Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #92 - The Godless, Did You Know?

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:09] and we're straight across to mod Osborne
[00:12] in law corner why hello and welcome to
[00:15] the law corner this time we're talking
[00:17] about godless and anima Mundi is the
[00:19] kind of Commerce er a big old bundle but
[00:21] I've got Roli and stew with me but no
[00:23] Raven again who knows you I no you did
[00:26] tell us last week he is slacking once
[00:28] again what a scumbag okay um I think the
[00:32] godless so not everybody knows who the
[00:33] goddesses or are so does anybody wanna
[00:36] have a crack at it there the affection
[00:39] that don't want God's know because we
[00:41] get those lost options to live the
[00:43] particular faction and there's
[00:44] essentially the the atheists I don't
[00:46] want to get involved in God's at all the
[00:49] end or the more militant we don't like
[00:51] gods who want to push them out yeah and
[00:52] then there's their conflict within the
[00:53] godless themselves yeah you're
[00:55] absolutely right I mean we'll get onto
[00:56] that rift in a moment but you're smack
[00:58] on in that when we were creating that
[01:00] runescape 3 in a sick day in all this
[01:02] malarkey we knew full well they're not
[01:04] everybody would want to buy into it you
[01:05] didn't want to affiliate with the God
[01:07] and was kind of giving them the option
[01:08] and it's also pointed out that runescape
[01:11] before the sick days didn't really have
[01:13] many atheists or agnostics you either
[01:16] supported a god or you didn't talk about
[01:18] them so it's quite nice to create a
[01:20] faction of those who didn't like gods
[01:22] which obviously creates my supplies
[01:23] conflicts so yeah we've got um like
[01:27] they're splitting to I guess those two
[01:28] don't have a name necessarily yet they
[01:30] might do in the future but we have the
[01:32] militant one so quorum air sucks who we
[01:36] haven't met yet and on the other side
[01:39] the more passive let's just say no to
[01:41] God's thank you very much i can imagine
[01:42] the t-shirts now say very good yeah the
[01:46] garland ear we have met and buying who
[01:49] we haven't and a few others i think it's
[01:51] kind of the most obvious thing about the
[01:53] caucus for me is the absence of them
[01:56] ironically yeah is that they're very
[01:58] poor nerd we ran them with people's
[01:59] faces with God caps and t-shirts and
[02:02] emissaries and these entities the
[02:05] introduces world events but not really
[02:06] give them any meaningful content good
[02:09] long overdue for I think I think that
[02:11] and that's why they're on the survey I
[02:12] mean you listen to surveys we put
[02:14] together as out of godless entry on it
[02:16] so the original intention of the godless
[02:18] was that we would introduce them of
[02:21] course world events and then just kind
[02:23] of get to know each of the characters
[02:24] now actually the godless would be
[02:26] introduced with invention and that was
[02:29] when invention was pitched up against
[02:30] the off city as these content and the
[02:33] idea was that you invention would be
[02:35] very kind of narrative lead every 20
[02:37] levels in invention then you'd reach
[02:40] this kind of mini quest in which you'd
[02:42] kind of outfit the godless with
[02:44] materials weapons armors that could give
[02:47] them a chance against the gods and that
[02:48] would mean every time every 20 bands
[02:51] that would get improved and improved
[02:53] improved you've actually got a kind of a
[02:54] law reasoning a lot function for
[02:56] invention in the corner core game
[02:57] because what Mark was pushing us to tie
[03:00] in epic virtually everything to you the
[03:02] sick page thorine but obviously that
[03:04] that kind of fell through you know I
[03:06] mentioned I didn't get voted in his
[03:08] purpose change when we had divination it
[03:10] still seems like a good fit for them
[03:12] when they do yeah make their mark I
[03:14] think so there's certainly the notion of
[03:17] I hope we did some concept work actually
[03:19] the godless almost outfitted like I
[03:21] guess as Guardians you know you watch
[03:24] the latest Thor movies you can see these
[03:25] kind of it would have been nice that
[03:27] when we took off a kind of Asgardian
[03:29] sci-fi techno armor yeah we've given him
[03:32] some shirts to put on because they've
[03:36] seen his like they had in common theme
[03:38] is there a little bit of you know that
[03:40] they have to have some tape to keep
[03:42] themselves in it seems they seem quite
[03:44] tribal tattoo feeling as well that
[03:49] they'll wash themselves in some way but
[03:51] which is quite interesting because what
[03:52] when we're setting them up one of incorp
[03:54] aims of the godless was actually that
[03:56] they were a diverse Bunch I so many of
[03:58] our story lines are kind of racially
[03:59] oriented you go to a dwarf quest there
[04:01] are lots of time together doping classes
[04:02] lots of guac goblins though with godless
[04:04] it would feel like a bringing together
[04:06] of all the different races so it wasn't
[04:08] actually an intention of making them
[04:09] tribal in fact they were cosmopolitan
[04:11] mmm in a sense but again just haven't
[04:14] been able to see that I see that yet
[04:15] because you've seen a nice scene you
[04:17] seen Korra mare from the books and
[04:19] that's really it I think we'd like to do
[04:22] more with them I think it's a topic that
[04:23] keeps getting raised and there's kind of
[04:26] a real eagerness for the godless I think
[04:29] caramels worth talking about because
[04:31] obviously she came from the novel was
[04:32] one of the first tions to the novel
[04:35] with world event one yeah whatever one
[04:38] is the I think the counterpoint previous
[04:40] to that I think it was just the there
[04:42] was a couple of little things in the
[04:44] rework of what's mine is yours what's a
[04:47] quest yeah what's mine is yours those
[04:49] Doric references yeah and up to that
[04:51] point we've kind of had this stance that
[04:53] the novel is there it's the meme isn't
[04:56] it that is the guy request thing isn't
[04:59] it yeah it's kinda cool and until it
[05:01] until it's not until it completely
[05:03] contradicts something we've done because
[05:05] we haven't you know necessarily put in
[05:06] the research but a quorum area I
[05:09] remember having long arguments actually
[05:12] with this shows that you know the
[05:13] narrative designer doesn't always win
[05:15] that had long arguments with graphics
[05:17] because we wanted somebody central that
[05:19] could be visually kind of recognizable
[05:21] and they weren't for this American a big
[05:23] almost ball gown desk version of Korra
[05:25] man I imagined her more kind of brown
[05:28] robe maybe kind of hidden hood up trying
[05:31] to stay out the focus to me I can't
[05:33] unsee her as like one of the princes
[05:36] cousins from katamari oh yeah that's
[05:38] like a head cones and I think that I'm
[05:41] when we revisit Karnak she will be
[05:43] revisited I feel like we'll probably
[05:45] pull back from that look that is too
[05:48] showy that's too you know prefer get the
[05:51] name of her from Naboo Padme she's a bit
[05:55] Amidala I don't reckon that quite fits
[05:58] and so you know we lost on that sense
[06:00] personality might need a bit of a
[06:02] revisit to you because he's not the most
[06:03] likable she's abrasive yeah I remember
[06:06] that was all oh why don't I wrote that
[06:08] for ya one and we kind of talked about
[06:11] that when she cropped up again in some
[06:13] of the gear we've worked so if any of
[06:14] you have kind of gone about the
[06:16] interpretation of partner we're very
[06:18] much planning to revisit that but
[06:20] there's there's a lot of exciting stuff
[06:21] we wrote character summaries for each
[06:23] the entities and the godless so lonely
[06:25] is the prominent ones you know so fossil
[06:27] a troll that was or was going to go up
[06:31] for the mighty fall like try to you know
[06:33] effectively fight out to be leader of
[06:34] the trolls but was had his basically his
[06:37] arm yanked off you know in in the in the
[06:39] process so is this kind of armless troll
[06:43] and we have ups who are it was almost
[06:46] always my favorite I mean the idea of
[06:48] eggs
[06:48] boring sci-arc sees a lesser demon i
[06:51] believe yes yeah and the idea of
[06:53] exploring how the Vernick contract
[06:57] system works now he's able to be a part
[07:00] of the godless this is it and the kind
[07:02] of confidence how are we in this legal
[07:04] loopholes he's jumped through so he's
[07:05] not under the demon pact that
[07:07] effectively sour sauce zamorak has
[07:09] signed with the demons pretty quite
[07:11] interesting that reverse demon packed I
[07:13] mean there's only like little seeds of
[07:14] it in the storyline yeah but the idea
[07:16] that it's ours was and afterwards
[07:19] zamorak who has a deal very much in
[07:21] their favor over the demons which is a
[07:23] nice subversion yeah but then I Rose was
[07:27] there you've been you haven't yeah Bobby
[07:29] I bein by my own yeah for anybody who's
[07:33] interested this is very much a this is
[07:35] my love of my glycol buying so yeah
[07:39] buying is a reference to the star of
[07:41] aliens my terminator are very recently
[07:44] seen in far cry 3 blood dragon yes yes
[07:49] yep and also a terrible alien game
[07:51] recently but he's got the great step in
[07:54] terms of his character what we put out
[07:56] that because there was various layers to
[07:57] him but we won't go into that it's from
[08:00] a kind of developer standpoint we put so
[08:01] much effort and we really want to
[08:02] explore these characters because they
[08:03] have all got reasons to go up against
[08:06] the gods they are varied and obviously
[08:08] got very different philosophies about
[08:09] how to get rid of the gods as well but
[08:11] buying very much is the pragmatist the
[08:13] leader of the group the Corbin if you're
[08:16] looking into British politics you can't
[08:17] leading up but no everybody is just kind
[08:19] of mutinying and breaking into
[08:22] underneath him because there's such a
[08:24] rift but um yeah the logo is worth
[08:27] talking about I don't know if you guys
[08:28] were involved in the creation of the
[08:29] logo for the godless no colors always a
[08:31] problem with factions we were trying to
[08:33] find a color to suit that has been taken
[08:35] already and eventually we found orange
[08:37] but um couldn't find anything that
[08:39] really suited until modern came up with
[08:42] the idea of a broken chain and I felt
[08:44] that it was really appropriate the idea
[08:46] of the humanity were effectively in some
[08:49] way subjugated or slaves through the
[08:51] gods and the godless are there to break
[08:53] that chain and if I the liberation yeah
[08:55] yeah exactly is it also grey so it's
[08:58] like an absence of color which all the
[08:59] god
[09:00] I without certainly to God cap his
[09:01] orange yeah I think we were talking
[09:03] about the idea of maybe removing color
[09:06] it's if not it's really good yday let
[09:08] that make uslaugh yes stop at em go bomb
[09:12] Lord drop 50 shades of grey armed with
[09:17] buttons just drop one in I think we have
[09:19] our first godless quest cycle I'm sure
[09:22] caramel will be oh my gosh anyway so I'm
[09:25] the future of the godless is one that's
[09:27] up in the survey you know it Midway it's
[09:30] not doing too badly but what I mean what
[09:33] kind of stories do you think you would
[09:34] tell i mean if i SAT you down and said
[09:36] look can you do a godless storyline
[09:38] where would you take it initially
[09:41] probably something that's something to
[09:43] do with it sounds really dull but the
[09:46] kind of politics of it yeah like the
[09:48] unification of the the two opposing it's
[09:52] kind of story line we haven't done
[09:53] believes five ideas but it's maybe the
[09:55] kind of cake up in quality doesn't come
[09:57] into the desert series quite heavily
[09:59] with metaphors versus alkyd yeah so
[10:03] maybe it would be about the
[10:04] diversification like helping both paths
[10:06] yeah but also I think the time with
[10:09] invention is still strong they need to
[10:11] be able to be a presence in the world
[10:14] I'm an approach a seriously when an
[10:17] invention quest makes sense you known to
[10:19] tie in to make it seem like a core skill
[10:21] or make a core skill to you actually
[10:23] give a quest content makes sense or GD
[10:26] steam I think something that focus on
[10:28] the the gravity and the consequences of
[10:31] the the Gods fighting with each other I
[10:33] don't know that there's the sense of
[10:35] that instruction that it creates in the
[10:37] the impact that has and how they would
[10:39] motivate people to not want to have
[10:41] anything to do with the gods dad yeah
[10:42] that's certainly a topic that I mean if
[10:44] you look at Batman vs Superman weirdly
[10:46] it's got kind of topically this year and
[10:47] the latest Captain America that notion
[10:50] of taking it down to human level and
[10:51] look at the devastation in the
[10:52] you-know-what great with great power
[10:55] comes great responsibility and all that
[10:57] noise it's more is further than that
[10:58] it's more like something like powers yes
[11:01] well you seem like the real real real
[11:03] world yeah I'm all that was the one
[11:06] about the the cleanup squad yeah yeah
[11:08] there's yeah not Suicide Squad know the
[11:11] glue this like the people the janitors
[11:13] yeah there is an insurance isn't it they
[11:17] do insurance against the the destruction
[11:20] caused by superheroes like an upcoming
[11:23] series yeah something like that I
[11:24] remember it's cool and it's about taking
[11:25] down to that human level because it's
[11:27] very easy to just you know escalate
[11:28] power levels you know I spend a lot of
[11:30] time with Zara haces you know well to
[11:32] being destroyed but sometimes you just
[11:34] want to return to the human and I find
[11:36] out what it's doing to individual okay
[11:38] smaller towns villages that's all thing
[11:40] yeah I like that a lot and it is hard to
[11:42] talk about the goddess without going to
[11:43] the animal because they started become
[11:45] closer tied obviously the Tusk a world
[11:47] event I think parv that comes from not
[11:49] having that invention thigh and to give
[11:52] them legitimacy they kind of needed a
[11:54] force to be reckoned with than that yeah
[11:55] being farrago was the most logical
[11:57] choice yeah I'd like to talk about the
[12:00] anima I think I think we've got a little
[12:02] bit of time to do that that um the
[12:04] animal has suddenly become something we
[12:05] are pushing to before there are reasons
[12:08] we're doing that I mean you can probably
[12:09] look at the three pillars and understand
[12:11] why but certainly the anima is we like
[12:14] that idea of supernature the idea of the
[12:17] world fighting back because so much
[12:18] destruction there's so much kind of
[12:20] putting a part of the world no ethics
[12:22] was effectively bringing some kind of
[12:24] balance and now that is being disrupted
[12:25] we got back love run bridge crane
[12:27] creating a crater you know the
[12:28] wilderness has long been destroyed and
[12:30] that virago and tell us are suddenly
[12:33] rising up these characters represent the
[12:35] earth the planet the kind of theme of
[12:38] the planet fighting back is prevalent in
[12:40] a lot of apocalypse yeah the stories and
[12:43] it feels like it ups the ante a bit and
[12:46] it it shows how dire things have become
[12:49] you can just see the value in that when
[12:51] you think about what will the amount
[12:53] anima do or think if you can think about
[12:55] the older goals you know that we've got
[12:57] to created this planet that it's
[12:59] beautiful lush perfect so perfect in
[13:02] fact they've created a sentient or yeah
[13:04] sending an anima and this is a problem
[13:07] that the old gods never encountered
[13:08] before so you can start seeing where the
[13:10] story is going he's just got so much
[13:11] value and interest in that but yeah so
[13:15] you're going to see more of raw gay I'm
[13:16] sure wait will you say that but there's
[13:18] also the go behind mode well yeah stuff
[13:22] with as in act 2 and I probably said
[13:24] that wrong and you are
[13:25] yes which has that sort of two monomers
[13:28] arrived aware come on ya feel to it yeah
[13:31] absolutely and of course we have you
[13:33] know Sally and the idol adventures
[13:35] that's going to be another animal entity
[13:38] that we met we definitely got plans to
[13:40] bring her in before we even started yeah
[13:43] yeah massive massive meeting about what
[13:46] this was what this was all about and how
[13:48] it ties into the grant grander story
[13:49] yeah exactly so that's gonna bleed in a
[13:51] little bit more anything else we want to
[13:54] mention on the anima Mundi I think for
[13:55] me I would never have liked it to be
[13:57] called the anima Mundi I always feel
[13:59] silly whenever I say it I don't know why
[14:01] I thinks the overt latinus of it well I
[14:05] mean it made sense retro actively when
[14:08] we tied it so closely to zaire us and
[14:10] say yeah right yeah true um and yeah
[14:13] where else would you call it ah indeed
[14:15] life juice gothics juices is often been
[14:17] called erroneously why us there we go
[14:21] alright thank you very much for talking
[14:23] about the goddess in anima Mundi well so
[14:26] that's going to look on it this week but
[14:27] next week we have the desert gods at the
[14:30] whole of the Pantheon's we're going to
[14:31] try to cover a Pantheon so do please
[14:33] tune in core can they talk in law corner
[14:36] but now we've still got models born on
[14:39] the sofa here to talk about his favorite
[14:41] music so models one what is your
[14:44] favorite music in runescape hello foxy
[14:47] um I couldn't really pick I had such a
[14:49] hard time way I think I kind of came up
[14:51] with a top four yeah 3 yeah and I'd like
[14:54] you to make the honorable mention that
[14:56] you're not allowed to use is your
[14:57] favorite because you wrote part I didn't
[14:59] know if that was like the done thing no
[15:01] you're not to mention or you'll be
[15:03] surprised how many lyrics are written
[15:05] I've not done too bad those sensible
[15:07] stuff like a lot the elf City things yes
[15:09] kind of hence weird and so we all know
[15:12] you mentioned but my honorable mention
[15:14] that I'd written la is a glutton for
[15:17] nourishment because I I genuinely read
[15:20] through the lyrics of that actually
[15:21] laugh at myself still it's terrible it's
[15:23] you know these are I'm a pork stallion
[15:25] with a pork medallion and five onion
[15:29] rings or something there's a good night
[15:30] the idea of this kind of hip hop artist
[15:32] in a in a pig jacket the little touristy
[15:35] OG the notorious b.i.g um
[15:37] is probably not a good thing to vote for
[15:39] your own but there was also memories of
[15:42] guthix but that's which is beautiful
[15:44] which is already gone I come over he
[15:45] took it i'm gonna have to nobble them
[15:47] but it's a beautiful beautiful song
[15:49] beautiful tracks so what are you taking
[15:51] I am gonna take I think I'm going to go
[15:55] for non compos mentis ok so this is a
[15:57] this is a version of zeros third sounds
[16:00] are stairs is something that has been in
[16:02] the game since I believe it might be big
[16:03] site since kind of the first rumblings
[16:05] those arrows and it's like motif is kind
[16:08] of carried on through so many different
[16:09] songs you see I think there's a Sarah
[16:11] stairs reprise okay my just before fate
[16:13] of the gods um but it's this kind of
[16:16] ritz got real menace to it and I've
[16:19] always loved that about it some
[16:21] immediately recognizable and on this
[16:24] version of it is got this kind of 80s
[16:26] synth kind of John Carpenter esque okay
[16:30] kind of version of it then brings in
[16:32] some strings and it really gives it some
[16:34] kind of emotional heft yeah I'm only 30
[16:36] 30 seconds in and I've always loved and
[16:39] I hope to see it in more Cyrus
[16:40] contacting you know for well there's
[16:41] going to be more of it yeah so who knows
[16:44] maybe we'll have a kind of full
[16:45] orchestral full bone version of it in
[16:47] the future but for the moment non compos
[16:49] mentis is a cracking track for and those
[16:52] who'd like the kind of ideal version of
[16:53] Cyrus that's okay i will listen to that
[16:56] and there boom
[17:04] you
[18:31] you
[18:53] you
[19:40] and I look forward to reading the
[19:42] comments about how many things models1
[19:44] got wrong in his little speech and now
[19:47] across the model infinity and the player
[19:48] support team hello and welcome to the
[19:50] latest customer support podcast my name
[19:53] is Maude infinity and i'm joined by mod
[19:55] steve w and thanks everyone for joining
[19:56] us for another podcast alright so today
[19:59] we're going to be doing something
[20:00] slightly different we don't lift the lid
[20:02] into the life of customer support so
[20:04] instead of talking about one big topic
[20:06] we're going to talk about 10 smaller
[20:07] topics we spend about a minute or two i
[20:09] nee chose topic because that sound good
[20:10] Steve yeah sounds pretty cool what if
[20:12] you've got a good name for this or did
[20:14] you know did don't know what that's all
[20:17] you're calling it did you get I like
[20:18] that let's run with that 10 deviled eggs
[20:21] okay so let's start off with you know
[20:23] how do you actually come to start
[20:24] working you know within customer support
[20:26] jagex you know what's that process you
[20:28] know when you're here what what happens
[20:30] yeah so we're quite fussy about people
[20:32] join the custom sport team we want you
[20:34] know really good people so we have a
[20:35] really sort of robust recruitment
[20:37] process what we actually do is run
[20:39] assessment days and what that means is
[20:41] we'll have a short short list of people
[20:42] that will come into the studio spend an
[20:44] entire day with us and we're kind of
[20:46] testing people on different things
[20:48] putting them through things to see how
[20:49] they react to things how they think
[20:50] about things whether they have a really
[20:52] good understanding of sort of a customer
[20:54] service ethos it's a bit of fun for the
[20:56] guys as well so you know when they're
[20:58] here we tend to look of them we've given
[20:59] their food and drink we have a bit of
[21:00] fun during the day as well but actually
[21:02] sort of an ongoing assessment throughout
[21:03] the days if you test you'd expect like
[21:05] on a computer and so on and off to then
[21:07] there's some kind of traditional
[21:08] interviews but we use that whole day to
[21:10] kind of understand and get to know this
[21:11] person see if they'll be a good fit for
[21:12] us once people pass that and actually
[21:15] you know getting offered to come and
[21:16] join us once the excitement has died
[21:18] down from there they'll find themselves
[21:20] in a three-month training plan so that's
[21:23] that's quite unique actually moving
[21:24] within customer service no three months
[21:26] is a long time to Train somebody has no
[21:28] service and that's just the initial
[21:29] training that's just to get to
[21:30] understand what we do how we do things
[21:32] because we do things a bit differently
[21:34] to decisional customers of all you know
[21:35] we've tried to the best buy players
[21:37] every single time
[21:38] and once that's kind of all in place
[21:40] they're tested and assessed on going to
[21:42] make sure that rich and high standards
[21:44] that we have and then that finishes up
[21:46] with the sort of we call it a skill
[21:47] check week and that means they're just
[21:48] basically check to make sure they can
[21:49] deal with every type of thing a customer
[21:51] might contact us about and they can deal
[21:52] with it really well and then once they
[21:54] leave the training environment the join
[21:56] the actual department and working on
[21:58] live items speaking the customers
[21:59] helping people every day and then
[22:01] there's sort of an ongoing process then
[22:02] where we we check work that people are
[22:04] doing make sure it's still up to the
[22:05] high standards that have been set within
[22:06] the training environment and there's
[22:08] kind of feedback and coaching given to
[22:09] people every single week as well where
[22:11] we spot things that maybe could have
[22:12] done a little bit better Lear
[22:13] differently and just so people can do
[22:15] that differently the next time they come
[22:17] across that problem but we also use
[22:19] those sessions to make sure we say that
[22:20] actually did really well here this
[22:22] customers really happy this was a really
[22:23] a great creative solution you've
[22:25] supplied for the problem this customer
[22:26] head and things like that so there's a
[22:28] lot of positive reinforcement as well
[22:30] that goes on yeah of course way that
[22:31] sounds that sounds really good Steve so
[22:32] these people who join us and they go
[22:34] through the assessment data how many
[22:35] people work in Christmas what was the
[22:36] size of the department it's about about
[22:38] 33 people in the team okay and we're
[22:42] here twenty-four seven teams to think
[22:43] people probably might not know so one of
[22:45] the reasons that we do that is obviously
[22:47] this game issues things like bug reports
[22:50] that we need to deal with quite quickly
[22:51] and keep on top of an actually customer
[22:53] support deal with about seventy percent
[22:54] of all bug reports submitted so you
[22:57] might think that I'm actually that
[22:58] probably falls to QA or something like
[23:00] that and they do do an element of them
[23:01] actually the vast majority does fall to
[23:04] customer support so we're doing those
[23:06] throughout the night we're doing
[23:07] priority kind of tickets and contact
[23:08] points throughout the night as well so
[23:10] yeah we're 24-7 you know if you contact
[23:12] us at three o'clock in the morning on
[23:13] Christmas Day you know there's someone
[23:15] working for jagex customer support that
[23:17] the weird help and then in addition to
[23:19] our staff providing twenty four seven
[23:20] support of course we've got community
[23:22] helpers so people might be aware of
[23:23] players that have stepped up that just
[23:25] kind of help the community out we've got
[23:27] 31 players who are community helpers 15
[23:30] of those and specifically work on
[23:31] Twitter and but all of them work on the
[23:33] forums and you'll see them identified by
[23:34] the badge the community helper badge on
[23:36] the forums and they've got babe in sight
[23:38] with us and a little bit of training and
[23:39] sport just to make sure they give them
[23:40] the very best advice and so those paper
[23:42] also obviously living all around the
[23:44] world different countries different time
[23:45] zones so on top of our twenty four seven
[23:47] support you've got those guys as well
[23:49] they were well placed to offer advice to
[23:51] people you know
[23:52] 24-7 sounds good okay so live chat Steve
[23:56] yeah did you know it exists live chat
[24:00] absolutely not so yeah I mean live chat
[24:02] is is the thing that people will know
[24:05] from from other games experience and
[24:07] other customer service experience where
[24:08] you can you know perhaps speak live to
[24:10] an advisor and we've adopted that in a
[24:13] very small way so it's baby steps you
[24:15] know we're not going all out and saying
[24:16] we're going to offer live support for
[24:17] everything you know we want to be
[24:19] careful about this and make sure that we
[24:20] get it right but yes we have launched
[24:23] live chat and for the limited types of
[24:25] contact at limited times of the day but
[24:27] you know there's a possibility though if
[24:28] you are navigating through our support
[24:30] center and you're trying to get some
[24:31] help then you might see a little window
[24:33] pop up at the bottom of the screen that
[24:35] will offer you the option to live chat
[24:37] it's not actually voice chat so should
[24:39] probably make that point you have got to
[24:41] type on the screen but the message is
[24:42] being conveyed live to a jail or the
[24:45] other end who's kind of looking into
[24:46] your problem and seeing if they can help
[24:48] you so I mean it's been really
[24:50] successful so far we've been doing it in
[24:52] quite small steps as I say but you know
[24:54] we measure the satisfaction of the
[24:55] customers that we deal with through a
[24:56] live chat we can really satisfied we've
[24:58] got really fast response times I think
[25:01] you know something like a few seconds
[25:03] response time at the moment which is
[25:04] which is fantastic and it's just
[25:07] something we'd like to grow but love to
[25:08] those things we need to consider you
[25:10] know with quite hard for us to verify
[25:12] who people are when they're talking in
[25:14] the live chat window so that's something
[25:15] we need to consider if we were offering
[25:16] live chat support for sort of account
[25:18] issues for example young recovery issues
[25:20] we need to think about how we can
[25:21] absolutely you know have a solid
[25:23] approach to verify a new people are but
[25:25] where's an issue where doesn't really
[25:27] matter we speaking to we just need to
[25:28] offer some advice or help people in the
[25:29] moment with something then we're trying
[25:31] to do that right now ok fantastic thank
[25:34] you next up let's talk about the work we
[25:36] do and what we share with our community
[25:38] ok so some people might have noticed
[25:41] that in the general forum you post read
[25:43] up actually agency Amal infinities the
[25:45] one to look for hilbert's thread in the
[25:46] general forum and it gives customer
[25:49] service stats for the previous month so
[25:51] it's quite high level is it drills down
[25:53] into a little bit of detail but it just
[25:54] gives people an idea of quite how much
[25:56] stuff we're dealing with the things that
[25:57] we're doing and gives you just an idea I
[25:59] think of the volume and the size and
[26:00] scale of things actually this team which
[26:03] I say to you know just over 30 p
[26:04] actually dealing with looking at those
[26:06] stats for last month so that's June 2016
[26:09] we had over a thousand people responded
[26:12] to our survey to say how satisfied they
[26:13] were an eighty-eight percent of people
[26:14] said that they were satisfied that's a
[26:16] really high sort of benchmark there in
[26:19] that month we received over 11,000
[26:21] tickets from players so sometimes people
[26:23] say it's hard to contact us you know
[26:24] 11,000 people were able to do that last
[26:26] month so actually you know if you do
[26:28] follow the sport center and use it as
[26:29] intended you can get to contact us if
[26:31] you need to a response time you know how
[26:33] quickly to get back to people about
[26:34] twenty two percent within an hour 87 /
[26:37] 17 12 hours in almost everyone gets a
[26:39] response within 24 hours in terms of the
[26:42] type of work we do 22,000 account
[26:44] recoveries we've done in June a 10,000
[26:47] offensive names reported to us I have to
[26:48] say most of those aren't actually
[26:50] offensive but hey right I didn't check
[26:52] everyone yeah 900 offense appeals and
[26:55] also send out over three thousand tweets
[26:56] so the numbers are quite impressive but
[26:58] actually if you look at the year so far
[26:59] tour about halfway through the year just
[27:01] a little over our support centers had
[27:03] 1.1 million views just under 74,000
[27:07] searches have taken place in the sport
[27:08] center and actually so far this year
[27:11] we've been contacted by just over two
[27:13] hundred and sixteen thousand players
[27:14] presenting a help advice about something
[27:16] yet and all with those you know
[27:18] fantastic sort of response times and and
[27:20] the quality and efficiency of our staff
[27:21] doing and they're really high because
[27:23] you know with the calibration that kind
[27:24] of sampling checking and feedback stuff
[27:26] I mentioned earlier yet is taking place
[27:28] and one final figure perhaps the people
[27:30] won't realize is that you know
[27:31] sixty-nine percent of people are contact
[27:33] us we fix the problem straight away in
[27:35] the first response well I'm sort of
[27:37] contact us sometimes people can be a
[27:38] little bit vague about what they need
[27:39] help with but actually you know just
[27:41] under seventy percent of people with one
[27:43] response we fix the problem there and
[27:44] then sounds good I know really really
[27:46] good stats and it's something I want to
[27:48] include in the monthly stats you know
[27:49] where we're currently at year-to-date so
[27:51] thanks to that Steve all right Steve
[27:53] let's talk about the one week in the
[27:55] year when the spotlight is really honest
[27:57] customer support week yeah so that have
[28:00] customer support week what happens in
[28:02] the first week of October so it's a sort
[28:04] of customer service industry thing that
[28:05] a lot of people do and in the past we've
[28:07] not been that keen on it because it
[28:09] doesn't fit very well into the gaming
[28:10] sector and it's not kind of fun and
[28:11] enjoyable but actually a couple of years
[28:13] ago we kind of look to them said
[28:15] let's make this fun let's make it jagex
[28:17] Ian let's make it quite cool for people
[28:18] to get involved in and give it our own
[28:20] sort of slant on customer service week
[28:21] so so it happens in the first week of
[28:23] October we were doing it again this year
[28:25] we're building on the stuff that we did
[28:27] last year to make it a little bit better
[28:29] one of the things that was really
[28:30] popular last year was we did a customer
[28:33] support themed drop it up and go yeah
[28:35] people love that it was really good so
[28:37] we're actually building on there and
[28:39] there's going to be some I can't say too
[28:41] much of anything some cool in-game kind
[28:43] of content asset things that people can
[28:46] engage with actually in the game this
[28:48] year I think we're doing the drop as
[28:50] well are we yeah get outside Dhaka get
[28:52] there's actually something else outside
[28:53] of the drop a little piece of game
[28:54] content devs all on board with it Bruins
[28:56] game entering on board with it so it's
[28:57] going to happen and that's when we
[28:59] linked into customer service week so
[29:00] that's definitely one to look out for in
[29:02] the first week of October mmm yeah
[29:04] obviously that you know that the
[29:06] customer support asked many things on
[29:08] reddit Q&A is live streaming to do that
[29:09] all happen the big infographic a bigger
[29:12] than that before and definitely check
[29:13] that out first full week of October
[29:16] voice of the player so customer support
[29:19] Steve you know we talked to the most
[29:21] players in the company we're always
[29:23] talking of every single day 24 hours a
[29:24] day so what what is voice of the player
[29:26] yeah it says phrase we use to describe
[29:29] the way the customer sport can interact
[29:31] with the rest of the company and
[29:32] basically pass issues on that players
[29:34] make us aware of and if you think about
[29:36] most game studios actually the customer
[29:38] service thing is probably separate from
[29:39] the rest of the studio you know most
[29:41] studios are divided out between
[29:43] different buildings and in many cases in
[29:45] different countries yeah we're really
[29:46] fortunate here at jagex that you know
[29:47] most things are here under one roof our
[29:49] studio in Cambridge and what that means
[29:51] is there's a customer service team if we
[29:53] become aware of an issue from a customer
[29:55] we can literally just you know walk a
[29:56] few few steps and then speak to the
[29:58] people who can fix it you know yeah
[30:00] that's a real advantage that gives us
[30:02] and something we want to sort of
[30:03] champion and work on so when we see
[30:05] these issues will kind of raise those
[30:06] web internal systems that do it so can
[30:08] all be kind of monitored and recorded
[30:09] and when the issue was raised and
[30:11] developers can update it and we can kind
[30:13] of update the customers if we need to
[30:14] and to get their issue resolved but the
[30:16] kind of general principle is that yeah
[30:17] we can fix things pretty quickly because
[30:19] we can see the people quickly and speak
[30:20] to them and get things done and what
[30:23] people might have noticed is that if you
[30:24] go to our support center sometimes
[30:26] there's articles there right on the
[30:27] front page of the support send
[30:29] we call PSA articles and this public
[30:32] service announcement this is an article
[30:34] that we write when we've identified a
[30:36] player issue we've raised internally
[30:37] we're doing this voice of the player
[30:39] process that I've spoken about where
[30:41] we're trying to get something fixed and
[30:42] will post an article on on SportsCenter
[30:45] PSA that advises customers that were
[30:46] aware of this that we flagged it what
[30:48] we're doing will kind of keep it
[30:49] updating it as things happen and change
[30:51] on on that status so it might be for
[30:53] example bad just to make something up a
[30:56] particular credit card can't be used in
[30:58] a particular country because of some
[30:59] technical issue you know for example
[31:01] yeah player flags that to us will go and
[31:03] get that fig sorted out and escalated
[31:04] and then we'll stick a PSA article up in
[31:06] our sport center saying hey there's it's
[31:08] known issue with credit cards and we
[31:09] expect it to be fixed by this particular
[31:11] time so you check out those PSA articles
[31:13] head to support top right hand corner
[31:15] runescape com hit the word support and
[31:17] you're in our support center and if
[31:19] there are any current PSA articles
[31:20] that's where they'll be cool oh yeah
[31:22] degree you know we do can I forget how
[31:24] fortunate we are to be in the same
[31:26] building as developers as the QA guys as
[31:28] you what are the core teams and actually
[31:31] yeah it's not just things on technical
[31:33] problems sometimes it's things we just
[31:34] want to fix you know the 1 billion drop
[31:37] the change to that for example so that
[31:38] happened very recently we change the
[31:40] amount that you can drop at 1 billion
[31:41] and that was sort of given to us by
[31:43] players that were concerned about
[31:44] scamming and things being dropped and we
[31:45] were able to actually just going to see
[31:46] developers and get that change there's a
[31:48] really good example of the voice of the
[31:50] player and actually yeah a little bit
[31:51] amazed that is the bond we found through
[31:53] customer contact a lot of old school
[31:55] players are buying main game bonds and
[31:57] vice versa and we flagged that an
[31:59] immediate change much more clear and
[32:01] simpler to buy the bond for the product
[32:03] you want yeah we're in the contact the
[32:05] amount of contact we had reduced
[32:06] significantly women made that change it
[32:08] so you can see the end then result we
[32:10] can see it having an impact cool okay
[32:13] this one I don't think many people will
[32:14] know about or heard of but the CX guild
[32:16] and part of it with founding members but
[32:19] what is it what do we do that so the CX
[32:21] killed is its customer service managers
[32:24] and senior managers from gaming
[32:26] companies around Europe and we get
[32:27] together once or twice a year and this
[32:30] sort of an informal agreement between
[32:32] everyone that gets together that we're
[32:33] kind of speaking confidence that we
[32:34] won't share information you know
[32:36] commercially about what we're talking
[32:37] about but the idea is that we kind of
[32:39] share with each other kind of best
[32:41] practice
[32:41] experiences how we approach things and
[32:44] just learn from each other really with
[32:45] the aim of you know just improving
[32:47] customer service within the gaming
[32:48] sector for the greater good you know
[32:50] just trying to make things better for
[32:51] everyone it was kind of mutual benefit
[32:53] so we were founding members of that we
[32:55] went to the very first guild and we
[32:58] normally present at them so we pick a
[33:00] topic that we think we're particularly
[33:01] good out something we're particularly
[33:02] proud of and that will present that to
[33:04] the rest of the guild members and then
[33:06] they can ask us questions and debate and
[33:08] we kind of patch arrange to meet up a
[33:11] later date and share further information
[33:12] we've but we've been too busy other
[33:14] studios yeah and other studios have been
[33:15] here to see us so it's a really
[33:17] collaborative kind of thing it has good
[33:20] success we've learned a lot from it i
[33:21] think we've shared a lot as well and you
[33:23] know something something we look forward
[33:25] to it's a bit of fun as well but it's
[33:26] quite cool to see actually their issues
[33:28] we face or challenges we have actually
[33:30] they exist for other customer service
[33:32] things in other gaming companies as well
[33:34] and actually it's not unique Tomas and
[33:36] then sometimes we find something quite
[33:37] called it they're doing where we think
[33:39] oh yeah actually yeah that's quite a
[33:40] nice quick fake something we could do
[33:42] and would work for us all right so good
[33:43] I think yeah we've both been to the
[33:45] right you've been to the one you think
[33:46] with in Portugal I went to Lisbon yeah
[33:48] they've been healer to the germany won
[33:50] our winter germany color own yes okay so
[33:52] i've been to live in 1 i'm going to
[33:53] clone this all this you tell me
[33:56] something about the hotels weren't
[33:57] really good and yeah is the people you
[33:59] meet if you work it either that
[34:00] companies and you know or just as
[34:03] passionate as we are at jackets about
[34:05] their their customers and the industry
[34:07] the whole so it's just a great
[34:08] opportunity to me over them and just
[34:10] talk about the issues you're facing any
[34:11] said yeah and I think one thing I always
[34:12] take from it as well is and I don't
[34:14] wanna talk about the other companies at
[34:15] there because we do have this of
[34:16] commercial confidence thing with them
[34:17] but there are some big names they're
[34:18] really household big gaming names and
[34:20] actually when we're doing our
[34:22] presentations and talking to them
[34:23] they're really impressed with some of
[34:24] the stuff that jagex do and in relation
[34:27] to studio size and the resource you know
[34:28] the number of people that we've got on
[34:29] things like that they're actually you
[34:31] know you can see their jaws drop almost
[34:34] when we talk about things we do and how
[34:36] good we are things and that's always
[34:37] really encourage an ester thing I really
[34:39] like about it yep okay cool so something
[34:42] which affects a lot of people and a lot
[34:44] of players whether directly or
[34:46] indirectly if account security and we're
[34:49] doing a whole host of things on that
[34:51] front but Steve let's talk about that
[34:52] and did you know what we're doing with
[34:55] accounts
[34:55] very yeah I mean it's probably the
[34:57] biggest frustration out there for
[34:59] customers is account hijacking and the
[35:01] sort of devastation that causes when
[35:02] accounts get hijacked and I suppose
[35:05] historically we feel that we do quite a
[35:07] lot to target that so we provide account
[35:10] security features things like the
[35:11] authenticator yeah bank pin but with
[35:14] them we rely on players to have a
[35:16] certain amount of accounts crew to
[35:17] themselves so having to step on their
[35:19] email and things like that changing
[35:20] password regularly and not visiting
[35:22] phishing sites and things like that and
[35:24] I think we have a stage now where we
[35:26] think is there anything else we can do
[35:27] is is there something we should do in
[35:29] particular when you look at other games
[35:31] or other products that have perhaps a
[35:33] different approach to account security
[35:34] than we do and all our security tends to
[35:37] be it's really good but it's a lot of
[35:39] its kind of optional when up to a player
[35:40] to set up and perhaps it's not as
[35:43] industry-leading as some account
[35:45] security that's available in other
[35:47] products you know SMS verification for
[35:49] example is one that just instantly
[35:51] springs to mind where you can receive a
[35:52] text message and if someone's trying to
[35:54] access your account or something like
[35:55] that so what we're doing about that is
[35:58] we've put together a survey that tries
[36:00] to understand why people don't have
[36:04] security features and then on top of
[36:07] that things that would incentivize you
[36:09] to actually enable some of those
[36:10] security features and then also talking
[36:13] about security features that we don't
[36:14] have that aren't available at the moment
[36:15] and do you think they'll good idea or
[36:17] not and why that is would you want to
[36:19] implement them on a runescape account if
[36:21] they were available so that survey will
[36:24] help us identify how people really feel
[36:25] about account security and once we have
[36:27] all that data back from people they've
[36:28] completed the survey we've then got some
[36:30] strong information then that we can look
[36:32] at and analyze and say okay well maybe
[36:35] we should implement this particular
[36:36] security feature or if we apply this
[36:39] particular incentive that means we'll
[36:40] have a kind of this percentage increase
[36:42] in uptake of Authenticator or things
[36:44] like that so it just enables us to go to
[36:47] the wider company and say look we think
[36:48] this is an issue here's why we think
[36:50] it's an issue actually we found out this
[36:52] information if we do these three things
[36:54] or poor things or whatever they are
[36:55] actually we can improve the GAM security
[36:57] and ultimately you know get rid of or
[36:59] reduce things like hijacking and all the
[37:00] frustration and
[37:02] that that causes telesco yeah you know
[37:05] you're absolutely right account security
[37:06] is one of our biggest situations it's
[37:08] one of our customers biggest
[37:09] frustrations you know we have a finite
[37:11] resource in the company I mean to put a
[37:13] case together to to say look we need
[37:15] additional security features or better
[37:17] incentives and as you say this survey
[37:19] it's a great opportunity to kind of get
[37:21] that data and make the changes where we
[37:23] can yeah it's worth saying that you know
[37:24] account security comes as a business to
[37:27] supply account security comes at a cost
[37:28] you know if you do things like it's a
[37:30] Miss verification there's a cost to
[37:31] jagex and you know we just try to say is
[37:33] that worthwhile thing to do how many
[37:35] people will it help will people use it
[37:36] will people like it yeah and so that's
[37:38] what we're really trying to understand
[37:40] but we don't want to do is invest a lot
[37:41] of time and effort into changing
[37:43] something in a cam security daddy
[37:45] doesn't resonate with people and people
[37:46] don't use it our ultimate aim is to make
[37:48] more greenscape accounts as secure as we
[37:50] can pretty and last but not least and
[37:53] probably the most exciting thing on this
[37:55] list because so close runefest 2016 what
[38:01] are we doing there the night before
[38:02] event what's happening with custom spoil
[38:03] really we love room first it was coming
[38:06] around again so so the hype is here
[38:07] everyone's excited about it so people
[38:09] who were coming to namco the night
[38:11] before party right by the London Eye
[38:13] that's a fantastic venue great loads of
[38:16] fun there everything's free to use all
[38:17] the games is bubbling there's pool
[38:19] tables and budgets Dennis yeah the
[38:21] dodgems are good you can bash your Jane
[38:22] mode on the dodgems but the thing that's
[38:23] really good about the night before party
[38:25] is every single person in there is you
[38:27] know either a runescape ER or all works
[38:29] for jagex or works for Namco a on the
[38:32] body but yeah yeah basically everyone
[38:34] around you knows knows about runescape
[38:36] and wants to talk about in loves it so
[38:37] that's really cool actually to be in a
[38:39] building with you know hundreds of
[38:40] people all of them runescape errs hey is
[38:43] really cool so that's having night
[38:44] before customer support so we're doing
[38:46] the ticket entry on the door okay so we
[38:48] like the bouncers I fear no so we're
[38:50] totally we're checking tickets just
[38:52] making sure people I've got the right
[38:53] ticket scanning those in letting people
[38:54] in we'll give you your your voucher or
[38:57] your wristband not sure how we're doing
[38:58] it but so you can get free drink
[38:59] collapse over be doing there and also
[39:02] will be running the pre-registration for
[39:04] the broom fest event which is happening
[39:05] the next day on Saturday the 17th so
[39:07] what that means is that if you bring
[39:08] your runefest ticket in your ID along to
[39:10] the night before party we can
[39:12] pre-register you give you your rune
[39:14] fester
[39:15] spam to the next day and that way you
[39:17] can kind of fast track through the queue
[39:18] called the next morning get straight in
[39:20] to be one of the first people straight
[39:21] to the room first event the next day so
[39:23] that's what we're doing at the night
[39:24] before and the actual runefest party
[39:26] customer support will be in the
[39:27] merchandise store so that's always
[39:29] really busy people head to the
[39:31] merchandise store what cool stuff are
[39:32] they selling a room fest this year what
[39:34] souvenirs can I get so we're doing that
[39:37] we're Manning that we're doing all the
[39:38] staffing for that so you come and see us
[39:39] see the cool new things that we've got
[39:41] four runefest merchandise this year and
[39:43] then people remember the will remember
[39:45] it's a thing of runefest year the
[39:47] balloon drop that's cuz every room
[39:49] basically a balloon drop so you might
[39:51] remember if you've been to a room fest
[39:52] have been before then when you burst
[39:54] those balloons sometimes there's a
[39:55] little slip of paper inside that gives
[39:56] you a free teacher or something like
[39:58] that you take that slip of paper to the
[40:00] merch store so yeah we'll be there the
[40:02] merch store making sure everybody gets
[40:03] all the free roses from the balloon drop
[40:05] and I think we might be doing something
[40:06] to do with the skilling trip activity as
[40:08] well that people be okay with if they've
[40:10] been to bring place before that's not a
[40:11] hundred percent sure yet but but if
[40:13] you're going to room fest you know you
[40:14] do come along to the merchandise store
[40:15] say hello to customer support everyone
[40:17] working day will be from customer
[40:19] sporting or if you're going to the night
[40:20] before party then we'll be letting you
[40:21] in and giving you your free drink again
[40:23] and potentially even a few room is that
[40:25] there might even be a few bits of
[40:27] merchandise at the night before bed yeah
[40:29] we're looking into that because I'm a
[40:30] thing people would quite like to have
[40:31] that early access be able to get
[40:33] merchandise the room fest merchandise
[40:34] before it's actually on sale and at the
[40:36] room fest event so we're looking at
[40:38] maybe having some selected items may be
[40:40] limited stock first come first served
[40:42] but yeah that's going to be we're going
[40:44] to open to the public for the first time
[40:46] the official runefest merchandise there
[40:47] will be some a bit available at the
[40:49] night before party and it'd be customer
[40:50] support staff for selling that stuff so
[40:53] say hi to them as well cool and if
[40:54] you're a regular listener to this
[40:55] podcast you'll recognize my voice you're
[40:57] modest interview sometimes we had mob
[40:59] Kelvin mud shell between all these guys
[41:01] gonna be at room fast as well they'll be
[41:03] at the night before event and so you
[41:04] know if you when I can as you know speak
[41:06] to those guys and ask many questions
[41:07] that you've you've got regarding
[41:09] previous podcast and they'll be there to
[41:11] opportunity to talk to them yeah little
[41:13] guys I think they love to talk to
[41:14] players as well so they're not they're
[41:15] not famous Jane mods like the Deb's and
[41:17] the guy your models born and going what
[41:18] Mark and guys like that lee seon on the
[41:20] live streams and everything but you know
[41:21] so yeah they'd love to speak to players
[41:23] come and see and they love runescape
[41:25] their love players so come check to the
[41:26] customer support guys cool
[41:28] all right I'm breathe we're done so
[41:30] that's the 10 was it 10 dt gnarly 10 did
[41:34] you nose and customer support hopefully
[41:36] didn't know them all if you did then
[41:37] you're at you know you might all work
[41:38] here hopefully has been been interesting
[41:41] and insightful it's been fun for us to
[41:43] go through those those topics and any
[41:46] feedback has ever tweeted the jagged
[41:48] support you know let us know yeah I
[41:50] think if there's something we've spoken
[41:51] about one of those little did you know
[41:53] things and actually you'd like to know a
[41:54] lot more about that or go into a lot
[41:56] more depth about it then let us know and
[41:57] then perhaps we'll make that as a topic
[42:00] for a future podcast sounds good alright
[42:02] well for now let's buy from me and
[42:03] goodbye from me see you later bye thanks
[42:06] prayer support team and that's the end
[42:09] of our podcast this week so look forward
[42:11] to speaking to you again soon bye
[42:29] you