Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #68 - Invading Falador

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:09] I'm mod Matt he and i'm here with mod
[00:13] malta and we're talking all things
[00:15] falador yes the invasion yes Gagarin
[00:19] understand falador might be in danger
[00:21] yes well it's in danger for a very
[00:24] specific period of time right and how
[00:26] long is that period of time for two
[00:28] weeks as of Monday just gone right okay
[00:30] the idea being that we've had a
[00:33] graphical update yeah ID to go for a
[00:36] little time but that we've traditionally
[00:39] in the past if we've just released a
[00:41] graphical update on its own it hasn't
[00:43] had all that much momentum not not that
[00:46] much uptake yeah and players go well
[00:48] that's not that's not a real update so
[00:51] this time round two to go with it to
[00:54] provide extra content for for alongside
[00:57] the update give people reason to go to
[00:59] the city and see all the seals and new
[01:01] Chinese yeah we've included a two-week
[01:04] event it's sort of like a world event in
[01:07] some ways but it's it's not an actual
[01:09] world room yeah it's just a bit of fun
[01:11] for a couple of weeks yes and what we've
[01:15] done is the the Black Knights the
[01:17] kintera have found out about this
[01:19] supposedly us to artifact right the the
[01:22] banner of rattling yes and first king of
[01:25] us gone of all of its ganya sort of a
[01:27] bit of an hour theory in figure except
[01:29] not Arthur cuz he's over in Camelot
[01:31] still still still until my husband has
[01:36] his way and just obliterates it from the
[01:38] face of Eleanor and so he the leader
[01:42] Lord decarious decarious never quite
[01:45] sure what are those influences yeah has
[01:48] has given in to the the pleas of his his
[01:52] seconds in command that they go and
[01:53] assault the city and try and find the
[01:56] banner right because that it's such a
[01:59] powerful artifact to be like having the
[02:00] Ark of the Covenant and the sort of
[02:03] legitimacy of rule and all that sort of
[02:05] thing that the ghetto are so desperately
[02:07] one having been exiled by the White
[02:08] Knight so long ago
[02:10] and the White Nights not expecting such
[02:14] violence these days you know they've
[02:17] left their gates open for years yeah
[02:19] they've got a couple of level 30 odd
[02:20] guards I was wrong okay yeah and so the
[02:24] mckintridge just got right in there and
[02:25] and now it's a street fight ok so both
[02:29] sides have their siege engines flinging
[02:31] stuff into the city so having just
[02:34] graphically updated it made it pretty
[02:35] we've now set it on fire yeah both sides
[02:38] have their casualties sort of groaning
[02:40] on immigrants in their camps and both
[02:43] sides have soldiers and champions
[02:45] fighting in the streets yeah and players
[02:48] are encouraged to go along to the city
[02:50] spend some time drinking in the new
[02:52] pretty yeah and then decide arbitrarily
[02:56] or for whatever personal reasons they
[02:57] have whether they're going to support
[02:59] the White Nights or the Black Knights or
[03:01] both and get stuck in helping whichever
[03:04] side kill off the opponent's soldiers
[03:07] yeah heal the wounded smash-up siege
[03:10] engines at side they don't like and
[03:11] they'll be rewarded for it okay all of
[03:14] those things drop commendations you turn
[03:17] 100 commendations into one reward box
[03:20] yeah cash I think we call it and those
[03:23] contain experience lamps and resource
[03:26] bundles and unique cosmetic rewards okay
[03:31] so i've been i've been mostly killing
[03:33] white knights unless a Black Knight gets
[03:36] in my way I wish for a job unity well we
[03:39] are keeping a whip keeping track right
[03:42] of how many nights are killed healed
[03:44] basically how how much support there was
[03:47] for each side what we're not doing this
[03:49] time is requiring people to join the
[03:51] team yeah or showing the results up
[03:54] front right because we noticed in the
[03:56] past if there's only two factions and
[03:59] we're showing the results yeah the
[04:01] people will join the side that's winning
[04:03] it's skews automatically it
[04:05] automatically skews even if we make it
[04:06] very clear that you know you're not
[04:08] going to get anything more for being on
[04:10] the winning side yeah we see that people
[04:13] just throw over the side they started
[04:16] with to be on the winning side because
[04:17] it's the winning side is it's a win each
[04:19] other and that narrative lease it's a
[04:20] lot of players they like being on
[04:22] yes which is also part of why in some
[04:27] more recent world events the the task of
[04:29] world event and in cabbage face lunch
[04:31] bonanza which wasn't real world event
[04:32] either but had that whole faction thing
[04:34] going on yeah why we've had more than
[04:36] two factions because that means you
[04:37] don't just get that polarity yeah so but
[04:42] this one you don't have to declare for a
[04:43] side you just get stuck in wherever you
[04:45] fancy and we'll keep track and let
[04:48] people know afterwards in the fullness
[04:50] of time how it went and maybe use that
[04:53] for some plot it won't be
[04:55] earth-shattering it won't be a major
[04:57] turning point in the city's history but
[04:59] it might you know inform some things
[05:01] later on ok so the different things you
[05:04] do get you different types of XP yes
[05:06] from smashing up siege engines you can
[05:10] get construction or wood cutting the
[05:13] experience presumably you're using the
[05:15] construction for unconstructed yeah
[05:18] knowing how to take things apart yes
[05:19] yeah there's definitely rationale behind
[05:22] that beyond just construction XP is nice
[05:24] yes for healing soldiers you get
[05:28] constitution experience or herb lore yes
[05:31] variance and then mixing up potions to
[05:33] secure them with and for killing
[05:37] obviously you get combat experience well
[05:39] you're the relevant combat experience
[05:40] yes unless you choose not to receive any
[05:42] combat experience if you're a pure who
[05:44] somehow decides to get involved in
[05:46] fighting things which sort of isn't the
[05:49] point of a pure but yeah whatever I'm
[05:50] not going to tell them they can't okay
[05:52] and what are the cons rewards you can
[05:56] get so beyond the experience lamps and
[05:59] the resource bundles that I already
[06:00] mentioned there are some unique
[06:04] experience lamps so you can only get a
[06:06] limited number of times they give you a
[06:07] nice chunk right there sort of the
[06:10] artisans workshop lamp that you can
[06:12] choose smithing nor fire making the appt
[06:14] sort of thing so you've got two choices
[06:15] there is the candyfloss small yes which
[06:19] is a two-handed weapon it is very
[06:20] popular on the streets of fell over this
[06:22] season in fact it seems to be it
[06:23] certainly is not a giant carrot all
[06:26] rumours to the contrary are and founded
[06:29] as of the fix would you like to explain
[06:32] that one no but I will anyway there was
[06:35] a small bug
[06:36] with the held animation when attacking
[06:38] using the candy floss more yet we hadn't
[06:41] fixed the replace held part of the
[06:43] configuration of it right so when you
[06:45] hit someone with your candy floss small
[06:47] it briefly turned into a giant carrot
[06:49] it's not going to do that anymore no
[06:52] there are also fragments of a cosmetic
[06:56] version of the banner right of rattling
[06:59] you don't get to keep the real thing for
[07:01] reasons I'll come to you later when I'm
[07:03] talking about the mini quest yeah but
[07:04] it's it goes in your wing slot so you
[07:06] can walk around with a banner it does
[07:08] have a saradomin symbol on it some some
[07:10] raccoons weren't pleased about that but
[07:11] rattling was a Sarah diminished so yeah
[07:14] yeah and there was some enterprising
[07:16] fellow on reddit who's had the banner of
[07:19] Farrah dawn on his wing slot armadyl
[07:23] armor banner of the godless the armadyl
[07:26] staff banner thing that you wield right
[07:30] one of the pets from yet another God
[07:33] representing basically the whole
[07:35] pantheon except for marimbo and braska
[07:38] Prime they could have fixed that by
[07:40] putting a banana and a cabbage on the
[07:41] floor of the river swim yeah yeah
[07:43] perhaps a bottle of rum and a cabbage
[07:45] would have been more suitable and
[07:47] finally the my personal favourite are
[07:50] some follower pets a tiny white and
[07:53] black knight yeah which you unlock as as
[07:56] a single unlock and they're adorable and
[07:59] they follow you around and they have
[08:00] chat on them yes and if they're near
[08:03] each other they'll sing an adorable song
[08:05] I was fortunate to get them on my second
[08:09] day no very nice yeah we've we've not
[08:12] made it made it hugely hard to get the
[08:14] rewards we've put a generous amount of
[08:16] bad luck protection into those caches
[08:18] yeah so every time you don't get one of
[08:21] those one-off unique rewards it makes it
[08:23] more likely that the next thing you open
[08:25] will have one yet until you do get one
[08:27] of that resets so I imagine that anyone
[08:31] who's who's really throwing themselves
[08:33] into it will have done with it by the
[08:35] third third full day yeah because it's
[08:38] only going on for two weeks we don't
[08:40] don't need people to be hammering it for
[08:42] all of those two weeks it's some nice
[08:44] free experience it's a nice excuse to go
[08:48] and visit the city and
[08:49] hear talk of a mini quest yes I did
[08:53] mention that that's another little
[08:56] little bit of fun that you can get
[08:57] involved in yeah one of the first things
[09:01] you care law sabotage your heel is very
[09:05] likely to drop a set of research notes
[09:08] mysterious notes about the banner of
[09:10] rattling that will lead you on a hunt
[09:14] national treasure or da vinci code style
[09:16] arounds around the city right probably
[09:20] with less nicolas cage okay that's
[09:22] probably an advantage yes what do I know
[09:26] can we get Nicholas Cage for next time
[09:29] we could get models born to be Nicholas
[09:33] Cage Oh that'll do anyway yes so
[09:35] following the the trail that the
[09:38] research notes lead you on will will
[09:41] take you to some juicy law about falador
[09:44] and about various events in its history
[09:47] right and will lead you to find out some
[09:50] more things about the banner that
[09:52] everyone's so desperate to get their
[09:53] hands on okay and when you complete the
[09:56] quest when you complete the quest that
[09:58] will either upgrade your banner of
[10:01] farrah dawn override yeah if you've
[10:03] already got one version of it or at Lund
[10:05] locket and then the other means of
[10:06] getting it will be the upgrade instead
[10:08] okay so one way or another you will end
[10:12] up progressing through the the regular
[10:15] banner of farrah dawn and the Blessed
[10:16] banner of farad on which looks more
[10:18] impressive okay and battle horns yes
[10:22] battle horns battle homes drop off of
[10:25] things yes that you fight or he loved
[10:27] and so forth you consume them to give
[10:29] yourself a little buff for a while make
[10:31] you more effective when you're
[10:32] collecting shards and collecting
[10:35] commendations not shards definitely not
[10:37] shards the theater shows accommodation
[10:39] commendations yes I mean they make you
[10:41] more effective they give you more
[10:42] experience when you're doing those
[10:44] things right once you've got the mini
[10:47] quest completed you don't need the
[10:49] battle ones anymore you just have that
[10:50] buff for the duration of the event right
[10:53] okay so really useful to do the really
[10:55] quest early yes rather than later yeah
[10:57] some people have asked us to make the
[11:00] buff not show up when they're not in
[11:02] falador city where
[11:03] going to look into that right and see
[11:05] what we can do okay no promises but and
[11:08] this morning because we're recording
[11:11] this on Thursday morning something
[11:12] strange appeared in falador part yes
[11:15] there is some other mysterious goings-on
[11:18] happening in the park there it's also
[11:20] connected to rattling in some way okay
[11:23] and and everyone's encouraged to go and
[11:25] investigate what that might be yes we
[11:27] would recommend you go and have a look
[11:28] at that yes okay there were some issues
[11:32] for hardcore iron men I understand on
[11:34] release as well no issues as such no
[11:37] they just died right okay I'll say up
[11:41] front that I am sorry that I am not
[11:45] sorry at all that they died right okay
[11:48] we never said it was safe death no iron
[11:52] men should be being careful about events
[11:55] that about anything that may not be safe
[11:58] def yes so while I I regret that they
[12:01] have died it is sad that they've lost
[12:03] their progress in this way yeah sorry
[12:07] bad luck next time yeah don't don't be
[12:10] too disheartened by this you were killed
[12:13] by things that scale to level that use
[12:16] stuns and proper attacks from from the
[12:20] ability bar yeah and are generally a lot
[12:22] more difficult than they seem yeah fight
[12:25] so it is by no means a dishonorable
[12:30] death fair enough fair enough so the
[12:36] graphical rework itself my last question
[12:39] for you what's your favorite bit of it
[12:41] i'm quite a fan of the new artisans
[12:44] workshop actually the the exterior of it
[12:46] yeah it sort of done up like a couple of
[12:49] pairs of bellows you can imagine the
[12:51] roof actually moving and stoking the
[12:54] furnace that's the mill did right okay
[12:56] yes I just quite like the imagery of it
[12:59] okay my favorite bits the the remodeled
[13:02] castle it easy it's nice and central
[13:06] lids yeah the knights in shining armor
[13:09] castle very classic yes absolutely so to
[13:13] falador then to falador and all who sail
[13:16] in her
[13:17] bye bye bye