Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #67 - Call of the Ancestors

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:08] I'm mod Matt he and today with me i have
[00:12] mod degg he remembered his name yes I
[00:15] didn't bring our next time I'll remember
[00:18] to bring some paper I'll wait okay no
[00:20] it's too late now oh I gotta save the
[00:22] top joke next time why are you here
[00:26] today because there I mean I think he
[00:32] probably just got desperate for a
[00:33] podcast I think cuz we told you how to
[00:35] come down here yeah it was no everyone
[00:37] else canceled while always busy today so
[00:41] before you'd slum it with me or more
[00:44] accurately oh also I released some
[00:47] quests or a quest yes call of the
[00:49] ancestors a great exciting quests about
[00:53] gobies am a scab but not about tusca not
[00:57] so much okay so let's like that what a
[01:00] gobies gobies are aquatic looking
[01:05] creatures they kind of like focus me you
[01:07] know sort of like a land frog stone
[01:11] landfill yes with rocks screwing out of
[01:14] their back okay which will kill them
[01:16] sooner or later yeah it's a matter of
[01:20] time how long does that take two weeks
[01:22] bit the oldest korean game is two weeks
[01:27] old this magic I don't think that's
[01:28] accurate you we at all of those NPCs are
[01:31] actually like we cycle through them an
[01:33] incredible rate this yes tragic like
[01:38] working on it and behind the scenes
[01:40] knowing that oh boy I don't sleep at
[01:44] night anymore just know I all I'm up
[01:47] thinking about it about the the horror
[01:50] that is a gobies life gobies life
[01:53] selectively two weeks yeah okay and
[01:56] there's they know there's nothing I can
[01:58] do to stop it those wheels are in motion
[02:01] let's not worry about the Gobi go talk
[02:04] to four months already the best a
[02:07] different guy every time can go every
[02:09] time yeah right there just trade names
[02:11] I'm not sure I believe you sure this
[02:12] isn't April for
[02:13] podcast it could be could be it's so
[02:16] hard to tell sometimes i like to think
[02:19] every podcast someone is in a way in
[02:21] April force podcast to the Gobi then who
[02:24] it is um they are from aquatic stone
[02:28] said they are the residents of ma's cab
[02:30] a world that we recently opened up
[02:33] actually probably a few months ago that
[02:36] counts as recent is recent with the
[02:39] release of raids after tuska fell I Paul
[02:43] opened to one of the planets that she'd
[02:45] visited previously right which is mass
[02:47] cab which is where the players could get
[02:49] involved in the liberation of math camp
[02:51] exactly fightback samaroh kick it with
[02:54] some creatures kill some big guys it's
[02:56] pretty funny master yep [ __ ] monster
[02:58] zag yeah kimaru it's like a big water
[03:02] elemental I'm glad you're here because I
[03:04] can't say that yeah keburu yeah yeah
[03:06] yeah I know a yamaha or yep that is also
[03:10] valid to hammer or yeah every time i TI
[03:14] have to mentally prepare myself to say
[03:16] the word it's pizza there was a very
[03:18] good piece of fanart I got sent in I
[03:20] think by legend arts which was a giant
[03:25] pack heck with the soft crest thing on
[03:27] its head the yakamoto has and a bunch of
[03:29] babies trying to fight yeah keburu
[03:32] that's cool yeah that's pretty parallel
[03:35] a concept so mouse cab is willed that
[03:37] Tuscan visited yes I preview steady
[03:40] stated yeah they're they're not doing
[03:43] great they're clinging on butter like
[03:47] fingernails exactly and in the quests
[03:51] you make some steps was helping with
[03:54] that a little bit so this is a quest
[03:56] called call of ancestors and it's what
[03:57] we describe as a bottle quest yes so and
[04:00] the first bottle quest we've done yes so
[04:04] what is a bottle quest so in 2016 we're
[04:07] gonna have a monthly big update yeah and
[04:10] some of the smaller updates we're going
[04:11] to do are going to be ball quests which
[04:13] are primarily going to use assets that
[04:17] we've made for the main update yeah and
[04:19] reuse them to tell a story so if the
[04:22] main update is say a new boss fight in a
[04:25] new environment
[04:27] we might take that new environment and
[04:29] tell a story in there in a quest and
[04:31] I'll be a small quest but still a full
[04:35] quest you'll still have you know the
[04:36] puzzles and like combat and action where
[04:39] you would dominate any questions but
[04:41] it's going to be smaller in graphical
[04:44] scope usually okay and it's going to
[04:47] kind of be self-contained normally yeah
[04:49] so the intention is for most of them to
[04:51] be one of stories no telling character
[04:54] led yeah exactly character led stories
[04:56] rather than advancing the sick vage
[04:59] storyline or whatever other major plot
[05:01] points it's gonna yeah it's going to be
[05:04] small self-contained personal because
[05:07] the six age stuff is all enormous God's
[05:10] baffling universe being shake shake
[05:14] shake Anna shaken that's where those
[05:17] after shaken up by the chicken chicken
[05:20] but there's visceral like really grand
[05:23] quests and they all deserve a lot of
[05:26] time and attention into making every
[05:27] detail massive whereas you know there is
[05:31] room if we want to keep like a decent
[05:33] pace of quests give people a break from
[05:36] massive no we this room to put these
[05:39] smaller things there's lots of space for
[05:40] quieter yeah more more gay character
[05:44] focus stories exactly which don't
[05:46] necessarily require us to you know build
[05:49] something ridiculously huge and bespoke
[05:52] like there's still places for that
[05:54] obviously yeah yeah when we every time
[05:56] we want to talk about Zara cereal makes
[05:58] like huge and make a huge deal of it
[05:59] because he's cool and he's important and
[06:01] so it so there's ever God's I guess to a
[06:05] lesser extent okay so on this quest call
[06:10] ancestors is described as a novice quest
[06:12] yes so it's super easy anyone can do it
[06:17] no requirements except going there and
[06:20] membership and membership okay because
[06:25] to get there you have to have membership
[06:26] properly yes you're correct you caught
[06:28] me on that one so how did you start the
[06:31] quest so you need to go to Tusker which
[06:34] can be done by speaking to an Astra man
[06:37] sir one of which is in the dock
[06:40] lumbridge right and i'll teleport you
[06:42] that or you can run for the desert
[06:44] feeling particularly I hydrated I always
[06:47] run through the desert because I like
[06:49] doing that I run for desert because it's
[06:51] got the little swim LM ish exactly
[06:52] that's great animation yeah yeah and
[06:55] then you go you don't go for the ball
[06:58] and tusk us back which is about to say I
[07:00] skipped ahead a step you talk to the go
[07:02] beyond tusk is back yes ventured into a
[07:05] brave new world and slightly perplexed
[07:08] as to why it so purple didn't really
[07:10] expect how purple the new world would be
[07:13] yeah and he'll he'll lead you through
[07:15] Paul and you'll you'll visit kanata
[07:18] which some people already have done
[07:20] before there's no need to have already
[07:23] been there before to it than the quest
[07:24] as I said there's no requirement to have
[07:27] done raids to have done anything tusker
[07:30] before so it's nice nice and easy to
[07:33] access exactly and also by making a
[07:36] novice quest the true most important
[07:39] reason why we did it is because now
[07:41] we've had in a row every single
[07:43] difficulty of quest including special
[07:45] yeah so it was nice to complete the set
[07:48] and when you go through the portal what
[07:53] are you going to be doing you're going
[07:56] to be instructing free young govies on
[08:01] problem solving and you remember what
[08:05] the things were yeah I can they are
[08:09] lunch tuk-tuk no see in my head I was
[08:14] filming the BTS I hope for days ago
[08:16] getting and every time I listed all of
[08:19] them it was tux and the reason why I
[08:22] pause just cuz I had to say in my head
[08:24] to me I don't say tux don't say tux I
[08:27] did it okay so their names are lunch
[08:31] hunks a peck hey there's I don't know
[08:37] why I can't dad are you associating tuck
[08:40] shops with lunch is that the reason you
[08:42] probably yeah yeah right no
[08:47] I got nothing and they get and you're
[08:50] gonna help these three young gobies yes
[08:53] I'll come become adept adventurers like
[08:57] yourself right there's no one better
[08:59] qualified you're the world guardian
[09:01] unless you're not but you are and you're
[09:05] gonna help them uncover something yeah
[09:08] you're gonna discover hidden mysteries
[09:11] long forgotten with maz cab and the
[09:13] history of their people a little bit a
[09:15] little bit of history of the purple a
[09:17] little bit of history of the planet
[09:18] gonna a little bit of backstory for one
[09:21] of the raid bosses in a way she'll have
[09:24] to make a slight logical leap but you'll
[09:27] probably manage it okay and what are the
[09:30] rewards for the quest the rewards for
[09:33] the quest are at the right memorized
[09:36] Mayo mention that it has taken now a six
[09:39] takes for us to list the rewards so
[09:42] we're going to try it again for you
[09:43] we're still going yep there may be
[09:45] another comment from your perspective
[09:48] dear listener 20 seconds in the future
[09:50] but from our as many hours saying that
[09:53] we've breached 50 we hit the 15 and
[09:57] we're having a celebration so sometime
[10:01] later what are the rewards from the
[10:04] quest for awards from the quest ahh I
[10:08] can't do it I just can't do the running
[10:11] knee we've removed them I I hear talk of
[10:14] tickets yeah well no wrong try again
[10:22] next guess tokens so you will be given
[10:27] free rear all tokens for the liberation
[10:31] of masquerade right which will allow you
[10:33] to after you've kill the boss say now I
[10:36] don't want that try again and you'll get
[10:38] a different vishanti better gear yep
[10:40] yeah if you already have the ability to
[10:43] do that because you have maximum goby
[10:46] reputation because you did a lot of
[10:48] reading yes visited Nazca berloff then
[10:50] you will allow be allowed to do it on
[10:52] each boss once as opposed to just
[10:54] picking brilliant one yet to that you'd
[10:56] normally have to do on
[10:59] additionally you also get a magic XP
[11:02] lamp but that's more more aimed at the
[11:05] novice side we've sort of went for both
[11:07] extremes with the rewards yeah and and
[11:11] war paint warpaint favela wall paint yes
[11:15] you get free outfits inspired by the
[11:19] wall paint warm by lunch tunks and peck
[11:24] during the quest got in one and also
[11:28] some weapon overrides smoky that are
[11:31] inspired by what they go rearranges
[11:34] carry with them around mass cab also
[11:37] like clubs and stuff I hear there's also
[11:39] some post content quest a post quest
[11:42] content there is some place to content
[11:44] quest yes the first post content quest
[11:46] is there's a new new GUI village added
[11:50] at on the side of the Tusk appalled you
[11:52] wouldn't expect it ok actually in the
[11:54] desert on on Gillen or right ok and you
[11:57] can you can talk to the new acha Gillen
[12:00] or who has a safest position as as
[12:02] dominant over all of Gillen or as the
[12:05] oldest go be there I see he has
[12:08] ownership ok and there is also a new
[12:12] quiz or arm ASCAP little creatures you
[12:15] can collect and for new types and they
[12:19] give you Hunter experience points I'll
[12:21] understand it's worth talking to tunk
[12:22] softer the quest as well yes doesn't
[12:28] really do anything yeah is is worth
[12:32] talking to tunks off the quest he's in
[12:34] the camp because she's going to tell you
[12:36] all about his his adventures his plans
[12:39] for future adventures and you can even
[12:41] see some of the some of the riches that
[12:44] he's gained so far on Gillen or ok he's
[12:48] planning on a long and fruitful
[12:50] adventure career so there's been lots of
[12:53] great feedback about the quest lots of
[12:54] people loved it yep I understand there's
[12:57] been one bit that's been a bit sticky
[12:58] for some people no it's absolutely in a
[13:00] nicely positive actually I think you'll
[13:03] find if I just if I just put my thumb
[13:07] over read it when i browse this gorgeous
[13:11] so 11 section requests the fight section
[13:16] not against spoiler town this is light
[13:18] as a fight of some description people
[13:21] having a little bit of trouble with it
[13:23] was the end and we have made that a bit
[13:27] easier okay some some helpful characters
[13:30] have more hit points okay and some
[13:33] unhelpful characters appear slightly
[13:36] less frequently okay so it was some
[13:39] people find it very click intensive and
[13:41] yeah hard work and so hopefully this
[13:44] will alleviate that somewhat without
[13:47] diminishing the Y exact okay if you
[13:51] could change one thing about the quest
[13:52] what would it be all of the characters
[13:55] in it would be renamed dead and there
[13:58] would all be smarter stronger and
[14:00] funnier right okay okay so it would be
[14:06] the dead quest yeah they would all be
[14:09] Paragons of of skill and virtue yeah
[14:13] that it would be amazing really but I
[14:16] was your suggested that we probably
[14:18] shouldn't do that by my dolly who
[14:20] doesn't like fun I think tonight's
[14:23] politely on a young explanation I i I've
[14:26] seen the video of him dancing it room
[14:28] fest I think he does like fun it might
[14:32] not be your type of fun I guess not will
[14:34] say I mean his history we'll see who has
[14:37] who's having the right kind of fun okay
[14:41] we'll look back on this day and decide
[14:44] the right kind of fun I guess okay it's
[14:48] the last question what helps is planned
[14:51] for the gobies in the future we I swear
[14:55] I think I pretty much said this on the
[14:56] last podcast but let's go again and we
[14:58] have announced there'll be another raise
[15:01] update there's another rate update but
[15:03] yeah but the gobies themselves what we
[15:06] have planned for them we or if we not
[15:08] where we don't necessarily have any
[15:10] sandstone plans for them okay I think
[15:13] with with most of runescape if everyone
[15:17] says they want more of it probably do
[15:19] more of it and if everyone says no thank
[15:22] you then they might get
[15:24] more of it anyway it's less likely so if
[15:30] people want more go-biz they need to
[15:31] shout about it yeah exactly go to go to
[15:34] rune laps rune apps and the forums read
[15:36] it yeah even when it's inappropriate
[15:38] relapse criteria we're asking for high
[15:40] level mobs peugeot request in there why
[15:43] not because i'll have to moderate it out
[15:45] that is why yes that's fine i don't have
[15:48] to want to write it out so i don't mind
[15:50] what goes in there thanks Marty you're
[15:54] welcome and with that I think today
[16:00] thanks for joining okay this is gonna be
[16:04] the last time isn't it you're done I
[16:06] thought you were inviting you again
[16:07] thank you for having me thank you very
[16:10] much and bye