RuneScape Podcast #76 - 2015: Community Highlights

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:10] I'm mod Matty the podcast monkey and
[00:13] with me today to talk about the
[00:15] community highlights of 2015 and some of
[00:18] the exciting stuff coming up in 2016 i
[00:20] have mod nina a mug done mod kaleia is a
[00:24] rossiyan community manager you're the
[00:26] Zoroastrian what else do you do mod
[00:28] Caillat I I work a lot on the farms yeah
[00:32] look after all right mods I look after
[00:34] the F mods yet comes hand in hand with
[00:36] the forums and they're great check out
[00:37] to the ephod I do other stuff for help
[00:39] out with the live streams most weeks
[00:41] trying to think now reem fest flights oh
[00:45] yeah that which will get on to remove
[00:46] piss lately I forgot about that you're a
[00:48] reason that yank yeah I did lots of add
[00:50] many things do those of project I do
[00:52] lots of support for projects and things
[00:54] you yep come up and what John what do
[00:57] you do what do you what do you do i do
[00:59] that is a good question i asked a lot so
[01:04] my main role at the moment is to be in
[01:06] charge of live streams so not just for
[01:08] an escape so any game we make it jagex I
[01:11] kind of help support life James for it
[01:13] yeah so yeah I'm mostly in the training
[01:16] room so really we're recording this in
[01:19] your room yes we're on your sofa on my
[01:21] turf so yeah other than that I do a bit
[01:27] of community management work at the
[01:28] moment so organizing playtests or
[01:32] organizing people just to do things yep
[01:35] I speak a lot with modesty for example
[01:38] to get some community things done for us
[01:40] yeah and yes I spend most my time
[01:42] writing scripts for live streams making
[01:45] sure everybody's available flushing is
[01:46] getting people sorted hyped interested
[01:49] and available for the Russians fated
[01:51] here and mod Nina so I had a podcast
[01:55] recently you did yes so everybody kind
[01:58] of talked about what I do and what I've
[01:59] got plans so Sophie mods play galleries
[02:02] influences talking talking to lots of
[02:05] the live streamers and people like that
[02:07] yeah communicating like with the
[02:09] community like is the biggest thing
[02:11] outreach yeah really and I just
[02:13] you podcast that's all I do is it is it
[02:15] definitely not I also got to mention I
[02:18] also Peter influences a bit busy busy
[02:23] chat mods on well yeah everybody's busy
[02:26] in the team but yeah so obviously 2015
[02:29] is coming to a close but there's been
[02:31] some awesome community stuff last week
[02:33] on the podcast we talked about the
[02:34] content models born and gang all SAT
[02:37] here and talked about the content the
[02:39] really released frosty it but I wanted
[02:41] to take time today to have a chat about
[02:43] that things that happen for our
[02:45] community in game and out of game so
[02:48] i'll start with start of the egg game
[02:51] blast Wow big start yet laughs
[02:55] absolutely so III actually 140 was away
[02:58] for game + see y'all tell me what
[03:00] happened koala breathe evening it was
[03:03] crazy to a secretary 24 hours to be
[03:06] completely honest yeah I only stayed for
[03:07] evening i gave up about 1am i was in
[03:09] charge of the challenges you know the
[03:11] challenges that the team Allanon team is
[03:13] it Dean Dean yeah they had to do so the
[03:17] chair ice the food challenges and all
[03:21] those challenges are responsible all
[03:23] those and keeping all the high high in
[03:24] the face at the end challenge yeah the
[03:26] sumo the sumo wrestling Ron as well yeah
[03:28] it was crazy because they were doing at
[03:30] such weird times in the morning as well
[03:32] so to get everyone hyped at that times
[03:33] like right we've got to go and dress up
[03:36] in sumo suits and fight in the canteen
[03:38] it's not fun because we loved you it
[03:41] loads for players get involved early
[03:43] yeah we had we wouldn't picked up one
[03:46] player didn't we yeah I may answer he's
[03:49] won a competition and we said that we
[03:51] would well we would organize attacks to
[03:53] pick him up and join us the 24-hour gym
[03:54] yeah p mods in the atrium helping us
[03:59] raise money donating to charity we've
[04:02] got the world had the word well as well
[04:04] yeah it was good a couple of busting
[04:06] streams as well yeah yeah during game
[04:08] blast and to kind of raise some more
[04:10] money and some in-game wealth and and
[04:13] that's the point of the game class isn't
[04:15] it it's you know a massive charitable
[04:17] effort by ourselves and lots of other
[04:19] gaming companies input and gamers out in
[04:22] the world so special effects is a great
[04:24] cause 22 kind of support
[04:27] I had a chance to speak with the CEO / a
[04:31] special effect during game versus pectin
[04:34] for good half an hour and he was really
[04:35] passionate about what he was doing about
[04:37] helping the people he helps and it
[04:40] doesn't I gave that extra boost at five
[04:42] in the morning when I had a chat with
[04:43] him i was a bit with the night cup of
[04:45] tea the 18th couple T other night trying
[04:48] to wake up and it's gave me a huge boost
[04:50] to see the energy of this person has put
[04:52] into his charity 5am yeah I think we're
[04:55] all good rural big gamers as well we can
[04:57] appreciate all the things that they're
[04:58] doing and the money that we raise will
[05:00] do a really good cause and we're happy
[05:03] to help people who can't you find it
[05:06] difficult play games actually get to
[05:07] play games the stuff that charity does
[05:09] for disadvantaged children and vehicle
[05:11] is just incredible you're absolutely
[05:12] amazing how many Gaston yeah how do they
[05:15] adapt games just specifically for that
[05:17] one person to be able to play their
[05:18] games yeah incredible so yeah yeah they
[05:20] sent us a few videos after game goes to
[05:23] show like what the money we helped raise
[05:25] went towards and like some of the things
[05:28] is just yet very heartwarming yes see
[05:30] some people who would never be able to
[05:31] play a certain game be able to play that
[05:33] game and without being hindered at all
[05:36] really so there's quite yeah hot warm i
[05:38] think as a word III know that after last
[05:40] year's game blast they came back in to
[05:42] present to us to show some of the work
[05:44] they've done yeah and there wasn't a dry
[05:45] eye in the house you know all the Dragut
[05:49] staff sitting watching these films and
[05:51] just tears rolling down faces because
[05:53] the work that is astounding really is
[05:55] okay well let's go to to a less
[05:58] charitable note you mentioned bot
[06:01] busting streams and we bought bristling
[06:03] porpoising streams back for the
[06:05] runescape met main game yeah we have in
[06:07] going on a storm it has been doing down
[06:09] there very well mod bands persist and
[06:12] particularly really likes doing these
[06:14] there this is so excited to get so
[06:16] excited when he finds a bot with lots of
[06:19] good amount of wealth on it so the other
[06:22] day he did the stream and he found a pot
[06:23] with full bill so he was wielding a drygore
[06:27] rapier and that's the only thing
[06:28] he had on him think he was kidding
[06:30] goblins in lumbridge was like that like
[06:32] that song is there bot and he banned him
[06:35] for full bill and he was really happy
[06:37] with that catch that highlight test our
[06:40] exes
[06:41] the moment way says for bill yes and
[06:45] that's just brilliant but when do we
[06:48] normally do the blockbusting streams so
[06:49] we normally do them when we do track
[06:52] when we do the web goodwill so to be
[06:54] able to donate the wealth that we take
[06:57] off the box to charity straightaway yeah
[06:59] the last cup we've done haven't been for
[07:02] charity we've just been doing about
[07:04] busing change because people like them
[07:05] yeah and we thought it would be nice to
[07:07] her to do it we do get very good
[07:10] viewership for those sort of streams
[07:12] which tends to indicate that people
[07:14] enjoy them same for the Bob passing
[07:17] highlight video that Chris actually made
[07:19] for us the one we did a few weeks ago
[07:21] that's got a good amount of views as
[07:23] well so if you've missed them where can
[07:26] people find those so YouTube is probably
[07:28] the best place because which will erase
[07:30] them after a while okay but you can find
[07:33] the most recent ones on twitch so our
[07:36] YouTube channel just runescape on
[07:37] YouTube cool and talking about streams
[07:40] and so it's like good morning generals
[07:42] be made a rival this year yeah good i'm
[07:46] really happy good morning or we where's
[07:48] the episode just before recording this
[07:50] podcast our christmas special with mod
[07:54] ramen yet ramen the red-nosed reindeer
[07:57] and a rehab I went the idea buttered
[08:01] from just like wanting to do a stream a
[08:03] different time my JD and myself just
[08:06] with disgusting and I just came up with
[08:07] the idea of sight why don't we do a
[08:08] morning stream breakfast show yeah and
[08:11] he jumped on board that straight away
[08:12] and we just decided to test it so we
[08:14] came up with the idea on a Thursday the
[08:16] next Tuesday so four days later counting
[08:19] a weekend we don't work good morning get
[08:21] anna was born and on air and it got it
[08:24] was much more successful than I thought
[08:26] it would be I thought we wouldn't get
[08:28] that many of us because we were aiming
[08:29] for Australian viewership and you know
[08:30] people that are at home at that time and
[08:34] it got it just was really well received
[08:35] so I was really happy of how it went and
[08:37] yeah it's taken over the community
[08:39] corner news posts that we used to do is
[08:41] net so you find a lot of stuff that we
[08:42] used to put in the Shakers now in good
[08:45] morning given or which is really good
[08:46] night had to come down quite well yeah
[08:48] and I was like really happy for his
[08:50] obvious one to see the chat was already
[08:52] very active even before we went live
[08:53] which tended to suggest that people
[08:55] purple waiting waiting for it so I was
[08:57] right it's been the car like my pet
[08:59] project this year I was quite happy to
[09:01] bring it to fruition and to see it still
[09:05] going and it will be still going in the
[09:06] new year so much fun watching the year
[09:08] was it star in a reasonably priced tube
[09:11] or something yeah so we get a Jay mods
[09:12] so you haven't watched a good one you
[09:14] know you can find them on youtube if you
[09:15] want to check it out yeah there are much
[09:18] more when I extreme than the dev QA
[09:19] where we don't really talk about
[09:22] definitely things we talk about more
[09:24] community focused yeah but we also have
[09:27] a feature which is called the gym
[09:28] Ordinaries repriced armor so we get a
[09:30] Jay mod in wise the name indicates
[09:33] reasonably priced are misfits tier 70
[09:36] ish yep armor and get them to fight qbd
[09:41] and have a Time Trial so people like
[09:43] generals are fighting for the top place
[09:45] on our leaderboard and probably get a
[09:46] prize at the end the the top person and
[09:49] I don't know what that prizes yet it
[09:52] might be a reasonably priced tube given
[09:56] the account they want is the mini
[09:57] account there that does everyone
[09:58] together I like a mini cup or something
[10:01] like that I think I think we can find
[10:02] them a minicar think if I know Malika I
[10:04] think that they're proudly sport it on
[10:06] their desk if we get ya again quite
[10:08] competitive so like people I all that
[10:11] all that all of the competitors so far
[10:12] really eager to know what the next
[10:14] person sir to home that I made yeah yeah
[10:17] and there's been a bit of dissing on
[10:18] stream as well so here I've been a
[10:20] little bit of a smack talker yeah you
[10:22] know some definite definite fisticuffs
[10:24] in there in the chat as well definitely
[10:26] watch the good morning in on our stream
[10:28] from this morning that we just put out
[10:30] whenever this podcast come across will
[10:32] come out probably friday morning so
[10:35] watch the stream from wednesday morning
[10:37] yeah cars yeah mod ramen was on this one
[10:40] he was for he was dissing his father day
[10:42] mods defence find out whether he's
[10:45] beaten a high scores i'll be interesting
[10:47] and this year we've done loads with
[10:49] lumbridge crater as well haven't we we
[10:51] have loads of a real community based
[10:55] skilling activities in it real nice
[10:58] chill area so with the beach and with
[11:01] the bonfire so i think i think we've
[11:03] done really great things there yeah
[11:04] we've had some events in there
[11:06] and because of the beach in the bonfire
[11:09] being so open to everyone we've been
[11:11] able to host free-to-play events in
[11:12] there which have been fun for the free
[11:14] to fair community as well yeah which
[11:16] means that people can scale chill chat
[11:18] so yeah it's been really nice that we've
[11:21] had little features in lumbridge creo
[11:23] made good use of it this year I think I
[11:25] don't know where the idea blooded from
[11:27] for the Lumbridge crater for the beach
[11:29] event but I remember being in a real
[11:31] nice meeting in January I think it was
[11:34] what maybe februari and a couple of
[11:36] people just looking at something ideas
[11:38] and sayings someone just said sit in the
[11:40] leverage greater that put something in
[11:41] there yeah one of the rune eye care
[11:43] lakeland in turn into a sailing like you
[11:46] yes they are into something to do it
[11:48] wasn't it enough to last year's
[11:49] Christmas event and then will our car
[11:51] we're gonna get rid of all the snow I
[11:53] make it into a lightly in my opening and
[11:55] then they'll actually we can do
[11:56] something with this yeah decided to do
[11:58] something with it mi been no talking
[12:00] about I putting different activities in
[12:01] there and putting different things I
[12:02] don't know if it budget from there but I
[12:04] was really happy to see like six months
[12:06] later the beach coming to runescape yeah
[12:08] yeah and the wide range of skills there
[12:11] and yeah only different would er with
[12:13] her big ideas yet need a giant lobster
[12:16] pot for that one yeah I think one of the
[12:18] main things is it was extremely
[12:19] accessible to people yes like anybody
[12:21] could go take part and even anybody to
[12:23] go and fight Claudia yes I know of my
[12:26] personal account which is by no means
[12:28] max I could go fight Claudia and try to
[12:31] get some of the rewards and have a good
[12:33] time with it and the good things with Jo
[12:35] modes as well we could launch happy hour
[12:37] which meant that all the exclusive
[12:38] double XP yes he got double xp for now
[12:40] on the edge on the beach which is really
[12:43] nice for us to do yeah we ran loads of
[12:45] skilling images it was lots of fun with
[12:48] a raw go wandering round occasionally
[12:50] okay schedule is quite mental for the
[12:53] folks at that time good and then we did
[12:55] to bonfire for em Guy Fawkes for a fifth
[12:58] of November one time I so good it did is
[13:01] really couldn't see it until you got in
[13:03] and then all of a sudden there's this
[13:04] big massive bonfire and then you had
[13:07] like numbers of players blowing out fire
[13:09] you know throw in the fire around the
[13:11] poi poi yeah yeah no it was really cool
[13:13] so the biggie towards the end of the
[13:15] year of course the last few years has
[13:17] been room fast
[13:19] Rufus this year wow what r infest I
[13:22] still feel tired man you stink
[13:24] admittedly been yeah just thinking about
[13:26] argue no no I think we'll ever recover
[13:28] what's gonna have a nap right now Carly
[13:30] recover maybe you know a few days before
[13:32] the next ring first that's what I see
[13:34] happening what was your favorite part of
[13:36] empathy ah I thought I think mine
[13:38] probably has to be the same of jazz
[13:40] because that was just such an impressive
[13:41] drop dead right in the center right
[13:44] behind this live streaming stage and
[13:46] everybody getting their self is with it
[13:48] yeah i'm looking forward to seeing that
[13:50] in the office yes we're doing anything
[13:52] before that's how the office afterwards
[13:54] which is yes I don't know where it is
[13:55] it's away at the moment by believe it's
[13:58] coming back out it will be pride of
[14:00] place I think meeting the f mods and the
[14:02] P mods for me was really I love it that
[14:04] it was so nice just you know as were
[14:07] infested for everybody putting a face to
[14:08] a name and actually meeting these people
[14:10] who've been tied to for ages it's really
[14:12] funny we handed out these little keyring
[14:13] things which everybody loved yes but
[14:15] then I also organize the 99 achievement
[14:18] party where everyone who wanted to get a
[14:20] level 99 freefest came and did that at
[14:23] the end of the night and wow that was
[14:25] madness but it was really really fun and
[14:27] we had far too many tickets we had about
[14:29] a hundred certificates for achievement
[14:31] and rather than 99 but we had like three
[14:34] thousand left something oh yeah that is
[14:37] very good but meeting old people old
[14:40] friends is fun I think you have to agree
[14:42] with that that the fact I you get to
[14:44] meet so many people that you talk to you
[14:46] on a almost daily basis and you don't
[14:48] know what they look like and you you
[14:51] just get the surprise of meeting them
[14:52] and having a chance to chat with
[14:54] everybody that you talk to it's really
[14:56] nice I really enjoyed that and when we
[14:59] left had to be pulled away from she
[15:01] followed talking to so just like having
[15:03] a good time and bit you're speaking like
[15:04] and had to catch a train to had to leave
[15:06] unfortunately but yeah that was probably
[15:09] the highlight for me as well yeah yes
[15:11] sadly I was away backstage organizing
[15:15] all the costumes and walk about I guess
[15:17] except when I managed to sneak out in
[15:19] one of the costumes myself I magic it is
[15:21] our office at one point yes oh yes nice
[15:23] i didn't get out as the joint golem but
[15:25] i got out as them as their else at one
[15:27] point but anyway it was took times i did
[15:31] get out front it constantly
[15:33] people were stopping you in talking to
[15:34] you and it was lovely to see so many of
[15:36] our players so excited about a game and
[15:39] what's coming up next year yeah he's
[15:41] brilliant I think the life journal from
[15:42] it was quite a highlight but for more a
[15:44] personal perspective because it was it
[15:45] in a huge experience actually running it
[15:48] and like having a team of people yeah
[15:51] helping me out do all the product all
[15:54] the production and having a mass and
[15:56] Aaron who were the presenters like going
[15:59] speaks down every five minutes and
[16:00] trying to coordinate them and I felt
[16:03] like a cinema producer a cinema director
[16:05] at that point and that was really a huge
[16:07] experience it was extremely tiring so I
[16:09] spent half my day running around finding
[16:10] people and doing stuff yeah just like
[16:13] having to find a video to put on or just
[16:15] like where's more something he's missing
[16:18] and he used to be on the couch in one
[16:20] minute and go around reinvest in one
[16:22] minute trying to find him now that was
[16:23] like probably the highlight for me
[16:24] personally as well way to be able to
[16:27] have that wrong and find it so
[16:30] interesting to do I enjoyed all of it I
[16:33] was pretty much behind the scenes for
[16:35] most of it but so when I did actually
[16:36] get out and it was nice to me to like
[16:39] see the players all dressed up and
[16:41] getting seeing people really involved in
[16:44] like the challenges and get excited by
[16:46] the virtual reality headset thing and
[16:48] the broken home yeah oh yeah there's
[16:50] just loads of different bits that were
[16:51] really really well done and I was really
[16:53] happy to the pliers and a cosplayers
[16:55] really went for it if she is getting
[16:57] better every chance I got I took a
[16:59] selfie with someone uh-huh any chance I
[17:03] got really mm-hmm sounds like me now
[17:05] yeah my banister said something quite
[17:08] true but model they say that she lives
[17:10] in a 8-megapixel see I find that quite
[17:13] quite accurate to take pictures we know
[17:17] and of course a true fest we announced
[17:20] the Gower quest and at the end of this
[17:22] year what well highlights for me has
[17:24] been the GAO Quest competition we ran
[17:28] which poor mod Claire what's exhausted
[17:31] just at the rent check okay we've had so
[17:34] many interests as competition every
[17:36] member of the teams working on the
[17:37] spreadsheet weren't they I've enjoyed a
[17:38] house six thousand entries yeah but we
[17:42] had to go through in about three days
[17:45] and they were exceptional there was
[17:47] some amazing i guess there was so good
[17:49] Oh like some of the stuff I was sending
[17:53] two other teams going can you make this
[17:54] I can't really put it in but can you
[17:56] make this please because it's so good
[17:57] yeah there were lots of entries over
[17:59] there always are but he didn't meet the
[18:01] criteria requirement but but we're so
[18:04] cool that we've had as possible yeah
[18:06] just brilliant even if you don't win
[18:08] maybe you'll see it so a big thank you
[18:10] to every you enter that competition
[18:11] because you did provide apart from lots
[18:13] of stress and tiredness for a co-author
[18:15] provide lots of entertaining hilarity
[18:17] isn't there were there were some
[18:19] absolute brilliance before you probably
[18:20] talked about them NASA come in my dear
[18:22] yeah exactly but it was so much fun as
[18:25] well just sitting in a team and just
[18:26] calling out some of these crazy ideas
[18:28] that we'd see him this yeah enjoying
[18:30] them together so yeah that was great fun
[18:32] very big lots of entries to go through
[18:34] but worth it in the end I think and that
[18:36] leads us nicely almost like I planned it
[18:39] into 2016 hello happy new year it's
[18:43] coming this is the last podcast of the
[18:46] year and next year hmm next year because
[18:51] we're having Christmas breakers before
[18:52] we get on to 2016 because i'm old i just
[18:54] mentioned one more thing that i'm quite
[18:56] probable then it's fun for instance
[18:57] something else about 2015 that we did
[18:59] yeah it seems like a very small thing
[19:01] but the thanksgiving event is yeah it is
[19:05] entirely us and modesty you have made it
[19:09] and something were quite proud of
[19:11] because a lot of people really enjoyed
[19:13] it got engaged with the content and i
[19:16] didn't go and getting it you stay
[19:17] engaged themselves of the content
[19:20] getting engaged to Turkey's would not go
[19:23] back where I go well thanks know there's
[19:24] a guy in Russia got engaged a peach
[19:26] zipper oh that sounds great Nina is not
[19:31] so Peter obsessed are you mad Nina not
[19:34] really maybe so yeah I just wants to
[19:36] mention that and say be up to my DC for
[19:38] help yourself of all the community
[19:39] things that we've been doing in the past
[19:40] fewer past few months and just to say
[19:44] yeah thanks giving out was a highlight
[19:46] yeah yeah we are always big thanks movie
[19:49] for us he's a rock for the community and
[19:52] also a yeah yeah whilst when I thing
[19:55] with holiday events as well the air
[19:56] Easter yeah title so we did a kind of
[20:00] stir little community in Game a
[20:03] competition where you could win the
[20:04] excellent title yes yes I forgot I
[20:08] forgot the poem it makes me cry every
[20:10] time and yes again something that a lot
[20:13] of people were really happy with and 100
[20:17] people who won the title i see i still
[20:19] see quite a lot of them sporting it now
[20:21] yeah so six months later they still have
[20:23] it which means there must be really
[20:24] proud of it and I'm very happy to be
[20:26] able to giving that eggs from it's an
[20:28] excellent item it is so sorry to have
[20:31] interrupted it's alright 2016 12 2016
[20:34] every year happy new year we need a
[20:37] party popper and uh what's it called um
[20:38] oh yeah I don't know that go use it like
[20:42] a trumpet don't know that's it yes I
[20:44] party who are you home and it fast we
[20:46] call them stepmothers tongues okay
[20:50] because I I don't know I probably for
[20:53] some fairytale guessing longer the
[20:56] better now okay the liberal
[20:59] internationalism Thank you Thank You
[21:01] Roger okay so which of the things coming
[21:05] up in 2016 has you most excited I think
[21:08] they'll start with multi-layer so not
[21:12] witness so you know out there zaraz
[21:15] versus amarak oh my goodness I cannot
[21:17] wait I'm trembling in my seat that's
[21:20] gonna be so good Cyrus is going to kick
[21:21] some kicks and zamorak but I don't know
[21:26] I think you might be in for some
[21:27] surprises that hmm it's gonna be so good
[21:30] the quest line up for next year is in
[21:32] superb is no is smoking is gonna be so
[21:35] good I can't wait especially the
[21:38] diagnosis Emma I'm part of the law team
[21:41] here and so I got given a sneak preview
[21:44] didn't I and I took doing around the
[21:46] community tell you guys what was what
[21:47] was probably coming up story wise yeah
[21:49] and poor mod kaleia was drooling on good
[21:52] people I was giggling I don't dream her
[21:55] chair I was enjoying that are it's gonna
[21:57] be so good especially like to get the
[21:59] player reactions to everything that
[22:00] happens you kind of want to just give
[22:01] out that script no there's no I don't
[22:04] just so they can know we can all go ah
[22:07] together yeah oh the quest thanks you're
[22:11] gonna be amazing gala quest
[22:14] rest of the pillar stuff yeah mention
[22:16] the bottle quest as always yeah bring
[22:18] some nice unknowns of law yeah yeah if
[22:21] you quest astok earring yes it's gonna
[22:24] be so much fun can't wait mahjongg ah
[22:27] tough one really and there isn't there
[22:31] is a lot to choose there's lots to
[22:32] choose from in the first part of the
[22:34] year I'm going to say I'm quite looking
[22:36] forward to seeing what NXT does and the
[22:39] player reaction to that yeah um I saw it
[22:43] just earlier when mother Philip was
[22:44] trying it out in this dream room in
[22:46] light of our treatment with hosting next
[22:47] week yeah it looks amazing some places
[22:50] just absolutely amazing so I went and we
[22:53] went into the polypore dungeon and that
[22:55] was like wow so module are you telling
[22:58] me there's a stream next week players
[23:00] should be watching about NXT there is so
[23:02] yeah steam is plug then seamlessly so
[23:06] there's a stream at 8pm gmt on tuesday
[23:12] 22nd of december right where we're going
[23:15] to be doing a kind of show-and-tell of
[23:16] NXT answering some questions and yeah
[23:20] it's being put we're going to pull the
[23:22] places that you want to see so you'll
[23:24] get a chance to see some of your
[23:25] favorite places in game in NXT and we
[23:27] can have hopefully a couple of the
[23:29] high-level gamers from the office coming
[23:31] to discover NXT with us they'll help you
[23:33] give their reactions live and uncut ok
[23:36] because I've kissed that every time I
[23:39] look at NXT it is just stunning yeah is
[23:43] a whole new level of game especially the
[23:45] walls I mean that was it's just so cool
[23:47] stunning yeah every time it just goes up
[23:50] another level every time they show it
[23:52] again in office is another level of
[23:54] detail yeah and and perfection in what
[23:57] they're doing is just incredible what do
[23:59] you think about sort of things that are
[24:00] coming they're coming next week next
[24:01] year like God Wars dungeon 2 in NXT like
[24:04] that's going to be amazing yeah yeah
[24:06] absolutely or if you've watched the Deaf
[24:08] q and A's before on Twitch we showed off
[24:11] an environment from the Nomad quest and
[24:14] it's for those who haven't seen it it's
[24:16] basically a scene from above average and
[24:20] underneath a few different levels with
[24:22] kind of balconies yeah and that in a
[24:25] state is given to brilliant because you
[24:27] build
[24:27] see everything down all the deal goes
[24:29] all the way down and that would be
[24:30] brilliant as well so I just yeah I'm
[24:33] quite looking forward to that myself and
[24:34] Maude Nina were you looking forward to
[24:37] and there are a couple of things I'm
[24:39] looking forward to one of the biggest
[24:41] things obviously that everyone probably
[24:43] knows about is the 15th birthday yes and
[24:46] so we've got quite a lot in preparation
[24:48] for that we've got a lot of things that
[24:50] are happening in game that people
[24:51] already know about stuff that people
[24:53] don't know about which I'm not going to
[24:54] go into then we've got the documentary
[24:56] reaches out we've gotta play gallery and
[24:59] being created around that time as well
[25:01] about the 15th birthday so yeah we've
[25:04] got a lot to look forward to with that a
[25:06] lots of exciting nostalgic updates
[25:09] throughout the year as I said I'm not
[25:11] going into but yeah that's really
[25:13] exciting well it's really unusual for
[25:16] game to hit 15 years in as a continuing
[25:19] game ya know it's not common experience
[25:21] I in the restive I mean there's so many
[25:23] different players that have different
[25:24] memories of what they want runescape to
[25:27] be and what what they wanted to feel
[25:28] like some people love that the way is
[25:30] now some people live the way it was
[25:31] before and it's nice that in 15 years we
[25:34] can celebrate all that stuff yeah and
[25:37] it's nice to have such a varied
[25:38] community that like that it can enjoy
[25:41] their own favorite parts of the game
[25:42] together I know I know you've got
[25:45] another another favorite thing as well
[25:47] next year why I know you were keen to
[25:49] mention talk about it we didn't really
[25:51] talk about it 4 2015 too much even
[25:53] though I relaunched it earlier this year
[25:55] so play gallery something are really
[25:57] really passionate about it I love seeing
[25:59] player fan art I really in 2016 now
[26:03] really want to push that and I really
[26:05] want to make the creative community a
[26:06] lot stronger because we really value the
[26:09] creative community we love seeing what
[26:10] they do and I want them to feel that we
[26:13] do appreciate well Maud John's death
[26:16] sits into a wall of where art yeah it
[26:19] does you know let's player are all over
[26:21] the building at various points in times
[26:23] and you're right it's great for us to
[26:25] celebrate it we should probably go out
[26:27] of our way to tell players how much we
[26:29] appreciate it more yeah so yeah so one
[26:32] one of the things I'm looking forward to
[26:33] next year is really pushing that and
[26:35] making showcasing everyone's work
[26:38] to make sure that everyone knows about
[26:40] our community you know how creative our
[26:42] community is for me it's probably going
[26:44] to be invention a whole new skill coming
[26:47] into the game where you know the new
[26:49] elite skill format and how that's going
[26:51] to work and have what that means for the
[26:52] game in the future and what that opens
[26:54] up and the way invention is going to
[26:56] grow over time and let players get
[26:59] really involved in it a whole new guild
[27:00] and I did to play through for the
[27:03] tutorial for invention on Friday and
[27:06] that was just phenomenal it's going to
[27:08] be brilliant I think it's nice to have
[27:09] new content for people who are already
[27:11] maxed to look forward to something that
[27:14] can look like all those little key
[27:15] achievements that they get when they
[27:16] level up the first time it's going to be
[27:18] huge and we really going to make a big
[27:20] deal out of all the the first person to
[27:22] level up to a certain amount aren't we
[27:24] yeah yeah well that was but was one of
[27:26] my bits of but no no no it's one of my
[27:29] bits it's gonna be favorite about it
[27:30] it's the fact that we going to get to do
[27:32] all that celebration yeah and I think as
[27:34] a QA team we're really really aware of
[27:35] it and we want so first person to get 19
[27:38] on what you know we're going to hold a
[27:39] party for that person let's face it yeah
[27:40] and we're going to be running
[27:41] competitions throughout to see who can
[27:44] get to a key milestones I think ya
[27:46] should be lots of fun it's gonna be
[27:48] really interesting some of the stuff
[27:50] that they can create a can't wait to see
[27:52] some of the combinations and getting it
[27:54] right get it wrong mixing it up so
[27:56] exciting so 2016 is looking great yeah
[28:00] it's good year to be a community manager
[28:02] mmhmm yeah definitely is just need more
[28:05] hands more people and more brains and
[28:08] more legs more voices lots of people we
[28:13] just have to persuade our bosses to get
[28:15] more community managers yeah yeah just
[28:17] need lots more mods guys around just
[28:20] died around and with that I think it's
[28:23] probably time to wish our players happy
[28:24] Christmas and say goodbye already yes
[28:27] Wow yes pod Christmas last Christmas
[28:31] when I ring d 2015 as a sipping away
[28:34] yeah hello 2600 2016 it's like when when
[28:39] the King dies its 2015's died hail 2016
[28:43] yes absolutely god save Ruth cake ok so
[28:47] make sure that although God Save Ferris
[28:49] well right yeah
[28:51] that's a whole other again anyway so
[28:54] Merry Christmas listeners Merry
[28:56] Christmas good season bye-bye
[29:25] you