Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #78 - Invention

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:15] welcome to this week's podcast I'm mod
[00:18] Matt he and I have with me today on the
[00:20] sofas mod Malta or as you shall be known
[00:22] for this professor multi I think oh
[00:24] really oh really I still professor
[00:27] bolter I thought that was just for the
[00:28] video no no we're going to use it for
[00:30] this as well okay because today you're
[00:32] going to teach invention 101 ah listen
[00:35] up class there were marks I actually
[00:38] have a piece of paper in front of me by
[00:40] the way listeners with marked required
[00:42] for each part a part of this discussion
[00:44] yet to make sure he gets all the points
[00:46] i sat the exam schedule myself he did so
[00:49] if he gets it wrong you can tell him off
[00:51] on Twitter or on the forums they will do
[00:54] both inevitably I am sure so so let's
[00:57] start with jargon busting oh yes I want
[01:01] some definitions explained in brief
[01:02] please okay for different features of
[01:05] the skill and we're going to start with
[01:07] disassembly disassembly disassembly is
[01:10] the act of taking stuff that you don't
[01:12] need out of your bank or that you've
[01:15] just bought on the GE for the express
[01:17] purpose or that's dropped off of
[01:19] something you've killed and rendering it
[01:22] down into materials that you then using
[01:25] the rest of invention okay which also
[01:27] gets you a small amount of experience
[01:29] okay we'll come back to disassembly day
[01:32] I'm sure we will that this is just a
[01:34] brief jargon now yes materials parts and
[01:38] components right materials yes the
[01:43] general term for any bits that you get
[01:46] from disassembling stuff that you can
[01:48] then use to build other things in right
[01:50] there split into parts that you get
[01:54] commonly yep and components which are
[01:57] more rare and used in generally more
[02:00] powerful applications right okay so if I
[02:03] slay the cake monster I definitely slow
[02:06] decay always lay the cake right and I
[02:07] get the blancmange prize yep and i
[02:10] disassemble it yep it won't disassembled
[02:13] into a common thing which are
[02:16] marshmallows yep and it might
[02:19] disassembled into some rarer things
[02:22] which are jelly tots well it let's
[02:24] attach the the terms to the mince it to
[02:26] you so that we can see the context
[02:28] Ryan if you disassemble the the
[02:30] blancmange that I dropped you will
[02:32] probably get lots of organic parts right
[02:36] and a few culinary components right okay
[02:43] okay well that do yet now do right that
[02:46] makes sense okay so next piece of jargon
[02:50] are you ready for this one this is a
[02:52] biggie I think okay devices or mentors a
[02:56] great word I'll thinking and gizmos
[02:59] right devices are things that you make
[03:04] with your materials that have some
[03:08] effect in the game world so cyborg chin
[03:12] chompers I don't think we're calling
[03:13] them cyborg anymore they're probably
[03:15] enhanced chin chompers right that you've
[03:17] taken H and jumper and you've taken a
[03:19] bunch of invention parts or components
[03:21] yeah and you've put them together using
[03:24] your invention skill and now you've got
[03:26] a better chin jumper that does more
[03:27] damage hooray woodcutting mining and
[03:30] fishing accumulators are also devices
[03:33] and you build them they're like anti
[03:35] urns if you fail to fish up a fish
[03:38] you're fishing accumulator charges when
[03:40] it's full teleported away nice chunk of
[03:43] experience Oh lovely so it's a bit of
[03:45] bad luck protection for mining fishing I
[03:48] can't woodcutting and those are examples
[03:51] of devices okay and augment oars yep are
[03:56] things that you can build and then apply
[03:58] to a weapon or a piece of torso or leg
[04:02] armor or shield and doing so turns that
[04:06] weapon into an improved version of
[04:08] itself that you can level up in combat
[04:11] by using it yeah and that you can put
[04:14] specific perks into which we'll come
[04:17] back to in a while the next piece of
[04:19] jargon and the way you do that is by
[04:21] adding gizmos to them hey gizmos are
[04:24] again you build them with your invention
[04:28] parts and components and then you use
[04:30] more parts and components to experiment
[04:33] and find effects that that those gizmos
[04:36] can then impart to whatever you socket
[04:38] them into right okay whichever augmented
[04:41] item you happen to put them in we'll get
[04:44] those benefits okay and so we come to
[04:48] perks perks are generally mechanical
[04:53] effects that you can find elsewhere in
[04:56] the game some you can't but take for
[04:59] example the saradomin war priest set
[05:02] affect the occasionally reduces the
[05:04] damage you take by ninety percent
[05:06] ninety-nine percent it depends on the
[05:08] number of pieces of set there is a perk
[05:11] that has a similar but slightly lesser
[05:14] effect so equivalent to wearing say
[05:16] three pieces of war priest yeah if you
[05:20] suck it that into your augmented weapon
[05:22] then carrying that weapon will confirm
[05:25] that effect on you that perk so you will
[05:27] have a chance to take much reduced
[05:30] damage from an attack and there's a
[05:32] range of perks to discover yes and we're
[05:35] not allowed to discuss the rule than the
[05:37] earth are we I'm not willing to talk
[05:39] about what too many of them doing ok ok
[05:42] I do know that one of them that I saw
[05:44] when I was testing it the other day
[05:46] boilers made me hurt a lot if I went and
[05:49] fought something yes yes and that
[05:52] doesn't matter so given say that was not
[05:53] a perk you want very often no no oh I
[05:56] think we have already mentioned the
[05:58] dragon bait diamond blades yeah an
[06:01] undead bait / switch yes it is worth
[06:04] mentioning not all perks are positive
[06:06] yes some of them will give you Malice's
[06:09] rather than bonuses yes and are best
[06:12] avoided except in as much as you get
[06:14] experience for making ok I are you going
[06:17] to give you 8 out of 10 for that 60 not
[06:19] bad not too bad it's still a first if
[06:24] you're on that kind of grading I think
[06:26] that's probably a b-minus know if you're
[06:29] an American plus B plus ok so if I've
[06:34] got 80 smithing crafting and divination
[06:37] what is my first step to start on the
[06:41] pioneering trail of invention well the
[06:44] very first thing to do is to get
[06:47] yourself to the falador lodestone right
[06:49] and head a little way north and a little
[06:52] way east to where you will see a lovely
[06:55] stone arch
[06:55] way with the invention symbol on the
[06:58] door and that is the new inventors guild
[07:01] that essentially you'll be helping to to
[07:05] bring into prominence take into the
[07:06] light and further in this glorious six
[07:09] age of man okay six age in which there
[07:12] are mans and womans inside you will find
[07:17] a fellow who essentially will take you
[07:19] through a tutorial for invention they'll
[07:21] introduce all of these lovely terms that
[07:23] I just defined a friendly cap here's a
[07:26] very friendly chat he needs some help
[07:28] though because he would like to combine
[07:31] smithing and crafting in some way to
[07:34] take it forward into the glorious
[07:36] technological future but doesn't know
[07:38] how but he doesn't know how he's missing
[07:40] that one sort of spark that that gothics
[07:44] juice of inspiration yes and he'll lead
[07:47] you through a tutorial that will
[07:48] introduce you to all of those concepts
[07:51] and and end you up with some starting
[07:55] off materials and some bits and pieces
[07:57] actually that was one of the things I
[07:59] latest you missed on your jargon this
[08:00] professor you miss the word inspiration
[08:04] ah well is that not another piece of
[08:07] jargon we should be familiar with
[08:09] inspiration certainly is another term
[08:11] within the skill when when you need to
[08:14] make a new thing that you've never made
[08:16] before before you can do that you need
[08:18] to discover it right you to find out how
[08:21] to make it and that involves spending
[08:24] some inspiration on it now inspiration
[08:27] you get when you level up the skill and
[08:29] you can also get from just day-to-day
[08:32] activities you can be fishing and be hit
[08:34] by a bolt of inspiration and you can
[08:37] kill a thing and that will give you some
[08:39] inspiration as well like it yeah it's so
[08:42] going about your daily tasks yeah helps
[08:45] you find greater inspiration to achieve
[08:47] more in the invention guild yep and in
[08:51] each case you choose what you'd like to
[08:53] unlock with that inspiration right you
[08:55] do a brief so micro puzzle really to
[09:00] most efficiently spend your inspiration
[09:03] on unlocking it okay and and then it's
[09:06] yours to make or use or
[09:08] what was there's any number of things
[09:10] that you can unlock in this manner so
[09:12] it's quite it's quite worth your time in
[09:14] fact smelling a little bit of time on
[09:16] that micro puzzle isn't it yes it does
[09:18] make quite a difference overall yeah
[09:21] there is no way you can lock yourself
[09:23] out of getting everything eventually
[09:25] yeah but if you're spendthrift with your
[09:29] inspiration then you might find that you
[09:32] have to work a little harder later on to
[09:34] catch up okay so back to the tutorial
[09:37] yes so we're running through the
[09:39] tutorial we're going to help this little
[09:41] chap find the inspiration how do we do
[09:44] that I don't want to spoil it too right
[09:48] okay because obviously mod stew has has
[09:51] done an excellent job of weaving it into
[09:54] into the story of how the guild comes to
[09:56] be right okay but certainly it involves
[10:00] introducing the concept of disassembly
[10:02] the concept of blueprints the concept of
[10:04] devices and everything introduced one
[10:08] after running through the shark and we
[10:10] just talked about yeah sure you're aware
[10:12] of how it all works and interchanges in
[10:13] running through in hopefully logical
[10:15] steps how it all works okay and when
[10:19] I've done my tutorial how do I trait
[10:21] that that's right i should give you a
[10:22] much that's often please do yes I seven
[10:25] and a half out of 10 I blame the
[10:26] distractions yes so I've got a tutorial
[10:30] done how do I now train it and this is a
[10:33] big section it is because if this were
[10:35] 15 marks oh well so there is some XP to
[10:40] be had from disassembling items right
[10:43] however I would like to reassure all of
[10:47] Reddit and most of Twitter that you
[10:50] don't have to just disassemble two
[10:53] million dragon long swords at 16
[10:55] experience each to get your 99 now it is
[10:58] not meant to be the primary method of
[11:00] training invention to go disassembling
[11:02] things it is a bonus is it it's a little
[11:05] bonus it's a reflection of the
[11:07] philosophy that we've got particularly
[11:09] these days that if you do something
[11:11] thats related to a skill you should
[11:13] probably get some experience in that
[11:14] skill yeah so it is small dribs and
[11:18] drabs but enough to make it worth your
[11:21] while
[11:22] gaining the materials as well as then
[11:23] spending them yet and obviously that's
[11:27] where that's where the majority of it
[11:29] then comes from is spending those
[11:31] materials to create the devices that
[11:33] you've that you've unlocked whether that
[11:35] be enhanced chin jumpers or or anything
[11:38] else every time you make a device you'll
[11:39] get experience for it that's no
[11:41] different from any other crafting skill
[11:44] yeah very familiar users make X the
[11:47] system that smithing and crafting and so
[11:50] forth all use so so far so normal as I
[11:54] briefly mentioned earlier making perks
[11:56] is a good source of experience right the
[12:01] way this works in in very brief is that
[12:04] you create a device called a gizmo shell
[12:07] yet which has five slots to put in
[12:11] different materials and so you can load
[12:15] it up with two organic components to
[12:18] strong components and a sharp and a
[12:22] sharp part and it'll tell you here's the
[12:25] range of potential perks you could make
[12:27] with this combination of materials yeah
[12:30] and then if you think that you you like
[12:32] those that list you hit the button and
[12:35] it gives you a completed gizmo with
[12:38] those perks baked into it okay and it
[12:41] gives you some invention experience for
[12:43] every material you've used up by doing
[12:46] that where I ok components obviously
[12:49] being rarer are worth more than parts
[12:52] which are more common yeah if you find
[12:55] and use the the most rare of components
[12:58] the ones that only come from particular
[13:00] places they are worth even more right ok
[13:04] so I mean obviously if you go
[13:06] disassembling your third age druidic yes
[13:09] you can expect some return on investment
[13:12] I don't know if people would consider it
[13:14] enough return on investment to actually
[13:16] go disassembling their third age druidic
[13:18] but but there is at least an effort made
[13:21] along those lines yeah ok I probably
[13:25] would disassemble third age to ridic go
[13:27] to disassemble your phone aged rude
[13:29] there's better choices yes so that's a
[13:34] good way to both find out what sort of
[13:36] perks you might get for any given
[13:39] combination of stuff and also to do some
[13:42] leveling do some training okay the
[13:46] fourth and fifth methods because they
[13:50] are they are other kind once you have
[13:53] created an augmented weapon or piece of
[13:56] armor or yet using it in combat will
[13:59] give experience to it array will be able
[14:02] to gain levels okay up to the tenth
[14:07] level of that equipment and that will
[14:09] take a little while yeah each level will
[14:13] increase the amount of invention XP
[14:17] that's contained inside that weapon okay
[14:19] so when you by the time you get to level
[14:21] ten disassembling that weapon will then
[14:25] give you a nice big chunk of invention
[14:27] XP right okay as well as all the other
[14:31] benefits that leveling up a weapon
[14:32] grants it so there's things like when
[14:35] you disassemble it it'll give you four
[14:37] times the unique materials it would have
[14:39] done yep give you more of any given
[14:42] thing it'll consume less of your your
[14:46] charge in any given weapon it'll just
[14:49] become better and more valuable as you
[14:52] use it if however you decide that you
[14:54] don't want to lose that weapon yeah
[14:57] because you've all mented all of your
[14:59] dry Gore's and they represent a good
[15:02] chunk of your bank as they yet do for
[15:04] many there is another alternative you
[15:07] can create a device that is definitely
[15:09] not called the XP sucker router ER we've
[15:13] got a better name for it than that I
[15:14] just can't remember it I really hope you
[15:16] have because that that's that's it that
[15:18] it is shocking oh we've we've called it
[15:20] something like the siphon okay
[15:21] similar yes and that's a scary game it
[15:24] is the XP sucker out or the XP sucker
[15:27] outer but that's what it does it sucks
[15:30] the XP out of the Augmented weapon and
[15:34] it gives you the invention XP that a
[15:37] weapon two levels below it would have
[15:40] given you but without destroying the
[15:42] weapon
[15:43] so destroy a level 10 weapon and you
[15:47] might get that say 300,000 experience
[15:50] use the XP soccer router on it and you
[15:53] might get half that as fitting a level 8
[15:56] weapon yet but you'll get to keep the
[15:59] weapon which will now be at level zero
[16:00] and level it up again you around gear
[16:02] case it's very weapons keep on that
[16:05] cycle so yeah that's and that's possibly
[16:08] the most GP efficient way of doing so
[16:11] okay it's probably not the most time
[16:14] efficient way of doing so so those are
[16:16] those are the major ways of getting
[16:18] invention XP okay so i i'm going to give
[16:21] you 14 out of 15 or that section very
[16:24] good i'm very impressed okay making
[16:28] perks so that's something you probably
[16:31] to tell us more about hmm more
[16:33] information about making perks yeah so
[16:36] I'm going to talk a little bit about the
[16:38] underlying systems I know in any sort of
[16:40] numerical detail because spoilers yeah
[16:43] but I'm a suspect or a tall ones lovely
[16:46] lovely chief for players to find oh yeah
[16:48] I'm sure there will be spreadsheets
[16:49] existing of this not long after launch
[16:52] because our players are nothing if not
[16:53] dedicated yeah in essence any given
[16:57] material in invention has a bunch of
[17:01] potential perks that it can give you and
[17:03] a waiting for how likely they are to
[17:06] give you levels of that perk so a common
[17:11] part thats a heavy parts yeah you can
[17:15] get from practically anywhere might have
[17:18] three positive perks and three- perks
[17:21] that you can get out of them making your
[17:24] attacks lower making you do more damage
[17:26] all that sort of thing and there'll be
[17:29] little contribute different amounts to a
[17:33] gizmo that you put it in yeah it's
[17:36] balanced such that if you put five of
[17:38] the same component in a given gizmo what
[17:42] you're likely to get is one slightly
[17:45] positive perk and one quite negative
[17:47] perk okay you'll get the experience for
[17:50] making it obviously but you won't end up
[17:52] very likely with something that you want
[17:53] to keep ya to get the really good perks
[17:57] without any of the negatives what you're
[17:59] going to want to do is experiment a bit
[18:01] with putting in a couple of these and a
[18:02] couple of these with putting in for
[18:05] finding which combinations emphasize the
[18:08] one perk that you do want without
[18:09] bolstering the perks that you don't yeah
[18:12] so you want perks that share but are
[18:16] shared by two different materials yet
[18:18] but don't also share on the earth yeah
[18:22] so it really is all about experimenting
[18:25] it's about that choice of what you put
[18:28] in to any given gizmo shell and finding
[18:31] out where the best best routes to go
[18:34] down are to try to get any given perk
[18:37] and indeed finding out which perks those
[18:39] are on any given materials so what
[18:41] you're telling me is invention is about
[18:44] inventing yeah yeah that there is a
[18:47] certain amount of potential to discover
[18:50] friend and that will only grow over time
[18:54] as we add more materials more perks for
[18:57] those materials to have and there's been
[19:00] talk about occasionally shaking it up a
[19:03] bit okay changing what what perks are
[19:05] available from what materials what
[19:07] whether or not that comes to pass soon I
[19:11] don't know I'd like to give people some
[19:12] time to figure out what's going on it
[19:14] all right pull rug from under their feet
[19:16] I think that's only polite but certainly
[19:20] it's a framework that we can build on as
[19:23] we add additional perks and as more
[19:26] areas of content link into the invention
[19:28] skill okay i'm going to give you full
[19:31] marks for that station public it's got
[19:33] me quite excited about that skill so
[19:36] next I'd like you to tell me about
[19:38] specialization specialization is
[19:42] something that we've really laid the
[19:44] groundwork for in this first launch okay
[19:46] that when you start invention you have
[19:50] access to a set of blueprints that we
[19:54] call the the common-law basic tech tree
[19:56] that are based purely on a gothic
[20:00] senergy smithing crafting just sort of
[20:05] core components of the skill yeah
[20:07] when you reach a slightly higher level
[20:09] will give you the opportunity to
[20:11] specialize in to a particular tech
[20:13] branch okay that brings with it its own
[20:16] set of additional blueprints additional
[20:19] stuff to discover yeah now initially on
[20:22] launched there'll be two of those they
[20:24] are dorvan and goblin technology okay
[20:27] doors obviously very much into the heavy
[20:31] industry the steam bronze and all that
[20:34] sort of thing sticking a cog on it all
[20:37] always a good plan draft punk brass punk
[20:39] yeah goblin technology is very much
[20:42] based on electricity high voltage Van de
[20:46] Graaff generators and Jacobs ladders and
[20:48] all that sort of thing and obviously
[20:50] these are reflected in the sorts of
[20:52] things that you can then build yeah when
[20:54] you specialize in to one or the other
[20:56] text now again because of the waiver
[21:00] inscape is the way we want it to be that
[21:02] doesn't mean that you'll never get the
[21:04] stuff in the other tech tree it just
[21:06] means that you'll have to wait longer
[21:08] for any given unlock so let's say you
[21:11] specialize in to goblin tech then
[21:13] perhaps in the Dwarven tree something
[21:15] that you would have got at level 20
[21:16] you'll now get at level 40 eventually
[21:18] you'll have everything it's just an
[21:20] amount of choice over what things you
[21:22] get in what order and how soon as I said
[21:26] again at the moment it's a framework
[21:28] there's two tech trees there's a couple
[21:30] of things in each tech tree will expand
[21:32] upon that over time we'll add more
[21:33] things to those tech trees will add more
[21:35] tech trees in the future as well okay
[21:37] and we've said the last the last
[21:39] question of the paper we've said
[21:42] invention is a theme for the year what
[21:45] does that mean there's five marks
[21:47] available for this question it's going
[21:49] to be key to your passing and there we
[21:53] first mentioned this at renfest I
[21:54] believe that we wanted this to be a
[21:56] theme that goal that tire's bits of
[21:59] content together throughout the year yes
[22:01] so the way immediately becomes relevant
[22:04] to me as a designer is the Guardians
[22:07] team upstairs working on the next
[22:09] vampire quest yep and can we find some
[22:13] way that completing that quest gives you
[22:16] access to more invention themed items so
[22:19] maybe you
[22:20] disassembled blister would weapons into
[22:23] unique vampiric components that have
[22:26] their own set of perks attached that you
[22:27] can't find elsewhere right or that you
[22:29] can only find very rarely and with a
[22:32] huge amount of luck elsewhere it means
[22:34] adding new devices to other bits of
[22:38] content as they come out it means using
[22:41] invention as a platform on which we can
[22:44] build reward yeah it was a problem that
[22:48] we identified towards the latter half of
[22:53] the year before last that our rewards
[22:56] space how much we could give the player
[22:59] for completing things was starting to
[23:02] run dry yeah that really there would
[23:06] come a point where there'd be nothing
[23:08] left to give people because absolutely
[23:10] everything in the game had had bonuses
[23:12] applied to it and so forth yeah so part
[23:15] of why invention came about was to give
[23:17] a space into which we can add reward for
[23:22] content that is relevant in an ongoing
[23:25] manner that doesn't become obsolete in
[23:28] the way say a maple tree might right
[23:30] okay so part of our plan for the year is
[23:34] then to expand invention both through
[23:37] external content like quests and
[23:40] minigames that we might might make
[23:42] elsewhere and through later on expanding
[23:46] it with the guild of inventors the
[23:48] machines that we wanted to put in there
[23:50] and have to cut if we can get getting
[23:52] those in while we've got more time then
[23:54] so much the better so it becomes in
[23:58] itself and as a resource for other
[24:00] content a space to to build awesome
[24:04] awesome okay I've totted up your marks I
[24:08] have you at 43 and a half out of 50
[24:13] which is eighty-seven percent seven
[24:15] percent so I'll give you an A for that
[24:17] of well done I have one more one more
[24:20] question reading really loved Lizzie
[24:22] clearly like experience Cape is always
[24:25] grading on a curve oh yes one last
[24:28] question before you leave our sofa today
[24:29] and go back to the invention Mills
[24:32] what's your fav
[24:34] perc without spoiling it obviously what
[24:38] perk is your favorite my favorite perk
[24:41] is one that I really don't want to
[24:43] mention because it's just hilarious when
[24:46] you encounter it so instead I'm going to
[24:51] have to go with my second favorite okay
[24:54] which is the Brassica perk right which
[25:00] every now and again add to cabbage to
[25:03] your inventory okay it's not a positive
[25:07] perk no I'll emphasize that it's now
[25:10] it's not something that you necessarily
[25:11] want to take with you when fighting the
[25:13] Queen black dragon but it has its humor
[25:16] but it is something that you might run
[25:18] across it's quite easy to get if you use
[25:21] the right combination of materials and I
[25:23] think various people had some fun with
[25:27] it as well yes I would imagine so well
[25:30] thank you professor multi after coming
[25:32] down to the surfers and giving us your
[25:34] invention what I want oh thank you for
[25:36] the exam Maggie and look forward to
[25:40] seeing it in game excellent bye
[26:07] you