Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #69 - Halloween!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] you
[00:09] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:12] I'm mod Matt TV podcast monkey and with
[00:15] me today i have mod ollie senior content
[00:18] developer and worked on Halloween ray so
[00:22] this year's Halloween event is a bit
[00:24] different it has came from a slightly
[00:27] different place to a normal Halloween of
[00:29] it hmm so that was why it's maybe
[00:32] slightly less traditional than with some
[00:34] Halloween events are normally it came
[00:36] from real labs obviously quite a fresh
[00:38] idea having a Clarion versus a musket
[00:40] you visit the gates of the underworld
[00:42] and stuff like that so just kind of goes
[00:44] to show the kind of cool stuff and come
[00:45] out real uggs and we should probably
[00:48] name check the player oh yes of course
[00:49] cyndaquil he's been like brilliant to
[00:52] work with I've been quite likely the
[00:54] people I've worked with from rune labs
[00:56] worked on the sarin quest yet within
[00:59] awake with them gaga lady he was very
[01:02] good and then also on Halloween with
[01:04] cyndaquil also really good to work with
[01:06] good bouncing ideas back and forth so
[01:09] yeah I've had really good experiences
[01:11] with Vereen loves so far yeah because
[01:13] what were like good really good things
[01:14] better relapses we've beat we've been
[01:16] trying to have those those relationships
[01:18] with the people come up with the ideas
[01:19] as yeah yeah involve them it's brilliant
[01:21] because I mean I saw cyndaquil at room
[01:23] fast as well be a very good gave me a
[01:25] box of chocolates and said like it was
[01:27] really it was very nice when you said
[01:29] thanks for making his dream come true
[01:30] getting some runescape content in game
[01:32] and that's just you know that really
[01:33] made made my day pretty much who's there
[01:36] so what's the basis of the event lip so
[01:39] the event is the god of the underworld
[01:41] explorin fighting the previous god of
[01:45] rebirth but now the Devourer a musket
[01:47] they're brother and sister gods of the
[01:50] desert Pantheon and they're basically
[01:51] clashing in the underworld so the law
[01:53] behind it is that with tasker crashing
[01:55] into the planet tusker had devoured
[01:57] underworlds of other planets yeah and
[01:59] there's an abundance of souls sort of
[02:01] funneling into hillen or into that
[02:03] underworld and with that overflow of
[02:05] souls amma skits taking a chance to take
[02:08] over the underworld and now you're
[02:10] trying to help it flowering you know
[02:12] fight her back and collect the souls and
[02:14] get them safely to the afterlife right
[02:16] okay and stop the Devourer getting them
[02:18] all yes exactly because if he devours
[02:19] them she's going to gain power and you
[02:21] know
[02:21] what she'll do of that she's pretty evil
[02:23] okay and where do you start the entrance
[02:27] is next to the birth or lodestone yeah
[02:29] then you talk to death who introduces
[02:31] you to the event and everything you jump
[02:33] down into the rift and then you'll land
[02:34] nice and safely on the banks of the
[02:36] river noumenon which is where the bridge
[02:38] over to the gates of the underworld is
[02:39] right okay and what cool things will you
[02:44] be asked to do the main the main things
[02:46] you'll be doing is collecting Souls on
[02:49] the river so one of the coolest things
[02:51] we've done in the event one that we're
[02:52] really happy with is you can row your
[02:54] boat on the river yes i think everyone
[02:56] enjoys when we showed it off first time
[02:58] in them our sprint reviews the water
[03:00] looks amazing on this yeah people you
[03:02] know it looks really great and when you
[03:04] go around the outside you've got sort of
[03:05] the fog and like lightning in it it's
[03:07] always early so you collect your souls
[03:10] on the river and then you bring them
[03:12] back to the bridge where you score them
[03:14] across and you've got to kill lots of a
[03:16] mesquite devourers you've got sort of
[03:18] guerilla looking mean devours and also
[03:21] some that look like like Wildcats yeah
[03:23] you fight them back as you escort your
[03:25] souls across the bridge and then when
[03:26] you get into the end you give them to
[03:27] explore in and then every I think it's
[03:31] every 15 minutes or 10 I'm not and I
[03:34] think it's if d yeah okay 15 minutes is
[03:37] when the boss spawns and then yeah you
[03:39] fight the boss back with all the players
[03:41] and that's an avatar of a musket yeah
[03:43] some people might have noticed there's
[03:45] also up on the lioness statue next to
[03:48] the gates a mosca appears and she saw
[03:51] acting like the puppet master of the
[03:53] boss and yeah you can see how mimicking
[03:55] the actions that's why they control it
[03:57] yeah that's pretty cool cool and if
[04:00] you're not a killer but ass killer how
[04:03] did you get the source written yeah so
[04:05] anyway as I mentioned before the
[04:07] gorillas are the ones that you sort of
[04:09] fight back EMN the well then I actual
[04:11] gorillas but was it look like them and
[04:13] the ones that look like more wild cats
[04:15] there you can use divination to sort of
[04:17] siphon energy from them and fight them
[04:20] back and you won't get any combat XP or
[04:22] anything so yeah we takin pures into
[04:24] account good so who can take part of the
[04:26] event absolutely anyone there's no
[04:28] requirements on it free-to-play can join
[04:31] in right ironmen can also play so yeah
[04:34] it's a
[04:35] it's open to anyone cool and what the
[04:39] rewards like because we all love rewards
[04:41] yes everyone loves awards we have the
[04:44] cat one of the new characters in the
[04:46] event is car who's um she's a cat that
[04:49] used to be one of us gives priestess
[04:50] priestesses who has the purple so you
[04:55] can get a cat than in her image right as
[04:57] a pet it's one of the rewards there's
[04:59] also two gravestone overrides you get
[05:02] either the the lioness or the jackal
[05:06] which sort of other the statues on
[05:08] either side of the bridge representing
[05:09] acquiring on the scope of collected then
[05:12] you've got your herb burner which allows
[05:14] you to burn herbs for herb lore and fire
[05:17] making XP and then like when you place
[05:19] one down anyone can use it really and
[05:21] then we've also got from the boss if you
[05:24] kill it you get a death anum override so
[05:27] you can go to death and talk to him to
[05:30] get that's our third death annum
[05:32] override so if you've done missing
[05:33] presumed F you'll be able to choose
[05:34] between death collecting you explore in
[05:36] collecting you or a devourer jumping out
[05:40] of the ground and holding you down there
[05:42] it's pretty cool I think that's probably
[05:43] my favorite and cosmetic from the event
[05:45] and the XP labs as well for the yes XP
[05:48] lamp so once you've got all your all
[05:50] your awards you can actually get XP
[05:52] pretty quick if you're doing sort of
[05:54] rounds and just buying XP lamps you'll
[05:55] you'll be able to generate some XP fast
[05:57] and choose which skill it goes into of
[05:59] course and I hit those active filters as
[06:02] well yeah that's something I pushed for
[06:04] so I can get my my prayer levels up so
[06:07] yeah we've got a wii strong Bobby's
[06:09] sitting naughty really it's a fairly
[06:12] somebody who's off his prayer levels
[06:13] yeah so the original ecto Francis is
[06:16] there's a few quirks to using it you had
[06:20] to bring like pots and buckets I think
[06:22] is and yeah basically go up and down the
[06:24] building to be able to use it so it's
[06:26] quite it's quite annoying process you
[06:29] have to wish we streamlined a bit you no
[06:30] longer need the pots or the buckets and
[06:32] in the halloween event just for the
[06:35] two-week period obviously the things you
[06:37] need to use the bone cruncher and the
[06:39] ectoplasm pool they're like closer
[06:41] together so you can pretty quickly and
[06:43] prayer XP in there so it's pretty good
[06:46] awesome obviously we had loads of
[06:48] feedback
[06:49] those people who love the graphics and
[06:51] most others to new audio tracks yep two
[06:54] new tracks one one in particular for the
[06:57] for the boss when you find the boss in
[06:58] that area is for a pretty cool one I was
[07:01] got the Devourer and its various Little
[07:04] Helper I understand Lake Norman yep cool
[07:06] um there was some obviously some
[07:09] feedback about the rate of grabbing
[07:11] stuff the rate of grabbing stuff well
[07:13] this I lot about term societally to rate
[07:16] of grabbing stuff although any changes
[07:18] we've made yep so a hotfix went out
[07:21] today today's Thursday yes Thursday so
[07:25] by the time you're listening to this
[07:26] we'll have been out a little while we've
[07:28] seen a lot of feedback from players that
[07:29] the events very grindy people want to be
[07:32] earning XP faster as well so and we
[07:34] realize there's been quite a few events
[07:36] in close proximity of each other this
[07:38] even overlapped with the file door one
[07:40] so we realized as a bit of event fatigue
[07:42] so we decided to compromise a bit we've
[07:45] haft the cooldown on a special soul
[07:47] spawning so there's the ones that give
[07:49] you XP in the river right so they'll
[07:50] spawn twice as often now when they do
[07:53] sport and they're also twice as likely
[07:54] so when that cool down period is over
[07:56] there twice as likely to spawn as well
[07:58] and then we've also upped the favor that
[08:02] you get for killing devours on the
[08:04] bridge when you're not escorting Souls
[08:06] it was only one now you get three and so
[08:09] we want people ready to be escorting
[08:11] Souls up there yep so now when you are
[08:13] escorting Souls we've upped it from five
[08:14] favor to ten ok hamsters double that's
[08:17] pretty pretty nice now we increased the
[08:20] favor you get for completing a score
[08:22] from I think 200 to 300 okay sweet
[08:27] update by a hundred those values might
[08:28] be slightly off and we also upped the
[08:31] favor you get from from killing the boss
[08:33] by fifty favor as well so now for doing
[08:36] sort of complete runs you should be
[08:38] getting a lot more favor more XP from
[08:41] those souls that spawning and then once
[08:42] you've got all your rewards of course
[08:44] you can just buy lamps yeah and you'll
[08:45] be getting favor quicker buying lamps
[08:47] faster so the XPS should be pretty good
[08:49] so we've switched it to encourage people
[08:51] to do that rotation yeah well we the way
[08:53] it was should have encouraged people
[08:55] anyway but rather than up the souls on
[08:57] the river yeah people just collecting
[08:59] them all
[08:59] upping devours when you're not escorting
[09:02] them we you know wanted to keep that
[09:04] sort of flow throughout the event keep
[09:06] people doing various activities so yeah
[09:08] hopefully people be doing doing their
[09:09] rounds getting lots of a favor again
[09:11] loads of XP and you know enjoying it a
[09:13] little bit more and getting into the
[09:15] slaying the boss as well yes definitely
[09:17] slaying the boss that's always good to
[09:18] do yeah I've loads of people gathering
[09:21] round the Boston around the base of the
[09:23] bridge yeah it's great seeing people
[09:25] like around the echo hunters and
[09:26] training power and stuff I don't think
[09:28] anyone's gonna argue that killed XP for
[09:30] prayer at the moment but yeah we saw a
[09:32] lot of people just gathering around the
[09:34] boss waiting for it to spawn yeah I
[09:35] think hopefully by now people to realize
[09:37] that's not a good way of earning favor
[09:39] because it's only once every 15 minutes
[09:41] and it's much more effective to do your
[09:44] rounds get the souls escort them up
[09:46] deliver them and then when the boss
[09:47] bones get out there and kill that and
[09:49] then you know get back to the rest of
[09:50] the event yeah but thanks for coming in
[09:53] today yes alright be absolute brilliant
[09:55] cut here and it looks just stunning yeah
[09:57] does look amazing I'm skiing is mod name
[10:01] now I think it might be mod Roach in
[10:03] particular like the environment and
[10:04] stuff yeah looks so nice I think people
[10:06] really just enjoy being at the gates of
[10:09] the underworld it's it's a cool you know
[10:11] place to imagine any way but then I
[10:13] think we brought it to life quite nicely
[10:14] as well but the concepts have been great
[10:16] obviously the audio and just everything
[10:19] you I on yeah the amount of it law
[10:20] embedded it as well yeah I think people
[10:22] are happy with the law to that was after
[10:23] the tusker world event yeah some of the
[10:25] feedback was that it wasn't really much
[10:27] law in there and so it was something we
[10:29] focused on to really give players a bit
[10:31] more meat to get stuck into yeah and
[10:33] yeah I'm really really proud of the team
[10:35] for creating such a such an awesome
[10:37] place and we will hopefully be
[10:38] revisiting it in the future brilliant
[10:40] thanks very much cool and Tom say bye to
[10:43] the audience thank you good bye bye