Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #82 - Zamorak Lore, Abomination & system checks

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Oh
[00:01] Oh
[00:08] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:10] in the law corner we are talking about
[00:12] zamorak we got mod bond music maker
[00:15] picking his favorite music and then
[00:17] we're going to be going out to player
[00:18] support talking about system monitoring
[00:20] hello and welcome to the law corner
[00:22] we've joined where that song what i was
[00:24] born in swellview Lord rowley mod Raven
[00:27] and much stew and this time we're
[00:29] talking about zamorak so what are even
[00:31] gets to be theatrical any level I always
[00:33] get to be here I know but I'm suitably
[00:36] so we're gonna be covering zamorak and
[00:39] kind of house on rock has changed over
[00:40] the years I guess you could almost
[00:42] Accord him initially a pantomime villain
[00:44] in the in the sense that was kind of
[00:47] represented the evil side up he was
[00:48] always very clear-cut yeah very
[00:50] simplistic yes he's all I marry much the
[00:53] kind of saradomin in tamarac were very
[00:55] much of allegories to the monotheistic
[00:59] yeah religions of you know purely good
[01:02] dirty and purely evil bend which was
[01:04] shown in the Condor God letter imager
[01:06] which if I remember right who's come
[01:07] aboard gent yeah but too little stubby
[01:09] horn yes exactly i'm so really won't fly
[01:11] kind of demon look yes but that's
[01:13] obviously changed and there's symbol
[01:15] this eric symbol is worth talking about
[01:17] because what I some players are like
[01:18] we're wondering what it is imma star
[01:20] represents mustachios like the Pringle
[01:22] massage yeah the Pringle mustache is
[01:24] that what it represented when we first
[01:25] ahead it's like baby I think we're all
[01:30] in agreement that now its horns yes
[01:32] demonic horns it's almost like this kind
[01:35] of throwback to that which I've got
[01:36] letters zamorak yeah I don't know I see
[01:38] a bit of his wing shape in there as well
[01:40] yeah yeah that is true basically a
[01:43] silhouette isn't it yeah when you said
[01:45] 10 his silhouette into I Goldman
[01:46] iconography I mean this is guys the
[01:47] beautiful thing about Morgan's kind of
[01:50] concept was that you've got a similar
[01:51] kind of wavy line motif in his face and
[01:53] in the wings on the chest yeah you kind
[01:56] of see the symbol throughout you kill
[01:58] him sit away and then as you go further
[01:59] in yeah yeah genre that remember Connie
[02:02] Sam Urick representation in some of the
[02:03] early quests and things like that it was
[02:06] always evil it always evil always stupid
[02:09] I think as well like as followers what
[02:11] they've done lately the brightest they
[02:12] were a monkey I'm rack and they were a
[02:14] bit sort of cackling
[02:15] too evil to write that kind of pantomime
[02:18] sort of haha we're doing bad things why
[02:20] because bad and I think the first climb
[02:24] that for me anyway the zemerik started
[02:26] becoming a bit more the more central was
[02:29] jungle shadow so obviously when we were
[02:31] talking about kind of zamorak versus
[02:33] arrows that was really when we started
[02:37] giving some rocks and back history so it
[02:38] was a bad rap and had this kind of
[02:40] rivalry with zeros then start to get a
[02:42] bit flesh on the bones which i guess is
[02:44] suitable for a magic but for me I mean
[02:47] demon home was also one of the big kind
[02:49] of beats on some rocks kind of timeline
[02:51] because we were playing with this
[02:53] mysterious magic underneath demon home
[02:55] it was the first time we really
[02:56] attributed law to a skill mm-hmm and we
[02:59] were talking about a big z you know a
[03:01] big thing underneath demon home and we
[03:04] always imagined that was a Michael you
[03:06] were involved in this a little bit way
[03:07] not in the slightest and no I mean like
[03:12] I think we were involved in the naming
[03:14] of it but Wow law was lion-o and a more
[03:18] crystal chris hell yeah I because I
[03:21] remember that I'm one of the first kind
[03:23] of briefs for demon home was that it was
[03:25] frog crunches I think they would call
[03:27] the thigh gap we don't get into yea
[03:30] though I got trees yeah and there wasn't
[03:32] any bill rack at all it was just the
[03:34] number of kind of froggy creatures
[03:35] drilling down and eventually hitting
[03:37] something magical yeah so the original
[03:40] intention of demon highways that finding
[03:41] zamorak was going to be an accident but
[03:44] now we've got bill rack and obviously
[03:48] 461 which I know that you know could
[03:52] still happen but one of the original and
[03:54] just remember this well the original
[03:56] drafts of 461 well oh I've ever been so
[03:59] many as hard to say I remember one that
[04:01] 461 would be zamorak yes like that's
[04:04] right I remember chris l bracelet I
[04:06] thing like a multi floor boss yeah which
[04:09] I guess he used a lot of the prototyping
[04:11] for for things like virago yes and we
[04:13] were gonna have it at the you'd like
[04:15] fight at his feet and then you have an
[04:18] up and then you stabbed him in the belly
[04:19] button going in and hit me in the face
[04:22] that's it no people you can use would be
[04:24] the boss or there'd be some sort of
[04:25] avatar if he
[04:26] that was yeah as a bar I think that was
[04:28] the O's talking both in avatar and also
[04:30] a kind of Representatives well you're
[04:31] right and forth along that there was
[04:32] even like that kind of extrapolating out
[04:34] that he formed the floors like like you
[04:37] were wandering around the arms and legs
[04:39] yeah yeah yeah you'd run up his shoulder
[04:41] or something yeah I've got you can
[04:43] imagine why floor 61 started to look
[04:45] like it was getting bigger and bigger
[04:46] yeah but I'm then obviously the 6h here
[04:50] and zamorak has has changed Modi'in
[04:54] talked about a comet to go and settle a
[04:56] while ago but um we've involved in their
[04:58] concept for zamorak because this is
[05:00] battle umbrage not in the slightest I
[05:02] mean what do you think of the concept
[05:04] although the concept was great yes yeah
[05:07] I remember talking to my dad so I did
[05:10] dummy to dominate this baby it's kind of
[05:11] um who talked about how we wanted to
[05:14] bring the sexy to a god oh boy it may
[05:19] have been the conversation had body and
[05:21] multiple times ever I'm gonna have words
[05:25] about this yeah constant nipples um but
[05:30] I like that I like that about zamorak
[05:32] that notion of there was a little bit of
[05:34] my sexuality to it but kind of a swagger
[05:38] I guess cuz we also kind of fleshed out
[05:40] his philosophy about that time as well
[05:41] yeah he went from being less you know
[05:43] that kind of oily mustache villain to
[05:48] someone who had that kind of evil
[05:51] undertones but there was you could see
[05:52] that there was a kind of logic in yes
[05:56] beliefs that made it makes sense because
[05:57] anoraks new belief system is all about
[05:59] kind of empowering the individual yeah
[06:01] and the power of the individual it's
[06:04] about Monet know people to solve their
[06:06] own problems and therefore improve
[06:08] themselves I said rather than oh I'll do
[06:11] it all for you which is yes any
[06:13] charismatic kind of tries to draw that
[06:14] out of ya you know he's got all these
[06:16] followers that he's trying to kind of
[06:18] like come and show me what you can do
[06:19] yeah and that kind of charisma that kind
[06:22] of let out it suited the new concept hmm
[06:24] this it's also i mean it's something we
[06:27] kind of double down on with zeros
[06:29] because there was a massive overlap
[06:31] between their philosophies they're both
[06:33] about empowering the individual yeah
[06:35] chaos in some work effectively i mean
[06:38] they're different branches of
[06:39] Nietzschean for
[06:40] sofy yeah ands eros is all about leading
[06:43] from the shadows and zemerik's more
[06:44] about leading from the front yes like
[06:46] the figure alter personality this year
[06:48] head yeah he's the the thing that he
[06:51] wants people to attain yeah but look at
[06:54] my abs it's like he can be as popular
[06:56] today but it was at that point that we'd
[06:59] already concept it's our diamond we were
[07:00] talking about the nature of Godhead and
[07:01] how a God was once mortal being and then
[07:04] extrapolated out inform you know the
[07:06] magical God power made them bigger and
[07:08] better and we knew one that I'd look
[07:10] like we've done rich with the matter had
[07:12] seen them in both forms like what so
[07:15] yeah and export that question of what
[07:16] would a matter I don't like kind of with
[07:18] their power expansion and he went for
[07:22] the wings in the wings because of the
[07:23] symbol and also because of that kind of
[07:25] cinematic moment started battled
[07:27] lumbridge which we always imagined would
[07:28] be the reveal and as em rack is quite
[07:30] you know quite the actual moment
[07:31] obviously actual escape but that notion
[07:33] of the rings around and then pulling
[07:35] those wings give us a very nice of
[07:37] cinematic event me the wings that kind
[07:40] of flawed in that are upside down but
[07:41] yeah yeah they do have a very nice kind
[07:43] of uncloak look at me more hahahaha
[07:45] moment which did you very well my
[07:47] cutscene I felt yeah absolutely
[07:49] absolutely I one of the untouched s we
[07:51] were asked for am kind of people we
[07:53] imagined it would be like gods so I'm
[07:56] their points where we might voiced
[07:58] zamorak for example and I know that we
[08:01] fell on was current stamp and got tennis
[08:04] them I've got the wrong person here
[08:06] Charles dance tells man so this is wrong
[08:09] yes yeah from Game of Thrones who I've
[08:12] got it tyrannized Tywin Tywin Lannister
[08:14] there was a period of time where zamorak
[08:16] was sean bean i remember that i never
[08:18] really to north yeah we rise we didn't
[08:20] want him murdered so I constantly by no
[08:24] spoilers there but yes we went to
[08:26] somebody else a game with friends yeah
[08:27] yeah which is Charles Don so I written
[08:29] the wrong person down but I kind of
[08:31] discovery British you know but in a
[08:34] British villain that kind of cold
[08:37] powerful gravitas that Charles aunt is
[08:40] very good at that's a very knowing very
[08:42] it's not a he's not bumbling like he was
[08:44] in the fifth age it's very much Cal
[08:46] related yeah because you know I just
[08:47] kind of helped picture in Jason Statham
[08:51] okay yeah I try to imagine glamorize own
[08:56] clothes jessica Lee can be more band or
[08:59] surely maybe yeah maybe I will get to
[09:02] that girl getting down jason statham bat
[09:05] equals bandos question and so we thought
[09:09] a lot about that a change in
[09:10] representation so moving towards a more
[09:12] kind of stimulating intellectual thing
[09:13] because we want people to fine zamorak I
[09:17] mean this is what those six pages about
[09:18] it's not necessarily it's about
[09:20] diversifying the choices because
[09:22] previously was very much saradomin equal
[09:24] good summer yeah bad and we're changing
[09:27] that yeah look I know I was employed to
[09:29] me exactly Lumbridge because battle
[09:30] umbrage was this straight up kind of
[09:32] personality that for the guests against
[09:34] I did have quite a few people just
[09:36] assuming Sarge I'm an equal good guy and
[09:38] therefore that's why Saturday we had
[09:40] quite big which I find fascinating
[09:41] because um just seeing the number of
[09:43] players will ally with something purely
[09:45] because they're the one marked as good
[09:46] as opposed one marked is evil I found
[09:48] fascinating because i would expect more
[09:49] of our players to go to the and this is
[09:52] it when battle lumbridge i mean i did a
[09:53] kind of a quick skim around the whole of
[09:55] the office asking people yeah what they
[09:57] thought the result would be and it was
[09:58] almost universally zamorak we see as I'm
[10:00] record win because if the cool factor
[10:02] yeah but Tara diamond just had like was
[10:05] it seventy-five percent yeah inside was
[10:08] almost disappointing it was so yeah it
[10:11] was it was not what we expected yeah
[10:13] apparently sarah diamonds will call the
[10:14] we thought too gnarly yeah exactly it's
[10:16] the bid um I can attest to that maybe
[10:21] you can attach a microphone to his own
[10:22] bed like you better Oh obviously Sam
[10:26] Rockies has lost a couple of times oh
[10:28] well you know your scoreboard the
[10:30] additive that he has as a loss put him
[10:32] towards the bottom of the lead yeah
[10:34] which actually makes him quite an
[10:35] interesting character for the sixth age
[10:36] many people might be writing him off but
[10:38] that may give them real motivations is
[10:40] no last league yes cuz he's not dead you
[10:42] know just been add a bit of a setback
[10:44] and it's interesting because he's won
[10:47] the other ones that had a kind of
[10:49] different response to this case game so
[10:50] most of them have kind of gone we're not
[10:53] playing mmm or going okay we'll get in
[10:55] on this and slaughter got ya ins amex
[10:57] gone no naff off sticks k i'm even get
[11:00] my own power back without you yeah hence
[11:03] dishonor amongst the
[11:04] yeah which gives me an interesting
[11:05] motivation I think yes certainly got a
[11:07] level of confidence as well himself and
[11:10] he kind of exudes that would you would
[11:12] you agree that he also has the best cost
[11:14] of generals and allies in game he has
[11:17] some of the best Stephanie's go I beans
[11:19] and also I'd say he has the best but
[11:21] he's got some of the less less yeah it's
[11:23] something about I'd know i would just
[11:24] fine without really cool to write for
[11:26] sarah's probably has the edge i sees me
[11:28] yeah it's loose you're referring to evil
[11:32] dave on you i know i know for a fact
[11:35] there are people who want quests or want
[11:37] or my writing class i mean i've seen
[11:39] such as such things that's amazing i
[11:41] love evil dave but his the prospector
[11:44] visit i have a meeting without is is
[11:46] huge for and this year we've already
[11:49] shown a kind of concept with ricotta to
[11:51] yeah yeah i mean the immediate jumping
[11:53] point is that of course they're gonna
[11:55] have a fight because why wouldn't they
[11:57] and of course we fostered that with the
[11:59] image yeah i mean that's maybe a bit
[12:01] it's born interpretation i think yes not
[12:04] necessarily gonna happen it's gonna be
[12:06] battleships it's it's got such weight of
[12:09] expectation on that moment yeah because
[12:11] it's been referenced in law as far but
[12:14] i'm not even observers what is going to
[12:16] happen yet no i mean i mean they could
[12:18] just shake hands and be best buds again
[12:20] they can't do some sort of team up buddy
[12:23] cop movie together maybe they could have
[12:25] a fight and sarin could come in and say
[12:27] look you two naughty boys yup there and
[12:29] just break them up yes if that's the
[12:30] only interesting thing though with
[12:32] there's a miraculous thing is in many
[12:34] ways what zamorak did two zeros it's
[12:36] kind of in line with terraces sort of
[12:38] philosophies of self-improvement anyway
[12:40] it just happened to screw him over in
[12:42] the process which is probably not a fan
[12:43] or yeah but it does so yeah i'm not sure
[12:46] about the flying an intriguing
[12:47] fascinated because and Sam rockies
[12:49] effectively made two hours change his
[12:51] mov the way he works you know yeah he's
[12:54] even more pulled back even more any kind
[12:56] of englishness eras could see that he
[12:58] has improved yeah this is a night as
[13:01] well but in a my still hold a grudge to
[13:03] ya and then you've got the because
[13:05] there's the everyone so saying all they
[13:06] could go get into a fight orbiting it
[13:08] was like they have such similarities can
[13:10] you just imagine what would happen if
[13:12] they actually did shake and and join
[13:13] forces how cool would that be able to
[13:15] then you will have the best
[13:17] series of generals is the two other
[13:19] combined it's gonna throw that up just
[13:21] barking that they say I'm then of course
[13:23] um there's the endgame Sam Urick will
[13:25] play a part in the end game okays losing
[13:27] but it's not so hard and fast that there
[13:30] are a few Helen kill will get in there
[13:32] are very heaven to the people have made
[13:34] about the end game that isn't
[13:36] necessarily close to what's actually the
[13:39] case remark is already proven that he's
[13:41] not going to play by still escapes rule
[13:42] yeah so that one thing yeah that the
[13:44] players have shown us that through
[13:46] battled Lumbridge and the plate energy
[13:48] community choice is there that he's not
[13:49] gonna be there representing as the you
[13:51] know good person who's killed the most
[13:52] god it's not we wandering in there
[13:54] likely like saradomin or I'll module
[13:56] will with a kind of hey I've got I've
[13:58] got a killer I'm gonna go for this you
[13:59] can absolutely be certain he will be
[14:01] there and he will be going I I think
[14:03] would be a bit of a disappointment if he
[14:04] wasn't there we go i think we've
[14:07] probably covered everything on zamorak
[14:08] now i'm sure there are some people who
[14:10] want more better come talk to us on
[14:12] twitter on the forums next time round
[14:14] will be talking about armadillo your
[14:16] favorite moderate yep so do tune
[14:37] and with me today i have mod bond say
[14:41] hello Maude bond hello Maude Matt he
[14:43] know I said say hello Maude bond you
[14:46] were meant to say hello Maude bond hello
[14:48] Maude bond and malvada as one of our
[14:53] audio developers what is your favorite
[14:55] piece of runescape music this is a
[14:58] really difficult question because
[15:00] there's lots and lots of tracks that I i
[15:02] really like again some that other people
[15:05] have written some that we've
[15:06] collaborated on like the book of a
[15:08] thousand songs was a good one oh yeah
[15:10] but I think today if you had to pin me
[15:13] down to one it would probably be the
[15:15] track abomination which was the boss
[15:19] battle music in a death of V quest in
[15:23] the death of Equus yeah yeah why that
[15:26] piece I think it's because it's a little
[15:29] bit different it's got quite a hard
[15:31] electronic edge to it and it's a little
[15:35] bit unusual but quite hard hitting and
[15:36] powerful ok well let's listen to it now
[16:42] you
[19:30] you
[21:26] hello everybody and welcome to the
[21:28] latest edition of the customer support
[21:30] section of this week's podcast today
[21:33] we'll be talking about all things system
[21:34] checks and light monitoring and to do
[21:37] that I'm joined by my driver wad law
[21:39] immodesty w thinking of inches
[21:41] yourselves for me yes i'm mod steve w
[21:43] pin with jagex for just over nine years
[21:45] bit of a regular on these podcasts now
[21:48] I'm Beca for another episode they serve
[21:49] great coffee in here which is why I keep
[21:51] coming along I'm not for oceans
[21:53] mentoring our customers 14 billion
[21:55] thanks Matt law all right yeah well as
[21:57] just introduced our model or a member of
[21:59] the player support team here been with
[22:01] jagex for about 18 months it's my first
[22:03] time on the podcast but you might
[22:05] recognize the voice from some of the
[22:06] previous bot busting live streams
[22:07] alongside more balanced alright cool n
[22:10] mod rebel alright i'm mod rebel i've
[22:12] been with the jagex since May last year
[22:14] remember player support first time being
[22:17] on a podcast but I'm very excited to be
[22:18] here and stop talking alright cool I am
[22:20] 11 eat like Steve get a regular on these
[22:23] podcasts veneer for like 12 years and an
[22:27] operations manager in customer support
[22:29] so we'll talk about system checks and
[22:31] live monitoring and not a lot of people
[22:33] might not know what that means we can
[22:35] give a brief explanation of what our
[22:36] system checks and what if lie monitoring
[22:39] okay well if I start out with that one
[22:41] basically obviously with being on player
[22:44] support we've got a lot of things we
[22:46] need to look out for and we've got to
[22:47] make sure that the players are able to
[22:49] access the game log in and play and so
[22:51] on so we've got a variety of tools
[22:53] systems and some funky dashboards that
[22:55] Isis admin guys have put together that
[22:57] allow us to check sort of all all
[23:00] elements of the game all elements or
[23:01] internal systems check play accounts
[23:04] online and so on and so forth so
[23:06] basically on the hour every hour it's
[23:09] usually during the daytime a member of
[23:11] one of our tech specialists on player
[23:12] support is given sort of ten minutes to
[23:15] perform what we call the hourly checks
[23:17] and during which they basically check
[23:20] out a number of the web-sites we make
[23:21] sure all of our websites are up and
[23:23] online for our various games ip's the
[23:25] dark scape website and so on and so
[23:27] forth we're also checking play accounts
[23:30] player numbers across the various
[23:32] servers on the data centers as well as
[23:34] making sure sort of
[23:35] internal system modules are actually up
[23:38] and functioning without sort of any
[23:40] errors showing on those if anything
[23:42] comes to like we obviously take action
[23:44] based on that and but as a result of
[23:47] these checks we quite often a reward for
[23:49] they might even become player affecting
[23:51] okay so quite a lot of information there
[23:53] so the kind of briefly heard you say on
[23:55] the air every hour so somebody's might
[23:57] seem it's a nine-to-five job we're told
[23:59] players we were a 24-7 department by
[24:00] these system checks 24-7 is it Christmas
[24:03] Day we on there checking it 24 hours a
[24:05] day seven days a week 52 weeks a year
[24:07] bank holidays Christmas Day easier
[24:09] anything you can think of we've got
[24:11] trained specialists doing these checks
[24:13] on the hour over the hour all the way
[24:15] from midnight to midnight literally 24
[24:18] hours a day okay so when things do go
[24:20] wrong or something's not quite right
[24:21] players might go to social media may go
[24:23] to Twitter reddit and let us know about
[24:25] it are we checking social media is that
[24:27] something we do that is a part of our
[24:29] hourly checks as a model off said 24
[24:31] hours a day we're always checking the
[24:33] systems we're also checking things like
[24:35] Twitter or is checking the runescape
[24:37] forums also checking reddit we're making
[24:39] sure that you know if there is an issue
[24:41] that maybe we haven't seen yet the
[24:43] players mentioned us that can't connect
[24:46] to the web site can't connect to the
[24:47] game that we look at that we then go to
[24:49] our system checks maybe early if we have
[24:51] to make sure that if there is a problem
[24:53] we can be addressing it straight away
[24:54] make sure no one's out of the game for
[24:56] very long okay cool I think I topped it
[24:58] actually on that point would be that if
[24:59] something is going wrong with on Twitter
[25:01] it's worth tweeting at Tokyo support not
[25:03] a prince cape yeah something is
[25:06] monitored by our customer support team
[25:07] here and we are checking it every eyes
[25:10] as you said which is great so let's say
[25:13] something is going wrong we're checking
[25:15] to our checking our systems you know we
[25:17] often aware before the community is
[25:19] aware and something's gone wrong it's
[25:21] 4pm and afternoon so the office is busy
[25:24] what we going to do well as it's sort of
[25:27] 4 p.m. in the afternoon it's a bit more
[25:28] of a what I'd consider to be an informal
[25:30] process because obviously with it being
[25:33] during business hours or everybody from
[25:35] the relevant teams relevant departments
[25:36] that we might need to speak to about the
[25:38] issue is going to be in the office at
[25:40] their desk or if they're in a meeting or
[25:42] a way or anything like that they'll
[25:43] certainly be somebody around who's ready
[25:45] to sort of pick up the torch and help us
[25:47] out
[25:47] so with it being in the daytime would
[25:49] obviously spot the problem in our hourly
[25:51] checks and then it's more of a an
[25:53] informal nudge pop over have a word with
[25:55] somebody make sure nothing's fallen over
[25:57] or anything silly like that and then we
[26:00] literally based on that they will pick
[26:02] up the ball and start investigating
[26:03] looking into it and seeing if we can get
[26:05] to the bottom of what's going on or
[26:07] what's producing the errors that we're
[26:09] talking to them about alright great so
[26:10] it sounds like a lot of communication
[26:11] internally yeah if anything's going
[26:13] wrong we'll go eject something
[26:14] definitely definitely it's one of the
[26:16] one of the nice things about the job and
[26:18] about the company is obviously the inter
[26:20] team communications and the kind of
[26:22] relationships you build off your own
[26:23] department Oh brilliant okay so let's go
[26:26] different way around it for a.m. in the
[26:28] morning everyone's asleep apart from
[26:29] customer support and something goes
[26:31] wrong you know our players never sleep
[26:33] in an order we really what are we going
[26:35] to do well I think you nailed it with
[26:37] the idea of our players never sleeping
[26:38] so you know we don't either we've
[26:40] obviously got people running these
[26:42] checks on the hour every hour through
[26:43] the night and if a problem does come to
[26:45] light out of office hours there's
[26:47] obviously a slightly different process
[26:49] that we need to follow because we can't
[26:50] just approach somebody at their desk and
[26:52] give them a nudge or anything like that
[26:54] so every department we may need to reach
[26:56] out to build our systems administration
[26:58] team the web systems guys business
[27:01] intelligence anything like that have all
[27:03] got nominated on-call individuals I
[27:05] believe that works on a kind of rotated
[27:07] basis so basically they're there and
[27:10] ready to help us out if any problems do
[27:12] come to light so essentially we're like
[27:14] an emergency dispatcher trying to figure
[27:16] out whether you need fire police or
[27:18] ambulance services to draw the parallel
[27:20] so we need to establish whether we're
[27:23] contacting systems administration web
[27:25] systems or whatever departments relevant
[27:27] to the problem we're having the key
[27:29] things take away from it is we're not
[27:30] expected to fix all of the issues but
[27:32] what we are expected to do is highlight
[27:34] any problems handball them over to the
[27:36] individuals or the departments that can
[27:38] get them sorted for us and that's our
[27:40] job done we're basically that we then
[27:42] spend a while monitoring and updating
[27:45] about the situation so we'll send
[27:47] follow-up emails as we get any updates
[27:49] or any callbacks all the way through
[27:50] until the actual issue is resolved and
[27:52] we draw a line under it and the
[27:54] situation's all sorted ok brilliant and
[27:56] so let's set the scene mod rebel it's
[27:59] for em and if
[28:00] it has occurred model or has called out
[28:03] and our teams are dealing with it you've
[28:06] checked social and customers and kind of
[28:07] tweeting guys are putting on reddit and
[28:09] this post on a forum that is an issue
[28:10] what I'm going to do in terms of letting
[28:12] the community know how do we go about
[28:13] that so if the amazing mod law has
[28:17] already got everyone needed in the
[28:18] office sorting out as a walking someone
[28:20] up some cool modern they're making sure
[28:23] our players can get back online as
[28:24] quickly as possible and someone needs to
[28:26] communicate out to the players obviously
[28:28] it's something like Twitter or make sure
[28:29] our tweet goes out saying hey guys jagex
[28:31] are aware of the issues we're trying to
[28:33] fix it right now watch this space will
[28:35] make sure you know you no matter that
[28:36] applies to any social media aspect could
[28:39] be read it could be the forums
[28:40] themselves will always make sure that
[28:42] you know something is communicated out
[28:44] some kind of messages out to the place
[28:45] lil know that we are here we know what's
[28:47] going on we're trying to deal with it
[28:48] and we will get you back in killing or
[28:50] as quickly as possible so Stephen are
[28:52] you in the last podcast and we talked
[28:54] about the new knowledge based support
[28:55] center we've introduced is that helpful
[28:58] for players to church should to be
[28:59] checking their yeah I mean there's been
[29:01] a really big improvement there so
[29:02] players can just go to the website hit
[29:04] the support button in the top right and
[29:06] there's a status update their writing
[29:07] the screen told you exactly any issues
[29:09] were facing a need service disruption
[29:11] that's right there we update that live
[29:12] so you can check that anytime and just
[29:14] see what statuses okay so it's clear you
[29:16] can I checking a lot of things and
[29:17] because of that you must come across
[29:19] some pretty funny things so is there
[29:20] anything you can share what you come
[29:22] across any bug reports you've seen or
[29:24] reticle ations well certainly with the
[29:26] bugs that we obviously search through
[29:28] make sure everything's working you do
[29:30] get the occasional funny one such as a
[29:33] bug that said runescape is broken oh
[29:35] very helpful uh yeah very helpful
[29:38] because obviously i look at runescape
[29:39] and i think it's this broken yeah yeah
[29:41] obviously we asked for reproduction
[29:43] steps in these bugs and a lot of players
[29:46] they send in bugs there they need to
[29:48] give us the best reproduction such
[29:50] possibly can so we can know exactly how
[29:52] to reproduce the bug so we can test it
[29:54] ourselves obviously with player accounts
[29:57] player characters we can clone these we
[29:59] can create our own tool virtual version
[30:01] of the player count ourselves when we
[30:03] can actually log into the game and we
[30:05] can see exactly what they're seeing so
[30:07] by doing this we follow their
[30:08] reproduction steps we make sure we do
[30:11] everything that they say they did and
[30:13] that helps
[30:14] identify the bug and fix it whereas just
[30:16] saying runescape is broken without any
[30:18] reproduction steps is a it's a difficult
[30:20] one / certainly something to do okay did
[30:22] we go a step by step what they did when
[30:25] they did it what they were wearing that
[30:26] kind of stuff so it's really easy and
[30:27] clear for us in the office to go check
[30:29] what they were doing at a time and
[30:31] trying you say we produce that that book
[30:33] what they're describing that right
[30:34] exactly that I mean basically when it
[30:36] comes to it the higher quality the
[30:38] reproduction steps are the easier time
[30:40] we have establishing whether it is
[30:42] actually a bug or it is as is the case
[30:44] in quite a few situations player error
[30:46] where it's not a matter of you
[30:48] necessarily doing something wrong it
[30:50] might be a mechanic that you don't
[30:51] necessarily understand or you may be a
[30:53] returning player and things have changed
[30:55] from how it was back when you used to
[30:57] play so you suspect it's actually a bug
[31:00] so the higher quality reproduction steps
[31:02] you can give us we can establish or you
[31:05] know more particularly the QA guys can
[31:07] really dive deep into it and establish
[31:08] whether it is actually intended behavior
[31:11] for this particular skill mechanic or
[31:12] item or whether it is in fact
[31:14] something's not working the way it
[31:16] should be and we need to be getting that
[31:17] fixed okay great so we're checking a
[31:20] whole lot of things 24-7 steve is there
[31:22] anything else we're checking around the
[31:24] clock which hasn't been mentioned
[31:25] already well one element is our
[31:28] community safety something we're really
[31:29] proud here at jagex or community safety
[31:32] work and it's something that you aren't
[31:33] particularly quite passionate about I
[31:35] mean I'm a parent to two children who
[31:38] are old enough to play runescape and I'm
[31:39] perfectly happy with them playing the
[31:41] game I know how safe it is and actually
[31:42] you know statistically brune escapes a
[31:45] really safe place to be having said that
[31:47] you know it's on the internet and it's
[31:49] in a live environment so from time to
[31:51] time those things where we just become a
[31:53] bit concerned about player behavior
[31:54] there's something we feel we might just
[31:56] need to intervene just to just to help
[31:58] someone and that community safety aspect
[32:00] that that's monitored 24 7 as well so
[32:03] some of the lesser kind of rule breaking
[32:05] stuff and reporting stuff that tends to
[32:07] be based during the office hours and
[32:09] outside of those times you know that's
[32:10] the one we are really looking for that
[32:11] kind of content perhaps where we just
[32:14] need to step in and just help someone
[32:15] just make sure people staying safe
[32:16] online and so that's something that's
[32:18] part of our sort of continual monitoring
[32:20] and escalation process ok fantastics a
[32:22] whole lot of things discuss so which is
[32:24] great so to round up this discussion can
[32:26] you give me kind of
[32:27] each of your top tips start for you more
[32:29] rebel sure if you are running into any
[32:32] issues you can always check out the new
[32:33] knowledge base and see if there's an
[32:34] update from us let you know what's going
[32:36] on if you don't see anything might be
[32:38] worth just popping us a tweet at at
[32:40] jagat support or one of the other social
[32:42] media outlets that we are frequent okay
[32:44] great model look mine's going to be a
[32:46] bit more of a technical one but if you
[32:48] do find yourself trying to get into game
[32:49] you're clicking the runescape shortcut
[32:51] on your desktop and the clients just not
[32:53] launching or when it crashes there's no
[32:55] error message produced try giving your
[32:56] cache files are clear that can solve all
[32:58] sorts of strange problems like that the
[33:00] issue remains after doing that reach out
[33:02] get in touch with our tech specialist
[33:03] fire a ticket we'll get you sorted all
[33:06] right top tip nice Steve I don't think
[33:08] i'll pick up on the community safety
[33:10] aspects and just say look if you are
[33:11] concerned about the Cape behavior of
[33:13] another player and something they're
[33:15] saying doesn't matter if it's three or
[33:16] four o'clock in the morning in the UK
[33:17] where jagex is popper reporting to us we
[33:20] are looking at that stuff 24-7 we're
[33:21] here to opens audience oh that we need
[33:23] that report so do pop it in to us okay
[33:26] sounds great so if kind of discussed a
[33:27] lot there and give it an insight into
[33:29] player support which place we had never
[33:32] heard about i think is quite good i
[33:33] think worth mentioning going back to a
[33:35] point you made model or about the 24-7
[33:37] monitoring its life is actually went you
[33:39] know we've got a huge dashboards and
[33:41] massive monitors all around player
[33:44] support to poem with graphs charts
[33:46] things i don't know what they mean but
[33:48] certainly the tech guys do and they're
[33:50] constantly monitoring the game our
[33:52] systems and all that kind of stuff so
[33:54] it's often the case and not aware of any
[33:56] case where it hasn't been that we're
[33:57] aware way before players or whether an
[34:00] issues happening and by the time I
[34:01] player tweets or get in touch actually
[34:03] already working on it's been escalated
[34:05] and we're on top of it already I think
[34:07] it's kind of worth mentioning that okay
[34:09] so I think we've covered everything and
[34:10] you know we talked about him or get to
[34:11] tech and mean Steve we just go over
[34:13] ahead so that's it from me mon affinity
[34:16] thank you so much model or rebel and
[34:19] Steve until XO maker which fire thank
[34:24] you so much for listening to this week's
[34:25] podcast make sure you tune in next week
[34:27] for another
[34:28] you