Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #81 - Saradomin Lore, Sea Shanty 2 and Account Security

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] welcome to the latest installment of the
[00:10] runescape podcast I'm mod Matt he and
[00:12] I'm first of all going to send you
[00:14] across through law corner where mod
[00:16] Osbourne awaits you hooray it's law
[00:19] corner whoop yeah with this time it's
[00:21] our domain so we're gonna be chatting
[00:22] away about the big blue man on the sofa
[00:24] I have what to do ah driven and Maude
[00:28] Rowley and I'm mod Osborne so where
[00:30] should we start so saradomin has been
[00:32] possibly around the longest in terms of
[00:34] God letters and what he looks like and
[00:37] maybe the blue skin yeah the blue skin
[00:40] is coming relatively recently I was how
[00:43] that would be rich with the major when
[00:45] we first saw Sardinia form I think in
[00:48] the cutscene behind me were the
[00:50] resurrection same with what's her face o
[00:53] Yanna Vivian and in a weird way I think
[00:56] that kind of helped filter in to help
[00:57] what it met was meant to be a god
[00:59] because went before hand and like
[01:02] negative design really kicked off here
[01:03] we don't really know how it got became a
[01:05] god and that wasn't really hun noted
[01:07] down and when saradomin kind of Peyton
[01:10] rich with madra as this kind of almost
[01:11] extrapolated human blue bigger more
[01:14] powerful it kind of led us to think
[01:16] maybe they was originally immortal and
[01:18] strangely enough that started triggering
[01:20] off the origin of God so saradomin was
[01:22] really the origin of white gods are as
[01:24] they are ya know that I mean there's the
[01:26] joke that he looks a lot like one of the
[01:28] staff members of mordant him on one of
[01:31] our art directors you're already did the
[01:33] first time and he really really gay yeah
[01:35] he didn't like that at all that was it
[01:37] was mostly just the bid that was a no it
[01:39] was the bed yeah I'm just like we we've
[01:41] got someone here with blue skin wicked
[01:45] wicked wicked be happy with that yeah
[01:47] since I'm so yeah the extrapolator to
[01:49] Mona is it your intention that he's Tara
[01:52] Guardian maybe original human eye so the
[01:55] Terra Guardian law that we had already
[01:57] kind of hint toward yeah saradomin being
[02:00] the god of choice yea rather the god of
[02:02] the area yeah I we made it pretty clear
[02:04] yes I'm interest oh I think he was
[02:06] definitely Tara Guardian yeah he's got
[02:07] big on big plans for Tara god I have all
[02:10] manner of plans i was alone taken
[02:12] because they say yeah taro guard is my
[02:15] little pet project my DM pet store owner
[02:18] was one of a kind that really started
[02:19] that off you were talking about Rob the
[02:20] strong which led to tear a guard yes LED
[02:22] tube maybe those connection to Sarah
[02:24] dome yeah and now there aren't all
[02:25] manner of little things over in various
[02:27] notebooks gang wouldn't it be cool if
[02:29] and I've upset mod Chopin already with
[02:31] one of my planned and he hates me for
[02:33] I'm still putting it on they liked kind
[02:35] of 10 foot tall mega humans no no no no
[02:38] no just that mean that so we wanted to
[02:41] make it clear with up going away from
[02:43] saradomin on oh no it's rice and I sleep
[02:45] late fee so Robert their strong is an
[02:49] exceptional character in all of them
[02:51] he's not he's not huge and because he
[02:53] tera guardian he just happens to be huge
[02:56] a big Tara Guardians look like i always
[02:59] say i like that we talked about the
[03:00] Mamas being like Darwin finches yeah
[03:02] this is the origin of the humans but
[03:04] then they went out and kind of went
[03:06] about the universe and then have adapted
[03:07] and evolved they became you know your
[03:09] druids your feminist all of these people
[03:11] and just adapted to their surroundings
[03:14] but Tara God has stayed as the origin
[03:15] race as it were and we got a lot of
[03:17] crazy stories we could tell and then
[03:20] saradomin has shaped a lot of that yeah
[03:22] then he shaped lot of that and then left
[03:24] yeah so what is left at Tara guard is a
[03:27] world after kisara DOMA is a very kind
[03:30] of this is the way the world must work
[03:32] kinda yeah this is he sets out how
[03:34] things should be he is very suggestion
[03:36] tourist rules that should before like
[03:38] stealing your discussion of significance
[03:41] to sorry and Tara God has got them and
[03:44] then it doesn't have the God to go with
[03:45] it so has the power structures again
[03:47] without any of the central control so
[03:50] naturally humans being humans the
[03:51] control has been taken by other forces
[03:53] which i won't go into details till my
[03:55] safety ND and then he went on to what
[03:57] the icing homeworld and new domina and
[04:00] you know they've been took up a new race
[04:02] the kind of lead did you were you
[04:04] involved in ether stories much dig not
[04:07] any great extent but certainly there are
[04:09] some interesting phonetic parallels in
[04:11] that the I senior quite angelic and you
[04:14] know he's trying to aspire towards being
[04:16] like the good God and some respect yeah
[04:18] that's it with weather of course that's
[04:19] just something that he puts on as a mask
[04:23] with it that's a true intent is
[04:25] difficult to say absolute right yeah
[04:26] there were definite lines to be gone
[04:27] that these are his Seraphin that's it
[04:29] were you know there's
[04:30] definite kind of connections there but
[04:33] and now we have Sarah Diamondback the
[04:35] first god to return after the world
[04:36] wakes was there a reason that we chose
[04:39] her a diamond do you think I think it's
[04:40] also because he's modeled in which was
[04:41] my dress the courtesy we probably led to
[04:44] a large part of that but I think a big
[04:46] part of it is that since we're trying to
[04:47] focus on making gods as people you know
[04:50] in a sense that they they aren't just
[04:52] the manifestation or personification of
[04:56] names like order and chaos there
[04:58] actually they have personalities and
[05:00] they have character flaws and taking the
[05:02] character who was originally mortal was
[05:05] originally human and has gone through
[05:07] millennia of aging and seeing
[05:10] civilizations rise and fall and held
[05:12] Hobart affects a person um how much that
[05:14] would thus their humanity you know yeah
[05:16] they're having to make the big picture
[05:19] decisions and you absolute and that of
[05:21] course brings us to death of chivalry
[05:22] which was you know it allows you to go
[05:25] into a bit more depth with Sarah Damon
[05:26] and his character Andrews I think it
[05:28] came at a point where Sarah diamond was
[05:29] quite quite a low ebb yeah in terms of
[05:31] people whose kind of thoughts on on him
[05:33] and what he was represented secret was
[05:36] quite militant would do whatever was
[05:37] needed yeah so you were kind of bringing
[05:40] sarah damn you back into the mainstream
[05:41] as it were that difficult and well one
[05:44] thing that I did was and maybe was a bad
[05:46] decision was to there was a lot of
[05:49] decision making where you could say
[05:50] different things too many would respond
[05:52] accordingly and generally if you treated
[05:54] saradomin well he would respond very
[05:56] civilly and yeah nothing kind if you
[05:58] were to berate him and be mean to them
[06:01] he would tend to run right down the road
[06:04] rather human sort of sort of weather was
[06:06] respond in a negative way a large reason
[06:09] of why we kind of started making
[06:11] paradigm any kind of shades of grey was
[06:13] because we wanted to debunk that whole
[06:15] saradomin is good you know the white
[06:16] good and zam rack is you know it is
[06:19] inherently evil and you're a big part of
[06:22] that it was also the girl and do your
[06:23] stuff yeah trying to show that the gods
[06:26] they they have personality flaws and
[06:28] they have the virtuous elements to
[06:30] exactly but the characters it comes to
[06:32] all of the gods because we didn't want
[06:33] them all to be inherently virtuous or
[06:35] inherent evil we want to then always
[06:37] have negatives to go with their
[06:38] positives I'm even armadyl has this kind
[06:41] of history of weakness of failure and
[06:42] naivety
[06:43] definitely no well they should thank you
[06:45] again to another thing that because this
[06:47] all apart this rose out of the world
[06:48] events didn't it yeah because people
[06:50] just flocked to the good God even though
[06:53] they well we want to make the gold not
[06:56] just good and evil yeah that's such a
[06:58] because it's becoming clear like the
[07:01] sixth age was about quite almost like
[07:02] affiliation you know yeah I'm into the
[07:04] sixth age and looking at which
[07:05] personality the most they most connected
[07:07] to and it was important to have what
[07:09] real gamut and lots of shades of grey
[07:11] yeah I don't want the biggest problems
[07:13] that scum of changing saradomin in this
[07:15] way has been prayer and prayer was very
[07:18] obviously I've it's got the so diamond
[07:20] symbol to represent set and the initial
[07:23] story line of it felt like it was
[07:25] calling upon saradomin to give you
[07:26] prayers as soon as you change it to you
[07:27] can pick whichever got you want
[07:28] affiliate prayer becomes something
[07:30] strange or only talking to Sarah
[07:32] diamonds we've done some things to try
[07:34] to change that I mean you've all been
[07:35] involved in the conversations because
[07:36] we've had a law discussion email alias
[07:38] chat about it but we're talking more
[07:42] about the dead in the underworld
[07:43] according on there yeah those that have
[07:45] passed and that is a growing theme
[07:47] within our stories yeah which kind of
[07:50] fits because the bearing of bones and in
[07:53] terms of the upcoming stories I mean we
[07:54] got Nomad plus the whole connection the
[07:57] cycle of anima and magic and things like
[07:59] this that we've been establishing oh yes
[08:01] PS would bring it into a kind of more
[08:03] natural cycle rather than a kind of
[08:05] artificial cycle all right god who is
[08:06] stepped in and is delivering this power
[08:08] yeah absolutely so what do you thinks
[08:12] gonna happen so down in the future and
[08:13] what is the path of sarah diamond i know
[08:15] you've got you'd love to do a death of
[08:17] chivalry too yes what I'm hoping to do
[08:19] with with that is to go into more of the
[08:21] backstory of saradomin because a crucial
[08:23] thing about the characters that he's
[08:24] lived for such a very very long period
[08:26] of time a quite in contrast to zemerik
[08:27] who's a newly ascended God and we know
[08:30] most of us yeah but we know most
[08:32] everything about him as a result we have
[08:34] a good understanding of his backstory
[08:37] and as his flaws and his origins while
[08:39] with saradomin we've got a few points
[08:42] along his very very long history line a
[08:44] lot of them are quite negative things
[08:45] like the client call Andy incident yeah
[08:47] which she hasn't had a response to that
[08:48] yet yeah and there's a lot of
[08:51] opportunities to show his virtues that
[08:53] we haven't had an opportunity to do yet
[08:55] and just quickly on death of chivalry
[08:57] wasn't always the case that we were
[08:59] going to do a balanced version of Sarah
[09:01] diamond it kind of changed over the
[09:03] course of the quest yeah we went back
[09:04] and forth on that a bit and the initial
[09:06] first draft of the quest we were trying
[09:09] to show the dark side of saradomin even
[09:11] that he'd been known as the god of light
[09:13] and the sort of goodness that prevails
[09:15] everything until 17 or lease in line
[09:17] back so we were originally going to look
[09:21] at his dark side and the cat scene at
[09:24] the end where he resurrects oh and has
[09:26] quite a lot of the visual elements of
[09:28] that note it's it's thought showing it
[09:30] as being quite distant and manipulative
[09:32] because there are a few cutscenes in the
[09:33] quest weren't there so it was a case of
[09:35] we had to start some of the cutscenes
[09:36] earlier and that probably came with
[09:37] point of the quest where we were more
[09:39] edging towards the darker side of Sam
[09:41] yeah so we commissioned those cutscenes
[09:43] and we kind of had to make the revised
[09:44] plotline there was a lot more balanced
[09:46] incorporate dead yeah and unfortunately
[09:48] that's largely how why he throws this
[09:50] rather immature seasonic temper tantrum
[09:54] beforehand to try and justify going into
[09:56] their dead bed cutscene and being a
[09:58] quite out of character and motivator
[10:00] bars range but then that also helps to
[10:02] show that personality flaw of his that
[10:06] he is but is very balanced Erica's
[10:09] always been consistent yeah and I
[10:10] imagined that you something you weren't
[10:11] doing death of chivalry too I mean I
[10:13] know you have been a big proponent of
[10:14] game the continuation of sir Owen
[10:16] storyline yeah definitely where it comes
[10:19] to his past history with the Centaurs
[10:21] and yeah seeking a point of redemption
[10:23] with them for past mistakes something
[10:25] that I definitely want to bring forward
[10:27] marvelous and he's very much a bit
[10:28] player in the 6 k's endgame he would
[10:31] want to be a part of that in lane so i
[10:32] think you can you probably see how he
[10:34] filters in your plans for that this huge
[10:37] matrix of choices and and forgiveness
[10:40] for the Cisco's endgame but they're The
[10:42] Dukes will have to deal with yeah but
[10:45] you're looking forward to learning I am
[10:46] some of the rest the team looking me
[10:48] with hatred because it was me that cuz i
[10:50] said i want this I really worried well
[10:51] he so the team got cheese ready yeah so
[10:54] but they want to sell of them some
[10:55] unhappy with a passion now fine fine
[10:58] yeah yeah absolutely alright so that's
[11:01] it let's saradomin that and we couldn't
[11:03] we had to go to samurai up next so I'm
[11:06] do tune in next time round because we
[11:08] will be talking
[11:09] about
[11:20] and serene music corner this week we've
[11:25] got mod world hair telling us what his
[11:26] favorite piece of music is in runescape
[11:28] oh it's a classic I really like sea
[11:31] shanty to sea shanty to not see 21 sea
[11:35] shanty to it's just so cheerful we're
[11:40] gonna listen to it now then excellent
[12:43] member
[13:44] the neck
[14:10] you
[14:18] and now over to mod infinity and the
[14:22] player support team hello and welcome to
[14:24] the latest edition of the customer
[14:26] support section of this podcast today
[14:29] we'll be talking about all things
[14:31] related to account security and so to do
[14:34] that I'm joined here by mod shell motley
[14:37] and again modesty to be funny in truth
[14:39] yourself guys yes I'm Steve mod steve w
[14:41] bit of a regular now on these podcasts
[14:43] are great to be back and really looking
[14:44] forward to that i actually account
[14:45] security i think people are really going
[14:47] to want to know about that alright cool
[14:48] lee yep hey I'm muddly I finish dates
[14:52] for just over four years and I'm like a
[14:53] security specialist in customer support
[14:56] ok cool a nutshell hi I'm Michelle I've
[15:00] been at jagex for nearly four years and
[15:03] i am a account security specialist
[15:06] alright cool and most people we
[15:07] recognize the voice by now but i'm on
[15:09] infinity and like Steve one of the
[15:10] operation managers hearing customer
[15:12] support I think we should kind of jump
[15:14] straight into this podcast and so muddly
[15:16] if you can talk to us about what they're
[15:18] kind of like the common reasons that
[15:19] people can excite for losing their
[15:21] account or what can people do to keep
[15:23] their account secure okay sure so
[15:26] there's two main things which wiggly
[15:28] players account to become compromised
[15:31] that's the is your passwords making sure
[15:33] that's that's kept strong and having
[15:35] access to your veg to the email address
[15:37] we offer to security tools as well to
[15:39] ensure your accounts kept safe and
[15:40] secure why is being the authenticator
[15:42] and you everyone being banking ok cool
[15:46] so generally players should just keep
[15:48] their password up-to-date secure enable
[15:51] the bank pin Authenticator and keep out
[15:53] for email and what you think about if
[15:55] they had all of that the vast majority
[15:57] of instances of people in her account
[15:59] would be gondal yes obviously keep those
[16:02] four things up to date secure your
[16:05] password make sure they have access
[16:06] their email address have your friend a
[16:08] character from the account and have a
[16:10] solid bank pin they should have no
[16:12] trouble to their accounts Oh brilliant
[16:13] so what she'll like to talk to you about
[16:16] account selling sharing and buying I
[16:19] think some players think it it's hard to
[16:21] do and we've got a rule to carry prevent
[16:24] it but why do we have that rule
[16:26] why is it not a good idea to connect
[16:28] sell or share an account so you know we
[16:30] do come across a lot of instances where
[16:33] players are sharing or they've sold
[16:35] their account and you've got plays the
[16:38] stolen account so they've been hijacked
[16:40] and then they're going to be sold on so
[16:42] there's always the case where the owners
[16:44] going to try and get it back and then
[16:45] the person that's bought the account is
[16:47] going to lose out and they've lost money
[16:48] if it's a shared account then you've got
[16:51] issues where friends are falling out and
[16:53] then they're going to have I have an
[16:54] argument over over claim of you know
[16:56] ownership so we always recommend that
[16:59] you know it's only one person should be
[17:01] in control of the account it should
[17:03] never be shared for those main reasons
[17:05] basically and you know if we do witness
[17:07] instances of the account being sold then
[17:09] it's more than likely the account will
[17:11] be banned okay cool so they have main
[17:14] theme is keep your account to yourself
[17:16] don't share it don't take the risk of
[17:18] buying it to advance your character
[17:19] because the likelihood is that we see is
[17:21] that the account is either band or he's
[17:24] taken back yes so there's always going
[17:26] to be the issue of you know at the end
[17:29] of the day they're not going to be happy
[17:30] with with the results yeah okay coupe so
[17:35] I think another highlight which we we
[17:37] see it in the department is plays
[17:39] in-game advertising giveaways and
[17:44] parties which can have promised the gift
[17:47] of 500 million coins or whatever might
[17:49] be seen go to this youtube video going
[17:51] go to the website and what would your
[17:53] advice be much later to play if you come
[17:54] across that kind of stuff in game um
[17:57] well my golden always always been if
[17:59] it's too good to be true then it
[18:00] probably is hmm yeah there's a lot of
[18:02] people out there who will create as I
[18:03] said YouTube videos websites where
[18:05] they're trying to fish your information
[18:06] and use against you to access your
[18:09] account and then strip it of oil as well
[18:11] and you know we've create a really good
[18:13] great game here it's got lots of quests
[18:15] and lots to do or you can make make
[18:17] money and gain items in a secure manner
[18:19] and if you come across these kind of
[18:22] videos and websites you should just
[18:24] ignore them you know get on played a
[18:25] game of your friends people you actually
[18:26] trust okay cool so what with what with
[18:28] your top tips be for how to detect to
[18:31] spot these things what are they kind of
[18:32] telltale signs that if i take this video
[18:35] out is what asking me to go to a website
[18:36] to login is asking
[18:38] to post on forum should be looking out
[18:40] for a special late what's what's kind of
[18:41] the general theme that yeah definitely
[18:43] that the biggest one is they'll get you
[18:45] to go to a link that they've provided if
[18:47] they're providing you with some sort of
[18:49] strange link that you don't recognize
[18:51] and even if it does appear and has
[18:53] reinstate in the link don't always trust
[18:56] that that's going to take you to the
[18:57] official website I said if you ever have
[18:59] a problem of your account of any kind or
[19:01] you you know you've been promised them
[19:02] an offer you can't refuse IEP mud I
[19:05] would always type in runescape calm on
[19:09] your own login to your account from
[19:11] there and check your inbox messages for
[19:13] things ipmart or you know or or post
[19:16] enforcement okay I think also it's like
[19:19] a bit of common sense if you think about
[19:21] it we all know like you know making
[19:23] money in runescape it takes a while and
[19:25] you know why would a complete stranger
[19:27] offer to give you a son like half a
[19:29] billion GP just for just for doing
[19:31] something you know it's that's not going
[19:33] to be true this there's something dodgy
[19:35] about there and when you get to the
[19:36] point where they're saying that you need
[19:38] to sign in to this website we do bring
[19:40] scope account you know that's when
[19:41] you're long barrel should go off and you
[19:42] think no actually you know what could
[19:44] this possibly be if this was genuine is
[19:45] just not a thing that would happen if
[19:48] you wanted to give huge amounts of money
[19:49] away you notes for citizens in the game
[19:51] to do you can go to the party room we've
[19:53] got you know free trade you could just
[19:55] hand this stuff over there's no need to
[19:56] sim someone to a complicated path where
[19:58] the need to sign is your website so if
[20:00] that's what they're our skin there then
[20:02] it's not good if they're trying to fix
[20:03] your account they're taking your account
[20:04] details and so if a player stumbles
[20:06] across one of these websites we want to
[20:09] know why it right and so hoping they let
[20:10] us know yeah I mean that can be reported
[20:12] to us in game so it's just you know just
[20:14] send the reporting to us and we'll deal
[20:16] with that I know the players get
[20:17] frustrated when they see particularly
[20:19] for auto typing these sort of phishing
[20:20] websites and players get frustrated with
[20:22] the account that's doing that but thing
[20:24] to bear in mind it might not occur to
[20:26] most people actually is that account
[20:27] that's doing that has already been
[20:29] fished yes all really that's a genuine
[20:30] player that's probably already been
[20:32] fished and the people behind the
[20:34] phishing scam are now using that account
[20:36] to advertise the fishing link to other
[20:38] players so so try not to get too
[20:40] frustrated with the account that they
[20:42] actually doing in the game that's
[20:43] actually a victim that's the best player
[20:44] like yourself essentially you know
[20:46] fallen foul or one of these phishing
[20:48] scams reported to us then
[20:50] just to do a number of things I firstly
[20:52] we can look at the fishing links if
[20:53] there's something that we can do with
[20:54] there to protect players for the future
[20:56] but also we can get that account that's
[20:58] already been fished and hijacked we can
[20:59] get that back to the owner as quickly as
[21:01] possible and you know we do that one of
[21:04] the ways we do that is but I've been
[21:05] reported to us it kind of put it on our
[21:06] radar we give there be a priority and
[21:08] help help that play get back on the
[21:10] account and tired to that and if you
[21:12] found the link outside again so you
[21:14] received an email or you see a link in
[21:15] the YouTube video you can always pop us
[21:17] an email at report fishing at JDS calm
[21:19] we don't typically respond to emails
[21:21] from this mailbox but you can rest
[21:24] assure that we do check every single
[21:25] link and where we can we will take the
[21:27] websites or youtube videos down to
[21:29] ensure no one else falls for this we
[21:31] also have a great support page on our
[21:33] knowledge base where you can go and
[21:34] check out information on how to identify
[21:37] phishing websites fishing YouTube videos
[21:39] and West contact us okay brilliant and
[21:42] just to be video declare we're talking
[21:44] about fishing in the term in a sense
[21:45] that is pH issuing not fishing in that
[21:48] violate with a fishing rod no no room
[21:50] for people get 99 fishing yeah as long
[21:53] as it's related to the in-game skill
[21:55] related to catching fish yeah yeah not
[21:57] account hijacking yeah thanks Steve okay
[22:00] so I kind of leave them nicely to get a
[22:02] good at staying game and talk about I'm
[22:05] sure a lot of listeners will have
[22:07] received a message from Jack cork 17 or
[22:10] an account of similar to that saying
[22:11] look I know if you're really mature and
[22:13] you're a great player won't offer you p
[22:15] much deus Steven they've been doing some
[22:16] kind of target work on this side of
[22:18] things and what can you share about it
[22:20] ya know something that's really
[22:21] frustrating for people i mean i played
[22:23] runescape myself and it's something that
[22:24] i noticed for a while and you know get
[22:27] these private messages from accounts and
[22:29] they typically have names like Jagr
[22:32] limited or employer the basically named
[22:35] the account to give the impression that
[22:38] they work for jagex and they'll engage
[22:39] players in conversation usually in
[22:43] private chat and the pretense is that
[22:46] they work for jackets they can make you
[22:47] a plain moderator or they can unbend an
[22:49] account or do something like that
[22:51] something that only jagat staff would be
[22:53] able to do and again it's just it's just
[22:56] another attempt of fishing what they
[22:57] will do is lead you to a website
[22:59] somewhere where you have to sign in
[23:01] on the pretense that this is how you
[23:02] become a moderate or this is how you get
[23:04] an offense taken off Weaver account
[23:05] something like that and then that's a
[23:08] phishing website that will steal your
[23:10] account details and then you've lost
[23:11] your account so we've done though I've
[23:14] done quite a bit of work actually in
[23:16] terms of trying to see what the
[23:18] commonalities are between these these
[23:20] accounts and don't want to go into too
[23:21] much detail but we've been able to
[23:23] identify that there are things that are
[23:25] consistent between these type of
[23:26] accounts that do these fishing we've
[23:28] been able to build heuristics then they
[23:30] actually identified this type of
[23:31] behavior in the game it can actually
[23:32] deal with it before before these people
[23:34] are able to engage people in
[23:36] conversations and start the fishing so
[23:39] that's that's a piece of ongoing work is
[23:40] continually being developed but I think
[23:43] it's been quite successful people
[23:44] hopefully won't have seen these
[23:45] particularly the Jag limited accounts
[23:47] you won't have seen those in game now
[23:49] but what I would say is look you know
[23:51] they they use all sorts of scripts to
[23:53] say that you know you're a valuable
[23:56] player want to make you a player
[23:58] moderator and things like that they say
[24:00] things like the system that shows the
[24:03] gold ground next to our name is not
[24:04] working and things like that i mean
[24:05] that's completely untrue you know it's a
[24:08] hundred percent safety check against
[24:10] this stuff if there's a gold crown
[24:12] showing in the chat window then you're
[24:14] talking to a jagex moderator if there's
[24:16] not a gold crown there you are
[24:17] absolutely not talking to someone from
[24:19] jeggings that system that displays the
[24:21] crown is never broken we've been around
[24:23] for 15 years it's always there yeah if
[24:25] it's not there absolutely report the
[24:28] person ignore them they don't work for
[24:29] jagex their line to you and what they
[24:31] want you to do is go to their website
[24:33] and then they want to steal your account
[24:35] okay yeah a lot of useful information
[24:37] dess Steve now I remember when I first
[24:38] joined JX I think you told me about a
[24:41] story where you received a message from
[24:44] one of these fishing accounts you came
[24:46] to be modest TW yeah yeah i mean the
[24:48] year that there's two funny stories here
[24:50] actually so the first one is this is on
[24:51] my personal account and i received one
[24:53] of these private messages from a staff
[24:55] impersonating fishing account and he was
[24:57] pretending to be me as in pretending to
[24:59] be more dfw and of course he didn't know
[25:01] that i am what steve w because i was on
[25:03] my personal account so yeah so that was
[25:05] quite funny you know just you know talk
[25:07] about you couldn't plan that you've
[25:08] probably more chance of winning the
[25:09] lottery than
[25:11] yet to happen the other funny thing that
[25:12] happened like that was I got message by
[25:14] one of these guys who was obviously
[25:16] trying to find a really typically
[25:18] English name because he wanted to sound
[25:20] like your word for jagex and he loves
[25:22] done bit of a google search for a
[25:23] typical English name and he called
[25:26] himself sir john lewis and i found that
[25:28] quite fun john lewis is a large
[25:30] department store in the UK and everyone
[25:32] that lives in the UK is not conserved so
[25:34] it just yeah they're just make me smile
[25:36] really that they thought that that was a
[25:37] plausible typically English name to use
[25:40] okay cool thanks for the story Steve so
[25:43] we can talk to a broader level about the
[25:45] different activities which you need to
[25:47] be aware of and a general sense how you
[25:49] can keep your account secure and then
[25:51] kind of focus a bit on making sure you
[25:53] don't share sell your account or try and
[25:56] buy an account which which which you
[25:57] don't or per sale so I think will be
[25:59] really interesting for our players to
[26:00] learn about is the killer systems and
[26:03] detection methods and the heuristics we
[26:05] use to seek out identify these hijackers
[26:09] but also protect our players from these
[26:11] ever evolving and ever-changing scam so
[26:13] modely if you can talk a bit about the
[26:15] work you do in that area okay so yeah we
[26:19] have a number of systems in place that
[26:20] have been developed over the last few
[26:22] years we obviously saw that a lot of
[26:23] players are being hijacked and you're
[26:25] fishing or database leaks things like
[26:29] this and amusing listen players will
[26:31] lose an access to the account so in
[26:32] order to combat it's not a proactive
[26:34] approach to securing accounts we were
[26:37] small business intelligence team we
[26:39] looked at thousands of high jet account
[26:41] look to the similarities between these
[26:43] would that be password changes email
[26:45] changes or suspicious logins and we use
[26:49] for this data to create some sort of
[26:51] sophisticated heuristics that would seek
[26:53] out hijet accounts and start locking
[26:56] them automatically so what that means is
[26:58] when I count gets hijacks we very
[27:00] quickly lock the account make sure it's
[27:02] secure that means the innocent player
[27:04] doesn't have to worry about that account
[27:06] and from now on we can start cleaning up
[27:08] you know we can take off all of the
[27:09] compromised information and make that
[27:12] account ready to be recovered by the
[27:13] owner okay fantastic it sounds I've got
[27:15] it already advanced and sophisticated
[27:17] systems in place always monitoring is it
[27:19] every single accounting game with them
[27:20] or is it online twenty-four-seven the
[27:22] heuristics are running
[27:24] 47 so they're always seeking out hijet
[27:26] accounts I'd like to say you know we're
[27:28] we're hitting most of the hijacked
[27:29] accounts out there now we're always
[27:30] improving the systems yeah I can vary
[27:32] closest like so business intelligence to
[27:34] to make sure you saw today available to
[27:36] make the systems as good as they can be
[27:38] okay sounds good I think it's important
[27:40] to note though that whilst we have these
[27:42] kind of supercharged systems which were
[27:44] in 24 7 it's not really excuse for a
[27:47] reason for players to be Luck's about
[27:48] their account security they should
[27:50] always be kind of working hard to make
[27:51] sure their account is as secure as it
[27:53] can be and we're doing a number of
[27:54] initiatives on our side to make sure
[27:56] players are aware or different tool
[27:58] available to them much other if you can
[28:01] talk briefly about kind of some of the
[28:02] initiatives we've run in the plastered
[28:04] and what we're running about running now
[28:05] yep so we ran a few initiatives which
[28:08] included in Game pop-ups help players
[28:10] when they log into going with their
[28:12] account security such as setting a bank
[28:13] pin making sure their email address was
[28:16] up to date and they had access to it hmm
[28:18] we found that this was very successful
[28:19] and we've now ended that and we've now
[28:22] moved on to emailing players directly to
[28:25] help with the an assist with their
[28:27] account security okay cool so adding a
[28:30] lot of player fisting may have received
[28:31] a pop up in game recently yeah can
[28:33] encourage him to as you say set of bank
[28:35] pin had changed to Pastor Dave it's a
[28:37] date and I'd say now we're focusing on
[28:38] okay emailing out those users who still
[28:41] haven't taken up that advice I guess the
[28:43] goal for us is to make sure that every
[28:45] player runescape is taking advantage of
[28:47] all these free and easy to help tools we
[28:49] have an offer so it sounds like we're
[28:51] doing a whole host of things that are
[28:52] going to help keep players account
[28:54] secure a nutshell I don't think this is
[28:56] anything the more we can do and we are
[28:57] doing and if you can touch about what
[28:59] the future looks like for a count of
[29:00] security yeah I mean there's there's a
[29:02] lot more that I mean we can do and plays
[29:05] themselves they can do and you know
[29:07] we're always updating our security
[29:09] features and I strongly recommend that
[29:11] players check out our knowledge base or
[29:14] newly updated knowledge base there's
[29:16] loads of articles there and you know
[29:18] especially with things like the
[29:19] authenticator and bank pin and we're
[29:21] always updating that so always recommend
[29:23] checking out okay course I think there
[29:25] might be some things that our listeners
[29:26] aren't aware of and or be useful to them
[29:28] to know so kind of like a did you know
[29:31] section for that for those listening so
[29:33] it showed that you can kick it off with
[29:34] something which they may not know
[29:36] yes so the authenticator I think many
[29:39] players think that the authenticate is
[29:40] only available on mobile we do have a
[29:43] process that players can in fact sell
[29:46] the Authenticator using a USB so I
[29:49] strongly recommend checking out the
[29:51] knowledge base there's a article there
[29:53] that tells you how to set it up and what
[29:54] I need to do as well as you can also set
[29:56] the Authenticator to cover your bank you
[29:59] can do that you can do that in game just
[30:00] go up to the banker and there's some
[30:03] settings in there which will allow you
[30:04] to cover your bank with the
[30:06] authenticator oh cool thanks my muddly
[30:09] whenever we send you an email all the
[30:11] links now email will only ever diet you
[30:13] to rinse k calm or joyous calm oh cool
[30:16] top tip and Steve yes so from me i'll
[30:19] talk about account recovery and it's
[30:20] much easier now to actually get your
[30:22] account back if you find it have been
[30:24] hijacked so if you just go to a new
[30:25] support center and there you'll find
[30:27] information on making sure that your
[30:28] computer is secure and clean this great
[30:30] advice on that once you've done that you
[30:32] can then just go to the recovery process
[30:34] type the name in that your login to your
[30:36] account will give you a hint of the
[30:38] email that's set to the account if a
[30:40] hijacker is setting the email then
[30:41] obviously you won't recognize that email
[30:43] you better hit a button that says you
[30:45] don't recognize the email and then you
[30:46] go straight through to a web form where
[30:47] you can give us the email you want to
[30:49] set to the account and then submit that
[30:50] to us so we can get the account back to
[30:52] you just quickly as you can ok fantastic
[30:54] I think for me it will be that if we
[30:59] ever invite a player to become and
[31:01] playing moderator or a moderate have any
[31:03] sort then it would always be done by the
[31:04] official a runescape account message
[31:07] sender never very well and never in game
[31:10] ok Steve so let's go back to your top
[31:12] tip about a cowl recovery and it sounds
[31:14] quite interesting actually and do you
[31:16] have any information about how we will
[31:17] receive every month or how long it takes
[31:19] us to deal with it I think players would
[31:21] like to know is it an automatic system
[31:23] all the members of staff working
[31:24] twenty-four/seven looking at these
[31:26] appeals how does it work yes I mean we
[31:28] know this one of the most frustrating
[31:29] things that can happen to a player if
[31:31] you lose your account for hijackers so
[31:32] you know give quite a high priority to
[31:34] those recovery requests coming in we're
[31:36] looking at them 24-7 so you know it's
[31:38] not just in the UK office hours where
[31:40] we're processing those all the time we
[31:42] try to do them within a few hours or as
[31:44] quickly as we can we get a lot of them
[31:47] we did get about 18,000 a month
[31:48] yeah we give them a high priority 24-7
[31:51] and you know the fundamental thing is we
[31:53] want to get that person back in game is
[31:54] quickly and easily as possible by a
[31:57] player going through the account
[31:58] recovery process that's the very best
[32:00] way to do it ok Steve so it sounds like
[32:01] they're having a lot of people all the
[32:03] time and so if a player has to fill out
[32:05] one of these forms going to get kind of
[32:07] what your best advice for peace don't
[32:08] offer you much shell so someone's
[32:10] putting out this format with your best
[32:11] advice be at leas password as possible
[32:13] the helis password is is the best and is
[32:16] that there is not a recent one earliest
[32:18] password is buffered okay modely I think
[32:21] payment information is quite important
[32:23] so you want to look again earliest
[32:25] information you can give us find some of
[32:26] those old transaction IDs contact
[32:28] information like who pays and yeah all
[32:31] right okay Steve I'd say submit the form
[32:35] to us from the computer that you
[32:36] normally use to play that account and
[32:38] using your normal internet service
[32:39] provider so maybe if you play
[32:41] occasionally at school but you normally
[32:43] play at home when you submit that form
[32:44] to us do it from home because then that
[32:46] will just give us some links to show
[32:48] that you've got that sort of dominance
[32:49] throughout the account and we can see
[32:50] that you're closely linked to the
[32:52] account okay my advice would be when
[32:54] fitting on the forum at the end you have
[32:55] a free text box now the advice is that
[32:58] you use this space wisely and given
[33:00] information which is relevant to the
[33:02] account creation so we're looking for
[33:03] things like where the account is created
[33:05] when it was created and if you've ever
[33:07] moved ready to be from and where to move
[33:08] to and when that occurred as well what
[33:10] we see a lot it appeals is people
[33:12] providing as their strength level or the
[33:14] attack level they also give it a list of
[33:16] friends do have another account and that
[33:17] information isn't isn't useful for when
[33:19] determining whether accounts only by
[33:21] this person coming in its kind of the
[33:23] account creation information we're ready
[33:25] to come for in that box so use it wisely
[33:27] and kind of give as much information as
[33:29] you can in there relating to that
[33:31] alright so I'm just thinking as a
[33:32] listener just heard about how it felt a
[33:35] former might show you mentioned
[33:36] passwords I think people could be a
[33:38] little bit concerned if they're so
[33:39] making patter into a form can we read
[33:41] them is that something we see no so when
[33:43] players fill out the account recovery
[33:45] form it's always important that players
[33:47] fill out and put their passwords in a
[33:49] designated area okay when they do this
[33:52] and it comes through to us we are not
[33:54] able to see the passwords at all it just
[33:56] lets us know whether there's a match to
[33:58] the account or not okay cool I guess it
[34:01] can links back
[34:02] to the advice we give it up will never
[34:03] ever ask for your password you know if
[34:05] we're asking for it in a form it's on
[34:07] their first one is your website and even
[34:09] though we can't see it it's just giving
[34:10] us that link and that tick box so yes
[34:12] this was used on the account so if heard
[34:14] much she'll talk about Ricky with any
[34:15] care but I think it's worth mentioning
[34:16] that your authenticator is only is kind
[34:19] of useful as a security on your email
[34:21] address model either if you can just
[34:22] mention a bit about that yes you've hit
[34:24] the nail on the head there and you know
[34:26] your friend ok is great it's going to
[34:28] keep your cat secure but if your email
[34:29] addresses insecure then unfortunately
[34:31] your account it's not security though
[34:33] you know there's a lot of great security
[34:35] features that your email provider can
[34:37] can offer you things like two-step
[34:39] verification which works very similar to
[34:41] our fender kya sort of secret answers
[34:45] and attaching an alternative email to
[34:48] that email and so applying all of these
[34:50] security features to your email address
[34:52] would be a great way of added some extra
[34:54] security to your runescape account
[34:56] alright cool i think just going to round
[34:58] off the whole discussion here is that
[35:00] you know keller security is important
[35:02] for a whole number of reasons but i
[35:03] think kanafeh player SAT there one of
[35:05] the most important things is their
[35:07] hard-earned items and hard and wealth
[35:09] and so account security is you know
[35:11] really important to protect that and i
[35:14] think your point i'd want to make is
[35:15] that you know we have players content of
[35:17] saying they've lost the ride because if
[35:18] in hijacked other because they felt
[35:20] victim to phishing scam at the moment we
[35:22] don't return lost item think it's kind
[35:23] of you know necessary we can make that
[35:25] that point know the reason reasons for
[35:28] that are quite lengthy miff a whole
[35:30] article on our supports i know which
[35:31] goes into detail why can't return those
[35:33] items and you know players don't need to
[35:35] worry about losing their items at all if
[35:37] you take care central precautions which
[35:39] we've talked about in this podcast so
[35:42] that's making sure the passage secure
[35:43] they have a really safe and secure email
[35:45] they've enable the authenticator they've
[35:47] got the bank pin there and look out for
[35:48] phishing scams the reporting thing to
[35:51] chadwicks and i think if they do that
[35:53] then on the whole as the vast majority
[35:55] of players do and enjoy a retake your
[35:58] gaming experience ya know i'm sort of
[36:01] say to people listening to this podcast
[36:02] now take a moment think about your
[36:05] runescape account we main account if
[36:07] you've got
[36:07] of accounts the one you really care
[36:08] about think about that account think
[36:10] about how long the time you put into it
[36:12] how you'd feel if you lost things from
[36:14] that account and if you don't have a
[36:15] secure email on that account or your
[36:17] indicator or a password that's not great
[36:19] or bank pin you know why is that think
[36:21] of the impact it would have on you if
[36:23] something happened to that account and
[36:24] then just ask yourself why you're not
[36:26] taking a few moments to enable some of
[36:27] those security things and they're not an
[36:30] inconvenience you know they're going to
[36:31] save you a lot of heartache down the
[36:32] line so just ever think about that for a
[36:34] moment is my main takeaway message I'd
[36:36] like people to think about alright
[36:38] thanks Steven and yeah this is a
[36:40] discussion with the community right so
[36:41] if you have any security tips yourself
[36:43] feel free to tweet them at joking
[36:45] support would love to see them or
[36:46] retweet them and get involved in this
[36:48] discussion to think that's a great point
[36:50] and on those Steve and so from me when I
[36:53] videos by and from the rest of the team
[36:55] well thanks for listening we really
[36:59] value your feedback so if you want to
[37:01] tell us what you think of the podcast on
[37:03] the forums or on Twitter or reddit we'd
[37:06] love to hear from you and hope to be
[37:08] speaking to you again soon bye