Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #77 - A Birthday to Remember

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:13] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:15] I mod Matt he and with me today all the
[00:18] surfers I have mud Chris down and mod
[00:21] Christy was here to talk to us about the
[00:22] 15th anniversary yes a fantastic event
[00:25] to celebrate the birthday of runescape
[00:28] so we launched it on monday early Monday
[00:31] the fourth yet out on the actual
[00:33] birthday on the actual birthday loads of
[00:35] exciting stuff went into game I
[00:36] understand yeah it was quite quite a
[00:38] biggie i think for what was not what
[00:41] would normally be a non update week we
[00:43] put quite a bit so how do you get
[00:45] started with all that new exciting
[00:47] content so we've made a new party hub
[00:49] area which is the focus of the
[00:51] celebrations yeah that's north of
[00:53] falador to the east of the divination
[00:55] colony right it's just to the side of it
[00:57] so it doesn't affect anybody doing
[00:59] divination and it says gorgeous new
[01:01] garden full of statue prints we've got
[01:03] party Pete there and it's basically
[01:06] where you want to head off to start with
[01:08] you're going to talk to party Pete and
[01:09] he's going to give you a party pack and
[01:11] to get you started so you open that and
[01:14] you get lots of goodies so you get a
[01:15] star and a lamp and some party hat
[01:18] fragments which we could probably come
[01:19] back to you later yeah and then ill so
[01:22] you'll see the garden with all these
[01:24] statue prints okay and so there's 15
[01:27] plants 15 years 15 years almost like
[01:31] it's almost like you thought about this
[01:32] almost like that we didn't accidentally
[01:34] have 14 at one point during development
[01:36] because we tried to make it symmetrical
[01:38] so and then we're asking to squeeze
[01:42] another one in there so you can actually
[01:45] find statues to go on these prints
[01:47] you'll get one free from your party box
[01:49] yeah so straight away you'll get your
[01:51] box your turn around and one of the
[01:52] statues will be there to be a random one
[01:54] so from one of the years and each of
[01:56] statues is for something iconic from
[01:59] that year okay so for example the 2001
[02:02] won the very first statue itself ugh oh
[02:05] so lovely el phone and then to be able
[02:10] to get the rest you can get them from
[02:12] balloon drops which happen every half
[02:14] hour at every low stone except prifti
[02:16] nests and eagles peak right okay and so
[02:19] you can get them as drops from there and
[02:21] from the brain drop if you're lucky yeah
[02:23] it's also other things you can get from
[02:25] the balloon drop
[02:26] so coins and stars and mumps and things
[02:28] but you can also go find the statues by
[02:31] hunting out portals there are 15 portals
[02:34] around the world in front I areas so
[02:36] we've made it absolutely accessible to
[02:38] everyone in fact the entire event is all
[02:40] free to play do we want it absolutely
[02:43] everybody to be able to join in yeah so
[02:45] there are 15 portals although if you got
[02:47] one statue unlocked from your books
[02:49] you're only going to find 14 bottles
[02:51] yeah there's one for each statue they're
[02:54] the same on every world you just find a
[02:55] portal stick your hand in you'll get a
[02:57] key message and they're all difference
[03:00] there's one where I've got like the air
[03:02] is moist and dank or something or
[03:04] downpour I was that's my icy cold when
[03:07] you put your hand in you find a statue
[03:09] and then it disappears and then it's
[03:11] unlocking you in your garden okay can
[03:13] you do it will do all those in one day
[03:14] you can let that all there there the
[03:16] entire time that we didn't we did
[03:19] consider time locking them and releasing
[03:20] one a day that we thought you know it's
[03:22] the birthday day let's put the more
[03:24] available yeah and they're there for the
[03:26] entire year so even new players who
[03:28] joint will be able to find them for the
[03:30] entirety of the birthday year breathe I
[03:32] hear there's an a limit on them of
[03:35] balloons you can pop in a day then 50
[03:37] millions a day 50 that's quite a few
[03:39] yeah quite a few I mean you're going to
[03:40] be hopping around a lot to be able to
[03:42] pop your 50 okay I'm and those balloons
[03:45] it says gold prismatic stars and lamps
[03:48] start the possible such pieces and the
[03:51] party high fights as well yes we'll get
[03:53] we'll get to the party out in a minute
[03:54] yeah I'm sorry as I say there at all
[03:57] different lodestone so just go to one
[04:00] thats quiet if you want to have all the
[04:02] balloons to yourself just go to a quiet
[04:04] life by their workloads after you put 15
[04:07] balloons here you get a prize you do and
[04:11] that's the tunic you did is a fancy
[04:13] 15-year tunic we've got um we've got a
[04:16] special logo for 15 years celebrations
[04:18] which you'll be able to see all around
[04:19] the world on lanterns on trees and on
[04:22] the lodestones and we put that on the
[04:24] tunic so you can it is basically a good
[04:27] way to show I was there for the 15 year
[04:29] celebrations yeah I hear pastor Pete's
[04:31] been quite keen with the decorations
[04:33] they're all over the world yeah
[04:36] including Yankee
[04:38] rifkin SG everywhere yeah that's around
[04:41] a bit he does he's a bit more organized
[04:43] than Rana worse with the beach yeah you
[04:45] know he didn't know how to ask for help
[04:46] he just got on with it and if you pop 50
[04:51] balloons then you get a special balloon
[04:53] which some people will be able to wield
[04:56] apparently do unfortunately it's not
[04:58] actually an object at the moment as such
[05:00] it's just too d at the moment Raju only
[05:02] allow it in your inventory says we
[05:04] wanted people to be able to wield it
[05:05] we'd have to model it and then animate
[05:08] it bobbing around it would look really
[05:09] cute I mean we have had and we've done
[05:12] pet competitions which you've run yeah
[05:14] we've had people suggest balloons and
[05:16] that's totally my favorite pets okay I'm
[05:18] always pushing for a bloom but I did
[05:21] like the bouncy cake pet I still have to
[05:22] say okay the bouncy cake pep is one of
[05:25] my favorites well it's almost like the
[05:27] cake in the in the emote will get 20
[05:30] shocky okay it's what they do no
[05:33] previews well cuz I spoilers and what is
[05:35] its all out and I'm suddenly balloon
[05:37] gives you another advantage as well it
[05:39] does it last for the whole month yo to
[05:41] the end of month and every every 30
[05:44] minutes you can use it to bank something
[05:45] from the inventory it will just you know
[05:48] thank it for you that's nice it's just a
[05:50] little cute yeah yeah talk to you if you
[05:52] want to use it if not you don't have to
[05:54] but yes that all month so if you've got
[05:57] something that you know the banking will
[05:58] be helpful go grab it and you said about
[06:01] statues earlier well I understand for
[06:03] every four statues you get yes we've got
[06:05] lots of unlocks to do with how many
[06:07] statues you've collected so when you've
[06:09] got four you get what do you get for I
[06:13] should totally know this i've done the
[06:15] behind the seat under you can just get
[06:18] the dulcimer which i absolutely love so
[06:20] you a cat dance mode yeah you get to do
[06:25] a section of the clan citadel dancing
[06:28] right on a really cool flashing dance
[06:31] floor yep with a stone of jazz disco
[06:34] ball above i did notice that a judge to
[06:36] Schiphol yeah yeah and it's really cool
[06:38] when people stand next to each other
[06:39] during this a mode I've seen some some
[06:41] good lines of people all joined together
[06:43] having a good old party that's just with
[06:46] full yeah dan with eight you get skin
[06:50] bubbles right so
[06:52] oh these are classics killing bubbles so
[06:55] these come in nineteen skills so
[06:57] obviously not divination and obviously
[06:59] not intervention not attack strength
[07:01] defense ranged magic Constitution and
[07:03] engineering almost like you had the
[07:05] listing for intervene it is in fact
[07:07] because okay so when you when you gain
[07:11] experience in any of the other skills a
[07:13] little but subbable will pop up above
[07:15] your head with the original classic icon
[07:18] for that skill right there very popular
[07:20] with some of our long time players and
[07:22] in the office I'm right when we made
[07:25] them there were a couple of people who
[07:26] just like do you need anything else this
[07:27] is the best thing ever okay that's good
[07:30] and then at 12 12 12 so it's not even
[07:34] all the way there yet 12 you get an
[07:37] extra remote except this amount is
[07:39] actually 15 emotes okay currently it's
[07:42] for remote and one for each year yeah
[07:45] the moment we've got two thousand and
[07:46] one two three and four right that we
[07:48] will be adding the rest of the end up to
[07:51] 2015 right as we go throughout the year
[07:53] so they'll be extra things so giving
[07:55] really adding and also if you miss out
[07:59] on one two three or four then when if
[08:02] you come in or in mail when it whenever
[08:05] we yep and look more you will get all of
[08:07] the ones up to that point unlocked so
[08:09] you're not going to miss out on any okay
[08:11] sad so when you get the next for you up
[08:13] to 16 oh no wait sage the Alliance or
[08:18] something iconic from each year so we've
[08:21] got rat pits in there and it's all quite
[08:23] you know yeah it's quite cool it is very
[08:26] retro very cool yes and then at 1550 I
[08:30] know it's really really annoying when I
[08:32] was trying to split it now there's a
[08:33] nice way of splitting no there isn't
[08:35] beautiful so 15 you get the cracker
[08:38] wings and think that the capital letters
[08:40] when I say the Rocco wings so these are
[08:44] your traditional white Christmas cracker
[08:47] way you'd expect to get a party hat from
[08:49] yeah yeah back in the day so there's
[08:51] fruit open and you're wearing them on
[08:52] your back like wings and falling out of
[08:54] these crackers or party hats obviously
[08:58] they're just particles you can't go out
[08:59] grab them you can't chase after someone
[09:01] and pick up party hats and like I said
[09:03] if that would be
[09:04] we have all the colors except purple
[09:08] which is really sad because purple is my
[09:10] favorite yes but we can only have five
[09:12] particles by the effects on one item yes
[09:15] I we had to choose and because blue and
[09:17] purple are pretty close in color blue
[09:19] was chosen yeah it wasn't my decision I
[09:21] would have gone with purple obvious a
[09:23] number of players have been asking can
[09:25] they have the purple instead of the
[09:26] white or purple and blue hours of
[09:29] discussion already these are five where
[09:32] these are the five and they look amazing
[09:34] they do switch when you're running
[09:36] around or doing the dancing out with
[09:38] your crap with you cracker wings on yeah
[09:40] oh we haven't talked about the buff from
[09:44] the party area no we haven't so in the
[09:47] party area you'll see lots of banquet
[09:49] tables and you'll see the amazing
[09:51] 15-year cake which one of our mods made
[09:53] it one evening at home he decided to
[09:56] make a cake in the shape of the wizards
[09:57] tower I don't know if it's epic although
[09:59] it does have 16 candles but I maintain
[10:02] that to John Hughes reference I mean
[10:03] yeah yeah we'll just get away with that
[10:06] or a special one for look yeah so when
[10:09] you eat any of those you will get a five
[10:12] percent buff while you're in the party
[10:14] area for the next 20 24 hours lovely so
[10:17] everything you're doing that area so you
[10:18] can bring your portables along you know
[10:21] and there's a bag chest so you can see
[10:22] it's gonna be a nice social area for our
[10:25] skin gel yeah yes given to ya how long's
[10:28] the cake therefore is it just for this
[10:30] month or is it for the whole year and so
[10:32] well that all the food and everything is
[10:34] just for the end till the end of this
[10:35] much just the end of this month and when
[10:37] you eat from the cake you get a special
[10:38] 15 years slice of cake a magic slice of
[10:42] cake never-ending cake until the other
[10:44] month um which every three minutes you
[10:48] can eat and it will heal you it's scaled
[10:51] up to your constitution levels so I
[10:53] think it 99 its equivalent of a rock
[10:55] tale nice so if you're like me and
[10:58] you're doing Slayer it's quite handy
[11:00] yeah every three minutes you just can
[11:02] just eat okay generating food almost
[11:04] yeah and then we put the drop in as well
[11:06] we have so also in the party are you'll
[11:09] see fame who is one of my favorite MBC
[11:11] models ever wrote and so she's running
[11:14] the drop and it's completely rinse
[11:17] themed 15 questions one for each year
[11:19] again it's almost like we have a theme
[11:21] it is and yeah about the history of the
[11:24] game so some in-game things some outside
[11:27] game things like to do with the history
[11:29] like that kind of thing ok get given
[11:31] we've just talking about the drop my
[11:33] final question for you before we say
[11:35] goodbye to our listeners you've got to
[11:37] look in your eyes which questions the
[11:40] hardest for you spelling measure up I
[11:43] mean it's hard enough as it is and the
[11:47] options are pretty close to each other
[11:48] on the answers and yet in the office I'm
[11:51] not the only one who can't spoil it
[11:52] we've joked about having a cheat in our
[11:55] code program to finish the word for you
[11:58] the same as per emptiness although I
[12:00] have been told I spot I pronounced that
[12:02] wrong model spawns worse he had 20
[12:06] minute lessons from 2j molds on how to
[12:07] plant seeds and he still couldn't do it
[12:09] for the BTS he recorded well he did
[12:12] agree to a welsh name he did he did yes
[12:15] and all that loads the clan names are
[12:17] Welsh as well he can't see any of those
[12:19] other oh well in that case I think it's
[12:23] time for us to go back to our 15th
[12:25] birthday celebrations yeah I haven't
[12:26] actually played it yet well get on with
[12:28] it hey there mister if you got say
[12:30] goodbye goodbye everyone bye
[12:50] you