Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #79 - Seren Lore, RuneScape Music & Community Helpers

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Oh
[00:15] hello and welcome to the north corner
[00:17] we've already had a take where there's
[00:18] been heavy breathing on there good tape
[00:20] so if you hear some heavy breathing
[00:22] we're trying to work out who it is but
[00:24] we're who have gone the sofa today go on
[00:26] one of you can start us off all right
[00:28] I'll start on this corner of the law
[00:30] corner I'm mods to see no content
[00:32] developer I'm mod Raven lead content
[00:35] developer and I'm not Roley and I'm what
[00:38] I was born so we're going to talk about
[00:39] a god and I've decided to go for sarin I
[00:42] thinks ladies first so we're going to
[00:44] chat about sarin does anybody want to
[00:46] kick us off on it kind of a memory of
[00:48] sarin of memory well we could we could
[00:52] start off with the swimsuit she was
[00:53] actually starts talking swimsuits with
[00:56] you it would not me I I was not you know
[01:01] a big fan of the swimsuit and I'm really
[01:04] glad that we got to reinterpret her in
[01:07] six age that's a when we going the sarin
[01:09] quest well the first things he wrote
[01:11] down was need a a new look for Sarah
[01:13] when she's reformed maybe something a
[01:15] bit more elegant than a swimsuit so
[01:17] those who don't know that I'm fate of
[01:19] the gods we kind of concept who is I'm
[01:21] Modi'in yeah together a slightly more
[01:24] kind of streamlined Sarah and we we
[01:27] didn't really imagine it's very godly it
[01:28] looked like a bit like a swimsuit and
[01:29] some people come picked up on it yeah I
[01:31] mean she wasn't obviously the focus of
[01:34] that quest yeah I was kind of lucky to
[01:36] even get her in the first place I think
[01:37] yeah just for those memory crystals yeah
[01:40] because I could easily have been cut
[01:41] because she didn't make a big night
[01:43] wasn't a big part of it yeah so my just
[01:45] being a voice for instance yeah but we
[01:47] wanted some quite a few wow moments in
[01:50] the quest and they have few reveals I
[01:51] think that came after missing presumed
[01:53] death where we couldn't show many the
[01:55] gods because they weren't concepted and
[01:57] there was that feeling of we wanted to
[01:59] have a big chamber full of gods and I
[02:00] think if we did it again we'd like to
[02:02] have had more people there yeah you know
[02:04] had a tree brassica in the tree marimbo
[02:06] and so because brassica there i think is
[02:08] born it it's just a cabbage on a stool
[02:11] yeah i disturb them I love that people
[02:13] spotted the brusca was still there you
[02:15] know just stubbornly sitting there I'm
[02:17] not moving oh yes cracking okay so
[02:20] either she wasn't always like that with
[02:22] the God letters I think she looked a bit
[02:23] like a chandelier I think it's kind of
[02:25] floating crystal miss she was just as a
[02:27] fractal pattern before yeah
[02:29] yeah so we thought we'd bring some
[02:30] personality and yeah and I think we
[02:32] captured a little bit of that again with
[02:34] the kind of core that you see in
[02:35] prisoners yeah and Tara voices yeah but
[02:39] there's a lot of male gods at least when
[02:42] we came to the pan here when we first
[02:43] started there was a lot of male gods I
[02:45] think was very noticeable when I was
[02:47] something we wanted to change I mean
[02:48] obviously sarin was there yet but I
[02:50] think that kind of led to things like
[02:51] ribbon bows suppose it's sex change yeah
[02:55] but they're sending the older gods as
[02:56] well and task of being female yeah
[02:59] exactly just to get kind of bring more
[03:01] of that in because you know the old of
[03:03] God's out here at guess is very
[03:04] traditional cliche I suppose the earth
[03:06] mother's but there's we've got plans for
[03:09] how they kind of de feminin it he comes
[03:10] into it in the character models you see
[03:12] that more for example it's kind of one
[03:14] of the reasons I think we wanted to make
[03:16] sarin a strong character and I think the
[03:18] kind of earlier look under mind that
[03:20] slightly yeah yeah which is and so you
[03:22] off see within the line yeah button it's
[03:25] like different levels your thoughts
[03:25] behind it well we wanted to have
[03:27] something a bit more sort of elvish and
[03:32] elegant but also a little bit more alien
[03:34] so if you look the previous version the
[03:36] swimsuit edition is we're going to call
[03:37] it now because we've started has very
[03:40] kind of obvious human features
[03:41] suggestive human face he's got the
[03:43] additional eyes but still very kind of
[03:44] huge whereas with the new version wanted
[03:48] to have that kind of elven elegance
[03:49] which I think we've got only the
[03:50] opposite of look and the robes and
[03:52] they're kind of the way she moved but
[03:53] mixed in with just enough weirdness so
[03:56] if you mean we don't show her face it's
[03:58] implied but never show remember like
[04:00] reference points so some of the first
[04:01] concepts we had almost like a rabia
[04:04] different influences rabia kind of
[04:06] clothing and then we moved towards I
[04:08] don't know if you've seen the fifth
[04:09] element yeah your purse singer yeah
[04:11] element though is what it's thought we
[04:12] were drawing on that we all know Sebring
[04:14] quite a bit that I mean you can you can
[04:16] see that i love that influence in the
[04:18] current design I was rather fifth and my
[04:20] characters unfortunate but when you
[04:21] named ruby red or something that i think
[04:23] we did well with the opportune and
[04:25] though it wasn't always the plan to
[04:28] feature sarin like this I remember like
[04:29] being up on stage I think which will
[04:30] infest a few years ago we were talking
[04:33] about in a plan that sarin could come
[04:35] back in a world event year old event of
[04:37] collecting crystals you know you gather
[04:39] together the parts of it yeah as a
[04:40] community and builder as a
[04:42] immunity um do remember any of that or
[04:45] any way i remember it was one of those
[04:47] plans that makes him the number of other
[04:50] plans or a kind of craft we could do
[04:52] this and we could do that and there
[04:53] could be these and there could be
[04:54] regular season all manner of things and
[04:55] the pregnancy yeah that's another one
[04:57] but that kind of changed i think is of
[05:00] what we wanted to deliver kind of change
[05:02] and obviously rune labs change it as
[05:04] well because players wanted to bring her
[05:05] back in a quite different mindset for
[05:07] how we're creating stories this year as
[05:08] well it's not we know what we want to do
[05:10] we know your tails we're going to tell
[05:11] it over the course of the 12 months yep
[05:13] it's not as if we just got lots of
[05:15] things that would be for you to do it
[05:17] it's just when it comes to like
[05:18] commissioning a quest will go to look at
[05:20] that port and grab one I don't think
[05:22] this really like that this year and
[05:24] seven plays bottomland as well yeah yeah
[05:26] I been working on a little bit on the
[05:29] kind of the future paths of story maybe
[05:30] even beyond Cisco's endgame you know
[05:32] seven plays a part yah know she's going
[05:35] to be a joy same a major player maybe I
[05:38] don't yeah I mean there's the whole
[05:40] connection with the old gods there and
[05:42] with zeros to and you kind of have to
[05:44] play on that relationship yeah it's feel
[05:47] there's nobody even more so than zaraz
[05:50] who is more central to all of all-cause
[05:52] storylines if you've got a typed guthix
[05:53] you know got the sarin connection to
[05:55] she's in there from the began on co2
[05:56] sarin you've got the older God's the
[05:58] sarin and we're going to reveal a bit
[06:00] more of a connection to the major as
[06:01] well I mean he said really only the
[06:03] dragon kin when she doesn't really kind
[06:04] of tie in well actually no you say that
[06:06] but like an action to be able to God's
[06:11] it's another thing that featured into
[06:12] her look yet effective the gods want to
[06:15] talk over like you know that facial
[06:16] pattern and even her symbol would talk
[06:18] about how a symbol keys into you oh
[06:20] right the way does how does it oh what
[06:23] was it again so if you text errands
[06:26] symbol which had existed for a fair
[06:27] amount of time and za Ross is simple
[06:29] yeah and if you move those two together
[06:30] oh right yeah we will connecting them to
[06:33] the symbols for Mars and Venus weren't
[06:35] we yeah just the the straight diamond
[06:37] and if you place the drain so it almost
[06:39] looks like an insect gem that you get in
[06:41] the major at which is the the major hm
[06:43] yeah and then the whole like we were
[06:45] saying that the circle was the symbol
[06:47] for man and the diamond for women and
[06:49] then sarens is a shattered diamond so
[06:50] you've got the kind of marks in it and
[06:52] then there's arrow symbol is derived
[06:54] from a combination of the two
[06:56] yeah and not insurance was so we were
[06:58] looking at their because our skates in
[07:00] four different directions yeah but that
[07:02] name is the element says were the
[07:03] ancient element the ancient elements and
[07:05] the cross being the broken dymond
[07:07] effectively yes absolutely man without
[07:09] woman effective and then we had those
[07:11] IDs which was obviously there to be
[07:12] alien yep but also is this kind of
[07:16] symbolic I suppose of power level its
[07:19] like the stronger you automatically the
[07:21] more is something kind of like Isaac
[07:23] Clark you know just the power levels
[07:25] rise up yeah yeah I could see that and
[07:27] we wanted to get that connection across
[07:28] more across cerros this familial
[07:31] connection which of the yes is it is a
[07:35] for Elder Gods and 40 since Aaron yeah
[07:37] yeah and we wanted to I think we did a
[07:41] lot of telling in that quest Robin
[07:43] showing so it was nice to be able to
[07:45] show some things well and let people
[07:47] draw the line explicitly state things
[07:49] yeah absolutely alright so if we've done
[07:52] sarin are there any other things that
[07:55] you want to talk about with sarin I mean
[07:57] watched you have you ever really kind of
[07:58] worked with sarin well I worked on
[08:01] drifting us to some some some extent
[08:02] rather fund for example doing the the
[08:05] earth all section and pricing for lady
[08:08] earth all into their back filling out on
[08:09] the background be on crystal singing how
[08:11] they but which is there's another thing
[08:12] we can't really miss out on which is the
[08:13] connection with the elves to Sharon I
[08:15] mean you wrote a little bit about that
[08:16] did you do anything with the I mean
[08:18] who's more kind of them heaven impacts
[08:20] male heir was the that connection that
[08:23] maybe the addiction to sarin I mean were
[08:26] you involved in that effort I also did
[08:29] the hip and section but there wasn't
[08:31] very much additional detail in there
[08:32] really was it was more about just
[08:33] building things like agility courses and
[08:35] God sure yeah that would be in sure of
[08:38] the Owls which obviously was great fun
[08:39] to do but the the addiction to sarin
[08:42] that's quite you know it's kind of a
[08:43] risk Lear thoroughly went into that we
[08:46] could within we will we covered it in
[08:48] pristine less originally yeah in the law
[08:50] drops there which is great hunter right
[08:52] and then we went into a bit more detail
[08:55] in ah what's it called your uncle sarin
[09:00] quite light within the whole within the
[09:04] light light within the yeah I bring my
[09:05] cell phone which one managed
[09:07] yeah and we so we're going to a lot more
[09:09] detail that I wanted to highlight kind
[09:11] of how twisted it is how dark it is
[09:14] hence we have the whole Tarth Ian thing
[09:16] with those poor elves that you know
[09:18] we're so desperate for Sarah that they
[09:19] got bits of crystals should the tiniest
[09:22] sliver of engine them yes he rammed them
[09:24] into themselves so they could you know
[09:26] feel her clothes yeah so it's quite it's
[09:28] quite dark yeah I think it's an
[09:30] important thing with Sharon because one
[09:32] of the things that is being received a
[09:35] lot of places of cernus the oh she's a
[09:37] good guy she's the light cutter she's
[09:39] all nice and happy and smiles and joy
[09:41] and it's totally not true but maybe not
[09:44] no no I'm arriving but she's she's not
[09:47] pure good and same with his heiress
[09:49] isn't purely the bill Reva like that
[09:51] which i think is important yeah i mean i
[09:53] have to say of all the gods she's the
[09:56] character i think that i'm happiest with
[09:58] how the the she's developed yeah
[10:00] especially in parallel with zeros they
[10:02] were very obvious mirrors to each other
[10:04] but it's not a straight one is good what
[10:07] is bad i mean there are inflections and
[10:09] just little changes here and there so
[10:12] whether it might be mirrored it's
[10:13] slightly different yeah is it both I
[10:16] mean we may not gone into a great deal
[10:18] of detail in fact the gods but you could
[10:19] probably see little bits of it but they
[10:20] both had to deal with a garnish a
[10:22] strange parent I and had to deal with um
[10:27] not a power over each other and other
[10:30] people hmm which is something we're
[10:32] going to go into more do you know that
[10:33] was one of the very first things i think
[10:35] we establish was yeah it was just got
[10:37] these an arrow into each other but
[10:38] they're very kind you know that they're
[10:40] not quite the same as power but it's
[10:41] sent me there and they both use that in
[10:44] different ways some of one of the might
[10:46] of you know deliberately not not used it
[10:49] all right try to go away from that power
[10:51] yeah and you can also say that they've
[10:53] both kind of manipulated your mortal
[10:56] life as well and i think a lot of that
[10:58] comes from their origin from our yeah i
[11:01] mean i think there's a sensibility that
[11:03] they've picked up on much like a genetic
[11:06] trait yeah about potential yeah yeah
[11:09] superb so thank you so much for
[11:11] listening and next time we're gonna be
[11:13] talking about salas
[11:22] and so mod Krista what is your favorite
[11:25] runescape tune oh it has to be for the
[11:28] 15-year anniversary the dancing mode mod
[11:31] bond made it specially for us it's a
[11:33] little 30-second amazing dance dance
[11:38] tune I guess you can boogie too with the
[11:41] soda just above you and yeah it just
[11:42] fits it perfectly it's got the right
[11:44] enthusiasm where it bounce to it and
[11:46] it's a little bit cheesy I'm sure he
[11:48] wouldn't mind me saying that I will cut
[11:50] to that now
[12:21] hello and welcome to the customer
[12:23] support segment of this podcast where
[12:25] each and every episode will be looking
[12:27] to give you an insight into the
[12:28] wonderful world of customer support and
[12:30] this episode we're going to talk about
[12:31] our community help a scheme and more
[12:34] importantly our forum can it help as we
[12:36] introduced just a few weeks ago so I'm
[12:39] what infinity I'm one of the operation
[12:40] managers here and customer support I'm
[12:43] joined by three of the members of the
[12:44] team who are going to introduce
[12:45] themselves hi I'm mod Kelvin and the
[12:48] head of customer support I'm what makes
[12:49] senior operations manager and I'm mod
[12:51] steve w and like infinity i'm an
[12:54] operations manager in customers Paul so
[12:55] in this episode we're going to talk
[12:56] about our community helper scheme and
[12:58] more specifically the forum cute helpers
[13:00] we've introduced just a few weeks ago so
[13:03] for those who aren't aware i haven't
[13:04] seen they can announcement about what
[13:05] community helpers are Steve you can give
[13:08] it a quick rundown aster to what they
[13:09] are and what they do yeah so I mean
[13:12] we've always known that you know players
[13:14] love helping each other and there's
[13:16] loads of knowledge out there and
[13:18] actually here in jaggesh you know we're
[13:19] relatively small customer support team
[13:21] and with all these people willing to
[13:23] help it just seemed a really good
[13:25] opportunity to actually just sort of
[13:27] make that a bit more official I think
[13:29] people have always been offering this
[13:30] advice and it's really just having a
[13:31] sort of clear platform where people can
[13:34] sort of offer good advice good support
[13:36] they get a bit of insight from us in
[13:39] terms of you know how to deal with
[13:40] things and it means if we can cover kind
[13:42] of 24 7 you know time zones all around
[13:45] the world make sure that people get
[13:47] responses really quickly from our
[13:48] volunteer helpers and it's just really
[13:50] like a it's like having a cool friend in
[13:52] the game that just knows everything and
[13:54] then can help you out and they're there
[13:55] to sort of give you advice in the moment
[13:56] ok sounds sounds great so we're going to
[13:59] level the committee CDs helpers yeah so
[14:02] people will probably already know the
[14:03] sort of existing things where we have P
[14:06] mods in game and F mods on the forum so
[14:08] people be familiar with that it wasn't
[14:10] that long ago that we introduced Twitter
[14:11] helpers so people helping out on on that
[14:13] platform and then the most recent thing
[14:15] is people actually helping on the forums
[14:17] it's a slightly separate from the forum
[14:19] moderator structure these just players
[14:21] on the forms that have a little
[14:22] community helper title so you better
[14:24] spot these people on the forums and
[14:26] they're just really providing on the
[14:27] spot almost instance of help and advice
[14:29] and friendly advice to people when it's
[14:31] kind of firm it's just it's the really
[14:33] good tips for people you know how do I
[14:34] do
[14:35] this weird or go to find this piece of
[14:36] information they're dealing with the
[14:38] stuff all the time they're really
[14:39] familiar with it they're really keen to
[14:41] help and they can just you know quickly
[14:42] give that kind of almost a steering what
[14:45] to do without people having to go to a
[14:46] kind of formal customer service contact
[14:49] yeah and as you say these are these
[14:50] haven't been brought in by jagat feasor
[14:52] players we've identified as though is
[14:54] helping us out and have them for years
[14:55] and we've given that title to make it
[14:57] more verified a seal of approval that
[15:00] their advice is correct yeah that's
[15:01] right and they're people that were
[15:02] really almost doing this anyway you know
[15:04] so people will probably recognize this
[15:05] of names that are seeing in the
[15:06] community helpers on the forms there
[15:08] people have always been very helpful
[15:09] anyway and we've just kind of tried to
[15:11] recognize that make it a little bit more
[15:12] supported and official and make it
[15:14] easier for people to identify now who is
[15:16] a recognized community helper so that
[15:17] you know that they're kind of giving
[15:18] spot-on advice and it's absolutely right
[15:21] okay in Kelvin I think people could
[15:23] potentially get confused about the
[15:24] difference between a community helping a
[15:26] P Mod what the key can have differences
[15:28] between those two two groups okay so I
[15:30] mean a peapod is visible in game and I
[15:33] suppose is involved in a couple of
[15:34] things one in terms of kind of in-game
[15:36] events and community building activities
[15:38] and then secondly they've they're the
[15:40] ability to put a P Mod mute should there
[15:43] be a situation in going that they feel
[15:45] that the warrants it cutie hablas don't
[15:47] have anything kind of like that they're
[15:49] active on the forums and actually
[15:51] specifically within the community led
[15:53] support forums so what tried to do is
[15:55] ensure that the community helpers who
[15:56] are active on the community led support
[15:58] forums are there it's going to help out
[16:00] players you have kind of nice kind of
[16:01] easy sort of general questions that
[16:04] could be answered by fellow players but
[16:05] if you know people know a lot of people
[16:07] know a lot more than I do about the game
[16:09] and kind of how stuff works so actually
[16:11] just a kind of way for people to realize
[16:13] that if it's someone with a community
[16:14] helper title who's posting on their
[16:16] thread they know that that person is
[16:18] kind of trusted they know what they're
[16:19] talking about and also behind the scenes
[16:21] there's kind of a support framework for
[16:23] community helpers so there are any
[16:24] questions that they're unsure of kind of
[16:26] how to deal with then they might carry
[16:27] off a line to us or Jay mods here jagex
[16:30] we can come and give them Lancers and
[16:32] help out or alternatively you know steer
[16:34] that person likely to be able to send us
[16:36] a ticket mm okay so just to be clear
[16:38] look just like peanuts they con active
[16:40] people account settings or unban account
[16:42] for anything at that yeah but they can
[16:43] give really solid information as to how
[16:44] they can do those things or to provide
[16:46] the right fish
[16:47] support page to those kind of issues
[16:49] right yeah and I'm the only extra thing
[16:51] that we've given to forum community
[16:53] helpers is the ability to move threads
[16:55] and that's in very kind of specific
[16:57] condition so what you kind of said is if
[16:59] I know there's a forum thread in general
[17:02] which is clearly a customer support
[17:04] issue we said like the best place for
[17:06] that to be is in the community led
[17:07] support forums so so to community
[17:09] helpers go ahead move that into the
[17:10] community led support forums because
[17:11] then there's more of a chance of them
[17:13] getting an answer to that to their query
[17:15] in in that place and that's the only
[17:16] additional kind of tool if you like the
[17:19] community help reserve now some RP mods
[17:22] some RF mods some are both somewhere
[17:24] none of them at all so you might see it
[17:26] can be helpful with a green background
[17:28] posting on the forums but that's just
[17:30] because there are no fraud and they do
[17:32] kind of F mod things in terms of
[17:34] moderating the forums in other areas but
[17:37] really you should expect to see
[17:38] community helpers active purely in the
[17:40] account helped payment support and tech
[17:42] support community led support forums
[17:44] okay sounds awesome so it seems like it
[17:46] can be over the obviously really helping
[17:48] people and we've kind of given them the
[17:49] tools and the abilities to provide the
[17:52] best of all possible and that framework
[17:53] behind them as well that in case you
[17:55] before a bit stuck we need a question
[17:56] answered they've got that that backing
[17:57] of jackets there too now last time I
[18:01] checked p mods were about at the number
[18:02] of 2000 how many help is other a 2000
[18:05] helpers what the numbers ish for helping
[18:07] there's a WoW primary exact numbers
[18:11] office or med is d the 10 or 12 Twitter
[18:12] helpers and roughly the same number of
[18:14] forum community helpers so there's not a
[18:17] huge number that will grow over time is
[18:20] kind of more and more people a given
[18:22] regular support out on Twitter or more
[18:25] active in the community led support
[18:27] forums then potentially what will offer
[18:29] more invites but I think we've been
[18:31] really kind of clear to ensure that the
[18:34] guys that we have sent the invites out
[18:35] to have been doing this for a sustained
[18:37] period of time they're already kind of
[18:39] trusted and known kind of in the
[18:41] community site in the forum community
[18:43] for kind of giving that that help so you
[18:45] know if someone kind of appears over the
[18:47] last week or so and starts giving lots
[18:48] of help that's great it's really kind of
[18:51] well welcome but we probably wouldn't
[18:52] send an invite until someone's been
[18:54] doing that for a really really long time
[18:56] and it's really an established kind of
[18:58] helpful member of that forum community
[18:59] it makes sense so if I am somebody who
[19:02] provides great help and I'm on the
[19:04] forums a lot is there a thread I can
[19:06] apply to become a helper on how do I joy
[19:07] the scheme well we're always looking for
[19:09] you know really helpful and supportive
[19:11] people so I mean there isn't it set
[19:13] process for it it's one of those things
[19:14] where you know we'll just spot people
[19:17] that sort of naturally float to the top
[19:18] just by really sort of helpful in the
[19:20] community so you know if it's something
[19:21] that does interest you you know beyond
[19:23] the forms be helpful make sure you're
[19:25] giving good advice than the right advice
[19:27] of course it's not just based on
[19:28] something like you know post count we're
[19:30] not looking at that sort of thing we're
[19:31] just looking at the quality of advice
[19:33] are you actually helping people sending
[19:34] them to the right place fixing problems
[19:36] where you can where it's just a question
[19:38] of a fairly something simple quick fix
[19:40] but yeah I mean that the people that do
[19:42] that they're they're going to be spotted
[19:43] on the forms or on Twitter where we can
[19:45] see people just stepping up and just
[19:46] saying hey I know the answer I can help
[19:48] this person out right here right now by
[19:50] just you know sending them to this link
[19:52] or so on you know they're they're the
[19:53] people that are going to kind of stand
[19:55] out and as as this progresses and as we
[19:57] look to invite more people then they'll
[19:59] be so the top of the list of people will
[20:01] be looking at City sounds slightly like
[20:02] are helpful for moderate teams what the
[20:04] difference is between a helper or a
[20:06] forum helpers passivity and the forum
[20:09] moderators we have well the forum
[20:11] moderators obviously they're active
[20:13] across all of the forum so it's not just
[20:14] customer support or cam related things
[20:17] that they're dealing with all that all
[20:18] the other forums so they're kind of
[20:20] thats their specialist area that's
[20:22] that's the thing that they do and
[20:23] they've also got you know a lot of
[20:24] support in terms of moderating the forum
[20:26] so you know dealing things like forum
[20:28] help and and that type of thing on the
[20:30] forums and when me to get you a bit of
[20:31] rule-breaking and things like that so
[20:32] that's the kind of specialisms of for
[20:34] moderators the community helpers they're
[20:37] there just that that's not really their
[20:38] thing what they're all about is kind of
[20:40] helping people and just posting advice
[20:41] in the moment and just within those
[20:43] specific forums as well so it's a you
[20:46] know community helpers not necessarily
[20:48] the same sort of attributes of the
[20:50] people you'd like to be forum moderators
[20:52] they do have to sort of distinct
[20:54] different roles but they're just using
[20:55] the same platform which is the forums
[20:57] okay I could make sense to me we've kind
[21:00] of started off with Twitter helpers as
[21:02] you mentioned earlier and then a few
[21:04] months after we've introduced forum
[21:05] helpers what are the future for
[21:08] helpers could be should we expect to see
[21:10] the ring game on other platforms what
[21:12] your thoughts on that Calvin so I
[21:15] there's an absence of customer support
[21:17] in game apart from being able to kinda
[21:19] click this the support link so i think
[21:22] we kind of have talked about and i think
[21:24] we'll experiment with it in the coming
[21:25] months our customer support sort of
[21:27] friends chat channels and potentially
[21:30] then the community helpers might want to
[21:32] kind of jump in and be ranked in those
[21:35] chat channels and Germans can kind of
[21:36] appear in there periodically nothing is
[21:39] just we need to kind of experiment with
[21:40] see if it kind of works for support or
[21:42] not but definitely will be doing that
[21:44] over the next few months okay so there's
[21:47] lots of really good and positive things
[21:49] which is coming out these these
[21:50] committee help its well what would you
[21:51] say modern mix is the one big win that
[21:53] these helpers offer the community so for
[21:56] me really big win is about kind of
[21:58] getting your answer quicker than waiting
[21:59] for a ticket so you know one kind of
[22:01] thing that I do you know I've been a big
[22:03] gamer for last 15 years if I need to
[22:04] find support I'll usually go into a
[22:06] forum to find it so you know having the
[22:08] option to kind of you know get your
[22:10] support with in 24 hours 48 hours of you
[22:13] sending the ticket versus get an instant
[22:15] response in the forums is you know for
[22:16] me a massive big win okay another
[22:18] important change we made was to the
[22:20] structure in the way that the community
[22:21] led support forums work and I know
[22:24] that's kind of been a receive really
[22:25] well it throughout the cuny so Stephen
[22:27] if you expand on why we decided to do
[22:29] that what the changes are yes so
[22:30] previously on the forums there were
[22:33] sticky threads that the people could
[22:34] post on there was one for sort of the
[22:36] main key topics but obviously one of the
[22:38] things with that is that the threads
[22:39] became you know quite long as lots of
[22:41] posts on them it's quite difficult to
[22:43] sort of hold conversations and follow
[22:44] topics through they're just all got lost
[22:47] in in great big threads and a lot of
[22:50] player feedback a lot of things be heard
[22:51] was actually that wasn't the most
[22:52] friendly way to do it wasn't the most
[22:54] useful way / people to better track
[22:56] their own issues so actually we just
[22:58] kind of acted on that feedback and
[22:59] responded by actually opening the forms
[23:02] up now so players can create their own
[23:03] individual threads start their own topic
[23:06] which is specific to their inquiry we've
[23:08] got a few little back in tools as well
[23:10] then enables us to see where community
[23:12] helpers are helping people you know we
[23:14] can see when they're posting and we can
[23:16] see a thread to not being answered and
[23:18] kind of flag them I'll make sure someone
[23:19] picks them up so having that structure
[23:21] individual queries presented as forum
[23:23] threads is really good way for us to see
[23:25] the people are getting help they need I
[23:26] think was mentioning that these
[23:28] community helpers aren't just focusing
[23:29] on account health issues they're also on
[23:31] technical support forums and parrot
[23:33] support so whatever issues about this
[23:35] should be an area you can post your
[23:36] question in so there's been a lot to
[23:38] take in but you can find all the
[23:39] information you need on our twenty
[23:40] helpers on a thread called meet the
[23:42] community helpers in the community home
[23:44] form and also be a list of all the
[23:46] Twitter helpers on that that thread of
[23:47] swelling identify quickly who have
[23:49] officially marked as helping us out on
[23:51] Twitter I think it's important to
[23:52] mention actually you know it's not to
[23:54] say that if you're not help you can't
[23:56] provide support and you can't provide
[23:57] help you know we'd always encourage you
[23:59] that if you want to help with this out
[24:01] then you do that when it's in game on
[24:03] the forums or on social media if we
[24:04] recognize that of a long period of time
[24:06] then you should definitely expect us to
[24:08] be inviting you to the official scheme
[24:09] but it definitely doesn't mean that you
[24:11] can't be providing that support so just
[24:13] a final thing on our current committee
[24:14] help is it's all new to with its new to
[24:16] them and a huge thanks to them who have
[24:18] contributed fantastically I think
[24:20] there's hundreds of threads in questions
[24:21] in the sport forms and the ball being
[24:22] answered often with a minute so it's
[24:24] great to see that a big thumbs up from
[24:26] us here because some support and
[24:27] everybody who's writing help I know when
[24:29] we were first talking about the names of
[24:30] the people have be invited to the first
[24:32] group and I thought I'll just going to
[24:33] be really good but actually it's love
[24:34] surpassed that they've just been
[24:35] fantastic they've really stepped up and
[24:37] yeah it's just been a fantastic
[24:39] improvements at sport the top of their
[24:41] yeah they seem to be really enjoying it
[24:43] and you know obviously there's been not
[24:44] kind of feedback from them but can we do
[24:46] this can we do that can you help us out
[24:47] with this question and it is it nice
[24:49] kind of good flying conversation and you
[24:51] know I'm read please don't it that's
[24:53] what it's about it's a part of the
[24:54] community we hope of runescape and
[24:57] that's why we're supporting it and why
[24:58] we created that initiative I hope it if
[25:00] so all around each excess and 11 if you
[25:03] need any more information check out all
[25:05] on the forums I hope that's been
[25:06] insightful for you and it's giving us
[25:08] information about the acuity helper
[25:10] scheme and as I they show any questions
[25:12] about it will be on the forms very
[25:13] chance those that's all from customer
[25:15] support this week but make sure you tune
[25:16] in to the next episode we'll be
[25:17] unveiling all the information about our
[25:19] brand new support center thank you
[25:20] listening everybody and we'll see you
[25:22] all next podcast oh yeah