Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #71 - Mod Raven Exposed!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:11] I'm mod Matt he and this week we have an
[00:14] opportunity to interview one of our Jay
[00:16] mods and with us today on the sofa we
[00:18] have madre van hello who some of you
[00:22] have requested in fact quite a lot of
[00:24] you I've requested we interview
[00:27] apparently so so mod Raven exposed maybe
[00:31] not bad but ok so we have some very
[00:35] serious questions from our players yeah
[00:37] I saw them on Twitter deeply say free
[00:40] and at some very serious questions for
[00:42] some well Jane wats gap okay yes yes
[00:45] jaimal to roast beef it's all right
[00:47] right here we go then I'm so in order to
[00:49] set the time Oh the first question I ask
[00:52] you is from the X mod Jane oh dear okay
[00:55] Marmite Marmite love it or hate it it
[01:03] depends how you use it I think really
[01:06] I'm more of a bother all found than a
[01:08] Marmite fan right is this subtle taste
[01:10] differences um by only a ball roll on
[01:13] toast so mar my own toast is ok it isn't
[01:17] something but i would naturally not to
[01:18] love it or hate it person i'm not i'm a
[01:20] it situationally enjoyable Rose I think
[01:24] it is utter evil ah and should be
[01:26] avoided at all costs what I gave him you
[01:28] will upset my doctor with I he's a big
[01:30] Marmite fan I know oh we have a question
[01:32] from your doctor later so how did you
[01:36] choose your mod name Raven no ask
[01:40] squishy KJ um the name actually came
[01:44] about because there are a bunch of us
[01:46] that joined jagex at the same time mod
[01:49] crow got there first and and yes I when
[01:52] choosing mod names quite often people
[01:53] will choose their first name but our
[01:56] first names relatively common yes so we
[01:58] chose a different one yeah and he chose
[02:01] crow which made 10 to the time yeah and
[02:05] so me and mod sparrow who's also heading
[02:08] down the same time we basically just
[02:11] went oh so there's a bird theme going
[02:13] now okay and of course Ravens are better
[02:15] than crows and I had to be bad
[02:17] to then mod crow because I am better
[02:20] than mod crow in every way and so I i
[02:23] chose raven and mods / ojos para and
[02:25] then that's just yeah we chose motor yet
[02:28] there was can be another of our friends
[02:29] was trying for the job the same time but
[02:31] he was not successful he was going to be
[02:33] more magpie I think okay so your brother
[02:37] your twin brother ending made reoccur
[02:40] dreams but I assumed you would I saw
[02:43] some of his tweets ok here are some
[02:45] questions himself but but ulta asked how
[02:50] has your twin brother helped influence
[02:52] your life at jagex he's been a difficult
[02:55] obstacle to overcome along the way I an
[02:58] eternal thorn in my side it's difficult
[03:03] you know trying to keep him from not
[03:05] looking like a complete fool and I fail
[03:07] a lot that because he's a complete fool
[03:09] um yeah I just don't even more insults
[03:15] my brother here really it's not true
[03:17] he's really nice I mean my crime is
[03:22] truly evil clearly oh yeah I mean mod
[03:24] car and I obviously being identical
[03:26] twins we've grown up together so we we
[03:28] share a lot of similar interests and
[03:31] humor its place of probably noticed yes
[03:35] particularly the whole yeah I'm more
[03:37] evil than you are kind of thing so
[03:40] that's kind of help to shape the mod
[03:44] raven character I suppose okay dps only
[03:50] asks can we just have 15 minutes of
[03:52] moderate and laughing maniacally I'm not
[03:55] sure about 15 minutes but I can do I can
[03:57] do it some laughter I do a few evil
[03:59] laugh evil laugh I think a good evil
[04:01] right let's try I mean there's really
[04:03] good acoustic sensor in Moscow ah aan it
[04:13] was fell backwards off the soap
[04:14] identifies all you have to do the arm
[04:16] movement is be that kind of I was trying
[04:18] to explain this to people at runefest
[04:19] you have to really go into it's not just
[04:21] a sound is an evil a fit it's a way of
[04:24] being so dps only also asked about your
[04:29] sins against the quest care
[04:31] runescape and what did they do to
[04:33] deserve your punishments oh my sins
[04:37] against the quest characters we're
[04:40] putting it i I don't know I mean there
[04:43] are certain characters who've earned my
[04:45] I just because of how difficult they
[04:47] were to deal with so Ellen aired is a
[04:50] good example right because of course
[04:52] spoilers if you've not done seren quest
[04:54] I want to spoil it now oh yeah their
[04:56] arms there will be some spoilers no be a
[04:57] large bonus but yeah so in like within
[05:00] you gonna make a choice of whether you
[05:01] sacrifice Ellen aired or whether you you
[05:04] let her live her own life and by
[05:06] sacrifice I mean she's reabsorbed back
[05:08] into sarin so she gets no afterlife she
[05:11] gets none of that just to label that you
[05:13] know I'm just laboring this belief ill
[05:14] intent he's really guilty about that was
[05:17] the next hour he was hopefully intense
[05:19] did great just need to reinforce what a
[05:22] terrible human being he is and Burrell
[05:26] annoyed because she was so tricky to
[05:27] deal with in Cochise I greet a hater no
[05:30] girl I I grew to hate her so every
[05:32] opportunity to sacrifice her and play
[05:34] test she went down and III think in
[05:38] reducing kind of trouble and consequence
[05:40] and ass nespa characters helps to give
[05:42] you stuff to write with I'm very much
[05:44] instead of joss whedon george RR martin
[05:46] school of camp which of thinking which
[05:49] is that kind of characters need to
[05:51] suffer its then where they even they
[05:53] need to pull themselves out of their own
[05:55] misery and that's where you get the most
[05:56] drama from it the plays of my role
[05:58] playing group will know this quite well
[05:59] but i will make their character suffer
[06:01] and one of them is still never forgiven
[06:03] me for some of our grandpa cadiz this
[06:05] makes me really pleased I just like
[06:08] making care to suffer really it's
[06:09] nothing like a done part of your
[06:11] narrative yeah okay so my next question
[06:14] for you from Tracy treacle what is your
[06:17] favorite S Club 7 track my favorite S
[06:22] Club 7 track yes these are important
[06:25] questions are our listeners and players
[06:27] want to know the answer is there's more
[06:29] than one um yes there are more than one
[06:32] I know there's one called reach which is
[06:35] all about reaching for the stars and
[06:37] climbing mountains not a little bit
[06:41] optimistic yeah is bear
[06:43] I meet with visible no not necessarily
[06:45] because there's a whole kind of
[06:46] megalomania thing it's like always
[06:47] strive to possess more you're reaching
[06:50] for the stars you're climbing those
[06:52] mountains for power following rainbows
[06:55] apparently III know that I always had
[06:58] you down as more of a steps management
[06:59] yeah okay maybe yeah I I received their
[07:02] cover of Abbas great hit tragedy I
[07:06] stared the dance ver probably shouldn't
[07:08] say this on there I heard some one of my
[07:11] friends was really into it back in
[07:13] school so I you know many years ago
[07:15] shows old statute and so he taught it to
[07:17] all of us I should point out I'm really
[07:19] bad at the dance because i have no
[07:22] coordination but I did know the steps
[07:25] for a while I'm alone they're reforming
[07:26] as one are they really i thought they'd
[07:28] reformed and they already read I thought
[07:30] their reformed and no one cares and so
[07:32] they stopped reforming much like there
[07:35] are other bands that reformed in no one
[07:37] cared and let's stop freak for me a
[07:38] slightly less serious question there
[07:40] hahaha less serious okay the Zen n'rae
[07:45] us can you describe your average day on
[07:48] with three i wake up and i hit snooze
[07:50] when i wake up my hit snooze and then
[07:53] just to be sure i wake up and then i hit
[07:55] snooze by that point i've got a fine get
[07:58] out of bed then so I you know get up do
[08:02] the whole gang ready for work of thing
[08:04] and then I slump into work go to the
[08:08] cafeteria and kind of growl of them and
[08:10] they give me toast and they used to it
[08:13] there's now a thing or the cafeteria
[08:15] which uses its moderate and they just
[08:16] press a button it this is my North
[08:18] border by default it's like yep I have I
[08:20] have a you know a regular and so after
[08:24] that again turn my computer on bootup
[08:27] check my emails go through all of that
[08:29] and then see how many meetings I have
[08:31] for today because I have quite a few
[08:32] meetings these days yeah being a little
[08:35] do that well don't well with being a
[08:39] lead what's that mean um so it means
[08:41] that I have a team of developers who I'm
[08:46] there to support I do things like I so
[08:49] I've got the admin tasks of things like
[08:50] making sure they can get there the
[08:52] holidays booked off and confirmed and I
[08:53] if they call in sick that I'm the person
[08:56] who logs out the system though
[08:57] kinds of things but I'm also there to
[08:59] try and help them develop and improve so
[09:03] I'm looking at ways to get them to show
[09:06] them show themselves off a bit more sort
[09:08] of find ways to improve themselves to
[09:10] learn new things to look into the areas
[09:13] that interest them it's that's kind of I
[09:15] don't also there to when they have you
[09:17] know issues in concerns or just need
[09:19] someone to rant that but I'm there to be
[09:21] able to listen to them kind of managing
[09:25] things so I prefer not to the term
[09:26] management cuz that implies telling them
[09:28] what to do which isn't really what my
[09:30] job is yeah by about that point the
[09:32] other members my team start to come in
[09:33] so I normally you know shake my head at
[09:36] something the model iam has said that's
[09:37] disturbing and wrong then I will do my
[09:40] universe update as ever knows i'm on
[09:42] twitter yeah where i will say something
[09:44] ludicrous and pretend it's real i mean
[09:47] it is real honestly I control the goods
[09:49] all my furniture because of you yes you
[09:51] bet do your furniture because of me and
[09:53] your imps why I love my newest updates
[09:56] partially because when they become a
[09:58] thing and they helped me to established
[09:59] it start my day Caillou only do them
[10:01] pretty much spot on us around nine
[10:03] o'clock ish is my right it's the day
[10:05] started do this and then I go pretty
[10:07] much straight into work yeah so I'll
[10:09] start coding uploading things are going
[10:11] after the meetings or having team
[10:12] discussions or whatnot but it's also
[10:14] fascinating these universe earth days
[10:15] because you see kind of what people
[10:17] respond to yeah and so it's interesting
[10:18] i'll go through and i'll pick at a
[10:20] number of things to see what gets people
[10:21] interested there's certain ones you can
[10:24] make them sound too similar to runescape
[10:25] everyone's assumes it's about runescape
[10:27] and this has led to people assuming
[10:28] update to existing but just are true yes
[10:30] because my universe update i should
[10:32] point out are never going to prepare in
[10:34] the game some people assume they will
[10:38] until we put one of them in game did we
[10:41] oh yeah until we hear until we do we
[10:44] haven't yet we have although convinced
[10:46] that Terry is definitely in there which
[10:51] was the bug with a raven sworn title
[10:54] many moons ago and they were convinced
[10:56] the Raven was called Terry that screwed
[10:58] it all up for them it wasn't it was just
[11:00] called Raven um but the things that
[11:04] people latch onto so I the big the most
[11:07] responses I've ever had to universe
[11:08] update thing has been simply because I'm
[11:10] mentioned the music of Justin Bieber in
[11:12] a negative content and I thought was the
[11:15] most interaction i've ever seen for
[11:17] people I had you know I'd people who'd
[11:18] left jagex message without going no no I
[11:22] knew full well that one them put the
[11:24] sohbat anna put headphones on because my
[11:26] my brothers working the same place and
[11:29] he was threatening to go and and and
[11:31] sing bieber lyrics out her so she was
[11:33] avoiding everyone as a result of that
[11:35] they could be interesting to see what
[11:36] people despise and apparently bieber is
[11:40] number one on their list of things they
[11:41] seed may be followed by Twilight virgin
[11:43] to roughly run pause no one indeed yes
[11:47] so after I do that then it's I said it's
[11:49] game I'll start some work at about sort
[11:51] of half nine ish we have our team stand
[11:53] up the young follower model called scrum
[11:56] which is a development process and
[11:59] didn't stand up is where you kind of go
[12:01] around the team you say what you've
[12:02] worked on what you're going to be
[12:03] working on yeah and then it's pretty
[12:05] much I go in or start coding until a
[12:07] meeting crops up and i gave the meeting
[12:08] come back and start coding until the
[12:09] meeting crops up and I go back with doc
[12:11] oding deleting crops up and look back
[12:12] the village I have lunch at some point
[12:15] yeah and then there's probably more
[12:16] meetings um yeah so what kind of things
[12:19] you have meetings about your wall manner
[12:21] things so we have various scrum meetings
[12:23] which are things like reviewing the work
[12:26] we've done getting feedback on what
[12:27] we've done getting feedback and work
[12:30] we're going to be doing getting gang
[12:32] brainstorm ideas so things like you know
[12:35] we've had no much would work on no
[12:36] medela G at the moment this won't be a
[12:38] spoiler to anyone and we've been having
[12:41] brainstorm meetings because this bit
[12:43] here how is it going to walk yeah
[12:45] everyone throws out all their ideas and
[12:47] we have some good ideas in amongst
[12:50] Ludacris Ludacris weirdness and we also
[12:53] have things like leads meetings which is
[12:55] where we go from we try and we look at
[12:57] the team as a whole and any issues that
[13:00] need to be looked out or any areas where
[13:02] we can say what we can we can help up we
[13:05] can give stuff to these guys yeah they
[13:06] can show up how awesome they are and
[13:08] then they're just bad people you'll lead
[13:11] for suppose yeah there's matchups with
[13:13] those well I'll sit down or just chat I
[13:16] find out there going what they're doing
[13:17] and how they're feeling about what
[13:19] they're doing and if there's anywhere I
[13:20] can help and you just often just sort of
[13:23] less ink is quite the third or not logic
[13:26] cathartic yeah when you've got something
[13:28] that built up into causing you a bit of
[13:30] tension or stressed you just have
[13:31] someone that you can just kind of shout
[13:33] at and that's that so kind of my role in
[13:36] that capacity not for everyone i wanted
[13:38] to say that now don't you shout at me if
[13:41] you're if you're one of my my developers
[13:45] then you know our cat chips are where
[13:47] you can disturb me and i become a good
[13:50] sounding board and it means that you
[13:51] don't has that one whole bunch of the
[13:52] notes doesn't necessarily carry over to
[13:54] other areas it means you can get that
[13:56] out and if there's a way I can help it
[13:57] and I can look at ways I can and help
[13:59] with any of these issues but if this if
[14:02] it's just something you just want to get
[14:03] off my chest then that also helps so
[14:05] your day is coding meeting coding
[14:07] meeting Cody pretty much the moment to
[14:08] depend on the days some days I have less
[14:11] meetings because of those two bits of
[14:13] video and some days ago BTW video and
[14:15] some days I'm doing well vodcasts
[14:17] applause live streams live streams are
[14:19] always funny just reading the chat and
[14:20] strange things that people say interest
[14:22] charged or yesterday watching is Ripa
[14:25] demons and players standing just above
[14:26] my head it's quite off-putting ok so r s
[14:32] martin's says if you could be any car
[14:35] what color would you be i saw this and
[14:38] it might be any car what color would you
[14:41] yeah but why do you need the car from
[14:43] the gutter apparently the correct answer
[14:46] is purple with green polka dots that was
[14:48] the follow-up thing but I'm gonna go
[14:50] with a boring black because you know
[14:52] Raven and cuz you're dressed all in
[14:54] black and because i'm dressed oh let me
[14:56] suit your socks which it blue now what
[14:58] one sock blue and one Sox Red ready
[15:00] pinkish are you trying to accept a upset
[15:04] mod sailing Oh is he he can't cope with
[15:07] odd socks well in that case yes okay um
[15:10] he can't cope Christmas arts Warner non
[15:12] christmas time either Oh interesting I
[15:14] have to wear one Christmas stocking one
[15:16] not yeah I where I deliberately where
[15:18] one Christmas one Muppet Christmas rock
[15:20] on one dinosaurs also yes just upsetting
[15:23] ryllion I will have to follow suit I'd
[15:25] not try own any Christmas socks pot
[15:27] laughter see we do we can arrange that
[15:31] so cyndaquil asks how did you get
[15:35] introduced to the forces of darkness
[15:38] it's an important question well I think
[15:42] about darkness is it's always there we
[15:46] like gets the sort of all the attention
[15:49] and the fame because it's big and it's
[15:50] in your face and it's right there but if
[15:52] you think about it wherever there where
[15:53] the light isn't this darkness waiting
[15:55] they're there to prop you up I mean
[15:57] darkness just props up the light that's
[15:59] what it's there for so it's not so much
[16:00] that I was introduced to them just as
[16:02] darkness is always there and always
[16:04] ready to talk and I just listened very
[16:07] straightforward with ah possibly the
[16:14] most important question are gonna be
[16:15] asked is from my daughter right why is
[16:20] there never enough coffee because more
[16:24] dr. drinks all of the coffee that's
[16:28] that's the answer so my question as a
[16:32] supplement to question is why are there
[16:34] never enough chocolate Hobnobs um to
[16:37] which I believe the answer is it a hot
[16:39] doctor eats all of the chocolate ups
[16:43] Alan Goulding asks if Saracen same room
[16:46] were made of sweet question what sweets
[16:50] would they be I mean really what ah I
[16:55] think we were there's original for
[16:59] Zara's got no idea why I me me yeah
[17:04] let's go with that I know get off e yeah
[17:06] cut off me a solid hardwood darling 77
[17:11] sure there is a fruit salad yeah or uh
[17:14] oh no then their chopper pop things
[17:18] according to mod cop mod Kappa is what
[17:22] Sarah knees again we've no idea why I
[17:25] was gonna say parma violets for Zarek
[17:27] just because they're perfect perfect
[17:29] does Justin hey well maybe yes maybe for
[17:33] the Narrows is a bit oh maybe he smells
[17:35] parma violets yeah there you go no I'm a
[17:38] violent and in the same packed with
[17:39] power violet you get those little shiny
[17:42] marbles so really it's a really sort of
[17:45] sour one year
[17:46] they get my hair in crystal sweet yes
[17:48] that's a yeah there you go they come in
[17:50] the same yep soon sweet armor violets
[17:52] and Whittle sour thistle yeah they read
[17:55] into that what you will players weed
[17:57] into that what you will sauce palma
[17:59] violets mod sara is never gonna live
[18:02] that down you know nope armored in see
[18:06] you know Christians or any out is how
[18:10] did ROP I wonder what that is yeah how
[18:13] did ROP and under placement and a burner
[18:17] yeah come about originally uh so why of
[18:21] passage it came about good long while
[18:24] ago when we had a bit of time and mod
[18:28] Osborne had a core aims for crater quest
[18:31] which was basically the entire core aims
[18:33] and he got handed to me and so I have
[18:36] the glorious moment of just going I have
[18:38] so much freedom so much choice and so I
[18:40] pitched a variety of different ideas I
[18:42] had one involving the slow agonizing
[18:45] torture of Xenia which is part of a
[18:47] thing involving a an artifact and then I
[18:51] had with a discussion about the avion
[18:55] see Warren and about what the advan see
[18:58] homeworld was like and so I think me and
[19:01] Mauro's warm were waxing lyrical about
[19:03] the idea of this of shattered world and
[19:05] everything and then as we got talking I
[19:07] got just got kind of into the idea and I
[19:09] wanted to write something set on that
[19:11] world and I wanted to write something
[19:13] involving gavi aunty because we haven't
[19:15] really used them much they're just kind
[19:17] of monsters that you kill and
[19:19] occasionally I mean there was a world
[19:21] event but we don't know much about them
[19:23] about their culture about any of that
[19:25] and so I started writing along with that
[19:29] so Abby night itself came up with
[19:32] discussion between mon osborne myself
[19:35] and a couple of other mods who I could
[19:37] remember who was there at the time I'm
[19:38] sorry in a long while and the name just
[19:40] came about from we were looking at the
[19:43] sort of naming of the avion seen
[19:45] particularly arm Adele and our middle
[19:47] and there's a whole thing of ours alma
[19:49] del which is a
[19:52] Seal of Solomon kind of thing so we look
[19:54] into those sort of things so a burner
[19:56] came about from the idea of 22 things
[20:01] kind of squished together from that kind
[20:02] of yeah story once story area of a
[20:08] burden which is either a place a demon
[20:11] or an angel depending on your goin for
[20:13] ya miss ya i was looking at is the sort
[20:15] of hell like place yeah and then there
[20:18] was also be no which is the cetera of
[20:21] kind of heaven in terms of happiness
[20:24] enjoying that kind of thing and I just
[20:25] went cuz you've got I mean very proud of
[20:28] being a very proud of their people in
[20:30] lipid it's also quite an unpleasant
[20:31] place to live so I squish the two
[20:32] together when I have a name now and yes
[20:36] and so I went from there so is mostly
[20:38] just waiting there uncle with models
[20:40] poor things where it came about Carol
[20:43] sleepers has asked well we've been in
[20:45] this podcast okay the up-to-date
[20:47] technology never Wow if you were working
[20:49] on a werewolf quest you'll be
[20:51] unsurprised to ask
[20:53] about wearable quest and had complete
[20:55] creative control where would you go with
[20:59] it whatever you're riffing now on the
[21:02] concept live on there wow that's not all
[21:06] premium where what quest um darren see
[21:10] there are loads of different avenues
[21:11] that you could look at with wells and
[21:13] you could look at the the idea of do
[21:15] they feel cursed and maybe you got along
[21:17] that route you see what bible society
[21:19] like what if you like to be a werewolf
[21:20] how do you do it maybe there's some
[21:22] maybe follower character it doesn't want
[21:24] to be a while but they you know on a
[21:25] while yeah that kind of thing or maybe
[21:27] you look at the whole kind of accepted
[21:28] it but trying to sort of push out the
[21:32] boundaries because they're kind of a bit
[21:34] sort of tido under the vampire heel so
[21:37] kind of breaking out from that being
[21:39] your own thing maybe you've got sort of
[21:40] web or freedom fighters or you could
[21:43] just have the clothes classic sort of
[21:46] nomads travel story of a group of world
[21:48] was going around an area kind of like on
[21:52] a road trip Hells Angels kind of thing
[21:53] and seeing that kind of exploring stuff
[21:56] is a new pack maybe they're all the sort
[21:59] of new kids than trying to sort of see
[22:02] which one gets to be alpha which one one
[22:04] gets you the beta that kinda thing
[22:05] so without sitting down with my normal
[22:09] process of spider diagramming everything
[22:12] there are loads of ideas I'm not sure
[22:13] anything i would pick on directly we
[22:15] would be a fun thing to sit down
[22:17] particularly with as you said complete
[22:19] creative freedom it's a car i can even
[22:20] want everything that everyone has ever
[22:21] said you just do my own thing i have a
[22:25] lot of a play around with that midday
[22:27] breeze would like to know seren spell
[22:31] fixes how are they coming along we've
[22:33] got some jobs in for we're looking at
[22:36] the prayers first so we've got there on
[22:41] our listings so being aware that we've
[22:44] still got to get these these slobs out
[22:46] and the other things jump on but we're
[22:48] going to try and fit in some time to do
[22:50] some tweaks we've got some tweaks with
[22:53] some of the spells as well so they're in
[22:55] our backlog we will be looking at them
[22:57] they can lumen will be tweaking them in
[23:00] the future as well just based on how
[23:02] they said that there's a supplementary
[23:04] question which is how have the spells
[23:06] been received you know long office
[23:07] released looking back on it how do you
[23:09] think they were received um the problem
[23:12] is that we haven't quite found the
[23:14] perfect situation for them yet so
[23:16] without somewhere they were almost kind
[23:19] of made to allow for future content yeah
[23:22] because they work on supporting other
[23:25] people and that kind of thing oh so you
[23:27] reduce your door dps in order to buff
[23:30] your allies and things at the moment
[23:31] it's almost more efficient still to just
[23:34] have everyone taking the mass amount of
[23:35] deeps that's nothing the game currently
[23:37] works but that's because the game all of
[23:39] these stuff was designed before this
[23:41] sort of functionality existed yes so now
[23:43] going forward we can start to create
[23:45] more things where these will be more
[23:46] useful so you're likely to see more
[23:48] content I think wait yeah I'd like to
[23:49] see them improved in future of like to
[23:52] see more content that find some useful
[23:54] in future they've not been terribly
[23:56] received they went down reasonably well
[23:58] they could have gone down better but
[24:00] then everything could always go down
[24:01] better isn't always became yeah daya
[24:04] polo would like to know when will you
[24:06] take over when will we take over the
[24:08] world for you and fill it with despair
[24:11] oh so I think I think that person is
[24:15] waiting for the command they're waiting
[24:16] for the command well the I mean is the
[24:19] answer
[24:19] the plan isn't quite in place yet we've
[24:21] still got a few remaining elements to go
[24:24] there's there's a few technologies that
[24:26] we need to trickle out the population
[24:28] first so that they you know become aware
[24:30] they think it's all organic and not
[24:32] forced on them and then when that
[24:34] happens then I'll give the command word
[24:36] I still get it to me right assuming you
[24:39] remain loyal but of course all my loyal
[24:42] minions will be justly rewarded car
[24:48] Malik me will be happy to hear that I
[24:49] get it honest James asks and i'm not i'm
[24:55] not sure you can like this question
[24:57] there is a James to us okay when did you
[24:59] go mad when did I go let's be honest
[25:03] that's the only way you can be so
[25:05] creatively evil I mean madness is
[25:09] subjective really isn't well I was my
[25:11] thought yes I suppose in many ways I was
[25:15] born a little bit man I suppose we all
[25:18] go a little bit mad sometimes you've
[25:21] certainly borner to be evil yeah I'm not
[25:25] gonna like that and we're back to your
[25:26] twin three yeah yeah I mean man let's
[25:29] just I wouldn't necessarily say I was
[25:32] mad I'd say I was white but hey I know I
[25:38] more serious question you know and while
[25:41] I think you're going to consider
[25:42] controversial right how does it feel
[25:47] nice this one internet to never fear
[25:50] answer as your twin brother I see I
[25:53] already answered my twin brothers indeed
[25:54] I will never be as handsome as him
[25:57] always vastly more handsome than him and
[26:01] that's just I'm here to live with and
[26:02] therefore his follow-up question is how
[26:05] do you cope always sitting on a throne
[26:07] of lies and always hidden a throne of
[26:12] lies sometimes I perch sometimes I kind
[26:13] of sicko yeah well just lounge that's
[26:16] the worst the weird you looking what he
[26:17] actually lounged across quite a
[26:20] terrifying conceits listeners be dragged
[26:22] you he's nuts on camera Matt the ambler
[26:29] asks what is the
[26:31] soundtrack to your life when you're
[26:33] creating various evil things hmm I call
[26:37] I question I is interesting what is your
[26:39] cell phone i Eve it depends I've I have
[26:43] a kind of staple of stuff listen so I
[26:44] listened to a visit of their two steps
[26:47] from hell kind of effects of epic music
[26:49] the stuff the background theme music but
[26:51] I have a soft spot for one the ones i
[26:55] listen to what I'm trying to do
[26:58] something creatively as I listen to you
[26:59] a group called e nomine which is how do
[27:03] I describe it kind of weird a lot of
[27:07] Latin in German with kind of beat and
[27:10] oddness I don't quite know the
[27:11] description I should give it I recommend
[27:14] them they're weird so I listened to them
[27:17] a lot or alternatively i will listen to
[27:21] completely unrelated things and take the
[27:23] sort of thoughts that come from that so
[27:25] weird example by quirk I've listened to
[27:27] a lot of disney songs and ritsema motors
[27:30] the evil role-playing content based on
[27:32] disney okay because disney songs in a
[27:35] simplistic and they tend to it we're not
[27:37] all simplistic they tend to evoke
[27:38] certain emotions yes so it gives me a
[27:40] coke arcade so people listen to this
[27:42] would be feeling this how can I cause
[27:43] this sort of feeling and then twist it
[27:46] so I do that kind of stuff Shawn would
[27:49] like to ask what is your favorite piece
[27:51] of content that players died um I mostly
[27:59] they'll die they die too boss fights and
[28:02] things I suppose I quite a quite enjoyed
[28:06] the Queen black dragon when she came out
[28:08] okay I I wasn't drunk involved but I got
[28:11] to give you some feedback and stuff and
[28:12] I quite like the way that was going and
[28:14] so i'll go with well at the moment is
[28:18] going to be ripa demons i'll be honest
[28:20] with the high level Slayer mobs but if
[28:24] we're going kind of all the way back
[28:25] i'll go with Liam a dragon okay
[28:28] vengeance 183 wants to know how of the
[28:33] plans for rights passage changed from
[28:35] when you first and then stick the design
[28:38] has remained quite similar we've not
[28:40] really touched it but that's also
[28:42] because it's it's been shelved so we've
[28:45] not been
[28:45] sort of directly looking it for a while
[28:47] there are some changes that I will want
[28:50] to make the original design based on how
[28:52] the game has progressed certainly some
[28:56] little tweaks here and there and some
[28:58] law that we didn't have them I can put
[29:00] in now okay um yeah so it's officially
[29:05] design hasn't changed at all because
[29:06] I've not really done much with it but
[29:08] unofficially there will be quite a few
[29:10] changes okay right we're running out of
[29:12] time now yep so we're going to get into
[29:14] quit quit fire question okay i want the
[29:16] question similar questions might be long
[29:17] but quick answers again ok boss fan asks
[29:21] why save the ill janka from being
[29:24] extinct um it's so i think that sound to
[29:28] the i tried to work out do this quickly
[29:31] the toy it's not so much choosing to be
[29:34] extinct it's which kind of rescue put
[29:36] its watts of grey morality thing you
[29:38] choose ok of whether you just assume
[29:40] there can't be saved and set them off
[29:41] from his own or whether you to think
[29:42] that or maybe care about cans haven it's
[29:45] not a guaranteed save is a huge point ok
[29:48] almudena asks another question snuck
[29:51] that one in denis how did you get put in
[29:53] charge of updating the universe which
[29:55] all was that i've always been in charge
[29:57] it's no I'm put me in charge i just am
[30:02] zodiac i'd asked what's your favorite
[30:04] blood type I know my question may be
[30:09] negative a b- it's got a slightly
[30:14] different flavor bit sweeter than others
[30:16] ok Mike asks what is your favorite piece
[30:20] of Rs content you hunt created yourself
[30:22] um I even big fan of the Goblin series I
[30:28] like the question of that and the the
[30:31] characterization you got with anak I
[30:32] felt I was nicely done ok and the last
[30:36] question well I'll let you take your
[30:38] time as well guess it's kind of
[30:40] important Inquisitor n7 asks what is
[30:46] your favorite talk about I already like
[30:52] chocolate
[30:54] if I had to pick I'll go with a whisper
[30:56] a whisper yeah cuz there's kind of
[30:59] bubbly but i'm not really a talking
[31:00] about and on that bombshell would you
[31:08] like to say goodbye in your
[31:09] appropriately evil overlord way raven
[31:13] good bye bye
[31:20] Oh
[31:29] you