RuneScape Podcast #64 - Elf City Waterfall Fishing

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:08] I'm mod Matt he and today I have with me
[00:11] mod Wilson the ever humorous and light
[00:14] and fluffy mod Wilson indeed and we're
[00:18] gonna be talking about sorry her
[00:20] waterfall fishing waterfall fishing
[00:22] that's the one so I was just choking on
[00:25] my fluffiness for a second so why have
[00:29] we released this week waterfall fishing
[00:31] well it was a room lab suggestion that
[00:34] we've been working on it won the pole
[00:36] and it went through and we've just built
[00:39] it as as by the player suggestion and
[00:41] with their help and feedback I believe
[00:42] this is the point we should name check
[00:44] the player in question yes it's fur
[00:46] ennock and then there are a number of
[00:48] numbers after that and unfortunately I
[00:49] cannot remember those off top my head
[00:50] toe or just go with their phrenic you
[00:52] know who you are I'm sure phrenic will
[00:54] remind us of those numbers yes why was
[00:57] worth full fishing a popular idea then
[00:59] do you think what about it caught the
[01:01] imagination oh well its high-level
[01:04] fishing sort of a gap near the top there
[01:07] for fishing experience but we as he
[01:10] point out and its design didn't want to
[01:12] divinely rock tail so we wanted
[01:13] something up there which you could just
[01:15] you could grind a way out to get the
[01:17] levels to be able to hit 99 and yeah and
[01:20] obviously it expands the elf City area
[01:22] which is still quite new I mean it's yes
[01:25] we just celebrated its one-year
[01:26] anniversary but it's still quite new
[01:28] content so there's still a lot of
[01:29] players who are new to that area and who
[01:32] are aiming to get to that area so
[01:34] expanding it is quite nice cool so how
[01:37] does it work what have we put in well
[01:39] there is a grapple point that you need
[01:42] to climb up in order to get to the three
[01:45] fishing spots and once you're up there
[01:46] you just you know go hbu fish you click
[01:49] on the spots fish come into your
[01:50] inventory celebrations and 18 our city
[01:54] whereabouts in our city it's up in the
[01:57] northeast corner between two of the
[01:59] zones I believe it's between Mary and
[02:04] Karis that's right well done
[02:07] conveniently yeah written on a piece of
[02:09] paper in front of me at all and I hear
[02:11] talk of random events as well yet there
[02:14] are three random events that can pop off
[02:16] they are not set to
[02:19] the clock like the ones during
[02:22] divination are because we wouldn't want
[02:24] people to turn around every 20 minutes
[02:26] and go okay time to stop our fishing
[02:28] training and look around until they they
[02:30] turn up yeah so it's roughly every 15 to
[02:34] 20 minutes one of them will go off and
[02:36] it's per server so you know if you can't
[02:39] hop from one to the other right and
[02:41] after that you've got another 15-20
[02:43] minutes after that one's girl off so if
[02:45] they all happen quite earlier then you
[02:47] get like four per hour if later then you
[02:49] might get only three but yeah what we've
[02:52] got is the geyser which shoots out
[02:54] urgent all over the place we've got the
[02:57] big perch in which multiple players go
[03:00] over and it kind of totals up their
[03:01] strength and they can pull it out of the
[03:03] water quicker if they've got more people
[03:05] or we've all got higher strength yeah
[03:06] they've got the leaping urchins which
[03:08] pop up out of the water and you've got a
[03:10] click on them quite quickly so you've
[03:11] got like the the spray of urchins across
[03:14] the ground so if you're paying attention
[03:16] you can see them Lani pick them up yeah
[03:18] you've got the bigger tomb which is like
[03:19] a big community one and then you've got
[03:21] the the quick reflex quick time event
[03:23] style leaping ones okay and what are the
[03:27] requirements for waterfowl fishing it
[03:30] starts at nice three fishing and you
[03:32] need a 90 strength agility and ranged to
[03:36] do the grapple right okay and there are
[03:39] different fishing requirements for the
[03:41] mid and high levels plus yes it's 95 97
[03:44] for mid and high okay and I understand
[03:47] you need a piece of equipment in order
[03:49] to get up on the grapple you need a
[03:51] crossbow of some sort and a mithril
[03:53] grapple if you don't want to carry that
[03:55] up every time there is a hidey-hole so
[03:57] you can build that out of mahogany dogs
[03:59] and I une crossbow or above and a
[04:03] grapple as with the usual hidey-hole
[04:06] recipes right at third thinking I like
[04:09] that um I can iron men using yes I
[04:13] believe so if I men can get into the elf
[04:15] City then there's nothing stopping him
[04:17] from using a sight and sound it's
[04:18] entirely available deployment yes so
[04:22] what what are urging points ah yeah in
[04:26] order to make it a bit more worthwhile
[04:28] for people who've courts say hundreds
[04:30] bigger choose compared to someone who's
[04:31] caught Android
[04:32] little urchins when they go to the shop
[04:33] the edge is worth different values so a
[04:36] regular etching is worth a lot but me a
[04:38] small urgen is worth one point the a
[04:41] medium urchin is worth two and a larger
[04:43] ships were three okay and what can use
[04:46] those for you can use them to buy
[04:48] fishing lamps if you've already got all
[04:50] of the physical rewards so there is a
[04:52] good point to go back and continue
[04:54] training there there's also the ability
[04:57] to get the crystal fishing rod from
[05:01] crystal tool seeds yeah there's title
[05:04] and there are a.cian homes there's
[05:07] little shells and boots and treasure
[05:09] chests that you can put on your hermit
[05:11] crab what's a hermit crab a hermit crab
[05:15] is a crab that you can catch whilst
[05:17] you're fishing up on the top area it's a
[05:19] random chance and you've got to have the
[05:21] levels to be able to look after it I did
[05:23] notice a few people saying that they've
[05:24] been up there like 10 hours or so yeah
[05:26] if you've not got the something level to
[05:29] be able to keep hold of it then you
[05:31] won't be able to catch it all right you
[05:33] know I believe it is 72 or 75 but it's
[05:38] on the skill guys who should be able to
[05:39] find it quite easily and if you've got
[05:41] the levels then yeah you've just got a
[05:43] chance it's a slight chance and random
[05:45] does you know work so you could get
[05:48] first time you could get it after 20
[05:50] hours but you know if you get it then
[05:51] it's there and you can recover it from
[05:53] the pet shop okay and harmony does yes
[05:57] that's from grinding the urchins and
[05:59] that's used in doo doo fishing potions
[06:01] likely harmony moss right and what is it
[06:05] did the weather improves the due to
[06:08] fishing potions up to the perfect due to
[06:10] fishing plan right which means that they
[06:11] continue to be able to catch the Baron
[06:14] shocks and also get a five percent boost
[06:16] on your fishing catch rates for an hour
[06:20] very handy which that stacks with all of
[06:23] the other fishing boosts like the shark
[06:25] costume is like right down the bottom so
[06:27] if you've got all these things then it
[06:28] just adds that on the scale and that
[06:30] also stacks with the five-cent you get
[06:32] from the crystal fishing rod cool it's
[06:35] gone down really well actually has then
[06:37] yeah it's gone down very well feedback
[06:38] feedback on the forums and I'm ready it
[06:40] and that once with who have been a very
[06:42] positive yeah I mean it does exactly
[06:44] what it says on
[06:45] it's a very high level fishing spot for
[06:48] people to be able to AFK grind their way
[06:51] up to those high levels and then they
[06:53] can go off and catch rock tails like
[06:55] quicker and easier with the high levels
[06:57] and you know it's useful people like it
[07:00] which is good so one of the things I've
[07:03] picked up going through forums is a
[07:04] bunch of feedback and suggestions so I
[07:10] thought we'd pitch them at you and see
[07:12] what your responses were okay cover it
[07:14] for some players the level 95 or 97
[07:18] fishing spots haven't appeared
[07:20] graphically yeah that legible that's
[07:22] that's a weird one and I got that sent
[07:24] through to me as a bug and I went into a
[07:26] game and tested it and I got it fine
[07:30] like the reproduction of steps of the
[07:31] bug caused it to pop up for me so I'm
[07:34] not sure exactly what's going on with
[07:35] that if you're still seeing it report it
[07:37] as or not seeing if I'm not seeing it
[07:39] yeah please report it yeah exactly i
[07:42] mean when i sent it back saying you know
[07:44] when demonstrators i could see it on my
[07:45] account yawn you know QA hasn't sent it
[07:48] back saying we're not able to see it so
[07:50] not sure what's going on there but if
[07:53] he's still having the bug in
[07:54] Williamsburg with any both like that it
[07:57] quite often a very very particular thing
[08:00] that's causing for one person yes some
[08:04] people felt that might be need of a bank
[08:07] more AF Carol by adding banks yet well I
[08:12] mean obviously you'd have to stop and
[08:13] turn and go to the bank make it slightly
[08:14] save care ball but at the moment the
[08:18] wisps of debating this one because you
[08:20] know people are saying like it after 45
[08:22] minutes I have to teleport down spend
[08:25] you know maybe 30 seconds gathering the
[08:27] supplies are running back up to the top
[08:29] please add a bank to reduce this time
[08:32] and that's a little bit yeah it's it's
[08:35] the most AF capable fishing spot in the
[08:37] game as the best experience obviously
[08:40] you know you can go up there with just
[08:42] three free inference food slots and
[08:44] you're set for life yeah so we're
[08:47] debating it it may happen it may not
[08:50] possibly depending on the volume of
[08:51] feedback okay consumable teleport
[08:56] the fishing spots no not really I mean
[08:59] it doesn't take you really any time to
[09:01] climb up the points and like say if
[09:03] we've just him the grapple off to one
[09:04] side you don't even need to take a
[09:06] crossbow and grapple with Ewing just go
[09:07] straight up yeah apparently some people
[09:11] would like the Bible title master Fisher
[09:14] to be a different color rather than the
[09:17] orange well it was originally a bluish
[09:20] color but it got changed back to the
[09:21] orange during feedback but as if in a
[09:24] player say we were there something a
[09:26] lower level yeah yeah okay there was
[09:30] some questions about whether we should
[09:31] swap the large and medium spots around
[09:34] um no not really I mean the original
[09:39] layout there was going to be a further
[09:40] agility obstacle to get to the larger
[09:42] one so it was literally the layout that
[09:45] you would get up to the top there you
[09:46] had access to the small then you use the
[09:49] guilty point to climb up to the medium
[09:51] another one to climb down to the high so
[09:53] we we've stuck with that layout and I
[09:56] don't I don't really feel like that
[09:58] there's much reason to shift it around
[10:00] at this stage okay okay some people feel
[10:04] the tree at the high level spot blocks
[10:07] the view that's up to Timbo destroyer of
[10:12] trees at they ever handy destroyer of
[10:14] trees yes exactly increase the size of
[10:18] the fishing spot when clicking yeah I
[10:21] mean it's using the same size clicks own
[10:24] as all of the other fishing spots but
[10:26] obviously it's a bit further down the
[10:28] water so you know maybe we can increase
[10:30] the size of them I yeah so we were to
[10:33] look into interesting audio one and a
[10:37] more noticeable sound winner Fisher
[10:39] court that would have to be like across
[10:42] the game because it is just running the
[10:44] bog standard fishing running yeah so in
[10:48] theory yeah but as it stands there's not
[10:51] a different fishing sound being used for
[10:53] these fish yeah you might just need to
[10:55] look at your sound settings instead yeah
[10:57] yeah parrot is a bare patch of grass
[11:00] that looks like we've forgotten to put
[11:01] some grass on the rock Oh submitted as a
[11:06] bug it
[11:08] there's some place you want to go across
[11:10] the north side and sit on the benches to
[11:12] have some lunch oh yeah that's locked
[11:14] off for the next mod Raven quest yeah I
[11:18] egg narrowing that out there he's gonna
[11:20] have to include that now I think that
[11:24] might not be real yeah he should have
[11:27] come down here if you throw these things
[11:29] out there okay just promise that's where
[11:31] mod Ravens next quest is going to launch
[11:33] from that all where the next raven that
[11:35] mod Raven puts in our I know is going to
[11:37] appear right okay okay I'll make sure my
[11:40] Raven is aware of feast if no no no
[11:43] let's keep him in the dark let's see if
[11:45] we actually listen to these podcasts if
[11:47] he doesn't then he can deal with all the
[11:49] complaints in the forum of the people
[11:50] yeah brilliant I love it there we go
[11:53] apparently the concept art includes
[11:56] people fishing at the bottom of the
[11:57] waterfall that's concept art yeah it's
[12:00] it could change drastically I mean the
[12:02] the original concept art that we've sent
[12:05] by the player showed like a vast
[12:08] Indonesian or like like Southeast Asian
[12:12] kind of jungle landscape with an amazing
[12:15] waterfall with bridges of people fishing
[12:17] off the bridges and all this kind of
[12:18] stuff what we what we put in concept art
[12:21] and what we can actually achieve in game
[12:22] are two different things what's eat
[12:24] there to inspire isn't it yes they did
[12:26] the idea of concept art is there a set
[12:29] of illustrations designed to inspire and
[12:32] give give give an idea a concept which
[12:35] then we have to build as developers yeah
[12:38] there are sometimes the other way around
[12:40] in that we require we've crest the thing
[12:42] which they then concept the art for that
[12:44] then goes into the game yeah but a lot
[12:47] of the time there is yeah like you as
[12:48] you take the stuff that's there to
[12:49] inspire their stuff that's there to go
[12:51] into game and yes is an inspiring thing
[12:54] as opposed to an inter game thing and
[12:57] the last piece of feedback up it's that
[12:59] was a summing obelisk if it could
[13:02] replace the tree that's annoying the
[13:04] view it would have to be a large leafy
[13:07] and actually something obvious yes but
[13:12] so not something we're likely to out
[13:13] there not at the moment that that okay
[13:16] so my last question for you mod Wilson
[13:18] after all this hard work on
[13:21] Waterfall fishing what is your favorite
[13:23] type of fish prawns because they're
[13:26] delicious not because they have beady
[13:28] eyes nope nope nope just because they're
[13:30] diligent just because they're delicious
[13:32] any particular type of deliciousness
[13:33] preferred prawny deliciousness cornices
[13:37] follow deliciousness Tom crackers or
[13:40] king pro yes well yes I yeah of king
[13:47] prawns king prawn balls with prawn
[13:50] crackers served by a prawn well thank you
[13:55] very much mud Wilson no problem and I
[13:57] think it's time to get back to our water
[13:59] falls for our fishing there indeed
[14:01] alright bye everyone bye
[14:33] you