Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #60 - The Golden Gnome Awards

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] [Music]
[00:08] [Music]
[00:11] hello and welcome to another runescape
[00:13] podcast this week your normal host mod
[00:16] Matty is away so I'm here I'm mod
[00:19] balance and today we're gonna be talking
[00:21] about the golden dome Awards with the
[00:22] lovely madre d hello I'll thank you more
[00:25] ballads yeah I'm well I'm RJ day on
[00:27] social media manager here at runescape
[00:29] and I'm going to be talking to you guys
[00:31] today about the golden dome Awards kind
[00:33] of a little bit about history of them
[00:34] well as much as I can remember and and
[00:38] what you can do to get involved with
[00:40] this year's gold no wars it will be
[00:41] hosted at runefest yeah so Rufus is
[00:44] coming up pretty quick so it's about the
[00:47] time for players to be submitting their
[00:49] nominations right yep definitely October
[00:51] the third save it in your Diaries we'll
[00:53] be doing what to be streaming the entire
[00:54] event if you haven't been lucky enough
[00:56] to get tickets but yeah the golden dome
[00:58] Awards will be from 5 to 7 p.m.
[01:01] around about 5 to 7 p.m. on that's GMT
[01:04] obviously or British Standard Time
[01:05] British Summer Time even and yeah you'll
[01:09] be able to watch them all from then so
[01:12] module II just tell me in a sentence if
[01:15] you would what are the golden gnome
[01:17] awards think of the Oscars the VMAs the
[01:23] Grammys all rolled into one and make it
[01:26] a little bit more runescape II and
[01:27] you've pretty much got it okay so it's
[01:29] an award ceremony to celebrate runescape
[01:32] awesomeness yeah right pretty much all
[01:35] the fantastic things and creations that
[01:38] the runescape community come up with so
[01:40] we're thinking are we're thinking video
[01:42] we're thinking streaming we're thinking
[01:44] community champions cosplay all kinds of
[01:47] creative things if you know somebody
[01:50] that is fantastic at one of those things
[01:51] nominate them they could be winning one
[01:54] that they could be winning a really
[01:55] prestigious award that there is only a
[01:57] handful of runescape is that we'll ever
[01:58] get so that's awesome yeah it's a really
[02:00] really fantastic way of celebrating the
[02:03] fantastic things the runescape community
[02:05] do okay so tell me what are the awards
[02:08] this year we've kind of kept a similar
[02:11] style of awards to the ones last year so
[02:13] we will have video awards will be having
[02:15] streaming Awards will be having cosplay
[02:17] awards are awards and acuity champion
[02:19] Awards as well as Lifetime Achievement
[02:21] Award dawn I believe last year was given
[02:23] to boaty yes
[02:24] us so we will be will be do all of those
[02:27] again but we have got a couple of new
[02:28] ones as well so are they what are the
[02:30] new awards this year that yeah well
[02:32] there's one that I'm really excited
[02:33] about and I've kind of I've been really
[02:36] passionate about getting this way
[02:37] involved because I get to see a lot of
[02:38] these kinds of things in what I do is
[02:41] comics hmm I think that there's a load
[02:43] of fantastic runescape comic book or not
[02:45] comic book comic drawers out there who
[02:48] fully deserve to get some sort of
[02:50] recognition for what they do because
[02:51] they give me a great laugh so that's one
[02:54] of the new day that's the best fair
[02:56] enough yeah it doesn't it doesn't
[02:58] necessarily have to be a comic comic it
[03:00] can be like a serious comic as well but
[03:03] yeah that's one of the ones that I'm
[03:04] really excited about I'm really
[03:05] interested to see what kinds of
[03:06] nominations we get submitted for those
[03:08] kinds of ones and we've kind of rolled a
[03:11] couple of video awards into each other
[03:13] so we you now have a best video
[03:16] individual video show and I believe we
[03:18] also have a best video maker as well but
[03:22] again you can see all of the awards that
[03:24] we are doing this year on our website on
[03:25] the runefest website on our forums
[03:27] they're all on there as well as how you
[03:28] can nominate your favorite escapers for
[03:31] them so how does someone nominate them
[03:33] then this sends an email to GGA
[03:36] at runefest calm mm-hmm I believe there
[03:39] are instructions on how you can nominate
[03:41] your nominee on the runefest website in
[03:44] the runescape website but generally what
[03:46] we'll ask you to do is send us a link to
[03:48] whatever one you were nominating yeah
[03:50] whichever scope you're nominating a
[03:52] piece of work that they've done or a
[03:53] video that they've done or a stream that
[03:55] they've done as well as a little bit of
[03:57] writing about why you're nominating that
[03:58] particular person and hopefully we'll be
[04:00] using some of those as little citations
[04:02] when we actually award the awards in
[04:05] October okay so clearly the golden
[04:09] gnomes have been going on for absolutely
[04:11] ages since runefest started in fact I
[04:13] think is yeah is the true so what about
[04:15] last year's golden dome Awards what were
[04:18] they like well from the actual
[04:21] atmosphere within the room is always a
[04:22] fantastic atmosphere it's kind of a
[04:24] culmination of all the main stage
[04:27] presentations that ruin fest sure so you
[04:30] kind of get everybody in the room
[04:31] there's a bit of a buzz going around
[04:33] because nobody knows who the winners are
[04:35] on generally quite a few of the nominees
[04:36] are
[04:37] in the room fest audience yeah that's
[04:38] alright we can get em up on stage which
[04:40] is great yeah it's kind of it is kind of
[04:41] like the Oscars it's fantastic last year
[04:44] we did have a little bit of a hiccup in
[04:45] there Maude
[04:46] James had produced a really long
[04:48] presentation which had all of the
[04:49] nominees on it all of the artwork on it
[04:52] and when we actually got to runefest it
[04:56] was converted and it wasn't actually
[04:58] rendered enough so when we tried to play
[04:59] it didn't work so this year so this year
[05:03] we are planning to get it all done poor
[05:05] hand prep it all beforehand make it look
[05:07] absolutely fantastic and then you'll be
[05:09] able to see all of the nominees some
[05:11] clips of the video Awards the actual the
[05:14] actual artwork which has been nominated
[05:16] sure as well as hopefully images of the
[05:18] cosplay and that kind of thing as well
[05:20] so you'll be able to see all the things
[05:22] on there and on the stream you'll be
[05:23] able to see him as well awesome
[05:25] so there was a bit of a blunder last a
[05:27] little bit a little bit yeah but we were
[05:28] but we committed to making it better
[05:30] this 100% yeah as I said it would be
[05:33] fantastic to actually allow people to
[05:36] see the things that we nominated I mean
[05:37] that's such a lot of her kind of a hope
[05:39] of mine for this year's golden gnomes
[05:42] yeah I think so I mean some of the
[05:44] videos that I've seen that have come out
[05:46] of the golden gnomes have been
[05:47] absolutely amazing I remember speaking
[05:49] to mod bond just a short while ago
[05:52] actually were talking about the golden
[05:53] domes he was speaking to me about the
[05:55] first-ever
[05:56] GGAs because he was there what a length
[05:59] of service by the way so he was there at
[06:03] these original GGAs and the winning
[06:05] video for one of the categories I think
[06:07] was an animation of all of the skills
[06:10] kind of in one and that took everyone's
[06:14] breath away at the ceremony I remember
[06:15] seeing that video back before I started
[06:17] working here when I was really
[06:19] interested in a video making community I
[06:21] remember seeing that video and just
[06:23] being stunned by how good it was
[06:24] they were so creative those entries and
[06:26] I think every year we've seen that
[06:27] standard just continually rising
[06:29] definitely and I think this year in
[06:31] particular I think there's been almost a
[06:32] resurgence in particularly in things
[06:35] like streaming and video making where
[06:37] there have been a lot of people who used
[06:39] to make runescape videos are now coming
[06:41] back to making runescape videos yeah a
[06:42] lot of new show for instance a noob show
[06:44] yeah and they're up in
[06:45] video-makers who may be made one or two
[06:49] videos a month and now they're a lot
[06:50] more prolific they make videos once once
[06:53] or twice a week sometimes even more
[06:55] frequently so it's fun yeah it's really
[06:58] interesting for me to see what the
[06:59] community thinks and what nominations
[07:01] will get through because I I couldn't
[07:03] choose a winner there's no weather I see
[07:05] these videos on a regular basis we have
[07:07] a community playlist on our on our
[07:09] YouTube channel we have so many
[07:10] fantastic entries through that I
[07:11] wouldn't be able to choose a winner so
[07:13] I'm glad that you guys are choosing a
[07:15] winner basically yeah I think I think
[07:17] this year is really coming down to
[07:19] nominations I think in previous years
[07:21] we've picked the winners more frequently
[07:23] than the players have yeah and so it's
[07:25] really going to rely on the community's
[07:28] submissions you say that's fair
[07:29] definitely I think there's only one
[07:31] award this year that we're actually
[07:33] choosing I think is the Hall of Fame I
[07:35] think it's maybe the one which yeah
[07:37] we're choosing the Hall of Fame and the
[07:38] Lifetime Achievement Award I might even
[07:41] but yeah every other award is chosen by
[07:43] the community apart from the ones that
[07:44] will be doing on the actual day because
[07:46] whilst we have those nominations on the
[07:48] website now there are some ones that
[07:49] we'll be doing actually on the day which
[07:51] are a little bit of a surprise so I
[07:53] won't go into too much about the but
[07:54] make sure you're watching it to find out
[07:55] who these people are they're going to be
[07:57] winners
[07:58] awesome yeah it's always a fantastic
[08:01] thing for me as doing the job that I do
[08:04] to be able to see these people who come
[08:06] up with these things on a regular basis
[08:07] that I can share all the runescape
[08:08] social channels and we share on the
[08:10] forums that they're actually getting the
[08:13] recognition that they deserve because a
[08:14] lot a lot of these things take absolute
[08:17] ages to do and they don't necessarily
[08:19] get the yeah the recognition that they
[08:21] deserve I don't think so
[08:23] it's always nice to see those people
[08:24] being able to yeah to get rewarded for
[08:27] the amount of time and effort and
[08:29] creativity they put into the inventions
[08:31] and the artwork and the videos and the
[08:34] streaming that they do you spoke briefly
[08:36] about the Art Awards what categories are
[08:39] in there yes so this year we will be
[08:41] doing I mentioned the comic award that's
[08:43] a new one we're also doing best artwork
[08:46] and best real life or best original
[08:50] piece of artwork which I believe has
[08:51] something to do with being real life as
[08:53] a sculpture or I think we've seen things
[08:55] like cakes and also okay solo which so
[08:58] yeah that's
[08:59] kind of the one that people can be
[09:00] really creative with and choose
[09:03] different materials they would like to
[09:05] produce their artwork with again we're
[09:07] kind of taking photographs submissions
[09:09] of those so if you could get a really
[09:11] good photo of your your piece of art so
[09:13] make sure the Lighting's right and make
[09:15] sure that the you're getting the right
[09:17] angle for it that kind of thing but also
[09:18] showing off as much of it as you
[09:20] possibly can that would really really
[09:21] help okay so yes that I'm really looking
[09:24] forward to those ones because I'm always
[09:25] really envious of all of the art artists
[09:27] because I am absolutely crap art I'd
[09:29] love to be able to to be able to do have
[09:31] the talent that some of these people
[09:32] have so I'm always really happy to see
[09:35] when yeah they come up with these
[09:37] absolute stupendous creations I can
[09:40] vouch for the fact that mod JD is
[09:41] terrible are mad paint skills he's got
[09:44] the worst paint skills I tell you what
[09:46] I'm looking forward to if the art awards
[09:48] is seeing cakes battle it out against
[09:50] plushies and statues and awesome
[09:52] definitely that real-life creation one
[09:54] is I think the award that I'm really
[09:56] interested in this year yeah because it
[09:58] is kind of the broadest of the
[09:59] categories I think we have across the
[10:01] entire golden gnomes other than maybe
[10:03] the community champion which I think
[10:05] will probably talk about in a little bit
[10:06] but it's yeah it's one of the broadest
[10:09] categories that we have and it's
[10:10] probably got the most room to be
[10:12] creative in so yeah really looking
[10:13] forward to that yeah I think so okay
[10:16] you mentioned the community champion was
[10:18] this is my like personal favorite award
[10:20] I think this is so amazing we've had
[10:22] winners like Princess ray in the past
[10:24] yeah what do you think makes a good
[10:27] community champion hover over the
[10:29] description for this one as well so what
[10:32] we're looking for for this one is
[10:35] basically somebody who is synonymous
[10:37] with the word community okay so if you
[10:40] if you think of an event somebody
[10:42] creates lots of events in-game or helps
[10:45] to promote loads of events in-game that
[10:47] aren't necessarily their events or they
[10:49] don't necessarily have like a vested
[10:51] interest in but they're doing it for the
[10:53] good of the community a fantastic clan
[10:55] leader someone who is really good on
[10:58] social media showing other people's work
[11:00] that kind of thing someone who is just
[11:03] fantastic within the community someone
[11:05] that does above and beyond what they're
[11:09] expected to do in order to make
[11:10] runescape an awesome place whether it's
[11:12] actually within the game
[11:13] or outside of the game somebody may be
[11:15] organizing meetups for their friends
[11:18] outside of their inscape somebody who
[11:20] does all kinds of incredible things and
[11:23] again with your nominations for this one
[11:25] we'd love to hear examples of the things
[11:27] that they've done sure that make them a
[11:30] community champion but it is I mean all
[11:32] of the awards are absolutely fantastic
[11:35] but I mean for me personally this is
[11:37] probably the one that is most important
[11:39] to me and I think I most the community
[11:42] team I would say as well absolutely I
[11:43] think so because we have we talked to
[11:45] these guys on a regular basis and to see
[11:49] that yeah again they get the recognition
[11:50] that they deserve because they're
[11:51] generally I think Community Challenge
[11:52] generally is an unsung hero absolutely
[11:55] and they tend to be the kind of people
[11:57] who take none of the credit for what
[11:59] they actually do yeah but they just give
[12:01] so much yes you really yeah and I think
[12:03] Princess Ray was a fantastic example of
[12:05] that last year yeah she's a kind leader
[12:07] for instance we you might be really
[12:10] active on the forums on social media
[12:13] you're saying like any platform that
[12:15] you're on it's really awesome to hear
[12:17] about the work that people do and I
[12:18] think it opens our eyes as well to what
[12:21] the community is doing I think it's very
[12:23] easy for us to just focus on the very
[12:25] immediate here at drag X and actually
[12:27] when you look at someone's 10 year
[12:29] playing history or whether they've just
[12:31] been around for one year or a week they
[12:33] can really give to the community and I
[12:35] think when you consider RuneScape's
[12:38] nearly a quarter of a billion registered
[12:40] accounts the fact that there are so many
[12:43] people that know Princess Ray's name or
[12:46] would know the winner of this community
[12:49] champion Awards a name I think that is
[12:50] fantastic in it it's really heartwarming
[12:52] I think to know that someone can have
[12:55] such an impact on such a massive
[12:56] community can people nominate themselves
[12:58] for a golden oh oh I nominate myself I
[13:00] think I think yeah I think I would
[13:03] definitely we definitely wouldn't say
[13:04] you come mm-hmm I think if people feel
[13:06] like they are applicable for any of
[13:08] those awards
[13:09] I wouldn't say maybe the community
[13:11] champion I think that's really nice if
[13:12] somebody else nominates you for sure
[13:14] somebody nominates somebody else for it
[13:16] but for all of the other Awards if you
[13:18] have a fantastic piece of our work if
[13:20] you are a great streamer and you know
[13:22] that you've got something that you can
[13:24] like send us like that
[13:26] that has a really fantastic streaming
[13:29] moment on it for example or you're
[13:31] somewhere extremes 12 hours a day or
[13:33] something like that
[13:34] make you you can obviously nominate
[13:36] yourself we'd still need you to come up
[13:39] with like a little description of why
[13:41] you believe you are applicable for that
[13:44] particular award but yeah I don't see
[13:46] any problem with it it's nice to blow
[13:48] your own trumpet sometimes and if you
[13:50] feel like you deserve it then yet by all
[13:52] means awesome what about old school can
[13:55] a runescape stream we go up against an
[13:56] old school streamer or are there
[13:58] different categories I believe for most
[14:00] of the awards there is a separate rs3 to
[14:03] the old school device I think for the
[14:05] community champion award it's an
[14:06] all-encompassing but I think for pretty
[14:08] much every other award I think there is
[14:09] a an old school award and a runescape
[14:12] award awesome and so yes don't feel like
[14:16] I let say it don't feel like you've then
[14:18] got to try and balla the guys from old
[14:20] school as well because they'll all have
[14:21] their own awards so yet don't let that
[14:24] deter you that make sense I think
[14:26] basically this is all about celebrating
[14:28] the the best of what the community has
[14:31] to offer so we would love to see your
[14:33] entries see your nominations and so if
[14:36] you're a talented artist or if you're a
[14:39] fabulous live stream or Video Maker do
[14:42] send in your entries but if you know
[14:44] someone who is a talented Video Maker
[14:47] talented streamer can draw comics that
[14:49] made JD laugh all day then again not not
[14:52] difficult but no mod really just sits as
[14:54] desk chuck giggling away may have Graff
[14:56] got I've got money in the next to me and
[14:58] we just sort of giggle the day away you
[15:00] guys are terrible yeah I'm so glad I sit
[15:03] the other end
[15:04] nowhere near these guys so it's good for
[15:07] me but yeah if you know of anybody then
[15:11] please nominate them their instructions
[15:13] on how to do so on the runescape website
[15:15] on the runefest website and also on the
[15:17] forums but essentially send your
[15:19] nominations into GGA at runefest comm
[15:22] that's the one that's the email address
[15:24] but we do need you to have a quick look
[15:25] so you can actually put the right
[15:27] subject heading show her your nomination
[15:28] as well so that we down get lost or put
[15:31] you up against somebody that you
[15:33] shouldn't be up against absolutely so we
[15:35] have probably serves and my automatic
[15:36] rules that move them into various
[15:38] folders but I don't think with that
[15:40] smart using outlook are we know in all
[15:41] that tech savvy will definitely make
[15:43] anyway we're definitely just gonna drag
[15:44] and drop yes that's the that's the truth
[15:46] of the matter that's what we do in our
[15:48] I'll give us the right subject line we
[15:50] know what where to drag your email but
[15:52] yes it's always a fantastic way to
[15:54] showcase all the brilliant things that
[15:56] runescape players are doing and
[15:58] hopefully what we'd love for this is
[16:00] also to be a way for people who may
[16:03] other games to see a whole look at this
[16:04] fun - look how brilliant the runescape
[16:06] community are this is how talented they
[16:08] are how creative they are let's get
[16:10] involved in let's play runescape let's
[16:11] build let's build them an even bigger
[16:13] community as a result of this that's
[16:15] kind of what I'd love to happen as well
[16:18] as obviously championing all these
[16:20] fantastic things that the people are
[16:21] that runescape players are doing but
[16:23] also to bring in new players as well I
[16:24] think that's a really it's a really good
[16:26] way of personal as well I think it's
[16:28] good that we kind of shout about the
[16:29] awesomeness in our community because it
[16:31] certainly is a really awesome place to
[16:34] play I think community is a big part of
[16:36] runescape so yeah celebrate that yes
[16:39] definitely a hundred percent alright
[16:41] then so the golden gnomes and you've
[16:43] said a like the Oscars yeah that's
[16:45] pretty exciting so who's our hosts so I
[16:49] believe our host is my my good friend on
[16:52] the sofa today more balanced really yeah
[16:54] I've heard that's news no I'm joking I
[16:56] did know that but yeah I mean whereas
[17:00] the Oscars have Karen Diaz Tom Hanks all
[17:03] those kinds of people will have the
[17:05] likes of models born will have I believe
[17:07] I myself on what John will be doing the
[17:09] Streamy Awards and we'll have mod well
[17:12] face who is our art director I believe
[17:13] doing our awards yeah and the little
[17:17] guys as well we'll be getting some of
[17:19] Matt K my own yeah ma dronin or mod
[17:22] Archie basically the people who are the
[17:25] sort the champions of those particular
[17:27] areas will be giving out the award so
[17:29] hopefully that will mean something a
[17:31] little bit extra to all those people who
[17:32] are nominating yeah I think so we and
[17:35] the judging process is a similar story
[17:37] in that the judging is going to be done
[17:39] by a mixture of the community team and
[17:41] the experts that we have here at jagex
[17:43] right so yes we'll have the video team
[17:45] and the community team all working
[17:47] together to judge the Video Awards we'll
[17:49] be looking at the live streaming team
[17:52] when it comes to the live streaming or
[17:54] so basically your work is going to be
[17:57] reviewed by the experts here so I think
[17:59] that's quite a cool thing as well yes I
[18:02] know for a lot of like the player
[18:03] galleries we do art we give art feedback
[18:05] don't we so I think that's something we
[18:07] could we could look at doing maybe in
[18:09] the future as a little reward
[18:10] yes but let's speak about rewards
[18:13] quickly more JD because I feel like
[18:14] we've missed yeah yeah I mean rewarding
[18:17] yeah as much as sort of getting the
[18:18] acclaim in the risco community as a
[18:20] fantastic of reward in itself but there
[18:22] are other things that we we can give
[18:23] away and on that there are so as well as
[18:26] a fantastic golden actual gold and know
[18:30] the physical eyes are called gory rare
[18:32] I've actually seen a real-life golden
[18:35] dome on the event team desk it's pretty
[18:38] awesome and the issue is that the base
[18:41] is a bit too heavy for the gnome and so
[18:44] that it's bit top-heavy so basically so
[18:46] basically if you pick up the known
[18:47] without the base the base falls off so
[18:49] you have to hold it in a very certain
[18:51] way so we're refining our design for the
[18:54] golden dome as they are bespoke we made
[18:56] so yeah just remember that it will
[18:59] probably be me with a gold spray can
[19:01] spraying porcelain gnomes so remember
[19:05] that if you win one mod balance will put
[19:07] is love blood sweat and tears into this
[19:09] and go paint and a lot of gold paint
[19:11] because it does not stick to those pesky
[19:13] gnomes and so if more balance has lost
[19:16] his voice by the time we get to Rouen
[19:17] fest your notes because he's been
[19:18] inhaling paint fumes well God that sound
[19:21] about isn't it yeah I'm pretty confident
[19:23] that's a legal not Jack yeah make sure
[19:25] you wear a mask
[19:26] yes don't try this at home always get a
[19:28] parent to supervise you and whatnot and
[19:30] I did I did actually ask if people had
[19:33] any questions for the podcast on my
[19:36] Twitter account beforehand and Debbie
[19:37] asked is it true the golden domes are
[19:39] actually made of chocolate my response
[19:41] that would be try and take a bite out of
[19:43] one see how that works out for you again
[19:45] don't try that at home
[19:46] it's dangerous and they are made of it's
[19:49] pointy sharp objects when smashed so
[19:52] it's not like it's not like an easter
[19:54] egg it's definitely in chocolate bunny
[19:56] aren t it's not as tasty as you think it
[19:58] would taste of dry a taste of and
[20:01] probably paint as well yeah definitely
[20:03] paint e horribleness
[20:04] I think I think the answer is just
[20:07] put it on your mantelpiece not in the
[20:09] fridge yeah
[20:10] but we will have other rewards as well
[20:13] for you get your in-game golden omen and
[20:16] your your pet yeah a hat yeah very cool
[20:19] which again is a great way to showcase
[20:21] your creativity absolutely we are
[20:24] looking at the moment to see if we can
[20:25] get special awards for each individual
[20:27] award they'll hopefully be more
[20:29] information about this the future
[20:31] because nothing's nothing's confirmed as
[20:33] yet but we're looking into it so again
[20:35] hopefully that's another incentive for
[20:37] you guys to nominate your chosen nominee
[20:39] so will will be revealing more in the
[20:42] future is that all we're getting at
[20:43] that's that's yeah that's so that's a
[20:45] coming soon TM okay so there is us the
[20:48] more prize information coming from mod
[20:51] JD & Co very shortly and I should
[20:53] probably find out what that is because
[20:55] if I am presenting ash probably nothing
[20:57] or two about the Rajan Awards which
[21:00] means that it's been very useful talking
[21:02] to you mod JD so thank you very much for
[21:04] coming along to this podcast no problem
[21:06] thanks for having me don't forget to
[21:07] nominate your chosen nominees in all of
[21:09] the individual categories that we have
[21:11] you can nominate for more than one
[21:13] person you can nominate for people in
[21:15] more than one category don't worry about
[21:17] that kind of thing we do read through
[21:19] all of your nominations and we'd love to
[21:21] see why you think your chosen nominee is
[21:23] fantastic from the far reaches of the
[21:26] entire runescape community
[21:27] check the news posts check the room fest
[21:29] website for all the information you need
[21:31] in order to submit your entries or
[21:33] submit your nominations but yes do so
[21:36] quickly because we'll be taking a look
[21:37] through them very very soon all right
[21:39] and thank you very much for listening to
[21:41] us at home as well I hope you've enjoyed
[21:43] it
[21:43] normal service will be resumed from next
[21:46] week when we have mod Matty returning to
[21:49] his usual position as podcast monkey bye
[21:53] bye
[21:55] [Music]
[22:12] you
[22:13] [Music]