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Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #65 - RuneFest Arrives!

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Automatic transcriptionEdit

[00:03] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:05] I'm mod Matt he and here today with me i
[00:08] have mod mac and my balance and we're
[00:12] here today talk about all things let's
[00:17] go sound effect in there so what is
[00:21] reinvest oh well most people should know
[00:25] should they unless like you never know
[00:27] that's true i mean runefest is a you
[00:30] know best described as a convention of
[00:32] all things r infest the runescape
[00:34] evidence that it's a place for everyone
[00:37] to get together celebrate runescape
[00:40] we've been doing it now for five years
[00:44] this is our fourth ibly so our 5th
[00:48] Marine fests off if we've been doing
[00:49] about six years we buy every infests
[00:51] actually you're right that because we
[00:53] took a break in 2012 this might miss my
[00:55] for okay oh I missed the first one
[00:59] canada boys waylaid but yeah I mean it's
[01:04] a fantastic day and we've done it over
[01:07] you know the last three years and I
[01:10] don't really fear stopping now it's just
[01:12] become like the the thing that we do
[01:14] every year and and we're at to back up
[01:17] doc again this year so yeah we're back
[01:19] in London and back at tobacco docks the
[01:22] third year we've been a tobacco docs and
[01:24] yeah we love the venue like we really
[01:27] really love the venue it is it's perfect
[01:31] in terms of location in London it's very
[01:36] runescape II yeah it's got its got a
[01:38] definite feel about it the voltage
[01:40] floors and ceilings downstairs and I
[01:43] think I took it to me it just screams
[01:44] everything runescape like we managed to
[01:47] turn it into the elf City last year and
[01:49] this year we're coming back with and
[01:51] then hold that thought we'll get to what
[01:53] we came back I think giving it all away
[01:55] or a spoiler in it already no but yeah I
[01:58] mean my balance is completely right like
[02:01] it it really does scream runescape
[02:04] without as having to do any of the
[02:05] dressing yeah and I having you know been
[02:09] responsible for these events you know
[02:10] for a good few years working with the
[02:12] team
[02:13] like the money involved in dressing a
[02:16] venue ya can really kind of you know
[02:19] spiral them but it's naturally it feels
[02:24] runescape which means it is really good
[02:25] we can focus on the right stuff yeah and
[02:29] it looks great and it has a massive
[02:31] impact it has a huge ship outside the
[02:34] front gate level dude is our own player
[02:36] imports we're out right there so yeah
[02:39] that's perfect how big is the event the
[02:42] it's our biggest ever just yes I
[02:47] mean we've got over just over 1100
[02:49] players absolutely am yeah a lot of
[02:53] people there's a lot of people and you
[02:55] know we know that being in London is
[02:58] sometimes a bit of a limiter for all of
[03:00] our fans yeah over the over the water
[03:03] and in everywhere else in the world but
[03:05] we've got people coming from all over
[03:08] here we've got America Australia
[03:11] absolutely Canada and some people have
[03:15] actually not had to pay a dollar oh yeah
[03:16] I was about say yeah lots of people done
[03:18] through bonds as well haven't they
[03:19] absolutely and in the tens of people
[03:21] paying with with bonds to get to
[03:24] reinvest actually you can technically do
[03:27] the event for free you could fly all the
[03:28] way from Australia we can sort out your
[03:31] hotel we can move some from Panama City
[03:34] this hanim our city's coming this year
[03:36] and they've did them and their friend
[03:38] have paid for the entire thing with
[03:40] bonds so they've Wow got ya flights fit
[03:43] them both the hotel before the event
[03:47] during the event all of their spending
[03:49] money while they're here in terms of
[03:51] about the event in terms of xena marks
[03:53] they can decouple the food and drinks
[03:55] covered they can buy all the merchandise
[03:57] like yeah like it's just you and into
[04:00] the entire thing and I love the fact
[04:02] that we were able to do that because I
[04:05] don't think many games companies and
[04:07] studios are able to offer like something
[04:10] as special as that yeah I think we've
[04:12] got over half of the tickets bought this
[04:14] year were bought by bonds yeah yeah yeah
[04:19] and that's not just you risk a main
[04:21] that's all so old school as well right
[04:23] yeah yeah there's a huge contingent of
[04:26] old school players
[04:26] have you no want to be involved and they
[04:31] want to come and he really is a
[04:33] celebration of you know whatever game
[04:35] you play you know you love real scape
[04:37] but you know every infest so what are
[04:39] the plans for the days what are the
[04:40] themes of them I'll give it away coming
[04:43] okay I can't even stop the podcast right
[04:45] there actually we can talk about I
[04:49] understand we've discussed some general
[04:51] themes from the day we haven't talked
[04:52] about so I was going to spoiler this
[04:54] earlier so let me spoil her it now we're
[04:56] gonna well theme this year obviously is
[04:58] invention we've yep that's hence the
[05:00] dragon head with the hog with the fancy
[05:03] i and some coke behind a steampunk is a
[05:06] steampunk spectacular this year so i
[05:08] think it's it's gonna be the best theme
[05:12] so far yeah i think the elf city was
[05:13] beautiful but i think this is kind of
[05:15] it's about a future update it's about
[05:18] something that is going to completely
[05:20] revolutionize the way you train skills
[05:22] and runescape it's it's a massive
[05:24] changed the game and i think it's good
[05:25] that we're celebrating that with the
[05:26] theming reinvest this yet yeah and
[05:28] obviously you know we have on the main
[05:31] stage one of the sessions is on
[05:33] invention right okay and elite skills as
[05:37] well and obviously talking about how we
[05:40] see those panning out over the next few
[05:42] years yes that the balance said like
[05:44] it's a big big change but one that we're
[05:48] really excited about yeah it's kind of
[05:49] it's one hour podcast or audience has
[05:51] been keen as well it's the most listen
[05:53] to podcast we've ever had what's happen
[05:55] until this wasn't either this one
[05:56] clearly when a nod mad when everybody
[05:58] makes on the sofa and downstairs the
[06:04] room of a different thing we are mean
[06:07] you've got a shower upstairs it's you
[06:10] know the venue itself is very you know
[06:12] metal and glass and you know it lends
[06:16] itself very well to mention but you're
[06:18] downstairs it's a brick and dark and
[06:21] dungeon II like it just makes complete
[06:23] sense to stick some horrible vampires
[06:26] down there and certainly does yeah try
[06:28] and replicate that Myron is a it's a
[06:32] really interesting separate theme you
[06:34] can kind of travel to different
[06:35] locations within runescape just by
[06:38] walking down a set of stairs that
[06:39] reinvest it is
[06:40] got that real it actually feels quite
[06:42] scary with the whole props I've seen the
[06:45] lighting that it down there is gonna be
[06:47] totally different yeah I mean some of
[06:49] our mods really do they fit really well
[06:51] in that environment absolutely yeah
[06:53] there's a couple of a shady character
[06:55] there'll be I don't know what you could
[06:57] meet but know that I think we you know
[07:01] we've tried like we always do every year
[07:04] to step up our game and we know that you
[07:07] know you you go back to the same venue
[07:09] you worried that it won't live up to
[07:11] previous ones yet and obviously we were
[07:13] really conscious of that so we try to
[07:15] make sure there is fresh and exciting
[07:17] and on that like for anyone who's been
[07:20] to reinvest before at tobacco docks this
[07:23] year we're taking a completely different
[07:25] section of the of the building but it's
[07:28] a huge venue and we in positive very
[07:31] taken maybe a third of it like this year
[07:33] we're taking a whole nother half the
[07:35] whole other side of the venue so it
[07:38] should feel similar but in the same way
[07:41] kind of beautiful different fresh yeah
[07:44] what about those players who aren't
[07:46] going to make it to let them fill the
[07:49] eventing yeah I mean as I said like we
[07:51] know there's so many thousands of
[07:53] thousands of thousands of people that
[07:54] would die to come to moonfest if we
[07:57] could host it yeah down the road from
[07:59] where they are and we're incredibly
[08:01] fortunate to have so many players around
[08:03] the world it really does come day or
[08:07] night and you know I've kind of shot
[08:08] myself in the foot last year by klein
[08:10] you were the US at the end of it and I
[08:12] promised them we really did like look
[08:15] into the logistics of it oh yeah them it
[08:18] really just comes down to like we wanted
[08:20] to you know not increase the ticket
[08:22] price for players like we've kept it at
[08:25] 99 pounds yeah it's a special number for
[08:28] us obviously naturally I'm naturally
[08:29] service but yet you know and it's
[08:31] important for us to kind of keep that
[08:33] and it really is logistics like one of
[08:35] the big things players always say is we
[08:37] love meeting all the J mods now flying
[08:42] 150 yes J mods over from Cambridge in
[08:47] England to wherever that is maybe in
[08:49] America or elsewhere it's just a huge
[08:52] cost it like a huge huge
[08:54] huge cost and when you add that you know
[08:56] for me all of the money in the that we
[09:00] jagex you know and the team make no
[09:03] money from runefest right like there is
[09:06] not something that we profit from at all
[09:08] yeah you know we spend in excess of
[09:11] probably a quarter of a million pounds
[09:13] on top of what spent right hand made
[09:17] from the ticket money and the
[09:19] merchandise so it's a huge investment
[09:21] for us and we in we're happy to do that
[09:24] because it's important but yeah we don't
[09:26] want to be eating up all of the money
[09:30] from the tickets by paying for flights
[09:33] yet remembers a lot of stuff we need to
[09:35] be investing that back into the event we
[09:38] want we don't want to be scrimping on
[09:40] the event to hold elsewhere I'd love to
[09:42] one day do elsewhere i genuinely really
[09:44] do but you know we the one way we you
[09:49] know the especially the last two years
[09:50] have really tried to engage people that
[09:52] are not at the event is for the live
[09:54] stream yeah and every year we've kind of
[09:56] step that up and this year we're going
[09:58] to really step it up I've the end it in
[10:02] the team really working on something
[10:06] awesome so like where the location of
[10:09] the live stream will be this year yeah
[10:11] it's right in the hub of the event right
[10:13] in the middle right in the middle it's
[10:14] not stuck in a room yeah it's going to
[10:18] be right literally in the middle and
[10:20] you'll be able to know just without us
[10:22] talking you'd be able to see all the
[10:25] people at the event walking around going
[10:27] to different stages like you know
[10:29] hopefully it'll be as close to feeling
[10:31] like you'll feel like you are there
[10:32] everything that you would ever do yeah
[10:35] that's the key for me is that the live
[10:36] stream makes you feel like you're right
[10:38] in the middle of the action and it
[10:40] really will this year yeah we've got a
[10:42] special place that it's going to be
[10:43] located so we'll be walking around the
[10:46] venue and you'll be able to see us in
[10:48] different areas give me tons of video
[10:50] content and you also get a chance to
[10:52] watch all of the main stage sessions and
[10:54] there's so much going on that you can
[10:58] experience it from the comfort of your
[10:59] own yeah like all of the everything on
[11:02] the main stage the stream this year
[11:03] right so like literally every session
[11:06] from the first hour to the last will be
[11:09] on the on the live stream so that you
[11:11] will there's literally nothing you'll
[11:13] miss on the main stage and that's all of
[11:15] the big old school reveals there's all
[11:17] of the big runescape reveals yeah as I
[11:19] said before is it invention and it
[11:22] talking about elite skills you've got
[11:24] combat showcase as well in the morning
[11:26] and obviously finishing off with the
[11:28] golden domes as well so you know there's
[11:30] tons and tons of stuff there to really
[11:34] kind of get excited by and then
[11:35] everything on the second stage which is
[11:37] a much more intimate venue yeah all of
[11:40] that will be recorded as well okay they
[11:43] won't be live stream but all of those
[11:44] will be made into videos that will share
[11:46] on the YouTube channel like we do other
[11:49] podcasts yeah hopefully the week after
[11:51] saying it you really will not miss
[11:53] anything will summarize it all in news
[11:55] posts as well on the home page and so
[11:58] that you really do kind of and there'll
[11:59] be social updates throughout the EF
[12:01] cause the wing you can follow it on
[12:02] twitter and instagram thing actually
[12:05] even mod Rory is going to be doing
[12:08] periscope which is the kind of selfie
[12:12] style live streaming from his phones
[12:14] yeah he's going to be literally you know
[12:17] you want to watch Brian and Rory walking
[12:20] around at the venue and just being right
[12:22] there like selfie star that he's going
[12:24] to be doing that as well so we really
[12:25] are trying as much as possible to let
[12:28] people kind of be as involved really get
[12:31] involved in the event come I don't mean
[12:34] when I say about not doing it elsewhere
[12:37] in London like it's not to say we
[12:39] wouldn't ever do it it's just we need to
[12:41] kind of like logistical II find the
[12:44] right place in the right place then the
[12:46] same else weeks or years that is there a
[12:48] way that we can do it on a smaller scale
[12:51] that allows me a few year like we've
[12:55] talked about a road of runescape bus
[12:59] tour yeah yeah we hire a double-decker
[13:01] bus and we know fill it with Dave oh and
[13:05] org and give them all a holiday for a
[13:08] couple of weeks and we send them Road
[13:10] Trip road tripping around America like
[13:12] you know that we really have tried to
[13:14] think about how we could do in different
[13:16] ways okay so what's the schedule look
[13:20] like for the main stage yeah i mean i
[13:23] think i know you gotta read about
[13:24] toasted what you might wanna mention
[13:26] sometimes for people yes I mean
[13:27] obviously these are the times in gmt
[13:32] yeah so eleven o'clock we've got the
[13:35] combat showcase yeah which would be my
[13:38] dolly and his team going through kind of
[13:40] the major kind of pieces of combat
[13:43] content that's going to be coming up in
[13:46] the new year at 12 we've got Dave oh and
[13:50] the team I'm going to be talking about
[13:51] invention as I had at least girls that's
[13:53] really going to be quite exciting to
[13:55] hear about their plans for that yep a
[13:57] major update that one yeah I think so
[13:59] and then one like big deal big big deal
[14:04] we've got the runescape NXT new game
[14:07] client so codename NXT that is fastly
[14:10] becoming the actual name because no one
[14:12] could think of a better all right but
[14:15] you know the new game client so
[14:17] obviously we knew that no copy is go
[14:18] retried to do the html5 client yeah we
[14:21] hit a barrier the guys have been working
[14:23] incredibly hard for last god knows how
[14:26] long is long long time locked in a cave
[14:28] basically in jagex towers to kind of
[14:32] build this stuff and it really is now
[14:34] well it's getting to a position where
[14:36] players will be able to play with it on
[14:38] the day we're going to have a room that
[14:39] will have the client you know 10
[14:41] computers you know they can actually see
[14:44] the difference it looks stunning yep
[14:47] I've seen the videos they're being made
[14:49] to showcase it and it is truly truly
[14:51] like you just unbelievable runescape
[14:54] never looked so pretty genuinely I had a
[14:57] chance to log into their live game yeah
[14:59] in a very early alpha version just last
[15:03] week we've got it working it it's going
[15:07] to be ready for runefest and you'll be
[15:09] able to play the live game in NXT which
[15:11] is insane then I've managed to do it and
[15:14] I was blown away you can see everything
[15:17] and it just looks how you imagined it
[15:20] would look if it was real yeah it really
[15:22] is a step up for us and we are really
[15:25] really excited to be able to put it in
[15:27] players hands and showcase it on the on
[15:29] the live stream as well and then at two
[15:31] o'clock
[15:32] got the chronicle team so obviously last
[15:34] year we reinvested we announced
[15:36] Chronicle yeah so it's been a year and
[15:39] the guys have been again working
[15:40] incredibly hard and we've got you know
[15:43] exciting announcement that I won't say
[15:45] now okay what that Jim might kill me if
[15:48] I'm but you know again really good it's
[15:53] a brand new runescape game yeah seeing a
[15:55] card strategy game you know there's so
[15:58] many new kind of car strategy games now
[16:00] on that you're coming out and you if you
[16:02] love that type of game you love
[16:04] runescape like you definitely want to
[16:06] give it a go and again you ever play at
[16:08] the event and you know as I said the
[16:11] exciting announcements may be around you
[16:13] know when people might be able to play
[16:15] it themselves yeah yeah they're not too
[16:18] distant it plays amazing I've been
[16:19] beating more moments of it so I really
[16:21] hmm it's not very good you really
[16:25] dreadful and then a free o'clock old
[16:29] school so obviously a huge huge growth
[16:32] this year from old school like it's just
[16:34] been like absolutely awesome this year
[16:37] old school runescape like you know when
[16:40] we first launched that a few years ago
[16:42] like none of us knew how that community
[16:45] was going to develop and it's just gone
[16:47] from strength to strength and it's
[16:48] awesome so yeah they're gonna be doing
[16:50] other big reveals runescape at four
[16:52] o'clock the big key no mark doing his
[16:55] thing as usual yeah it's going to be
[16:57] massive even be talking about 2016 you
[17:00] know there is you know and this is a bit
[17:02] of a spoiler there is some epic epic
[17:06] stuff on that treatment maybe even some
[17:11] special guests ooh that like you know
[17:15] some very very special guests so yeah it
[17:19] could be like the biggest news of rib
[17:22] fest that one so I liked it I think that
[17:25] you bet essentially you're going to have
[17:26] a chronicle talk and then you're gonna
[17:29] get hit by this keynote speech and it's
[17:32] just gonna blow everyone away i think
[17:34] yeah and then the golden domes obviously
[17:38] own names yeah our awards are Oscars for
[17:41] runescape there always is
[17:43] yeah great thing to watch where we
[17:45] really thank and you know give awards to
[17:49] the best of our community in a various
[17:52] categories so we'll have cosplay on the
[17:54] day obviously so we'll be giving awards
[17:56] for the best dressed man and female will
[17:58] be giving an award for ya art music live
[18:03] streams videos no special community
[18:06] awards hall of famers you know like
[18:09] there's so many awards across both games
[18:11] that's a great way to just kind of
[18:13] crescendo all of the that either the day
[18:17] and then you know the live stream ends
[18:19] but then we yeah just a bit when we turn
[18:22] the cameras off and then we all go over
[18:24] pal have a party get drunk and you know
[18:27] you can get to enjoy the evening with
[18:29] the rest of the players but yeah and I
[18:32] said the second stage is lots of stuff
[18:34] they're like loads of q and A's old
[18:36] school is one I think at two o'clock you
[18:39] maybe that's the old-school streamers
[18:42] right and which is you know botty skill
[18:45] specs some of the big names kind of dare
[18:48] to answer questions from players as well
[18:50] and again if you're watching the live
[18:52] streams and you can take you will take
[18:55] questions on Twitter and stuff as well
[18:57] so they think you can't get involved so
[18:59] he's a massively packed and that's not
[19:01] even talking about all the activities
[19:02] and all the rest of it and stuff no no
[19:04] it's guilt it really is he really is a
[19:07] packed packed day I know Sam mob balance
[19:11] is particularly fun with cosplay parade
[19:12] as well yeah I'm really looking forward
[19:14] to the cosplay this year we've had a
[19:16] real showing in the past of some of
[19:19] amazing cosplay creations and I think
[19:22] this year from we've been accepting
[19:24] photo entries yam for the awards and
[19:26] some of the stuff we've been receiving
[19:28] is absolutely fantastic some of those
[19:30] guys are going to be at the event and
[19:31] will be judging them live versus the
[19:33] pictures so it is pretty cool and if
[19:37] you're in cosplay your fantasy taking
[19:38] part there's going to be a parade going
[19:40] around the building or you were I'll be
[19:43] wearing at my official reinvest staff
[19:45] t-shirt i'll be cosplaying as mod
[19:47] balance a regional character mud phallus
[19:50] yeah
[19:50] my mac what will you be wearing my
[19:53] birthday's not good i hope that you know
[19:55] I I might stick his heiress outfit on
[19:59] and I think modern Matt he was going to
[20:01] write me into being as eres as well
[20:03] yahoo like an epic was our offsuit in
[20:05] the office that i might slip on at some
[20:08] point there's no point has been working
[20:10] at my desks today oh really wearing up j
[20:12] mod crown on a set to get any get so
[20:16] beware okay so so what would you suggest
[20:19] people keeping a special eye out for is
[20:21] there anything anything we've not
[20:23] mentioned that you I think recommend if
[20:26] you're watching at home the key thing
[20:27] for me is going to be to have a look at
[20:28] out for all of our competitions that
[20:30] we're going to hosting throughout the
[20:31] day right you'll be able to get involved
[20:33] in the chat on social media essentially
[20:35] even though you're not there you're
[20:37] going to be able to win some amazing
[20:38] prizes you're going to be able to get
[20:39] your hands on some of the exclusive
[20:41] merchandise in-game item in-game items
[20:43] gonna be up for grabs solo you're the
[20:45] first time we were done that so you know
[20:47] we always plays are we want the in-game
[20:49] item you know and my balance mentioned
[20:53] the you know kind of steampunk dragon
[20:56] you know we had one of our unbelievable
[21:00] artist players drew this as an idea and
[21:05] we ended up working with him to kind of
[21:07] create it as the the item that players
[21:10] will receive so whatever one who is
[21:12] attending runefest will get their hands
[21:15] on it there'll also be a few may be
[21:17] handed out to some lucky competition
[21:19] winners it's going to be super exclusive
[21:21] and yet I've mod Mac said we have to a
[21:23] massive thank you to legend arts who us
[21:26] design the the green fest pet this year
[21:29] is absolutely beautiful you should hire
[21:31] him we should hire him yeah we should
[21:33] Pyron and i'll speak to HR all right all
[21:37] right that's an official job off for now
[21:39] it's gonna be all over it's recorded so
[21:42] it offers loading docks job done ready
[21:45] line all over ribbit love it so what is
[21:48] it that gets you excited about ring be
[21:50] nice I think for me it's about people
[21:53] coming together and meeting each other
[21:56] is a virtual world runescape but you can
[22:00] kind of travel to the real world and you
[22:03] can meet your friends that you've never
[22:04] before you can do fun things with them
[22:06] you can find out what's going to be
[22:08] happening in runescape for years to come
[22:10] and for me it's all about the kind of
[22:13] Community Connection you get from it
[22:14] which is why it's a really important
[22:16] event for me right yeah I mean it's
[22:19] unbelievable to meet the people face to
[22:22] face that you spend so many hours at
[22:26] work and and out of work like lovingly
[22:29] trying to you know provide a great
[22:31] community for and but for me as well
[22:35] like there's so many awesome things that
[22:38] we you know now come to announce at
[22:41] brewfest they're really just like you
[22:44] know it becomes quite real after after
[22:48] it all kind of gets announced on
[22:49] runefest yeah you know like we've got
[22:51] these plans by the minute you we can
[22:54] still duck out of a river water but like
[22:56] as soon as soon as that we took we we
[22:59] tell players on the stage that's it
[23:02] however in fest like that's it 2016 is
[23:04] not far away it's going to be a huge
[23:08] huge year like there is no way that any
[23:11] of us are going to let 15 at near 15th
[23:14] anniversary and pass without not having
[23:17] an absolute blowout and yeah you know
[23:19] yeah that's not even talk we haven't
[23:21] even talked about you know the 15th
[23:23] anniversary documentary note in the
[23:26] movie that we've been working on for the
[23:28] last six months and the guys are going
[23:30] to be there yeah get talking to players
[23:32] as well trying to get some interviews
[23:35] and stuff and really involve the
[23:36] community in the recording of the
[23:38] documentary and yeah I mean that that's
[23:42] all for next year but it is looking
[23:44] incredibly exciting year for me it's the
[23:47] passion the players show because
[23:49] whenever you go to runefest as a member
[23:51] of the team at JH you walk away
[23:53] reinvigorated yeah I mean I'd like all
[23:56] that energy of all the plates are
[23:57] soaking talk to you about everything
[23:59] they want to see oh yeah I mean it's a
[24:02] big is a massive deal for us of the
[24:04] studio yunk you know it's not just a
[24:06] runescape team that get involved and we
[24:09] have people from all different
[24:11] departments that you know and maybe not
[24:13] in their day-to-day job have direct
[24:15] connection with the community but they
[24:17] come away and they're like
[24:18] that was amazing yeah I get it now is
[24:21] just like it I get why we do this now I
[24:24] understand like it's this crazy nuts
[24:28] amazing community that we have like that
[24:30] you know you really do kind of conflict
[24:32] face to it yeah i think i think is a
[24:34] real morale booster furthered for the
[24:36] company to be honest like if you go to
[24:37] reinvest it does make your job
[24:39] worthwhile you kind of see why we do all
[24:41] this work and why i put so many hours
[24:44] into making so many hours so so no but i
[24:48] cannot say thank you enough to the event
[24:51] team yeah you know Dave then everybody
[24:54] who's been involved like there is an
[24:56] incredible amount of work that goes into
[24:58] putting on which is in effect one day
[25:01] and evening as well not to overshadow
[25:04] the the night before pie which ever
[25:06] thought about you know do so much effort
[25:09] and time goes into that we genuinely
[25:11] start talking about this yeah April yet
[25:16] March like we kind of wish get earlier
[25:18] and earlier every year like they do the
[25:20] team joke to me that we would literally
[25:22] start planning the next one probably
[25:24] like Monday yeah when we get back which
[25:28] yeah in one race sounds horrific because
[25:30] my throat is as you can hear probably
[25:33] from the podcast is I'm dying and yeah
[25:37] all of us need a good sleep but it yeah
[25:39] it'll be worth it and you know if this
[25:43] is good well next year that's the thing
[25:45] if anniversary special that's the thing
[25:47] for me as it always seems to get better
[25:49] yeah I'm so confident this is going to
[25:51] be the best one we've ever done I'm
[25:53] confident that the next one will do will
[25:55] top this one it's a really exciting time
[25:58] for everyone we've put so much effort
[26:00] into it and i hope the players come out
[26:01] of it absolutely loving the weekend
[26:03] they've had so this mod mike said the
[26:05] night before ooh they night i hear there
[26:09] might be something going on the night
[26:10] before yeah yeah i mean it's a funny one
[26:12] because again this really came from the
[26:16] community originally yeah like it was
[26:18] just a case that obviously we were
[26:20] putting on this epic event every year
[26:22] right at the beginning on the saturday
[26:24] and the sunday maybe and then the
[26:27] community started by saying well we
[26:29] should all probably just want to get
[26:31] together the night before on the friday
[26:32] yeah and it's just gone bonkers every
[26:37] single year so now be this own thing
[26:40] like really it with us not really
[26:43] including it as part of the event so the
[26:46] point wait really next year it really is
[26:48] like a two-day event it's no longer kind
[26:51] of like runefest and a night before
[26:53] though it really is a bit like it amazed
[26:55] me that we've had players of bought
[26:57] tickets for this yeah you've had over
[26:59] 700 players of the 1100 that are coming
[27:03] buy tickets for the event so yeah you
[27:06] know majority are coming all the staff
[27:08] working you know the mods are going to
[27:09] be there as well this year we've rented
[27:12] a venue called Namco which is for people
[27:16] who are listening it's like a big
[27:17] amusement park in indoor amusement park
[27:19] so you can go on dodgems you can use the
[27:23] arcade machines the pinball machines
[27:25] holding areas a carry it karaoke is
[27:28] amazing it's like yeah it's just a
[27:30] massive huge kind of amusement park and
[27:32] with like we've paid for the full
[27:36] ownership and exclusive rights yeah so
[27:38] all the all the whole amusement park
[27:40] will be free so we don't be able to go
[27:42] on all of the rides they'll be able to
[27:43] go on all of the arcade machines bye-bye
[27:46] drink obviously so you know like des us
[27:50] planning friday and you know again
[27:53] credit to the man sitting next to my
[27:55] balance he's kind of taken that as his
[27:58] own kind of pet project with the
[27:59] community team yeah them yeah like it's
[28:03] going to be again massive like and you
[28:06] know it's a great way to kind of set
[28:08] everyone up yeah breaks the ice doesn't
[28:10] yeah yeah there's a while there's people
[28:13] have been before is people new people
[28:15] coming or there may be groups of one or
[28:17] two like you know that you're in a place
[28:20] where everybody's excited about the next
[28:22] day but yeah it means on the Saturday
[28:25] when they turn up at the event you'll
[28:28] recognize people that you had a you know
[28:30] at a beer with or you crashed into in a
[28:32] dodge of like and over for so yeah is
[28:35] it's really cool and it's a bit is a big
[28:38] deal for us and I think it's nice to it
[28:41] it gives everyone an opportunity to chat
[28:44] it's a more informal
[28:45] seem to reinvest yeah everyone's kind of
[28:48] on the same level so the mods are there
[28:50] having a drink the players we're
[28:51] crashing into you on the dodgems with
[28:53] being a newer like yeah Dance Dance
[28:57] Revolution or whatever it's called like
[28:59] it's so much fun and we we did it on a
[29:03] smaller scale last year yeah and then we
[29:05] just returned we were turning people
[29:08] away it's a real shame image is a real
[29:10] difficult last year because you know
[29:12] like with any venue you've got like fire
[29:15] limit with fire limits health or safety
[29:16] I because I mean you literally we just
[29:19] were overwhelmed by them our people that
[29:21] wanted to attend last year so a lot
[29:22] right we're not going to make that same
[29:23] mistake this year yeah we're going to
[29:25] make sure that if every single person
[29:27] going to runefest wants to come then
[29:30] they're like oh yeah and there's even
[29:31] people that are not coming to moonfest
[29:33] and you know that are you know in the
[29:36] area that can do it as well so it's
[29:38] awesome yeah it's going to be a railroad
[29:40] out great start the start the weekend
[29:42] okay so my last question to you what one
[29:45] thing are you specifically looking
[29:47] forward to most I'm not sure I can say
[29:50] much about my no I'm laughing it's that
[29:54] thing you have to walk through it is
[29:56] what is my favorite oh right Oh take the
[30:00] the dumpster thing yes downstairs and
[30:03] you walk through it and it will be yes
[30:07] it will be there it will be scheduling
[30:09] with so vague I know exactly where no
[30:12] it's a scary thing that you walk through
[30:15] and it's downstairs ok certo so all the
[30:18] listeners by by the end of the live
[30:19] streams and by the end of us will know
[30:21] exactly what we're talking about again
[30:23] that was it that was what mob balances
[30:25] yeah and I'd say think bush tucker trial
[30:28] yeah we actually we actually had to in
[30:32] order to make this work we had to go on
[30:34] the funniest website we've ever been on
[30:36] to because we have to get active these
[30:38] the websites you go and other therefore
[30:40] is it sir we had to hire an actor for
[30:44] this one right ok and I think we weren't
[30:47] on ugly models com and it's I think that
[30:50] is the well i think that is that
[30:53] summarizes it for me it's a bit weird ok
[30:55] but it's pretty funny so I'm looking
[30:58] forward to it and I
[30:59] gonna do it like twice I no wasted
[31:01] the money may I would have the master
[31:03] more than that good mega pick up no yeah
[31:06] i mean let's dairy so many things to
[31:08] look forward to yesterday if you and
[31:12] what's the one go on boy oh I can't like
[31:17] genuinely can't there's too many if like
[31:18] it it literally like it's really
[31:22] difficult like literally from one
[31:24] o'clock for me yeah I'm just on the main
[31:27] stage it's just made stage maybe it's
[31:29] just make those mistakes main stage
[31:30] lucky i've been to music festivals in
[31:32] the past where you know you get
[31:35] Glastonbury or or evering you kind of
[31:38] seals in musica how are gonna be
[31:39] planning my day going right well I want
[31:42] to cause I'm gonna go see that band and
[31:43] then it took i'm going to go you like
[31:45] God knows how people who come to
[31:47] moonfest they're gonna magic is it's
[31:49] alright one o'clock i need to go do this
[31:50] and then i go run over there i don't go
[31:52] get my stick kill chips and the cost
[31:54] paper is it to 30m the gold knows like
[31:56] is a crazy day like if you're watching
[31:59] on the stream i would highly recommend
[32:02] that you just watched the whole day yeah
[32:05] me will be a really hot corn a bit yeah
[32:07] get get get on the sofa enjoy yourself
[32:10] stick it on if you're at home as well
[32:12] there's no XP waste because you can play
[32:14] exam wat yes very good point no exact
[32:17] way I don't they were probably will
[32:19] nekkid from last weekend surely problem
[32:21] that double XP weekend but honey you're
[32:23] not that outlet yeah I mean lace the
[32:25] client looks amazing yes if you have not
[32:27] seen any of the NXT client you've got to
[32:29] watch that stream which is incredible if
[32:33] you love old school obviously they're
[32:36] gonna win they're gonna be revealing
[32:37] some very big things for 2016 and yeah I
[32:41] like obviously four o'clock with mark
[32:44] yeah he always always delivers with some
[32:47] crazy ideas and obviously this year with
[32:50] them you know dave was born kind of
[32:53] taking over responsibilities lead
[32:56] designer like yeah yeah you've got to
[32:59] expect some good story and there's gonna
[33:01] be some stuff is like this is so listen
[33:03] to what the Lord guide video the law
[33:06] fans they're gonna love it and yeah are
[33:09] very special very very special guests
[33:12] that
[33:12] or when they're moving on from those all
[33:15] right okay so that's going to be really
[33:19] fast is it all that's today we're for
[33:22] those who can't make it listening where
[33:24] are they gonna be able to watch so you
[33:26] can be able to watch on Twitch so if you
[33:28] go to twitch TV / runescape we're going
[33:30] to be like they're all day right and
[33:31] they can also go you'll be all linked
[33:34] from the risk of consoles either go to
[33:36] the website the first thing I see is a
[33:38] joint basing the giant banner that says
[33:41] click here to watch stream like we
[33:43] really try to make it as easy as
[33:44] possible am so our website our twitter
[33:47] feed facebook facebook twitter is going
[33:50] to be going the matter that we're going
[33:52] to be live tweeting the thing all day
[33:54] you're also going to be able to kind of
[33:56] get in game with us we have a friends
[33:58] chat and right we'll also so you join
[34:01] runefest actually I think that's the
[34:03] friends chat join that um you peeking
[34:05] that you can have a chat with various j
[34:06] mods throughout the day and obviously
[34:07] everyone else who's just talking about
[34:09] runefest and yet like the thing is it's
[34:12] going to be everywhere you can't miss it
[34:14] so just make sure you're watching it
[34:16] because otherwise you're going to be
[34:16] going or what to do so and you look like
[34:19] an absolute numpty so you guys still
[34:21] yeah you don't trust me you do not want
[34:23] to miss any announcement see if it but
[34:25] if forever reason you are unavailable
[34:28] which I don't understand why you
[34:30] wouldn't be well because we'll be busy
[34:32] so we're well I know I'm gonna miss some
[34:35] stuff yes we were going to be busy so if
[34:38] you did need to catch up everything
[34:40] could be on the website everything of
[34:41] your own YouTube channel everything will
[34:43] be available afterwards but there's
[34:46] nothing like yeah breaking news rather
[34:49] than old old news you want to be this
[34:51] location you want to be the first person
[34:53] to find stuff out so right only last
[34:55] year I think we had a hundred and
[34:58] seventy thousand people watch the live
[35:02] strea over the day which is you know a
[35:04] huge huge amount of people so yeah be
[35:08] great if we could top that number this
[35:10] year okay so often reinvested it is
[35:15] off to the South low is Joe Fauria I
[35:20] feel like a drum roll steps yeah guys
[35:23] come on right so it's time for us to go
[35:26] go and get all off yeah I need to go
[35:28] pack the van t change it like I'm not
[35:30] even kidding I need to go pack a van
[35:32] that that's not so much what I'm doing
[35:34] tonight and then go driver does London
[35:36] so yeah yeah I've got to go pick up some
[35:38] of our big costumes for the weekend yeah
[35:41] yep those costumes and I'm waiting for
[35:44] some noms to be delivered to the office
[35:46] before some gold sparkle yes some gold
[35:49] sparkly I used to be delivered then I'm
[35:50] also writing writing some speeches for
[35:53] the golden domes as well so they go
[35:55] right so see you all a true fest