Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #84 - Armadyl Lore and More

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:09] and now we go straight across the law
[00:11] corner hello everybody welcome to the
[00:14] law corner again and this time it is
[00:16] armadyl so we have on the sofa me what I
[00:19] was born more Braley what Raven a mud
[00:21] street shall we talk about right passage
[00:23] burst so you get out the way you can't
[00:27] help it it's anonymous isn't it you talk
[00:28] about amador nowadays new index for the
[00:30] open a conversation about right that's
[00:31] it we have that slight disadvantage
[00:33] because we did the big talk by right
[00:35] person we did at one the one the green
[00:37] fest we had the whole stage thing yeah I
[00:39] got go on stage and talk about the glory
[00:41] stuff vomito and then at least a couple
[00:43] of demos everything is like and and then
[00:47] we shelved it because we kind of slimy
[00:50] overreached in terms ear and kid
[00:53] feasibly during the time frame yeah
[00:54] effectively that was it wasn't it was a
[00:56] case of and we we created a story that
[00:58] we loved so much that we couldn't
[01:00] desculpe it yeah couldn't remove
[01:01] elements of it because we liked what we
[01:03] had and it was is one of these quests
[01:06] that saw me scenario driven it was
[01:07] driven by mom you are doing a certain
[01:09] thing like dis honor among thieves is
[01:11] heist this quest had a kind of it was
[01:13] the exploration acceleration I like it
[01:16] was when you described it as like Legend
[01:18] of Zelda Wind Waker okay I just sort of
[01:20] you know lay down side a cry if it's any
[01:22] help I started losing that phrase for
[01:24] eastern lands now nice absolutely fine
[01:26] nothing he's an interesting thing
[01:28] because the technology that will get
[01:29] from eastland will help with all you
[01:32] know anything I've already been thinking
[01:33] like that is the thing with taking time
[01:36] over a project is that you do gain
[01:39] perspective over time and you know there
[01:41] are certain things we can do now that we
[01:42] couldn't before which will be a BF it to
[01:44] the project yeah if they're already a
[01:46] number if I now get to it but there I
[01:47] mean the position we are with with right
[01:50] passages you haven't changed we still
[01:51] like it yeah and we're getting a sense
[01:53] from the community that we've probably
[01:55] or the community has talked about it too
[01:57] much there you know there's a little bit
[01:59] fatigued with it it almost feels unfair
[02:01] to put it up to a survey Europol because
[02:03] there is that going to be that you know
[02:05] there is a certainly a large pot a
[02:07] Macintosh feel that it would be unfair
[02:10] to make it be a poll thing because they
[02:11] don't waiting since because it's so it's
[02:13] always done well yeah in everything is
[02:15] have been polled ever
[02:17] it has involved it it's always been kind
[02:19] of on the cusp of what we believe ya so
[02:22] we know it's something that is haunted
[02:25] it's just when it comes up against
[02:26] certain other things it can be your
[02:28] friend okay Katherine you vote against
[02:30] something because of that but the
[02:31] quorums what it does I mean the fact we
[02:33] haven't really had a nominal focus
[02:34] question we could say temple if I cover
[02:36] guess you know about having an all
[02:38] module focused quest is something we
[02:40] don't have it's good corby you know it's
[02:42] a sense of exploration okay we're
[02:43] getting our the Easterners we don't
[02:45] really get that inquest content yeah
[02:46] it's doubly nice and people loved one
[02:48] during different worlds yeah I think I
[02:51] mean we've learned something learn two
[02:53] new technological things as well which
[02:54] will help us with it yeah um I know
[02:56] there's been a number of ways of
[02:58] procedures generating islands that has
[02:59] turned up that we could steal from yeah
[03:02] I haven't tested them my break horribly
[03:04] but no but ultimately I think it's a
[03:07] case of just be patient with us
[03:09] apologies that we have made this a thing
[03:11] that's you know like Church of you like
[03:14] a but yeah I think it's the one thing we
[03:16] just have to commit to doing at some
[03:17] point we don't need to poll it we want
[03:19] to do it anyway ourselves yeah but let's
[03:21] go silent on it not dwell on it and yeah
[03:23] yeah the prize people like that I think
[03:24] this is us effectively saying and now
[03:26] begins the radio silence on I him that I
[03:28] passage yeah okay presumably rock apesar
[03:30] Driscoll be relevant off to instruct
[03:32] iscas in games it's not like we're good
[03:34] we can always only get relevant yeah but
[03:36] much like um the mighty fall changed or
[03:39] the concept my turf will change once we
[03:40] realized bandos was dying you know we're
[03:42] not saying that Amador was gonna die
[03:43] anything but if something fundamentally
[03:45] change their own deliver right there are
[03:46] some changes that i want to make the
[03:48] original design based on just
[03:50] discussions that we had instead of you
[03:52] would you can send your discovered i
[03:53] originally has any because i wanted to
[03:55] push her off the island to what to fall
[03:56] to our death and I kills do another way
[03:58] that's fine why twice oh good lord the
[04:04] weird thing with a nose actually grew to
[04:05] quite like zegna in Nome I'd elegy and I
[04:07] felt kind of guilty about murdering him
[04:09] and over the course of writing your own
[04:11] content you've liked liking your own
[04:13] imaginary construct congratulates yeah
[04:15] that's fine all right okay so let's get
[04:18] onto to Amador yeah I module is a weird
[04:21] one for me from in terms of the kind of
[04:22] the fifth age stuff because I'm
[04:24] certainly pre God balls dungeon armadyl
[04:27] was largely kind of weird absent figure
[04:29] he was a
[04:30] think about I cough temper if I call for
[04:33] guardians of Armadyl he was he was
[04:34] scared it was all over the place I mean
[04:36] having human followers yeah I think
[04:38] that's in part because the a fiancée
[04:41] were they'd left and yes or another
[04:45] episode dead so you had to have some
[04:47] representation pretty much the only
[04:49] significant contribution he had was the
[04:52] staff yeah and that was in somebody
[04:54] else's story line sir he he was
[04:56] sidelined yeah a lot he was really just
[04:58] a couple of mentions yeah but I think
[05:00] that kind of worked ferd because arm
[05:02] dolls want the youngest of the gods and
[05:04] that time represents when he was like
[05:06] yay I'm a god and then other older more
[05:10] crafty God's kind of I mean Sarah
[05:12] diamond kind of was like hey hey guy
[05:14] yeah we're very similar philosophies
[05:16] yeah we should work together and
[05:17] basically made him effectively a general
[05:19] yeah and that's it was that kind of
[05:21] manipulated so he wasn't as important
[05:24] compared the other things because other
[05:26] people were pulling his strings which is
[05:28] kind of one of the chest or sponge in
[05:30] astoria in particular well yeah I
[05:31] remember the the storyline account with
[05:33] a lot of the new armors and weapons was
[05:34] that he was given these kind of loyalty
[05:37] bracelets by saradomin I seem to
[05:39] remember well they were when they yeah
[05:41] yeah but yeah yeah you very much
[05:44] embraced it and it was almost like I'm
[05:46] kind of Armadyl represented the martyr
[05:47] God or the downtrodden guard showed that
[05:50] there was God hierarchy yeah I don't
[05:52] know i don't necessarily know if that
[05:53] God hierarchy would exist without ama
[05:55] deal wid with weirdly nice that that
[05:57] subservient I think that's what he's
[05:59] he's needed for ya and it was also good
[06:02] show particularly dicks a god that had
[06:04] left you know and I had taken a lot with
[06:06] it you know with him because obviously
[06:08] see so much so donesi so much as a
[06:10] Moroccan band us and well we've seen
[06:11] more of that as as x going on I mean we
[06:14] didn't want just every God to be kicked
[06:15] out my death occurring armadillo leave
[06:17] of his own volition kind of kick started
[06:20] that idea of other gods leaving yeah
[06:23] under other means they sarens shattering
[06:25] and heresies banishment and
[06:27] it's really nice it so it's not as Miley
[06:29] just what kicked out it's not this kind
[06:31] of the same thing everywhere it also
[06:33] helped to show that you know God can
[06:35] lose quite badly because he lost quite
[06:37] badly yeah armadyl he lost a lot yes in
[06:40] the moment of stone of jazz in the
[06:41] wilderness yeah I mean we've made it
[06:43] clear now that that kind of wiped out so
[06:45] much yes he actually believed they were
[06:47] all dead yeah which is tragic so again
[06:49] we bring him so we got martyrdom we got
[06:50] tragedy giggle downtrodden it's just all
[06:53] of this is the underdog or what that the
[06:56] week maybe I mean if you want you could
[06:57] argue you've always gone for naive I
[07:00] think yeah or ideological than physical
[07:04] yeah which made it actually really
[07:06] difficult when it came to the sick page
[07:07] we knew that we wanted to have our
[07:08] module versus bandos because we liked
[07:09] that physicality versus elegance you
[07:12] know the hawk versus the Beast kind of
[07:14] thing I'll edited it became burden the
[07:16] beast but how we represented on to how
[07:19] do you represent somebody who's a martyr
[07:20] whose downtrodden who's constantly
[07:22] losing you know how is that actually
[07:24] empowering or interesting and so we came
[07:26] up with the first concepts it was kind
[07:28] of an odd walk come on during some white
[07:30] shining paladin I karma they didn't ring
[07:32] resonate with us he was like sourdough
[07:34] Manette it was yeah we always hit not
[07:37] hit against it was a lot work but it
[07:39] didn't work it felt like it was a
[07:41] nominal general rather than or do
[07:43] himself and then we sat down I was it
[07:45] was how do we make him more godlike as
[07:47] like more wings yeah we had electricity
[07:50] zapping out of his eyes yes that's what
[07:52] you want you to see hot frying towards
[07:53] you in exactly with his electric eyes
[07:55] like they do yeah I hate the talks um
[07:57] and it nothing was clicking but then
[08:00] there was that kind of revelatory moment
[08:01] as we all sat down and talked about what
[08:02] we could do with our module in future
[08:04] and that notion of what if there was
[08:06] just a turning point what if that the
[08:08] kind of the movement out of the fifth
[08:10] age movement away once the dicks had
[08:12] been broke you know like gothics had
[08:13] come back what if he just changed and
[08:15] actually kind of built some resilience
[08:16] and decide no I'm going to be better
[08:18] than I was and then the Phoenix and that
[08:20] word just changed everything so then
[08:23] that solved the color problem gives
[08:26] Phoenix is that those autumnal reds and
[08:28] oranges and something arbiter would I'd
[08:30] kind of lose the first one to have
[08:31] a good symbol that change you know that
[08:33] light blue wings to the law autumnal
[08:35] wings now and in his old his whole like
[08:38] the whole thing about his naivety as
[08:39] well it's like these
[08:40] you know he's not gonna be subservient
[08:42] he's not gonna follow anymore yeah lead
[08:44] yeah kind of he's learnt he knows that
[08:46] he was being manipulated knows what the
[08:49] other gods are up to you that's kind of
[08:50] why he because I went there's a lot of
[08:53] people call her um do I hypocrite
[08:54] because of yes wanting to fight band oz
[08:56] but ultimately that memories him
[08:58] stepping even go and realizing that so
[09:01] he want peace he want people to survive
[09:03] he doesn't want to lose any more avion
[09:04] seat like he looks before because no
[09:07] that's heartbreaking to him he couldn't
[09:08] you know so that cause I couldn't go
[09:10] through that again unban dose out of all
[09:12] the other God you can reason with
[09:13] zamorak you can reason with saradomin
[09:15] you can't reason with bando span das is
[09:18] not a being of reason he's Landis wants
[09:21] to see every living being in a massive
[09:24] free-for-all yeah and that would never
[09:26] change yeah it's a job if I also think a
[09:29] lot of people call him a hypocrite just
[09:30] because bandos called him a hypocrite
[09:32] and I mean that's just banned us his
[09:34] point of view whether or not he is going
[09:37] to war with bangles the hypocrite is
[09:39] entirely one of your own perspective
[09:42] yeah I know it's all about giving these
[09:44] gods you know a negative a floor or
[09:47] perceived floor potentially we didn't
[09:49] want everybody because one of the
[09:51] problems that could have with armadillo
[09:52] is that he could have the serotonin
[09:54] problem of being pure goodness yep and
[09:56] anybody who has got any feeling that
[09:58] they represent goodness or kindness or
[10:00] charity would go immediately to our
[10:02] middle and so we wanted to get
[10:03] underlying possible hypocrisy so we put
[10:06] that in with bandos but also that
[10:08] feeling of weakness yeah that feeling of
[10:11] he has been defeated before why can he
[10:12] be defeated now and that that insecurity
[10:15] that maybe it'll happen so that might
[10:16] bleed into and I'm future content and
[10:18] still that kind of edge of naivety it's
[10:20] still there yeah cuz whilst he did the
[10:22] whole fight with bundles he's still you
[10:24] know believes the other gods can be
[10:25] reasoned with he's still happy to get
[10:27] into a dialogue with that kind of thing
[10:28] and it's that kind of thinking that
[10:31] opens himself up for other people to
[10:34] take advantage of it we will always love
[10:36] the notion of the world events becoming
[10:38] semi-finals to a final yeah and that
[10:39] idea of Sarah diamond facing off against
[10:41] armadillo is delicious yeah because i
[10:43] think this feeds into what you're saying
[10:44] which is that could you with diplomacy
[10:47] change sarah diamonds mine yeah that
[10:50] mortals should you don't kind of own
[10:52] this world you know
[10:53] really were just tending the flock
[10:55] rather than being this kind of militant
[10:57] overwatch it would be I'll be so
[10:59] interesting he'll be really into yeah
[11:01] you'd love to be a fly on the wall when
[11:02] he kind of your you kind of imagine that
[11:04] Sarah diamond would want to bring him
[11:06] back into subservience like we teamed up
[11:09] back in the god wards we should do that
[11:10] again right yeah and armadillos like now
[11:13] I'm going off on my own and Dumaine yeah
[11:16] IM trying to change ceradyne and watch
[11:18] led all the kind of is a Moroccan
[11:20] Zoroastrian players going who should I
[11:22] follow Miguel dome in it just well be
[11:25] won't legacy which way they because
[11:27] you'd have the band ASEAN and thus a
[11:28] Moroccan people it's like which side
[11:30] would they go with cathodic lead have
[11:32] all those a Moroccan people going with
[11:33] armadillo about dating people going with
[11:34] saradomin but the band I've seen people
[11:36] really fix our domains better than
[11:38] armadillo I mean there's you know the
[11:39] argument that at least armadyl followed
[11:41] band haces teachings by murdering badass
[11:44] you know well one of the things that's
[11:48] beautiful about 6th age is the
[11:49] Democratic towards have decided while
[11:51] storylines going to be yeah and armadyl
[11:53] is now a forerunner and prominent in
[11:56] solistes endgame you know he's top the
[11:58] board there in all likelihood solistes
[12:00] going to invite him to this end game and
[12:03] you start wondering like kind of what
[12:06] could be the bullet could do our module
[12:07] we want to become one of the most
[12:08] prominent gods one based on Democratic
[12:10] Troy what happens if our model does get
[12:12] the stone of jazz and gets that kind of
[12:14] power boost yeah how does that fit into
[12:16] is for loss interesting isn't it yeah
[12:18] and the beauty is you can easily forget
[12:21] it but this was largely driven by page
[12:22] once and there will be more choice kind
[12:23] solo choice in the quest continued as
[12:25] well but um he's probably one of the few
[12:28] gods that doesn't really have a gripe
[12:31] would sillas k he does a big he's got
[12:34] co-opted his it nicked his staff knee
[12:36] nicht ich always sit her down yeah so
[12:38] you'd like then it must Citadel but
[12:40] that's just a kind of property thing I
[12:42] mean you know that is far less personal
[12:46] than all the other gods and it's the
[12:47] personal issues that rile people up he's
[12:50] not likely to get petiyo the last of it
[12:52] Adele he you'd like it back but it's not
[12:54] the most important thing to all these
[12:56] more cares about its a blt whereas
[12:57] you've got people like saradomin Enoch
[12:59] Thorin who feel slighted by Siskind
[13:01] slights they drive people much sort of
[13:04] more than you know property Marvin
[13:07] so i'll do a cheeky screen screen and
[13:11] draw our module to a close there we go
[13:13] so we had a nice chat armadyl next time
[13:16] round will have banned us so we'll talk
[13:18] about our our first dead God next times
[13:22] and Lorna thank you very much for
[13:23] listening and so with me today i have
[13:25] mod infinity hello so mod infinity what
[13:28] is your favorite piece of runescape
[13:30] music and why I mean it is a very tricky
[13:34] one and but I'd have to say wilderness
[13:37] and number one the original one the
[13:38] original yeah and the reason is it kind
[13:40] of gives me that nostalgic feeling of
[13:42] danger and fear so when you can I go
[13:44] into the wilderness I think it kind of
[13:45] yeah it's it followed me yeah oh my
[13:48] favorite you're gonna be P Cade yes yeah
[13:50] yeah when I'm gonna lose my stuff yeah
[13:53] that'd that'd be my choice right well
[13:55] let's listen to it now
[16:27] and now across the mod infinity and the
[16:31] players support team on the sofas hello
[16:34] and welcome to the customer support
[16:35] segment of this podcast and today we're
[16:38] gonna be talking abouts really
[16:39] interesting stuff it's about the
[16:40] processes that we follow internally as
[16:43] well as firing some questions towards
[16:44] mod Sammy who's new to the podcast and
[16:47] he's our customer support at trainers
[16:49] but before we get into all of that so
[16:50] yeah I'm what if any one of the opt
[16:51] manages increase my support and joined
[16:53] by modesty w yep so I'm Steve back for
[16:56] another podcast really love doing this
[16:58] stuff and really excited that we've got
[16:59] mod semih here today so this can be a
[17:01] really good buy nothing absolutely and
[17:03] what something hi all my name is mud
[17:04] Sammy been with jagex for 10 years now
[17:07] within the customer support team in a
[17:10] fryer different roles and currently
[17:12] working on training everyone in terms of
[17:14] processes and making sure that we're
[17:16] helping you guys out in the best way
[17:17] possible alright cool sounds good so
[17:19] just going to get a bit more into your
[17:20] role so if you've got new starters
[17:23] coming in or a change happens you're the
[17:25] guy he's going to train that out and
[17:27] make sure over the word yes my main
[17:28] focus is making sure that everyone's
[17:30] doing the right thing kind of by the
[17:32] player and buying it and buy their
[17:34] business so I spend a long amount of
[17:38] time with people that knew into the
[17:39] teams we kind of have a really large
[17:42] three-month in-depth training process to
[17:44] make sure everyone understands the
[17:45] intricacies of of runescape and the
[17:47] different support issues that we have
[17:48] and then also spend time people have
[17:50] been here for a long time making sure
[17:51] that any changes in process happen that
[17:54] they understand that process that we're
[17:56] all working so when the players contact
[17:58] us right they getting that same answer
[18:00] from everyone and that same answer
[18:02] should hopefully put a smile on their
[18:03] faces okay great thanks like much time
[18:05] so I kicked things off to talk about our
[18:07] ethos and the kind of values that the
[18:10] customer support team live by so summer
[18:12] if you can kind of touch upon some of
[18:14] the things that are really passionate
[18:15] about it and keen to do biol customers
[18:17] the funnies we focus on about making
[18:19] sure that a player leaves their
[18:21] interaction with us in a happy way right
[18:24] so we try and do what we can to help
[18:26] support our players and that we have
[18:29] kind of some guidance around doing that
[18:31] but we try and empower the j mods that
[18:34] we have been a support team to do the
[18:36] right thing by the players
[18:37] and you know we work to making sure that
[18:39] we respond within the 24 hour time frame
[18:41] right we have our seats out and we kind
[18:43] of use that as a the coating toward to
[18:45] make sure that we've taken on board to
[18:47] place feedback in terms of whether
[18:49] that's that how I ticket was dealt with
[18:50] how a process was and giving that
[18:53] feedback to the guys ok cool so just
[18:55] about csat so some people don't know
[18:56] what that means or what it what we
[18:58] measure it gave so just kind of
[18:59] elaborate on that for me so we have a
[19:01] few different ways to measure the
[19:04] success and you'll see that from mod
[19:06] kelvins update city does each month but
[19:09] csat is about customer satisfaction so
[19:11] what is really important to us and
[19:12] touched upon it a minute ago is making
[19:15] sure the customer is happy so we ask
[19:18] people when we resolve their issue if
[19:20] they can leave us feedback and whether
[19:22] that was a good interaction or bad
[19:24] interaction and we use that feedback
[19:26] there last month we hit ninety percent
[19:29] good which was a great result for us we
[19:31] always aim to make sure that we're
[19:32] ninety percent of above because
[19:34] happiness for the player is an important
[19:36] key within in waters ran deliver ok cool
[19:39] I think important to mention that they
[19:41] kind of one out of ten customers you
[19:42] wrote is as poor we have a dedicated
[19:43] outreach team who look to resolve their
[19:46] issues and look into that poor feedback
[19:47] so anyone who rates are services poor
[19:50] and we're really interested to know why
[19:51] and so all that few bats logged in in a
[19:54] system we review that where necessary
[19:56] will contact the customer again to try
[19:58] and put things right but you know
[19:59] generally will have you know if a
[20:00] customer contacts is trying to get their
[20:02] account unbanned or trying to access an
[20:03] account which isn't theirs then when we
[20:05] tell them no will go away it's often
[20:07] that largest you know rato support so
[20:08] absolutely we're not perfect but you
[20:09] know where we think we can improve or
[20:11] make changes will put them into place
[20:13] and I guess what time it has training
[20:14] you're one of the guys who's looking at
[20:16] that feedback and seeing work and make
[20:17] changes process to better support their
[20:19] customer right yeah I which is a great
[20:20] example so those people that are talking
[20:22] to players that have had an unhappy
[20:23] experience for whatever reason whether
[20:25] that's processed whether that's because
[20:27] of one of the J mods decisions I
[20:29] actually have regular meetings with them
[20:31] to look at if we need to tweak anything
[20:32] if we need to kind of give that feedback
[20:34] so that we can always improve the
[20:36] service we're delivering we're really
[20:38] keen and hot on making sure the service
[20:40] we give is the best service out there we
[20:42] kind of pride ourselves on being above
[20:44] the normal kind of support center making
[20:46] sure we really deliver the best service
[20:49] yeah yeah all right fantastic I think
[20:51] it's worth mentioning that as a customer
[20:53] service team I think people might just
[20:55] think that way and we're not game if you
[20:57] don't play with here we have no
[20:57] interested in the game and you know
[20:59] we're completely passionate about the
[21:00] game you often see on people's lunch
[21:02] break people knocking to runescape
[21:03] playing you know competing eights and
[21:05] friends we had a whole group of as a
[21:07] team of it up runefest and had a blast
[21:09] so you know when you're contacting
[21:11] customer support not just contacting a
[21:12] random person who's not involved in the
[21:14] actual product we're all deeply invested
[21:16] in the product will often be talking to
[21:18] QA on a regular basis or development
[21:19] teams having it involved you know what
[21:21] suggestions we can give to improve the
[21:23] game I think it's really important and
[21:24] you won't find that in an ordinary
[21:25] customer support department I think
[21:27] that's really important because there is
[21:29] a misconception sometimes that there
[21:31] aren't people at the end of players
[21:32] messages and that we do have kind of a
[21:34] system there this automatic that gets
[21:37] rid of people but actually we have a
[21:39] dedicated team that are really
[21:41] passionate and have the same passions as
[21:42] I wisely that play runescape right in
[21:46] fact I would say our Jay mods I was
[21:49] passionate about helping players as our
[21:51] players are passionate about runescape
[21:53] yeah I think it's good statement okay so
[21:56] let's get into some more specific
[21:58] processes and tools okay so talk about
[22:00] these hostiles all great and I know it's
[22:02] great right we live it we breathe in it
[22:03] in and hopefully I'll players who
[22:04] content is can see that too so we looked
[22:07] at social media and some hot topics and
[22:09] there's been quite a few players
[22:10] discussing account recovery processes
[22:12] and how that all works and actually
[22:14] there are some concerns raised by
[22:15] players whenever anything comes to
[22:16] account security obviously they've got
[22:17] questions and obviously they want them
[22:19] you want them answered so if we can go
[22:21] back a few months ago if I play a needed
[22:23] to access our account and they'll know
[22:25] that needed to send in a ticket or an
[22:27] email and provide all the details in it
[22:28] in a free form email and I could type
[22:30] what they needed to do and then within
[22:32] 24 hours a member of staff would reply
[22:34] back them may be asking for more
[22:35] information or whatever might be and act
[22:37] chain could go on for quite some time to
[22:38] ascertain whether not that player does
[22:41] own the account so relatively recently
[22:42] some changes and maintenance system and
[22:44] now plays fill out a simple account
[22:45] recovery form I'm not something some
[22:48] players have expressed concern that it
[22:49] allows hijackers to get access their
[22:51] accounts more easily or it's less secure
[22:53] at this old email way and as you could
[22:55] talk about that and just discuss what
[22:56] changes are made is it less secure or
[22:58] place your players be concerned about
[22:59] this no definitely not players should be
[23:02] she reassured that it's actually more
[23:04] secure because there are problems with
[23:07] people coming in via email and you know
[23:10] are unfortunately security issues move
[23:12] email actually the changes we have made
[23:14] is a more secure way of someone trying
[23:17] to be gained access to their account and
[23:19] if I've done my job correctly the guys
[23:21] have all been really trained in making
[23:24] sure that know what to spot and what to
[23:25] look for we made the changes for a
[23:28] couple of reasons right so I touched
[23:29] upon customer satisfaction being one of
[23:32] the things that we need to drive to
[23:33] deliver and you know we try and make
[23:36] customers happy by getting them a
[23:37] response as quick as possible and you
[23:40] touched upon it in terms of emails when
[23:43] a player sends us an email it can take
[23:45] up to you know 24 hours for us to get
[23:48] back and then you may need to contact us
[23:50] again as a player actually we've the
[23:52] change to the new form that's a lot
[23:54] quicker we can get to you in four hours
[23:56] instead of 24 hours right and actually
[23:59] normally we can get your issue resolved
[24:00] first time rather than maybe having sent
[24:03] two or three miles back from one another
[24:05] all the information that we ask for in
[24:07] that web form will help us make our
[24:09] decision and it's all encapsulated there
[24:11] rather than someone who sends us an
[24:14] email with piecemeal information so we
[24:16] have to kind of go back and forth so it
[24:19] is reviewed by all of these web forms
[24:21] all of you there's not a system that
[24:23] goes yes no yes no yes no no no yes no
[24:25] yes no white actually it's human being
[24:27] so that go and look at the account
[24:30] history then look at what's happening
[24:32] with the prayer looking at what's
[24:34] happening with the information that's
[24:35] being provided there has that been who
[24:37] has that been accessed by what is he you
[24:39] know what is the history of the account
[24:40] and then making that educated decision
[24:42] to do what's right by the play and
[24:44] hopefully gain our players bashing game
[24:46] yeah I think it's important to mentor
[24:48] that if anyone's in doubt then we won't
[24:50] give an account away where we are you
[24:51] know have to be absolutely one hundred
[24:52] sensor and that that appeal relates to
[24:54] the account owner before we give it away
[24:56] and so some players might get frustrated
[24:57] that we keep denying their appeals but
[24:59] it's always a good reason behind it
[25:00] because that appeal doesn't contain and
[25:02] have strong information whether it's
[25:03] earlier passwords or billing information
[25:04] one of the big things that we are
[25:07] focusing on right now is about player
[25:09] education and we want to make sure that
[25:11] if we're saying no tea you kind of
[25:13] understand why so if we're say
[25:15] we can't give you the access to this
[25:17] account we saying why we're not doing
[25:19] that and you'll see it with the emails
[25:20] that we send out as well if a player
[25:21] contact us about an email will kind of
[25:23] make sure that we kind of directly into
[25:25] the knowledge base which is how to read
[25:27] freshers as mud Mick spoke about in
[25:29] their podcast a few weeks ago we trying
[25:32] to give you guys give the players as
[25:34] much education understanding behind a
[25:36] decision making as possible so yeah
[25:38] you're white we won't just say no and
[25:40] then shut the door will say no look this
[25:42] is what we need from you in order to get
[25:43] you back in game alright sounds good so
[25:45] clarify and recap on that it's safer
[25:47] it's more secure and quicker for both
[25:49] the players as Jay mods and so for me
[25:52] that you know a win-win all around and
[25:54] their security hasn't been compromised
[25:55] it's no less secure than the old system
[25:57] in fact it's better yep winning win it
[26:00] nice all right so much time I know get a
[26:02] rush off but if you can give us one more
[26:03] thing or one one thing which is changing
[26:05] it makes appeals more secure a better
[26:07] what would that be so one big change
[26:09] with the new system is that players can
[26:10] now securely submit passwords as a piece
[26:14] of information with any web form so we
[26:16] don't see them and you know the J mode
[26:19] will never ask you for a password ok but
[26:22] when you submit it on the web form its
[26:24] kind of the system cleverly matches it
[26:26] up to say there's a match when we had
[26:28] the email support system before and
[26:30] people contact the Spanish people were
[26:32] given out passwords which was actually
[26:34] making their account in security and we
[26:37] couldn't use it we couldn't match up
[26:39] because we never see the passwords
[26:40] themselves so we were not able to take
[26:42] that as a piece of information so the
[26:44] web form is a really good way of getting
[26:46] more information that are making it more
[26:49] secure and helping our Jay mods help our
[26:51] players all right fantastic thank you so
[26:53] much all right thank you so much Steve
[26:55] to be over to you so I think you know
[26:57] just to summarize that kind of Pisa
[26:59] performs a more efficient more secure
[27:01] and safer we've got a team of really
[27:04] passionate Jay mods in the customer
[27:05] support team who play the product to
[27:07] play the game another thing about it and
[27:09] you know when it comes to customer
[27:11] satisfaction that's high on our list of
[27:12] things to do we're getting a 24 hour
[27:14] response time out to customers we have
[27:16] dedicated teams who are out reach to
[27:17] customers who provide as a poor feedback
[27:19] there's a continuous improvement loop to
[27:21] make sure that everything we're doing
[27:23] it is a good as it can be if every
[27:24] player who contacts us so Steve wanna
[27:26] kind of quickly touch upon offense
[27:27] Appeals you know it's one of the things
[27:29] which falls under customer support I
[27:30] want you to talk about how we handle
[27:33] them you know again there's quite a
[27:34] general sentiment or maybe in the past
[27:35] has been some kind of discussions about
[27:37] offense feels and how we process them
[27:39] and the general feeling that they may be
[27:41] handled by a machine or an automatic
[27:43] system just denies accepts denied accept
[27:45] so can you kind of you know talk about
[27:48] is that true what happened for the
[27:49] defense of you yeah I mean I know there
[27:50] is that perception something you often
[27:52] see people think that these sort of
[27:54] things are automated sometimes you get
[27:56] response to an offense appeal quite
[27:58] quickly and actually there's good news
[28:00] that means that we're really quick of
[28:01] responding to and we've looked into it
[28:02] but sometimes it can give the impression
[28:03] that actually this just sat in a very
[28:06] short cure and machine dealt with
[28:07] instant and denied the responses you
[28:09] know straight away that's definitely not
[28:10] what happens every single offense appeal
[28:13] is read by Jay mod by member of staff
[28:15] especially trained people mod Sammy
[28:17] would have specific training sessions
[28:19] with these people to actually process
[28:20] offense Appeals okay and everything's
[28:22] ready you know but by person it's
[28:24] literally on the screen they're reading
[28:25] it dealing with it you know a bit like a
[28:27] court you know you're presenting
[28:29] evidence in court and the J mod is the
[28:31] judge if you like and they can
[28:32] considering all the evidence and then
[28:33] deciding what to do with that appeal
[28:35] okay Steve so if it is a human
[28:36] processing these appeals and why's that
[28:38] we hear these stories of people putting
[28:40] in gibberish or song lyrics in the
[28:42] offense appeals text and that offense
[28:44] then being accepted and the offense
[28:46] remove white how does happen yeah that
[28:48] does happen sometimes and you know
[28:50] there's actually a very simple
[28:51] explanation for it and we've been
[28:53] dealing with an offense appeal will take
[28:55] into account what the players written
[28:56] into the into the text box and it gives
[28:58] us some context to consider but
[29:01] essentially what we're looking at is you
[29:03] know was this account hijacked for
[29:05] example was this offense correct should
[29:07] it have been applied and we will always
[29:09] fall on the side of the player will
[29:11] always give the benefit of the doubt if
[29:13] we can you know the objective really the
[29:15] vegetable team is to try and remove
[29:17] mutes and bands if they can so what
[29:20] happens is a defense is applied let's
[29:22] say it's applied incorrectly another
[29:24] player can then submit defense bill they
[29:26] could write pretty much anything they
[29:27] like in that free text box it's not
[29:30] going to help the appeal at all because
[29:31] it's just useless information but the
[29:34] hard fact is that this offense was
[29:36] incorrect and
[29:36] have been added and therefore you know
[29:38] the jemadav unit will say no it's not
[29:40] right that this player should be muted
[29:41] it's not writing this offensive on the
[29:43] account and and grant it now of course
[29:45] we don't have the option to to sort of
[29:48] granting and sort of take a little note
[29:50] into the player and same actually this
[29:52] is not because you gave me the lyrics to
[29:54] Bohemian Rhapsody in the offensive ill
[29:56] text that's not why we've granted your
[29:57] appeal we're granted it because you
[29:59] didn't actually commit this offense we
[30:01] don't have that option so of course the
[30:02] perception from the player is you
[30:04] submitting offense feel right a load of
[30:06] gibberish and actually you know the
[30:07] appeal gets granted and of course many
[30:09] will get denied as well because you know
[30:11] the offense is correct yes so again it
[30:13] works both ways but of course you only
[30:15] hear from the people with these sort of
[30:16] crazy stories you'll see youtube videos
[30:19] and things going around to people saying
[30:21] ridiculous things like the cat walked on
[30:22] my keyboard and things out there to try
[30:24] and explain offensive language offences
[30:25] and things like that and then they'll
[30:27] show that appeal was granted in this or
[30:28] trying to prove the point that the whole
[30:30] system's automated and we don't read it
[30:31] and in fact it's the polar opposite of
[30:33] that is the fact that we are reading it
[30:34] and I'll considering all the evidence of
[30:36] here that's why is granted you know it's
[30:37] the exact opposite being an automated
[30:39] process okay great so you touch upon the
[30:41] fact that you were also looking at
[30:43] offensive which were issued when a
[30:45] hijacker was in control an account so
[30:47] what kind of options are available to
[30:49] staff processing appeals when they come
[30:51] across an account which was hijacked and
[30:53] the hijacker you know cause an offense
[30:55] to on the account what do we do in those
[30:57] cases yeah I mean that this is a couple
[30:58] of chicks mean when the offense is first
[31:00] added this is a kind of hijacking check
[31:01] there to make sure the hamster hijacked
[31:03] but then one can slip through so we're
[31:06] not completely satisfied with that
[31:07] that's why players do get the option to
[31:08] appeal it and so then at the appeal
[31:09] stage there'll be a second check for for
[31:11] hijacking an offensive staff have access
[31:13] to to the backend system you know the
[31:15] backend system for runescape accounts so
[31:17] we can see things like internet service
[31:19] provider that's being used geographical
[31:20] location we can see the data exact date
[31:23] time server locations and things like
[31:25] that that offenses took place and you
[31:27] can compare that information to the
[31:28] system held in our system and a
[31:30] hijacking is normally really clear and
[31:32] really obviously understands out and
[31:34] there'll be other indications of a
[31:35] hijack in the password might have
[31:36] changed on the account registered email
[31:38] might have been changed on the account
[31:39] you know some other activity like that
[31:41] which would indicate the hijackers have
[31:43] access but you know when that does
[31:45] happen we'll always kind of site video
[31:46] into our priorities of let's get into
[31:47] account
[31:48] to the owner and also let's get it back
[31:50] to them it in the state that they left
[31:51] it in terms of you know there's not
[31:52] mutes on the account there's not
[31:53] offenses that they're not responsible
[31:54] for sittin on sittin on the account
[31:56] alright great fantastic thanks Steve's I
[31:58] think listeners will be really reassured
[32:00] that you know fence people taken
[32:01] seriously and they're reviewed carefully
[32:03] and I hope he puts to bed the myth that
[32:05] you know the system which protest of
[32:06] pentacles note it's not the case you
[32:08] know it's all mine reviewed by
[32:09] specialist j mods you know trained by
[32:11] kind of modest i may need these sessions
[32:13] okay so finally Steve another kind of
[32:15] big thing which players talk about our
[32:17] abuse reports and the kind of the
[32:18] process that we follow and reviewing
[32:20] them and so will often like players say
[32:21] that I've reported this scammer on world
[32:23] 54 yesterday he's still there breaking
[32:26] the rules or you know someone threatened
[32:27] to report me but what do you know what's
[32:29] going to happen what happens when
[32:30] someone reports bad behavior or brawl
[32:33] breaking in game is it system which
[32:34] deals with that and or is it again
[32:36] remember the stuff processing those
[32:37] reports yes I mean when you make a
[32:39] report in Game Capture about the last 60
[32:42] seconds of conversation there'll be all
[32:43] conversation so you know clan chat
[32:45] private chat public chat all that
[32:47] conversation is captured and presented
[32:49] to to a gen mod to review we can see the
[32:53] rule that was chosen by the person the
[32:54] reported the incident you know that the
[32:56] ball they thought was been broken or the
[32:57] thing that concerned them you can also
[32:59] go information about the account and
[33:01] obviously the chat log and what kind of
[33:02] read through that and review it and you
[33:05] know that the truth is that there's some
[33:06] very low level reporting that comes in
[33:09] to us you know when people you know
[33:11] someone says a word like bum and that
[33:12] will get reported to us and clearly
[33:14] that's not something that you know we're
[33:15] really really concerned about want to
[33:17] take strong action against so you know
[33:19] the truth is there are a lot of reports
[33:20] that we just read review we read every
[33:23] line and we just decided not to do
[33:24] anything with that we just think it's
[33:25] fairly low level mm-hm sometimes those
[33:27] situations where the possibility is some
[33:30] rule breaking but it's maybe not been
[33:32] captured in the report maybe it happened
[33:33] over a minute ago maybe sort of someone
[33:36] who's saying something but it relates to
[33:37] something maybe happened on another
[33:38] account and we don't have that evidence
[33:40] and sometimes we can look into and link
[33:42] those things together but as a general
[33:44] kind of principle we're really looking
[33:46] at that kind of snapshot of conversation
[33:48] that that's presented to us so sometimes
[33:49] nothing happens because we just don't
[33:51] have the evidence sometimes people will
[33:53] be talking about doing things like
[33:54] scamming but they're not actually
[33:56] trading anyone not actually scamming
[33:58] anyone they're just talking about it
[34:00] sometimes because it's free chat it's
[34:02] just not clear whether the person is
[34:04] admitting to scamming or whether they're
[34:06] just talking about scamming your general
[34:07] and so you know we just because we get a
[34:10] report for item scamming and someone
[34:12] sort of says scamming in it we're not
[34:13] just straight away gonna say lets lets
[34:15] you know do that person for item
[34:17] scamming we need color we need some
[34:18] evidence you know we're going to we're
[34:19] going to mute this person we're going to
[34:20] cause some disruption tradesperson in
[34:22] terms of their free chat in the game
[34:23] will be removed from the game
[34:25] temporarily so we want to be absolutely
[34:26] sure that you know we're applying the
[34:29] right offense and the final thing is
[34:31] that sometimes players reported by more
[34:33] than one person so you know obviously if
[34:35] it was let's say an offensive language
[34:37] offense that we were going to add and
[34:38] that was reported by four different
[34:40] people we're not going to add that
[34:41] offense four times to the same player
[34:43] that look blatantly unfair yet so three
[34:46] of those reports you know won't be
[34:48] processed because you know we've already
[34:49] dealt with the the suspect the reported
[34:51] player has already been dealt with
[34:53] through through another report so it's a
[34:54] combination of those things are kind of
[34:56] looking for the high-risk things the
[34:58] things that really do matter the really
[34:59] serious rule-breaking focusing on that
[35:01] yeah combination of kind of low-level
[35:03] reporting things that we don't need to
[35:04] see you know where we can see instances
[35:06] where people could have used ignore
[35:08] features or something like that because
[35:10] maybe slightly disruptive gameplay but
[35:12] not the worst rule-breaking in the world
[35:14] and could really been dealt with by just
[35:15] popping someone on ignore list or using
[35:18] a profanity filter because you know some
[35:19] of some words you see that you might be
[35:21] a bit offended to just be filtered out
[35:23] you know we're going to take a lot of
[35:24] action and spend a lot of time reviewing
[35:26] those reports okay but anything is
[35:28] concerning any really serious rule
[35:30] breaking that's going to learn in front
[35:32] of a JMO they're gonna be specially
[35:33] trained by semi they can have all the
[35:35] tools they need they're going to read
[35:36] every line in the report and if they're
[35:37] serious will break in there then then
[35:39] we'll take action on it alright thanks
[35:40] first leave any interesting stuff i
[35:41] think it's podcast actually really
[35:42] insightful into the nature and the work
[35:44] like customer support deep before we
[35:46] sign off let's just provide one thing
[35:49] each that customers might not know about
[35:51] customer support start for you Steve
[35:53] well offense pills they are read by
[35:55] person we've read every line it's worth
[35:57] sending it to us we're taking the time
[35:58] over it we will read with it deal with
[36:00] it and do the best thing by the player
[36:01] based on the evidence we've got all
[36:03] right cool Sammy training happens
[36:05] everyday doesn't stop when someone's
[36:08] been here after a month we continue to
[36:10] invest in our staff because we want our
[36:11] staff to invest in
[36:13] in our players okay cool and me it would
[36:15] be that we are 24 7 you know rj mods
[36:17] don't custom sports always here always
[36:19] running to appeals we're looking after
[36:21] our players day and night every single
[36:23] day of the week Christmas Day New Year's
[36:25] Day we're here we're working hard and to
[36:27] support players alright so thanks
[36:29] listening everybody hope you've enjoyed
[36:30] this podcast give us feedback you know
[36:31] tweet at the judges support post on
[36:32] forum that is no I thought this podcast
[36:34] one and until next time that's me Mon
[36:36] Anthony me mostly w me mud Sammy hey
[36:40] Cassie later bye thanks to the player
[36:43] support team that's the end of our
[36:45] podcast for this week but be sure to
[36:46] catch our God Wars dungeon to previews
[36:49] bye