Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #74 - A Very Merry Christmas!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:14] I'm madhumati the podcast monkey and
[00:17] with me today I have made my work and
[00:19] mod Orion and it's moderns first time
[00:22] with us on the sofa yep I'm very excited
[00:24] to be here surrounded by presents and
[00:27] Christmas trees and all things festive I
[00:30] am feeling the festivities right now
[00:32] Christmas is flowing through my veins I
[00:34] understand modern Mohawk is it lifting
[00:37] in love with Christmas o Christmas it's
[00:38] awesome I just like the food the food
[00:42] from my parents I love it and all the
[00:46] food in the office oh yeah let's go I've
[00:48] noticed all the chocolates have started
[00:50] arriving and mince pies and cookies it's
[00:52] great when they start putting chocolate
[00:53] in the fruit basket oh yeah the stolen
[00:55] in the fruit bus I forgot man that
[00:57] happens now oh yes Yes Mother I'm and
[01:00] yes Oh stolen and mince pies end up
[01:03] arriving in the fruit baskets this is
[01:04] going to be the best month ever but
[01:07] modern Mohawks already been living
[01:09] christmas for what two months yeah yeah
[01:12] i've been working on it for quite a
[01:14] while and i'm loving it still which is
[01:17] surprising ah so our players will find a
[01:21] new interfacing game for themselves yeah
[01:23] there's a new interface which is done on
[01:25] the ribbon which will give you hopefully
[01:28] all the information about christmas so
[01:30] stuff like you haven't kinda community
[01:32] requests and stuff like that that's your
[01:34] fault yeah yeah and we'll start with the
[01:39] advent calendar so what is the advent
[01:42] calendar are from your baby yeah it is
[01:45] my baby oh yeah it's just a place to go
[01:48] every day and pick up some some free
[01:51] gifts I mean you can you can ignore it
[01:53] for a month if you want it'll still be
[01:54] there and you still be able to get all
[01:55] the gifts from the entire month so yeah
[01:57] it's great so yesterday which was
[02:00] Tuesday because we record this on a
[02:01] Wednesday we gave away Silverhawks boots
[02:03] yeah free so ever it's for everybody hey
[02:06] if you already have Silverhawks boots oh
[02:08] yeah we gave you a SilverHawk down
[02:10] instead classy yeah yes and there's lots
[02:14] of brilliant presence to come I
[02:15] understand oh my god yes but we're not
[02:17] going to talk about those not much
[02:19] anyway okay why are we giving away all
[02:23] these prices because it's Christmas
[02:25] and I'd like I said I love Christmas so
[02:28] lets you know give our free stuff
[02:30] everybody likes free stuff but it does
[02:34] give a nice build up to Christmas Day
[02:35] itself to sneeze for advent calendar it
[02:37] is yeah it's good i make it so for
[02:39] chocolate you get some pixels damn it so
[02:46] I understand some people that have been
[02:48] a little bit naughty yeah Alec peak to
[02:51] the present yeah they went on the first
[02:53] the first to December and went under the
[02:55] tree and looked at all their free
[02:56] presence so we're gonna give them all
[02:59] coal yeah yeah the guy calling said so
[03:03] you can claim the presents for how long
[03:04] up until the first update of next year
[03:08] so that's like the 11 for surely 11 so
[03:12] the first or second week of January it
[03:14] will still be in so you can use ignore
[03:16] the advent calendar for a month and go
[03:18] back and go and you can get all the
[03:19] presents in one go yeah fill your boots
[03:21] yeah absolutely i'll be epic thank you
[03:29] my bond without interruption from the
[03:31] wings honey that was Silverhawks wing
[03:38] he's for those who didn't quite catch it
[03:39] on the audio okay so one last question
[03:43] on the add my tender for you modern
[03:44] mohawk what's your favorite present
[03:48] that's when it is yeah okay when
[03:52] what's your favorite present ah my
[03:54] favorite has got to be the new Christmas
[03:58] res that we're bringing out and there
[04:00] were little cute plushies and you get to
[04:02] cuddle over and over and it's so a
[04:04] Darwin can love them you want keep very
[04:10] carefully avoided saying a rude word
[04:11] there very carefully yeah like I've done
[04:16] this before yes and with that I think
[04:20] when we're off the event can look quite
[04:21] quickly before you get more excited
[04:23] about your plus she's just Christmas I'm
[04:26] crazy ladies are amazing and so mother
[04:30] ayan yes I had someone of your first
[04:33] projects yeah gonna talk about now
[04:35] diving in at the deep end
[04:37] being allowed quite a lot of
[04:39] responsibility on the Christmas quest
[04:41] that was interesting to say the least so
[04:44] what's the Christmas quest called okay
[04:46] so it's called the pinch who stole
[04:48] Christmas roughly if you're familiar
[04:51] with a bit of dr. sayers then you will
[04:53] know what that refers to and we do
[04:57] indeed a nice big bad guy who you won't
[04:59] meet in the first episode and who is
[05:02] responsible for sending his little army
[05:05] of penguins out causing mischief across
[05:08] given or naughty penguins absolutely and
[05:11] where do you start the quest okay so you
[05:15] will see for holiday pumpkins on your
[05:18] map in various places and three of the
[05:21] cities that's proof dienes birth or and
[05:23] Lumbridge all have snow imps which you
[05:26] can talk to right there stood proudly on
[05:29] some Christmasy pedestals easily
[05:32] noticeable right next to the lodestones
[05:34] okay and they will direct you to the
[05:38] iceberg which is where the 4th holiday
[05:39] icon is located the iceberg is
[05:43] mysteriously floating off the coast of
[05:46] demon home okay and the snow imps know
[05:48] nothing about it and why is covered in
[05:51] presence so it's your job to figure out
[05:53] that mystery figure out that mystery
[05:55] digging through presents on the way and
[05:57] see what you didn't find yes are there
[06:00] any requirements for the quest we have
[06:02] no requirements every player can
[06:06] complete the quest complete the episodes
[06:09] individually and gain the rewards from
[06:11] doing so we have added in extra little
[06:15] easter eggs if you have specific
[06:18] requirements and one of those i can
[06:21] mention is if you're summoning skill is
[06:23] above level 40 yep you can understand
[06:25] the speech of the penguins oh nice if
[06:28] not they will score cat you and squawk
[06:32] at you you will have question marks
[06:34] above your head and your snow imp buddy
[06:36] you'll have to translate for you right
[06:38] okay very cute okay and I understand
[06:42] it's it's an episodic we've got many
[06:45] quests that's right and in order to
[06:47] spread the
[06:49] the content across the month as well as
[06:51] build up the hype for Christmas yen this
[06:53] goes hand in hand with the advent
[06:55] calendar it's almost like a countdown
[06:56] and you get to unlock items every day
[06:59] just as you get to unlock new parts of
[07:01] the story every week with the quest
[07:04] there are four episodes and the last
[07:07] episode will be unlocked on the 21st of
[07:10] december four days before Christmas Day
[07:12] itself and I should give you enough time
[07:15] to play it because we're keeping the
[07:17] quest until early January as well
[07:20] breaking so i understand some of the
[07:23] names of the the episode egg on them
[07:26] particularly well with 30 well players
[07:28] yes they are appropriately runescape e
[07:30] puns it does have to be said absolutely
[07:33] and you're at least partially
[07:35] responsible for these yes and so it's
[07:38] quite a coincidence that we're here with
[07:40] more bond at the moment we based the
[07:44] four episode names on some very good
[07:46] James Bond movies at least in my opinion
[07:49] the house feels like people will manage
[07:51] to disagree and yeah I can reveal those
[07:53] quite happily episode one is called for
[07:55] your eyes only yeah episode two is live
[07:59] and let slide which is very much related
[08:01] to the activity in which you will be
[08:03] doing it is what is my favorite of the
[08:05] little I'm glad episode 4 is licensed to
[08:08] chill because that involves somebody who
[08:10] needs to chill and you need to chill him
[08:13] out and episode 4 is a name I didn't
[08:16] come up with but it's my favorite and
[08:18] that's quantum of solace could sell
[08:20] Frank my biscuits for the mod been my
[08:23] biscuit Melbourne and I understand that
[08:25] we have mod bond who is in the room
[08:27] ready to thank for the music type of
[08:29] Snow Patrol absolutely yeah another
[08:32] little poem go in there I notice he's
[08:35] hanging his head in shame so work one of
[08:39] the one of the only comments that
[08:43] haven't been entirely positive about is
[08:44] how short the first quest feels for some
[08:46] people some people absolutely longer now
[08:48] most people have expressed that they
[08:51] thoroughly enjoyed the episode they
[08:54] enjoy the christmas event so far one of
[08:56] the caveats we're releasing episodic
[08:59] content is that obviously your limb
[09:01] did to the first episode at the first
[09:03] week yes now what we tried to do and
[09:06] bearing in mind this is only about
[09:08] one-fifth of the content episode three
[09:12] and four are probably double the amount
[09:16] of content than episode 1 and 2 so we're
[09:18] raising you into it so it's a gradual
[09:21] build-up for the hype same with the
[09:22] advent of the whole month we're trying
[09:24] to make a big special thing you could
[09:26] say it's no balls oh well played mother
[09:31] Ryan thank you yeah so episode 3 is my
[09:36] favorite so far and so I'm highly
[09:38] excited for people to get to that stage
[09:41] okay mod Meili who's the Christmas
[09:44] curator yes she's done a fantastic job
[09:47] on all of the storyline the dialogue is
[09:50] hilarious yep in my humble opinion and I
[09:53] think it all comes together very well at
[09:55] the end I think a lot of players will
[09:56] enjoy it and at that point they will
[09:58] have many many skill up opportunities on
[10:02] the island for a good six weeks in total
[10:04] cool some pure speed a bit worried about
[10:07] to fence XP absolutely yes I've seen
[10:10] this and I have nothing to worry about i
[10:12] can assure you okay every part of the
[10:15] activities that you would normally gain
[10:18] experience for when completing the quest
[10:21] do not reward you any experience and
[10:26] once you've completed the quest itself
[10:28] you can gain experience that is part of
[10:30] the reward yet for completing that
[10:32] episode not only that is you will notice
[10:35] that in the first week we do cooking and
[10:37] tasting for a christmas feast yeah the
[10:40] tasting gives defense experience it will
[10:42] warn you we do take that some players
[10:45] like to remain pure getting in tons of
[10:48] defense in mind that's okay okay so we
[10:52] did think about that that's always nice
[10:53] neck and so now we're going to flip back
[10:55] to mod mohawk and winter weekends so
[10:59] another thing on your schedule yep for
[11:01] the month is winter weekends yeah what
[11:04] are they yeah so this year instead of
[11:06] just doing off for winter weekends like
[11:09] chronometer for the 4 / 4 weekends in
[11:11] we actually have 6am account man 26 year
[11:18] we have six because winner isn't just
[11:21] December so we're gonna we're going to
[11:23] spread it out a bit so went weekends
[11:26] there are 72 hours each gently so there
[11:28] are extra long weekends yeah select to
[11:31] allow everybody all around the world to
[11:32] take part yeah they last from midday
[11:36] friday until midday monday in UTC yep I
[11:41] in turn over time server time have
[11:46] attack I'm which begins first first
[11:49] weekend is dungeoneering and that's the
[11:51] fourth fill the seventh of December okay
[11:53] what rewards this weekend you will get
[11:56] double tokens from Dungeoneering and
[11:58] sinkholes and the lamp XP from sinkholes
[12:01] and increased by fifty percent Wow yes
[12:04] Wow and what are the other weekends that
[12:07] are coming up we have second weekend is
[12:10] bossing and slayer so you'll get
[12:12] improved drops from kalphite king and
[12:16] joint mom increase chances of reg ups
[12:18] from the ring of wealth right fifty
[12:21] percent increased as their experience
[12:23] double points from group and solo
[12:25] assignments all your Slayer tasks will
[12:28] be treated as if you used a slayer VIP
[12:30] ticket right and you have temps and
[12:33] cheaper instance fees and extra training
[12:35] points from boss training just loads of
[12:38] stuff isn't it jam-packed love it I'm
[12:41] weekend three we can three as many games
[12:44] this is the 18th the 21st of December
[12:46] you'll get an extra castle walls called
[12:49] ticket per each game extras 600 daily
[12:52] bonus points in cabbage face punch
[12:55] Bonanza which I find really hard to say
[12:57] I know it's brilliant title hey this is
[12:59] great and double points on pest control
[13:02] and conquest double bonus XP and Gamble
[13:05] rewards in barbarian salt butter
[13:07] skeleton the Dominion tower will count
[13:09] as two fur for the purposes of reward or
[13:12] not right double produce points livid
[13:15] farm double points from stealing
[13:16] creation double zero from sores and
[13:19] extra points and more medals from fish
[13:22] flingers so that's jam-packed you
[13:25] yeah well inaudible it's getting there
[13:27] and then the next weekend because it
[13:29] doesn't stop to this next weekend no
[13:31] keeps going okay so we can pour this is
[13:33] our skilling weekend you've got double
[13:35] XP and rep from artisans workshop
[13:37] increased nodes born zorawar points at
[13:39] the runes ban double gold relic scepter
[13:42] and black abyss ibis ibis ibis double
[13:47] gold relic scepter and black Irish drops
[13:49] a pyramid plunder enhanced divination
[13:52] notes on every 10 minutes please sweet
[13:55] fishing spots will stay there for twice
[13:57] as long divination West last twice as
[14:00] long mining nodes and trees will
[14:03] replenish twice as quickly and 50 cent
[14:05] base big Chain Chomp XP and what's
[14:07] weekend 5 Konami weekend 5 is my one you
[14:10] went to be Ken's it's going to be a
[14:11] mouse cab and reading so you'll get yeah
[14:15] it is you'll get double rep from the
[14:19] nemi forest and drinks tasks yep ability
[14:23] to leap Moscow breeds once per day
[14:24] during the weekend you'll get increased
[14:26] XP from discovery in the nemi forest
[14:29] supply runs twice as frequently and
[14:31] allow another participation foday right
[14:33] and supply run XP is increased by 50%
[14:36] awesome metal final one which is another
[14:40] new one this is all about invention so
[14:42] we getting you will perhaps upgrade
[14:43] invention gearing up for invention next
[14:45] year yes gonna be awesome and so you'll
[14:47] get tips and increased XP from the fixya
[14:50] in cash and rich bones every 10 minutes
[14:52] instead of every hour yeah double the
[14:55] supply of battle staves and stores and
[14:57] rewards or chromatic dragons drop an
[15:00] extra hide on top of everything else
[15:02] it'll harps of reduced chance of going
[15:04] out of tune and you get double XP and
[15:07] rep from artisans workshop so that's
[15:09] really going to set you up for invention
[15:11] in the new year you should sort you out
[15:12] I think it's gonna be a wicked wicked
[15:15] December isn't it I'm looking forward to
[15:17] is jam-packed it's brilliant I know I'm
[15:19] doing every weekend now that's it you
[15:21] you're sold now that's it you made my
[15:23] plans for no Christmas dinner allowed
[15:26] just have to sit there gaming oh no the
[15:28] Christmas dinner is happening all right
[15:30] absolutely but it's going to be a very
[15:32] sure one EG at the computer that could
[15:36] work genius well thanks for coming in to
[15:39] talk about all things christmas-related
[15:40] a joy to have you back on the sofa if
[15:43] you'd like to say goodbye to our
[15:44] audience hello goodbye guys bye
[15:57] you