with the players
[03:19] and making sure this is a collaborative effort, I think it's a massive deal for us.
[03:24] So this vote is a little different than previous votes we've done.
[03:28] Well it's open now, it's going to be open for two weeks and the poll is in the game, so you've got to log in to vote.
[03:34] Normally Power To The Players' polls are just for members but this is really important,
[03:38] we're going to make an exception so free players, if their account was made before 2013, they can vote in it here as well.
[03:45] So if you really care about RuneScape, you don't have to log in and be a member,
[03:49] as long as you've got an old account, you can make a vote because we really care about your opinion.
[03:54] Yes, we want to give everyone a voice.
[03:58] We won't be abandoning the new combat system at all. All of the improvements that we've got on the Beta server at the moment
[04:04] and a lot of the new content that we've got in mind, it's really built with the new combat system at it forefront
[04:13] and we don't want to abandon that, we're really proud of the system, we know lots of people really enjoy it,
[04:16] what we want to do is make sure that the people who like the new game and the people that like the old game can play together and be happy.
[04:25] We know there's going to be lot of questions about this, there's bound to be questions about, will this bring back level 3 skillers
[04:31] or will a pure account still be a viable option in the wilderness and the simple answer is we just don't know yet.
[04:39] I think the combat level calculation is something that is going to be a challenge as well and maybe it sits outside of the Legacy poll itself.
[04:46] We're looking forward to working with the players and if the vote passes we'll invest all our time and effort
[04:53] in trying to answer all of those questions that we know are going to be the burning issues for the players.
[05:00] I hope the players are as excited as us about this. We need them to vote.
[05:03] So, into the game, onto the forums, there're blogs that we've written, there're newsposts, all sorts of information about Legacy Mode
[05:11] and when they've made up their mind they can just go to the Community tab which is one of the little buttons that exists in the screen,
[05:18] it's the one with the two little people, click on that, open it up and there's a Vote Now tab and that's where you'll find the Legacy vote,
[05:25] and all sorts of other votes as well which all impact on the future of the game.