Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #72 - Mod Neena Exposed!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] you
[00:09] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:11] I'm mod Matty the podcast monkey and
[00:14] with me today i have mod Nina so who are
[00:18] you more beer I'm part the community
[00:20] management team yeah I have a load of
[00:24] different responsibilities which i'm
[00:25] sure people already know about but i'm
[00:27] happy to run through go on so I'm p mod
[00:30] curator so I'm in charge of recruitment
[00:31] and looking after P mods and also play
[00:35] gallery some responses for the art
[00:37] community and player visits which hasn't
[00:39] happened yet you are happening soon and
[00:42] I'm sure there's something else gemmell
[00:46] events j model I look after jay mohr
[00:48] defense and a few of the things that
[00:50] those are the main ones and Tyler
[00:52] commonly appear on our community streams
[00:53] as well yes yeah I'm the noob on the
[00:56] stream usually dying a few times so we
[00:59] got loads of player questions from the
[01:00] forums for you great and the first
[01:02] question is from HTML how many times
[01:05] have you died so far in all right let
[01:09] alone on stream how many times have you
[01:10] tied I have it's too many to count to be
[01:15] completely honest with you on stream
[01:16] have died loads of times and then
[01:17] outside stream of those drugs as well
[01:20] although mod John wins you a close
[01:22] second on death's does me I'm streams
[01:24] well ma oh yeah actually no madre de ma
[01:27] JD actually Judy's yeah yeah ma John and
[01:32] ma Claire tend to cheat a lot so they
[01:34] tend to survive quite a lot yeah she
[01:38] think it's not allowed it's not what
[01:40] they do anyway j mot hacks okay so you
[01:43] said about the player gallery mhm mercy
[01:47] had a question I'm saying since you
[01:49] involved with the player gallery and he
[01:50] showed tremendous insight to art are you
[01:53] an artist as well I'm not a trained
[01:55] artist and but I I do like to draw I do
[01:59] like to sketch like to doodle I like to
[02:01] paint I like to do like digital imagery
[02:04] and stuff so I do have an interest in it
[02:05] and so yeah it's something I'm really
[02:07] passionate about and hoping to push
[02:08] forward and what kind of art do you
[02:10] enjoy the most then oh it's really
[02:12] difficult i love i love 3d modeling I do
[02:15] love 3d modeling bugs and photoshop love
[02:18] digital country she's got a new tablet
[02:20] at work so I'm just like missing
[02:22] round on it it's quite nice meet Dave
[02:24] asked what's your favorite part about
[02:26] your job interacting with the players
[02:28] like engaging with the community on all
[02:31] the levels it's something that we didn't
[02:33] get to do as much and Blair support yeah
[02:35] and it's nice to be able to do that now
[02:36] so I in-game events social posting
[02:39] pictures of myself doing funny things or
[02:41] posting pictures of the team it's just
[02:43] nice to be able to do what's team typo
[02:47] all about or taint I pack oh gosh okay
[02:49] and I have an issue in that I get too
[02:55] excited when they want to share
[02:56] information sometimes right and Oh type
[02:59] something really quickly and share it
[03:01] because i want to share the good news
[03:02] and then realize I've probably made a
[03:04] typo somewhere and then after time it's
[03:07] just kind of become a thing that I typo
[03:09] all the time so yeah yeah the only one
[03:11] to be sure well to be fair since I
[03:13] started doing it then other people in my
[03:15] FC started doing it and then it just
[03:17] became a thing we're on my FC we just
[03:18] team title we were food crazy before
[03:20] that and now we're Team Coco I was going
[03:22] to say we've we've got quite a lot of
[03:24] questions about food oh yeah it does
[03:26] appear to be recurring theme no yeah we
[03:29] all love the food and quite a few people
[03:31] Polly and slave both asked about player
[03:34] visits ok so what what can you tell us
[03:38] about player visits ok so over the last
[03:41] I think it's over the last few years and
[03:44] there have been a few p mod visits and
[03:46] where p modes have been checked and
[03:48] coming to come to the studio to see this
[03:50] to the studio and we do get a lot of
[03:52] players that just show up on jagex front
[03:55] door and just ask which is completely
[03:58] fine ask for a tour around the office
[04:00] but suddenly it's during the Working Day
[04:02] not someone's not always available to
[04:04] show them around it's not something we
[04:06] really do offer and there have been
[04:08] occasions where you know that their
[04:10] accounts have been checked and and
[04:11] they've been taken around but it's
[04:13] really inconsistent so my what I've
[04:15] wanted to do is make it so that there's
[04:17] a set day maybe once a quarter where
[04:20] players can come to the studio and this
[04:23] this will be somewhere where people can
[04:24] post their details on the thread we
[04:27] would have to investigate their accounts
[04:28] we would need to make sure that they
[04:29] were they had nobody intentions and you
[04:32] know there were over the age of 18 and
[04:33] they made their way down here them
[04:35] and we would want to show them the
[04:37] studio yeah but yeah it's them in the
[04:40] program we've had that with piemonte so
[04:43] far this year and we've only had a
[04:44] couple of visits but they've the people
[04:47] visit very well and they've been really
[04:50] helpful so we still want to do the PMO
[04:53] visits and P more visits will still be
[04:54] different to a normal prior visit
[04:56] because we have a one-to-one session
[04:58] with them and talk about p more related
[05:00] stuff or as a player visit would
[05:01] literally be players come into the
[05:03] studio show them around let them ask
[05:05] questions because that's yeah why not
[05:07] Jeremy and it'd be nice to have a steady
[05:09] procedure in place so almost almost an
[05:11] open day kind of feel yeah yeah and it
[05:13] would just be one set die where everyone
[05:16] in the office will know that there's
[05:17] going to be players around and they'll
[05:19] make hopefully make the time to have a
[05:20] chat with Thurmond and show them some
[05:22] stuff but at the moment it's you know
[05:25] it's been quite money as you can imagine
[05:27] so it's it's on our coming soon yes it
[05:31] definitely is something I've been
[05:32] working on and planning and as I said
[05:35] there will still be P more visits and
[05:37] but there will be player visits our
[05:38] separate to that sounds very excited
[05:40] yeah looking forward to that Mars wants
[05:43] to know if the lead developers came to
[05:45] you and asked you to design or create a
[05:47] new skill for runescape which skill
[05:50] would you choose and what would it
[05:51] involve ah see when rune labs first came
[05:54] out I really wanted a skill to do with
[05:57] dragons I was thinking training a dragon
[06:01] slaying a dragon and riding a dragon
[06:04] flying with a dragon everything
[06:06] driving-related teachers dragon had to
[06:08] fire breathe teach everything well one
[06:10] of the things you learn quite quickly
[06:12] working with you Medina's you I'll
[06:13] dragon obsess I'm a little bit dragon
[06:15] obsessed I'm a bit yeah I'm animal
[06:17] obsessed to be honest and when community
[06:20] management reason you asked to do a
[06:22] creative project designing a game you
[06:25] wanted to include breeding dragons in
[06:27] the game yes why not I don't see why not
[06:30] dragons everywhere is recycle so it
[06:33] would be dragon dragon mallet see
[06:36] dragonology i use the term dragon ink
[06:39] but i don't really know if that count as
[06:41] a word i'm sure they'll think of
[06:43] something i love the question for miles
[06:44] if you could take one item from
[06:45] runescape and have a copy
[06:47] in real life whiten would it be ah a pet
[06:51] can I pet Oh Oh see I love the kirin I'm
[06:56] not the karen i think is very beautiful
[06:58] i also like that the Bloodhound which
[07:01] one you have to decide oh I don't know 3
[07:04] i'm gonna head to keiran ok because it's
[07:07] different it's got a unicorn horn and
[07:09] it's got like it's got like lion
[07:11] features goat features loads of
[07:13] different features scaly skin it's just
[07:15] peculiar isn't it it's a it's an unusual
[07:19] creaky yes ok sir Oh Elly wants to know
[07:25] what's your favorite food in game see I
[07:27] have to say the pizza don't I I have to
[07:29] say it is it you know you do it's great
[07:32] about pizza is that you can have
[07:33] everything on the pizza nothing you
[07:35] could have anything on a pizza you can
[07:37] have a plain cheese pizza you could have
[07:38] a cheeseless pizza you could have cuz
[07:40] you're on a pizza you could I don't
[07:42] imagine it with tasters interest it
[07:46] would taste interesting i don't if i'd
[07:48] want one big slimy and stuff wouldn't it
[07:51] a whole pizza yeah it doesn't interest
[07:53] rate pizzas no no you're just savory mmm
[07:57] well I can have pineapple on pizza know
[07:59] a lot of people don't like pineapple on
[08:00] pizza but it makes sense if you're gonna
[08:01] have ham I I can understand pilot on
[08:04] pizza but if you can like you have
[08:05] pineapple with your ham you know you
[08:08] don't have gammon steak and stuff and
[08:10] you have pineapple on it yes and surely
[08:12] it makes sense for how I don't have
[08:13] pilot on it because that's an
[08:14] abomination nobody should have pineapple
[08:16] on their pizza on their pizza or on
[08:18] their don't knock it till you tried it
[08:20] eggs yes wonderful now one bond is
[08:27] currently asking about Hawaiian pizzas
[08:30] Hawaiian pizzas are a travesty and
[08:32] should not me i'm getting incredulous
[08:36] looks from the same engineer I'm in
[08:38] trouble so I'll move on quickly so DMK
[08:42] asks as community members for jagex how
[08:45] do you plan to make the runescape
[08:46] community better and a more positive
[08:47] place for players and well we the
[08:51] community management team do post on the
[08:53] forums and post on social media and
[08:55] we're in game and we do events with them
[08:57] people doing charity streams we tend to
[08:59] like pop in and say hi and help promote
[09:01] them and so me personally and what I
[09:04] want to do is I want to reach out to all
[09:06] the creative communities and like the
[09:08] artists the video makers and I want to
[09:12] help them either support them by
[09:15] promoting them helping them feel a bit
[09:18] more confident what they're doing enough
[09:20] of them support and hopefully reach out
[09:22] to a wider community that way okay and i
[09:24] just think that people get so passionate
[09:25] when they've got a talent or if they've
[09:27] got a want and a desire to do something
[09:29] and if i can help encourage that and i'm
[09:31] helping them feel happy and I'm helping
[09:33] promote their and building their
[09:34] confidence and I feel happy brilliant so
[09:37] applesauce I think I'm not sure the
[09:41] pronunciation on that one said if you
[09:43] asked if you could choose a different
[09:44] role at jakes in the future which one
[09:46] would appeal to you most and why see now
[09:50] I think that's a cracking question if
[09:52] you could do any job at jagex well
[09:53] that's such as you are not allowed to be
[09:56] chief food taster in wow that was going
[09:59] to be the woman was gonna okay right um
[10:03] I don't know this I think there's a few
[10:05] different areas that I probably wouldn't
[10:08] want going into right um I would love to
[10:11] be part of that department i would love
[10:13] to do creative staff but i don't really
[10:15] know how how to transition yeah yeah
[10:19] well it's very different to the art art
[10:21] that they do here and let you know there
[10:23] were professionals here and i'm still
[10:24] like doodling my little doodles yeah and
[10:26] another thing like I mean I was part of
[10:28] prayer support and I am really
[10:30] passionate about helping players and I
[10:33] think there's so much that could be done
[10:34] so even if there was like a position
[10:36] where I could help players even more
[10:38] yeah then I would always like something
[10:41] like that or even something like digital
[10:43] marketing like something a bit not so
[10:45] much creative art but more digital like
[10:48] as in the marketing side of things where
[10:50] you're contacting businesses and you're
[10:52] trying to build that relationship for
[10:54] jagex yep all runescape and for all the
[10:57] for the brand i think i'd be interested
[10:59] in that as well okay so air oltre asked
[11:02] how did you pick your modeling mean and
[11:05] mod Nina how did you fit you want me
[11:08] okay so it's not as interesting as some
[11:10] of the other people's maybe so when I
[11:12] started back in 2006 and you
[11:15] you weren't allowed to pick a mod name
[11:17] that didn't have your name or relative
[11:20] yep yep Thank to your name and they went
[11:23] but there wasn't any other Nina's in the
[11:24] company and I was like I couldn't think
[11:26] of one so I just like Medina yo do and
[11:29] then when I came back in 2012 and they
[11:33] asked me what mod name I wanted again
[11:34] and I was just like what Nina no look I
[11:36] used to work here before that yet I want
[11:39] that name and how long have you been
[11:43] playing runescape before you worked it
[11:45] and so as i said i started in 2006 yeah
[11:48] and before I found out I got the job
[11:50] here at jagex I wanted to find out what
[11:53] runescape was about I didn't know about
[11:54] it before then I was at University doing
[11:56] a degree and I didn't I didn't have as
[12:00] much time to play computer games is ever
[12:02] so i might not be as knowledgeable about
[12:04] runescape as everyone else but when i
[12:06] found out i got the job or hadn't into
[12:09] you actually when I found I had an
[12:10] interview I created an account and I
[12:11] started playing see ya I create my
[12:14] account in 2006 so proper long long
[12:17] service care of nine years yeah well
[12:19] yeah it's going to be 10 years hey zeg
[12:20] 10 years and but I don't tell anyone
[12:25] about that account I play that one
[12:26] privately I've got another account I
[12:28] your tube yeah well I've got two tubes
[12:31] read another tube account when I started
[12:33] here again uh-huh so alter again yep
[12:38] which jay mod was is the easiest or
[12:40] hardest to work with and why ha can I
[12:43] just say mod balance he's the most
[12:45] difficult person to work with how much
[12:46] I'm just joking I'm joking he is if I
[12:49] were difficult workers to move he's up
[12:50] both our boss and I don't think there's
[12:55] anyone that's that difficult to work
[12:57] with i think everyone everyone here has
[12:59] the same kind of friendly informative
[13:02] mentality so you're kind of find a way
[13:04] to make it work i I've never had any
[13:07] actual issues with people is the easiest
[13:10] person for you to it that's going to be
[13:12] difficult as well are the easiest person
[13:14] I don't know correct answer is mod
[13:21] majeika ceases all mod bond cuz he's
[13:24] recording and mod who I'm working with
[13:27] at the time is the easy
[13:29] person for me to work with obviously
[13:32] different to cancer wolf would like to
[13:36] know about player visits will there be a
[13:39] gift shop to purchase a novelty pencil
[13:41] after at all see this is the things is
[13:44] one of the things that I really wanted
[13:45] to get into place obviously it's not
[13:47] going to happen yet other things been
[13:49] confirmed and the things been sorted out
[13:51] yet and but one thing we did want to do
[13:53] if we did have prayer visits is have not
[13:55] a gift shop so to speak but like
[13:57] somewhere available where people can get
[14:00] momentum we've got much torn out be
[14:02] really nice if we had some stuff here
[14:03] for them to take or to buy or to get
[14:06] while they're here okay star chef I
[14:10] wanted to know how has the player
[14:11] moderator sticky given any useful
[14:13] insight hopefully it helped answer a lot
[14:16] of questions that people had a lot of
[14:19] concerns that people had one of the
[14:22] reasons I made that thread is because I
[14:23] kept getting the same questions asked
[14:25] either to me or to other members of the
[14:27] team and I was just like I don't know
[14:28] why this information is not available to
[14:30] these players and I don't know if you
[14:32] wonder if the players know but we're
[14:34] having problems editing the wiki and it
[14:36] is a lot of knowledge to make sure you
[14:37] don't break a new via the page so I
[14:39] that's one of the reasons I have an
[14:41] update player gallery yet and they don't
[14:42] want to touch the player moderator page
[14:44] so just thought I'm just going to make a
[14:45] thread at least all the questions I'm
[14:47] asked on a regular basis are here so if
[14:49] anybody's got any of those questions
[14:50] they can just check this form and if
[14:52] they've got any questions above that
[14:54] they can ask me I don't mind quite open
[14:56] I've got nothing to hide and quite happy
[14:58] to answer the questions that they have
[15:00] Wolvie I wanted to know how well do you
[15:02] know the people to choose and what
[15:05] ultimate decides whether or not they're
[15:06] deserving of the crown that's a really
[15:09] good question when a curator takes over
[15:11] to look after the P Mod when manager
[15:13] mode looks after the P mods and they've
[15:15] all got their own different approach and
[15:17] their own different thoughts about what
[15:18] they want the player moderator team to
[15:20] be doing or they what they expect from
[15:22] the pmo team or what they want from the
[15:24] pmo team they've got the wrong way of
[15:25] managing the team and when I first took
[15:28] over last year and there were already so
[15:31] many changes that had been made to the P
[15:33] Mod team and there's they've got bigger
[15:34] they've got their own little subsections
[15:36] and there were a lot of things that I
[15:38] was still getting to know when I was
[15:41] given the role
[15:43] yep but coming from a player support
[15:44] point of view when I was given the
[15:47] information on how they were selected
[15:48] and things they obviously things that I
[15:50] wanted to change myself as a new curator
[15:53] that there was like no I want this I
[15:55] want that and you know it doesn't mean
[15:57] that any P mode selected before I was
[15:59] curator or wrong or bad it just meant
[16:02] that they would select differently to
[16:03] the way i would have selected them so
[16:06] this year we've had a real think about
[16:08] the type of player moderate as we want
[16:09] and because of how big streaming has
[16:12] become and how big a YouTube has become
[16:15] we do the more thorough checks and
[16:18] different types of checks to what we
[16:20] would have done years ago so yeah we we
[16:23] took a break from recruiting p mods and
[16:25] we've just recruited about recently and
[16:26] literally literally everything is
[16:29] checked absolutely everything it's past
[16:31] the different teams to be checked in
[16:32] different areas and co we've only just
[16:35] recursion from a from a batch of around
[16:37] 40 or 45 only about 18 made it through
[16:42] yeah and so yeah it's a really thorough
[16:44] process well the perception that you be
[16:48] get to become a Pima by sitting in a
[16:50] jail or chat or something like that it's
[16:51] just not true is it it doesn't quite
[16:52] work like that and so obviously if
[16:54] someone's jumping around in front of
[16:55] your face you're going to see them a lot
[16:57] more yeah and what I found really funny
[16:59] is that when I was first given the P Mod
[17:02] caretta role and none of the other
[17:03] players knew but the p mods knew because
[17:06] we told them that I was going to be
[17:07] looking after P mods so a lot of people
[17:09] jumped to my FC just to find out who I
[17:11] was and get to know me a bit so it did
[17:13] look as though there were a lot of P
[17:15] mods ranked in YFC even though that's
[17:17] not no choice yeah but yeah and the
[17:20] thing is if you're in your friends chat
[17:22] a lot and you notice the people that are
[17:24] behaving a certain wine you like
[17:26] actually that person's actually been
[17:28] really mature I really like the way
[17:30] they're acting you are going to consider
[17:32] them for P more checks not because
[17:34] they're sitting in your FC but because
[17:35] they're showing a level of maturity yeah
[17:38] and it's not just me it's all J mods
[17:41] it's not just friends chat it's in game
[17:43] like a lot of joe mods are on their
[17:45] tubes on their troop account you may get
[17:47] to know players there in clans they're
[17:48] hidden everywhere you have no idea who
[17:50] is a gem are there a lot to keep their
[17:52] personal accounts personal and they pass
[17:54] those names onto me and and you know
[17:56] people
[17:56] it that way and then of the ways is from
[17:59] other p mod soapy mods might no other
[18:01] awesome players and the like this
[18:04] players so good you really need to
[18:05] consider them and each player will be
[18:07] vetted completely and utterly checked
[18:10] before we can given the role yeah and
[18:12] even when they given the role they still
[18:15] have another three months or so before
[18:16] they've given fully fledged p much
[18:18] responsibilities so the loss serious
[18:22] long question I'm going to ask you it's
[18:23] similar is relate to the same subject so
[18:26] probably us when it comes to doing
[18:27] background checks or accounts during the
[18:29] P mode recruitment process how a major
[18:31] offense is compared to my own offense is
[18:32] viewed expired or not so how do offense
[18:34] is effective we will look through all
[18:36] the offences on an account whether
[18:38] they're expired or not yeah the mono
[18:40] offenses we will take with the pinch of
[18:42] salt depending on how far back they were
[18:43] yeah the major offences will will be
[18:46] checked thoroughly as in we need to
[18:47] check to make sure the person on the
[18:49] account at the time was the owner of the
[18:52] account yeah and in the context of that
[18:54] and whether that's changed I mean
[18:57] there's loads of other things that we
[18:58] checked not just defenses yeah and we
[19:00] check current reports the people that
[19:02] they're reporting and the type of
[19:04] language they're using against the
[19:06] people the reporting yes just to see
[19:08] what kind of person were actually having
[19:10] on the team these people are
[19:11] representing jagat they're representing
[19:13] us yeah and I I'm such a friendly person
[19:16] I like to give people the benefit of the
[19:18] doubt yeah so if they don't have that
[19:19] same kind of calm patient attitude then
[19:23] I would have doubts in my mind before
[19:25] considering putting them through okay so
[19:29] we have some rapid-fire questions there
[19:30] just to wrap up very got a couple
[19:32] minutes left okay so what's your
[19:34] favorite kind of music oh man it's a
[19:37] difficult question it's important oh and
[19:40] I don't know I like ballads and cheesy
[19:43] music and I don't know it ranges
[19:46] sometimes I like a bit of 80s power
[19:47] ballads yeah locate his power ballads I
[19:50] like disney songs disney songs Christmas
[19:52] songs I my god Christmas songs are
[19:53] coming up oh yes yeah mod Nina is very
[19:56] exciting I'm so excited I brought me to
[19:57] poison to the office early like Irish
[19:59] mrs. coming yes I was just too excited
[20:03] what's your favorite jayma to annoy
[20:05] around the office uh these aren't quick
[20:07] questions because long answers for them
[20:09] quick question okay I do tend to book
[20:11] the ICU team a lot and the web team but
[20:15] my favorite probably would be more tiran
[20:17] I like to just annoy him with questions
[20:19] about Blair support and I see you stress
[20:22] ok and the last question from Blackston
[20:25] be my RS GF bay I don't think they know
[20:29] the lingo well enough to know what all
[20:31] that means but i'm going to say no just
[20:33] in case Thank You Nina thank you for
[20:36] coming in today ok thank you so much for
[20:38] the interview and the question thank you
[20:40] everyone for the questions I hope we had
[20:41] if you don't say bye-bye to the
[20:43] listeners bye-bye