Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #80 - Zaros & the New Support Centre

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] hello I'm mod Matt he the host of the
[00:11] new format runescape podcast we have
[00:14] another bumper issue for you today with
[00:17] mods born and law corner and modern
[00:19] finiti hosting the player support team
[00:21] in between will also have mud Shawnee
[00:24] visiting us to talk about his favorite
[00:25] music track and without any further ado
[00:28] we'll go straight to law corner hello
[00:31] law hounds and welcome to the next law
[00:32] corner at this time we're gonna be
[00:34] talking about zaros and on the sofa we
[00:36] have what to do scenic content developer
[00:39] moderating and my Rollie boom let's get
[00:42] on with it let's go for the big man the
[00:44] empty Lords arrows so I think we could
[00:47] start off with the debt but not work the
[00:49] betrayal of Sorrows because this is
[00:51] something was written by our mod Nancy I
[00:53] think in the general shadow content it
[00:56] was kind of we knew that there was a
[00:57] betrayal but we haven't really gone into
[00:59] detail and I think it's fair to say like
[01:01] we've kind of molded it a bit after that
[01:03] it's not been anybody's flavor because
[01:04] of course there was the slightly
[01:06] farcical falling on the staff yet whoops
[01:09] I tripped brookside off I'm not God
[01:12] anymore i'm dead i see you later so I
[01:14] think we've been quite not wreck on
[01:16] there but we've kind of moved it in a
[01:17] different direction yet it's less oops I
[01:20] slipped in there unnoticed yeah we've
[01:24] got is very much like Julius Caesar
[01:26] momentous moment a tu brute a all that
[01:29] lot we've gone into a bit more detail
[01:31] law stories and yeah recently invited
[01:33] the gods and other things the yeah
[01:36] modern antsy who wrote that actually by
[01:38] the way is has the motion capture for
[01:39] the lord of rings trilogy did you know
[01:41] that I think those are the hobbit
[01:43] trilogy yeah we gay you know um so yeah
[01:46] we've moved on from the death of zeros
[01:47] but I think expect to say this iris is
[01:49] playing a big part in our store annoying
[01:50] he have a century but also not present I
[01:54] think that's always been his MO no this
[01:56] idea of being a puppet master makya as a
[01:59] his strings are everywhere he's he's
[02:02] pulling everything yes it's not me at
[02:04] all because that wasn't always there and
[02:08] that's what I really like about sorry
[02:09] cuz we kind of you're trying to
[02:11] determine what Cyrus is right well what
[02:13] he represented and the idea of being
[02:15] almost representing fate oh yeah he
[02:18] would let mortality go about their
[02:20] business but whenever they're needed
[02:21] checks or balances he would be the one
[02:24] that did them just to make sure that
[02:25] there was this kind of status quo that
[02:27] everything that everybody was happy
[02:28] you'll be doing these things and that's
[02:30] really kind of it sounds like utopia but
[02:33] also really insidious and people fall on
[02:37] different sides of that I'm wedding back
[02:39] whether you guys said well I think it's
[02:41] less about him wanting to make sure that
[02:43] everyone is happy oh well yeah everyone
[02:45] is functioning efficiently is how I
[02:48] would say is yeah it's not my idea of
[02:51] utopia but my dear retailer has me in
[02:54] command anyway it's debatable whether my
[02:58] the bag of songs for exactly but I think
[03:02] it's interesting to see how some players
[03:05] relate to that yes because there are a
[03:08] lot of very kind of almost
[03:11] fundamentalists are our supporters yeah
[03:13] I've seen a couple of reddit threads
[03:14] written already a.m. forum threads
[03:16] recently in the law forums where there
[03:18] have been place you've been literally
[03:19] sticking their fingers in their race and
[03:21] saying no no no no you can't tell me
[03:23] anything bad about a rose it's
[03:25] fascinating yeah yeah he's of course
[03:27] that's the front he wants the well
[03:29] exactly i want you i think in line but
[03:31] we don't know much about what's behind
[03:32] that front or if it is a front and i
[03:34] think that's what you would enjoy doing
[03:36] in fact the gods I Brody I walk messing
[03:39] with people hustles are yeah they're
[03:44] just been like one of the very first
[03:45] things he says he's I can't lie to you i
[03:47] love what that's done to the community
[03:49] Sorry Sorry community I mean is it true
[03:52] teddy well once that obviously yeah I
[03:55] mean I said back then it was open to
[03:57] interpretation my own personal
[03:59] interpretation is that he doesn't lie
[04:01] but he doesn't always tell the truth so
[04:04] it is like a half truth right also lies
[04:06] lies of omission that that's what you
[04:09] need to do and that's the manipulation
[04:11] but I mean that that's not a factual
[04:13] thing that's not you know necessarily
[04:15] can of course as we've seen with you
[04:18] know I gotta fight saradomin the you
[04:20] know we tried to tell stories from
[04:21] different perspectives kind of
[04:23] fluctuated the player opinion of them
[04:24] based on the stories we've told
[04:26] might be we're just waiting for the kind
[04:28] of the bads arrow story breaking zaraz
[04:31] oh no I know already am well within the
[04:33] light went into some of that didn't know
[04:35] we covered it briefly only it's worth
[04:36] pointing out that though within the
[04:38] light information is from sarens point
[04:40] of view yeah and so one things you want
[04:42] to make clear is that while sarin still
[04:44] kind of you know she loves her brother
[04:45] hmm but she doesn't trust him in the
[04:49] slightest and she doesn't think that uh
[04:50] no she trusts him so he was they haven't
[04:53] been exposed to each other much I mean
[04:55] no sir ocean could say well you know
[04:56] their first the first thousands of years
[04:59] of their life they spent together but
[05:01] really they haven't interrupted much
[05:02] since Cyrus has learned a lot there are
[05:04] viewpoints on that yeah but you still
[05:06] have grudges and things that can last
[05:08] throughout exam I wanna BES three jobs a
[05:10] towel you have to look at the stories of
[05:12] sin tests and things which leads to a
[05:14] point of okay that there's the Julius
[05:17] Caesar references in the betrayal
[05:18] there's also a kind of Roman references
[05:20] and is kind of leganza and the ranks
[05:23] that he has within and what szent istván
[05:24] is described as is kind of Roman and
[05:26] they brought a lot culture and so
[05:28] there's obvious con counterpoints there
[05:29] I think new and more Jack had worked on
[05:31] that got a fair bet you look with
[05:34] confusion is sending a lot of much
[05:35] actress yeah I mean jack has developed a
[05:37] lot of the 0 seen Empire yeah but the
[05:40] history of it and its makeup and also
[05:43] got a lot of in furnace as irises some
[05:45] kind of connection to the dingman doing
[05:46] well yeah the letter nor uh origin of
[05:48] the language does inherited from them
[05:50] yeah yeah we had a lot of crossover on
[05:52] that that's when he was working on the
[05:53] major up memories and then spinning off
[05:56] into ridiculousness night law now I know
[05:59] I went the more I still let him do that
[06:01] it's my fear well i don't know i think
[06:03] it ended up with nice in a good place
[06:04] yeah i think we got a lot another went a
[06:06] long nap one there on the dimension of
[06:08] disaster competition it's just a
[06:10] contrast though I mean it's like when I
[06:11] wrote about lon Abbott's all serious and
[06:14] yeah or something about zerros by how
[06:16] he's quite potentially cruel in some way
[06:19] in sure you could look at all these
[06:21] Roman influences and see them as
[06:22] derivative but i think that the Night
[06:24] Court has happened with the Egyptian
[06:25] references in desert you can buck that
[06:28] and tell you know you said people that
[06:30] expect certain things but thick flooring
[06:32] and a musket and all of these kind of
[06:35] different directions is really quite
[06:37] interesting we could do the same with
[06:38] the Roman Empire yeah it helps
[06:40] cover kind of the base because everyone
[06:41] has a basic idea of got a lot of these
[06:43] things mean so means you don't have to
[06:44] go into like really dislike to my gel to
[06:47] explain everything yet it's familiar
[06:50] enough that you can get the idea behind
[06:51] it but then you mean to you can focus
[06:53] more on the differences that make it
[06:56] different the special story is the
[06:57] actual relationship during the
[06:58] characters and stuff yeah absolutely and
[07:00] one of the things people might not know
[07:01] is that obviously before we had merit of
[07:05] designers things about who's very much
[07:06] Paul who's driving the game yeah and
[07:08] actually when he was writing with God
[07:10] letters he planned the story he had
[07:12] actually only intended that zaros would
[07:15] be the one to return he hadn't
[07:17] necessarily imagine the return of
[07:18] graphics like that I mean he's probably
[07:21] talked about it since and he loves the
[07:22] direction we're going not to say that we
[07:24] kind of you know they're going against
[07:26] his plans or anything like this we'd
[07:27] actually only intended sours to come
[07:29] back and he had written down some things
[07:31] for what Cyrus would be but that's quite
[07:33] interesting because of course the
[07:34] storyline of runescape is based so much
[07:37] on he was affiliation to God's knit
[07:39] their love of gods so it would been I
[07:43] would have been really good a curious to
[07:45] know what the direction would have been
[07:46] if onlys hours came back maybe a a new
[07:48] scent esten Empire or or something along
[07:51] those lines I mean could you imagine
[07:53] that or what do you love learned from
[07:54] his previous impire building and going a
[07:56] different direction yeah as we obviously
[07:57] brought him back in a kind of he's
[07:59] changed his the way he's working based
[08:01] on that betrayal he was to at the
[08:04] forefront and now he's trying to keep
[08:07] more of an empty throne mentality of not
[08:09] being there but the the having the rest
[08:12] of the gods back he doesn't really
[08:14] interact with them now yeah but he is
[08:17] back so I think he still be doing what
[08:19] he's doing now yeah i think more we're
[08:21] going to see what that means when they
[08:23] actually interact when you actually sees
[08:25] eros and zamorak together I mean there's
[08:27] an argument of the gods don't even know
[08:28] this house is back I mean it's well no
[08:31] because we didn't put any dialogue
[08:32] options quest on as an address there it
[08:36] is again yeah so I'd like to quickly go
[08:39] and see fate the gods this is very much
[08:40] you really these are a few things in
[08:42] there those am I think maybe people
[08:44] don't know that there was a deleted
[08:46] scene face the gods so we won't go into
[08:48] too much detail because it could voice
[08:49] up again this is actually almost was
[08:52] almost completed
[08:53] almost completed their we need to teach
[08:56] you the difference between prototyping
[08:57] it was white box then in the first
[09:00] stages of oil yeah it was kind of like a
[09:03] redux of the opening area with the
[09:05] environmental obstacles as it were the
[09:08] LARPers bounce and the bombs of ash and
[09:11] things like this yeah but it was uh it
[09:14] was me being a bit pretentious again as
[09:16] I 10 doing with a kind of figurative and
[09:19] literal climb up the mountain yeah so
[09:21] was the cutaway after you defeated the
[09:24] night healing it of the player say
[09:26] something oh this is going to be a long
[09:27] climb and then it's like I can maybe
[09:29] pick up to the top and mess up with
[09:31] mountain yeah I was like yeah we were
[09:32] going to actually have that and we'd
[09:33] modeled an environment that was actually
[09:36] we felt like a mountain ya doing up this
[09:39] face of the mountain yeah and we'd it
[09:42] was almost that vertical climb Phil
[09:43] wasn't it reminded me of I had a board
[09:45] game called Kong that was was a magnetic
[09:47] thing you make a ball bearing go up the
[09:49] top of that winding up and it reminded
[09:51] me of that it was very cool yeah or
[09:53] donkey kong don't I Kanye's a better
[09:56] referee yeah there were I mean it wasn't
[09:58] like my always checking barrels down or
[10:00] anything but I think I'd have done that
[10:02] on my tap time they've we'd have had
[10:03] this environment but we might use in
[10:05] future yeah and a quick talk about and
[10:07] before we end I quit talking the look of
[10:08] cerros obviously I went through a few
[10:10] iterations but i think we rested on the
[10:13] idea of a talking mask which didn't
[10:16] quite filter into the end product
[10:17] actually so he's got that mask did yeah
[10:20] it's animated he talks oh it does yeah
[10:22] yeah yeah oh I need to go back and play
[10:23] there's even another excuse to play
[10:25] fight to the gods again but yeah the
[10:27] animated mask which is really that kind
[10:29] of it gives us a cross gets cross what
[10:31] Cyrus is about I found it interesting
[10:32] contrast that and the updated Sarah and
[10:34] she has that end that bandana that
[10:36] covers her mouth and yeah but ones eros
[10:37] he has a not actually his physical map
[10:39] but what one is keep years entered and
[10:41] that was shot there was kind of
[10:42] deliberate when we were going through
[10:43] the original designs we wanted to have
[10:45] that kind of crossover of something like
[10:48] the mask yeah but with it be turned into
[10:50] a veil with this and we decided to make
[10:52] it so that it kind of obscured yeah her
[10:55] features so with eros the mask is shown
[10:56] what he's saying it's showing the
[10:57] expressions he could have whereas its
[10:59] out with them sarin is hiding them yeah
[11:02] so who knows she might have a tiny
[11:04] masking today she might well have a tiny
[11:06] mask under
[11:07] Matt brilliant and there's the cutscene
[11:10] as well which he spent a lot of time
[11:11] storyboarding and possibly more so than
[11:13] any other cutscene be there was an
[11:15] important one to get Roy wise because
[11:17] this is the reveal basically of xerosis
[11:19] look sort of few bits beforehand we kind
[11:21] of tried to keep it not mentioned at
[11:23] runefest as well as not shown it
[11:25] reinvests the image of sara's but
[11:27] there's some there's definitely Ironman
[11:29] references we kept talking about iron
[11:30] man and you can admit it we were using
[11:34] it as a kind of shorthand it was never
[11:38] hey let's mimic a scene for my own and
[11:40] it was just we wanted some mystical
[11:43] thing we wanted to put the armor on the
[11:45] important ones thing was to show him in
[11:47] his normal form his basic one which is
[11:50] the crystallized fragile form and then
[11:52] and the armor is part of that hiding
[11:54] away and behind it she went oh the sense
[11:56] of empowerment this was somebody
[11:57] powerful and now was it good way of
[11:58] getting across so you can be we could be
[12:00] reductive and so his iron man but really
[12:02] it kind of gets across this year I think
[12:03] the original story board for that was by
[12:05] over three minutes which is obviously
[12:07] far far too long to do a scene and we
[12:09] managed to down trim it down to about 30
[12:11] seconds I think in the end which was
[12:12] crazy yeah exactly well worth it but
[12:14] still very mental there we have it so
[12:17] we've gone in depth into Zaros and next
[12:19] time we're going to try to go in-depth
[12:21] on Sarah diamond so please children
[12:22] goodbye
[12:32] and now to our favorite music with me
[12:35] today i have mod Shani who's going to
[12:37] tell us about his favorite music track
[12:39] in runescape my most favorite runescape
[12:41] music track I like to listen to is one
[12:43] called a rise legend it's something
[12:46] that's actually published on the
[12:47] runescape soundcloud website and it's
[12:50] something that i use to kind of bring
[12:52] people into the start of my streams and
[12:55] kind of player throughout the stream as
[12:56] well here in it because it's very to me
[12:59] it's kind of motivation else like the
[13:00] story of you coming through and as the
[13:02] music's picking up you like picking
[13:04] yourself up as a character and kind of
[13:06] making your way through the world of
[13:07] Gillen or and to me it kind of stands
[13:08] out because you're just going through
[13:10] and like killing everything leveling up
[13:12] and trying to get to the end goal of an
[13:14] achievement that's great more Tony now
[13:16] we're get to listen to it
[16:00] and now over to mod infinity and the
[16:05] player support team hello and welcome to
[16:07] the customer support segment of the
[16:09] podcast i'm at infinity i'm joined here
[16:10] by mod kelvin mod mix and mod steve w20
[16:14] self guys mod Steve yes I'm a mod steve
[16:16] w i'm an operations manager in the
[16:18] customers full team I've been with
[16:20] jackets for about nine years now okay
[16:22] cool part the furniture mix hey I'm not
[16:25] mix I'm senior Braves manager for
[16:26] customer support like Steve I've been
[16:28] here for nine years alright and Calvin
[16:31] I've had a customer support I've been at
[16:33] jagex for over 11 years now and to
[16:35] various roles in customer support and
[16:37] community management and genuinely love
[16:39] it okay cool i'll be there for two years
[16:41] and like Steve working because some
[16:44] sport as there no protein I just so
[16:46] today we want to talk about something
[16:47] which is on there in everyone's mind is
[16:50] our new support have been talking about
[16:52] on the forms on social media so I want
[16:55] to connect to introduce what it's all
[16:57] about and why we've got a new support
[16:59] phone on the way so what make maybe you
[17:00] can kind of answer that one for us so
[17:02] what why have we got this new support
[17:04] center coming why were working on it
[17:06] yeah sure so I'm Carney as most of you
[17:09] might know we use the wiki for all of
[17:11] our support needs the wiki for those who
[17:13] don't know and it kind of mixes the
[17:15] support centric articles but also kind
[17:17] of game guys that you know is crate by
[17:19] users so at the moment there's roughly
[17:21] about 20,000 different articles on the
[17:23] wiki of weight training about 50 or 60
[17:26] actually customer support related so
[17:28] kind one of the big issues a lot of
[17:30] people have you know and ourselves
[17:31] included in that is actually searching
[17:33] this concept to find the relevant
[17:34] articles it's kind of his part for the
[17:36] year-long project last year we've looked
[17:37] into different alternative solutions and
[17:39] we've come up with a new knowledge base
[17:41] so there's a new version which we've
[17:42] released just now that's gone live
[17:44] awesome and in terms of the wiki and the
[17:49] sportin or other what the key difference
[17:51] is what was changing what makes it
[17:52] easier for customers to use so a huge
[17:54] thing is a search functionality so like
[17:56] I said before and socially twenty
[17:57] thousand articles was near one but
[17:59] impossible so now we've kind of got our
[18:01] own dedicated space we can t use a much
[18:04] improved search function so this is kind
[18:06] of very similar to kind Google where it
[18:07] kind of all to complete your search
[18:08] results there was a tag of articles so
[18:11] even if
[18:12] why it doesn't appear in the article if
[18:13] we think it's relevant I'll get promoted
[18:15] to the user if there's a new topic like
[18:17] we can promote that and how that flagged
[18:19] is you know something relevant to your
[18:21] search mm-hmm and just the ease of you
[18:23] so you know you have to cut know for a
[18:25] bit of wiki code to go to edit gold one
[18:27] then he one's a lot easier so if you'll
[18:28] be sure hopefully get a lot more
[18:29] frequent updates than we have before in
[18:32] the past okay sounds awesome so so can I
[18:34] mentioning it on our social media on the
[18:36] fourth climate and quite a lot of
[18:37] customers currently find that it was
[18:40] difficult to find the right article to
[18:42] get help in contact jagex it will the
[18:44] new support and is it designed to make
[18:46] content it goes easier or will it help
[18:48] players find the right pace are looking
[18:49] for in an easier way and other search
[18:51] will help in that in that respect and
[18:53] are they just restricted to search or
[18:55] can they go through a drop down section
[18:56] how would that work so we're looking at
[18:58] number of different avenues and ways to
[19:00] do it so with the wiki is very much by
[19:02] leading the horse to water in that we
[19:04] have to kind of second guess almost what
[19:05] you want even what you want to find you
[19:07] and lead you down the garden path to
[19:08] find it with the new system because the
[19:10] search is a lot better you can just kind
[19:11] of come in search for your issue and
[19:13] hopefully find the right article however
[19:15] if you want to kind of do a more
[19:16] in-depth look and kind of search for
[19:18] various topics related issues then that
[19:20] options available to you further down
[19:22] the stream will be looking at kind of
[19:23] putting in some kind of decision tree so
[19:25] you know you'd be able to kind of come
[19:27] in with a original question and then
[19:29] three seconds of dropdowns or kind of
[19:30] logic kind of you leads to the right
[19:32] article I think it sounds really
[19:34] fantastic I think some players might
[19:36] just say why not have an email did you
[19:37] send you an email with a question it's
[19:39] having to go through the support and
[19:40] then why can't you send us an email as a
[19:43] really good question you know why
[19:44] annoyed with for ages one of the big
[19:46] things is that we tried having an open
[19:47] email address and unfortunately the bulk
[19:49] of females for a request that could be
[19:51] solved by the user themselves without
[19:53] need to get in touch with us you know
[19:54] the big part of the process in customer
[19:57] support for me is making the user
[19:58] experience as seamless as possible and I
[20:00] did an ideal world you shouldn't have to
[20:02] contact us if you've got an issue that's
[20:04] why last year we spent a lot of time
[20:05] with initiatives to try and help
[20:06] self-help so for example the new secured
[20:09] appeal process the ability to see your
[20:11] own email in your account settings these
[20:13] are all kind of common issues that we
[20:14] get loads of replies with every week and
[20:16] that hopefully the majority those can be
[20:18] solved without actually needing the
[20:19] contact player support yeah okay great
[20:21] so by the side of it it seems like
[20:23] majority of people be able to get that
[20:25] answer quickly
[20:25] often with a minute by getting a
[20:27] self-help on the wiki if they definitely
[20:29] need to get into into this and don't be
[20:30] an option to do that are you definitely
[20:31] oh yeah cool and I think what's
[20:34] important to kind of cover is up as a
[20:36] department we pride ourselves on a lot
[20:38] of things but most importantly respond
[20:40] to times right and then getting a
[20:41] response about to custom it within four
[20:43] hours but often a lot quicker than that
[20:45] will this new support on a impact on on
[20:48] a response time will customers or should
[20:50] customers expect to wait longer or will
[20:53] it can it be the same so in an ideal
[20:55] world right you wouldn't have to wait
[20:57] its customer because you get your help
[20:58] right there and then yes before you
[21:00] wouldn't let see on the wiki but you
[21:01] know ultimately nothing will be changing
[21:03] in terms of response times we'll still
[21:04] be able to respond within 48 hours
[21:06] awesome and so in terms of the the
[21:09] support and as a whole or top of your
[21:11] head can you think of or maybe stephen
[21:13] cohen canon country this the top
[21:14] improvement you think or top three
[21:16] improvements you feel the support and
[21:18] i'll bring over the wiki so for me
[21:20] personally it's a search functionality
[21:22] one more okay cool calvin do you have a
[21:24] copy improvement yes so one of the
[21:27] things that you won't necessarily be
[21:28] visible to praise is kind of under the
[21:30] hood there's a lot of kind of analytic
[21:31] so there's a lot of data that will get
[21:33] to see which are the most popular
[21:35] articles which ones are being rated as
[21:37] positive or negative by the people that
[21:39] are using them then we're going to have
[21:40] a team of editors who will periodically
[21:43] go through that stuff refresh all the
[21:45] content and keep up-to-date and make
[21:46] sure it's working for customers
[21:48] something that we definitely really
[21:50] wanted on the old support center with
[21:52] you but we never had so it was quite
[21:54] hard for us to really identify and
[21:56] pinpoint where the worst areas were so
[21:58] kind of just had to kind of guess and
[21:59] work through it there are so it's kind
[22:00] of trial and error whereas with this
[22:02] will have good hard data to kind of base
[22:04] decisions on which is good thing no
[22:05] brilliant sounds good and Steve do you
[22:07] have up I think God saves from the staff
[22:09] side from the from the J mods here
[22:11] they're actually helping customers it's
[22:12] a much better system on this side so
[22:13] just very simple things like we know to
[22:16] deal with things in the right order I'm
[22:17] glad to prioritize things but enables us
[22:19] to sort of join different messages
[22:20] together a usual of advanced sort of
[22:22] functionality enables guys to better
[22:24] spots or trends and you know if issues
[22:26] keep coming out that they can kind of we
[22:28] can highlight that it's much easier to
[22:29] spot and see those things in this new
[22:31] system whereas the previous system is
[22:33] very kind of email based and this is
[22:35] actually a customer support system is
[22:36] designed you know for this purpose
[22:38] they just picked up on that so what
[22:41] we've kind of got here it's not just a
[22:43] knowledge base it's a whole ticketing
[22:45] system and noise race and it's to set a
[22:47] kind of support system infrastructure so
[22:50] we've now transferred over some of our
[22:53] tickets into the new system that we have
[22:55] we've got the the new knowledge base and
[22:57] then when people kind of log in and send
[22:59] us a ticket that's the next stage of
[23:00] this and we're working on that
[23:01] throughout the year and an ongoing basis
[23:03] so there'll be a whole lot of kind of
[23:05] gains that we're going to have kind of
[23:06] staff side and things like the web form
[23:08] will change over time and all the rest
[23:09] of it and kind of help players submit
[23:11] the information and hopefully again that
[23:13] should be done in a much more kind of
[23:14] user-friendly way so it's quite a big
[23:16] project for us and it's something that
[23:18] we've wanted for great many years so it
[23:20] really is going to kind of revolutionize
[23:22] how we approach our our work in support
[23:24] and place you'd see the benefit from
[23:26] that it all sounds fantastic so mud
[23:28] makes just remind us again when is this
[23:29] due to be launched so we've actually
[23:30] launched it and it's beta phase as I
[23:33] support that runescape calm and so are
[23:35] we looking we don't want to kind of hold
[23:36] it back until it was then I pitch
[23:38] perfect and everything else went
[23:40] together make best out of it so we've
[23:41] launched it already and we'd be leaving
[23:43] a forum post on the forums for place
[23:45] early feedback yeah and let us know how
[23:46] it goes and will be continuously looking
[23:48] at to kind of improve on the feedback
[23:50] and with the overall design okay guys
[23:52] what I'm taking the questions I think
[23:54] it's a really insightful podcast Thank
[23:56] You vesting everybody and we'll see you
[23:57] all next podcast oh yeah so thanks for
[24:01] listening to this week's podcast we
[24:03] welcome all your feedback on the forums
[24:05] on reddit on Twitter please let us know
[24:08] what you think of the new format and
[24:09] we'll look forward to producing more
[24:10] great podcast in the future bye
[24:30] you