RuneScape Podcast #70 - The Raptor's Challenge!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:11] I'm mod Matt heat and this week we're
[00:14] here to talk about raptors challenge so
[00:16] with me today i have mod ashes and mod
[00:19] wilson who are both members of the Dukes
[00:21] the team responsible for this week's
[00:23] update indeed so raptors challenge and
[00:27] Wiggins or widens depending who you are
[00:29] living living living living living
[00:32] exactly very important yes your tally
[00:34] are now alive and doing mass amounts of
[00:38] damage yeah I already quite a lot of
[00:41] damage you know it's written wyvern but
[00:44] we pronounce it living right okay that's
[00:46] that is just the confuser see okay so
[00:50] wrapped his challenge what's going on
[00:53] we're up challenge first well he's
[00:55] decided he's going to be a slayer master
[00:57] and so he's out there he's being the
[00:59] best Slayer master in his own personal
[01:02] opinion giving you tasks appropriate to
[01:05] your level and if you're high enough
[01:07] level then you get to fight the new
[01:09] monsters that coming out 11 per week
[01:11] every month every week for the rest this
[01:14] month okay month and where can you find
[01:16] Raptor he's just above mudskipper point
[01:19] near the entrance to the Asgardian ice
[01:23] dungeon which is where the first monster
[01:24] is the living right the living living
[01:30] why though oh yeah okay and if you take
[01:34] his so their task is earthing special
[01:36] about it well you'll gain double XP
[01:38] right or completing it and he'll be
[01:41] layered oh yeah double-double favorite
[01:43] Pinot don't like speak wrong anything
[01:45] else i add an XP for everything i fear
[01:48] you'd be in high demand ever but yes
[01:52] yeah double slayer XP for completing its
[01:54] tasks and you can get them once per day
[01:56] and if you complete 15 of them then you
[01:59] unlock the cosmetic armor and if you
[02:02] high enough level again and you go kill
[02:04] the 4 new monsters that coming out then
[02:07] it will upgrade this off to a more elite
[02:09] version right get and the armor he gives
[02:13] you ease what what was the theme of it
[02:15] it's a raptor themed come out now 2nd
[02:17] armored awesome because rats got very
[02:20] cool
[02:20] yes yep yeah okay and that's through
[02:24] November so that's a girl enema yeah the
[02:27] whole month of November yes he is
[02:29] currently out there but he will move
[02:31] every week so every week we release a
[02:34] new mob he will move towards their sort
[02:37] of entrance area okay of when they sort
[02:41] of appear so he goes and where
[02:42] appropriate yes yep just so you're not
[02:45] looking always at mudskipper point going
[02:47] 'oh my god where's he gone just based on
[02:49] the week you're in and he should be in
[02:51] each of the new locations as and when
[02:53] they get released and there a number of
[02:56] differences about raptors assignments
[02:58] aren't there compared to regular ones
[03:00] understand well yes you you can't use
[03:02] your preference or block them or use
[03:06] your re-roll tickets or any of this kind
[03:08] of stuff cuz he you know he doesn't
[03:10] stand for any of this fancy shenanigans
[03:12] yeah and social slayer doesn't work no
[03:16] the obvious other difference is that
[03:17] being on the Raptor slayer task is the
[03:19] only way you can get the secret barrows
[03:21] fishing rod which we definitely includes
[03:23] in game this time round secretive as
[03:25] fishing secret Barrow fishing rod right
[03:27] okay yeah montreville have it added
[03:29] specifically it's it's it's basically a
[03:32] regular fishing rod but the real is
[03:34] replaced with the pet raven that you you
[03:36] flick the rod towards the fishing spot
[03:39] and it goes and fishes for you right
[03:40] okay yeah it's amazing nobody's got it
[03:43] yet and that was how you try that was
[03:45] added by mod Raven mud Raven yes yeah
[03:47] does it come with the title no you have
[03:50] to have the title in order to get the
[03:52] fishing rod and beyond the Raptor task
[03:54] and basically Raptor takes off his
[03:56] helmet and reveals that underneath that
[03:58] he's just a big pile of Ravens run yeah
[04:01] yeah yeah I could believe that of the
[04:03] Raptor that would make sense yes yeah
[04:05] despite the fact that Ravens aren't
[04:06] Raptors I don't know is it staying in
[04:13] mysterious voice you can I'd though
[04:20] that's so strange living widens or
[04:24] wizards then pence how you pronounce
[04:26] them yeah it does yes everyone has their
[04:29] own way of saying so tell me about them
[04:31] they've been living
[04:33] if the the Asgardian ice dungeon right
[04:36] over into the depths of the cold ice
[04:38] cave that the skeletal wyvern is
[04:40] currently inhabit right so there's now a
[04:42] nice little chasm that's been escalate
[04:45] excavated which you can now go down to
[04:48] and fight them in their own habitat okay
[04:53] and what the requirements to fight so
[04:55] you need 96 Slayer as your standard but
[04:58] other than that we recommend taking some
[05:00] very high level gear they are designed
[05:03] to fight high level players with
[05:05] high-level gear so anything lower than
[05:08] your standard maybe tier 80 armor will
[05:11] probably get ripped to shreds ok so I'm
[05:14] Sunday they're quite hard to fight they
[05:16] are they are designed to be very hard
[05:17] quite a few power you had some problems
[05:19] with them yes we have and we've all been
[05:21] reaping the rewards for it hot and cold
[05:24] i understand it yes so the the idea
[05:28] behind the cave the wyverns obviously
[05:31] love being in the absolute freezing
[05:33] point of the cave right so as you go in
[05:36] you'll slowly slowly get colder you'll
[05:38] have a nice little cavern chill that
[05:40] chills you down so your balance between
[05:42] sort of the mechanics in which they use
[05:45] need to be based on how cold you are
[05:47] throughout the fight ok so dotted around
[05:50] the area we've got some fire pits which
[05:54] do not require any logs to ignite you
[05:57] can click on them they'll ignite and you
[06:00] have to be stood within melee range to
[06:02] sort of warm yourself back up ok ok so
[06:05] it's about balancing those two things it
[06:07] is indeed yep so based on that obviously
[06:10] the the wyverns will identify want to
[06:12] give too much away on yes yeah I think I
[06:15] really will round it will kind of attack
[06:17] you appropriately let's put it that way
[06:19] ok and how can you tell how warm or cold
[06:22] you're so most of the time you'll see
[06:25] we've got a nice sort of crackling
[06:28] frozen overlay ok we'll slowly appear
[06:31] the color you get the more prominent
[06:32] you'll see it on screen ok there's also
[06:34] another way as well but I don't think
[06:36] the players have quite worked out yet ok
[06:38] we will leave that one for a little
[06:39] while and who can the wives be assigned
[06:42] by they can be assigned by is the raptor
[06:45] if you've got the
[06:46] levels yeah or more Fran and Kordell I
[06:49] blue Oh anchor adelphia top yep the top
[06:53] tier slow masters and when the Raptors
[06:56] challenge ended the wyverns are leaving
[06:57] yet nope they're staying in stasis is
[07:00] saying and the Raptors chest will be
[07:02] staying so you'll be able to get the key
[07:04] parts if you've been assigned these
[07:06] creatures in the future right so when
[07:08] you're on an a wyvern assignment you can
[07:12] get that key yes out of it brilliant so
[07:16] what are the rewards for the Raptors I
[07:19] hear there might be something quite
[07:21] sweet they can drop oh the the raptor
[07:24] the route otherwise I'd serve widens
[07:26] even deliver right yes though they drop
[07:29] the living crossbow run which is say 200
[07:34] level 85 yeah yeah literally five via
[07:37] crossbow and they also drop a level 85
[07:39] bolt and yet every time you hit you've
[07:42] got a chance to put a vot on your
[07:46] opponent which appears to be poison for
[07:49] all intensive purposes yeah but will
[07:51] affect poison immune enemies I don't
[07:54] know if that optics is got yet but
[07:55] that's that's all we're working on I
[07:56] think about is your sort of feedback and
[07:58] yet that basically builds up on them so
[08:00] the more you the more you keep hitting
[08:02] them the higher the d-o-t will go each
[08:04] time it runs around and it basically
[08:06] extends the door out right for longer
[08:09] and longer if you keep hitting them and
[08:10] then stand there starting for very high
[08:12] prices on the they're quite rare so yep
[08:16] they are something for quite high at the
[08:18] moment yes that's good seeing the last
[08:20] time I checked yesterday I was about 15
[08:22] on the G right so yeah they're they're
[08:25] still very rare i'm emily within game at
[08:28] that point I was like that's probably
[08:30] not that many years about 20 ya know so
[08:34] obviously we've had bits feedback this
[08:37] week about them we have indeed yeah and
[08:40] about how it's all gone and there's been
[08:42] some concerns about how hard the living
[08:45] widens are to fight mm-hmm well people
[08:48] ask for a high level mob they've got a
[08:50] high level mob that's that's the
[08:52] response to it they're meant to fight
[08:55] are they are indeed yes a they are aimed
[08:57] at the very top level combat people
[09:00] if you have the highest level combat
[09:02] you're expected this is meant to be kind
[09:04] of the medium so you have your standard
[09:06] Slayer creatures they're quite easy to
[09:08] fight yeah these are meant to be the
[09:10] mid-tier to then work you into
[09:12] potentially bigger boss fights with so
[09:15] they've got these have more mechanics
[09:17] than what's standard Slayer creatures
[09:19] would have yeah but they don't have as
[09:21] many as something yeah like their
[09:24] barracks or or firaga there about the
[09:27] equivalent of like complicated boss ads
[09:29] okay so as opposed to the boss
[09:31] themselves I mean then that they've all
[09:33] been made so he can't just ask you to do
[09:36] with many slayer task just walk into the
[09:37] area and occasionally check back to top
[09:41] up your health so where did the idea for
[09:43] them come from sir broom and we'll all
[09:46] forwards suggested on roon labs so I
[09:49] believe we have to thank Anarchy time we
[09:51] do for this one yes well yeah um and we
[09:54] have some more coming later this month
[09:55] it so each we have slipped so what else
[09:59] do we have to come well that's so demand
[10:02] when this goes out the next game update
[10:03] might be the rippers going out on
[10:04] thursday night friday morning there's no
[10:06] point so yet so yeah well well you'll be
[10:08] real diamond is on that update yeah it's
[10:11] a bit more yet players are going to die
[10:14] die a lot yeah i'm hearing there even
[10:17] harsh if they're if they think the
[10:19] living wyverns are hard you just wait oh
[10:21] yeah yeah yeah then after that the next
[10:24] game after that is camel warriors yep
[10:27] which are down in the desert so we're
[10:30] kind of working a bit more in the desert
[10:32] and then they look really cool they do
[10:34] look really go I happened past your desk
[10:36] last week and saw them yes wow they look
[10:39] amazing please write and then the final
[10:42] week is the Acheron mammoths okay which
[10:45] up in the icebergs yeah I sort of some
[10:47] content worries for those yes they've no
[10:49] finally been texted and they look
[10:51] fantastic I really can't wait they look
[10:54] really good yeah then it very good as
[10:56] well and there lots of details to come
[10:59] about those no doubt in other ways
[11:01] certainly yep other than of course they
[11:03] will cause much player death as they go
[11:07] as well I think we're going to
[11:09] probably see a big spike with the Ripper
[11:11] demons right death yeah oh yeah
[11:14] this a bit literally a spike of death
[11:17] any advice for anybody anybody who wants
[11:20] to go and take these things on in the
[11:21] weeks to come make sure you are prepared
[11:23] and keep an eye on your screen do not
[11:27] look away don't be an Ironman as well
[11:32] yeah yeah yeah but yet these aren't
[11:35] these aren't creatures you can AFK
[11:37] certainly not you go through head yes
[11:39] and they they were designed to as as mod
[11:44] Wilson said to keep your eye on the
[11:46] screen and make sure that you are paying
[11:48] attention yeah say yeah brilliant the
[11:53] other piece of feedback we had of course
[11:54] was about the level of drops there was
[11:57] some concern about the drop tables for
[11:59] the widened but obviously people have
[12:01] just started so it doesn't become
[12:03] obvious what drops are really there
[12:04] until it's run for a while does it yeah
[12:07] yeah yeah so yeah we're kind of
[12:10] monitoring that still obviously it's
[12:11] been a couple of days not necessarily a
[12:14] week yet so obviously once we've had
[12:18] maybe a week maybe two weeks yo come
[12:21] back over we've currently got RBI guys
[12:24] monitoring all of the drops what gets
[12:27] drops and then the prices we can work
[12:29] out from there if we need to adjust it
[12:31] after that point then we'll certainly do
[12:34] so we will tweak it good yeah definitely
[12:36] yeah really and so well I'm really
[12:38] looking forward to the Ripper demons and
[12:39] seeing the havoc they calls and thanks
[12:41] for coming anything we all are I know
[12:44] that we'll see you both again soon
[12:45] thanks very much bye bye
[13:02] you