Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #66 - RuneFest Reveals uncovered!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:05] I'm mod Matty the podcast monkey and
[00:08] with me today i have mod Raven one egg
[00:12] monitor are you sure you're more deck no
[00:15] I don't have any pieces of paper in
[00:17] front of mesa to get the Foley for the
[00:19] for the great jokes or their next
[00:21] podcast you doing it analyzed okay okay
[00:23] um yes and we're here today to talk
[00:26] about well Rovers looking very strangely
[00:29] week we had it we have a joke pre
[00:31] planned out that we're gonna do one
[00:33] podcast it's gonna be hilarious okay my
[00:36] mod day apparently on stage can't
[00:37] remember his name without looking at his
[00:39] own land yard i was rid of it I don't
[00:42] wanna do that everywhere he did it again
[00:44] this year as well and we plan to do on
[00:46] the future because you had thing in
[00:48] front of you do that you turned round is
[00:49] what is saying the same on both
[00:50] something yes no but no one saw there
[00:52] was the same on both sides so the joke
[00:54] worked okay it's good joke dinner yet
[00:57] same same this year right next year that
[01:00] will be on the main stage as well see
[01:01] that at room 416 11am you can see me do
[01:05] a really good joke where ellicott
[01:06] lanyard and potato don't know where name
[01:08] someone's gonna record this they're
[01:10] gonna get to the next we're investing
[01:11] they go 11am doesn't you're not doing
[01:14] this what well we'll just have to commit
[01:16] them yes from it let's get to be slot on
[01:19] the main stage now for your day mother
[01:22] make that joke we all know the joke and
[01:25] Evan go huh oh there it is excellent and
[01:29] anyway ma take side learning it slightly
[01:33] um reinvest so now you very fist we're
[01:37] here to talk about reinvest today and we
[01:39] specifically what we talked about oh not
[01:41] our 2016 Rufus not the 2016 plans I
[01:44] think they will be getting a little
[01:45] ahead of ourselves so what are each of
[01:47] you here to talk about quest probably my
[01:51] case and skill chips maybe combat
[01:55] probably in my case and not skilled
[01:57] chefs maybe definitely invention way we
[02:01] have one definitely maybe elite skills
[02:03] hahaha so we'll go to the definitely
[02:06] subject first then well the rest of you
[02:08] work out where your actual chemistry so
[02:11] invention yeah
[02:13] we finally got to actually speak up and
[02:16] say when it's coming out and something
[02:18] about what it's going to be which was
[02:20] nice because we've been sitting on that
[02:21] for a while and I notice you run around
[02:23] with a clipboard as well that was just
[02:26] part of the whole mad-scientist act well
[02:29] let's say act okay I act I did have a
[02:34] nice big wad of blank paper on it every
[02:36] time someone gave me an idea or
[02:38] complained about a thing not very much
[02:40] of that but any feedback I've had from
[02:43] players I just noted it down because
[02:44] last year many people said things to me
[02:46] and I'm sure I forgot at least one or
[02:47] two so this year I incorporated not
[02:50] doing that again into my costume it's
[02:52] almost like a plan isn't it it's almost
[02:54] like a plan so what did you tell us
[02:57] about invention and maybe even about
[02:59] elite skills in particular we dropped
[03:03] the release date on everyone January of
[03:05] next it's not very far away now it work
[03:10] it's got Christmas in between as well it
[03:12] does we're working quite hard on it we
[03:15] hope people will like it it's the first
[03:17] of our elite skills which means requires
[03:19] level 80 in a number of other skills to
[03:22] begin we went through a bit of how you
[03:25] need to disassemble existing objects in
[03:28] the game in order to collect the
[03:30] materials that you'll use to craft
[03:32] yourself new unique devices that will do
[03:36] useful things for you and augment
[03:38] existing weapons with level of all
[03:41] abilities with these perks that you can
[03:44] add to them that will let you tune your
[03:47] arsenal of weapons in your armory of
[03:49] armor to situations that you might meet
[03:53] in the game so so you can stack
[03:55] particular perks that you've gone
[03:57] looking for and you've tweaked and tuned
[03:59] and found the best set for your Slayer
[04:01] for this particular boss for that
[04:03] particular boss for your rating and
[04:06] likewise with tools you'll be able to do
[04:08] the same so there's quite a lot of it
[04:11] okay so what's an example of the perk
[04:14] then oh which one should we go with
[04:18] though there's over 150 at the moment
[04:20] right okay it's quite a lot although
[04:22] some of them may not make it obviously
[04:25] if they prove just
[04:27] to one key to do in the time are you
[04:29] encouraging players to catch them all I
[04:31] am encouraging players to catch at least
[04:33] 150 one of them because I'm a bit old
[04:35] school later so okay let's go with
[04:37] upfront there's a biting / called biting
[04:41] it just increases your crib okay that
[04:43] will be quite hard to get hold of any
[04:44] perc that's just straight up this makes
[04:46] you more powerful will be reserved for
[04:49] components and materials that you can
[04:51] only get off of particularly valuable
[04:53] disassembles okay further down the list
[04:57] there's things that for example might
[04:59] reduce the cooldown on a particular
[05:01] ability while making it cost more
[05:03] adrenaline or might make it costs no
[05:05] adrenaline but it only affects one
[05:08] target instead of three right okay for
[05:10] even for example so tweaking and tuning
[05:12] not only what your weapons are for but
[05:14] what they mean for the abilities you use
[05:16] in combat there's also one called
[05:19] talking which just straight up makes
[05:22] your weapon armor or tool start saying
[05:24] stuff to you at random intervals right
[05:26] okay since this a fair bit there's
[05:28] there's some whimsy so there's some
[05:29] whimsy in there it you can probably
[05:31] classified a perk like talking as being
[05:33] a actually a detrimental perk almost
[05:36] because it's using up a slot that you
[05:39] might otherwise use to to tweak your
[05:41] combat output yeah but personally I like
[05:43] to think of that sort of thing is just
[05:44] being a bit fun obviously if you're
[05:47] looking to min max and you'll want to
[05:48] try and get perks that do all of the
[05:51] things that you want them to do and none
[05:52] of the things you don't want them to do
[05:53] yeah and that that's where the skill of
[05:56] tuning your perks by putting different
[05:58] combinations of materials together will
[06:01] come in okay um was there any particular
[06:05] feedback that fired off any further
[06:08] ideas while you were in fest well there
[06:11] was the reveals of 2016 presentation in
[06:13] which matos born said whole slew of
[06:16] stuff about devices that we haven't
[06:19] actually finished designing yet right so
[06:21] that was that was fun that sort of thing
[06:24] happens every room fest you just deal
[06:25] with it but in particular the the
[06:28] duplicated device raised some hackles
[06:30] yes because that's a consumable device
[06:34] you put something into it and it has a
[06:36] chance of giving you back 0 1 2 or
[06:38] sometimes three of
[06:41] the thing that you've put in Rio it's
[06:43] got a chance to just eat your item or
[06:44] give you some some lovely stuff right
[06:48] but people obviously concern about will
[06:51] you be able to put in discontinued items
[06:53] like party hats yeah yeah / pie hat in
[06:56] there so to relay some some fears there
[06:58] will be a white list of what you can put
[07:00] in it's largely limited to tradable
[07:03] things for which the source is still
[07:04] present in game okay so discontinued
[07:06] probably won't be on there likewise to
[07:11] reassure people we are tuning that so
[07:12] that the expected outcome isn't just
[07:15] everyone will put all of their stuff
[07:16] into these over and over again until
[07:18] there's millions of dry Gore's
[07:20] everywhere and dry girls crash panicked
[07:22] sell drug laws yeah with we're looking
[07:24] to make it just a bit of that high-risk
[07:26] gameplay without having to go looking
[07:29] for dodgy play around games of chance
[07:31] and other things that we don't like okay
[07:33] okay i believe the traditional thing to
[07:35] say now is sell one's panic so ones oh
[07:38] yeah always panic so ones and maple long
[07:41] but ok and so to combat yes what right
[07:48] you might want to use your tuned weapons
[07:51] on it see those exalt there's really
[07:54] smooth transition is connecting the two
[07:56] a segue that yelled yeah yeah added any
[08:00] segues where I probably we've actually
[08:02] confirmed that the next addition to
[08:04] raids will be a boss there's week
[08:05] against singing weapons not talking
[08:10] weapon singing weapons yeah it's a
[08:11] upgrade to talking come on 52 bucks yeah
[08:15] night air is just finding out about now
[08:17] and poor mod bond is now realizing he
[08:20] has to write 150 odd new songs for the
[08:23] singing weapons the sinner there was
[08:28] fear in multiples following an amazing
[08:30] face right now yes I'm sure I see unfair
[08:33] just takes for your penance Wow now
[08:36] there is a look of murdering mod bonsais
[08:40] motek I would remind you muffled is
[08:43] recording you he can splice your wedding
[08:45] if you say anything he likes
[08:48] I kind of like the idea of conflict you
[08:52] are his mercy and no one else's oh dear
[08:55] I'm sure I'm sure it's gonna be Angus
[08:57] stuff okay have you run out of words
[09:02] yeah so combat oh yeah that yeah what
[09:06] did you reveal about combat route we
[09:08] revealed that we are working on God was
[09:12] to Papa Bell that was a big that's a big
[09:17] announcement including that sound that's
[09:19] what moral sponte on stage but we
[09:23] haven't actually really decided what
[09:25] goal was to means right the concept are
[09:29] we showed was Sarah fighting like not
[09:31] Sarah what Sarah much there is no good
[09:37] for them is like a sarin inspired
[09:40] character flying a Tusker inspired
[09:42] character right probably won't actually
[09:44] do that is just like ideas that were
[09:47] drawing up so draw inspiration yeah
[09:49] they're like a few different ways they
[09:52] might go with that and I discussed some
[09:53] of a lot of people were invest in gauge
[09:55] their reactions you know like note it
[09:59] down when there was a frowny face note
[10:01] down when there's a raised eyebrow and
[10:03] like a us interesting i do that okay i'm
[10:07] sure we'll talk more about those ideas
[10:09] any particular favorites at the moment
[10:11] um with that spoilers proper i mean it
[10:15] might turn into spoilers I kind of like
[10:18] the idea of doing Elder God walls
[10:20] dungeon it doesn't really make sense so
[10:23] we won't do it breath but like we have
[10:26] shown that there are things like these
[10:27] this story wise that's a slightly
[10:29] interesting s fight well figure it out
[10:31] layer would open and then we'll ask
[10:33] models bond to justify it somehow but
[10:37] like no we've shown that there are
[10:38] things like taka so they'll clearly are
[10:40] constructs by the Elder Gods that fight
[10:43] and stuff right that but like as I said
[10:47] this is just sort of ideas they were
[10:48] throwing around that we also might do
[10:50] like a second set of generals for the
[10:53] existing dungeon but right that's a bit
[10:57] less exciting in my opinion a fast
[11:00] forward to like six months
[11:02] now when that's what we do and everyone
[11:03] said this was the thing you sure wasn't
[11:05] exciting so maybe we maybe I shouldn't
[11:08] have said that it's probably fine it's
[11:12] right it's my deck we used to it are we
[11:14] yeah but the thing that is definitely
[11:16] going to happen with it it's going to be
[11:18] the same sort of style as God was where
[11:20] there's a big area full of lots of
[11:22] different types of MPC yeah you know in
[11:26] in conflict and there'll be a variety of
[11:28] big old bosses to fight that will be
[11:31] probably doable in really small teams or
[11:34] even on your own if you're really cool
[11:38] because that's what we measure in combat
[11:40] it's not scale it's calmer its coolness
[11:41] yes so what else apart from good walls
[11:44] dungeons to this we are going to be
[11:46] working on a solo vos next year it's
[11:49] gonna be in a similar sort of style to
[11:52] the Queen black dragon where will be
[11:53] mandatory solo which is I think that's
[11:56] the only boss so we've done that with
[11:58] outside of the quest but yeah we like we
[12:01] did raids last year which was the
[12:03] extreme you must be in a group really
[12:05] difficult any other nation and this year
[12:08] we're doing something for the opposite
[12:10] end of the spectrum where it's a lot
[12:12] more accessible you don't need to
[12:14] complain because someone else has
[12:16] provoked on their revolution barring
[12:18] keeps taking the boss off of you that
[12:20] was a fun thing that happened in raids
[12:21] testing this mod avatar just arbitrarily
[12:25] deciding I'm fine I'm taking everything
[12:28] without telling everyone and if you try
[12:30] and take it back up take it back back
[12:32] which is so confusing is great but yeah
[12:38] when we showed some concept art for that
[12:40] which is again like my favorite thing
[12:42] about runefest is like we have this
[12:45] vague plan of what types of things we're
[12:49] doing next year and then we had it all
[12:50] concept it up when we don't really
[12:52] haven't really decided on it and it
[12:54] means we show things like he's this
[12:56] weird underwater thing where someone's
[12:58] in a diving suit boss and we're looking
[13:01] at we're like do we really want to fight
[13:03] and I did get told that we designed
[13:06] already and we're about to release it
[13:08] underwater skilling boss we had to build
[13:10] a diamond and you fought against the
[13:12] using submarines and so I was all using
[13:14] crafting and
[13:15] too yes she again yeah and summer
[13:18] raining yeah with some reading that no
[13:21] little skill yeah which is going out at
[13:23] the same time yeah what submarine is
[13:25] cleaning the elite skill for which you
[13:27] need the new skill sailing yes yeah and
[13:30] that's going out next week I'm very
[13:31] excited for that update what mod will
[13:35] tear is shaking his head that's my cell
[13:37] phone mod and try not to cry well it's
[13:42] wit you know I don't understand why I'm
[13:44] not in charge of the really schedule
[13:48] certainly we've got a lot of releases if
[13:50] you were but yeah but yeah that there
[13:53] will be there be a salad boss which we
[13:56] haven't really decided upon ok probably
[13:58] won't be underwater ok but will be
[14:02] exciting and cool and your lover and
[14:04] what else did the combat team talk about
[14:07] and the final thing we talked about was
[14:09] we confirmed that we would be adding a
[14:12] new raids update next year we sort of
[14:16] said that we're speculating we're going
[14:18] to anyway but this is this is a
[14:19] confirmation we're going to be doing one
[14:24] or two bosses right we showed something
[14:27] concepts of bosses that we would really
[14:30] like to do those are the concepts that
[14:32] are thus far less woolly running the
[14:34] other two updates yeah SOE showed two
[14:38] different elemental bottom boy reasoning
[14:41] yeah there's a fiery one there's an air
[14:43] one and we showed off the air route
[14:45] shaman commander guy row is my personal
[14:49] favorite and I really want to do and
[14:50] those yeah those are those are bosses
[14:53] that we will probably do at some point
[14:55] at the the question is just which of
[14:58] those we do next year right which are
[15:02] five years from now yeah and we're also
[15:08] gonna look to do some improvements with
[15:10] that well improvements and changes to
[15:13] the existing raids content because
[15:15] people are like we're good make it a
[15:18] little bit easier to get into a bit more
[15:20] accessible and potentially adds
[15:22] difficulty changes right the ability to
[15:27] do the hard mode and
[15:28] a baby mode because rule mode yeah right
[15:34] okay and maybe adding practice mode to
[15:37] it things like that just to make it a
[15:40] bit easier to get a bit of experience
[15:42] with it without having to you know
[15:45] search around on the forums for a group
[15:48] of nine people who really really want to
[15:49] carry someone okay and so two quests yes
[15:55] there was lots of talk of quests yes
[15:58] yeah they were on the big reveal and we
[16:00] had our little quest of 2016 originally
[16:03] quests Q&A but its quest to 2016 panel
[16:06] as well yes yeah we live it go for it ok
[16:10] so we revealed several them I'm now
[16:12] trying to remember exactly which ones
[16:13] are revealed so the first one we
[16:16] revealed was nomads allergy yeah which
[16:18] is so this is the first of the Swiss
[16:21] gaze countdown his endgame so one of the
[16:25] things we're doing this time around is
[16:26] saying look there is definite end to the
[16:28] the stone of jazz storyline tous les
[16:31] cayes big game and every sort of will be
[16:34] having a number of quests which will be
[16:35] clearly marking down towards it so the
[16:38] first of these is if I think it's the
[16:39] best is no much allergy you choose so
[16:42] after dis honor among seeds you know
[16:44] Matt kind of Diddy's study betraying
[16:47] thing stealing the shard etc and so now
[16:50] what's the play with us oh yeah there
[16:53] are spoilers everyone's done this it's
[16:55] fine if you're not if you're at this
[16:57] point and you've not done this if you've
[16:59] not done all the quest you should
[17:00] probably turn off the BOD cast because
[17:01] I'm just gonna spoiler them it's
[17:03] something chronic some people just
[17:05] ruined it for what matters it's fine
[17:08] he's ready he's running down his face
[17:10] crashes more it just pleases me it's he
[17:13] holds the space bar down what he did
[17:14] yeah we all seen him I actually we take
[17:18] quest and I sorry I read it people spent
[17:21] ages working on it it's got stuff in
[17:23] that's relevant yes and sometimes we put
[17:26] puzzle elements in the dialogue just do
[17:28] you know like it difficult for those two
[17:30] space bar anyway where was I so yes so
[17:34] no matter elegy is going to be kind of
[17:36] dealing with Nomad so the idea is that
[17:38] Nomad is heading towards the underworld
[17:41] where he's
[17:42] stealing all of the souls to become an
[17:45] all-powerful well become a God again
[17:47] right and you and some other characters
[17:52] possibly some other gods are going to be
[17:53] teaming up to take him down okay the
[17:57] kind of theme is a other siege against
[18:00] nomads like fortress in the underworld
[18:01] and you'll be meeting up with old
[18:04] friends who have long since passed and
[18:07] other gods and characters that you know
[18:10] will be teaming up to take him on so
[18:12] that should be hopefully quite cool and
[18:14] quite interesting cool after that we
[18:17] then have ballad of the Barrows brothers
[18:19] yep which is so this is a more personal
[18:22] one this is looking at slifka and going
[18:24] ah this game he's an interesting
[18:26] character be don't know that much about
[18:27] him really and can we learn a bit more
[18:28] about him learn about his kind of his
[18:30] ultimate motivations we're going to
[18:32] learn a bit about why he has such a
[18:33] thing for the player character we're
[18:36] going to learn about through the closest
[18:38] to what he really has his friends which
[18:40] would be the berries brothers we're
[18:41] going to learn who they are yeah and who
[18:43] sort of they were and then we've got the
[18:46] big reveal of Denton turn the Barrows
[18:49] sister yes the sister and soon he'll
[18:53] learn why she's important and why she's
[18:55] important to swiss k right and all of
[18:58] this is going to be very
[18:58] character-driven story yeah much more
[19:01] personal than we've done for won't be a
[19:02] big sort of scenery showcases the much
[19:04] more contained much more about the
[19:05] individuals which would be very
[19:07] interesting and each of these are going
[19:09] to have a big thing that will tie
[19:10] through to the end game at the end okay
[19:12] um I like that's this case closest thing
[19:15] that he has to a friend are essentially
[19:17] puppets yes they're essentially puppets
[19:19] but I think that sometimes Cisco
[19:20] perfectly it's heinous I just think he
[19:22] would think of to a friend is probably
[19:24] the player character but in terms of
[19:26] kind of who actually it's gonna be the
[19:29] bearers brothers probably know him the
[19:31] best kind of in there like zombie freaks
[19:33] it's fine i now have mental image of
[19:35] moderation as this guy with a hand
[19:38] puppet continually talking to it yeah no
[19:40] I'm picturing Swiss k with Elmo oh yeah
[19:45] that's fair that's fair i was thinking
[19:47] penguin how puppy yeah yeah no idea
[19:51] where are we so after that we have fate
[19:55] of the gold too
[19:56] was never revealed yes I was that one
[20:00] was revealed in the main stage I'm
[20:01] trying to remember what was revealed the
[20:03] main stage rather than what's in story
[20:05] that I know of there was a nice piece of
[20:08] concept art there was which was oh there
[20:10] were a sin in zamorak yes so that's
[20:12] looking at the whole kind it's been a
[20:14] little bit concerned that Sami might be
[20:15] buying it in that all I'm saying nothing
[20:18] there is going to be a confrontation of
[20:21] some kind yeah what that is we'll wait
[20:23] secret of course you know sirasa said
[20:26] before that he's not particularly
[20:27] bothered when he said he's above petty
[20:29] bullsháá t revenge but is he really I
[20:31] mean we've seen that Sarah's can
[20:33] occasionally be a bit kind of petty yeah
[20:36] so maybe maybe that was just him kind of
[20:38] being all like oh yes I'm very noble I'm
[20:40] above it or love it will but really
[20:41] sharpening the dagger xiamen the
[20:43] negative stabs am right in the back or
[20:45] the face which is probably more likely
[20:47] so we'll be learning more about Zara
[20:50] Serb learning more about kind of his
[20:52] ultimate goals were learning more about
[20:53] as arrows and zamorak and their
[20:55] relationship or learning a bit more
[20:56] about fresca and I think the martyr art
[20:58] in general right um will we learn a
[21:01] little bit more about the second age as
[21:03] well maybe we probably will learn a bit
[21:05] more about the second age yeah I don't
[21:07] know how and how they got to where they
[21:08] were yeah how so strong there that's run
[21:11] will be of the second age the rest of
[21:13] will be strong in autumn and that
[21:15] sounded bad when they said her lad would
[21:17] never mind I think we all know what you
[21:19] meant yes very and then so out of the
[21:22] zone of gesture on and then we come to
[21:25] the end game right Cisco's endgame the
[21:28] finale of the stone of Janice Troy line
[21:30] where all of these elements all the
[21:32] elements reform will finally come
[21:33] together you'll get that confrontation
[21:35] with this gave always wanted you'll see
[21:36] how all of your choices have played out
[21:39] we'll learn of neurosis master plan well
[21:42] enough Sheridan's role in the future
[21:44] we'll learn of all of these cool things
[21:45] getting together it will be epic and
[21:48] we're also planning on I say planning on
[21:51] using this word very importantly because
[21:53] we're planning on having a bit of a new
[21:56] approach with this quest because it's
[21:57] gonna be so big into epic and all your
[21:59] choices are going to be so important
[22:01] yeah what we want to do is make it so
[22:03] that when you have played through it
[22:04] once you can play it through again your
[22:07] first choice is your canon
[22:09] playthrough yes the choices you make in
[22:10] the first playthrough will be the
[22:12] important ones they we want to stand in
[22:14] future but you will be able to replay it
[22:16] with some way of changing the choices
[22:19] that led up to it okay so we're calling
[22:21] it deleted scenes I think I can go only
[22:23] see what could have been so if you'd
[22:26] know if you decided with well we've been
[22:31] taught about if you change like the
[22:32] world events but I'm not sure whether
[22:34] we'll get that far because right applies
[22:35] a huge amount of work but if your
[22:38] previous choices so if you for example
[22:39] didn't incorporate certain bits and
[22:41] sarin when you remade sarin yeah then
[22:43] maybe there'll be a different player to
[22:45] that if you sided with saradomin in
[22:47] world event one maybe there'll be a
[22:48] different play through that I've decided
[22:49] with armored in a world event to they'll
[22:51] be different play with that so it'll be
[22:53] interesting too you'll be able to go
[22:54] back and see how your choice is matted
[22:56] and how your choices within that quest
[22:58] could be different as well so that
[22:59] should be really interesting it'll be a
[23:01] lot of work but it'll be really
[23:02] interesting yeah and so I'm going to
[23:04] clarify that game with this is plan yes
[23:07] those talk of bottle quests as well yeah
[23:10] we want to do a bunch of smaller quests
[23:14] so I mean I've a pitch the idea of we're
[23:16] going to change the release schedule
[23:18] cadence to be one big update every month
[23:21] yeah and then hopefully some smaller
[23:23] updates mixed within that so bottle
[23:25] quests aware that will go which is using
[23:27] the assets for the big update in smaller
[23:30] more kind of personal stories to develop
[23:32] particular characters rather than big
[23:34] settings will just be using you will
[23:35] explain what we mean by the term bottle
[23:37] quest we just mean two smaller ones
[23:39] using existing resources contained yeah
[23:43] yeah its place yeah so if you shake them
[23:45] up and then open them yeah thank you and
[23:50] there was talk of the Garrow quest there
[23:54] was yes we've mentioned the gap well
[23:55] another request that we haven't
[23:57] mentioned so far is just to point out
[23:59] that we're not using all of the like six
[24:02] age thing well do another fifth age
[24:03] quest which is Lord to vampire into of
[24:05] course which is worth mentioning because
[24:07] I think a lot of people go it's just
[24:08] more gold quite stuff like no out of all
[24:10] the stuff planned we do have other stuff
[24:11] so we have full of unproven to which to
[24:13] wrap up the vampire well then my reki
[24:16] Mikey Mikey Mikey storyline to its
[24:20] completion after the awesome events
[24:22] last one so there's to be to keep that
[24:25] sort of cadence moving keep people
[24:26] focused on that storyline will see the
[24:29] ending of that it'll be fifth age which
[24:30] should be interesting given some of the
[24:32] stuff going on yeah just to show that
[24:34] we're not just doing God questions
[24:35] you're going to be it's the same people
[24:37] who did Lord a vampire home as well you
[24:39] know it's going to be good but yes we
[24:41] also mentioned Gower quest which is to
[24:45] do with a 15th anniversary of runescape
[24:49] so in its 15th year we've we've got the
[24:53] Gower's back and they're going to be
[24:54] designing a old-school nostalgic style
[24:57] british humor meta quest right and
[25:00] that's more favor to once more favor to
[25:02] please I don't know it could be it could
[25:05] be one small favor to it could be I
[25:07] don't know as long as you put them in
[25:09] the game and they've they're each
[25:10] wielding bows each because then they'll
[25:12] both be the gala Rangers oh damask
[25:16] like oh please you got that in but let's
[25:21] say our range discussion is over we've
[25:23] got two gal ranges and that's it we're
[25:26] done we should just in the poker yep
[25:27] drop mike walk away like a walk away gal
[25:30] Rangers so yes that's gonna be a very
[25:33] nostalgic tongue-in-cheek old-school
[25:35] style request great done by the well
[25:38] designed by the the gal brother great so
[25:41] that I was so much stuff oh yes loads of
[25:44] blows in 2016 so last question for each
[25:48] of you what was your favorite thing you
[25:50] saw it really fast I'm going to be
[25:53] really sappy and sentimental here all
[25:55] the players oh it sounds it sounds
[25:59] really sappy like I say but that's the
[26:02] whole point of runefest for me is
[26:04] there's all the players they're having a
[26:05] good time and being able to talk with
[26:08] them face-to-face about things that are
[26:10] important that are coming up and about
[26:12] things they've liked in the past yeah as
[26:14] the sheer passion yes our players
[26:17] have the game you really evident a
[26:19] reinvest although getting to play my
[26:20] prototype sinkholes card game there any
[26:23] afterparty absolutely fantastic yeah but
[26:26] a really good time with the players are
[26:28] we had a whole bunch of players feedback
[26:29] they really enjoyed that and I think
[26:31] that's something we'll look out for next
[26:32] year's reinvest so it was well my
[26:35] favorite thing that I saw was
[26:36] selection of flapjacks yeah they were
[26:40] flapjacks yeah there was some raisins no
[26:42] they're a little regular ones yep now
[26:45] that was there's like a nutty air
[26:47] variety as well they're very solid
[26:49] showing I'm guessing they're in the
[26:51] staff room but no no they were there
[26:53] available purchase yeah there is I want
[26:55] miss those get it never partaken okay
[26:58] yeah but my pie my pie was very good
[27:01] hope I wasn't bad yeah the room fest
[27:04] pies are good Raven got a cold one night
[27:05] I did I got I got pies oh this is nice
[27:08] he's a bit cold though I thought these
[27:10] can reward and was able to just go going
[27:12] mine's really hot I mean ah I'm of the
[27:15] one that was clean not on the warm spot
[27:17] oh dear it's what was your favorite
[27:19] thing apart from the pie clearly my
[27:21] favorite thing it's difficult I really
[27:24] like this stone of jazz that was awesome
[27:26] but I think it's going to be Third some
[27:28] bits in the office of the one yeah I
[27:30] know not quite sure how I can stay with
[27:32] trying to only placed with Alan yes but
[27:35] my favorite bit was so I did the fall on
[27:38] the skill chips was a-goin talked all
[27:39] the de menthe yeah and I had a challenge
[27:41] of mine which was to pitch me your best
[27:42] evil laugh yeah so that was my absolute
[27:44] favorite bit because I had people coming
[27:46] to me some people really really nervous
[27:48] about doing an evil laugh they were like
[27:50] go go it's coming for said I'm too good
[27:53] do an evil laugh which is a lie everyone
[27:55] has this inner supervillain and just the
[27:58] people pitching their laughs there was
[28:00] some genuinely brilliant once in there
[28:02] there were someone like proper through
[28:04] their head back and did the whole hands
[28:06] when I called happening rather look for
[28:08] the best spot for the you know acoustics
[28:10] to get the better it was brilliant did
[28:12] anyone manage to inspire fear within you
[28:14] with their laugh there were a couple
[28:16] people that so the idea was to pitch
[28:18] your bestie were pictured to me in a
[28:20] kind of dragons den style a couple of
[28:22] people just sit instead decided to creep
[28:23] up on me and laugh in my ear that was a
[28:27] bit strange and it didn't fill me with
[28:30] fear more kind of uber but that was that
[28:34] was interesting well I think it was a
[28:36] really awesome room fest 2015 yeah I
[28:38] know where we're already talking about
[28:40] Rufus 2016 in the office yep or he got
[28:43] big plans for 11am with that I think
[28:49] will say
[28:50] goodbye before you start planning more
[28:53] good jokes 51 bye guys
[29:21] you