Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #62 - Lord of Vampyrium

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hello and welcome to this week's
[00:11] runescape podcast I'm mod Matti the
[00:13] podcast monkey and with me today on the
[00:15] sofas I have my role a Content developer
[00:19] mod Sarah QA ray and today we're here to
[00:23] talk about the vampire quest
[00:26] that's due out very soon the vampire
[00:29] grab the lamp Wow would you care to give
[00:32] it as Polly yes yeah this this one is
[00:34] the six installment of the merace series
[00:38] or Mikey or Maya queue or whatever you
[00:40] want to call it me vampire and we've
[00:44] called it the Lord of vampyre 'i'm the
[00:45] lord of Imperium yeah that suggests just
[00:48] lordly things are going to happen and
[00:50] vampire things yes so how did we get to
[00:54] where we are now obviously the PC is
[00:56] going to take part is Chris but how did
[00:58] they get here what's the law in the
[01:00] history behind the quest so far so
[01:03] there's there's two answers to that
[01:04] so the first as you suggest is the law
[01:07] perspective if you want to chip in here
[01:09] Sarah with things up again okay
[01:11] basically so far the player has entered
[01:14] mauritania they've met with this
[01:16] resistance group of humans fighting
[01:18] against the oppressive vampiric regime
[01:21] yeah called the the MIRR a key I'll go
[01:24] from Ariki murky and they've kind of
[01:27] helped them out they've been under
[01:28] attack from a vampire called van strim
[01:31] who's harassed them for four years and
[01:34] you kind of help them through these
[01:36] early stages of relocation and arming
[01:39] tooling up yeah and connecting with
[01:42] another cell of Meraki within the
[01:44] vampire city yep and striking back sign
[01:48] - I guess it's kind of power creep
[01:51] so you discover these hidden weapon
[01:54] designs from priests from way back when
[01:57] he actually lets you start to kill
[01:59] vampires later on one of the vampire
[02:03] leaders Fanus Kela makes herself known
[02:06] to you and seems to start to want to
[02:08] work with you yeah it actually helps
[02:10] that power creep a little bit and oh
[02:11] she's the blister wood tree which is
[02:13] happy with which is what happened in the
[02:15] previous quest and you actually start to
[02:17] kill off some of the top level vampires
[02:20] like Vance trim like
[02:22] Ronis and I should probably say there'll
[02:24] be spoilers in this podcast there may be
[02:26] spoilers in this podcast indeed yes yes
[02:29] so that's the kind of narrative to where
[02:31] we are at the moment is yet the Meraki
[02:33] have scored a few victories they're
[02:36] feeling pretty good about themselves
[02:38] that's a victory earned through the help
[02:40] of vana schooler
[02:41] okay and now they're kind of setting
[02:45] their sights on what comes next
[02:46] and there's dissing there's some
[02:48] supporting material about this in game
[02:50] you can go in the cat and on our website
[02:52] understand so is it Rory and Amy in-game
[02:54] it's Amelia immediate copyright dodging
[02:58] Amelia and Amelia yeah these two kids
[03:03] who are in vogue to write like we do
[03:06] with a number of v Age Quest series is
[03:08] we have this recap I can leave them and
[03:10] they in a very childlike way recap
[03:13] events and misremember things and make
[03:15] stuff up but though they're worth going
[03:18] to go in have a chance in this weekend
[03:20] before you leave look it's nothing
[03:22] yeah they're very amazing and histories
[03:25] in law yeah so this is one thing that
[03:29] we're doing with this quest is we're
[03:31] introducing the character of Laura calm
[03:33] who is the head of house Ricard de facto
[03:37] leader of the entire vampire nation but
[03:40] he's been absent from the game up until
[03:41] this point he's just been a name and an
[03:44] idea and one of the focuses of this
[03:48] quest is to introduce him as a character
[03:50] which is about we wanted to do that a
[03:52] little bit early because of that
[03:54] absenteeism and so mod will Liam put up
[03:57] a laws and histories page recently
[04:01] called the old blood right which just
[04:03] explores door Jiuquan as a character and
[04:06] it's set at a time so shortly after the
[04:10] fall of xaro's yeah Drakkar decided to
[04:13] side with zamorak because many of our
[04:15] C's generals did yeah and helped to
[04:17] usurp him and this is just a little bit
[04:21] after during the fall of the Empire
[04:22] where drew carne is hunting as an addre
[04:25] right one of the people tracking down
[04:27] like this this leftover remnant of the
[04:30] rotating Empire okay so that that and
[04:33] that's up on the website that's up on
[04:35] the website yeah
[04:36] right okay and as I said that there's
[04:39] more than one sides to how we got here
[04:41] because obviously you guys the Guardians
[04:44] team haven't worked on the vampire quest
[04:46] before so they've been a battle handed
[04:49] on from team to team yeah it happens
[04:51] probably more often than players realize
[04:53] yeah but this one I think was a bit a
[04:55] bit more public because we had the poll
[04:58] it was a player Power Poll at the end of
[05:01] last year yeah to decide between the
[05:04] next vampire quest and the floor 61
[05:06] quest yeah I was another quite close one
[05:09] but a vampire Steve went out and at the
[05:12] time Madonna was secured ater she
[05:14] obviously developed mereka 5 the bronze
[05:17] yes of dark mire but Anna at the time
[05:20] was head ninja so it wasn't a project
[05:22] that she could actively develop herself
[05:24] no but because she was around we drew on
[05:27] her knowledge and her plans she
[05:29] obviously had plans for who to kill off
[05:31] next and how many famously kill that and
[05:36] yeah it just came to the guardians in
[05:39] terms of development but Anna was very
[05:41] heavily involved at the start
[05:42] approving designs and she had certain
[05:46] plot points that needed to be brought
[05:48] forward and some that needed to be held
[05:50] back for a finale and yet future quests
[05:52] and some things that weren't so
[05:54] important that could be spun off perhaps
[05:56] in non-vampire series content things
[06:00] like what what to do about werewolves
[06:02] and things like this okay so we had a
[06:04] very clear list of things that we should
[06:07] should not do and we stuck to that and
[06:11] of course there's the whole period
[06:12] before that the former a key one through
[06:15] four developed by more Titan yeah as
[06:18] it's kind of weird
[06:19] I think oh the reason it came to me I
[06:21] think more than anyone else is because
[06:23] I'd worked with Titan on Meraki three
[06:25] and four as in an editorial capacity
[06:28] yeah I had that knowledge working side
[06:31] by side with him and some character and
[06:33] story development questions that arose
[06:35] as part of that and cursing the names he
[06:38] left you do you want to if you have any
[06:41] comment Rhian on oh I don't know what I
[06:44] find more frustrating trying to spell
[06:46] them to put them in bugs defend
[06:48] Steve or another developers or whether
[06:52] it's trying to pronounce them marries
[06:56] one here yeah yeah I've resorted to
[06:59] nicknaming them all seriously
[07:01] Safiye Vani vely I forget draggy just
[07:08] offshore forms yeah but I don't know
[07:11] where they come from their crazy name he
[07:13] is great as a lot of flavor to it
[07:14] from Harold buzzer random Harold in
[07:17] there it's so normal
[07:19] they'll be reasonable there has to be
[07:21] like I'm wondering as well if there may
[07:23] be anagrams of things that I'm just not
[07:26] sure quite possibly because the name Cal
[07:28] Sidhu is recognized as sorry cathode U
[07:31] is again another character who has never
[07:34] been seen only I mentioned mass an
[07:37] anagram of suicidal right which pretty
[07:39] much sums up the mereka um so so that
[07:43] there's maybe something to that that
[07:45] we're not seeing
[07:46] so what is this quest about then
[07:49] spoilers that's a toilet yes as a horse
[07:53] head just crazy now it's about the
[07:59] Marquise taking one more step towards
[08:00] dealing with the vampires right and how
[08:04] best to do that and having somebody come
[08:06] forward and say actually now would be a
[08:09] good time to just write to write try and
[08:11] deliver a final blow towards them
[08:14] although it's not final yes and it's
[08:17] about you helping the Marquise to
[08:19] achieve that and helping guide them
[08:21] through through a Sigma yeah okay I
[08:26] think we probably leave it that yes did
[08:28] enough isn't it about the book as it
[08:30] were oh so what what requirements are
[08:34] there for the quest obviously obviously
[08:36] some people will be able to won't be
[08:37] able to do it at the moment yeah why
[08:41] they probably again two answers there so
[08:42] the first is the mundane okay so you
[08:44] need to have completely branches of dark
[08:46] mire obviously skill requirements we've
[08:49] got a construction 79 Slayer 78 hunter
[08:54] 76 and then 75 in attack Constitution
[08:58] defense and strength mmm
[09:00] so the fairly straightforward
[09:02] requirements it's not quest from here
[09:04] there and everywhere yes because it's a
[09:06] fifth age series continuation so it's
[09:08] having followed that chain and the
[09:10] likely likely levels you're going to be
[09:12] out for having followed that chain
[09:13] anyway yeah yeah yeah and then I suppose
[09:16] the other answer is things like nerves
[09:18] of steel and iron Constitution yeah it's
[09:24] I mean I've been quite close to it just
[09:26] working on it so much it's hard to step
[09:28] back and see it but other people are
[09:30] describing it as being quite there's
[09:33] kind of like a build-up to it there's an
[09:35] intensity it continues the dark
[09:38] foreboding feel that lies over the rest
[09:41] of the series yeah so hopefully that's
[09:45] true dark shadowy theme yeah a nice and
[09:49] there's there's a couple of
[09:50] recommendations that players might want
[09:52] to be to have with them when they start
[09:55] you need the my ditch outfit right that
[09:59] you gain from branches of dying fire
[10:01] yeah the medallion Dragon's medallion
[10:04] was also useful for that obviously for
[10:06] the teleports yeah and possibly a
[10:09] blister wood weapon would be wood nd
[10:11] maybe no nation okay you might well also
[10:16] the flavor of Evander's we could let in
[10:18] if you like ham string in yourself and
[10:21] yeah making things difficult and it's a
[10:24] silly weapon but yeah but you can use it
[10:28] if you want so one thing I've been
[10:31] hearing great things about in the studio
[10:33] is the audio that's gone into this yeah
[10:36] yeah I've been very happy with it as I
[10:39] mean I think a lot of that intensity of
[10:42] the atmosphere yes tis it definitely if
[10:45] not coming directly from the audio is
[10:47] hugely enhanced by it and it's one of
[10:49] those quests I know we say this very
[10:51] free quest but you really should turn
[10:53] your audio on for this one right so
[10:55] we're now going to hear it a little bit
[10:57] of the audio now from well the sequences
[10:59] so if we can play that there
[11:02] you
[11:07] Oh
[11:13] [Music]
[11:22] [Music]
[11:29] [Music]
[11:52] [Music]
[12:06] wow that is that is really good hmm yeah
[12:11] so this this was a piece from it's quite
[12:15] early on in the quest so it's not too
[12:16] spoilery to say right and this is set in
[12:20] an area where there are some really this
[12:24] is like the cream of the crop yep top
[12:26] brass for vampiric high society so
[12:29] you've already mingled with the the
[12:30] lords and the ladies but these are the
[12:32] lords and ladies who don't walk around
[12:35] the streets yeah ground no for the yeah
[12:37] you know they live in high high society
[12:40] castle their Lord is there predominantly
[12:44] what we're referring to is trueborn
[12:46] vampires okay this is again connecting
[12:49] back to the title yeah so these would
[12:51] have been original vampires from the
[12:53] vampiric homeworld
[12:54] okay came with ours or descendants
[12:58] thereof yeah as opposed to the the lower
[13:02] orders which would tend to be humans
[13:06] converted into vampires okay so these
[13:09] are some really I mean it's difficult to
[13:12] say nasty evil because this is one
[13:14] mission
[13:15] yeah yeah they've got a certain outlook
[13:17] on how things should be okay
[13:20] and that that kind of good evil vibe is
[13:23] one thing we've tried to steer away from
[13:25] yeah because we we don't like the you
[13:28] know plain old this is good this is bad
[13:30] and buyers bad kill and we try to inject
[13:33] their perspective a bit here yeah it's
[13:35] much more complex yeah yeah which makes
[13:38] more interesting characters and plots
[13:39] yeah but this this particular music
[13:42] obviously this this this scene is kind
[13:44] of a bit like a gathering a party yeah
[13:47] if you will but it's very dark and
[13:49] foreboding and it's it's not your
[13:51] typical party no and you'd go to and the
[13:55] kind of soundscape the audio team is
[13:57] managing to create really supports that
[13:59] definitely yeah yep there's again like
[14:02] we're kind of ramping up that people
[14:04] have been saying this like growing dread
[14:06] and intensity
[14:07] is reflected very definitely in the
[14:09] audio to mod bond pile medley on
[14:13] soundcloud right just last week which is
[14:16] definitely worth a listen and if that
[14:18] captures your imagination then you
[14:20] should definitely have your sound on for
[14:22] this quest yeah absolutely
[14:24] Alice time we've done some interesting
[14:26] things with combat and puzzle sequences
[14:29] this time comparison previous work um
[14:33] yeah I mean ray still grins game combat
[14:36] yeah are still runescape puzzles they
[14:38] will frustrate and it and excite an
[14:40] equal measure as everything we do those
[14:43] mod Sarah is noting repeatedly I am NOT
[14:46] a puzzle fan I just I can never quite
[14:50] see the solution and I'm more of a
[14:52] player that will just keep clicking
[14:55] until it eventually solves itself I
[14:58] think my longest time is an hour of 40
[15:01] minutes on one of these puzzles just
[15:03] clicking hoping it with solve its to be
[15:07] fair is not entirely all on there here
[15:11] because I designed the puzzle or I said
[15:14] okay I know what I want to do yeah coded
[15:17] it try it out in game and I couldn't
[15:19] solve it as I said so how do I solve my
[15:22] puzzle
[15:23] right and it took going to mod Krista
[15:26] props shout out smart Krista yeah who
[15:29] managed to deliver a kind of
[15:31] step-by-step this is how you solve the
[15:33] puzzle that you've just created yeah um
[15:35] so that was very helpful
[15:37] so that's glad for that um but the thing
[15:41] with the Meraki series is it's not
[15:42] really well known for having difficult
[15:46] puzzles yeah there's not actually that
[15:48] difficult puzzle yeah it's a very simple
[15:50] step dissolution it's just I didn't know
[15:52] it but it's not too bad and if it is the
[15:56] sort of puzzle that might frustrate it
[15:58] then just wait a day and they'll be
[16:00] guide see yeah don't worry about that
[16:02] too much it's entirely solvable yes it's
[16:05] probably not as difficult as the ones
[16:07] within the light within yeah so there's
[16:10] that and in terms of combat like you say
[16:12] again is it's just for inscape combat
[16:15] there's nothing we're not doing anything
[16:16] crazy yet experimental it's more in the
[16:21] the framing of it the theming is a
[16:23] narrative element more than okay
[16:26] gameplay a moment as such so yeah we
[16:28] just tried a different approach to it
[16:31] which hopefully will come across okay so
[16:34] where does this quest fit into the six
[16:36] Asian technically doesn't it's like a
[16:41] fait quest yeah so it's pre the gods
[16:44] have returned yeah so there's not really
[16:46] much of a sick mage feel to it it's
[16:50] about building on the pillars of the
[16:52] fifth age world yeah six age yep in fact
[16:56] it's it's more the opposite in that
[16:59] we're exploring ancient history
[17:01] yeah vampires is a race they're
[17:02] generally quite old
[17:04] individually with the return of logic on
[17:06] who hasn't even been seen in public for
[17:08] centuries and the roots of vampires
[17:11] within the rotating Empire and previous
[17:14] orosi an empire with some of the history
[17:17] we're exploring like the idea that
[17:19] vampires used to be quite feral and
[17:20] tribal yeah and that they own only
[17:23] became civilized when Zara left his mark
[17:27] on them like it brought them into the
[17:28] Empire in Gielinor and that kind of
[17:31] history of the vampires and they moved
[17:34] to Mauritania and then their subsequent
[17:37] effectively well depending on
[17:39] perspective their dominance or decline
[17:41] it so case is in an interesting dilemma
[17:44] hmm but Danny the fact that they're all
[17:47] unique as well no one sort of group or
[17:50] tribe is like the other they're all
[17:53] different in their tastes and their what
[17:57] they prefer to do hunting wise and
[17:59] things like that it's okay yeah good fun
[18:02] writing some of those coming up with
[18:03] yeah because I mean vampires is very
[18:06] hard to find anything you're interesting
[18:08] to talk about yeah business so ingrained
[18:10] within popular culture yeah and so we
[18:14] didn't want a Sparky vampires we didn't
[18:16] want to do it sadly I don't
[18:17] although with the current blue alien
[18:20] issue maybe some of them will be Sparky
[18:23] Sparky runescape vampires so one of the
[18:26] things we've done is and I'm sure this
[18:28] is in some vampire mythology somewhere
[18:30] the idea that emotional states
[18:33] the blood donor would affect the taste
[18:37] yet but yeah and the because of this
[18:39] certain tribes would hum in certain ways
[18:41] to affect that taste and over the years
[18:45] they've become accustomed to a certain
[18:46] way of doing things
[18:47] yeah and that doesn't necessarily go
[18:50] across the entire race so they still
[18:53] have those tribal roots even now I'm now
[18:56] in society yeah yeah and almost a
[18:59] cultural war still to Risley yes so even
[19:02] within vampires it's not they might all
[19:04] look very similar to humans and they're
[19:08] really not that and that's reflected
[19:10] within the characters of an experiment
[19:12] you can't in their approach to things
[19:14] and the fact that Vanna Sakura is quite
[19:16] willing to work with humans and help
[19:18] humans whereas chacon is more of a
[19:22] traditionalist in a way so what are the
[19:26] rewards from the quest as always there
[19:30] is some nice chunks of XP hey there's a
[19:33] weapon okay and there's also some new
[19:37] wing overrides okay are we not going to
[19:40] detail I will leave you talk to mod
[19:43] rally as to whether he details these
[19:45] things
[19:46] oh no we cryptic yeah no I mean again it
[19:50] will Warner well the weapons we've
[19:51] already shown of the new blister wood
[19:53] weapons yes we wanted to just fill out
[19:55] the combat styles with main with your
[19:58] wielding and two-handed axe variants
[20:00] just to give more variety more against
[20:02] more choice but it has do a stupid
[20:05] stroke cool crossbow that's pretty fake
[20:08] looks ridiculous yeah wouldn't work out
[20:10] in a real world but but this is rune
[20:13] scale expose a lot it works so a wizard
[20:16] to do oh is it detail yes but also to
[20:19] kind of continue the themes and the
[20:22] approach that we take into the series as
[20:23] a whole this idea of a power creep of
[20:25] gaining strength getting stronger so
[20:27] there's there's a little bit more of
[20:29] that in there too
[20:30] within the rewards and it's something we
[20:32] will expand upon in the inevitable
[20:35] finale yeah I have two last questions
[20:38] the first one of which is there's a
[20:41] vampire riddle out there competition and
[20:42] then have either of you managed to
[20:44] complete the riddle yet
[20:46] yep yeahwe budget yeah yeah Mon Sara
[20:50] no I haven't either I've completely
[20:53] failed yeah I went to the forums and I
[20:55] did look at the first one and solve the
[20:57] first solution and then decided that
[20:59] maybe sending mod rally a couple of bugs
[21:01] was much more fun so I haven't quite
[21:06] completed it yet
[21:07] okay and last question then ask Euler
[21:11] ultra con that's actually a tough one um
[21:17] they're both oh well hopefully players
[21:21] will think they're both interesting
[21:22] characters I think yeah they really
[21:23] think van a school is interesting yeah
[21:25] the kind of the juxtaposition of whether
[21:30] or not she's a friend a true ally or if
[21:32] she's just after something for herself
[21:34] yeah and that even if she is on your
[21:38] side she's incredibly rude and
[21:40] forthright which is something we kept up
[21:43] but she still she's interesting I'd have
[21:45] to say van is Kira your cons kid though
[21:48] not Sarah
[21:49] don't think I side with either of them
[21:52] however if I had to pick one I'd
[21:54] probably go joke on right history his
[21:58] past the things you learn about his
[22:01] tribe and whether how he got to where he
[22:04] is now I just interests me from a lore
[22:06] perspective Superman so I would be drawn
[22:10] to him more than van a sealer right okay
[22:13] but maybe there's a way that players can
[22:15] see for themselves who they'd support
[22:16] yeah I think I think we might look straw
[22:18] poling it after the quest is it or
[22:20] indeed some sort of quiz well maybe
[22:24] we'll see okay all right well thanks for
[22:28] coming in today I'm really looking
[22:30] forward to seeing the quest stamp and
[22:31] hopefully your players will love it yeah
[22:33] very much they um well very much hope
[22:37] that they are doing it based on its
[22:39] history yes but from the buzz around the
[22:41] office it sounds like it's gonna do
[22:43] again yeah sounds like it's gonna be
[22:44] awesome
[22:45] thanks and bye to our listeners bye bye
[22:56] [Music]