Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #87 - Free Love And Sheep

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:06] I'm mod Matty the podcast monkey and
[00:09] this week we're straight across to mod
[00:11] Osborne in law corner hello everybody
[00:13] welcome to the Lord corner where today's
[00:16] lovely topic is gothics who's got a
[00:18] balanced free love sheep that sort of
[00:20] thing is is what do you want to say I
[00:25] think since God of balance which is true
[00:28] we love which is less true but but sheep
[00:31] are we and we're going cost wars there
[00:32] I'm going retro masa Wars it was more
[00:35] the mixture of free love and moving
[00:39] beyond so I thought start with the God
[00:42] letters I don't know if you remember how
[00:43] he was represented in that big flying's
[00:46] girl no flying skull with tentacles so
[00:48] he could've been worse that kind of then
[00:50] moved on to cost wasn't sheep it's a
[00:53] strange one he's kind of just been a
[00:54] force of good in the early days he was
[00:56] Jeb very pure all gone yeah I think it's
[00:59] debatable whether he was a force of good
[01:01] he was always presented is the god of
[01:03] balance and neutrality I don't know
[01:05] where the earth good he was more
[01:06] whimsical but that's not necessarily
[01:08] good yes trim I mean saradomin was
[01:12] presented is good good back when it was
[01:15] you know saturday- zamorak were not at
[01:17] all blatantly you know you're correct
[01:20] actually Yogi's always kind of very much
[01:22] focused on balance yeah man you know
[01:23] everything must have a a counterpoint
[01:25] yeah and then we kind of def excited to
[01:28] bleed in more with I guess the guardians
[01:30] of guthix that was when they really
[01:31] started kicking in when you started the
[01:32] representation of Juna volute aviara and
[01:35] that sort of thing there were actually
[01:38] actually some guardians of Gothic so I
[01:40] we would mean uma Bharati we were sat
[01:42] down and kind of determining the roster
[01:44] of guards guards were given the job at
[01:45] one point yeah who let us do that I
[01:47] don't this was involved and really world
[01:49] wakes and before you probably guys
[01:52] probably know this we put together a
[01:53] quest brief or something called in the
[01:55] mouth of madness which was about a
[01:57] guardian of graphics called Erebus who
[01:59] was a floating prison a graphics used to
[02:01] put all of the those who der unbalanced
[02:04] the world in we saw him as a seeker
[02:06] wasn't it yeah before the seats and
[02:09] stalkers came from demon Heinie's kind
[02:10] of floating mouth that would just eat
[02:12] people if they are unbalanced
[02:13] world so he's again as just kind of King
[02:16] into you gah things wasn't always good
[02:18] so yet mel's are and yeah well this this
[02:21] was being at one point his role I mean
[02:23] this isn't confirming this isn't coming
[02:27] they balling started this isn't
[02:28] confirming a guardian of gothics that is
[02:31] waiting in the wings this was more just
[02:33] something we did back in the day that he
[02:34] isn't gonna come to pass but it was just
[02:36] showing the Gothic his balance had
[02:40] negatives as well as positives and he
[02:42] was what it was kind of like an
[02:43] anti-magic device to keep control of man
[02:46] yeah yeah like the neutral zone would be
[02:48] kind of superhero comics he's
[02:49] neutralized magic and it was ruled over
[02:51] by somebody who proclaimed to be zamorak
[02:54] so he's always a more active inverted
[02:55] commas right and we had that old quest
[02:57] idea which was he'd hoovered up really
[03:00] powerful magician we had people that
[03:02] were strong with magic but in the course
[03:04] of doing so had picked up people like
[03:06] males are and I had turned him mad
[03:08] really say hey my point anyway great
[03:14] another rite of passage I say that
[03:16] sounds awesome puts on rune labs yeah
[03:18] this is us going full bar me this is
[03:21] before we became narrative guys but
[03:23] there was also like we were talking
[03:24] about there was a point where it just
[03:26] top cat dill yep was one at one point in
[03:28] Grimm Nash was going to be one yeah I'm
[03:31] gonna see did some kind of large-scale
[03:33] creatures that we thought might well be
[03:35] good I think we like the idea of doctors
[03:37] kept deal because the by that point the
[03:40] player had already killed it yes I be oh
[03:42] that wretches retrospectively kind of oh
[03:44] by the way you killed one yeah thanks
[03:46] but um so a gothic sweaty Conte came to
[03:49] the fore with world wakes you guys are
[03:52] all there for world wakes it was kind of
[03:53] a strange period and then we knew what
[03:55] we want to do something big but we
[03:57] couldn't really talk about it so it was
[03:59] the the time team quest it was the other
[04:01] archaeological dig quest and that's all
[04:04] the only way we could promote it as I
[04:06] remember some of this stuff we were
[04:07] talking about before it was the quest as
[04:09] well there was the idea of bringing
[04:11] either I think was at the time it was a
[04:13] toss-up between gothic sores are osmotic
[04:16] you're bringing her back not as a as a
[04:19] quest but as a world of n boss because
[04:21] the member one day earlier pitches for
[04:23] ethics was not that kind of nice God to
[04:26] deliver
[04:27] this thing you would have to fight it
[04:29] was like the big skull tentacle or some
[04:31] massive raid boss back when we were just
[04:33] going to ignore the game again I think
[04:35] or the dev time what if we did this so I
[04:38] remember some of the interesting stuff
[04:39] going on oh my word yeah that could in a
[04:41] very different direction but i remember
[04:42] with runescape 3 coming and we knew that
[04:44] we wanted to have a big kind of
[04:45] storyline redirection and it was always
[04:47] about going to our core storyline of
[04:49] gods in our God's all these things that
[04:51] people talked about but never saw and of
[04:53] course there was this big obstacle in
[04:54] the way and that was goofing but also an
[04:57] opportunity for some pudding and heart
[05:00] strings and yes I may be done before and
[05:03] it really did a kind of affect a lot of
[05:05] people who played it I still get people
[05:08] going can you bring him back can you
[05:10] bring you back which makes you go MA and
[05:12] cruelly there's so many updates we I
[05:15] have to keep on trying to push back
[05:17] against developer so you want to do more
[05:18] cruelty to gothics Alex's body sometimes
[05:23] it still creeps through we sort of yeah
[05:25] we do still do a bit that seems like
[05:27] it's paying reverence to but it's just
[05:29] jamming the knife in deeper yeah things
[05:31] like the memory imports oh I still find
[05:35] that quite moving I thought I think
[05:36] that's not necessarily jamming the knife
[05:38] in I think that's quite celebrate I've
[05:39] tried yeah and tributed affix be another
[05:41] one I've seen I think Slavs a butterfly
[05:43] whereas we just want to do horrible we
[05:45] wanted individual the nomads LG thing we
[05:47] were going to actually use gut fixes
[05:49] corpse for you know Gillan or we were
[05:53] going to use guthix is cooked that but
[05:54] it's like no no we pushed back a little
[05:56] on that Oh issue to the order of
[05:57] Ascension yeah sorry by the way spoilers
[06:00] but you knew this but the look of
[06:02] gothics is unusual I remember having to
[06:04] not necessarily fight mod mark on the
[06:07] look of graphics being really he was
[06:09] concerned it didn't look like onic
[06:11] enough that it wasn't kind of cool but
[06:13] of course that I never really thought
[06:15] the cut gothics needed to be corner I
[06:16] wanted something kind of wiser and that
[06:19] look is he got that kind of drawn face
[06:21] I'm struggling to remember which came
[06:23] first if it was the look of guthix or
[06:25] the nuraghe e lohan yeah because
[06:28] obviously both happen the same time for
[06:29] and the origins again and all our world
[06:31] wakes happened at the same motion comic
[06:33] but we did have that notion quietly on
[06:36] of god being the base race ya
[06:40] lend out revelation yeah and this was
[06:42] the first time we really got to show the
[06:44] your origin race yeah it was quite cool
[06:46] so we were we were talking we started
[06:48] off with kind of take our oggi the you
[06:50] know of gothics add antlers like Lord am
[06:52] Lord so it's very much that kind of you
[06:55] can imagine i snagged graphics i'm going
[06:57] to pull that back a little bit and then
[06:58] move more to the halo being some obvious
[07:01] kind of mythology references there yeah
[07:04] but i think it works i think that kind
[07:06] of wise outlook yeah in retrospect work
[07:09] with God variant has those kind of disks
[07:11] yes the on the joint which thinking back
[07:16] I mean this was not a conscious thing
[07:18] but I mean it almost is an echo of
[07:20] augmented items in some way yet these
[07:23] kind of injury progenitor of invention
[07:26] it also has that kind of Sator like look
[07:28] to which works so well with the whole
[07:30] nature thing as well yeah we definitely
[07:31] wanted that nicely absolutely so what I
[07:34] mean what graphics represents is also
[07:36] was also very complex and world wakes
[07:38] and quite hard to fall on I was talking
[07:40] to earlier you like is very much
[07:42] absolutist absolutely always there
[07:45] because he's there's no room for
[07:47] reasoning or middle ground it's like if
[07:50] you look at everything he's done it's
[07:51] like the prime example being banishing
[07:54] the gods it's all of the gods not the
[07:57] gods causing the problems that not some
[07:59] of it was but all of the gods yeah
[08:00] except for the ones who Massacre found
[08:02] to the sneaky way yeah and parvin
[08:03] brassica it was a very special case but
[08:07] I mean even sarin who he had to bear the
[08:09] thing with he was like no you gotta go
[08:11] which is why she won't explain himself I
[08:13] thought I think you summarized that
[08:14] eloquently with a sound effect so yeah
[08:18] he is like that but also there's I
[08:21] always very naive yeah that sense of I
[08:24] can just kind of leave everything to
[08:26] more tools and it will go well and make
[08:29] that mistake not once but twice is
[08:31] relatively mining was naivety mixed in
[08:34] with us faint arrogance as well because
[08:35] it's all kind of idealism it's like my
[08:38] opinions obviously right about the gods
[08:39] get rid of them all yeah and therefore
[08:41] all the people find leaving totes that's
[08:42] is its faint arrogance mixed in with
[08:44] anybody as well which let's fail all the
[08:47] gods are kind of guilty of they're all a
[08:49] bit naive arrogant in different scales
[08:52] but they're all like it
[08:53] salute mean I'm sure if graphics was
[08:55] alive he'd have quite a few people
[08:57] following him I think he would have a
[08:58] very very strong do you think you have
[09:00] more than tariff after why depends I
[09:04] mean snow bikes really kind of yeah
[09:06] position the character but of course
[09:08] that was position both characters that
[09:09] don't seek the limelight really and they
[09:11] don't seek mmm followers in Matt on mass
[09:15] anymore at least educated but gothics
[09:17] doesn't have ancient curses to offer so
[09:19] you know like open yeah farming spell
[09:24] book wait hang on good I'll bring in the
[09:28] Catholics farm anyway um so your
[09:32] relationship with sarin was another one
[09:33] mmm it's worth touching on still don't
[09:35] really know do we we touch to know a bit
[09:37] in the light within I don't keep about
[09:40] it so it's certainly quite heavily
[09:41] employed in fact I think it's not stated
[09:44] as like they were in love but it was
[09:46] Sata's there is definitely strong
[09:47] relationship between them sarin states
[09:50] that what they had was more than love it
[09:52] goes beyond the sort of mortal concept
[09:54] which is a bit of an arty farty thing to
[09:57] say but even so there's definitely there
[10:00] was definitely something going on
[10:01] between them yeah I think it's fair to
[10:02] say yeah and a lot a lot of people have
[10:05] asked like was there a relationship or
[10:07] did he know about the older gods that
[10:09] often gets asked me on Twitter um just
[10:12] because you know where the old gods they
[10:15] tracked him here for any particular
[10:16] reason was he going to you know because
[10:18] he was obviously a very high power level
[10:20] he was tier 2 and so I wasn't certainly
[10:22] hope that many other people on that tier
[10:24] and they were children of Elder Gods
[10:25] there's I think a lot of people are kind
[10:27] of trying to draw a line their somehow
[10:29] sure I mean I I'd say that's probably
[10:31] not something we don't so I'm a podcast
[10:33] yeah um my personal opinion is I think
[10:37] he would have yeah I think he there's
[10:39] more to him than it seems to be on the
[10:42] surface but yeah it's going to sleep for
[10:45] four thousand years or whatever yeah
[10:46] it's a bit of a wishy-washy reason yeah
[10:49] to remove himself from mortals and
[10:52] worship parallel now the world is Blake
[10:54] with you more at play there yeah
[10:55] absolutely and um so future of gothics
[10:58] do you think there was any future for
[10:59] the graphics in storyline in the game is
[11:01] that it is it done its future of a
[11:03] storyline the teacher will wrap in 2d
[11:04] gothics I don't think that's quite the
[11:06] same as what the players are actually
[11:07] asking
[11:07] which is can we have him back coming
[11:08] back yet kiss no but um I think they're
[11:11] certainly in a true globe and ASEAN way
[11:13] that the followers of that God is still
[11:15] around I think we've done better with
[11:17] graphics than we have in what's only in
[11:19] the case of band off so far I think
[11:21] things like the memory of RG and Gillen
[11:25] or and yeah certain other quest lines
[11:28] take his story and continue definitely
[11:30] hi rip I mean just have become almost
[11:32] full circle I'm still excited about the
[11:34] guardians of Gothic so i wouldnt want to
[11:35] drop them by any means i mean we've
[11:36] filled out their roster with death with
[11:38] keldar for example there's some story
[11:41] there and maybe who knows an Arabist
[11:43] story with a mad prison a mad floating
[11:47] prison at some point i would love to
[11:48] write that just get it thrive but
[11:50] there's madness that'll be an amazing
[11:52] quest Duke you could steal the whole
[11:54] kind of hallucination thing from the
[11:56] vampyre iam quest and then just go to
[11:57] town with it as well I guess so much fun
[12:01] okay so i think we've read kind of
[12:04] roundly talked about gothics so next
[12:06] time round we're going to be talking
[12:07] about bum ba-bum the Elder Gods which
[12:10] should be pretty damn dramatic so thank
[12:12] you very much for listening that was the
[12:13] law corner goodbye and thank you to the
[12:15] law council so with me now i have mod
[12:17] Raven modere vynn hello what is your
[12:22] favorite runescape music so i would have
[12:26] to give initial special mention to black
[12:29] sabbath because it's the first thing I
[12:31] kind of worked with right but if I had
[12:33] to pick a particular music a song from
[12:36] runescape it's going to be elven voice
[12:38] because it's just so nicely put together
[12:41] you've got this kind of lovely slightly
[12:44] haunting music this year plays across
[12:46] and then the voice comes in and with
[12:49] other voices as well sing along with
[12:51] their [ __ ] the whispers it's just so
[12:53] eerie it kind of crawls up your spine
[12:57] and sits at the back of your neck
[12:58] hanging you can't see the mine with my
[13:00] fingers sort of doing that but still
[13:02] well Raven is indeed miming fingers
[13:05] doing there yeah it's just it's a really
[13:08] nice really interesting song and it's
[13:10] kind of different as well from some of
[13:13] the sort of earlier tracks at least it's
[13:16] let's get nice and cold andand what one
[13:17] last question before we start listening
[13:19] to it
[13:20] do you envisage elves burning as you
[13:22] listen to it I always envision elves
[13:25] burning just constantly regardless of
[13:27] the music this does give it that kind of
[13:29] more cinematic feel you can see them
[13:31] running in slow motion you can see the
[13:33] horrid looks in their faces as they burn
[13:35] to crisp and crumble to ash its glorious
[13:38] damn that models born not letting you
[13:42] have your dreams yep yep yep and now
[13:45] we'll listen to the other voice
[14:32] you
[16:23] you
[17:41] Oh
[18:18] such an awesome piece of music and
[18:20] they're across the mall infinity and
[18:22] player support hello and welcome to the
[18:24] latest section of the customer support
[18:26] podcast I'm on infinity hopefully you
[18:28] can can recognize my voice I'm on the
[18:30] ops managers here in customer service
[18:31] and today I'm joined by mod ferret hi
[18:34] I'm mod ferret I've been with jagex for
[18:36] about a year now I'm in the customer
[18:38] support team and currently looking after
[18:40] the social media side of things okay I
[18:43] Oh Steve yep hello everyone its Steve
[18:46] bank for another customer support
[18:47] podcast I to keep kicking me out the
[18:50] room by keep coming back in to attend to
[18:51] the next podcast so as long as they let
[18:53] me in i'll be here doing these podcasts
[18:55] brilliant potassium lawyers let you in
[18:56] and so in this week section will be
[18:58] talking about cushion support on social
[19:01] media so i think it will knows that
[19:02] we're on social media know we've got the
[19:03] official jacket support channel on
[19:06] twitter but all I can I get into bit
[19:07] more detail about what is it that we do
[19:09] how can we help people what's the future
[19:10] looking like and Steve you can talk
[19:12] about some misconceptions as well so
[19:15] yeah Modafferi as you say your customer
[19:17] support social media lead and it is in
[19:20] general can you talk briefly about our
[19:22] approach to social media when it comes
[19:24] to customer support well we try and keep
[19:27] as active as we can on social media we
[19:30] realized it's an important way to keep
[19:33] in contact with all of our players so
[19:36] we've been on Twitter specifically since
[19:39] end of january 2014 so okay quite some
[19:42] time and yeah we've been really active
[19:45] on there nearly ninety five at 65 sorry
[19:48] thousand tweets have been sent from the
[19:50] jagex support account in the life of the
[19:53] accounts so that's quite right I
[19:57] couldn't work out daily average I'm not
[19:59] look like quick for I'm sure it's quite
[20:01] a lot and yeah we've got over
[20:03] twenty-five thousand followers currently
[20:06] following our accounts so yeah what we
[20:08] say get seen by a lot of people that
[20:10] city alright great stuff another
[20:12] interesting it's outside so in terms of
[20:14] providing support on social media and
[20:17] ferry what is it with our weekend help
[20:19] people
[20:20] it it's quite limited because of the
[20:23] anonymity on social media we can't see
[20:28] anything relating to actual account
[20:29] details we've only got what is said in
[20:32] the tweet it to go on so really we can't
[20:35] verify any identity so we can only
[20:37] answer questions relating to general
[20:40] issues or redirect people help them
[20:43] actually find the pages to get the
[20:45] answers themselves or just get them to
[20:47] send in a ticket so that we can take
[20:49] them through in more detail on their
[20:51] account mm-hmm so so really we're just
[20:54] looking to get people to contact us
[20:57] through the official ticketing system
[21:00] yeah okay yeah I think that's important
[21:02] right official supporter net center
[21:04] that's why people are gonna get the help
[21:05] they need is called a detailed articles
[21:07] yeah if they need content as they can do
[21:09] it through there as you mentioned
[21:10] Twitter's is a platform used to direct
[21:12] people to write page whether you know
[21:14] they need help yeah exactly okay so with
[21:17] with 25,000 followers you must get quite
[21:19] a lot of tweets and I know from my time
[21:20] on social media myself you know
[21:21] monitoring the joke support and Twitter
[21:24] account we get quite a lot of players
[21:25] asking is to help throughout the issue
[21:27] to actually can't help them out with
[21:28] ferret can you go into us to issues are
[21:30] and just talk about why we can't help
[21:31] with them there are two main reasons
[21:33] that people contact us one is that their
[21:36] account has been banned and the other is
[21:38] that their account has been hijacked and
[21:40] they lost access both of these have a
[21:43] number of problems involved for band
[21:45] account we don't review band account
[21:48] anywhere so any contact that we get via
[21:51] Twitter relating to a band account is
[21:54] something we immediately cannot help
[21:56] with so we can provide as much
[21:59] information on as possible on what the
[22:02] situation's relating to the band
[22:04] accounts are and information on why they
[22:07] might have been banned but we can't do
[22:09] an appeal there's a post on the
[22:12] community led account help forum which
[22:14] was made by mod Kelvin the head of
[22:16] customer support and this details our
[22:19] current policy towards band accounts
[22:21] including those which were banned whilst
[22:23] hijacked so we would obviously advise
[22:26] that anybody goes and checks out that
[22:29] post fearful information on
[22:32] what to do in these cases and what
[22:34] information there is available on those
[22:37] accounts ok cool so that's going to
[22:38] cover off the band account he mentioned
[22:40] yet people who get hijacked as well
[22:41] what's they approach to that well I mean
[22:43] we get a lot of reports about these both
[22:45] from the individual themselves who's
[22:47] account has been lost and from concerned
[22:49] friends who want to raise attention to
[22:52] an account where the owner might not be
[22:54] aware yet that they've been hijacked yet
[22:56] we do our best to help with these but as
[22:58] previously mentioned the anonymity makes
[23:01] it a bit more challenging so in these
[23:04] cases we would always advise that the
[23:06] owner of the account submits a an
[23:08] account recovery appeal this is the best
[23:12] way to prove ownership to us of the
[23:14] account because we can't accept personal
[23:17] information over Twitter because being a
[23:20] public forum essentially all of your
[23:23] information is posted out in the open so
[23:25] we want to try and maintain your
[23:27] security and so the the account recovery
[23:31] appeal process is by far the best way to
[23:34] contact us about hijacked accounts yeah
[23:38] i think you know you mentioned in
[23:39] previous podcast as well that tho those
[23:41] appeals that are dealt with really
[23:42] really quickly i think often within
[23:43] hours right and you know if it applies
[23:45] to hijacked and they submit that appeal
[23:47] it's going to be oh yeah i mean we have
[23:50] members of staff on hand 24-7 processing
[23:53] these ok recovery appeals so it will be
[23:57] within a matter of hours that it is
[23:59] responded to and it is by far the best
[24:04] way to recover an account if anything
[24:06] should happen regardless of the time of
[24:09] day you you find the problem and submit
[24:12] to us ok cool so you said that we have
[24:13] teams of people who monitor and review
[24:15] these account recovery appeals 24-7 it
[24:18] at the same situation for social media
[24:20] is it slightly different or it's it's
[24:21] similar but slightly different we we
[24:23] monitor social media 24-7 so we're
[24:26] constantly checking for you know people
[24:29] reporting major issues signal yet
[24:32] problems that we need to be aware of but
[24:34] we don't always reply to two posts and
[24:36] we don't answer to everybody's tweets
[24:40] tweets are answered between the hours of
[24:42] nine and nine but major issues were all
[24:45] on the lookout for and we always want to
[24:46] know about them as soon as they arise
[24:48] okay and so for player tweet so thats a
[24:51] 7am we're just a general customer
[24:53] support issue will that tweet get picked
[24:55] up at 9am in women that when we start
[24:57] replying again we aim to respond to them
[25:00] as soon as possible yet but as always
[25:02] there will be a queue yes so we can't
[25:05] guarantee that your tweet will be
[25:07] answered as soon as we start replying at
[25:09] night look but it will get reply it will
[25:11] get replied to but you know it has to
[25:14] fit in line with everybody else that has
[25:16] already asked a question others yeah
[25:18] okay make sense cool and so some players
[25:21] have noticed occasionally we'll tweet
[25:23] out at 3am or five mm you know if we
[25:26] don't respond to tweets towards hours
[25:29] why might that be well one of the things
[25:32] that we do knowing that we're a uk-based
[25:34] company that have customers throughout
[25:37] the world we want to make sure that we
[25:39] get information out to our players at
[25:41] all hours of the day so we will schedule
[25:43] tweets to go out at certain times I said
[25:46] you know information can be put out
[25:48] regularly to all of our players
[25:50] worldwide to ensure that in those
[25:52] specific information is always available
[25:54] even if we're not in the office to
[25:57] directly communicate its people here I
[25:59] think everything done for that NXT right
[26:01] and we we had scheduled tweets going out
[26:03] all hours of the day advised to get help
[26:05] what the top tips are there a common
[26:07] troubleshooting issues and I'm really
[26:09] well actually the streets were engaged
[26:10] with and direct people to the right
[26:12] places yeah it certainly helps own we
[26:15] want to make sure that people get the
[26:17] support they need that's why we're here
[26:19] and sending out schedule tweets is one
[26:21] way that we can ensure we get
[26:23] information to people even when we're
[26:25] not in the office to respond to them
[26:26] yeah and making sure that you get your
[26:29] questions answered you get the help you
[26:31] need a new get in game regardless of the
[26:34] time that you need the help that's got
[26:36] to be our main priority here okay cool
[26:38] and it's worth mentioning just just
[26:40] briefly think that if you know if you go
[26:41] through the support center that's
[26:42] obviously online twenty-four-seven if
[26:43] you decide or to send in a ticket we've
[26:46] got teams working twenty-four/seven
[26:47] responding to customer inquiries through
[26:48] tickets you know got teams responding to
[26:51] account Appeals abuse reports
[26:53] offensively all that kind of stuff it's
[26:54] just social media where we have that 949
[26:56] response time
[26:58] but actually I we're reviewing it 24-7
[27:00] were making sure we're checking
[27:01] everything and so with of checking 24-7
[27:03] what kind of platforms will be checking
[27:04] for it the the 24-7 checks will be we do
[27:08] monitor twitter to a certain extent yes
[27:10] see if people have reported major issues
[27:13] but we will constantly be looking at
[27:15] reddit the runescape forums and and
[27:19] Facebook ok kind of our main areas to be
[27:22] checking that that seems to be where the
[27:23] majority of big issues will be mentioned
[27:26] if players are experiencing problems
[27:28] yeah alright fantastic great and give
[27:30] over to mod steve w now so Steve far
[27:34] it's been talking about our approach
[27:35] social media and that we you know
[27:37] respond to most issues and and you know
[27:39] that a few issues you can't deal with
[27:41] over time there's been a few
[27:44] misconceptions should we say where
[27:46] players think that we have locked an
[27:49] account unlocked an account bandon
[27:51] account unbanned an account based off
[27:52] his tweet alone know so probably no I'm
[27:55] read it quite a few times players
[27:56] complaining that you know the joke
[27:58] support Twitter account has given their
[27:59] account way based on one tweet or two
[28:02] tweets of someone pretending to be them
[28:04] is that true these out some to me
[28:05] actually we did in the past or we've
[28:07] done that is a bit of a bit of a myth
[28:10] that I'm happy to put straight really so
[28:11] I mean I can understand why people might
[28:14] think this yes so you have to consider
[28:17] though that we're looking at the
[28:18] evidence is in the tweet and that's just
[28:19] 140 characters and anyone can pretty
[28:22] much create a twitter handle with
[28:23] anything they want so it's very easy to
[28:26] sort of pretend on Twitter that you're
[28:28] somebody else you can great Everts with
[28:29] a handle that's got simply be
[28:30] impersonators yeah yeah we get it as
[28:33] well yeah so you know we're obviously
[28:35] aware of that you know we're not stupid
[28:37] you know we know that if someone's
[28:39] tweeting to us we've got very limited
[28:41] information obviously we've got no
[28:42] access to Twitter's back-end systems or
[28:45] anything like that we can just see the
[28:46] tweet the same as everyone else can so
[28:48] we would never take on face value that
[28:50] if somebody tweets us and says you know
[28:52] this accounts been involved in rule
[28:54] breaking or this account needs locking
[28:55] or this accounts been hijacked you know
[28:57] we wouldn't take that on face value and
[28:58] just take action based on that tweet
[29:00] alone okay now what does sometimes
[29:03] happen is that we would look into the
[29:05] account and see that actually you know
[29:07] there is a concern here we can see an
[29:08] account has been compromised for example
[29:10] it doesn't seem to be access
[29:12] today from the place it's normally
[29:13] played and it looks a little bit
[29:14] suspicious now the kind of two things
[29:17] then start to line up so you might say
[29:18] okay we've got somebody here on social
[29:19] media indicating that they think this
[29:21] account is compromised and when we check
[29:23] that against are you know back in
[29:25] validated systems that we trust and know
[29:27] the information is correct and we can
[29:29] see yes there is an issue then we might
[29:31] take some actions such as securing that
[29:32] account so that the owner can recover it
[29:34] yeah what we would never do is just sort
[29:36] of blanket apply a new password or email
[29:38] or something like that you know based on
[29:40] based on the evidence in between if we
[29:42] see it's compromised will say the best
[29:43] thing to do is to get it back to the
[29:44] owner and the way to do that is to
[29:45] secure it and allow the owner to set a
[29:48] new password which I'll either do
[29:49] through dream a little by completing a
[29:51] manual recovery form so yeah just to
[29:54] bust those myths you know we do see
[29:55] these things on reddit and other
[29:56] platforms where people talk about the
[29:58] clans being given away you know very
[30:00] often actually isn't it it's an account
[30:01] that shared or heavily compromised or
[30:03] something like that and actually there's
[30:05] sort of a battle going on where you know
[30:06] the owner might be on Twitter saying one
[30:08] thing to us the person that shares the
[30:10] account is the person completing the
[30:12] recovery form and they're back and forth
[30:13] and conflict of interest and dispute
[30:15] about account ownership and that can go
[30:17] on but you know just to reiterate we
[30:20] won't take things on the face value of a
[30:21] tree alone brilliant thanks for cleaning
[30:23] up for us back to you for it so what the
[30:26] future plan for social media we've kind
[30:28] of you know looked at what we do now and
[30:30] we've spoke about or approach a certain
[30:33] aspects of social but what we doing
[30:36] looking ahead well we've acknowledged
[30:38] that social media is massively popular
[30:41] it's a really good way to keep in
[30:44] contact with the community so really the
[30:46] plans are to continue supporting our
[30:48] players through social media to really
[30:50] grow the team and grow the level of
[30:53] support that we can provide increase our
[30:56] response times on Twitter and increase
[30:59] our Twitter community helper team so
[31:02] that we've just got a bigger group of
[31:04] people all wanting to help community and
[31:06] getting involved ok cool so puny help
[31:09] you mentioned you at the end there yeah
[31:10] so some players might not know what they
[31:12] are they employees are they volunteers
[31:14] and can you kind of talk briefly about
[31:17] what they are what they do the community
[31:19] helpers are a group of volunteer players
[31:23] who are dedicated to the guy
[31:25] they love the game they love helping out
[31:28] and they joined us as volunteers for the
[31:32] love of helping players they want to
[31:34] help people out so they're just a group
[31:36] of really passionate individuals that
[31:39] are active on Twitter and on the forums
[31:42] as well now okay responding to player
[31:45] questions providing as much help as they
[31:48] can yet that doesn't require private
[31:51] knowledge or personal information about
[31:53] the account or the account holder okay
[31:55] so they have access to the jangling
[31:57] support Twitter account they're their
[31:58] own Twitter account how does that work
[31:59] the helpers have their own individual
[32:03] personal authorized helper accounts
[32:06] there they're not directly connected to
[32:09] our systems or our account but they are
[32:14] authorized by us to answer questions on
[32:18] behalf of us yet of the customers but
[32:20] not to collect personal information from
[32:23] the players okay and so how you identify
[32:24] a helper on Twitter the the helpers all
[32:27] have the twitter handle starting at
[32:31] jagex help okay and there's currently 12
[32:34] of them okay brilliant and so they just
[32:36] go back to us d said before three heave
[32:39] people to impersonate people right
[32:41] including James madres so I think it's
[32:43] be clear you know helpers are not ask
[32:45] you for your password helpers day about
[32:46] to tell back-end systems and actually
[32:48] there's a wiki page as well which lists
[32:50] all the current helpers on the team and
[32:53] so you can check now who's given me the
[32:55] information is it is it an official
[32:56] verified help it if this link may be
[32:58] safe yeah the helpers at most should
[33:02] only asked you for your character name
[33:05] yet rsn because they'll probably
[33:07] abbreviate it they are in constant
[33:10] communication with a member of the jagex
[33:13] team so they are always able to ask us
[33:18] if they have a question that yet they
[33:20] can't answer if they need further
[33:22] assistance and in some cases we can
[33:24] check up on accounts so if they give you
[33:27] information that's relating to an
[33:29] account status they have more than
[33:32] likely been in communication with us
[33:35] first and are simply passing on a
[33:37] message none of them for made
[33:39] Shin is sensitive it's just helping
[33:42] provide a service fantastic and you
[33:45] mentioned forum help with work we've
[33:47] extended the scheme onto the forms how
[33:49] do we recognize who the forum can t
[33:51] helper yet all of the community helpers
[33:54] on the forums will have the community
[33:56] helper title ok as a tag next to their
[33:59] next to their name on the forum so you
[34:01] can identify them or they're all right
[34:03] brilliant and they'll be found in our
[34:04] community led I can't help tech helping
[34:07] and poet support for words right yeah
[34:08] well they're active all over the forest
[34:10] but particularly those are those are the
[34:12] forums that they really are sort of in
[34:14] charge of and looking after and doing a
[34:17] fantastic job on alright cool and so I
[34:19] think we're kind of covered quite a lot
[34:20] there and you know we've talked about
[34:22] whole load of things when it comes to
[34:23] social media in customer support but I
[34:26] think ferry if we could end on some kind
[34:28] of statistics and some information what
[34:31] for last month's do we say yeah well I
[34:34] mean last month was was a pretty good
[34:36] month for us from our own jagex support
[34:40] account 3383 tweets were sent well which
[34:44] i should mention includes some of the
[34:46] schedule tweets again we previously
[34:48] spoke about but of those tweets many of
[34:52] them were replies to customer questions
[34:54] in fact we we replied to ninety-eight
[34:57] percent of all tweets that were sent to
[34:59] us okay so what's the two percent the
[35:02] two percent will largely be the account
[35:05] the issues we spoke about earlier that
[35:07] Ryan simply can't respond to so they're
[35:09] going to be banned accounts where we've
[35:11] already given the available information
[35:13] to find out about why an account be
[35:17] banned yeah and further contacts may be
[35:20] closed without a response that's
[35:21] reasonable and issues where maybe the
[35:25] customer is sent four five six tweets
[35:27] concerned about their account we can
[35:30] answer it with one so we might not reply
[35:32] to every tweet they've sent but we will
[35:34] always reply to the customers question
[35:36] will always get an answer out there
[35:37] alright thanks for that there are some
[35:39] interesting stats and something i do
[35:40] want to mention is that actually we do
[35:41] include those cursed statistics on our
[35:44] monthly forum start sleep in the general
[35:46] form so if you are interested in kind of
[35:48] learning more about work video and
[35:50] social media and the numbers
[35:51] find that you know definitely check out
[35:52] that thread which goes up at the start
[35:54] of every month in it kind of the
[35:55] retrospective of the month just gone so
[35:58] to end this streaming thing would be
[35:59] helpful if we could just give a top to
[36:00] peach of what listeners would find
[36:02] helpful and useful Steve thought you I'd
[36:05] say I can understand the reaction some
[36:07] people might be to tweet at jagex
[36:09] support since they've got an issue with
[36:10] their account such as you know a
[36:12] hijackers on the account or something
[36:13] like that not going understand that you
[36:15] know it's on it's on the internet
[36:16] probably on your phone in your pocket is
[36:17] quick and easy and naturally see on our
[36:19] own forum sometimes people post at their
[36:21] hijacked and the response they get from
[36:22] other places tweet at jagex support you
[36:25] know the truth is that's not actually
[36:27] the quickest most efficient way to
[36:28] regain control of your account if you go
[36:31] to our support center if you just go to
[36:32] runescape calm hits support in the top
[36:34] right you'll see our new knowledge base
[36:36] there and if you just type something
[36:37] like reset passwords or something like
[36:39] that entire search bar you'll get an
[36:40] article give you all your device you
[36:42] need how to secure account how to get a
[36:44] new email set till account have to
[36:45] change the password even if the
[36:47] hijackers got their email set to the
[36:49] account or something like that you know
[36:50] you can follow the process through then
[36:52] that is actually the quickest most
[36:54] efficient way to regain your camp not to
[36:56] tweet at jagex support man we love
[36:58] hearing from people but actually you
[36:59] know these people are in sort of dire
[37:01] straits and need help you know quite
[37:02] quickly ya know that somebody else is on
[37:04] their account potentially doing damage
[37:06] and so one you need to regain control of
[37:07] that quickest way to do those head to
[37:09] our support center not two tweeters
[37:11] alright brilliant ferret it as mentioned
[37:14] earlier we have had some problems with
[37:17] people trying to impersonate the
[37:19] official accounts so always make sure
[37:22] that you are looking at only information
[37:25] from the official account at jagex
[37:27] support or from one of our recognized
[37:29] helpers who will have at jagex help at
[37:32] the beginning of the name and a full
[37:34] list of their names can be found on the
[37:37] wiki page ok brilliant I think my top
[37:40] tip would be you know go back and check
[37:42] just some of the tweets are sent out
[37:43] recently I think we get a lot of people
[37:45] asking the same questions and asking for
[37:47] help in the same issues and it's likely
[37:49] they've already sent a tweet out with an
[37:51] answer to your question so just have a
[37:52] little scroll back through our recent
[37:54] tweets and replies and
[37:56] it's probably more likely than not that
[37:58] you're going to find the right link or
[38:00] the right advice your issue I'll see if
[38:02] it's not the case you know cheque out
[38:03] sports are as Steve said and if you do
[38:05] you think needs to go that's fine we're
[38:07] happy to to receive your tweet and cool
[38:11] all right so the three top tips at I
[38:13] think before you to sign out completely
[38:14] one of who we give a shout out to our
[38:16] Twitter helpers and ferret I know you
[38:18] know the mosque top your line can you
[38:20] remember 12 helping well yeah I can I
[38:23] reckon I can I could do definitely for
[38:25] mi gaan you see how you do well we've
[38:27] got bio dibby next gavo Katie Luke Sam
[38:32] Oh Stevie Tom lone druid Maxie and
[38:35] finance okay oh that's 12 you can't I
[38:39] think so I wasn't expecting you should
[38:41] better do it that great to be on it hell
[38:43] you know I work with them they I dunno
[38:45] deviously Africa oh alright brilliant so
[38:48] that yeah that's a huge shout out to
[38:49] those those individuals right there on
[38:51] Twitter the helping us out and they love
[38:52] what they do in a we love what they do
[38:54] and only a huge burden and you know just
[38:58] you know last year we had them in the
[38:59] office I think we will do something
[39:00] similar this year and a great group of
[39:02] people and work closely with and ain't
[39:05] worth mentioning we're always looking
[39:06] for people to join ultimately help a
[39:09] team I we're not limited to those 12
[39:11] we're always wanting to increase the
[39:13] numbers if people want to be involved
[39:16] and there they love the game they love
[39:18] helping people we want to know yeah will
[39:21] spot them right so whether it's
[39:22] expanding off forum team or spanning
[39:24] that expanding the social media team
[39:25] we're on the lookout always for people
[39:27] are active in the community helping out
[39:29] with is in account help payment of tech
[39:30] rate issues and and will spot you and if
[39:32] we think you make a good fit you're
[39:33] getting in box in right through your
[39:35] official reason yet mr. Sinha absolutely
[39:37] alright thanks Steve and don't throw it
[39:39] for the insight in social media today
[39:40] and it plays will find it very useful
[39:41] but for now let's buy from me thanks for
[39:44] listening and thank you and goodbye
[39:45] alright thanks for listening to this
[39:48] week's podcast and hope you get to
[39:50] listen to us again soon bye
[40:03] you
[40:14] you