Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #61 - The Light Within Revisited

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:12] where we're going to be talking about
[00:13] the recently released quest the light
[00:16] within I'm mod Matty and with me I have
[00:19] the supreme overlord that is Monterey
[00:21] man as always as always welcome on the
[00:24] safe as well Raven know that you've ever
[00:26] been here before no I have never done
[00:28] podcast never particularly low rated
[00:31] ones just I've never been in them like
[00:33] Dave I've never been in them right so in
[00:36] that case the light within is amped yes
[00:39] feedback has been superb very very
[00:41] positive we're very pleased with it
[00:43] we're very pleased with how it's been
[00:46] received we'd spend a lot of our time
[00:48] doing it and a lot less doing additional
[00:51] extra time to help polish it and get it
[00:54] done and to see it being so
[00:55] well-received is it's good it's nice ok
[00:57] well the in fact the first thing we'll
[00:59] talk about then is the delay yes so
[01:03] obviously the quest went back yeah a
[01:06] week as you may have noticed the quests
[01:08] quite ambitious it's it's a sizable
[01:12] quest mind it's a sizable you know it's
[01:15] a good selection of new spells that work
[01:16] an entirely new way that we haven't
[01:18] really done before yeah oh and there are
[01:20] some prayers that work a bit differently
[01:21] to how we've done the before and there's
[01:23] ductile had all the post quest off and
[01:26] yeah so there was quite a lot going on
[01:28] and we were hit by a couple of just
[01:32] small internal issues but the end up
[01:34] knock on effect was that we just didn't
[01:35] quite have enough time to fully sort of
[01:38] really sure everything's mounted I mean
[01:41] I'm not saying you know that week was
[01:42] making it perfect obviously were bugs
[01:44] but it helped to get rid of some bigger
[01:47] issues we wanted to deal with okay it
[01:50] was a right choice to make it basically
[01:51] yeah yeah yeah definitely seemed so and
[01:54] well-received well on that basis yeah
[01:57] yeah so we'll start getting into
[01:59] features of the quest and let you talk
[02:01] about them for the idea again so the
[02:04] puzzle yes the light puzzle oh I got
[02:09] some lovely hate for that on day 1 i'm
[02:11] so pleased so that's
[02:13] those home realized this podcast will
[02:15] feature spoilers oh yeah yeah a lot to
[02:17] spawn yes yes so if you don't want it if
[02:19] you've not you're not on the cliff don't
[02:21] listen to this yeah unless you don't
[02:23] mind yeah and spoiled okay satisfied
[02:25] okay and so the original puzzle was
[02:28] saying that mod Ollie designed and it
[02:31] was it was a lot simpler so I look Sarah
[02:34] went okay well I didn't lie of
[02:35] complexity which was to make the kind of
[02:37] rotation that each rotation the ring
[02:39] would rotate things differently yeah
[02:41] unfortunately we had something
[02:43] discovered that something similar had
[02:45] been done internally that I'm not going
[02:47] to spoil okay but there's a Dory have
[02:49] the graphics everything done so it's
[02:50] like a deer oh we have to change this so
[02:53] I tweaked the design so it works the
[02:57] exact same ways did previously which is
[02:58] your rotating rings yeah but rather than
[03:00] the Rings obviously rotating in a kind
[03:02] of just as a ring they rotate on the
[03:04] spot so mechanically it's identical it's
[03:07] just a visually a bit different right
[03:09] which is what I found quite because the
[03:11] puzzle is working out kind of how the
[03:14] puzzle works once you've got mechanics
[03:16] it's not that difficult I mean there are
[03:19] some people doing really complicated
[03:20] equations and matrices and all manner of
[03:23] stuff that they've sent mean it's like
[03:25] or alternatively you can just align it
[03:27] work out why needs you to rotate which
[03:29] and then reverse backwards which is kind
[03:31] of how we solve it and I know a lot of
[03:34] people solved it that way I mean there
[03:35] are people who want they worked out
[03:37] consult it really quickly in a few
[03:38] minutes the trick is to well one not
[03:42] just hit the crystals and hope that
[03:45] they'll sort themselves out but to just
[03:47] take us as I've been trying to tell
[03:49] people to take a step back and look at
[03:51] the puzzle as a whole once you do that
[03:52] and you sort of test and do things then
[03:55] you can see how things will operate and
[03:57] then you can pick it together when you
[03:58] see there three concentric rings of
[04:00] crystals and just they rotate kind of
[04:02] like that yeah then you can solve it
[04:04] quickly if you really needed an easy
[04:06] solution then just get a piece of paper
[04:07] and cut it into three rings and mark
[04:10] locations and twist them that way around
[04:12] and you can do it you can work it out as
[04:14] well it's how we did it and only so it's
[04:16] not that difficult but because we knew
[04:19] was going to be tricky and we knew that
[04:21] some people would have real difficulty
[04:22] with it we specifically designed it so
[04:24] that it isn't
[04:26] demised right it is the same for
[04:28] everyone yeah and it means that if
[04:30] you're really stuck and I do advise you
[04:31] try and solve it yourself first because
[04:33] there's a much bigger sense of
[04:35] achievement of doing that yeah but if
[04:36] you're really stuck then the wikia has a
[04:39] brilliant guide on how to do the
[04:41] solutions so if you're really stuck you
[04:43] can skip past it with a guide but I
[04:45] recommend doing is a first for these
[04:48] reasons we have our friends of the week
[04:49] here for that kind of thing though yeah
[04:51] what would that that was the what we
[04:52] expected I was really impressed with how
[04:54] quickly the guy because we were watching
[04:56] it in real time hitting refresh on the
[04:58] wiki page I'm just watching it so go
[05:00] doo-doo-doo-doo as each stage suddenly
[05:02] became a pair with this sort of progress
[05:05] bar how to do it was brilliant some
[05:07] things they got wrong but then they went
[05:08] to fixed it but it was quite funny so
[05:10] the Natura wiki yeah it was lovely to
[05:13] see how about and needs one of the
[05:14] things that I liked which is seeing the
[05:16] community for getting together to solve
[05:18] the puzzles as well there was a chat
[05:20] room that I was in with other people all
[05:21] talking to other how to the puzzle so
[05:23] maybe they were swearing at me a fair
[05:24] bit as well but because i was watching
[05:27] in laughing because of course I wasn't
[05:28] helping them at all because I'm a
[05:29] horrible person yes um better seeing
[05:32] them work it out amongst themselves and
[05:34] then each them sort of feeding back and
[05:36] as a group they solved it quite quickly
[05:38] and then seemed a wiki do it was lovely
[05:39] seeing the community get together good
[05:41] and there and now that they can solve it
[05:43] people don't hate me as much that's good
[05:45] so next thing for you to discuss mm-hmm
[05:50] choices yes choices I've got some stats
[05:54] on news yes I'd love that I was really
[05:56] interested in some of the stats there
[05:58] were some choices that I did not expect
[06:00] people to make I mean there was the the
[06:02] first stats which is people voting for
[06:04] or against rebuilding sarin yeah and
[06:06] that doesn't surprise me that
[06:07] ninety-eight percent voted for because
[06:08] ultimately everyone knew the quest was
[06:11] about rebuilding Sarah so not only is
[06:14] our whole thing of what I'm doing this
[06:15] quest because I want to rebuild them but
[06:16] there's also i suspect the idea of well
[06:18] if i say no my choice is ultimately
[06:20] meaningless about my fed into that um so
[06:23] I'm not surprised by that one I am quite
[06:26] surprised by the next one which is 80
[06:30] yeah eighty-seven percent chose to
[06:32] incorporate HoloNet you don't
[06:33] incorporate the dark shard back into
[06:35] sarin I was quite surprised by this I
[06:38] deliberately made
[06:40] the choice is really kind of vague I
[06:42] know some people annoy that it's not
[06:43] play good and evil choice its delivery
[06:45] kind of oh it could figure this could be
[06:48] bad and the dark shard one is one of
[06:52] those because you read it you can either
[06:55] weed as you're putting the corruption
[06:58] back into sarin so you're twisting her
[06:59] and warping her or since we are beings
[07:02] made of both like and done yeah we're
[07:03] incorporating we're having a complete
[07:05] and whole sarin yeah so it's whether or
[07:07] not you incorporate all of her or just
[07:10] some of her so it was interesting which
[07:12] path people chose I think it looks like
[07:14] more people when they making a whole
[07:15] again yeah or wanted to corrupt our I'm
[07:18] not going to charge to those people who
[07:21] concern about it not being a straight
[07:23] good or evil choice in in life and in
[07:26] stories it's quite often the case that
[07:27] your choice you I'm not aware of the
[07:29] final consequence yeah when you make it
[07:31] I'm not a fan myself of obviously good
[07:35] and evil choices no I much prefer as my
[07:39] role players put it morally gray which
[07:42] is the world isn't black and white the
[07:44] world's various different shades of gray
[07:46] or color if you want to go that way
[07:47] around the end when you're presented
[07:50] with a choice it's like well if you meet
[07:52] you go well thats office to evil and the
[07:53] choices kind of go on to about a good
[07:55] person when it's the choice is kind of
[07:57] vague and it becomes more meaningful
[07:58] becomes a decision that's important it
[08:01] becomes almost a more real choice yeah
[08:03] oh yeah and then we'll the last one
[08:05] which I'm not surprised I'm surprised as
[08:07] a high as it was which is forty-six
[08:09] percent chose to incorporate ellinod
[08:11] which I have to raise I have to bring up
[08:14] my favorite piece of feedback which is a
[08:17] guy on Twitter a lethal intent was
[08:21] messing me begging me to roll back the
[08:23] quest progress because they felt so
[08:26] guilty because they it sacrifice telenet
[08:28] and then there's of course there's a if
[08:31] you don't sacrifice and she leaves you a
[08:34] letter ultimately Ellen EDD goes at the
[08:35] end I the way yeah she leaves you a
[08:37] letter saying how she's going off to a
[08:39] toffee ad and she's going to look at
[08:40] them and then but she's always thought
[08:41] of you as her friend and they were so
[08:43] guilty and they said but my favorite
[08:45] quote they gave which was Ellen aid you
[08:48] thought of me as your friend bio never
[08:50] thought of you as a side character
[08:51] and that just made that is my favorite
[08:54] quote I love it obviously I've been
[08:57] horrible to lethal intent by pointing
[08:59] out that she's never coming back he's
[09:01] killed her hahaha but that because I'm a
[09:05] truly horrible person yes but I was
[09:08] really impressed I was really intrigued
[09:09] with that choice I thought more people
[09:10] would not sacrifice her it's nearly 50
[09:14] 50 I have to point out I would sacrifice
[09:16] Ellen had repeatedly Blatz because she
[09:18] is really annoying code was trying to
[09:21] get rid of her has been a pain in the
[09:22] neck and it's early so I sacrifice'
[09:24] without fail every time but its infancy
[09:29] the players have kind of mixed we
[09:31] actually do I thought they would keep
[09:33] her because she's kind of been your
[09:34] friend all the way through okay feedback
[09:37] on the prayers yes is quite a lot of
[09:40] feedback on the prayers and people
[09:42] suggesting changes for second batches
[09:44] and all that goes well yes the problem
[09:48] with prayers is that with any kind of
[09:50] combat thing is it boils down to the
[09:52] sort of the nitty-gritty of the
[09:53] mechanics yeah which means that whilst
[09:54] we can make certain to have thoughts in
[09:56] her head and suggestions but not
[09:58] necessarily functioning how the players
[10:00] would necessarily like them to work the
[10:02] arm so one of the things that I will
[10:04] always prevail sings with is we are
[10:06] looking at the feedback and we are
[10:07] considering it yeah we've got planned to
[10:11] I don't know how soon the future so long
[10:13] as Phillip but we are looking at
[10:15] tweaking the prize based on on feedback
[10:18] to get them to feel more or appropriate
[10:20] I think we're going to look at giving
[10:21] fortitude a decent buff because that
[10:23] doesn't appear to have resonated quite
[10:25] so well okay um but somebody wants just
[10:27] I think need a bit of a tweak also I
[10:29] think people need a bit more time to
[10:30] find the different use of them so so
[10:32] link is is a good one because players
[10:36] are kind of going oh why it's not that
[10:38] useful except it can be incredibly
[10:41] useful in certain situations yeah so the
[10:43] key is to find those situation it's a
[10:45] niche prayer because its course based
[10:47] around group content no it still should
[10:50] be valuable so we're not going to do the
[10:53] feedback changes like immediately but we
[10:55] will do it based on one players have
[10:57] sort of got a good idea of what's going
[10:58] through and how to tweak them certainly
[11:01] some priors don't seem to need any pre
[11:02] about changes like
[11:04] super he form paste have gone down quite
[11:06] well unsurprisingly so I don't think
[11:09] gonna do any more to eat to that except
[11:10] maybe to make it slightly less Opie but
[11:13] not necessarily combat yes so there's
[11:18] been quite a lot of discussion about
[11:19] combat on the relatively low level of
[11:21] combat in the quest we wanted was the
[11:23] combat is optional for a start in the
[11:25] quest post quest it's less so because
[11:27] they become Slayer tasks but we wanted
[11:30] to make it so the HealthQuest aren't
[11:32] traditionally hugely combat there were
[11:34] kind of puzzle e exploration e things we
[11:36] wanted to keep that also we were
[11:38] originally going to make you have to
[11:40] fight your way through all the
[11:41] shapeshifters and toffee ad but when we
[11:43] started writing their backs or you'll
[11:44] realize that some players might feel a
[11:45] bit guilty about that because of course
[11:48] the shapeshifters are all excels who
[11:50] will all be warped because without you
[11:52] know sarens present presents they've
[11:54] kind of been suffering terrible you know
[11:56] need to have her around they've been
[11:59] taking the crystals I have a little bit
[12:01] of her essence in them and kind of
[12:02] jamming them into their foreheads and
[12:04] sides they can get just that slight
[12:06] feeling of of sarens presence but this
[12:10] is kind of knocked on with the fact of
[12:12] the crystals being sort of magic weird
[12:14] crystals have slowly warped them and
[12:15] driven them insane and made it worse the
[12:17] hunger has gotten worse and etc so we
[12:20] thought mmm players might feel a tad
[12:21] guilty slaughtering these left right and
[12:23] center so we should probably give them
[12:25] some kind of choice to not store to
[12:27] these left rightly earned so that's
[12:30] where kind of the initial sort of choice
[12:31] came about there is one you have to
[12:33] fight but that's just a show we look
[12:35] there are shapeshifters moon we're
[12:38] tweaking the the combat there were some
[12:41] issues with the shapeshifters
[12:42] transformation okay where it would break
[12:44] a combat it didn't turn up in testing we
[12:47] just didn't see it now it seems to be
[12:49] turning up but it wasn't before okay so
[12:52] we've now got fixes in for that so that
[12:54] should be back to being smooth again
[12:56] okay so yeah next is law so this quest
[13:00] is law tastic yes what was your favorite
[13:03] piece of law oh I'm see my personal
[13:09] favorite was stuff on Toph yet um I
[13:12] particularly liked introducing clan side
[13:15] where
[13:16] who were the ninth health plan the
[13:19] yellow cotton clan they were my favorite
[13:22] because I liked I like the idea of it's
[13:26] just the problem is that sometimes you
[13:28] think of things in terms of absolute
[13:29] like you think all elves went to dig
[13:32] Illinois we are but of course that makes
[13:33] no sense no because they've had to do a
[13:35] mass migration which means you'd have
[13:37] people who would have been injured or
[13:38] old and they wouldn't help to go and
[13:40] you've got people who just wouldn't want
[13:41] to leave their home world no matter what
[13:43] yeah and so I liked kind of creating
[13:48] that instead of seeding that and some of
[13:50] the stuff with the shapeshifters I quite
[13:52] like I mean it's it's typically horribly
[13:54] dark and get me wrong they are horribly
[13:56] tortured individuals yeah I I quite like
[13:58] that okay cuz I'm a horrible person but
[14:01] I also liked seren who I suppose is Lori
[14:05] Lynn on herself because we tried to make
[14:07] her a little less obviously how I'm a
[14:11] god would room which is what she's been
[14:14] kind of hinted that before because as
[14:15] far as the old schoo she's like perfect
[14:16] she's amazing she's liked and joy in
[14:19] everything but that just isn't
[14:20] reasonable Leah we've tried to do a
[14:22] thing with our God's to make all of them
[14:23] believable as characters so making sarin
[14:29] imperfect deliberately imperfect was was
[14:32] quite good fun and that's kind of a law
[14:35] in itself in his own little way okay so
[14:38] the one of the other things that have
[14:40] been big dup massively is the soundscape
[14:42] oh yeah yeah audio guy is an amazing job
[14:46] of a particular left Arthur yet but
[14:49] that's because I've been doing a lot of
[14:51] work guitar Thea yeah I like a lot but
[14:53] just how everything fits together so
[14:55] nicely it's just it's not just the music
[14:58] it's just everything yeah it's very very
[15:00] nice and some of the stuff like when
[15:03] you're around stuff in there they're the
[15:05] sort of saron will cut scenes the over
[15:07] whispers in the background all that
[15:09] stuff I'm big fan of that as well well
[15:11] we also had really positive response to
[15:13] dophia adelphia environment and yeah
[15:16] seven design as well yeah and so the
[15:20] visuals and the sound of gun down
[15:21] everyone will work really well together
[15:23] yeah yeah certainly the cause of
[15:25] ethereal slightly creepy toffee add with
[15:28] it so its crystals new
[15:29] missed everything with the they sort of
[15:31] ethereal music as well well sound
[15:33] effects it just got so nicely so what
[15:37] one of the things that has been stiff of
[15:40] some people have been the grind the
[15:42] collection rate yes in middle of the
[15:44] quest yeah we wanted so the the goal
[15:48] with this was to make it so that you
[15:50] would get a kind of taster of post quest
[15:53] content of riding it and also because we
[15:56] journalists lovely toffee had to spend a
[15:58] bit more time there yeah there have been
[15:59] suggestions for other things we could do
[16:01] which if we had the time would have been
[16:04] sort of nice things like and gough
[16:06] giving you particular tasks and things
[16:08] to which we just didn't have the time to
[16:10] do but um the gathering ray you should
[16:14] be able to do it in about 20 minutes
[16:15] right which doesn't seem too long in the
[16:18] grand scheme of things and of course you
[16:19] can log out and come back in and you
[16:21] just keeps on going yeah I think there's
[16:23] a lot of assumption of wanted to get
[16:24] through the questions quickly as humanly
[16:25] possible i know those like time trials
[16:27] I'm the first to finish this quest kind
[16:29] of the app mindset so I think we might
[16:33] reconsider sort of these sort of things
[16:35] in future and maybe tweak them a bit
[16:36] okay but it was worth trying it I think
[16:39] and so rooms without soul altar yes um
[16:44] well when we made the spells you wanted
[16:48] to give value to some of the under use
[16:52] runes yeah and soul runes were one the
[16:55] most logical yeah and to the most kind
[16:58] of a good underused one there enough
[17:00] with them out at the moment that it's
[17:03] not that big a problem it just means
[17:04] that you have to gather them by other
[17:06] methods including buying more for the
[17:08] players yeah and it gives us the impetus
[17:11] to maybe try and push for and the soul
[17:13] older yeah but because that's been a
[17:15] thing we've been kind of waiting on tin
[17:17] you know forever but he needs to find
[17:19] the right content and the sarin quest
[17:20] wasn't the right content from the soul
[17:22] oh yeah to just a put it bluntly just
[17:25] wasn't right one boring yeah it would
[17:26] have been crowbar being wrong ya feeling
[17:28] and and I think it's better to give it
[17:30] its rightful place and certainly now
[17:34] thats always a more useful again it
[17:37] gives us more value to that kind of
[17:39] update
[17:39] okay so the last question for you if you
[17:44] could change one thing about the quests
[17:46] what would it be hmm no the evil s
[17:50] amigos L Annette always dies but that's
[17:52] just plain mean that's because as I said
[17:54] she's causing trouble I think I would
[17:57] probably have tweaked the armor before
[17:59] he went out right so we're looking at
[18:02] Inge a set effect in the armor now yeah
[18:03] but I think you'd maybe have been better
[18:06] had we brought the arm reason as a later
[18:09] update so I could do all their gathering
[18:11] and Slayer and taffy up and they
[18:12] wouldn't be the armor done for until we
[18:14] had something to say the armor more
[18:16] attractive I think that's probably why
[18:17] would have done okay brilliant well
[18:20] thanks fights for the quest and thanks
[18:23] for coming up it's a curious about it
[18:25] feedbacks been great and it's been
[18:27] opposed you're talking to I had been
[18:29] lovely talking to you as well right bye
[18:30] everyone bye