Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #90 - The Gower Quest

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:08] I'm mod Matty the podcast monkey and i'm
[00:12] here today talk about the GAO request
[00:13] with some of our erstwhile j mods
[00:16] starting with mod malta mod mohawk am
[00:20] NOT Shawnee and the Garrick West has
[00:22] been a massive success someone told me
[00:26] they didn't like it yesterday who oh god
[00:28] I don't know they're wrong it really has
[00:33] gone down extremely well it is possibly
[00:36] the most positively received quest I've
[00:38] seen in my three inner something here
[00:40] really gone down well well loved it was
[00:44] filled with joy filled with joy you say
[00:47] by its developers and for the players
[00:49] joy yeah joy yes joy and silliness
[00:56] feeding off each other why are you here
[00:58] and there is the sound of developer
[01:00] ladies and it's about right it was so
[01:04] good once it was life but it's like the
[01:06] process it's the wrestling process of
[01:08] getting it out yeah just sing in a
[01:09] corner rocking and mod more tech
[01:13] constantly writing jokes and puns that
[01:15] make us cry yes yeah if I don't know if
[01:18] your puns now probably make its download
[01:20] might never have had enough of my puns
[01:22] hmm probably making localization crime
[01:24] or the most I feel oh god you should
[01:26] have seen localizations face when I saw
[01:28] some of the puns they were practically
[01:30] crying particularly when we put in jokes
[01:33] that were about how localization weren't
[01:36] allowed to translate certain things and
[01:37] therefore they weren't allowed to
[01:38] translate those jokes so they had to
[01:40] come up with their own jokes put in
[01:41] instead I've got the strawberry jam cake
[01:43] there was the marmolada for arts Keller
[01:45] gag and the one about captain Haskell
[01:48] reeking of sugary soda pop if you're
[01:49] playing Portuguese okay so we've got a
[01:53] load of questions from players so I'm
[01:55] gonna be rustling sheets of paper around
[01:56] as I dig them out x but we're gonna
[01:59] start with Satanist penguin yes that is
[02:01] there a person who asks what would you
[02:04] say is your favorite joking the quest I
[02:06] I've got to go with putting in the
[02:10] unrequited shipping of Captain Haskell
[02:12] and
[02:12] challenge mistress Farah it's a match
[02:15] made in heaven and I'm gonna push for it
[02:17] to become canon God favorite joke I
[02:21] don't have local there's so many like
[02:23] nor Terran and what Jack they did like
[02:26] such an awesome job right the dialogue I
[02:28] was just sitting there after work one
[02:29] day just reading at all and just
[02:31] lowering the entire way through it was
[02:32] hilarious so I sit next to my Chonny and
[02:36] I I listened to him do the play through
[02:38] my request and I'm sure he reached
[02:41] pitches that can only be heard by cats
[02:43] it was just giggling getting higher and
[02:47] higher as you struggled to breathe
[02:48] module yeah they laughs got louder
[02:50] because they're malted noticed and here
[02:52] there and then came over and basically
[02:54] sat next to me and as I played for it
[02:56] and got laughed out of it for me it was
[02:59] when you first speak to max and he tells
[03:03] you how he managed to reach invention
[03:04] very quickly and then you tell him but
[03:06] you didn't an end he essentially has a
[03:08] little tier by his eye because you're
[03:10] right and he's wrong and then he tries
[03:12] to recompose himself well because
[03:14] obviously emergent just came out and max
[03:16] took so long to get that max cape
[03:17] whether that was just I felt like it
[03:19] worked beautifully ok Oh Joel wants to
[03:23] know what names were considered besides
[03:25] the gal quest because it's a really
[03:27] straightforward name and it means a lot
[03:29] to player who know the gap is but not so
[03:31] much perhaps of some others why do we
[03:33] choose that name instead of something
[03:34] more prosaic or punny because it starts
[03:37] on the girl farm and the Gower brothers
[03:39] give you the quest and help win the
[03:42] quest it's mostly about the Gower's so
[03:45] it's a Gao a quest about the Gower's
[03:48] yeah it's never had any other name from
[03:50] the beginning it was the working title
[03:52] and everything and so it's just carried
[03:54] through yeah it is the guy request
[03:55] exactly it is the quest about the Gala's
[03:57] featuring the GAO brothers that the
[03:59] Garrett brothers helped us right yeah so
[04:02] it's the GAO request due to make sense
[04:05] it does it does it's shockingly it
[04:08] probably the thing in the quest that
[04:10] makes the most sense cabbage is being
[04:14] the product of otherworldly
[04:17] behind-the-scenes magic seems sensible
[04:19] enough to me clearly not natural or put
[04:22] into oranges together to then make it
[04:23] say now kiss clearly natural
[04:26] logical that's well that's unnatural but
[04:28] I'm out from the best possible way sir
[04:32] yes Lee once there how long is it until
[04:34] banks standing and riding skill I'll get
[04:37] a go live in game never everybody has 99
[04:39] you're not allowed them that's just too
[04:41] easy but one twenties yeah I have been
[04:44] asked to allow you to go back and banks
[04:47] stand ride and sail your way to 200 mil
[04:50] I'm out dry when all of the tracking
[04:53] variables only go up to 13 million so
[04:56] have to put in an entirely new set of
[04:59] post quest tracking variables for those
[05:00] dear God don't don't nice i like you
[05:03] just volunteered you've just said
[05:05] basically said you're gonna do that now
[05:06] by the sounds of it a ride in one
[05:09] terrifies me i won't lie i I the most
[05:13] gift thin out that entire quest
[05:15] naturally of course with people position
[05:18] in their cameras in such a way and when
[05:20] they did the writing section it would
[05:22] obviously misconstrue these images and
[05:24] make it look like it was doing something
[05:25] else funny enough lots of people have
[05:27] asked me for that as a resting surprise
[05:29] me unfortunately we can't give him a
[05:31] gift so writing to 200 mil will have to
[05:33] be the next best thing oh and a common
[05:37] question on the forms i don't really i
[05:39] believe was and when we're getting its
[05:41] kill cater than a little bit there 99
[05:42] mmm well it was we'd spend years arguing
[05:46] about what colors the skill capes were
[05:47] going to be yes that is true they're
[05:50] always going to be white and gold or
[05:52] black and blue and you're never going to
[05:53] be on a make up your mind they can have
[05:56] their skill capes when the skills are
[05:58] actually released because at the moment
[05:59] obviously they're invader there in beta
[06:01] and donating yeah not coming out of it
[06:03] hopefully nicely Jack I was that was
[06:06] very good I played ah I bandeau sein o a
[06:10] loyal band ASEAN apparently they say
[06:12] asked why did most characters getting a
[06:15] live version of themselves and banned us
[06:17] is just a pile of rocks in the corner
[06:18] apparently made them cry I know you be
[06:21] terribly prosaic and say it's cuz the
[06:22] throne wouldn't fit we didn't have
[06:24] enough space we had just about enough
[06:26] space to squeeze his head into the
[06:27] corner and let him hum happily to
[06:30] himself I think he just wanted to be a
[06:34] head he wanted to be a parable that
[06:36] that's his natural form god damn it wait
[06:38] don't
[06:39] judge him just cuz he's a pole exactly
[06:42] and I gave an excuse for multi to use
[06:45] the where's your head at line so that
[06:47] wasn't me who was that that was Jack ok
[06:49] Jack either one I would have pretty gone
[06:52] with something about he he looks like
[06:53] he's spent a whole time getting smashed
[06:58] so stretch 1028 says why did brush Prime
[07:03] not make an appearance I mean it's a
[07:05] cabbage quest why no busker prime he was
[07:08] busy elsewhere saving the world from a
[07:11] different brassica related problem the
[07:14] broccoli was rioting yes that the
[07:18] broccoli was rioting sure cuz it's not
[07:21] be right that right a lot they don't
[07:23] wear party hats you see so they they
[07:24] have to have other things to write about
[07:26] so they were writing at the end of the
[07:27] world and brass crime hats go safe from
[07:29] the rioting broccoli where they are any
[07:31] particular world 312 I think okay these
[07:37] are important things to me yeah sorry
[07:39] okay Johnny we don't have 312 service
[07:43] not Shawnee is sitting next to me and
[07:46] almost crying it is quite quite amusing
[07:48] in on itself I wish I had a camera here
[07:50] just to show you well Charlie crying
[07:52] Hank uh bond Zara wanted to know why
[07:56] didn't Bob the cat make an appearance we
[07:58] lost him we lost da yeah he wanders like
[08:06] we lost him you want to stay in the same
[08:08] place for any period of time oh so you
[08:10] did you did see the request but then he
[08:11] walked off and decide he wanted to do
[08:13] something else yeah so if you didn't see
[08:14] I'm sorry he wanted off he just wanted
[08:16] to yeah project Lee I think he's not
[08:18] dead removed or reworked content so we
[08:21] couldn't really put him in the bar
[08:23] removed from random events though
[08:25] technically well all the random events
[08:27] were removed so if you wanted to put all
[08:28] of the random events in maybe I wish we
[08:30] did we did have the evil twins wandering
[08:32] around when we were building the bar
[08:34] area and they still had all of their you
[08:36] can't do this because you're not
[08:37] standing by the crane chat on them which
[08:39] didn't make any sense wait none of it
[08:41] ever made sense so why was that a
[08:43] problem no no it makes it entirely makes
[08:46] it okay it's all internally consistent
[08:48] okay dish
[08:51] we'll get to the question of how much is
[08:53] canon in a bit bonds are also asked was
[08:57] makes brassica crime case intended as a
[09:00] teaser for the erequest yes yeah yes yes
[09:03] yes yes let's go with yes yes sure are
[09:06] we going with we didn't we didn't build
[09:07] it it was that was a different we're
[09:09] gonna say yes and hope for the best that
[09:10] was different him we're gonna claim yes
[09:12] but yes I think that was the idea and
[09:15] why wasn't Juliet in behind the scenes
[09:17] and why she broken up with Romeo and
[09:19] will we ever see her again every have
[09:21] you spoken to Romeo he is you can't use
[09:25] the word you said earlier nanner yeah he
[09:28] is not entirely desirable as a boyfriend
[09:32] knows all the best are you understating
[09:34] it slightly maybe a little bit okay so
[09:37] where is Juliet is she dead and yeah
[09:43] Romeo Gilda we're looking yeah he got
[09:45] fed up of the fact that she didn't like
[09:48] all of his stupid chat up lines so he
[09:51] killed her so yeah she's never coming
[09:53] back sorry hmm there is the acid room
[09:57] and Lee yeah oh dear oh dear let's go
[10:02] dark really quickly so Aquaman to ask
[10:05] what is the untranslated campus language
[10:07] based on making it up I in all fairness
[10:12] you can be easily forgiven for asking
[10:15] that question since armadyl ian is a
[10:16] proper constructed language that has
[10:18] grammar and vocabulary and everything
[10:21] and so is gnomish but cabbage language
[10:24] we sort of made up and make sure that we
[10:26] use the same made-up words for the same
[10:28] things if we mention them again later on
[10:30] so will you be publishing a dictionary
[10:32] then I don't think there's need it makes
[10:35] sense to me yes peoplefluent by now I
[10:38] don't think it's nice yeah okay 11 ansi
[10:42] says they love the behind the scenes
[10:45] bars and seeing what many of the
[10:46] characters in the game I like outside of
[10:48] their jobs in a very calm like how
[10:51] guthix is in an old lesbian or how the
[10:53] five God walls dungeon generals old
[10:55] drinking buddies are there any chances
[10:57] are expanding on this up to the point
[11:00] where you can't fit any more NPCs on a
[11:02] map square right
[11:05] there are no immediate plans to put more
[11:07] people in as far as I'm aware but
[11:08] there's no reason again up to a point
[11:11] that someone can come along later and
[11:12] say well this person's been graphically
[11:14] we really worked will stick their old
[11:16] model in here and give them sarcastic
[11:18] commentary about how much they hate
[11:19] being graphically reworked no or old
[11:21] scabbard sing it's about time no no lad
[11:24] no no it's that ok I've been shot down
[11:26] favor and amex is neg and when mod
[11:30] Mohawks is no we all should say no say
[11:34] no with milk zorba says why is there no
[11:39] way to interact with the rattle in
[11:41] behind the scenes I'm afraid this one's
[11:43] also terribly prosaic you could before
[11:46] and then when people were told that they
[11:48] needed to go and talk to the spider to
[11:50] progress the quest they went to the
[11:51] wrong spider and got terribly confused
[11:53] so I took the ops off of him so you
[11:55] can't click on him anymore mumfie asks
[11:58] was null ever considered for the quest
[12:01] we have a variety of interesting nulls
[12:03] some of them in places that you wouldn't
[12:05] expect in a code base but yet we have
[12:08] different types of nulls for a different
[12:11] type of know we had the unfinished
[12:13] creature which is sort of along those
[12:15] lines but I'm not aware of a carrot
[12:17] Cornell which might be my failing as a
[12:19] designer just not familiar with the
[12:22] thing I don't think we'd call it non
[12:24] anyway we call it p h4 place order if a
[12:27] tree leaf intent won't snow could the
[12:30] life alter be used in a more serious
[12:32] content in the future technically yes no
[12:38] she's gonna say yes developers say no
[12:41] this is a common expanding this is the
[12:43] history of runescape technically
[12:45] impossible is the best sorry I cannot
[12:50] make this content it is technically
[12:52] impossible okay meridiem asked was the
[12:58] black knight always the villain or did
[13:00] the idea in being graphically updated
[13:02] with the quest came later so I think
[13:04] Maud Mohawk has an opinion on this so
[13:06] yeah originally we were just going to
[13:08] have an extra room of the bar which was
[13:11] basically a graphical rework room so
[13:13] they'd be on this conveyor belt and
[13:14] they're really poor models are go in
[13:16] once I
[13:16] and then they go through this big
[13:17] machine and then come out the other side
[13:19] graphically reworked so we're gonna have
[13:21] the Black Knight pain in there but I
[13:23] think it's so important who's struggling
[13:24] to find a big boss to kill at the end so
[13:28] they kind of just stole the the Black
[13:29] Knight Titan from that idea dropped that
[13:31] bit and then just had him as their as
[13:32] the final boss instead ie works really
[13:34] well as the fun boss he's good it's
[13:36] funny I like it yes donkey asked was
[13:39] there ever concern that a lot of the
[13:41] quest might go over the head and free to
[13:42] play or new players yes because
[13:45] obviously it's very very referential
[13:47] quest amongst about lots of other bits
[13:48] of the game we were quite concerned
[13:50] about that and so we went to the
[13:52] business intelligence the analytics team
[13:55] there is intelligence in our business
[13:57] there is some intelligence in our
[13:58] business they have a row all to
[13:59] themselves and we asked them to find us
[14:04] a sweet spot or quest point requirements
[14:06] that meant that free-to-play players
[14:08] could get that many and everyone would
[14:13] have some idea of what's going on in
[14:15] runescape as a result of having played
[14:17] through at least that many quests but
[14:18] without making it so that lots of people
[14:21] couldn't play the quest at all and they
[14:23] came up with the figure of I think it's
[14:24] 34 quest points that we went with in the
[14:26] end so boom oh no fall says words
[14:29] putting sailing in the BT skills room a
[14:32] jab at the osrs team no we don't take
[14:36] jabs at the osrs team they're both good
[14:38] games we like that people play either of
[14:41] them or both of them yet and frankly
[14:43] we'll leave that to the reddit
[14:44] subcommittee I will also mention that
[14:46] there is a bank preset called sailing as
[14:49] well so this isn't the first time we've
[14:50] kind of in a very mocked ourselves i
[14:52] guess in a sense that was part of april
[14:55] fools yeah well when modesty put in an
[14:57] entire tail advanced guy yeah yeah yeah
[15:01] and it's been a running joke Peter turn
[15:04] up to reinvest with saving capes you
[15:08] know it is a running joke about adding
[15:10] sailing to the game yeah and add to be
[15:12] fed with the random islands we nearly
[15:13] had rowing if it wasn't saving I'm
[15:15] terrified someone's going to show up
[15:16] with a ridin k but room fest oh no I'm
[15:19] not people to unicorn if they bring
[15:21] their own rocking unicorn that I'm all
[15:23] fall out yeah
[15:24] yeah congratulate them and shake them by
[15:27] the hand if they do in the boat I mean
[15:29] needs to come with the boat boat I've
[15:32] got a question about the batter I don't
[15:33] I don't know who asked it but well the
[15:35] questions was can we have the boat in
[15:37] game please lots of people wanted the
[15:39] boat in game potentially so it's a main
[15:42] hand weapon override yeah it would work
[15:45] in fact it uses the same animations as
[15:47] the Terra Birdman yeah so do the same
[15:50] way and we bility is it to a tactical
[15:52] obviously anywhere you can use the
[15:54] terror bird mount or the pogo stick I
[15:56] suppose we could make it possible to use
[15:59] the bug know what a mohawk is getting
[16:02] excited now hey you made me you make
[16:05] that happen baby that time surely the
[16:09] boat needs to be on where is the bios no
[16:13] no sorry no land sailing watch out for
[16:19] land sharks people were in the outfit
[16:22] though very changed by the air people in
[16:25] the shark fury outfits chasing down the
[16:27] boats I want to see this every way I
[16:30] will I will make this happen if it goes
[16:32] in game I will do an event we're doing
[16:34] event based on shots and boats clearly
[16:36] make it house a little be terrified we
[16:39] won't tell him well just invite him yeah
[16:41] what is that everyone needs to be less
[16:46] mean about mod Salem and his shot
[16:48] project mod Liam for him a he adopted
[16:53] some great white shark right 40 is it
[16:56] Raven mud Liam adopted a carcharodon
[17:00] Carcharias great white shark in what
[17:02] sayings name you got sent a little
[17:05] bumper pack with loads of shark pictures
[17:07] everything or more slowly we had to open
[17:09] it for him you took it with grace but
[17:12] I'm so move on quickly now cabbage day
[17:15] one is will we be seeing a more cabbage
[17:18] in future quests cabbages are clearly
[17:20] fundamental for the night the guy's name
[17:21] sorry dice names cabbage died he's
[17:23] carriage tighty-whities li ye because i
[17:27] was like is about time I'd like to know
[17:29] are we adding more more cabbages to
[17:31] future quests are we recognizing the
[17:33] importance of cabbage in given if you
[17:35] put the Brassica perk on one of your
[17:37] weapons you can have all the cabbages
[17:38] and
[17:38] su one that is true that you know that
[17:42] us that's the probably the best approach
[17:43] if we make another really silly question
[17:46] future carriages might feature they
[17:48] probably don't fit quite so well in two
[17:50] slits gay based quests like I may be
[17:53] wrong judging by the shoehorn them in
[17:55] yeah we could certainly shoe on them in
[17:58] we've never shoot horde any references
[18:00] been before no no never okay so act go
[18:05] answer get gay two last questions now
[18:07] echo answer says if you would've had
[18:09] time what content would you like to have
[18:11] added to the quest so what what [ __ ] do
[18:14] we not add um so there was this one idea
[18:17] where you'd basically have just this big
[18:20] room which is another room off bar and
[18:23] they'd be like I don't know loads of
[18:24] tiny imps or something in there and
[18:26] they're just be holes in the ceiling and
[18:28] they push the cabbages up through the
[18:30] holes and that's how the cabbage is
[18:31] formed on the on the ground world and I
[18:34] miss that I want it if you want cabbages
[18:36] cabbages yes spawning heritage is all
[18:39] good yeah this is how the inner workings
[18:41] of cabbages what I came too late to the
[18:45] party to decide what went in right I was
[18:49] just there to polish and tweak and
[18:51] dialogue things so always more dialogue
[18:56] always more bad puns always more making
[18:58] localization cry yes yeah did you yeah
[19:01] knowing a modern Walter he could have
[19:04] just kept going on pens forever yeah yes
[19:07] wasn't quite a lot cut out as well in
[19:09] the dialog get trimmed quite heavily at
[19:11] some point we we trimmed quite a lot of
[19:14] the dialogue off of the main path into
[19:16] side options so that if you're just
[19:18] blasting through the quest holding down
[19:20] spacebar you don't deserve the funny
[19:21] jokes so we put them in sort of option
[19:24] to option three option for of people's
[19:26] champ and just let you hold down
[19:28] spacebar and get your glorious glorious
[19:30] reward to feel that sort of planned it
[19:32] was also Cuba d dialogue or meant to be
[19:34] wasn't that yes the QbD was poking her
[19:36] head through it one of the big portals
[19:38] but it didn't work with the way the bar
[19:41] was built no so we had to take her back
[19:45] out again ah the gag there was that she
[19:48] couldn't get to the bar to order a drink
[19:50] because only her head
[19:51] through the portal needed so much going
[19:54] by around four okay so the last question
[19:58] and possibly one of most asked questions
[20:00] or requests which bits of the quest our
[20:03] cannon whichever bit we decide we want
[20:07] to be cannon over the course of the next
[20:09] 15 years I suppose but we'll take the
[20:13] extended universe approach expanded
[20:16] universe which everything it was before
[20:18] they destroyed it and then immediately
[20:19] started building it again and it's
[20:23] entirely a matter of our own plot driven
[20:25] convenience and future only reference to
[20:29] this podcast how much of what we said in
[20:32] this podcast is true Oh everything all
[20:34] of our answers have been completely
[20:36] accurate except the ones on and with
[20:40] that we'll say goodbye goodbye