Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #73 - Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:09] I'm mod Matt he and this week with me I
[00:12] have some special guests I am on
[00:14] merchants on the community manager for
[00:16] iris Chronicle and I'm mod Fox senior
[00:19] designer on Chronicle and this week
[00:21] we're going to be talking Chronicle
[00:22] because the beta has just launched
[00:24] absolutely indeed it has full of lovely
[00:26] players all having lots of fun
[00:28] definitely when they can log in and log
[00:32] in that's great yeah I serve as a solo e
[00:38] you should give more credit to us
[00:39] absolutely let me do an amazing work
[00:40] make it yeah thanks for looking good
[00:42] yeah yeah a couple little blips last
[00:44] night but really settle down yeah I mean
[00:46] the guys like Monday garden Maud Genesis
[00:48] to be doing absolutely incredible work
[00:50] they were up all night fixing service so
[00:52] absolute Curtis limit and amazing job so
[00:55] what is Chronicle well a good question
[01:01] we call we call Chronicle a tactical or
[01:04] no we don't actually know what about all
[01:06] we do not know we call it a strategy
[01:08] card game right ikut yeah so it has very
[01:12] close connections the idea of a quest
[01:14] builder so getting cards to build little
[01:16] adventures and lil quests for these
[01:18] really cool legends that exists within
[01:20] runescape to universe and you put your
[01:23] cars down and decree a nice little
[01:25] sequence of events that helped build
[01:27] those legends up and give them cool
[01:28] stuff give them lots of armor give them
[01:30] lots of weapons make them stronger in
[01:31] combat defeat bigger and bigger
[01:34] creatures yeah and eventually with the
[01:37] sole purpose of trying to defeat your
[01:39] opponent absolutely uh yeah the strategy
[01:42] ullman plays a heavy role as well here's
[01:44] the quest building nature of the game
[01:45] it's really up to you entirely to devise
[01:48] your path we've really moved away from
[01:50] you know luck there's very little
[01:52] randomness it's all you have to devise
[01:54] your strategy and act upon that path
[01:57] well yeah because it's your deck you
[01:58] build an absolutely how tightly you
[02:00] build that debt reduces the art any harm
[02:02] absolutely the more reliable that you go
[02:04] your strategy down the more success
[02:05] you're going to find in Chronicle
[02:06] solidity and and on the subject to
[02:08] randomness as well I mean the whole
[02:09] every turn you get to play for cards so
[02:12] you're very
[02:13] able to make very cool combos and
[02:16] sequences play out which obviously you
[02:19] know you got a little bit of uncertainty
[02:20] about how your opponent's gonna assume
[02:22] they were your roads that tries to upset
[02:24] those well-thought plan absolutely and
[02:26] that and that is pub you know that is
[02:27] part of the games i'm going to be aware
[02:29] of what your opponent can do but
[02:31] obviously at the same time trying to
[02:33] make sure that you've got one of them
[02:34] some of the best combos there to really
[02:36] build your character up absolutely this
[02:37] willow really moves into it's a clash of
[02:39] mines not a clash of luck we don't want
[02:41] you know there's no fun when a random
[02:43] effect occurs and one player loses
[02:45] enormously because of yeah we want you
[02:47] to win or lose through your decisions
[02:49] yeah and one of the best ways do that
[02:51] because each of our legends each of the
[02:53] characters you can play inside chronicle
[02:55] they have very particular play styles so
[02:58] the more you play it the more you start
[02:59] to learn about what they might be able
[03:01] to do or how they might be able to upset
[03:03] your plans and so you can start really
[03:05] kind of thinking about them working that
[03:08] into your decisions about how you want
[03:09] to play your card absolutely it's a game
[03:11] of counters you know like a true
[03:12] strategy game it together knowing your
[03:14] enemy know your capabilities and acting
[03:17] responsibly what I was a pretty cool
[03:19] pretty cool that we have some pretty
[03:21] cool buttons or generals those loads
[03:22] yeah so how do you play so when you sit
[03:26] down at your screen and you open up the
[03:28] game how do you go about playing so when
[03:30] you enter the game we have a variety of
[03:32] modes you can either practice against
[03:33] the AI you display in a casual or ranked
[03:35] cubes yeah the game plays fairly similar
[03:38] in all of those modes naturally it's
[03:39] more competitive against other players
[03:40] however yes so when you start there's a
[03:43] you know a random decided to start with
[03:45] your first or second yeah the first
[03:46] player gets the advantage of having the
[03:48] first cards however that's not as big an
[03:49] advantage as it sounds i've seen some
[03:51] people thinking that first really is
[03:53] this heavy benefit yeah but the fact is
[03:55] like we have the numbers we have the
[03:56] stats and people would be very surprised
[03:59] to see them i'm actually going to do
[04:00] infographics yeah making these squid
[04:02] people like I want to be as transparent
[04:03] as in our place dude laughs infographic
[04:05] absolutely like I love them myself I'm a
[04:07] big card player like the more stats you
[04:09] can throw at me the better so that's my
[04:11] plan for the players and I want to be as
[04:13] open as possible moments they look like
[04:14] you may think going first as the
[04:15] strategy but actually when your second
[04:17] and you get that extra card and you get
[04:19] the last action of the game and that's
[04:20] what I wanna really impress upon players
[04:22] like I've been here you talked about
[04:24] last last action bashes yeah absolutely
[04:27] if you bash somebody in the last slot
[04:28] like you're gonna have to play the game
[04:30] because that is a that is a true
[04:32] pleasure that has to be experienced yeah
[04:34] it's like when you get this lindsay and
[04:36] you know she's running towards the final
[04:37] phone she picks up a saradomin Godsword
[04:39] yeah and then you're like actually I
[04:41] have the last word here and you're not
[04:43] having that yeah it does decimating
[04:46] absolutely it can turn the tide of
[04:47] battle in an instant and it's just such
[04:49] an epic I had it done to me this morning
[04:51] yeah it hurts right bring you kind of
[04:54] girly hair you kind of got to give it to
[04:55] the other person and go you know what
[04:56] fair enough yeah yeah yeahs yes you're
[04:59] good yeah you got me yeah it's a weird
[05:03] one because you would think Gary and
[05:05] second comes with disadvantages in the
[05:08] game like this but it it doesn't seem to
[05:10] there's definite pros and benefits from
[05:13] going second yeah and yeah as mod
[05:16] merchant said we've got lovely graphs
[05:18] and lots of data now start to come
[05:20] through which seems to suggest that it's
[05:23] pretty even at the moment that's good so
[05:26] once your first a second you get dealt a
[05:27] hand yes so you get dealt a hand if you
[05:30] are first you will be starting the game
[05:32] with six cards okay and if your second
[05:34] you'll start the game seven now the
[05:36] interesting thing about this is that
[05:37] actually if you think of you draw three
[05:38] cards to turn as well yeah so if your
[05:40] first and you play four cards in the
[05:42] first round then actually if you're not
[05:44] drawing any extra cards yeah then you're
[05:46] gonna have quite limited options you
[05:47] don't know what those cards you're going
[05:49] to draw are going to be so second again
[05:51] comes into a big advantage you get that
[05:52] extra card you get that actually utility
[05:54] and you just look at your hand and go
[05:56] I've got a more clear idea of what I'm
[05:57] going in and in a game where it's all
[05:59] about building combos right having those
[06:01] extra cards and having those extra
[06:02] options it's a massive benefit
[06:04] consulting fire you look at somebody
[06:05] like ozone you look something like re
[06:07] and the more tricks they can get in
[06:09] their bag yeah it's golden for them if
[06:11] I'm playing either of those two i
[06:12] actually prefer to go second okay so
[06:15] you're doubtless hand and your first and
[06:18] second and second have the extra card
[06:21] how does play continued on the board so
[06:24] in each chapter we call them chapters
[06:27] right and the game can last up to five
[06:29] chapters yep and there are four little
[06:32] empty slots on each on each chapter
[06:34] where you can actually play place your
[06:35] cards down and you can mess around the
[06:37] order of those things you can map it
[06:39] change the order the cards
[06:41] but you can only ever play a maximum for
[06:43] right and once we've done that once
[06:45] you're happy with your little setup you
[06:47] get to pay your press sorry the the play
[06:48] button yeah and that then locks
[06:50] everything down yeah and then assuming
[06:52] your opponents also decided what four
[06:55] cards or how many cards they want to
[06:56] play as well we then enter into this
[06:59] little little moment where we get to see
[07:02] our legends moving through the landscape
[07:04] moving through the environment actually
[07:05] interacting with each of the cards yeah
[07:07] in the order which you played them so
[07:09] the important thing really is to
[07:10] understand that the cards you are
[07:12] putting down aren't against your
[07:15] opponent they're not things your
[07:17] opponent's have to deal with yeah they
[07:18] are really things for your legendary
[07:20] legend you've got is really mindful
[07:22] about how much health your legend has
[07:25] yeah you don't you know put down massive
[07:27] creatures in the first slot which can
[07:29] risk killing them for example because I
[07:31] will lose in the game and in fact
[07:32] sometimes the card will tell you that
[07:34] when it when you're going to play sensei
[07:35] your legend will fall or similar so back
[07:38] in the day we weren't nearly as kind in
[07:41] game about you know try to help out the
[07:44] player and a lot of people in our in The
[07:46] Chronicle team had to do a lot of maths
[07:48] and got a lot of headaches but these
[07:50] days it's a lot it's a lot easier and
[07:51] the game just you know help us and tells
[07:54] us if there's gonna be like a particular
[07:56] problem with a creature and that just
[07:58] basically makes it a lot more easier to
[08:00] play the game yeah we have a pretty
[08:02] wicked guidance system and that will
[08:03] stop you from making to calamitous a
[08:05] mistake yes it's not gonna win the game
[08:08] for you it's not going to stop you being
[08:10] a bit silly but it will stop you running
[08:12] into a brick wall with yep so yeah I
[08:14] mean the really important distinction to
[08:15] make is that like a fox touched on the
[08:18] cards that you play are your strategy
[08:19] yeah they affect you there are cards
[08:22] that will affect your opponent but all
[08:23] cards placed our actions taken by you so
[08:26] it's really important to distinguish
[08:27] that when you place down your four cards
[08:29] you then play through those and they can
[08:31] either be they can be directly against
[08:33] your enemy but we have a lot of people
[08:35] looking and going how do i play this
[08:36] against my enemy if I'm putting in my
[08:37] slot yes I wonder if this card is
[08:39] actually an action that your legend is
[08:41] going to undertake on your quest and
[08:43] it's some of them may affect your rifle
[08:46] yes yes absolutely and if that's the
[08:47] case they they say that explicitly on
[08:49] the card so it's really clear yeah and i
[08:51] love the watch face we've got there so
[08:52] if you've got combat cards only stop
[08:54] face oh don't smoke all the Watchers if
[08:56] I phase this is such an internal Devi
[08:59] term along I love the in
[09:02] resolution the resolution of your cars
[09:05] has more sciency I i love the bit where
[09:08] your legend dies hard but when the cards
[09:13] are played that you get amazing burn
[09:15] downs that your combat cards will
[09:17] transform into the force of the
[09:18] creatures yeah and I mean artists are
[09:21] just off the charts talented that's
[09:22] amazing they are an amazing guys like
[09:25] they're just they're just so wonderful
[09:26] under the game is a visual it's
[09:30] absolutely fantastic to look at it's
[09:32] true so what happens if i play my cards
[09:34] much faster than my opponent so you can
[09:38] hit the play button yeah at which point
[09:40] a countdown begins where your opponent
[09:43] has a little bit of an opportunity
[09:45] minute or so to really kind of nail down
[09:48] what they want to do as well if that
[09:51] countdown runs out then any cards we
[09:53] ready carly i haven't played you know
[09:55] empty slots however things look that
[09:57] gets submitted locked in let's get
[09:59] locked in and that's the turn really
[10:01] yeah it's also worth pointing out that
[10:02] you don't have to play like four cards
[10:05] eat crap each chapter you don't have to
[10:07] play any cards actually yeah in some
[10:08] cases it might be beneficial to not play
[10:11] anything absolutely you can actually
[10:13] Bluff it up so you both so you do our
[10:15] best situation yeah last car to the slot
[10:17] you buy a big saradomin Godsword so your
[10:21] opponent a raptor might think huh I'm
[10:23] first I'm gonna bash it yeah I'm gonna
[10:25] bash that first slot of the next round
[10:27] it's like okay that's fine but I'm not
[10:29] gonna play my cards and I'm just gonna
[10:30] rebuild the next chapter so actually
[10:32] you're not gonna hurt me yeah I'm good
[10:34] I'm going to lose that weapon but I'm
[10:35] not then gonna try and beat up a
[10:36] diagonal Sentinel with my first the
[10:38] great ones are where people play cards
[10:40] which say they go to affect your
[10:42] creatures like yeah yeah yeah and then
[10:44] like you submit a total of no creatures
[10:46] you just kind of go it's sort of like
[10:51] I'm gonna win by doing precisely nothing
[10:53] so if both of us myself and my ride will
[10:56] get through all five chapters yeah what
[10:59] happens if that happens then we have a
[11:01] bit of a final battle yeah yeah so we
[11:03] were really mindful about wanting to
[11:05] keep like the length of the
[11:07] the game sessions yeah quite defined
[11:09] just so they'd spiral in the arena we
[11:11] don't wrapped and sitting there with 200
[11:13] are exactly sure yeah so we put we put
[11:15] this final battle in there just to kind
[11:17] of neatly close everything off and it
[11:18] and we think after five chapters that's
[11:20] quite a nice moment to do it yeah but
[11:23] yeah so in that case our legend will
[11:25] come together and whatever stats they
[11:26] have based but how much damage they can
[11:28] do and how much health and armor they
[11:30] have they'll start battling each other
[11:32] hitting it out until somebody gets a
[11:35] zero health and that will be the loser
[11:37] another person is the big others worth
[11:38] plenty other that's a tactic in itself I
[11:40] mean your guys like you know your stats
[11:42] heavy build up base guys like rapture
[11:44] and lynnze yeah they're really looking
[11:46] to take things to the final battle
[11:47] because if you know you get a router
[11:48] with all of his armor he's build up a
[11:50] nice bit of base damage you if you get
[11:52] him going into the final battle against
[11:54] scenario yeah likelihood is that's going
[11:56] to end one way I mean there's there's no
[11:58] real chance scenario it's going to take
[12:00] that route to the final five so it's
[12:02] attack together so I mean yeah survival
[12:04] is a tactic if you want to just weather
[12:06] the storm and ambassador them at the end
[12:08] we thoroughly encouraged effort so we've
[12:11] talked about some characters who are the
[12:12] four characters and how do they differ
[12:14] in the game we have Linzer yep who's our
[12:17] blacksmith of runescape and she's all
[12:21] about the weapons so she has a lot more
[12:23] access to weapons as rewards yeah then
[12:26] she also has really cool cards that
[12:27] Kashi upgrade weapons year like any
[12:30] other improved durability to improve
[12:32] when mr. jonas tops and she can also
[12:34] convert like weapons into other things
[12:36] so she can take the whatever weapon
[12:39] attack she has and maybe a pure armor
[12:40] for example search is really adapted
[12:42] doing that sort of stuff we also have
[12:44] Raptor who's our tank so he's all about
[12:47] arm when he's all about health and yeah
[12:48] like mod merchant said he's very good
[12:52] just getting to that last battle and
[12:55] it's kind of weathering everything you
[12:56] could throw at him and just kind of
[12:58] absorbing it and just kind of let me
[12:59] should I always just brushing it off
[13:01] yeah look then and then decimating you
[13:04] and he can be quite a challenge
[13:05] absolutely and yo so the other two
[13:07] legends are to my mom I sort of play
[13:10] style okay they're all about the tricks
[13:12] they're all about the combos they're all
[13:13] about annoying your opponent as much as
[13:15] you can I know so the first one is owes
[13:17] on the thief he's an amazing character
[13:19] he's all about
[13:21] Gold stealing gold directly off your
[13:23] rival yet which can have some hilarious
[13:25] consequences so I says there's nothing
[13:27] like Jared Diamond Godsword fear exactly
[13:29] there's nothing like stealing some gold
[13:31] and then watching your rival try to buy
[13:33] the worst one he's been he pretends to
[13:36] give you gold oh that's great and then
[13:38] like steals a back-off you yes it like
[13:39] Hosanna Hosanna he's the master of
[13:41] tricks I oh he didn't he didn't think
[13:43] that you're gonna be solid and then last
[13:44] slide just goes oh you know like gold
[13:46] you've been holding for me I'll have
[13:48] that back now yes sounds great he's
[13:50] there soon master tricks so how he wins
[13:52] is he can bribe allies that's a really
[13:54] strong feature in his gameplay so he
[13:56] will pay assassins to go after you you
[13:58] know yeah he will pay things to break
[14:00] your weapon there's all sorts of stuff
[14:01] that he can do he's largely focused on
[14:04] this golden a place you know he can give
[14:05] it to bandits he can even try to pump
[14:07] you full of gold and then hurt you based
[14:09] on your girl yeah so he'd go yeah I'm
[14:11] gonna ungry to get a little money and
[14:12] I'm gonna give it to you and I'm gonna
[14:14] make that gold kill you so he's great
[14:16] and the alone is area now ariana is
[14:18] arguably one of my favorites she is the
[14:21] combo mage like you're on bows are her
[14:23] domain you know arianne you might think
[14:25] that you're getting off easily you know
[14:27] you'll be you'll be chillin she'll be
[14:29] pulling up a little bit of gold you know
[14:30] she's not playing many cards no no I
[14:33] definitely you know what's gonna happen
[14:34] yeah destroyer love Leslie you're
[14:37] worrying about my card getting quite a bit
[14:39] gold oh I don't know what she's do you
[14:41] she's not gonna have any weapons or look
[14:43] like a mecca for cars fixed absolutely
[14:46] and all of a sudden you just see this
[14:47] card go down you're like oh she's only
[14:49] played one card what is this and then
[14:51] you read the words earth blast yes
[14:53] exactly at Earth blast is a card that
[14:56] deals damage based on your hand size and
[14:58] so it's just things like that like
[15:00] ariana is just this spectacular combo
[15:02] mage I absolutely love playing her
[15:04] there's so many waiting go back but you
[15:06] can go fast direct damage with your wind
[15:08] surges you know your fire surges or you
[15:11] can just build up to this enormous
[15:13] fireworks display of wiping somebody off
[15:15] the map it's different yeah it's classy
[15:18] it's closer so we've got other features
[15:21] as well as characters to this deck
[15:23] building and card crafting bill
[15:25] absolutely yeah we really want to
[15:27] encourage people to experiment with dope
[15:28] building right it is the lifeblood of
[15:30] any card game especially Chronicle one
[15:33] that's so focused on strategy
[15:34] and so yeah we've put in a crafting
[15:36] system that essentially if you have
[15:38] cards that you have duplicates of or
[15:39] perhaps you've got the nose and card but
[15:41] you're really feeling playing some Linda
[15:43] you can basically break that down into
[15:45] materials to craft other cards right and
[15:47] that works on a rarity basis yeah so if
[15:50] you say God a diamond card so you have
[15:52] time can you really excited but you
[15:53] didn't particularly want that diamond
[15:54] card you can break it down to have some
[15:57] of the resources to put towards a
[15:58] different one right and then we've also
[16:00] allowed you to upscale or downscale your
[16:02] materials so if you've been getting
[16:04] lucky and getting a load of green cards
[16:05] in packs yeah you can go you know I'm
[16:08] going to invest all of these I've build
[16:09] up and get this diamond card that I
[16:10] really wanted we really wanted to open
[16:12] up deck building to everyone because we
[16:14] want people to just got mad we want to
[16:16] see the crazy strategies of people try
[16:17] it's a little bit unique as well isn't
[16:19] it since you can have you need a minimum
[16:22] number of cards in deck of 30 yeah
[16:24] actually you can flirt with how many up
[16:27] to 50 i think if you if you won't have
[16:30] up to 50 cards in your deck you can make
[16:32] slightly bigger decks I don't know how
[16:33] strongly advise it but I've seen 31 and
[16:36] 32 card decks do very well yeah I'm sure
[16:38] his car game player you can understand
[16:39] that consistency is everything yeah yeah
[16:41] you if you've got a strategy here and
[16:44] that's fair we're talking pure starts
[16:46] like so if you've got a 30 card rack I'm
[16:47] gonna get all boring a card player if
[16:49] you've got a 30 contact and you add
[16:50] another card to that you're adding about
[16:52] a four and a half percent chance of not
[16:53] drawing a car but you what yeah and so
[16:55] people go ask just an extra card I
[16:58] really want this you know I wants extra
[16:59] fire search on social wind surge you
[17:01] have to be really careful with them I
[17:02] mean if you accommodate for it fair play
[17:04] to you you can make some killer deck yet
[17:06] word of warning to the wise though yeah
[17:09] and also we've really tried to give
[17:12] features to our deck building which
[17:14] because we we gamers as well yeah we
[17:16] like hugging absolutely shocked like I
[17:18] said oh sure great news my usual after
[17:20] the game company holidays and one of the
[17:22] one of the nice features we have in our
[17:24] deck building is the ability to very
[17:25] easily duplicate your deck yeah and what
[17:27] that means is that if you've got a deck
[17:29] you already like and you kind of you
[17:31] know it works then you can easily
[17:32] duplicate it just kind of mess around be
[17:34] not jeopardizing you know that valves
[17:37] initial original debt as Fox says that's
[17:40] a fantastic feature and one of things
[17:42] that I really like about getting
[17:43] everybody into tech building is we're
[17:45] going to be adding the ability to
[17:47] duplicate the
[17:48] basic takes okay so a player who might
[17:50] look at deck building and finding a bit
[17:51] daunting like that's totally
[17:53] understandable yeah it's a crazy thing
[17:54] dinner if you see okay make a deck you
[17:57] just look where do I start so yeah we
[17:59] want to really get plays this step and
[18:01] say like look these basic decks like
[18:02] they're not they're not rubbish text
[18:04] like that then that takes like guys like
[18:05] me guys like mud guys like that
[18:07] Jim we've sat down and made these decks
[18:09] like yeah with the cards available
[18:10] they're good little decks so when you
[18:12] start getting extra few cards don't
[18:14] hesitate to placate in it I just
[18:16] modifying it see what happens yeah and I
[18:19] think that just provides this really
[18:20] nice way to get people into tech
[18:21] building and I can't wait to out
[18:23] together that's going to be fairly soon
[18:25] underneath you make me want to build
[18:26] decks now Your Honor about Linda deck at
[18:28] the moment which is just winning all the
[18:30] games i have a linter deck that has 50
[18:32] cards in it at the moment ft car i'm not
[18:34] playing it it is called silly deck ah
[18:37] okay everything shoved in it and I'm
[18:39] gradually editing it down as I play
[18:42] different cards in oh right yeah that's
[18:45] one way of going about it I'm not I'm
[18:47] not playing that 50 card deck I was just
[18:49] sitting there and it just gets edited
[18:51] occasionally go no that's not gonna work
[18:52] you sound like a bloody cobbler I've
[18:56] made a few card game moving around the
[18:58] cards a little more this is the first
[19:01] time I play poker yes it's always the
[19:03] first time what's focus have you played
[19:06] this so at the moment it's available for
[19:09] PC yes and what are our plans about
[19:12] other platform so our plans at the
[19:14] moment are a mac client for early 2016
[19:16] them yeah we're also looking at iOS and
[19:19] Android phones later in that year when
[19:21] we move towards you know more of a full
[19:23] launch and after that i really want to
[19:25] reinforce that when not ignoring you
[19:27] know we hear you guys going we want a
[19:29] mac client and stuff like that like we
[19:31] are not by any means ignoring that i'm
[19:33] trying to be as open as i can like we
[19:35] are actively working on it yeah and
[19:37] we'll have it to you guys when we can
[19:38] like we appreciate that you want to play
[19:40] it on the device you want to play it on
[19:41] and we take that super seriously we're
[19:44] working as hard as we can to deliberate
[19:45] and for those Linux players out there oh
[19:47] yes that's also gonna be a thing it's
[19:50] also on the on the Knicks it is on the
[19:52] roads can we get it on microwaves yeah
[19:54] it's also coming out on posters posters
[19:56] and the Sega Genesis maybe like the
[19:58] cards cook
[19:59] toaster your love be great yeah how it
[20:01] work that's how you draw cards it just
[20:03] pings up and yeah i was submitting my
[20:04] put in the ban yeah that sounds great
[20:06] thank you right playing our april fools
[20:08] i think we're going to cancel the pc
[20:09] client and just do the toaster one
[20:10] installation because i'm really liking
[20:12] the sound of that good luck BB like some
[20:16] sort of breakfast in the morning that's
[20:17] what about people who cheat an hour for
[20:19] SWAT toasters they play eight cards III
[20:21] force up to see hey it's paper babe like
[20:24] matter who you cheat anyway it's not
[20:25] toaster and to win that's the problem
[20:29] yeah you and your toaster or the problem
[20:32] we are we are indeed the problem I
[20:33] thought you just like have a
[20:34] normal-sized toaster right and now it's
[20:36] back on course oh wow that was that was
[20:43] amazing listen to do is over yeah drop
[20:46] mike waltrip and the be to itself what
[20:51] are our plans around the beater so we
[20:54] kicked it off yesterday twenty fifth of
[20:55] November this is because we called it on
[20:58] thursday morning for those of you
[20:59] because obviously it's probably gonna go
[21:00] out tomorrow so we're kind of a few of
[21:02] us are nursing a little bit of a post
[21:04] celebration I'm saying yes yes i saw i
[21:06] saw a couple of weary looking faces this
[21:08] alone some rigged bottles of prosecco a
[21:12] link yard so we've let sort of taking a
[21:14] break from spam replying to you all on
[21:16] every social media ever and still we're
[21:18] still celebrate it's a great day yeah so
[21:20] we're really really grateful and pumped
[21:22] really about the number of people who
[21:23] express an interest and get into our
[21:25] Savior thousands people out there and
[21:27] we're really excited about getting those
[21:29] people in yeah I'll plan though is to
[21:31] kind of stick slowly at time we kind of
[21:34] want to give our servers a little bit of
[21:36] time just to kind of adjust the number
[21:37] of people coming up to them and also you
[21:40] know making sure that would do little
[21:41] improvement so invite you will come in a
[21:43] fine too and they get slightly you know
[21:44] different experiences hope the improved
[21:46] experiences so over the coming weeks
[21:49] we'll be letting more and more people
[21:50] come into the beta and but absolutely we
[21:53] really want to get one involved yeah
[21:55] it's all good the sons of a verify thank
[21:57] you so much to everyone who's even if
[21:59] you look at the boat just for showing
[22:00] interest it means the world to us cuz
[22:02] absolutely and the team the rest of
[22:03] developers on the team are like really
[22:04] excited because it really gives us that
[22:07] validation it really makes us feel that
[22:09] Chronicle can be something special
[22:09] really infuses everybody to really want
[22:12] to work on it
[22:13] more so make it an even better game
[22:14] absolutely even the silly comments we
[22:16] get on Twitter and stuff you know just
[22:17] the jokes like about people playing and
[22:18] stuff like you have no idea how much
[22:20] those need to us I read all of them like
[22:23] I send them around like we love that
[22:25] stuff so right here if you enjoying the
[22:26] game or even you just want to like I'm
[22:28] shout to us like please do don't
[22:29] hesitate to get in touch so the the beta
[22:32] we're going to continue sending out keys
[22:34] absolutely there's going to be keys on a
[22:36] daily basis I believe I will be sending
[22:38] out quite a few more today I'm also
[22:41] doing key giveaways all the time on
[22:43] Twitter and stuff so if you're not in
[22:44] one of the waves don't despair there's
[22:45] always a chance to get a key yeah and
[22:47] one of the really great things that
[22:49] we're able to do is every single person
[22:51] who applies to the beta at some point
[22:53] during the closed beta we will invite to
[22:55] play yeah so there is no chance of you
[22:57] you know you're not gonna fall down the
[22:59] well of Forgotten email address in it if
[23:02] you've applied you're gonna get to play
[23:04] Chronicle like I don't know whether will
[23:05] be today or next week but we are going
[23:07] to give you a keyword working as hard as
[23:09] we can to get us servers up to be able
[23:10] to deal with as many people as you want
[23:12] to play okay are we looking at having
[23:15] beat wipes or anything like that at all
[23:17] so that might happen and that's you know
[23:20] one of the one of the risks I suppose of
[23:23] playing beta which is yeah we we would
[23:25] be very clear about the fact that we
[23:26] want to be able to change our game and
[23:28] improve it yeah and so it might be like
[23:29] making changes to cards and it might be
[23:32] might be having to do a stat wipe at
[23:34] some point really so you just bear that
[23:35] in mind when you play it this is really
[23:37] about kind of seen how you guys and
[23:40] players play your game and then us
[23:42] making good adjustments to it absolutely
[23:44] I'll I can't make any solid commitment
[23:46] to but I know myself mod Fox and
[23:49] everybody on the team is really came to
[23:52] reward these people who are helping us
[23:54] so actually gets in you are so crucial
[23:55] to us in our development at this stage
[23:57] that were there to be wipes at the end
[23:59] of the closed beta I'm sure we would
[24:01] look towards giving you something as a
[24:02] thank you that yes so how do people get
[24:04] involved sign up are a sign of daikon
[24:07] whack your email address in yeah there's
[24:10] also a stizzy in front of course they're
[24:12] signing up I'm hoping for a key like I
[24:14] say we're getting out plenty everybody's
[24:15] going to get a key so it's just a matter
[24:17] of time if you haven't got one yet
[24:18] there's also key giveaways I name myself
[24:21] you know probably like guys like JD
[24:22] imbalance like loads of guys on Twitter
[24:24] yeah well
[24:25] to be handing out keys streams they're
[24:27] going to be handing out keys I'm going
[24:29] to be having our keys on stream I've
[24:30] handed out kista fan site absolutely
[24:32] found sides gonna have you throw them
[24:34] out in the streets of Cambridge as well
[24:35] yeah your keys are I mean I've just two
[24:38] ways I'm just took my sharpie and I'm
[24:39] dice probably not allowed buns writing
[24:41] them on things in Cambridge so if you're
[24:43] in Cambridge go out and look for weird
[24:45] letters being defeated okay please don't
[24:47] tell the police other than that yeah if
[24:50] you want to get in the base there's
[24:52] there's many ways to get in the browser
[24:54] and the feedback so the important part
[24:57] of the basis that feedback yeah we've
[25:00] been a load of us would have been
[25:02] reading all the forum posts have been
[25:03] going up absolutely everything you post
[25:06] it's fantastic and yeah we got our
[25:08] forums there where you can just write
[25:10] whatever you want give us feedback and
[25:11] will read it promise you we have Twitter
[25:14] accounts you can just message us
[25:15] directly as Facebook pages of believe as
[25:17] well yeah and we're not just saying it
[25:19] it's like we will oh I really read all
[25:22] that stuff yeah i mean i've just i've
[25:23] only just stepped into the role of fear
[25:25] your community manager yeah absolutely
[25:26] and one of the things that I'm really
[25:28] really fond on is that I want to be as
[25:30] open as possible to players like please
[25:32] don't be hesitant like if you post
[25:33] anything on the forums I will read it
[25:35] like if you tweet me I will read it like
[25:37] if you're giving me feedback your
[25:39] feedback will be taken into
[25:40] consideration I am because at the end of
[25:43] the day you know you're helping us by
[25:45] giving us feedback like there's no words
[25:47] for how much we appreciate yeah it feels
[25:49] more now that we've gotten to this beat
[25:51] of it it really does feel like it's now
[25:53] collaborative you know basically the
[25:56] players are part of the development team
[25:57] yeah so we want to make sure that's kind
[26:00] of reflected yeah 10 100 some I mean you
[26:02] guys are the reason that does it go
[26:04] exactly we make it nothing this game for
[26:06] us look that's just a byproduct
[26:11] murder yeah at the end of the day
[26:13] honestly please any feedback don't
[26:15] hesitate to get in touch there's a great
[26:17] subreddit like guys have set up as well
[26:18] which is r / r s chronicle go subscribe
[26:21] to those guys they're wicked they do all
[26:22] sorts of updates and stuff yeah i am on
[26:25] there all time as well yeah so if you
[26:28] post feedback out on the internets i
[26:30] will find it we might even post mod
[26:33] merchants phone number as well but we
[26:35] are not posting one with 24 7 available
[26:38] all your issues no maybe not that's what
[26:42] is total I can't promise it doesn't
[26:44] redirect to a random phone box in the
[26:46] countryside but yeah you know we might
[26:49] put a phone number of the flashing at
[26:52] the bottom of the screen so feedback is
[26:54] really important absolutely but now we
[26:56] have the last question you'll find a
[26:58] question of podcast what's your favorite
[27:00] character go now you get first I group
[27:03] on silent answer can turn i would
[27:06] say um I honestly do enjoy playing as
[27:10] all of the legends yeah that's not my
[27:12] answer though because that's an absolute
[27:13] copper it is my that's like that's like
[27:14] a politicians and the yeah I will be
[27:19] honest and say my privilege it is re an
[27:21] area i absolutely love you know in other
[27:23] card games I've always about the combos
[27:25] in Chronicle like it's got the greatest
[27:28] strategy and combos I've seen in a game
[27:30] right and so I just I just gravitate
[27:32] towards that like I said I you know I
[27:34] love being that guy who you don't like
[27:36] very much you just earth blast you off
[27:37] the face of these 20 yeah 420 earth +
[27:40] 420 that should be like my slogan
[27:43] seriously just like it I need like a
[27:46] tattoo that's like oh you'll cry yeah
[27:49] he's like my battle cry oh just showered
[27:51] ready Oh plasma 20 will in my stuff yeah
[27:55] well I'm glad Keiko's everyone because I
[27:58] was worried that we're both treats the
[27:59] same one who are you gonna do you
[28:00] consider I want you to Linda o-rings is
[28:03] my favorite I i I'm with your linter see
[28:05] that's just as you guys are scrubs and
[28:07] Lindsay's really sure
[28:09] haha Lindsay Lindsay is me one of the
[28:12] most satisfying characters because you
[28:14] can really build those upgrade chains I
[28:16] mean at the other days she has a card
[28:18] called pulverize she does lo weapon if
[28:20] you're given a choice of actions to do
[28:22] to your opponent and there's one called
[28:23] pulverise you're probably gonna pick it
[28:25] I kind of throw my hammer in your
[28:27] fashion bulan air so I've spent all this
[28:30] time making this awesome hammer I'm just
[28:31] gonna love it at you and then make a new
[28:35] one and they're making yeah why not no
[28:36] but she she is definitely my favorite
[28:38] legend the moment and I'm really
[28:39] enjoying the deck which I've been built
[28:42] around her in the last few days and yeah
[28:44] but you know I'm sure that give it some
[28:47] time and playing against other people
[28:49] and seen like maybe raptor and ozan
[28:51] these things these kind of motivations
[28:53] and kind of inspirations yeah really
[28:55] canal see early rap to love yeah yeah we
[28:59] know and so changes right yeah you've
[29:01] got to give a shout out two zones well
[29:02] he's amazing fun huh give a shout roster
[29:05] because everybody plays rap ok I will
[29:08] find you on the rag ladder and I will
[29:09] beat you so that's my message from
[29:11] Raptor blows bring it on its s mod
[29:13] merchant there yeah pretty much bring it
[29:15] on cue up admin game merchant in game
[29:19] challenge me if your bb's raptor gopher
[29:21] and with that make this time say goodbye
[29:24] if you don't take goodbye to the
[29:25] listeners well it's been an absolute
[29:27] pleasure thank you very much tweet me
[29:29] post anywhere i'll get back to you thank
[29:31] you very much yep and it's been
[29:33] fantastic talking have to do a lot more
[29:34] bye bye