Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #83 - God Wars Dungeon 2

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] hello and welcome to this week's special
[00:14] podcast on the god wars dungeon to a
[00:16] preview and with me here today i have
[00:18] i'm my ramen QA analyst for the watch ma
[00:22] dolly i'm a product owner and senior
[00:24] content developer for the watch a mod
[00:26] avatar content developer on the watch a
[00:28] mod 0 animator for the watch so we have
[00:32] what about half the watch here yes and
[00:35] God Wars dungeon is your thing pretty
[00:38] much is we've been working on it for
[00:42] probably 3 3 months now and obviously
[00:46] all super passionate about it it's our
[00:48] kind of like crowning jewel update it's
[00:51] your baby get in is here mod Robin has
[00:54] actually described it as his baby before
[00:55] damn straight well it's the biggest
[00:59] thing we've worked on since rights yeah
[01:01] the hands hands down yeah it's a lot of
[01:04] people exciting the office with the
[01:05] artwork that's been going up in the
[01:06] office and sneak previews and things
[01:08] there's a lot of excitement around the
[01:10] place like a sequel to God Wars comes
[01:13] with a lot of expectation and a lot of
[01:15] hype from players and staff alike well
[01:18] good god wars dungeons are still
[01:19] massively paid it's one of the main
[01:21] places people going to to grind to start
[01:24] learning how to pv amia yeah one of the
[01:26] first places I want run by hosting
[01:28] vandals masters back in the day so what
[01:33] is although hopefully most of all
[01:34] lessons will know this already but just
[01:36] in case what is God Wars blend into well
[01:39] it's the sequel to godwars dungeon one
[01:42] basically like oh I mean the in yeah
[01:45] that's it no but but in in in everything
[01:49] like we we looked at God was dungeon one
[01:50] and we tried to really make a proper
[01:54] sequel in it and get that experience
[01:56] again in with new content so the things
[02:00] we've taken from it are you know four
[02:03] factions representing for God's yet all
[02:05] fighting in an eternal battle they've
[02:08] each got a general which the players
[02:10] have to go and kill and
[02:11] you know they drop this real sort of
[02:13] prestigious gear that people will really
[02:15] want to get and yeah there's we've
[02:18] obviously built on that but those are
[02:19] the sort of core elders and Corellian
[02:21] and also kill count because kill counts
[02:23] a big part of the first one but we've
[02:24] been very careful to make sure
[02:25] everything we've taken we've improved it
[02:28] in some way or built upon it okay so
[02:31] where will play is find God will the God
[02:34] listenin so when the release is made
[02:37] where will they need to get cool so
[02:40] players can find the entrance to the
[02:41] dungeon to the west of a nada the north
[02:44] of the agility pyramid and just below
[02:48] whole never eat if I said that correctly
[02:51] but if players I've completed the tales
[02:53] of the god wars they can use the tablets
[02:56] they got to teleport straighten okay
[02:59] we'll get two tails the God wills
[03:00] intimate I think its marked on the world
[03:02] map as the hearts so you'll see in
[03:04] obviously like in all the adverse Minh
[03:07] sand marketing and stuff we're calling
[03:09] it God Wars dungeon to yet because
[03:10] everyone knows then it's the sequel to
[03:12] God was but in game is called the heart
[03:15] of Gillen or because that's the name of
[03:17] the dungeon and the Animus sauce that's
[03:19] hidden within okay and a number of
[03:22] players will probably have been there
[03:23] quite a lot recently yep with the
[03:25] efforts to open the portal yeah and
[03:28] build the the statues around the outside
[03:31] okay so how do players do it what do
[03:35] they need to have ready to go in what
[03:38] are there any requirements things like
[03:40] that so we've not got any requirements
[03:43] are actually enter right so and entering
[03:46] and exploring the the new area in the
[03:49] heart of you know this this huge cavern
[03:52] at the underneath underneath the desert
[03:56] there's no no Rachel requirements are
[03:59] going in there it's probably wise to
[04:01] sort of be around so 80s in in combat
[04:05] skills and stuff in there they are
[04:08] aggressive armies in there that will
[04:09] will fight you so if you're go in there
[04:11] a bit too low level you might my
[04:12] struggle a little bit so we've got the
[04:15] main area that we have this out like
[04:18] gobbles one we've got this this
[04:21] battlefield this war zone the mod egg
[04:23] did a lot of work on
[04:25] we've got these dynamic war zones that
[04:28] are going on so you've got the different
[04:29] fractions kind of push and pull around
[04:31] the dungeon and take control of
[04:34] different areas episode flow yeah so so
[04:37] all of the four factions have there
[04:38] there's sort their forces their minions
[04:41] in the dungeon and they're all kind of
[04:43] fighting back and forth over the
[04:44] different areas and players can go in
[04:46] there and they can they can sort of help
[04:48] their favorite factions all the factions
[04:51] that they want to get specific rep with
[04:52] us or push towards various areas of the
[04:55] dungeon and there's there's kind of cool
[04:58] like mini bosses and stuff related to
[05:00] the different fractions that players can
[05:02] spawn in and stuff it's quite cool it's
[05:05] a lot more a lot more dynamic a lot more
[05:07] there's a lot more going on it's not
[05:09] just sort of npc just kind of dumped in
[05:12] there for flavor there's some real
[05:14] mechanics going on this time around okay
[05:16] so when I first enter what's the first
[05:19] thing I should do what should I be doing
[05:21] well just to jump back to requirements
[05:24] for it all right okay there are so each
[05:26] boss has its own requirement to be able
[05:28] to fight it right so you've got the
[05:30] zamorak one which is the twin Furies
[05:32] requires 80 ranged you've got google
[05:35] rich it was liscus general he requires
[05:37] ATP prayer then you've got hell where
[05:40] sarens general he requires 80 magic and
[05:43] vindictive and gothic who are Zara says
[05:45] general and that is 80 attack to be able
[05:48] to do that right and generally you want
[05:51] to be wearing sort of TAC gear to be
[05:52] able to do those those fights
[05:54] comfortably or well not not comfortably
[05:56] the first few times we hope people die a
[05:58] little bit but yeah else they'll get
[06:00] them comfortably sort of after a little
[06:01] while it sorts you're questioning
[06:03] yourself that a belief there for the
[06:05] first thing for the best things to do
[06:06] when I arrived yeah joy take that away
[06:08] what's wrong well the first thing I'm
[06:10] gonna do is sort gonna pick a pic a boss
[06:13] to go with right not really gonna pay
[06:16] attention too much around the dungeon
[06:18] I'm just gonna get my Casey go to my
[06:20] boss and see what it's all about for me
[06:23] that probably the zamorak boss the twin
[06:26] here is nice I like it good choice just
[06:29] cuz they're my my wife is very why he's
[06:32] chaining necks yeah
[06:35] is going to be unhappy yeah so good I
[06:37] think the first thing I would do once I
[06:39] get in there is the first area you get
[06:42] into you have the different reputation
[06:44] vendors yes oh you speak to them and you
[06:46] find out what you can unlock by gaining
[06:48] reputation with them and they'll have
[06:50] some really cool stuff that's worth
[06:52] getting and there's also the bounty
[06:54] master who's called fen and you can
[06:55] speak to him to get a bounty and he'll
[06:58] assign you is basically a task where you
[06:59] say I want to gain reputation with
[07:01] whichever faction let's say sarin and
[07:03] he'll assign you a task force errand to
[07:06] go and kill one of the other factions
[07:08] who rather to go and they get kill count
[07:10] or killed in general here's he counts as
[07:12] 25 in the task and then once you
[07:15] complete that you get reputation for
[07:16] that faction you chose so that's a
[07:17] really good way of gaining rep and it's
[07:20] that a constantly repeatable task was
[07:22] that daily yeah so it's basically a
[07:24] daily task but we've made it so that so
[07:27] if i can do if i come with you might ask
[07:29] you know one day and then I can't come
[07:31] back for another few days the tasks will
[07:33] stack up up to five so if I miss
[07:35] anywhere up to five days and come back
[07:37] and I'll have my five daily as I missed
[07:39] so we don't punish people for missing
[07:41] each day but they won't go any higher
[07:43] than five obviously this is a successor
[07:45] to God Wars dungeon one so what one of
[07:49] the powers will the learnings we've made
[07:50] from the first set and that we brought
[07:52] forward to God was dungeon to to the
[07:55] heart of Gillen though as ramen touched
[07:58] on earlier it's sort of like the the
[08:00] first place where people go to do their
[08:02] their PvE and and sort of it's their
[08:04] first kind of foray into bossing almost
[08:06] and we wanted to provide a slightly
[08:09] higher higher level high risk high
[08:12] reward version of that experience and
[08:15] sort of at just a more modern version of
[08:18] a progression much yeah so am not only
[08:21] was talking earlier about the kill count
[08:24] stuff that we've got so we we have got
[08:27] kill count just like in God was one
[08:29] except this time round it persists
[08:31] across leaving the dungeon whereas
[08:33] gobbles one didn't this time you're
[08:36] paying for an hour of bossing so you pay
[08:40] for an hour of a boss instance right so
[08:42] all of the bosses in God was unguent or
[08:45] instance there's no overworld versions
[08:47] of them yep
[08:47] so what you do is you pay your 40 Casey
[08:50] up front for an hour's worth of bossing
[08:52] which means that you're not penalized
[08:54] for going in and then realizing I'm like
[08:56] I've forgotten this and you I need to go
[08:58] to a bank run and then oh I've got to
[09:01] come back in and get my Casey again and
[09:02] so it's that that our period is what
[09:05] you've got is what you purchase with
[09:07] your your killcam this time around so we
[09:10] looked at gobbles 1 and saw the things
[09:12] that a lot of the kind of spirit of it
[09:14] and took it forwards and then we've kind
[09:16] of iterated on that to make those those
[09:19] systems and the mechanics from God was
[09:21] one more like more interesting and more
[09:23] accessible we've got the multiplier as
[09:25] well so like yeah we tried to make kill
[09:27] count more interesting by having sort of
[09:29] a momentum that you build up so the more
[09:31] you kill the more your multiply goes up
[09:34] and the more kill count you are and for
[09:35] each one right you have your killing
[09:37] things in quick succession you're you're
[09:38] building up and it's it's just more fun
[09:40] and you've got a little indicator of
[09:41] what socios from one hundred percent at
[09:43] three hundred percent and it's sort of
[09:45] like there's a little animation each
[09:46] time it goes up so each kill should feel
[09:48] a little bit like you know you're
[09:49] building up your momentum so that's
[09:50] that's one improvement we tried to make
[09:52] and as runescape players will love it
[09:54] when numbers go up exactly so make the
[09:56] numbers go up one of our learnings from
[09:58] escape was there anything from God Wars
[10:01] the gym one that we didn't carry forward
[10:03] any lessons that we wanted to avoid
[10:05] doing this time well I mean the main one
[10:08] is the be over World versions of the
[10:10] bosses yeah so we the reason that we've
[10:13] instance all the bosses this time round
[10:14] is is it actually gives us as developers
[10:17] when we're designing and implementing
[10:19] the bosses it gives us a lot more
[10:21] freedom to play with more interesting
[10:23] mechanics so we can do things such as
[10:26] the fear vendetta and Corvette fight
[10:29] we've got a huge like lines of fire that
[10:33] go across the whole area we can't do
[10:35] things like that like huge sort of
[10:38] environmental effects of quite difficult
[10:40] to do outside of instances so it allows
[10:42] us to do two more interesting things and
[10:43] I think as well hard mode we learned
[10:46] that hard mode can be done a lot better
[10:48] than it is done in the original God was
[10:50] done during because i don't think the
[10:51] drop rates and stuff are really a good
[10:54] payoff for doing hard mode in the first
[10:55] one yes so we've actually got something
[10:57] we call challenge mode
[10:58] in this one because we wanted the hard
[11:01] mode to be something that is well you
[11:03] get the better drop rates and things
[11:04] because you're doing it it's a harder
[11:07] mode you can't just go in with a ton of
[11:09] people like you can on the normal mode
[11:11] so we made it so it's so lonely and we
[11:14] added in additional mechanics and things
[11:16] like that cranks out the stats and then
[11:18] we've adjusted all the drop rates and
[11:19] things as a result as well there are a
[11:21] few things we wanted to get in with it
[11:22] which we didn't have time for like
[11:24] achievements yeah but that is something
[11:26] that you know potentially we can add in
[11:28] in the future so we're pretty happy with
[11:31] being able to get challenge mode in as
[11:32] an additional layer of difficulty on top
[11:34] of the normal modes okay okay so I
[11:38] understand that the bosses would those
[11:40] be a deliberate attempt to make them in
[11:42] a very different styles and build very
[11:45] different animations for the different
[11:46] bosses yeah we wanted to give them very
[11:49] clear different personalities for each
[11:51] one so for example a gravar rich I said
[11:55] that online Gregorovitch yeah oh you got
[11:57] a mumbled it you're my date um yeah he
[12:00] used idea from the very concept was he
[12:04] was going to be sort of like a mannequin
[12:05] or a puppet sort of controlled by slick
[12:09] eh so he's got very loose nature to his
[12:12] movements it's very total verbs like
[12:15] back at the same time because he has the
[12:18] mask we wanted to sort of have some very
[12:21] slow movements combined with a very
[12:25] blank expression sort of gives you an
[12:27] idea that you can't really tell what's
[12:30] going on behind that mask in his head
[12:33] which makes it a little bit more
[12:34] unnerving when he does is very sort of
[12:36] quick attacks with his knives with that
[12:38] we put that into the environment as well
[12:41] so it gives it a whole different sort of
[12:43] tone compare that with the twin furious
[12:46] who their core mechanic is pretty much
[12:49] this two of them we wanted them to feel
[12:52] like it's not just one character
[12:57] duplicated so they have their own
[12:58] different personalities their different
[13:01] attacks but at the same time they can
[13:03] still join forces because at the heart
[13:05] of it they are twins they're sort of
[13:07] connected it's not just our one fighting
[13:10] two separate bosses so there
[13:12] elman that we've tied into them there it
[13:15] kind of works quite nicely when you
[13:17] compare that to I can't really think of
[13:20] another boss off top my head which has
[13:22] got two different NPCs but it works
[13:25] really well and pretty uniquely I think
[13:28] okay the way that pinned it to
[13:31] incorporate worked was was quite cool
[13:33] because because you've got the dragon
[13:36] rider and the dragon yeah and obviously
[13:38] a dragon riders no dragon rider if they
[13:41] don't ride a dragon yeah and I was
[13:44] working with Stu to see how we could get
[13:47] that to work sort of like with with kind
[13:50] of engine limitations stuff that we've
[13:52] gotten is actually or one MPC and Stu
[13:54] did an awesome job with sort of having
[13:57] kind of like faked bones on the on the
[14:01] NPC's and there's sort of like two
[14:02] separate models and all the animations
[14:04] are actually all on the one NPC on me
[14:07] yeah so all kind of ties together so you
[14:09] have injected on our own then go back
[14:12] flights down and then that become it is
[14:14] just one npc which makes it feel a lot
[14:18] more unified so they're fighting as an
[14:21] actual unit as opposed to again two
[14:24] separate NPCs that but they've got a
[14:26] very special sort connection different
[14:29] relationship to other bosses which gives
[14:32] that whole other level of personality to
[14:35] those entities the best pizza when they
[14:38] when like vendetta mounts or like
[14:40] unmount the dragonlands it's really sort
[14:43] of seamless widget yeah something we
[14:44] normally struggle to achieve then
[14:46] obviously the final boss we've got is
[14:48] hell where who's actually it was the
[14:51] last one we designed because we had the
[14:53] other three and it was like okay we've
[14:54] got one's quite humanoid okay to a twins
[14:58] they're pretty humanoid really and then
[15:00] we got Dragon Riders pre we got the
[15:02] dragon but Dragon Riders pretty humid as
[15:04] well that they're pretty close to human
[15:06] really so we were like okay this fourth
[15:08] one we want something that's big and
[15:10] scary and it just intimidates you with
[15:13] its size and stuff like that so we
[15:14] designed this big sort of wolf bear stag
[15:17] thing which is just like it's really
[15:19] unusual sort of even just silhouette and
[15:23] then just the animations that shoes
[15:25] sort of when I was designed the
[15:28] mechanics I was like I want this to be
[15:29] sort of thrashing around and really
[15:31] getting in your face and just you know
[15:32] you want to run away from it yeah that
[15:35] gave you a lot of fun sort of animating
[15:36] these big thrashing like chlorine
[15:38] animations a real sense of the wild that
[15:41] yeah it's a kind of encompasses yeah
[15:42] exactly and it's also really hello said
[15:45] it's like really different to the other
[15:46] three so I in total we have a really
[15:49] nice collection of bosses night no one
[15:52] is like identical to the other we've
[15:55] managed to sort of cover our bases quite
[15:57] a lot within just a small range of four
[16:00] yeah I think I think that's one thing
[16:04] that God was one did quite well as well
[16:06] as it like he's got the four bosses but
[16:08] none of them felt like the same as any
[16:10] of the others yeah and that that was
[16:13] something that was quite important to us
[16:14] was to make sure that we we had the four
[16:16] boss for faction structure but again he
[16:20] was trying to work out you know well how
[16:22] do we make these bosses not only look
[16:24] different but act different and all feel
[16:26] different to each other and we sort of
[16:29] really representative of their factions
[16:30] as well you just don't want one boss
[16:33] which is effectively the same as another
[16:36] but our but this has got a samurai skin
[16:38] to it because obviously that wouldn't
[16:40] really it would be in keeping with how
[16:42] first how God was one is so I think
[16:45] we've managed to pull that one off
[16:46] pretty well in brilliant okay so how
[16:50] does the heart killer and God was
[16:52] dungeon to fit into the law of the game
[16:56] as it fit in nor was my drama of the law
[16:58] forms of the world balls well so as
[17:03] opposed to the first God was dungeon
[17:04] where it's a battle that's been rolling
[17:08] for years this is sort of a new thing
[17:10] that's just been discovered in a sense
[17:13] due to seismic activity in the desert
[17:14] yeah the entrance has been uncovered so
[17:17] these four factions have all realized
[17:19] what it is what's down there and they've
[17:21] all rush towards it so it's fairly new
[17:23] it's not it's not been raised on for
[17:25] years so when you go down there you'll
[17:27] you'll see wooden structures that aren't
[17:29] completely ruined they've been freshly
[17:30] built things like that yeah and I here
[17:33] talking something called details yeah
[17:35] people should make themselves familiar
[17:37] with so most people should have seen
[17:39] this or
[17:39] and we released this at the start of the
[17:41] month is the first God was to thing we
[17:43] released a sort you know get the hype
[17:46] train out of the station basically and
[17:47] is a new format we were trying out to
[17:50] tell this law so you sort of go around
[17:53] and collect these memories which you can
[17:54] then view as cutscenes and obviously
[17:57] that tells the story of the backstory of
[17:59] each of these generals so we knew that
[18:01] we've got was one those generals have
[18:03] gone on to be used in different quests
[18:04] become part of all the storylines and
[18:06] become really quite iconic characters
[18:08] yeah so that was at the forefront of our
[18:10] minds trying to create characters that
[18:11] really resonate with people and they
[18:14] want to sort of they want to spend a lot
[18:15] of time with them and maybe they can be
[18:17] used in future storylines so we spent a
[18:19] lot of time at sort of figuring out how
[18:21] they can each have their own rivalries
[18:23] so even if their gods sort of you know
[18:25] died in Swiss Keys end game or something
[18:27] like that then the generals would still
[18:29] have a reason to be there in the dungeon
[18:31] fighting on so they each had their own
[18:32] intertwining rivalries and stuff as well
[18:34] and that's what tales of God was is
[18:36] about sort of discovering their origin
[18:38] stories and how these rivalries came
[18:40] about so if your listener and you
[18:43] haven't picked it up you really should
[18:44] yeah they don't have a look I mean it
[18:46] seems to have gone down quite well so
[18:47] yeah i would i would recommend it and
[18:49] obviously as my drum and said you get
[18:50] your own tele tab item from that as well
[18:52] so it's very easy chanukah lee valuable
[18:55] as well ok so before we all rush off to
[18:58] await the release i have one last
[19:01] question for each p what's your
[19:02] favourite bit of the work you've done
[19:04] what's your favorite bit of the god wars
[19:05] dungeons for me it's probably seeing
[19:09] these couple of yellow and blue cubes as
[19:12] decks environment you know or the
[19:14] developers environments they start off
[19:16] as these blue and yellow cubes and then
[19:17] it turns into something absolutely
[19:19] incredible glowing things floating
[19:21] things has been watching it grow yeah
[19:24] watching it growth just from the very
[19:25] start to the finished product we have
[19:27] now it's so hard to pick a single bit of
[19:30] it because I just I feel like the whole
[19:32] thing has come together really nicely
[19:33] and so like one cohesive thing which I
[19:35] think we're all really proud of but ok
[19:39] I'll pick something else quite niche I
[19:41] guess that's basically in the hell where
[19:43] fight there's these little he saw back
[19:45] to base these mushrooms and this put a
[19:48] lot of laughter
[19:49] not to be expressed in so because I I've
[19:52] been over the last like well when Steve
[19:54] did the animations for these mushrooms I
[19:55] can show off about how much I love them
[19:57] and I love my little mushrooms in the
[19:59] fight because it was the first time that
[20:01] it was like I'm not like I love these
[20:03] mushrooms these mushrooms are so what
[20:05] like has everyone seen these mushrooms
[20:06] deserve there was a quiet time the
[20:08] office where everyone was quiet and all
[20:10] the Sun the alley burst out with I'm so
[20:12] happy after seeing these mushrooms it
[20:15] just brought me such joy basically
[20:17] there's the mechanic in the fight is the
[20:19] mushroom sort of they start small and
[20:21] then he'll activate them they grow and
[20:22] then in challenge mode there's like
[20:24] there's a mechanic's wear more of them
[20:26] all sort of grow at once I'm just
[20:27] watching these little mushrooms that
[20:29] will grow out of the ground like the
[20:30] animation is just so good it's like it's
[20:33] a really small thing to pick but that's
[20:34] probably right now anything that
[20:36] sometimes smoothly it's exactly I think
[20:40] what I really like is how we've managed
[20:42] to like tie lot of stuff back to gob was
[20:44] one and I guess you're one of my
[20:46] favorite things is something we've not
[20:47] actually touched on is the rewards were
[20:49] giving from God was dungeon two are like
[20:51] God armors and they're very much modeled
[20:54] after the gods swords that come from God
[20:56] was one so he had the swords with the
[20:59] hilts and the blades that you kind of
[21:01] piece together and you build your reward
[21:03] yeah varying gobbles to we've got very
[21:06] similar thing but at this time we've
[21:07] gone with like God armor so you get the
[21:09] kind of armor piece and then you get one
[21:12] of the god crests from the fraction you
[21:15] piece them together and you make you got
[21:16] armor out of that so that the thing that
[21:18] was quite cool it's hard to think really
[21:20] because I mean in general just so
[21:22] impressed with how much stuff we've
[21:25] actually managed to do in three months
[21:28] it's been like really intense for
[21:30] everyone the other groups yeah I'm
[21:33] pretty sure that that's going to be one
[21:35] of my favorite things actually if I if I
[21:37] could pick one thing it's definitely the
[21:39] twin Furies with one of their sort of
[21:42] attacks where they sort of karma crossed
[21:44] the air and we did some sort of sweet
[21:47] back flips front flips pretty much ill
[21:50] it was all quite small pieces but they
[21:55] all sort of tie together we sewed them
[21:57] in into the code and it also worked like
[22:00] amazingly well just how fluid everything
[22:03] moved
[22:03] we're trying to like figure out how we
[22:05] would make this sort of they slice
[22:07] across the room and then like war plan
[22:10] bounce off to another wall and their
[22:11] slice across again and it's like how do
[22:13] we fit these animations in and when we
[22:16] chop them up and put them into the code
[22:17] they just they just work it's so lovely
[22:19] when stuff does that and it just looks
[22:21] it looks so cool as well so it's lovely
[22:23] when things just come together like I
[22:25] think yeah well there was a similar
[22:26] thing with deed with the ground fire
[22:29] that we've got in the bin date to fight
[22:31] as well like we had to try and work out
[22:34] a way that because everyone knows about
[22:36] our server tix how we can get something
[22:38] to sort of like smoothly go from one
[22:41] side of the room to the other BF is kind
[22:43] of like Slade you're picking up and
[22:45] myself and a group side down and we we
[22:48] had a had this idea of how we could kind
[22:51] of get the fire to smoothly go from one
[22:52] under the room to the other and we kind
[22:54] of put it and it just worked it's like
[22:55] it's really satisfying when that happens
[22:57] source tag as well and it looks really
[22:58] nice it makes it so much smoother than
[23:02] like you'd have like belief with like
[23:06] the tech system yeah it's rather than
[23:09] just everything just like being dumped
[23:10] down straightaway we've managed to sort
[23:12] of work around that and do some
[23:14] interesting stuff that makes it look a
[23:15] lot nicer really ok so just well
[23:19] although I said that was a las cosas
[23:20] have just one more how long do I think
[23:22] it's gonna be before somebody kills
[23:23] their first bossing oh it will be people
[23:25] people all that CMS gonna be super quick
[23:28] is because we've gone to sort of them
[23:29] like mid to high level and we want it to
[23:31] be accessible there yet the top ppm is
[23:33] and people with sort of 1090 gear and
[23:36] stuff will go in and there won't be too
[23:39] challenged hopefully challenge mode
[23:40] they'll find a bit more bit more
[23:42] challenging but yeah I would expect
[23:44] someone to get there first there will be
[23:46] people that go in and kill it so yeah
[23:48] yeah pretty quick the office will be
[23:49] full of live streams is over you're
[23:51] watching as well I can't wait for that
[23:52] well I mean the non challenge bosses you
[23:54] can go in in a group as well so weird
[23:56] you can oh no doubt there'll be big
[23:58] steamrolling groups of sort of like 50
[24:01] people who go there once and completely
[24:03] stomping them but then you know that's
[24:05] that's again there's something that
[24:07] happened in God was one this that's just
[24:09] you know it's quite quite fun to just go
[24:11] in there and stomp bosses every now and
[24:13] then one thing I did want to mention
[24:15] just
[24:16] oh of course cool it's because well
[24:19] we've done quite a few live streams and
[24:21] we've done the BTS and subtle and we
[24:23] haven't mentioned anywhere else but
[24:24] obviously last year was a big player
[24:27] powers like a big focus to us yeah and
[24:30] basically I just wanted to let people
[24:32] know that with this we have actually
[24:34] we've done a lot of listening to players
[24:35] and stuff right from the beginning where
[24:38] we were deciding the factions we sort of
[24:40] we put out Twitter polls to see you know
[24:42] who people be okay with and if we could
[24:45] get away with using zone reckons I us
[24:46] again because they made so much sense to
[24:48] us and then you know we sort of tested
[24:50] the water and the players were okay with
[24:52] it so they gave us a go ahead and then
[24:54] very recently so right up until the end
[24:56] we were on a live stream and we said we
[24:59] said there were no requirements in at
[25:01] the moment for the bosses and yeah we
[25:02] decided to straw poll the twitch chat
[25:04] and it was overwhelmingly in favor of
[25:06] putting skill requirements in so we went
[25:07] ahead and did that and there's various
[25:09] other things as well we really do listen
[25:11] to the players with everything we're
[25:12] doing so I just wanted to get and when
[25:15] we release it the feedback will be
[25:17] vitally important to any changes well I
[25:19] mean it's I mean even though we've
[25:20] technically only been sort of actively
[25:22] developing it since what's a soul
[25:24] Christmas sort of time gobbles dungeon 2
[25:26] was announced like back at runefest last
[25:28] year ever since then we've been thinking
[25:30] about it it's always been the back of
[25:32] our minds like Norma shout when it was
[25:34] an answer yes to yes that was a biggie
[25:35] but I mean we yeah I mean we've been
[25:37] test the waters with stuff like since
[25:39] then and sort of you know kind of just
[25:41] looking around at what you know why
[25:43] everyone's reaction and stuff was to the
[25:45] announcement and things and seen like
[25:46] what they wanted to see and stuff like
[25:48] that so it it's been even though the
[25:50] development has been sort of shorter
[25:52] than the amount of time that we've
[25:53] actually been thinking about it right to
[25:56] the heart of Gyllenhaal that yes it
[25:58] looks awesome in X here as well as worth
[26:00] knowing her going over look at NXT and
[26:04] if you don't say goodbye now goodbye
[26:06] take care
[26:32] you